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Visit my Facebook Page Selma Mann
Selma Mann’s first book of poetry, Mourning Cloak, was published following a series of losses that revealed her muse. It reflects her recovery from devastating grief and invasive cancer. Whimsical Warrior, Selma’s second book, touches on these themes, pivoting into whimsy and the challenges of growing older, with simplicity, wisdom and surprising twists. Selma was born in Venezuela to Julius and Carlota. Julius was a German Jew who emigrated after Hitler came to power; Carlota an orphan with an indomitable will to transcend. Their legacy to Selma has proved to be a joyful, positive attitude, compassion and a love of learning. Her early education was by austere yet caring nuns as the only Jewish student at ... read more
Latest book: Whimsical Warrior
Visit my Facebook Page M. Kemal Irmak
Professor M. Kemal Irmak became a medical doctor in 1987. He specialized in Histology and Embryology in 1992 and then received a PhD on Biochemistry in 2001. His research is focused on biological adaptation through epigenetic inheritance system and on Merkel cells as electromagnetic receptor cells. He is the author of over 80 papers.
Latest book: Quran Facts - A Scientific Overview
Visit my Facebook Page Tennison Long
The author lives in Northern California.
Latest book: Glorious Verve
Visit my Facebook Page Carlos Fontes
Carlos Fontes es un artista multifacético mexicano. Nació en Sonora, México en Abril de 1990. Se desempeña como actor, escritor, comediante, músico, cantante y bloguero. Ha estado escribiendo desde la secundaria. A la edad de 16 años, Carlos empezó a escribir novelas complicadas después de un largo periodo de soñar (dormido y despierto) con historias fantásticas. Su primera novela fue el inicio de una saga de seis libros (que aún no se han publicado). Le tomó cuatro años solo terminar el universo de la historia y el primer libro. En 2010 comenzó la saga de Tayler Blake (Originalmente llamada "Los guardianes del equilibrio") y en 2012 terminó el primero libro, pero fue hasta noviembre de 2017 ... read more
Latest book: Tayler Blake y los guardianes del equilibrio.
Visit my Facebook Page Zach Calhoun
Founder of A Virtual Staging and Real Estate Listing Technology Service. You may check the following links: Website: Facebook: Facebook profile Blog:
Latest book: 102 Clever Ways To Get More Listings For Realtors and Brokers
Visit my Facebook Page Carl Peterson
Carl Peterson was born and raised in Greenock, Scotland, on the banks of the River Clyde. Carl grew up hearing the folk songs and tales of Scotland. Radio and recordings also introduced Carl to the likes of Burl Ives, The Kingston Trio, The Weavers, The Corries, and Tommy Makem & The Clancy Brothers, to name but a few. Later, Peterson would meet and eventually perform with some of these entertainers. From Scotland Carl emigrated to Canada where he performed from Newfoundland on the East Coast to British Columbia in the West. In the 1980's Peterson moved on to the United States, performing at Scottish and Irish festivals and concerts throughout the country. After a sold-out 1994 debut, Carl remained a popula ... read more
Latest book: Now's the Day and Now's the Hour
Visit my Facebook Page Riza Curtis
Riza began writing stories at a young age to the annoyance delight of anyone she could persuade to read them. Now somewhat older, if not wiser, things haven’t really changed. Riza lives in England where they enjoy adding extra letters to words, tea, and discussing the weather (it’s always raining). She has a FdSci in Manufacturing Engineering and is currently working towards her BEng. When she’s not writing, studying or doing her day job Riza is obsessed with music and enjoys annoying her neighbours by playing five different instruments*! *Not at the same time.
Latest book: Once Upon a Rainbow, Volume One
Visit my Facebook Page K.S. Trenten
I’m a California Bay Area author, exploring the borders of reality and gender to create new worlds and populate them with compelling characters. I live with my husband and our two four footed children, i.e. cats.
Latest book: Seven Tricks
Visit my Facebook Page José Antonio Perrella
José Antonio Perrella, Caracas 1961. Es un reconocido profesional que se ha desempeñado en el área de la consultoría empresarial colaborando activamente con cerca de un millar de medianas y pequeñas empresas ven lanas y sus líderes, en su evolución hacia las mejores prácticas en materia contable, administrativa, tributaria y en cl área de gestión humana. Desde su posición y luego de treinta añas de ejerciendo, el autor ha logrado ver de cerca, analizar desde varios puntos de vista y comprender con profundidad, la naturaleza del venezolano, tanto con su rol de ciudadano, como en su rol de empresario y de trabajador. Su posición crítica, ante todo sobre la evolución del ser humano en la ... read more
Latest book: Ellos Vivieron en el País Porvenir
Visit my Facebook Page Dimitris Apergis
Dimitris Apergis was born in Larisa, Greece, in 1978. He graduated in BA (Hons) Film Studies in the UK. He has also attended various seminars in Philosophy, Psychology, Photography, History of Art, Graphic Design and Theatre Studies. He has written numerous film reviews in newspapers and on the internet. He also operates his own movie blog, ‘CineManiac’s Journal’. He currently lives in Greece. He is a film-buff, pet-lover and, regrettably, an unrepentant chain-smoker. Dimitris has received multiple awards for his literary work. His novel ‘At the Whiskey County’ received the First Literature Award at the 7th International Literature Contest held by the Hellenic Culture Association of Cyprus under ... read more
Latest book: Στην Κομητεία του Ουίσκι
Visit my Facebook Page Bryce Hunter
The author of Getting Gay, Bryce Hunter was born on December 21st, 1990, in Oregon City, Oregon. He was raised in Utah, but currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. Growing up he loved reading anything he could get his hands on. In the back of his mind he always thought he would end up writing a novel, but didn't seriously attempt to do so until He was 21. Now he loves to write stories, and has no preference for what sort of books he writes; they could be any genre at any time, depending on what he feels like at the moment. To follow him on Facebook you can find his page here: or go to his website:
Latest book: Getting Gay
Visit my Facebook Page Alisha Jones
I am a homeschooling mother of 4, a wife for 17 years, and a writer of 19 books.
Latest book: The Age of Forgiveness
Visit my Facebook Page Jean-Paul Vignon
Jean-Paul Vignon was born in Ethiopia not long before World War II, of a French father and an Italian mother. He spent his childhood in Djibouti, and studied in France. His exotic background gave him a passion for life, and imbued his singing style with an irresistible sensuality. As a boy, Vignon was fascinated by movies. As a teenager, he admired the great French singer-songwriters Charles Trenet and Charles Aznavour, and was also attracted to American singers like Frank Sinatra. Vignon’s expansive musical taste gave his style a uniquely universal appeal. As a young man, Vignon appeared in Paris cabarets, recorded under his own name, and starred in two French films. When he sang on Le Liberté en route to ... read more
Latest book: From Ethiopia to Utopia: A Remarkable Journey in Music and in Love
Visit my Facebook Page Kingston Crow
Kingston Crow is a writer and illustrator living in Los Angeles, California. Published by Destiny-X, "The Jub Jub Club!" is Kingston's first novel. Keep up with the author's latest news, books, and projects by visiting Sign-up for the newsletter and receive information about upcoming books and exclusive offers!
Latest book: The Jub Jub Club!
Visit my Facebook Page Jeremiah Brown
Jeremiah J. Brown is a serial entrepreneur, tech enthusiast, and groundbreaking product strategist. At eighteen, he became a real estate agent in his hometown of New York City. Before graduating with a degree in finance, he launched and sold his first company. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Brown owns various properties throughout the United States. He’s invested in the stock market and experienced firsthand its many ups and downs. Over time, Brown has learned to be an effective leader and to build his wealth from the bottom up. Even before the age of thirty, he’s already achieved success with multiple business ventures. He’s also been featured in various publications, including Entrepreneur M ... read more
Latest book: Financial Freedom: My Only Hope
Visit my Facebook Page Ben Garraway
I’ve been a professional musician, educator and author for the last 20 years. I’ve always used the traditional method of getting a publisher but with this particular book, called Primary Guitar, I’ve co-authored with Marc Patching and we’ve decided to self publish. We couldn’t be more please with the book and hope to build a guitar playing community around it using our website and a supportive online presence. I currently run The Sound Garage, a studio and music school is Bedford, England and I’m always looking out for interesting musical projects.
Latest book: Primary Guitar
Visit my Facebook Page Caroline M
Caroline M is an eBook author who lives in Randburg, South Africa. I can tell you right now that a pen and a paper have been her best friends ever since the age of 11. Now she's in her early 20's and has released her three eBooks, The Notebook hunters, Two sides of the story and Island. Facebook: Twitter: @MCarolineNM Blog:
Latest book: Island
Visit my Facebook Page Khetha Shinga
I did Marketing Management at Mangosuthu University of Technology in the city of Durban in South Africa. In 2009 I started to write my book for The Fundamentals of Learning which I completed in 2017. In 2011 I opened a community organization named Edu Full Nest. The objective of the organization is to ensure that learners are able to read their school books with 'high-learning involvement. The Fundamentals of Learning have to do with a management of sentences, visual elements and difficult words for a learner`s benefits. The Fundamentals of Learning are necessary for all schools, big and small. Right now I have books, videos, articles and study guides pertaining to The Fundamentals of Learning which can be a ... read more
Latest book: The Fundamentals Of Learning
Visit my Facebook Page Candice Alstar
Candice Alstar is a Toronto dating and relationship coach. She helps her clients through one-on-one sessions and through her online programs to help them achieve dating results and success.
Latest book: Toronto Wingwoman's Guide to Dating Smart in The Digital Age
Visit my Facebook Page Maxime Daigle
I am just a man that has lived with challenges all my life just like everyone and took advantage of them to understand why people could be moral and immoral and studied it until I could explain it and show clear evidence of it. I have lived with luxuries, and let it all go and became an activist where I was a problem for the Canadian government and the status quo from what I knew about Law. I then let go of that road to explain and write this book to help people to unblock things in their mind that stops them from critical thinking. This has been my passion since I was a child to know, and not just believe what was the problem. This is my life's work put in this book to give something worth exploring so w ... read more
Latest book: Becoming The Change
Visit my Facebook Page Craig Cavanagh
Seville based translator and on-off roving football reporter who dabbles occasionally with the pen. Other works include a novel entitled Costa del Trolls, the story of a group of good-hearted yet ultimately flawed thieves who up sticks and join an international crime organisation in Marbella. 11 Noches, a novel written in Spanish, with the assistance of my wife who acted as editor, the story of an everyday yet uninspiring town that receives no sunlight for 11 nights and the townspeople's endeavours to restore the light. All presently available at good on-line retailers.
Latest book: Costa del Trolls
Visit my Facebook Page E. M. Bless'On III
E. M. Bless’On III is a Writer, Poet, Social Commentator and an award-winning Broadcast Journalist. He is the Producer and Presenter of a World News bulletin which is syndicated to about a dozen networks. He also works as a Management Consultant, currently serving as a Management committee member of Black History Month Wales, Patron of Show Racism the Red Card and Mentor for The Prince’s Trust. His work on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) has been featured on the Ignite Talks circuit, Hay Festival, Cardiff Story Museum, The Senedd, Wales Millennium Centre, South Wales Evening Post, ITV, BBC One, Radio Wales, BBC World Service among other international networks. Bless’On is a member of the Wales PEN ... read more
Latest book: Bleeding Ink... Lost Life. Lost Friends. Lost Love.
Visit my Facebook Page Bill Rapp
Bill Rapp recently retired from the Central Intelligence Agency after thirty-five years as an analyst, diplomat, and senior manager. After receiving his BA from the University of Notre Dame, an MA from the University of Toronto, and a PhD from Vanderbilt University, Bill taught European History at Iowa State University for a year before heading off to Washington, D.C. The Hapsburg Variation is the second book in the Cold War Spy series featuring Karl Baier. Bill also has a three-book series of detective fiction set outside Chicago with P.I. Bill Habermann, and a thriller set during the fall of the Berlin Wall. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife, two daughters, two miniature schnauzers, and a cat.
Latest book: The Hapsburg Variation
Visit my Facebook Page C.C. Edwards
Southern born, Southern raised, new to the author world. Oh, and brother to an annoying sister with whom I've written a book.
Latest book: We're Not Write
Visit my Facebook Page Kassy Tayler
Kassy Tayler has always been a writer. Since her earliest memories, her biggest desire has been to put words to paper. Now she is living her dream and has several published novels to her credit in multiple genres. She’s been married for several years to the man of her dreams. They’ve raised two exceptional sons. Tayler lives within the shadow of Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, with her husband, her doxie, Cody, and a collection of rescue cats who continually make life interesting.
Latest book: My Real Imaginary Life
Visit my Facebook Page Mick Parsons
Mick Parsons has emceed and founded open mics all over the Midwest. His work has appeared in Pegasus, Inscape: A Visual Arts and Literary Journal, Louisville Unknown, Antique Children, the American Mythville Review, Dispatches: Litareview, The Licking River Review, and has been featured on, where they are still archived. His work on published by Fools Press is slated to be archived along with other Ohio Valley Writers by the Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati Ohio. He’s been a freelance muckraker at LEO Weekly, a labor activist, and a lifelong contrarian. He is the author of two poetry collections, several chapbooks, a collection of short stories, and a novella. He lives in ... read more
Latest book: 3 stories/ 4 poems
Visit my Facebook Page Kimbra Townsend
Kimbra lives in Missouri with her husband, 7 children, and dog Jack. She loves to waterski, paint, sing Christian Contemporary music and dance.
Latest book: The Broken Pieces of Yesterday
Visit my Facebook Page Eden S. French
Eden S. French is an award-winning novelist, a graduate researcher at the University of Tasmania, and nothing but trouble. The only thing she enjoys more than writing about queer cyborgs is the certain fact that, someday, she will become one. Despite being some sort of frightening vegan-lesbian-goth person, she has received a Goldie Award and an Alice B. Lavender Certificate, both for her 2015 debut novel The Diplomat. She currently lives in Hobart, Tasmania with her enchanting artist girlfriend, at least one cat, and a sense of foreboding.
Latest book: Reintegration
Visit my Facebook Page Thomas Rouxville
Almost all children lie to their parents about skipping school, or avoiding homework. Not Thomas Rouxville. At ten years old, he convinced his mother that he absolutely had to stay up until the small hours of the morning, squinting into yet another novel. His English teacher demanded it, he said innocently; the book had to be read by morning. When his outraged guardian stormed the school in protest, it was gently, but firmly, explained that her son’s assignment was not due for weeks. The boy had a reading addiction, and short of barring him from the library, there was little they could do. By fourteen the obsession ran wild as fire, Rouxville losing himself in fantasy novels and role playing games; entire un ... read more
Latest book: Edgehill: (The Kingdom of Shadows Book 1)
Visit my Facebook Page Scarlette D'Noire
Scarlette D’Noire Scarlette is originally from Chicago and now resides in Florida. A lover of all things chocolate and vampiric, when she isn't attacking small children dressed as mice she can be found sitting at her computer on several social networks claiming to be working on several books in the Vampire Historia a Series of Revelations: Nicolai's Fate O’Ren, Keeper of the Shadows, a stand-alone short and prequel to the following books: Delano's Disciple, Anthony Drake’s Descent Delano’s Undoing. The Making of Marea is a stand-alone short and prequel in Delano’s life after Nicolai’s Fate in the Vampire Historia series, hence the reason it is finished. Other work by Scarlette D’Noire: Short St ... read more
Latest book: Vampires Romance to Rippers An Anthology of Tasty Stories
Visit my Facebook Page John Robin
It all began when he was an eight-year-old boy, when he discovered Tolkien’s map of Wilderland tucked in the pages of an old, beat-up copy of The Hobbit on his grandmother’s bookshelf. From that point onward, John Robin knew he was destined to make his own world and tell stories about it. Over a period of twenty years, he read the great fantasy epics, learned the craft of storytelling, wrote three novels just for practice (unpublished), and all the while his fantasy world and unique vision as a writer ripened. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, the fast change of technological advancement was also a heavy influence on his world-building and magic system, an analog of how mastery over environment can chan ... read more
Latest book: A Thousand Roads
Visit my Facebook Page Zeta Bon
Nacido en Santander el 11 de Abril de un "no tan lejano" 1982 y desde entonces vecino de la misma ciudad. La decisión de comenzar a escribir un libro, nació en el año 2012, caminando con mi pareja por la tranquila y maravillosa península de la Magdalena de Santander. Ella estaba empezando a conocer el mundo editorial desde dentro por diferentes amistades y colaboraciones, y la conversación me llevó a fantasear sobre una historia que, consideraba, tenía de todo lo que una buena historia debía de tener. Por mis experiencias tanto en lo laboral como en lo vital, considero muy importante todo lo relativo a las relaciones humanas, perfiles, sentimientos, actitudes ante diferentes acontecimientos. ... read more
Latest book: Cicatrices - Archivos Saga DEF-ET 0,5
Visit my Facebook Page Mary Cunningham
Author Mary Cunningham grew up on the northern side of the Ohio River in Corydon, Indiana. Her first memories are of her dad’s original bedtime stories that no doubt inspired her imagination and love of a well-spun “yarn.” Childhood experiences, and a recurring dream about a mysterious attic, inspired characters, Cynthia and Augusta Lee, for Cunningham’s award-winning middle-grade series, Cynthia's Attic. Through a horrifying stint as a travel agent and more rewarding experience teaching travel and tourism, Andi Anna Jones, travel agent/amateur sleuth, sprang to life. Cunningham is currently writing another middle-grade series, The Adventures of Max and Maddie; an adult mystery, For the Life of Claire ... read more
Latest book: Margaritas, Mayhem & Murder
Visit my Facebook Page Edward Dentzel
Unfound is a weekly missing persons program devoted to solving disappearances. Unfound strives to do this by talking to the people who know the most about the cases--family members, detectives, and reporters. In the Unfound book series, you will discover the facts, read the interviews, and learn how these disappearances have affected so many lives.
Latest book: Unfound: The Season 1 Cases, Volume 1
Visit my Facebook Page Cheryl Headford
Cheryl was born into a poor mining family in the South Wales Valleys. Until she was 16, the toilet was at the bottom of the garden and the bath hung on the wall. Her refrigerator was a stone slab in the pantry and there was a black lead fireplace in the kitchen. They look lovely in a museum but aren’t so much fun to clean. Cheryl has always been a storyteller. As a child, she’d make up stories for her nieces, nephews and cousin and they’d explore the imaginary worlds she created, in play. Later in life, Cheryl became the storyteller for a re enactment group who travelled widely, giving a taste of life in the Iron Age. As well as having an opportunity to run around hitting people with a sword, she had an ... read more
Latest book: Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden
Visit my Facebook Page Liza Kline
Liza Kline lives in eastern Pennsylvania where she devours romance novels and chocolate while waiting for the zombie apocalypse. Until that day comes, Liza enjoys trips to the beach, designing websites, taking too many photos of sunsets and going to rock concerts.
Latest book: Cuffed - A Novella
Visit my Facebook Page Ugo Odimba
Ugochukwu “Ugo” Odimba is an avid reader, a prolific writer, and a dynamic teacher of biblical doctrine. His passion is to see people come to the complete knowledge of the unmixed gospel of Christ and delivered from the shackles of religion. He has a versed multidisciplinary background with degrees in sciences, finance, and information technology. He also attended Rhema Bible Training Centre, Abuja Campus. He lives in Abuja, Nigeria with his wife, four children, and two dogs. He is the author of the blog,, on which he writes about the boundless love of God and the identity of the believer in Christ. You can find him on Twitter at @ugo_odimba, and on Instagram at ugo_odimba.
Latest book: FIRST TRUTH: No Man had Seen God
Visit my Facebook Page Beaufort Gray
Elizabeth DeBoer-Ashworth is the author of Weak Link, and writes under the pen name of Beaufort Gray. Raised in Nova Scotia, Canada she is now a long-term, permanent resident of St. John’s, Newfoundland. She has been writing fiction all her life, but makes most of her living by being a part-time academic and a research consultant specializing in policy writing. Elizabeth has a PhD in Political Science and can bore people senseless with what she would do if she was Queen of the World.
Latest book: Weak Link
Visit my Facebook Page Riccardo Marchina
Riccardo Marchina (1972). È giornalista pubblicista. Dal 1992 collabora con il Corriere di Chieri e altre testate locali. Scrive romanzi e racconti. Ha pubblicato: “I balconi del levante”, Neos edizioni 2016; “Fermata alla stazione di Portbou”, Ester edizioni 2016; “Ballata per le spose”, Neos edizioni, 2012, (premio Amico Rom 2012; premio multietnicità e inter-cultura 2014); “L’agenzia dei segreti precari”, Neos edizioni, 2011; “La piazza della zingara”, Neos edizioni, 2010 (premio Amico Rom 2010; premio Arte Città amica 2010); “Brincadera”, Edizioni Pentarco, Torino, 2007. È autore di diversi racconti usciti in varie antologie.
Latest book: Quando la noia ci travolgeva
Visit my Facebook Page Dr. Phillip Clingan
Dr. Clingan undertook his Psy.D in the Department of Psychology in the School of Organizational Leadership at the University of the Rockies, Denver, Colorado. He is a faculty member teaching in the Departments of Psychology and Criminal Justice in Washington State. Dr. Clingan specializes in preeminent psychology as applied within the field of criminology. His psychology work is based upon field experience in criminal trials since 2013 and heavily influenced by the theoretical frameworks of Dr. Paul Ekman and measuring nonverbal communication. Loves writing and riding his Indian Motorcycle with his wife Linda.
Latest book: A Quantitative Study Of The Visible Link Between Discourse Language And Juror Bias
Visit my Facebook Page Gabriel Ejukorlem
Gabriel Ejukorlem is a teacher and counselor with Faith Victory Church Inc. He is an instrument of making Gods word plain and helps many through their trying times by counseling from the word of God. He also has a back ground in engineering and management. He is married and blessed with three children.
Visit my Facebook Page Sarah Daglish
Mid thirties something working mum from the South of England, with a burning to desire to share the often disturbing stories that my over-active imagination conjures. I've been writing stories since I was a child, but somehow ended up as an accountant. Don't ask me how that happened. Decades of repressed creativity have resulted in a glut of short stories, some horror, some sarcastic, some a bit of both. I'm going to be publishing my short stories each month for free while I try and finish off my crappy novel! Hope you enjoy reading them. Or at the very least find them mildly tolerable!
Latest book: The Whispering Man
Visit my Facebook Page A.E. Outerbridge
I am Allison Outerbridge. My books are about awesome teenagers, adventures, coffee and the occasional scary beast. LIORNABELLA is the first book of The Viridian Chronicles. I have a bachelor of arts from queen's university majoring in philosophy and a post graduate in human resources; however, I do not philosophize nearly as much as I thought I would. I have been everything from a human resources director to an ice cream scooper. I love wine and jalapenos but not together. I live in Southern Ontario on a horse farm with my husband and two children. When not writing, I like to spend time with my family and my crazy dogs, cats and horses despite their incessant flatulence … the animals not my family … ... read more
Latest book: Liornabella
Visit my Facebook Page Nancy Wagaman
Nancy Wagaman is a human technologies innovator specializing in personal growth and transformation. Her practical techniques enable people to transform self-limitations and improve their lives. Rooted in science and intuition, Nancy’s transformative techniques are practical and easy to use. Nancy began developing human technologies during her early career at Bell Laboratories, and she has also consulted and conducted research for corporate, university, and private clients. Her work has been featured in magazines, radio, and television. Nancy holds advanced degrees in applied psychology and communications, and bachelor’s degrees in psychology and biology. She is the creator of The Curious Dreamer’s Dream D ... read more
Latest book: The Curious Dreamer’s Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation
Visit my Facebook Page Darren Musial
Darren Musial is a machinist and holds a second-degree black belt in Shotokan karate. When not writing, he enjoys cycling, kayaking, shooting pool, and watch collecting. Musial lives in Oak Park, Illinois, with his wife and French bulldog. Double Kiss is his third novel.
Latest book: Double Kiss
Visit my Facebook Page RussellFugett
Russell is the Founder of Good Word Digital (GWD), a consulting firm that creates value by aligning reputation, technology, and people with business strategy. A leader who is a gifted communicator, connector, collaborator, and convener Russell is a serial entrepreneur focused on helping to meet the critical needs of this time. A winner of multiple awards for leadership and service, Russell holds a B.A. from Trinity College, Hartford, CT where he was 2 term President of the Student Government, and an M.S. in Project Management from The George Washington University School of Business in Washington, DC. Russell is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Member of the Sons of the American Revolution (SA ... read more
Latest book: Patience Perseverance Prayer
Visit my Facebook Page Victor Koman
Victor Koman, Ph.D. — a native Californian — is the author of several books, including the underground classic millennial-noir novel The Jehovah Contract and the medical thriller Solomon’s Knife. Both novels won the Prometheus Award in their respective years and are available in trade paperback and ePub editions. Ray Bradbury said of Koman’s first novel, “The Jehovah Contract has a fascinating concept, imaginatively delivered,” and of Koman, “Would that there were a dozen more writers like him in the field.” Koman’s screenplay of the novel has been optioned for film several times. Koman’s short stories have appeared in such publications as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Galaxy, ... read more
Latest book: Kings of the High Frontier
Visit my Facebook Page Matthew OBrien
Matt O’Brien is a former martial arts professional and AAU national champion. In 2009, he switched from fighting as a sport to teaching self-defense as a means of helping trauma victims re-empower themselves. He retired (sort of) from that work in 2016 after too many old injuries finally caught up with him. Now Matt teaches Tarot and provides readings to help people wake up their intuition and reclaim more happiness in life. Have questions? Matt is easy to find! Just look for Varsity Witch on the Web or your favorite social media site. (There are many Matt O’Briens, but there’s only one Varsity Witch!)
Latest book: Start Reading Tarot Cards Today