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Follow me on Twitter at @htfiction Colin Mustful
Founded in 2019 by Minnesota Author and Historian Colin Mustful, History Through Fiction is an independent press, publishing high quality fiction that is rooted in accurate and detailed historical research. The mission of History Through Fiction is to provide readers with a compelling narrative that also acts as a valuable historical resource. Our books, though fictionalized, include important primary and secondary source materials that are disclosed to readers through a variety of traditionally nonfiction elements such as footnotes, endnotes, or a bibliography. This way, readers may enjoy a fictional narrative while also examining the historical foundation upon which that narrative is based. By combining eleme ... read more
Latest book: Resisting Removal: The Sandy Lake Tragedy of 1850
Follow me on Twitter at @AneuPoet Abasiama Udom
Abasiama Udom is the author of Pose. She is a student of life and sees the world (she lives in it), which is why she writes on issues affecting the human life. Enjoy the Stories she brings your way and do leave a note. xx
Latest book: Pose
Follow me on Twitter at @JKalluvazhi Jayaprakash KP
Name : Jayaprakash.K.P Father's Name : Ramakrishnan Date of Birth : 12 June 1978 Sex : Male Marital Status : Married Permanent Address: Jaya Nivas(House),Kalluvazhi(PO), Palakkad (Dist) Kerala - 679514 Languages Known : English, Malayalam, and Tamil. Education : B.A Occupation:Affiliate Marketing Hobbies : Reading & Writing books.,Acting,Dubbing & Direction
Latest book: ONLINE VARUMANAM (Malayalam)
Follow me on Twitter at @kborovoi Konstantin Borovoy
Konstantin Borovoy was born in the family of Professor Nathan Borovoy on June 30th, 1948. His father dreamed that Konstantin would follow his steps and become a mathematician. Konstantin lived up to his father’s expectations and graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University and from the Faculty of Computer Engineering of Moscow Transport University, where his father was a professor. At the age of twelve, Konstantin met his grandfather Oleksiy Snyehov for the first time, who had previously spent 20 years in the Gulag. Oleksiy Snyehov was a companion of Nikita Khrushchev until 1934, when he was arrested and convicted for anti-Soviet activities and sent to the camp. Konsta ... read more
Latest book: Russia against USA
Follow me on Twitter at @thaymachina Thay Kyn

Latest book: Rei Das Trevas
Follow me on Twitter at @KipeLyan Kipe Lyan
Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to know when I offer my other books for FREE download. Author of "Two Weeks on the Eastside," "Beautif-ILL Pills." Also, the up coming middle grade book about coming of age, coming out, and a prequel to "The Wedding" called "Mina's." (Mina's Period) which comes out in June 2020. Instagram:
Latest book: The Wedding
Follow me on Twitter at @neabsolom N E Absolom
Born and raised in Tasmania, Australia, N E Absolom lives with her husband and their herd of overly spoiled indoor felines. She loves good stories, snacks, and sleeping in late. When not writing, she moonlights as a very average office worker, and when she’s not doing that, she’s battling her way through an extensive video game collection. N E Absolom is truly convinced that unicorns exist, and if she can’t meet one, she can at least write about them. ~ Seek the magic in the mundane, and never stop believing. ~
Latest book: Somniloquy
Follow me on Twitter at @Echosamcity Tope Ajisafe
Tope Aisafe is the CEO of Echosam Multimedia Dynasty. He holds B.Sc degree in Animal science and Postgraduate Diploma in Education from University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. He is an astute and a perspicacious pedagogue with a dynamic writing skill and he has taught thousands of learners at diverse levels. He is an info marketer, a blogger, a musician, and a musicologist with ample flexibility in public speaking.
Latest book: The Cry of Destiny
Follow me on Twitter at @meligranalibri Anna Vagli Martina Benedetti
Anna Vagli è nata a Pietrasanta (Lu) ed esercita la sua professione tra Milano e Roma. Laureata in Giurisprudenza presso l’Università di Pisa, è giurista, scrittrice e criminologa forense. Specializzata in psicologia investigativa, sopralluogo sulla scena del crimine e criminal profiling, è altresì esperta di violenza domestica, bullismo, cyberbullismo e cyberpedofilia. Ideatrice della rubrica online “Sulla scena del crimine”, è autrice del libro “Vivere al cospetto della morte” con prefazione di Marco Cappato. Martina Benedetti è nata a Massa. Laureata in Scienze Infermieristiche ed Ostetriche presso l’università di Pisa, attualmente lavora come infermiera di Area Critica - U.O. Terapia In ... read more
Latest book: Non siamo pronti
Follow me on Twitter at @h2lift Bob Freeman
Anaerobic Microbiologist exploring Lignin Degradation Public Health Microbiologist/Lab Director (Retired) Software Designer (Laboratory Information Systems) Writer of many of protocols, procedures and instructional manuals for clinical labs and software programs
Latest book: H2LiftShips, a Tech Manual for a Future
Follow me on Twitter at @eword_mnistries EDWARD KING
A Missionary apostle on an Apostolic-Mission to Awaken men to the HIGHEST, the GOD-POWER within.
Latest book: Fulfilling The Ministry
Follow me on Twitter at @annarbay Anna Bayuk
Anna Bayuk is the 2020 South Florida Youth Poet Laureate. She was born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. In her free time, she likes turning small items into jewelry, thoughts into words, and trauma into art. She plans on writing until somebody makes her stop, and even then, it’s iffy. If you’re looking, you can probably find her making metaphors about urban legends, cutting out moths from magazines, and writing herself back together again and again.
Latest book: Venus of the Swamp
Follow me on Twitter at @charlesspring8 Cee Jay Spring
I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1979. I lived in three or four different houses in Houma, Louisiana. I went to Bayou Blue Elementary school in Houma. I have four older sisters, two of which are twins. I moved to Petrolia, Texas when I was nine. I went to elementary school there. I moved to Wichita Falls, Texas and went to Sam Houston Elementary. I moved around Wichita Falls a lot and went to many schools; Barwise JHS, Kirby JHS, Herrald Accelerated Learning Center (High School), and others. I moved to Burkburnett, Texas and went to high school there. I moved back home to Houma when I turned eighteen. I was engaged once but never married. I live alone with two pet rabbits. I’m now 41 years old in 2020. ... read more
Latest book: Toxic 4 U’r Mind
Follow me on Twitter at @@NordskogPublish Bobbie Ames
Bobbie Ames is a woman whose life has been marked by accomplishment. Her legacy is one of tireless commitment to Biblical truth, reflected in the establishment of Christian schools, service to her community, and a wealth of published writings. She has spent her life advancing the cause of the restoration of America’s Christian heritage. Bobbie has received numerous awards in her lifetime, but the one she cherishes most is the Verna Hall Research Award, which she received in 2016. The following is the press release from that special celebration: VERNA HALL RESEARCH AWARD 2016 RECIPIENT MRS. BOBBIE AMES Chesapeake, Virginia, November 11, 2016 Acknowledging outstanding lifetime achievement in education and ... read more
Latest book: Land That I Love: Restoring Our Christian Heritage
Follow me on Twitter at @oluokediran Olumayowa Okediran
Olumayowa Okediran is the Managing Director of African Liberty, a founding partner at the War Room Associates, he sits on the council and serves as West Africa Policy Fellow at South Africa’s top political and economic think-tank, the South African Institute of Race Relations. He is the Director of International Programs at Students For Liberty. His views on politics and economics have been translated into 16 languages including French, Spanish, Czech, Portuguese, Serbian, Macedonian, Greek, Khmer and Vietnamese and he frequently gives lectures at seminars around the world. Olumayowa completed postgraduate studies in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies at the University of Ibadan and holds professional certifi ... read more
Latest book: Navigate: A Prospection of Nigeria’s future to 2030
Follow me on Twitter at @jeremythackray Jeremy Thackray
I'm a 30-year-old writer living in Leicester, UK. I write speculative fiction usually involving history in some way, and have dabbled in high fantasy, romance, and sci-fi.
Latest book: Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted
Follow me on Twitter at @ZoeWrites1 Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda (Zoe)
Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda known as Zoe in the writing world is more than a writer. She is a juggler. One may say she is a jack of all trades, master of none, perhaps all. She is an amazing prose writer and poet. With numerous poems,anthologies novels and flash fictions to her name, she thrives on exploring the nooks and crannies of literature. A blogger: ZoeWrites is her literary blog which recently ranked 47th among Feedspot's Top 50 African Literary Blogs. She is an avid reader and lover of classics. There is a book she will give her arm for: Wuthering Heights. You can find some of her book reviews on her Instagram page and her blog too. She is also a budding graphic designer. Stuck with Canva, she crea ... read more
Latest book: Cycles
Follow me on Twitter at @@bohemophiliac Gabriel Hart
Author and songwriter Gabriel Hart (U.S.) lives in Morongo Valley in California’s High Desert. His debut twin novel Virgins in Reverse/The Intrusion (Traveling Shoes Press) was released January 2019. His chapbook Cinema of Life (2016) and novelette Nothing to See Here (2017) will be incorporated into his upcoming desert speculative fiction novel Lies of Heaven, to be released in 2020 (Space Cowboy). He also has several short-fiction and poetry pieces published in Cholla Needles, the Howl 2018 and 2019 Anthology, the Desert Writers Guild Anthology, and Luna Arcana. Currently, Hart is teaching the writing workshop for Mil-Tree, a non-profit reach out program for Vets and Active Duty Military to heal the wounds ... read more
Latest book: Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted
Follow me on Twitter at @NoelDonONoel Don Noel
Retired after four decades' prizewinning print and broadcast journalism in Hartford CT, I received my MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University in 2013. I have since published more than five dozen short stories, but have two novellas and a novel still looking for publishers.
Latest book: Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted
Follow me on Twitter at @teuliano Tammy Euliano
Dr. Tammy Euliano’s writing is inspired by her day job as a physician, researcher and educator at University of Florida. She’s received numerous teaching awards, ~100,000 views of her YouTube teaching videos, and was featured in a calendar of women inventors. Her short fiction has been recognized by Glimmer Train, Bards & Sages, Flame Tree Press, Flash Fiction Magazine, and others. Her debut novel, a medical thriller entitled “Fatal Intent,” will be published by Oceanview in March, 2021. Unlike most doctors, she dispenses medical advice for free—as long as the patient is fictional. Her blog helps writers get the medical details right, because nothing ruins a scene quite like having a character on a ve ... read more
Latest book: Little Boy Lost: More Tales of Youth Disrupted
Follow me on Twitter at @Upadhyaypk5 Pankaj Upadhyay
Curriculum Vitae of DR PANKAJ KUMAR UPADHYAY Present Address –type VI/5, Institute of human Behaviour And allied Sciences campus , Dilshad garden New Delhi110095. Dilshad Gardens N Delhi,110095 Mobile no 09968313983/09868396811/01122575026 E- Mail Academic Qualifications: --- S n Degree(Examinat ions Yr (%marks) Attempt Institution Remarks 1 High School 1977 (73%) 1st UP Board Allahabad Dist. In Science &Math ,1st position in school 2 Intermediate 1979 (66.5%) 1st UP Board Allahabad Dist in Physics & chemistry 3 BSc (Previous) 1981(63%) 1st Gorakhpur university 4 MBBS 1985 (67%) 1st B ... read more
Latest book: Text Book on quality assurance in neurosciences and medical sciences 2nd edition 2020
Follow me on Twitter at @Matteo_MCMLXXX Matteo Mcmlxxx
My name is Matteo and I was born in 1980 just like so many of my peers of the same name, I'm one of many and like the others I look for my own space to be myself. Since I was a child I was attracted by reading imagining myself as a writer, then I fell in love with the computer when it fell on my generation, distorting everything, and I chose to train to work with that tool becoming an expert in graphics, advertising, marketing, packaging, and design. But I have never given up the passion for reading which I have given vent to throughout my life trying to study topics that have always fascinated me and moved my interest such as history, ecology, Turkey, and geography with all its phenomena.
Latest book: The Main Cause of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Italy and Worldwide
Follow me on Twitter at @Hatice98649721 Hatice Dönmez
Selçuk Üniversitesi, Resim-İş Öğretmenliği bölümünden 2006’da mezun oldum. Milli Eğitim okullarında 11 yıl Görsel Sanatlar (Resim-İş) Öğretmenliği yaptım. Kasım 2019’dan beri Almanya’da yaşıyorum ve gönüllü olarak resim yaptırıyorum. Evli ve iki kız annesiyim.
Latest book: Renkleri Ağlatan Yavrular
Follow me on Twitter at @tobyisrael Toby Israel
Toby Israel is a vagabondess, writer, and facilitator. She has traveled and lived many places and is at home everywhere. She believes that words are medicine, and that stories can heal the world. Vagabondess is her first book.
Latest book: Vagabondess: A Guide to Solo Female Travel
Follow me on Twitter at @ABDL_Dakota Dakota Summers
Hi ! My name is Dakota and I'm an ABDL author in college. I'm a major in creative writing and love to combine my love of diapers and writing together. Check out my twitter for story notifications and general memery ! :)
Follow me on Twitter at @SaundersHaywood Trudy Haywood Saunders
A Southerner since the day I was born, I live with my husband and daughter in Montgomery County, North Carolina, where Terror at Town Creek and Bigfoot & Basketball take place. Both of those novels are mystery novels, featuring sheriff's daughter, Lannie Reese, a teenage sleuth and reporter for her school newspaper. I also write for magazines and newspapers, and love sharing inspiring stories about the wonderful people and places I encounter with readers. I draw many of my ideas from my home community and the Carolinas, which I am grateful to call home.
Latest book: Terror at Town Creek: A Lannie Reese Mystery
Follow me on Twitter at @Makiteffera Makeda Teklemichael
My name is Makeda Teffera Teklemichael. I am an eighteen year old author from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I love writing and read books, and have currently one published book called, 'Two of a Kind'
Latest book: Two of A Kind
Follow me on Twitter at @SwissWB Rudolf Elmer
Meine Arbeitgeber waren die Crédit Suisse, KPMG, Julius Bär, die chinesische Noble Group und die afrikanische Standard Bank. Während meiner beruflichen Tätigkeiten durfte ich für die KPMG Produktions- und Handelsbetriebe sowie Banken prüfen. Schließlich habe ich mich auf das Privat Banking spezialisiert. Neben den Funktionen als Prüfer, Buchhalter, Devisen- und Wertschriftenhändler, Investment Manager von Hedge Funds und Private Equity war ich auch als Compliance Officer tätig. Als Whistleblower habe ich mit den Veröffentlichungen auf WikiLeaks 2008 internationales Aufsehen erregt, denn von nun an stand nicht mehr meine Person im Mittelpunkt, sondern die Offshore Praktiken. Die Angelegenheit eskalier ... read more
Latest book: Stalking auf dem Schweizer Finanzplatz
Follow me on Twitter at @SMBrooke1 S.M. Brooke
S.M. Brooke is an artist, writer, and author of the new novella "Entangled" the first book in "The Spider King" trilogy. A lifetime lover of BDSM and kink, she mainly writer steamy romances in these genres. S.M. considers herself a lifelong learner and first became interested in the topic due to an ever-present intellectual curiosity in taboo subjects. However, she became further entranced by the subject due to the emphasis placed on safety and consent within the community. Fascinated by the contrast between the dark, compelling subject matter and the sweet, nurturing way in which it is executed, her writing tends to reflect her interests.
Follow me on Twitter at @kingthor Thorin Klosowski
Thorin Klosowski is a tech journalist and reporter whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Wirecutter, Lifehacker, the Onion A.V. Club, and others. His short fiction has appeared in Tarpaulin Sky, The Copper Nickel, Yellow Rake, and others.
Latest book: One Long Panel of Stones (and 40 Other Stories)
Follow me on Twitter at @JackHornwood Jack Hornwood
Jack Hornwood is a gay erotica writer from New Zealand. His writing focuses on m/m sex, in particular cuckolding, humiliation and other fetishes. His first book, Cole Got Cucked Hard, was released in May 2020.
Follow me on Twitter at @SayAmen Amen Mpofu
Amen Mpofu is an author of religious books particularly Christian literature and a blogger of end-time events affecting the world. He's held evangelism activities inside and outside South Africa and is also passionate about preaching the good news of God's grace.
Latest book: The Final Lap Before Entering The Promised Land
Follow me on Twitter at @origen210 Victoria Panezo
Hola soy Victoria Panezo O. Soy de Esmeraldas, Ecuador. Desde pequeña tuve interés por las letras, y afortunadamente aquello fue expandiéndose hasta impulsarme a publicar mis primeras obras en un medio digital. Amo los viajes, conocer culturas diferentes, la natura; en fin, aprender y vivir nuevas experiencias. Creo que la educación de calidad es el camino que sacará a las personas de la pobreza mental; y no me refiero necesariamente a la educación formal. Obtuve una licenciatura en Turismo y otra en Lengua y Literatura, en la Universidad "Luis Vargas Torres. He tenido el privilegio de ejercer mis profesiones, sin embargo, he estado más vinculada hacia la educación, sin dejar de lado mi amor por el Tu ... read more
Latest book: A La Hora De Mi Muerte
Follow me on Twitter at @_brookeelden Brooke Elden
I’ve been telling stories since I knew what stories were. I remember inventing very dramatic plots for my dolls and other toys (most of them involved death) to live out. My first story was The Missing Unicorn, penned at age 6, followed by The Lost Cat, both published in the school library. I’ve been writing since. In second and third grade, I received some awards for short stories I wrote. In fourth grade, I was a part of a writing club where we printed our work into a picture book. Mine was a tale about my dog. At age 11, I formally proclaimed myself a writer. I knew it was my destiny to tell stories. I completed my first novella at age 12.
Latest book: Grimbound
Follow me on Twitter at @OkparagloriaNg1 Gloria NGOZI Okpara
Okpara Gloria Ngozi is a pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. A retired Director of Education with the SUBEB, Lagos. She has a Bachelor Degree in Education from University of Ado-Ekiti and had her professional study from the Institute of Education, University of Lagos. She is a graduate of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Bible College and later lectured at the Liberty Campus of the same college. She remains a dedicated Sunday School teacher. She has been married to her beloved husband- Elder Steve Okpara for over thirty years and the union has been blessed with Godly children and grandchildren. Her passion lies in saving marriages which she has been doing through giving talks in workshops, s ... read more
Latest book: The Spiritual Family; A Place For Change
Follow me on Twitter at @@DFHart3 Faith Hart
Hello, it's lovely to meet you! A bit about me - I began as a suspense/thriller writer (you can find me here on Smashwords under D.F. Hart, if you'd like to learn more about that body of work). I wrote a supplemental character named Maddie in book Three of my suspense series, and I put her through quite a lot in that story. She resonated deeply with me, more than any other supplemental character I've written to date. And I felt she deserved a happy ending. That desire morphed into Book One of my Another Try contemporary romance novella series. "Maddie and Mason" and "Trixie and Drew" will be released together on March 8 2020. Books three through six will be released through the remainder of 2020. I've kept ... read more
Latest book: Another Try: Books Three and Four (Another Try Novellas Book 2)
Follow me on Twitter at @DFHart3 D.F. Hart
D.F. Hart is my pen name for suspense/thriller works. (For contemporary romance you'll find me under Faith Hart). I've never found my first name to be particularly suspenseful or mysterious, so when I opted to finally give in to the siren call of writing, using my initials felt as natural as breathing. I’d always intended to be in this career; a college professor teaching Chaucer and Shakespeare somewhere and writing fiction in my off time. However, life has a sense of humor, it seems. Before I even realized it, I found myself hip deep into a career in Accounting – just about as far left-brained as you can get from being an author. I went with that flow and obtained my MBA with Accounting concentration to ... read more
Latest book: Web of Secrets (Book Four of the Vital Secrets Series)
Follow me on Twitter at @@geoffreymcarter Geoffrey Carter
Geoff Carter grew up attending public schools in the Milwaukee area, eventually graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Madison with a degree in Communication Arts. He has been teaching English in Milwaukee Public Schools for twenty-eight years in both traditional and non-traditional settings, working almost exclusively with at-risk students. Carter is a proud and active member of the MTEA, the local teachers’ union. He holds a PhD in English and has also taught at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Carter lives in Milwaukee. He is married to an extraordinary woman and is the proud father of a remarkable daughter. In his spare time, he enjoys fine wine, sailing, fly-fishing, organic gardening, an ... read more
Latest book: The P.S. Wars: Last Stand at Custer High
Follow me on Twitter at @aa_spears A.A. Spears
Ashley is an indie author whose debut novel is "The Witching Blood". When Ashley isn't navigating the mercurial Florida weather, she can be found scarfing down tacos and agonizing about her not so subtle chocolate addiction.
Latest book: The Witching Blood
Follow me on Twitter at @murat_tash M Tash
Born in 1976, Murat Tash lives in Surrey, England. Currently he is working as an IT specialist and published his first book, the Witches of Corndale.
Latest book: The Witches of Corndale
Follow me on Twitter at @katrin_greene Katrin Greene
Hi. My pen name is Katrin Greene. I have lived most of my life as an office manager, accountant, auditor, math-geek, and applications specialist. Sometimes this has been in someone’s garage. Sometimes, a cube farm. That’s my “work life.” The life inside my brain??? Well, that’s a bit different. A friend once told me its like watching glitterbombs go off like fireworks. I try to live life with as little judgmental attitudes as possible. Hard to do. Hard to live up to, while being practical and keeping yourself safe. I started writing as a way to cope. Reading and stories and movies became my way of taking a slice of life and eating it, instead of letting it eat me. Each of my worlds is a ... read more
Latest book: Beth
Follow me on Twitter at @jakobcandris Jakob C Andris
A retired educator from the field of biology and physical science, Jakob C. Andris also earned graduate degrees in administration and counseling and was an adjunct professor. With a keen interest in the standing, quality and status of science, he explores the accuracies and fallacies of research, studies and claims in the hopes of delineating fact from fiction. He lives with his wife in the Southern United States, enjoying his family which, includes many grandchildren
Latest book: Cover Your Mouth, Open Your Eyes How Pseudoscience Weaponized the Covid-19 Crisis
Follow me on Twitter at @ade_b_lu Adenike B. Lucas
Adenike B. Lucas (Pronounced: "Ah-Day-Knee-Kay") was born, raised and currently resides in Richmond, VA -- the canvas that she paints her literary worlds on. Known to obsessively talk about her adoration for the artist, Prince, Adenike is also known to create fantastical "stories" that she tells her friends, and that she almost believes herself. Adenike is the author of two novels and a short story compilation book with co-author, Arielle Crowell. Adenike’s Genre of choice is Urban Paranormal which blends supernatural elements with city life to create a world that fits in this reality where any entity can live. She is also a founding partner of the publishing company, Literati Media Group (currently being re ... read more
Follow me on Twitter at @ade_b_lu Adenike
Adenike B. Lucas (Pronounced: "Ah-Day-Knee-Kay") was born, raised and currently resides in Richmond, VA -- the canvas that she paints her literary worlds on. Known to obsessively talk about her adoration for the artist, Prince, Adenike is also known to create fantastical "stories" that she tells her friends, and that she almost believes herself. Adenike is the author of two novels and a short story compilation book with co-author, Arielle Crowell. Adenike’s Genre of choice is Urban Paranormal which blends supernatural elements with city life to create a world that fits in this reality where any entity can live. She is also a founding partner of the publishing company, Literati Media Group (currently being re ... read more
Latest book: Birthright
Follow me on Twitter at @JulinJuanLacasa Julián Juan
Catalán, escritor, cinéfilo. Nacido en Sant Cugat del Vallès (Catalunya) el 15 septiembre 1964. Colaborador en el programa de Cerdanyola Ràdio AutoCine y en la web ElCineDeLoQueYoTeDiga. Escribo en catalán y español. También sé francés.
Follow me on Twitter at @vicmarswell Victoria Marswell
Victoria Marswell is a romance suspense author. Victoria started writing poetry and short stories in her early teens. She majored in biblical studies at Hope International University and incorporates inspirational Christian themes into her writings. Victoria is a world traveler and sets her stories in the locations she has visited. At 17, she traveled to Germany and Austria where she was inspired to write her debut novel, The Counterfeiter’s Daughter. Victoria continues to travel the world; creating and writing romantic and thrilling adventures. She lived in Orange County, CA. for 38 years and currently resides in Portsmouth, NH.
Latest book: The Counterfeiter's Daughter
Follow me on Twitter at @SilviaMoon15 Silvia Moon
Are you a Twin Flame looking for closure? I have been where you are and I promise that it gets better as you work on finding your Authentic self. Union will come to you whenever you feel whole and ready from the inside. You are your creator of the Union experience that you are looking for to be with your Twin Flame physically. First work on the inside and everything else will fall in place on the outside. I hope that this Journal helps to give you a perspective to keep doing your great work! - Stay Blessed! Yours in love and light. Silvia Moon.
Follow me on Twitter at @LinzeBrandon Linzé Brandon
Teaching herself to read before she went to school was the start of her life-long love affair with books. Trained as an engineer, Linzé has worked as a specialist engineer in two fields of engineering. Thereafter, she was self-employed, working as a consultant to commercial companies exporting their products to other countries. When the economy forced her back into full-time employment, she worked as a systems engineer and senior project manager at a company that designs and manufactures products for the military industry. In January 2019, she left her full-time job to enjoy the challenges of self-employment once more. Now she spends her days doing competence training, career development and retirement coachin ... read more
Latest book: The Last Gryphon
Follow me on Twitter at @ArianaNGlaser Ariana Glaser
Ariana Glaser has been writing short stories since the age of seven. She finished writing her first full-length novella, "The World I Never Knew", at the age of eleven and self-published it a year later. Her second book, "She Remembers" will be published with Foundations Publishing. Her other creative pursuits include singing, acting, dancing, and playing piano. She resides on Long Island, New York with her family and pets.
Latest book: The World I Never Knew