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Follow me on Twitter at @asadlife_book Ivan P
About The Author Ivan P This book is based on a true story with real life experiences of the Author since his childhood days, a painful journey, having to put pen to paper while recalling his past memories. He wishes to create awareness of the devastating effects of Child Abuse on children and the consequences thereof. Most importantly, we certainly need to abstain from the old ways of disciplines and harmful practices our forefathers passed on from generation to generation, having our children to bear them all, a lesson to be learnt. The Author also wishes his book would be informative in many ways, providing insight to the result of what children go through in the real world.
Latest book: A Sad Life
Follow me on Twitter at @RyanAWingfield Ryan A. Wingfield
I'm a storyteller by trade, namely through writing fiction. Always seeking to hone my craft, I try new things with every piece I write. I've been trying to grow as a writer since my late teens. I record some of my writing and upload it to YouTube on the WritingMutt channel. When I'm not writing, you can usually find me being awful at video games, or out in nature, or building a shed or something!
Latest book: The Horse That Hannah Built
Follow me on Twitter at @BloggerIjaj IJAJ SEIKH
Hi, I am Ijaj Seikh founder & CEO of Mrijajguide and I am Indian. I have been working for 7 plus years as a hair loss specialist and haircare advisor. 
Latest book: How Vitamin E Can Get You Glorious Hair? (Step-By-Step Guide)
Follow me on Twitter at @cofupdates Max Anthony
I can't have an About the Author page, I'm 22 years old and this is my first achievement in life.
Latest book: Crows of a Feather
Follow me on Twitter at @project_sahara James Boyd Fuller
James Boyd Fuller has been steady in providing real world solutions to farming, power production with out resource consumption, non polluting, cost effective 1 giga watt system $400 million 1/5th the cost of solar or wind and very much less pollution, invented by John Rosebush and given me to develop for the people and their benefit. Exposing the way Banks take advantage of our money and how Richard Kiernicki sees a better way forward with Time-Equity system in place to be voted on world wide as a reversal to equality thinking. His book capitalist worst nightmare come true: the crucifixion of capital is a means of exchange built on equality. fascinating book.
Latest book: Deep Calls to the Deep
Follow me on Twitter at @B_Crilly Brandon Crilly
An Ottawa-based teacher by day, Brandon Crilly has more than thirty published short stories to date, involving things like carbon footprint taxes, a bookstore that knows what you need, and selling your soul for a love ballad. He’s a conference organizer, Twitch streamer, an award-nominated podcaster, a snake parent, and clearly needs more things to fill his time.
Latest book: Catalyst
Follow me on Twitter at @@untanglethrive Angela McKinney
For the past twenty years, Angela McKinney has been transforming people's lives—including her own. As an expert in the psychology of habit formation and addiction recovery, as well as a speaker focused on decision-making and continuous improvement, she created her three-step system of healing—The Untangle Method—using cutting-edge research on neurobiology and trauma resolution with a playful approach on how to improve one's quality of life. She has been featured in the NY Times, The Fix, Lifetime, Showtime, and CBS. Angela lives with her husband and two sons in New Jersey, and this is her first book.
Latest book: Untangle: How to Create Big Possibilities Through Small Changes
Follow me on Twitter at @YukiCarlsson Yuki Carlsson
Hi, I am Yuki Carlsson. I grew up in Europe and lived many years in Japan. I graduated as Doctor of Engineering but quit my job as project lead in a tech company to become a full-time author. I am writing upmarket literary fiction, often with romance-like sub-plots. The topics I address are mental health, cultural differences and philosophy. The protagonists of my stories are in an identity crisis or seek their place in society—home, gender, memories, a way to deal with mental health issues etc. My vision is to build a community in which it is safe to exchange about stigmatised topics, for the people directly or indirectly affected by the issues. Want to become part of it? Follow me: ... read more
Latest book: Prison of Loneliness
Follow me on Twitter at @docsiva Sivapalan Vivekarajah
Dr. Siva has been an Entrepreneur and Angel Investor for close to 40 years and has a Ph.D in Venture Capital from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. He also has an MBA from the University of Hull, LLB from the University of London and is a Fellow of the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (MAICSA). He is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of “ScaleUp Malaysia” Accelerator, Malaysia’s first Accelerator for highly scalable, high growth regional companies. ScaleUp Malaysia has been ranked as the top 15 investors in South East Asia by Tech in Asia magazine. ScaleUp has invested in 30 companies and plans to have a portfolio of 50 companies by mid 2023. He is also Co-Founder ... read more
Latest book: Supercharge Your Startup Valuation: A comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs and investors to value Startups and Scaleups
Follow me on Twitter at @Bettydenny58 Elizabeth Agumagu
Am a Nigerian writer. Married with 2 kids and live in Nigeria with my family, my passion is to see families happy and grow because of this I organize individual marriage counseling both physical and online Apart from writing I love to read, and play basketball and stay with my family.
Latest book: How to build a peaceful home with a Cheating Husband
Follow me on Twitter at @MelanieRWriting Melanie Russell
I'm Melanie Russell! An Aussie-based erotica writer with a love of everything dirty, filthy, and depraved. My specialties include BDSM, notably Femdom, bondage, humiliation, and similar topics - though you'll find just about anything in my catalog. I'm new to Smashwords, but I've written on Literotica, Writing.Com,, dreambook, tugstories and countless more. Smashwords, Kindle, Medium, and Fiverr are my new home, and I'll be adding new stories here and there as frequently as I can! So stay tuned, there is plenty more to cum...
Follow me on Twitter at @jillalavalle Jilla Lavalle
Jilla Lavalle lives in a small city in southern Wisconsin with the Love of her life. She started writing with an autobiography that covers a critical juncture in her life, but is expanding into writing fiction, mostly romance novels. Follow her on Twitter @JillaLavalle
Latest book: Dressed in Clover - Part 3: Tre Bacio
Follow me on Twitter at @@ajcrenshawiii A.J. Crenshaw III
With empathic expressions and insightful social analysis, A. J. Crenshaw, III has become one of America’s distinguished writers of self-empowering content. His writings and testimony illustrate a quintessential overcomer. A.J. utilizes his life experience of descending from a promising scholar to delinquency to ultimately surpassing social barriers and elevating to a path of purpose and success. With his analytical edge, A. J. challenges readers to self-evaluate and assess various social conditions and decision-making. A. J. Crenshaw, III is the author of his debut book, How Would You Survive? The Incident, The Arrest, And Jail, and CEO of his premiere publishing company Acuité Media. He has been instrument ... read more
Latest book: How Would You Survive? The Incident, the Arrest, and Jail
Follow me on Twitter at @davisSsenoga Davis Ssenoga
Davis Ssenoga is a graduate of Makerere University in Uganda. He is a poet and Founder of PtalesD. The PtalesD company comes from the two founders Pamella and Davis who came up with Pamella tales Davis hence PtalesD.
Latest book: If We're to End Aids in Africa We Need to Infect Our Own Doctors
Follow me on Twitter at @BlevaryM Brynner Vallecilla
Brynner Vallecilla es un musico, cantante y compositor colombiano con más de 27 años de experiencia en el campo musical, colaborando en la enseñanza de canto y técnica vocal, piano, guitarra, bajo, batería, violín, clarinete, flauta y saxofón a muchos estudiantes con el deseo de aprender a ejecutar su instrumento de preferencia, a través de su escuela musical de clases personalizadas.
Latest book: La escala dórica
Follow me on Twitter at @prinznnanna Prince Nnanna
My name is Prince Nnanna. I hold a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering. My goal, as a writer, is to revolutionize the traditional writing to rightly inform, educate and edify the mind as well as call back the readers' passion into the reading culture. I have successfully authored few books which are published.
Latest book: Fasting (Protocol of His Presence and Original Idea)
Follow me on Twitter at @karansoneji Karan Soneji
Karan Soneji is a 26-year-old hailing from the city of Rajkot, Gujarat. Currently a sales manager in a jewelry store in Jamaica, he has always found solace in the literature be it poems, short stories or novels. Emotions can be wrapped in words, and all his writings are based on his personal life experiences and he assumes that emotions can be depicted through writings. Writing is his passion, he started his writing since 2011 years and he writes his feelings out. Also, his first debut novel is releasing in 2023. He also finds interest in playing the Guitar. His writings can be found on Instagram @insane_poetryhub
Latest book: Unrequited Love
Follow me on Twitter at @XuXuechun2022 Xu Xue Chun
Xu Xuechun, the author of this book Century Sentence, is the most influential folk scholar from Shanghai, China. The author spent 20 years observing, thinking, and recording human society and put forward suggestions to Chinese and world governments. Most of the suggestions have been adopted and taken seriously. In 2004, the Chinese government will sell all state-owned enterprises and privatize them. Xu put forward the "Chinese model" plan to stop the privatization of state-owned enterprises, which prevented the collapse of the Chinese Communist Party, Has achieved great success. When IS was rampant in 2015, Xu sent a lot of messages to governments all over the world, exposing the evils of Islamic extremism, c ... read more
Latest book: Expose Three Evil of the CCP:Creating Wuhan Virus, Harvesting Organs Alive, Financial Fraud
Follow me on Twitter at @jackspringman Jack Springman
Customer experience strategy specialist with experience in strategy development and transformation
Latest book: Customer Experience & Marketing - The Final Rant
Follow me on Twitter at @michhenry900 Michael Lanscell Henry
Michael L. Henry was born in Kingston, Jamaica. His adventurous nature has him travelling the island. His expert knowledge of cultural heritage earns him the role of tour guide. His intimate connection to nature leads his curiosity to places of spiritual value, where inspiration flows abundantly, on the coastline or at higher altitudes in the mountains. He articulates nature’s generous endowment in many art forms, which Michael works to master. Writing poetry and short stories have been a lifelong pleasure. He also paints and does portraits which he feels is his true calling, and he aims to Stay true to self as an original intuitive and innovative artist. In his self-determination he provides mentorship to ... read more
Latest book: Mother I am The Child of Emigrants
Follow me on Twitter at @richarddencarna Richard Encarnacion
Dr. Richard Encarnacion, is a serial Entrepreneur and a banking executive. He has written two best selling books, and launched over 20 companies in 5 different industry verticals. Dr. Richard Encarnacion, is a former US Marine Veteran.
Latest book: Your Online Fans
Follow me on Twitter at @JetskeUltee Jetske Ultee
Dr. Jetske Ultee studeerde geneeskunde aan de Erasmus Universiteit in Rotterdam. Ze werkte vervolgens als arts-assistent en onderzoeker bij de afdeling plastische en reconstructieve chirurgie, waar ze in 2010 promoveerde. Sinds 2004 is Jetske werkzaam als onderzoeksarts in de cosmetische dermatologie. In 2009 lanceerde zij haar blog en in de jaren daarop volgde de lancering van haar eigen cosmeticalijn en het Huidboek. In 2014 richtte ze de stichting Skinwiser op, die zich bezighoudt met onderzoek naar werkzaamheid en veiligheid van cosmetische producten. In dat jaar lanceerde dr. Jetske Ultee ook de landelijke campagne Smeer je in! om mensen bewust te maken van het belang van goede zonbescherming, vooral bi ... read more
Latest book: Zonneblaasjes
Follow me on Twitter at @takhrijalhadith Imran Takhrij al-Hadith
Takhrij al-Hadith Publications. Visit our website for authentic Islamic Books.
Latest book: غیر محرم سے مصافحہ
Follow me on Twitter at @ksulugwe Kelvin Sulugwe
Kelvin Sulugwe is a Malawian Author, Influencer, Entrepreneur and author of In Honest Ways Book. He is the founder and Managing Director of Akometsi, a communications and marketing company operating in the Capital Lilongwe, Malawi. Kelvin Sulugwe regularly writes about citizen empowerment, youth entrepreneurship and personal growth. He shares stories of survival through his own experiences and experiences of those around him. His contributions are published on both print and online media in Malawi and across Africa with most of them also available on his website: is external).
Latest book: In Honest Ways
Follow me on Twitter at @elias_mambo Elias Mambo
Elias Mambo is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist who cut his teeth at the Zimbabwe Independent newspaper before launching his own investigative platform, Zim Morning Post. Mambo also launched his own newspaper in Malawi, The Independent Digest. His other published works include a story in Hunting in foreign lands and other stories (2010) and Conscience of my race (2016). He writes cutting edge political, socio and economic investigative articles. He is also a blogger and political analyst.
Latest book: And Your Sun Will Rise Again
Follow me on Twitter at @Charlie07716585 Charlie Sweeney
Charlie Sweeney is a part time author and full time IT Manager. Charlie is a Scotsman by birth but has lived in Castlederg Northern Ireland with his wife Sharon for just over eleven years. At 55 he had no real intention to write a book but he found a strong story forming in his head and when he shared it with his wider family, he was encouraged to put pen to paper. And so The Gathering and the world of the Clan was born, based on the landscape around him. Join him in this new world of surprises Open your eyes to what is all around you
Latest book: The Gathering
Follow me on Twitter at @rodreywriter Rod Rey
I’m a gay male writer, and I’ve been writing various types of fiction for many years under different pen names. Under this name, my focus is on gay erotica, gay erotic romance, and gay porn with an incest theme. I also write some BDSM and other kinks, but nothing extreme. And yes, I do believe in happy endings. All my stories are written for adults (18+) and should be read only by adults. All my characters involved in all on-page sex acts are adults (18+) with no exceptions. AUTHOR'S NOTE: To all my followers, this is my new Smashwords profile. Please unfollow the other one (@rodreywrites) and follow this one (@rodrey) instead. Thanks!
Follow me on Twitter at @brynnewrites Brynne Stevens
Brynne Stevens is a young author from sunny California who writes about the fog of the British Isles. Atrocious Immoralities is her first novel. She is currently pursuing a degree in environmental science at the University of California, Berkeley.
Latest book: Atrocious Immoralities
Follow me on Twitter at @writwitherwilt Lance Narkunas
Lance Narkunas is a storyteller based out of New York’s Hudson Valley. His background in digital filmmaking and stage production has led him to pursue a BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. With theatrical and poetic language, he represents the human condition with a complex intersectional identity. You can contact him at
Latest book: Howling with the Wolves
Follow me on Twitter at @lpriceauthor London Price
London Price is a queer, cisgender author who writes light trans romance. She and her wife live in the Pacific Northwest.
Follow me on Twitter at @authorpkreeves P. K. Reeves
P.K. is a Filipino American born and raised in the United States. She currently resides in the state of Virginia with her daughter and cat. With a degree in computer science, she is still learning other programming languages and looking forward to continuing her education in the future. When P.K. isn’t working on her next book, she is working, reading manga or comics, and is always on the lookout for when she can go to the next convention. A big fan of horror and science fiction thrillers. P.K. is a new adult author that writes across genres, including fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and urban fantasy romance.
Latest book: Heir: The Lineage Series
Follow me on Twitter at @LesleyAthAuth Lesley Atherton
I’ve always been somewhat of a writer. I was the kind of kid who would create little books of my own, and I also did quite well at school when it came to writing projects and exams. I’ll always remember my lovely English teacher, Mrs Nash, giving us an assignment. We had to read Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘Blackberry Picking’ and then were told to write our own version. My resultant poem, though simple, used some strong words and brought positive and glowing reactions from Mrs Nash, both at the time and later in her literary flourish of an end of year report card in which she told me how much my writing had blossomed and would soon become wonderful. I loved that teacher so much. She was awesome, kind, cre ... read more
Latest book: Bigheart: In a Stripy Jumper
Follow me on Twitter at @ScarsOfLumierna Kelsea Koops
Book instagram @Scars.of.Lumierna Personal instagram @paopu
Latest book: Isignia: Scars of Lumierna
Follow me on Twitter at @lalogawrites Lauren L Garcia
Lauren finds Real Life overrated, and has always preferred to inhabit alternate realities, both self-created and created by others. However, after being burned by certain fandoms one too many times, Lauren decided to focus her reality escape attempts on her own creations. She's much happier now, although she still enjoys fandoms - in small doses. A believer in love, hope, compassion, and similar squishy ideals, Lauren endeavors to create stories that both gut-punch and elevate her readers. Emotional rollercoasters are what make fiction fun, after all. When she's not avoiding Real Life responsibilities, Lauren enjoys dancing at music festivals, spending time in nature, and tending to her cat's ev ... read more
Latest book: Sacrifice (Catalyst Moon #5)
Follow me on Twitter at @BekehtiK Bekehti Kingsley
Bekehti Kingsley is a Lifelong Soccer Fan, Non-Fiction Author and Creative Writer, Editor and Proofreader with over 12 years experience in writing articles on a wide range of Soccer, Sports and other topics, who has contributed to 3 published books before finally publishing his first major book: Greatest Rivalry in Sports History after being an Ardent Follower of the entire careers of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. I played Soccer and Tennis semi-professionally ahead of coaching both sports for over 7 years: with over 20 of my footballers playing professionally at home or abroad. I still enjoy playing the 2 sports and dedicatedly support the careers of aspiring athletes, writers and entertainers.
Latest book: Greatest Rivalry in Sports History: Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi
Follow me on Twitter at @bolingbrookbabb William Brinkman
William Brinkman is the Bolingbrook Babbler web series creator and is currently working on the follow-up to The Rift: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story. He is currently a member of the Freethought Blogs network and has been involved in secular advocacy over the years. He's also a former contributor to White Wolf's Demon: The Fallen series. He has also written science fiction works since grade school. As a student at the University of Iowa, William majored in journalism and took as many creative writing classes as his schedule allowed. After graduation, he served as an editor at two alternative publications. These experiences later helped him start the Babbler web series in 1998. Bolingbrook residents and members ... read more
Latest book: Pathways to Bolingbrook: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story
Follow me on Twitter at @nishaberry_ Nisha Berry

Follow me on Twitter at @ Raven Kitts
Raven Kitts is the author of contemporary romance, erotica, erotic romance, and paranormal romance. Raven lives in the desert southwest with a plethora of furry four-legged friends, her bearded dragon, Demona, and a sulcata tortoise name Tortie.
Latest book: The Database
Follow me on Twitter at @shelliactress Shelli Misoyianis
Shelli Misoyianis was born in Ravenna, Ohio but grew up in Vincentown, New Jersey. She began writing short stories and songs by the age of 8, eventually penning her first children's book, "USA", at age 11 and her second, "The Unknown Breed" (now published), at age 20. She achieved a few publications of her stories, artwork, and poetry in "Creative Kids" magazine before she was even a teenager. Nabbing her first talent agent at 14, she was blessed with the opportunity to compete in the Miss Teen Garden State Pageant 1990. Trained in commercials and theater, Shelli spent five straight years (1987-1991) writing, directing, and starring in her own plays for her town Grange Christmas program. She made it a poin ... read more
Latest book: Blackie and Goldie's Confetti Cupcake Cafe
Follow me on Twitter at @nicalim4d slot online
Latest book: Slot Anti Rungkad di Gates Of Olympus
Follow me on Twitter at @uptownbokstore Onuorah Michael Williams
RTN. Onuorah Michael Williams is an educationist, a novelist a coach, and a human capacity builder. He is from West Africa; In the Eastern part of Nigeria where he obtains his first degree in computer science in a reputable higher institution. Michael began his writing career as a teenager who loves composing nonfiction stories for fun, he had written many published and non-published books. His books are one of the bestselling books of the century. Because of his passion for building the youths and raising leaders, he establish a nongovernmental organization called STAND UP YOUTH ALIVE where he coached youths and develop their useful talent. He loves entertainment so much, and because of his love for entertainm ... read more
Latest book: The Eight Laws of Human Packaging on Public Manners
Follow me on Twitter at @MalikWhite255 Malik White
Malik White is a novelist who specializes in fantasy, adventure, and sci-fi. He is currently pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. He has published work on Adelaide Literary Magazine and on Reedsy, where one of his recent works “The Harpy Librarian” was shortlisted in writing contest #142. When his back hurts from writing, Malik enjoys doing yoga and cooking delicious meals for his family.
Latest book: The Vanesian Invasion and Other Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @L0ki_Moriarty Shannon Velazquez
Shannon Velazquez is a freelance content, comic writer, and author. He has done video game news and movie reviews for Shannon grew up in The Bronx, NY, and currently resides in Lehighton, PA. He is now getting his Bachelor of Fine Arts at Full Sail University.
Latest book: Stories from Different Realms
Follow me on Twitter at @Stratapharian Ledelle Turner
Ledelle Turner is a novelist whose writing is focused in the areas of male/female relationships and spirituality. He is currently pursuing an Associate of Science Degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. He is a graphic designer and author of two published books.
Latest book: Life Be Life-ing
Follow me on Twitter at @wacira Wacira Wilfred
An ICT practitioner from Kenya with a great passion for writing and an avid reader. Very easy to get along with.
Latest book: 7 Abstract Facts
Follow me on Twitter at @CephalonRai Daniel Avril
Daniel Avril writes sci-fi and fantasy short stories and flash fiction. He's pursuing a BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University and is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. When not writing stories, he spends his time playing games and catching up on the games industry.
Latest book: The Herrscher Files
Follow me on Twitter at @hopelife abdellatif aounil
I write various types of erotica. Typically I like writing about beautiful maidens snared by big, strong, powerful men who ignite desires in them they never dreamed existed
Latest book: induction book
Follow me on Twitter at @Dharma_Sutra David Pugh
David Pugh has been a published comic strip artist and writer since 1976. He was the last artist to draw Dan Dare – Pilot of the Future in the Eagle comic. He has nine books still in print including his award-winning novel Dharma Sutra: Loner anthology (Rebellion 2019) three new Slaine anthologies, one Polish edition and one in German (Rebellion, August 2018). The 2000AD character, Slaine has been reprinted many times. Slaine: The King (2013), Slaine: Time Killer (2007). Neil Gaiman’s Shadow Death was published by Papercutz USA 2016. He was writer and artist on the science fiction story, “Obvious Tactics” (Black Library 2002). Following his work on the Daily Mirror‘s “Scorer” newspaper strip, he b ... read more
Latest book: The Transfiguration of Jeffrey Dharma
Follow me on Twitter at @PhyllisKGault Phyllis Kathleen Gault
Phyllis Kathleen Gault, B.S. M.A. is the author of Phoenix Rising: Birthing the Strong Delusion. Mrs. Gault states that all religions are merging with Christianity to form one universal church. She provides an overview of the major world religions, and she explains how both liberal and Charismatic Christians are merging Eastern mysticism and Western esotericism with Christianity. Mysticism is the tie that binds these mystery religions together. Her book focuses on a far-right movement called the New Apostolic Reformation. These Gnostics are cloaking mysticism within Christian-sounding terms to convert Christians, unwitting, to their rising apostate religion. These false prophets call this the underground ... read more
Latest book: Phoenix Rising: Birthing the Strong Delusion