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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rea'h E
42 year old, mother of 3 adult children. Living in Royston, Herts. Working on my first novel series. #TheWereWolfChronicles. Set to publish on Halloween 2016 (October 31st) Adult ADHD enhanced. I am a survivor and victor! More than a conqueror! The stories I write are fronted by strong female protagonists, with interesting pathologies. They have complex personalities and are driven to extreme lengths in order to find themselves. I am obsessed with destroying the female trope of women who need to be saved. My characters are themselves, the knight's in shining armour who save themselves, never needing a prince to do so. My love of writing began, when at 15 years old I was diagnosed with a congenital heart defe ... read more
Latest book: The Heir of Gevaudan - Book one of The WereWolf Chronicles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bob Williams
Bob Williams currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee after stops in Mississippi, Louisiana, Ohio, and Washington. He lives with his beautiful wife Sara, 4 year old daughter Kate, 2 dogs (Henry and Pearl), and very independent cat named Cassidy. Bob sincerely hopes you enjoy reading his words as much as he enjoys writing them.
Latest book: Ruby

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Surayah White
A collection of observations, unexpected encounters and too often unspoken, yet universal experiences written in poetic verse. This work is separated into two sections: the first - On Love - speaks to everyday occurrences: introductions, hurts, exchanges and unplanned rendezvous. The second - On Life - speaks to pain, passion, pursuits and most importantly purpose (the fire inside). This is one woman's exploration of what it is to be imperfectly, yet beautifully human.
Latest book: This Fire Inside: Poems on Love and Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caroline Cumming
Caroline Cumming is an author and speaker, intuitive, mentor, and holistic therapist with over fourteen years of experience. She inspires and empowers people from all walks of life to live with an open heart. In this way they can be love in action for themselves, others, and the world. Often described as a “healer of the heart” she is most sought after for her talent in creating experiences that enable one to feel deeply alive again, live true, and plug back into a more natural flow of thriving. Her message is that we all have a heart and we need to marry it with our minds if we are to bring about the world in which we wish to live. Caroline teaches and empowers that union. A lover of full moons and sunrise ... read more
Latest book: The Love of One: A Memoir of the Creative Power that Weaved a Miracle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Noman Saahab
Noman aka Saahab. Writer and Novelist since 4 years. Wrote 45+ poetry's and 6+ poems. Performed in "Karachi Poetry Slam 2016".
Latest book: They Started to End Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeremy Stevens
Jeremy Stevens is a husband and father of three who calls Nashville, Tennessee home. Near the beginning of his professional writing career, Stevens has published one book, "Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah." He is currently working on continuing the series.
Latest book: Jamey Jones and the Sons of Noah

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Hart
James Hart is an intellectual property and small business attorney and an entrepreneur at heart. He is the found of Hawthorn Law, and numerous online ventures. When he's not working to save entrepreneurs from themselves, Jim is hard at work adding value and teaching others wherever and whenever he can. He's a Husband to a beautiful wife, and a Father to three fantastic children. Originally from Cleveland, Jim went to law school at The Ohio State University and is an avid Ohio sports fan. Notwithstanding, Jim and his family now reside in Cary, North Carolina where they love not having to deal with snow in the wintertime.
Latest book: Business Law Basics: A Legal Handbook for Online Entrepreneurs and Startup Businesses

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pradip Chauhan
Hi, I am Dr. Pradip Chauhan born in Gujarat state of India in 1985. I have my Medical science degree (M.B.B.S, M.S., C.R.M.) from Saurashtra University. Presently I deliver lectures of Anatomy subject in P.D.U. Govt. Medical College, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. As usual any other authors I have also reading habits since the time I learnt to read, and was master in making stories. Because English is not my first language I started to write in Gujarati (my mother tongue) and published book by Local Gujarati publishers (E.g. Gujarati short stories); which received good response from readers. I have two books published by my pen name prajwalit. I took long time to write my official first book series, ‘On the Earth: I ... read more
Latest book: Ponytail The love for revenge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ann Arnold
I never intended on being a writer. I realize how controversial that statement is, but it's true. The only footsteps I ever wanted to follow was my father, Mark Schonwetter’s, right into the jewelry business. Writing seemed far beyond my scope of experience, though I have always loved to read, and my secret desire was to do just this. We have entered the time period where the true witnesses and victims of the Holocaust are dying, so we, as a society, are losing a vital source of truth. My family's experience during the war, the fortitude of my grandmother Sala and the strength of my father, is a treasured legacy. I was blessed to be given this legacy, and learn its lessons throughout my formative years. Now I ... read more
Latest book: Together: A Journey for Survival

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. C. Elam
M. C. Elam is the author of the epic fantasy, Ascalla's Daughter. She was born in Ypsilanti, Michigan to a Scotch/Irish mother and an Italian father. During her early years, the family moved numerous times. Never in one place very long, she found secret friends living in a closet, under a porch, inside a hollow tree or beneath the cut bank of a woodland creek. Blessed with a vivid imagination and sense of wonder, she wrote stories about the pretend worlds she created. She was thirteen before her folks took root in one place. By then her favorite recreation was writing stories. A graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, M. C. Elam holds a degree in education. While in college she was the recipient of both th ... read more
Latest book: Ascalla's Daughter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page gcuofano
Gennaro is an International MBA who worked across US and Europe in the last ten years. After earning his degree in law, he worked in the legal field. Thereafter, Gennaro's passion for international business and finance brought him to gain an international MBA, in Rome, Italy and San Diego, California. Gennaro worked as consultant, financial analyst and assistant controller in San Diego, California. He is an avid reader and passionate about business, finance, psychology, neuroscience, and physics. Gennaro truly believes that in today's world focus and determination are the key. For such reason Gennaro is dedicating his life in simplifying complex subjects to make them accessible to a vast public.
Latest book: Financial Analyst's Professional Manual

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Annie Anderson
Annie writes from the heart and in English. As a young child haircuts were crew cuts and bruises were wrapped in blame. For thirty eight years she sponged up the family chaos. At forty, she travelled to the Canaries ‘with herself,’ and realised life could be safe and fun. On her return she studied for five years and graduated in Creative Writing. Her writing is 'real, fun, naughty, quirky and addictive,' say her reviewers. 'It’s easy to read and will have you hooked from beginning to end.' She takes her protagonists out of their comfort zones to lands that are hot and tempting, combining her love for travel, past experience as a therapist, alongside saucy adventures. You will laugh at their experie ... read more
Latest book: Lady Bird's Grand Finale'

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali, founder of website, which is online urdu books library serving urdu books, novels, and dramas to global urdu reading community for last 12 years (since 2004). is also eBooks publisher from Lahore, Pakistan.
Latest book: عشق جانے طور آمد (Ishq Janay Toor Amad)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page V. K. Walker
Once upon a time – [No, no, no! Far too trite and, let's be honest, it's been done. Hit “pause”, “rewind”...] Many, many, many years ago – [Ack! That's even worse! What's with all the freakin' “many's”? It wasn't that long ago. Jeesh. Hit “stop”, “erase” (and don't ever do that again!)...] Not so very long ago (a piddling amount, in my opinion), a storyteller was born. One might even say, a fantasy weaver (oooh, I like that – kinda rolls off the tongue, dontcha think?). Hand in hand with her most trusted friend, an imaginary boy named Charlie (awww, I miss Charlie), she wove many a tale of aliens and evil clones who impersonated her elder brothers (for certainly she wasn't actually r ... read more
Latest book: Enlightened Hope

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CA N Raja Natarajan
I am a practicing Chartered Accountant with tonnes of passion for teaching. I teach Financial Management & Strategic Financial Management for Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy and Company Secretary students in Ernakulam, India. I also hold Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Finance from Symbiosis, Pune and Bachelors in Commerce, from Loyola College, Chennai. I worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my Chartered Accountancy Practice. During the stint in State Bank of India, I worked on credit proposals of Mid Corporate Units and gained good experience in Financial Analysis, Risk Assessment, Viabil ... read more
Latest book: Capital Budgeting Techniques in Financial Management

Follow me at my  Facebook Page SC Hutchinson

Latest book: Torn Decisions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emyli Evyrling
I am a transgender woman living on Maui. I have worked as a wilderness educator, pediatric ER clinician and just about everything in between. Eve is a story fueled by my desire to recontextualize our world in a way that celebrates life's inherent diversity and our rich collective past as people of Earth.
Latest book: Eve

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. Marie Evans
M. Marie Evans is an entrepreneur and author on a quest for independence and creative freedom. After working for over 13 years in corporate America, she followed her passion for writing and in 2015 published her first novel in the Away Book Series, Wasted Away. The Away Book series is M. Marie's first trilogy: Wasted Away (Book 1), Spirit Away (Book 2) and Away with Me (Book 3).
Latest book: Wasted Away (Away Book Series 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kathy Hatfield
Kathy Hatfield is the co-author, with her mother Julie Mannix von Zerneck, of Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found. This story of two strangers, a mother and daughter separated at birth, and the riveting journey each took to redeem the past, was the winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Award and the IndieReader Discovery Award. Featured in Redbook Magazine, on the Oprah Winfrey Network, on The Katie Show with Katie Couric and The Jeff Probst Show, Secret Storms was called “compulsive reading” by Publisher’s Weekly. Kirkus Reviews wrote: “In this heartwarming dual autobiography, actress Mannix and her daughter, Kathy Hatfield, recount the saga behind a separation of more than 40 ... read more
Latest book: Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found

Follow me at my  Facebook Page H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum
The H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum The H.P. Lovecraft Lunatic Asylum began as a group of friends on Facebook. We all shared a love for the writings of the author Howard Phillips Lovecraft. If you have never heard of him, he was born August 20, 1890 and died March 15, 1937. He was a pioneer in the horror genre, and his influence on books and movies continues to grow. While he was once a fairly unknown author, his fan base has grown to the point that he’s almost mainstream now. I think he would be pretty amazed at the effect his writing has had on literature and films. For me personally, his writings have affected my mind more than anything else. I tend to have crazy dreams every time I read his stories. If you ... read more
Latest book: Asylum of the Ancient Ones

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julie Mannix von Zerneck
Julie Mannix von Zerneck is the co-author, with her daughter Kathy Hatfield, of Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found. This story of two strangers, a mother and daughter separated at birth, and the riveting journey each took to redeem the past, was the winner of the National Indie Excellence Book Award and the IndieReader Discovery Award. Featured in Redbook Magazine, on the Oprah Winfrey Network, on The Katie Show with Katie Couric and The Jeff Probst Show, Secret Storms was called “compulsive reading” by Publisher’s Weekly. Kirkus Reviews wrote: “In this heartwarming dual autobiography, actress Mannix and her daughter, Kathy Hatfield, recount the saga behind a separation of more than 4 ... read more
Latest book: Secret Storms: A Mother and Daughter, Lost then Found

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hanleigh Bradley
Hanleigh is a brand new British author. She's written one series so far; the Rules Series and is already working on the second; The History Series. Hanleigh loves books more than nearly anything in the world; whether it's reading them or writing them, Hanleigh just can't get enough. She relishes in the way authors can create worlds with the words they put in their books. Hanleigh absolutely adores Romantic Fiction. She first fell in love with literature as a small child reading Dr Zeus. She then fell in love with romance literature when she first read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Hanleigh is about as English as it's possible to be. She sometimes wishes she could live inside the world that she can create ... read more
Latest book: Repeating History

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tadhg O'Flaherty
Tadhg O’Flaherty was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1977. Tadhg attended the University of Limerick as a mature student and graduated in 2013 with a B.Sc. in Computer Game Development. As a computer whizz-kid Tadhg was naturally inept at writing until he discovered that by utilising the Law of Attraction he was able to seamlessly transition into the field and is now a full-time author with two books currently self-published on Amazon. Tadhg’s second book “Surviving a Realistic Zombie Apocalypse” gained local notoriety within days of publishing and was featured on the front page of the Limerick Leader newspaper, which has a readership of 110,290, and also received airtime on local and national radio.
Latest book: How to Get Over Her in 1 Month: Learn how to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of a breakup

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Haven Homestead Media
Haven Homestead Media is the place to find all sorts of books about homesteading and sustainable living.
Latest book: Conversations on Permaculture and Prepping: An Interview with Erica Wisner

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Николай Эдуардович Мурзин
Nickolay Murzin, 1973. Николай Мурзин. Он же «Мурзин Николай Эдуардович», он же «Коля», он же «Эдуардыч». Директор ООО «Алеут» и руководитель экспедиции по поиску и подъёму метеорита. Обладатель карты острова сокровищ. Толст, лыс и злопамятен. Особые приметы – добрые глаза. Инженер химик-технолог, эколог, водолаз, парашютист-инструктор, мастер-взрывник, промальпинист, электрик, эникейщик, сварщик, спас ... read more
Latest book: Поиск и подъем Челябинского метеорита. Meteorite "Chelyabinsk"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michele Sanvico
Michele Sanvico was born in Perugia (Italy) in 1967. After completion of his degree in Physics, he participated in an astrophysical research programme using some of the world's largest telescopes. He is married and has two children. He lives in Rome since 1992. He worked for many international companies including Finmeccanica, Marconi, Alcatel-Lucent. He writes novels and nonfiction, both featuring an elegant, refined writing style.
Latest book: The Eleventh Sibyl

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nancy White
A healthcare professional shares views and experiences on sleep health and sleep apnea.
Latest book: Follow The Easy Steps To Get Up Early In The Morning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eduardo Orozco, MSC.
Eduardo Orozco, MSc. Director, Instituto Global en Gerencia y Emprendimiento, IGGE. Tiene una amplia experiencia gerencial desarrollando empresas y proyectos de negocio en Nicaragua desde posiciones como Gerente de Area, Director País y CEO. Ingeniero en electrónica obtuvo su maestría en Negocios y Tecnología en Estados Unidos bajo el auspicio del programa de becas Fulbright graduándose con la mayor distinción de Summa Cum Laude. Cuenta con más de 25 años de experiencia académica habiendo impartido clases en temas de Gerencia y Tecnología en algunas de las universidades más importantes de Nicaragua como son Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería-UNI, Universidad Americana-UAM, Instituto de Est ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page P.J. Allen
P.J. Allen lives and writes in Frederick, MD. She earned a Ph.D. in Communication from Florida State University and works to promote education and health in developing countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Allen is also a licensed acupuncturist. Lies Beneath Ellicott City is her third novel, following the publication of Deadly Untruths, a political thriller, and The Yeti Quotient, a mystery. Her next novel depicts paranormal investigations by the Dulany Team in historic Frederick, MD.
Latest book: Lies Beneath Ellicott City

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eddie Jakes
Eddie Jakes was born in Connecticut and has lived there his whole life. During that time, he has been obsessed with all kinds of fiction. His love of fantasy and horror often lead to long weekend sessions of Dungeons & Dragons with the same group of friends that has continued to this day. Taking this passion for elaborate storytelling, Eddie tried his hand at writing on and off throughout most of his youth. The timing wasn't right, however, and Eddie filled his artistic void by DJing and promoting electronic music events in New England. During a break from music for personal reasons, Eddie went back to school for arts and communications. After finishing his degree, he decided to take advantage of some of the ... read more
Latest book: General Population : Malevolent Prisoners Book One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Corrine Manuel
With over 17 yrs. of customer service experience Mrs. Corrine Manuel has held several positions in high paced call centers as well as remote virtual work (as a Virtual Assistant) from her own home-based office. She is knowledgeable in using Microsoft Office programs; Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel, Hoot suite, Windows Live Movie Maker, QuickBooks, Adding machine, Fax, Copier, Scanner, Windows and Apple operating systems. In addition to experience as an event coordinator/specialist Mrs. Manuel related experience also includes experience in sales, promotional modeling, payment/billing processing, collections, SEO, company development, video/blog & web site content creation, supervising/management, quality ... read more
Latest book: Freely Contracted

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ra'Mone Marquis
Ra’Mone Marquis is a southern gentleman, born and raised in the sunshine state of Florida. He received his Bachelors degree from Florida International University where he became a proud 2005 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He went on to receive his Masters degree from the University of Phoenix and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree from Capella University. Marquis currently lives in Miami, Florida. Life experiences and literary idols such as Omar Tyree, Terry McMillan, and Eric Jerome Dickey; have shaped Ra’Mone into the author that he is today. This is what formed the foundation of him being considered a refreshing literary artist with high levels of uniqueness and relatability. Due to ... read more
Latest book: A Poetic Exhale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Randy McWilson
Randy L. McWilson is a science fiction fan and writer from the very heart of the Heartland of America. A California native, he was transplanted to the Midwest in 1980. McWilson graduated from Southeast Missouri State University, receiving a B.A. Degree in Media in 1991. Over the last decade, he has written across a variety of genres, including feature-length screenplays for a Romantic Comedy, Police Thriller, Action Thriller, and even a Drama-Thriller Television series. His latest offering is the Back to Normal quadrilogy. These titles are Book One: Paradigm Rift, Book Two: Tradecraft, Book Three: Proximity, and Book Four: Crossover. This series revolves around a motley crew of involuntary time-jumpers that f ... read more
Latest book: Proximity: Book Three of the Back to Normal Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Catmarie Wilson
Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, Catmarie grew up reading fairy tales and watching The Twilight Zone. Her grandmother's eerie tales enhanced her love of the paranormal. After teaching ballet and jazz classes for thirty years she turned to writing, entering contests and submitting short articles to magazines. When she won an essay contest to participate in her "Rookie dream job" she learned ghost hunting techniques that she includes in investigations and tours. At age 62 she survived cancer. Priorities changed so she added writing a book to her bucket list. She hopes to share her beliefs and experiences along with unexplained stories she's collected from others. Cat has two grown sons and lives in southern Idaho w ... read more
Latest book: Strange: Unexplained Tales from Idaho and Beyond

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex Montrasio
On 2014 Alex Montrasio discovered his passion for creative writing. Since then, a bunch of his short stories has been published inside anthologies and even red on radio. Influences from heterogeneous genres such as adventures, cyberpunk, noir, romance and mainstream are easily to be found in his novels, On 2015 he accomplished to finish the Nanowrimo. On 2016 his first two novels were published: "Evento Zero" (by Wizards & Black Holes) and "Il Re di Porta Cicca" (on Smashwords).
Latest book: Il Re di Porta Cicca

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E.D. Lala
E.D. Lala grew up in London where she currently resides. She graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in History, July 2015. She has always been a keen reader and an enthusiastic story teller. She writes both YA and ADULT fiction. For further information or if you'd simply like to keep up to date with her current and future projects make sure to visit
Latest book: Equilibrium: The First Signal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Márcia Klein
Márcia Gomes Klein é natural de Porto Alegre, Terapeuta Floral no sistema Bach e Saint Germain. Trabalha com cristais etéricos quânticos, alinhamento dos chakras, códigos agesta, vivências com meditação guiada. É reikiana níveis 1 e 2 e autodidata em outras terapias alternativas. Participou de todos os congressos holísticos de Porto Alegre. Seu objetivo neste trabalho em parceria é levar um pouco de conhecimento a esse mundo tão vasto de autocura; claro, sem deixar a medicina tradicional de lado. Mas, acredita que as duas, lado a lado, trazem resultados maravilhosos.
Latest book: Guia Completo das Terapias Alternativas - Métodos terapêuticos naturais que proporcionam saúde integral

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gaia B Amman
Gaia B Amman was born and raised in Italy. She moved to the United States in her twenties to pursue her PhD in molecular biology. She’s currently a Professor of biology at D'Youville College in Buffalo, New York, where she was voted "the professor of the month" by her students. Her research and commentaries have been published in prestigious peer-reviewed international journals including Nature. A bookworm from birth, she wrote throughout her childhood and won two short story competitions in Italy in her teens. Gaia is an avid traveler and many of her adventures are an inspiration for her fiction. Mostly she is passionate about people and the struggles they face to embrace life. Her highest hope is to reach ... read more
Latest book: Out of the Nest, An Italian Summer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Quinn
Jack held a variety of unusual jobs after graduating from high school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania including a job as a translator in a vacation resort in Spain, a stint in the Swedish Merchant Marine, and another as a civilian electrician working for the British Army on the Rhine in Hannover, Germany. When he returned to the U.S., he worked his way through Arizona State University as a disk jockey and then spent a year in graduate school studying German literature at the University of Washington in Seattle. Jack returned to Phoenix where he supervised a quality control department at Motorola Semiconductors before teaching communications and digital electronics for eight years at the Phoenix campus of DeVry Unive ... read more
Latest book: Running for President, Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Toni Summers Hargis
Toni Summers Hargis is a Brit who has lived in the USA since 1990. She is mother to three Yankee Brits, all of whom are plowing their way through the American education system. Educated at Bristol University, England, and Loyola University, Chicago, Toni has first-hand knowledge of student life on both sides of the Pond and is so far surviving her experience as a parent in the US college application process. Toni is the author of Rules, Britannia; An Insider’s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom, (St. Martin’s Press) the popular book for Americans visiting the United Kingdom. She also blogs as Expat Mum, is a featured columnist for Expat Focus and for BBC America’s Mind the Gap, and has appeared on TV an ... read more
Latest book: The Stress-Free Guide to Studying in the States – a Step-by-Step Plan for International Students

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Baur
John Baur was a fairly normal guy – a family man and a reporter/editor for newspapers and magazines. Then, in 1995, he and his friend, Mark Summers, invented International Talk Like a Pirate Day and his life took a whole different turn. They became well-known figures in the pirate community, wrote several books of pirate-based humor, performed on stages from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, New Orleans to Seattle, and have been featured on television, radio and newspapers all around the world. John, his wife Tori and their kids moved to the the Caribbean, where they lived four years while he wrote the first draft of what became this book. They now live in New Orleans, but when son Max graduates from high school, ... read more
Latest book: Chrissie Warren: Pirate Hunter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liz Della Croce
Liz Della Croce is the creator and author of The Lemon Bowl, a healthy food and lifestyle blog. Since 2010, Liz has been sharing delicious recipes that just so happen to be good for you. By using real ingredients with an emphasis on seasonality, Liz has built a growing audience of loyal readers who crave real food for their families. Liz has appeared live on the TODAY Show and tapes regular cooking segments for her local NBC and ABC affiliates. Liz’s recipes and food photography have been featured in various publications including Shape Magazine, Real Simple, Cosmopolitan, Food Network Blog, Huffington Post, TODAY Food, Tastespotting, Foodgawker and The Cooking Channel. Liz enjoys working with national brand ... read more
Latest book: 12 Most Popular Smoothie Recipes by Liz Della Croce of TheLemonBowl.Com

Follow me at my  Facebook Page İktisadi Kalkınma ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Derneği
(Tr) İktisadi Kalkınma ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Enstitüsü Ayrıntılı bilgi için lütfen web sayfamızı ziyaret ediniz. (Eng) Institution Of Economic Development And Social Researches Please visit our website for more information. (De) İnstitution der Wirtschaftsentwicklung und der Sozialforschungen Weitere Informationen fiden Sie auf unserer Webseite.
Latest book: I. Uluslararası Çin’den Adriyatik'e Sosyal Bilimler Kongresi Kongre Kitabı

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Luis Angel cobos
Soy mexicano nacido un 10 de mayo de 1989, vivo en una ciudad llamada martinez de la torre, soy el segundo hijo de dos, empecé a escribir desde los 15 años aunque me decidí por publicar este libro a los 26
Latest book: Dolce Amore

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lon Varnadore
I have been a fan of sci-fi and fantasy for years. Hard at work at the next book.
Latest book: Mostly Human

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicolette deSada
Nicolette deSada majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology during her undergraduate career and was a member of her university’s Gay-Straight Alliance. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Illustration because she aspires to illustrate her own work. Nicolette loves to read manga (especially yaoi manga) and always keeps a sharp eye out for LGBT themes in classic literature and film. Nicolette can be contacted at
Latest book: The LoveBorg

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Hyllside
Born somewhere in Western Europe between hills, ruins and seas, William Hyllside is an enthusiast storyteller with a profesional background in linguistics, education and international cooperation. In the past decade, he has lived and worked in many countries, such as USA, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Ecuador, Congo and Fiji, where he came up with the original idea of the Seeking Mana series, back in 2013. Fascinated by cultural diversity, oriental philosophies, fantasy sagas and world history, he lets his experiences of the world nourish the large scope of his stories.
Latest book: A Dusky Messenger (Seeking Mana - Tome 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JK Ireland
JK Ireland hails from Bristol in the south west region of England. Now living in London, JK has returned to one of her lifelong loves; writing. The Adventures of Floppy and Bertie is a new series of adventure stories for young children. Each adventure follows two teddies, Floppy and Bertie as they get up to mayhem! The first in the series follows Floppy and Bertie on a day out to the zoo. The second adventure in the series takes the boys to Pirate Bay. In the third adventure, Floppy and Bertie take a day out to London to meet the Queen's corgis. Next, Floppy And Bertie Go To Lapland, Floppy and Bertie meet Father Christmas and go to Lapland. In their latest adventure, Floppy and Bertie fly to America to look ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Floppy and Bertie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T. J. MacDonald
A retired associate electrical engineer, Tom enjoyed a long career designing and building automated manufacturing and robotic systems - a much more creative task than most may realize. He still holds the necessary registrations to work within that field; but, now spends most of his time writing. He is the father of three successful men, each a wonder in his own right; and, a grandfather of four incredible grandchildren. His wife, Tanis, was the love of his life, when they married; and, still is today. She maintains the most incredible restraint and patience; when, he is obsessing in his creative mode. Though he is close to all his boys and their families, his oldest son Tyler is the graphic artist responsible f ... read more
Latest book: Righteous Reign