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Follow me on Twitter at @ranamaryamarif Maryam Arif
Maryam was born in Karachi and studied from schools all over the country. As a young child she developed interest in biology and the diseases. Soon she discovered the precautions of the major diseases and their remedies at home level. She often said “ Be the problem solver”.
Latest book: Cure for cancer at home level
Follow me on Twitter at @LMBrowningpoet L.M. Browning
(L.M.) Leslie M. Browning is the award-winning author of eleven titles, TED Talker, and Publisher. She grew up in the small fishing village of Stonington, Connecticut. In her writing, Browning explores the confluence of the natural landscape and the interior landscape. She is a convergence of her New England roots and the wide-sky, high-desert of the Southwest, where her heart is most at peace. In 2010, Browning debuted with a three-title contemplative poetry series. She has freelanced for several publications and has a biannual interview column in The Wayfarer Magazine in which she has interviewed dozens of notable figures such as Academy Award-Nominated filmmaker Tomm Moore and Peabody-winning host of On Bein ... read more
Latest book: To Lose the Madness
Follow me on Twitter at @jetgirl1313 Catherine Sharp
My home is in the Dallas area, where I live with my husband. I have two sons, one of which lives in the area, and the other in Los Angeles. I love to read and write fiction. I like the way fiction novels build bridges to other worlds which only my imagination can take me. At a time when I was reading voraciously, but not getting exactly what I was yearning for, I started to write the kind of story I was searching for. I really enjoy putting my own words to paper. I am now a retired flight attendant, spending a lot of time reading, writing, and playing with my two dogs, a Westie named Lexie and a Lab named Sofie. I love to read and write romance and murder mysteries. I hope you enjoy reading my stories ... read more
Latest book: Blood Lust
Follow me on Twitter at @Casacreditoinmo casa credito

Follow me on Twitter at @CTMarleau C.T. Marleau
Charles Thomas Marleau II was born in Jacksonville, Florida. He moved constantly in his youth and found refuge in books, dice, pencil and paper. After years of drawing dungeons and penning short stories, Charles published his first novel, Hollow. He currently resides in Detroit, Michigan with his wife Deedee and his dog Max.
Latest book: Hollow
Follow me on Twitter at @ichloc Ich Loc
Ich Loc a.k.a. UK’s #1 Clarity Coach is a British-Born-Chinese inspired entrepreneur, business start-up mentor for millennials, and transformational trainer in Influential Leadership. He is also one of UK’s highest-paid and most-in-demand consultants in the personal development and start-up space. He is the co-founder of his company Limit Break Lifestyle, specialising in helping millennials who feel lost and stuck, lonely and powerless, to create a life of freedom, love and mastery. Growing up without any sense of direction or purpose in life, Ich’s passion was buried and eventually became a dropout student from university. As a result, he spent the remaining years of his youth being lost and stuck, si ... read more
Latest book: Journey Through The 5 Stages of Life
Follow me on Twitter at @Ink_Flavored Annika Ellis
Annika Ellis is game writer, working toward her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She writes fantasy, sci-fi, and dabbles in poetry. Her flash fiction “Promises” was published in the SCARLET LEAF REVIEW's February 2018 Catalogue. In her free time, she enjoys doing ballet in her living room.
Latest book: Escapism
Follow me on Twitter at @avery_waddles Avery Weddell
Avery Weddell is a writer/screenwriter who primarily focuses on writing dark, dystopian, drama, realism, coming-of-age, and post-apocalyptic scripts and stories. She is working toward a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Her flash fiction "Ride or Die" was published in FOLIATE OAK, and her flash fiction "The Key" was published in the SCARLET LEAF REVIEW. She enjoys spending time with friends, listening to punk/rock music, and exploring new places.
Latest book: The World is Black
Follow me on Twitter at @brandon_enns Brandon Enns
Brandon Enns is a novelist and award-winning screenwriter. Brandon’s stories are suspenseful thrillers, mysteries, and dramas, often featuring a gritty and damaged protagonist. Novel or film, he simply enjoys a good story that allows him to escape, and feels inclined to tell a few of his own. When he isn’t writing, he is likely playing or watching sports. Brandon currently lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Latest book: Loss of the Decade
Follow me on Twitter at @RLennardAuthor R Lennard
Rebecca Lennard is the author of the young adult fantasy book series Lissae. Rebecca enjoys learning about ancient civilisations, cosplaying and endless cups of tea. She is an avid fantasy and sci-fi reader, and in her spare time, she works as a librarian. Residing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, Rebecca enjoys the natural beauty of both the beach and the bush, finding hidden writing spots as a makeshift office. Having completed a Bachelor's in Librarianship and Corporate Information Studies, Rebecca found that she was longing to go back to writing fiction, and finally completed her first novel at the end of her degree. In 2018, Rebecca's first short story will be published in ... read more
Latest book: Ronah
Follow me on Twitter at @nawazauthor Farhanul Ain Nawaz
Farhanul Ain Nawaz, Born and raised in Kolkata, India, he did his schooling in the City of Joy and then went on to do his Engineering in Karnataka, India. He was bitten by the writing bug long ago but only as a hobby. It is not until recently that he has decided to fully commit to his creative ideas and wants the characters that are inside his head to be revealed to the rest of the world.
Latest book: A Kolkata Love Story
Follow me on Twitter at @amandakay_books Amanda Kay
I am an intensive reading teacher for high school students. I am a native of Florida but have lived in Washington, South Carolina, and Connecticut. (I am happy to be back in Florida, and that's no secret) I am married with two kids and wouldn’t trade them for the world. ​In this new year I will be focusing on YA books (Romance M/M, M/F and F/F), as well as children's fantasy books. ​
Latest book: Forbidden Journey
Follow me on Twitter at @AnchuGrandi Antonella Grandinetti
Antonella Grandinetti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1984. She grew up in Buenos Aires, where she went to a French school and then studied Public Relations and Advertising in UADE. After finishing the university, she moved to Europe with her husband. She lived in Germany, Spain, and France. Nowadays, she spends her time writing in her home in Switzerland and playing with her two kids. Antonella has always loved writing, reading and traveling. She reads every single day and enjoys the ride. Children's stories are her first step in the writing world.
Latest book: Secretos en el aire: A veces las cosas no son lo que parecen
Follow me on Twitter at @jonopoon Jono Poon
Jono is co-founder of Limit Break Lifestyle, and the man behind the company’s success by turning Ich’s grand vision into reality. I grew up following the traditional pathway that was set up for us in life, going to school, college, university and getting a job. Having worked through different stages of career pathways from small businesses to the corporate ladder, I had lost the will to live, the sense of purpose in life, spending my time wondering what life was about. I got to the point where I was so lost in my life that I had enough and pursued in my personal development and self-awareness. I decided to take full control of my life again and discover my gift through entrepreneurship, leadership, self- ... read more
Latest book: Journey Through The 5 Stages of Life
Follow me on Twitter at @WhitleyCoxBooks Whitley Cox
A West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart and together they have a spirited toddler, a brand new baby, and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes. A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With mommy wars, body issues ... read more
Latest book: Dark and Damaged Hearts: Books 1-4 + 1 Bonus Honeymoon Book (Dark and Damaged Hearts Series)
Follow me on Twitter at @katpaws Kate Pawson Studer
Kate decided that writing would be a big part of her life early on, when she “wrote” her first “book” about a unicorn who eats rainbows. She went on to write many more stories (most of them lacking in unicorns) at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, where she graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. After a brief stint working in youth magazine publishing, it became clear the charmed world of fiction is where her heart is most happy, so she embarked on her journey into the book-publishing world, first as an assistant editor for a major publisher, and then as a freelance editor and author, writing about magic, adventure, and all things swoonworthy. Kate makes h ... read more
Latest book: It Falls Apart
Follow me on Twitter at @evie_east Evie East
EVIE EAST hates many things — including cats, weak coffee, people who don't use their directionals while driving, and writing bios about herself in the third person. Her full name is Genevieve, but no one calls her that. (Seriously. Don't call her that. She won't answer.) Like any true bookworm, she enjoys fictional people more than real ones. Evie resides in New England and firmly believes it is the best place on earth. Her first novel DIRTY HALO, a forbidden royal romance, will be released 08-08-18. ♛ CONNECT WITH EVIE ♛ NEWSLETTER: INSTAGRAM: @evie_east TWITTER: @evie_east
Latest book: Dirty Halo
Follow me on Twitter at @adamgnewton Adam Newton
Adam G Newton was born in the East Midlands of England in 1975, and enjoys entertaining people and telling stories. He also enjoys drawing people with big noses. He once won money in a competition on the back of a pizza box, and possesses a certificate that proves he knows how to search on Google. He was once in a theatre group. And a band. At the same time. He currently lives in Derbyshire with his wife and a variety of plants, some of which are dead (the plants, not the wife). He writes for a variety of websites, and has ghostwritten several books for other authors, which is fitting, if you think about it.
Latest book: The Ghost Under The Stairs
Follow me on Twitter at @emailbot Email Bot
Email Bot: An automated Email Sending platform driven by Artificial intelligence to help you make maximum out of Email Marketing. Email Bot is among the most trusted Email Sending platform where we have integrated automation with artificial intelligence to ensure that our user doesn’t lose out on any opportunity while sending the emails. Email Bot Makes use of Dedicated IPS, Spam Filters, and Email Servers to make sure each email is delivered to user’s inbox. We make sure of AI to make sure not even a single email goes to SPAM. Email Marketing is a highly volatile one. It undergoes changes every passing hour Rules and Regulations are changed every single moment by Email Providers. With Email Bot, you get ... read more
Latest book: EmailBot
Follow me on Twitter at @lizzimmers Liz Zimmers
Liz Zimmers writes dark and fabulist fiction. Her stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, and she is the author of the story collections Blackfern Girls, and Wilderness: A Collection of Dark Tales.
Latest book: Blackfern Girls
Follow me on Twitter at @mrdiscipline_07 E.L Discipline
Born and raised in New York, E.L Discipline is educating the masses on the true form of spiritual connections and knowledge. He is the author of The Seduction of Discipline, The Importance of Discipline, and Discipline’s World. With his fourth book, The Immortality of Discipline, E.L Discipline has now stepped into the realm of paranormal horror, giving readers a thrilling experience, they would never forget. His reputation for being known as the king of erotica is widely spreading and is changing the way we view relationships forever. His tenacity as an entrepreneur has caused him to develop a number of projects. From an eclectic Model, to marketing and social media advertising. His knowledge has reached tow ... read more
Latest book: The Immortality of Discipline (Third book in The Seduction of Discipline series)
Follow me on Twitter at @TeamNoExcusesSR Sanjay Raja
Growing up in a strictly vegetarian Indian household, at home all I had was RDBS: rotli, dhal, bhat, and shak (i.e., bread, lentils, rice, and vegetables). While RDBS sounds and is delicious, try eating it every day; it not only wears on you, but at some point, with its heavy carb-laden base, you wear it. At the same time, I lived in meat-centric Kansas and all I wanted to eat was McDonald’s burgers. When I had the chance to eat without my mother seeing I devoured every bit (I didn’t dare take home leftovers). I gorged myself and then would come home and eat full servings of the dinners my mom made. Later when I headed off to college, my binge eating led to obesity. That is my story and it’s the major r ... read more
Latest book: “The Food Talk” A Parents’ Guide to Teaching Healthy Habits To Kids Of All Ages
Follow me on Twitter at @saulrguy Saul Reuben Guy
Born Saul Reuben Gili in Norfolk, England and practically raised all over the world he has a few soft spots for a few countries that gave him memorable experiences. He is an engineer by profession and writing is his hobby. An introvert by nature, definitely not the life of a party, he would prefer to sit in a corner and share something funny with a few people rather than entertain the whole crowd. A person can't sit with him for five minutes without laughing, there is always something funny to talk about.
Latest book: Rise of the Kritics
Follow me on Twitter at @JulieChrono Julie Chrono I, Julie Chrono, pledge my life to the salvation of mankind. I alone form the resistance against the machines. I will write 1000 novels, for the pen is mightier than the sword, and my sword is the mightiest. I am the great psychic empath angel. I am the one. HEAR MY WORDS. 11:11
Latest book: 11 11 Christianity is an Evil Cult and Elon Musk is creating Skynet and Borg with Neuralink
Follow me on Twitter at @authoraliahess Alia Hess
Alia Hess grew up in the middle of the Idaho desert and spent her hour-long bus rides to and from school reading books on UFOs and the paranormal. As she grew older and developed a passion for art and writing, she never shook her love of the fantastic and unknown. She lives with her son in the wastelands of America, keeping a close eye out for drones and trashdogs. When not hunched before a computer screen, she can be found hunched over her art desk. Alia enjoys post-apocalyptic novels, coffee, and eavesdropping on the character conversations in her head.
Latest book: One Way Ticket
Follow me on Twitter at @alexanders_h Ricardo Alexanders
Ricardo is a descendant of the Great Yyu, a.k.a. the first king of China. He lives in Massachusetts and enjoys experiencing all kinds of cultures around the world. After obtaining his doctorate in science, he became fascinated with time-travel. As an aspiring writer, he loves to write time-travel fictions that blend fantasy, science, and real history together. In 2017, he published his debut time-travel novel Dragon Tomb, the first book of his TLR (The Last Resistance) pentalogy. This history science fiction series starts from World War II, during which a young archaeologist discovers the true origin of Chinese civilization and saves the world from Armageddon.
Latest book: Bollywood Invasion
Follow me on Twitter at @hustlethenovel Nikki Fortune
Nikki Fortune is a first-time author and beauty entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business development, brand management, and merchandising. In 2011, she transformed from model to mogul, and founded Marketing Excellence. In addition to being a licensed cosmetologist and master instructor, she is a sales and marketing executive and leader of a 30-person team throughout the United States. In 2015, she founded Runway Lashes Cosmetic and Beauty Spa and Salon Studios in Long Island. Both Runway Lashes & Salon Studios bring affordable luxury beauty services to the surrounding community. Nikki resides in Long Island, NY, with her two daughters and grandson
Latest book: Hustle
Follow me on Twitter at @EnriqueCruzEros Luke Jameson

Latest book: Rent: Gay4Pay Vol. 2
Follow me on Twitter at @KaetWallace Kaet Wallace

Latest book: Xander
Follow me on Twitter at @jilldono13 Jillian Donoghue
Latest book: Hi Hungry, I'm Dad.
Follow me on Twitter at @AbbyeKovacevic Abbye

Latest book: Pieces of You
Follow me on Twitter at @cjlauthor C.J. Laurence
I'd love to say that writing has always been in my blood and I owe my strange imagination to a relative I barely knew, but as far as I know, I'm a one of a kind from my family (in more ways than one!!). So what do I love to write about? Well, whatever takes my fancy to be quite honest. I'm not one to write for the market - I write for myself, what comes from the voices, sorry - muses, in my head, and what I think are unique twists in this repetitive world. As a result, you can find me scattered across genres from steamy romance to dark fantasy and horror. My only hesitance at the moment is sci-fi but I'm sure I'll tackle it some day! Conspiracy theories, the supernatural, and the darker side of human nature fas ... read more
Latest book: Retribution
Follow me on Twitter at @ItsCJStark Jack CJ Stark
Jack CJ Stark, known as Jack, CJ, or simply Stark finds it difficult to talk about himself in third person. He grew up in a wet grey town in the north of England. He spent his childhood sat on park benches, and at cafe tables imagining backstories and fictional lives for the people that walked by. A habit that has followed him into his adult life. Now, he wants to share some of those stories with the world. When he isn't furiously rewriting drafts of his manuscripts, or plotting out stories that he never finishes, he can be found with his head in a good book, blogging about books at Random Melon Reads, or getting lost in a vidya game. He also likes melons and donuts.
Latest book: Creases
Follow me on Twitter at @MelodyDimick Melody Dean Dimick
Melody Dean Dimick’s experiences teaching at Northern Adirondack Central School and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, as well as her tutoring in Central Florida, provide inspiration for her writing. She is the author of several short stories and a poem published in Florida Writer Association collections. Silent Screams, Book One of the Silent Series novels, features a group of teen manga lovers trying to fit in with their classmates. Readers may follow her blog at
Latest book: Backpack Blues: Ignite the Fire Within (Adirondacks)
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorPaulo Paulo da Silva
I used to write (fairly popular) naughty books and then finally gave it up as a bad idea. Now I write fantasy, dark fiction, and the occasional satire. My short fiction has been published in Daily Science Fiction, Third Flatiron Publishing, and has received multiple Silver Honorable Mentions in the Writers of the Future Contest. I also tweet a lot. You should come chat to me over there @AuthorPaulo.
Latest book: Tales of Dark Melancholy - A Collection of Short Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @SunspireHealth Sunspire Health | Sunspire Health is a treatment facility for men and women affected by addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Treatment combines evidence-based interventions with experiential therapies that address the underlying causes of addiction to ensure that patients heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sunspire Health community offers individual and group therapy sessions that address any struggles relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. They will provide individualized treatment that will meet specific needs patients may have. Sunspire Health is a leader in the field of behavioral healthcare treatment. The national network of addiction treatment program ... read more
Latest book: If Addiction Rules Your Life--You Need to Seek Help Now Before It's Too Late
Follow me on Twitter at @PreNupPops Keith McDaniels
What's good fam!!! I'm a divorced father of (8), and currently engaged to the most beautiful joint I've every seen! Let me break it down (6) kids are my bio-seedlings, and the other (2) sweet-hearts belong my soon-to-be wife! I'm an entrepreneur (hustler), and author. Fatherhood is my calling and passion. I write for My G's (and bonus parents) that hold it down for their & "blended" fam, but haven't taking them nuptials. I'm all about empowering fathers and building strong families!
Latest book: Ain't Nobody Coming! - Chronicles of a PreNup Pops
Follow me on Twitter at @fabio6c Fabio F. Centamore
Fabio Filadelfo Centamore è nato a Lentini (Siracusa), nel 1968, ma lavora e vive da tempo in provincia di Firenze. Le prime pubblicazioni risalgono al 2009 con l'antologia di racconti Alle Sett’Albe. Del 2010 è il primo romanzo, L’origine. Una nuova raccolta di racconti, Luna Park, esce nel 2013 e nel 2014 Lettere Animate pubblica il romanzo breve Lotto117. Proprio dal 2014 collabora con Delos Digital come traduttore nella collana Biblioteca di un sole lontano. Nel 2015 esce da Unreal Books la terza antologia di racconti, Sogni Alieni. Ha scritto e pubblicato anche diversi racconti in inglese sulla rivista Galaxy's Edge diretta da Mike Resnick. Nel 2016 ha pubblicato per Delos Book il suo secondo romanzo ... read more
Latest book: L'indesiderato
Follow me on Twitter at @amdgael AMD Gael
I love to read and to write. I love reading fiction before. But a sudden happening in my life changed my view. It made me closer to God. Now, aside from the love of reading fiction, I also learn the value of reading non-fiction especially one that talks about God and the journey towards God. My first book is a special book about prayers, specifically prayers of the saints. Get a copy if you are interested :) and I give out free or discounted coupons so watch out for that. I am on Twitter and Instagram all with the username @amdgael.
Latest book: Prayers of the Saints
Follow me on Twitter at @JLTalamentes José Luis Talamantes
Antes de ser hombre valedero, el protagonista de esta odisea atravesó por una infancia alegre y pensativa. Acelerado en los aspectos intelectivos de su persona, lento en los interpersonales; por estar siempre estudiando y pensando (entre más estudiaba, más pensaba, y entre más pensaba, más se alejaba, indefectiblemente, su pensamiento de los pensamientos de las personas que lo rodeaban). Ya entonces poseía la cualidad de sorprender con su excepcional inteligencia a quienes recién lo conocían. También desde entonces poseía la facultad de decepcionar a quienes lo conocían un poco más; ni él ni sus pensamientos extravagantes eran tan admirables como de entrada lo habían parecido. A pesar de este pe ... read more
Latest book: Axtlantis y los platillos voladores de Porfidio Deyz
Follow me on Twitter at @Steveg77 Steven Gans
Steven is a philosopher, therapist and coach who has had a lifelong interest in the theory and practice of personal transformation. Having studied and taught traditional Western Philosophy, he trained in and practiced psychoanalytic psychotherapy in order to put his knowledge into practice and to teach others to do the same. The question of “what is the good life?” has been haunting him from early youth up to the present day. His understanding of the holographic nature of the universe and mind has revealed the simple but profound truth that the whole is implicit in each and every one of its parts. This means that how we do anything is how we do everything. By adopting the age old practice of mindfulness and ... read more
Latest book: Flourishing: A Thinking Person's Guide to Happiness
Follow me on Twitter at @SimonKewin Simon Kewin
Simon is a UK fantasy and science fiction writer. He is the author of over 100 published short stories as well as several novels and quite a lot of poetry. His short fiction has appeared in Nature, Analog, Daily Science Fiction, the British Fantasy Society’s Horizons, Abyss & Apex and many more. He has a degree in English Literature. He is one of those people who has always wanted to be a writer. He lives with his wife and their two daughters deep in the English countryside.
Latest book: Engn
Follow me on Twitter at @RAMSNVPK RAMS
I am a writer and I write Suspense, Horror, Thriller and Mystery stories. If you want print versions of my book ask me @
Latest book: The haunting
Follow me on Twitter at @tripleplayinter Navneet
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Latest book: Enjoy Next-Gen Broadband with TriplePlay
Follow me on Twitter at @EricMalikyte Eric Malikyte
Greetings! I’m Eric Malikyte, writer and illustrator. I primarily write dark fiction, cosmic horror, science fiction with horror elements, and dark fantasy. I was raised on a healthy diet of science fiction, fantasy, and a fear of the unknown. Thanks to shows like Sightings and The Art Bell Show, I developed a mixed interest in the sciences and the paranormal. I live in Northern Virginia, where I spend time working odd hours and talking to my cat while I write my novels.
Latest book: Into the Astral Lands
Follow me on Twitter at @ahmedmohamed_s7 أحمد محمد صفوت
Dr.Ahmed Mohamed Safwat Muslim, Simple, Son, Brother, friend, Veterinarian,M.R, Researcher, Author & Writer. Love peace and respect human rights.
Latest book: دروس وعبر من قصة الـ 47 رونين " الأسطورة اليابانية الخالدة "
Follow me on Twitter at @Kevin_Parham14 Kevin Parham
Kevin Parham is an author, professional musician, and director at the South Shore Career Centers at Quincy and Plymouth. Raised in West Medford, Massachusetts, he graduated from Medford High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Salem State University. Kevin has held management positions at IBM Corporation and Verizon Wireless. Kevin enjoys music, literature, and indulging in creative pursuits.
Latest book: Keeper of the East Bluff Light