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Betsy Jordan lives with her dog Bella in a 100-year-old house in Coronado, CA. With degrees from Wellesley (B.A. Art History), Harvard (M.A. Art History), and University of California, San Diego (Ph.D. English Literature), she was a full-time Humanities professor at UCSD for 15 years. Betsy Jordan is a record-breaking, award-winning, master-level swimmer, and she exemplifies the values of Masters Swimming: fairness, fun, and fellowship. In her 40+ years of masters swimming competition, Betsy has set over 40 world records and many national and local records, including All-Star and All-American awards. In 2005 she was inducted into the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame. You will still find Betsy at th ... read more
Latest book: Going The Distance: Caring for a Loved One with Lewy Body Dementia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stan Cobalt
Stan Cobalt is a fiction writer creating new species, cultures, and worlds for the video game industry. The further from human connections, the more Cobalt is able to expand his ideas. Cobalt is currently enrolled in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. He has written several works including short stories, video game storylines, and successful table RPG quests.
Latest book: Stan Cobalt's Other Worlds

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Hewitt
Things That Make You Go Vroom is James' big debut. James turned a hilarious dinner conversation with his kids about how cars are like kids and kids are like cars into this fun picture book. James finally decided to self-publish the book making a long time dream come true. “I think one of the keys to learning is drawing comparisons between the things we understand and new ideas or concepts.  The “analogy” is such a powerful tool and being able to incorporate fun illustrations and interactions makes learning come to life. That is what Things That Make You Go Vroom is all about, having fun with learning.” James lives in Southwest OH with his family.
Latest book: Things That Make You Go Vroom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel Galatro
En este punto de mi extensa historia, casi tan extensa como lo está siendo mi propia vida, y con el apoyo activo de personas que amo y admiro, que me proveen de herramientas y conocimientos tecnológicos que nunca antes hubiese supuesto tener a mi alcance, he podido intentar pasos que me están llevando a rincones inesperados. Es tiempo, entonces, de compartir tanto lo que he aprendido en cincuenta años como las innumerables dudas que ese proceso de buceo en las ciencias ha ido sembrando permanentemente en cada espacio de mi ser. Así puedo poner a tu disposición mediante recursos fijos como las redes sociales y los sitios en la web, o recursos móviles como los libros y los correos electrónicos, un cauda ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hussein Elasrag
Latest book: Halal Industrie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neil Helm
Latest book: The Gut Abides - last weight loss method you'll ever need

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Molly Thorne
Molly Thorne is a new voice in the romantic literary landscape. She appeared in the scene by teaming up with rising star Danielle Slater for a series of stories about billionaire bad boys, those irresistible men whose wealth and power only make the prospect of "taming" them even more enticing. But she has many more stories ready to publish, on a variety of subjects in the realm of romance, and her pen is aching to write more! If you'd like to be notified every time Molly releases a new book, you can subscribe to her new releases mailing list: And there is another list you can sign up for, to receive all her romance books for free, before they come out! The only thing Molly expects fr ... read more
Latest book: Sold: a Billionaire Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Hewitt
Tim Hewitt lived in Maine when he undertook this journey of a lifetime, and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail under the trail name Paddler in 1999. A software engineer and engineering manager by trade, Tim's love of the outdoors has kept him in the woods, fields and streams all of his life. After spending nearly six years living in Malaysia, he currently lives in North Carolina, and enjoys getting out into the mountains as much as possible when he is not writing.
Latest book: Take a Hike! A long walk on the Appalachian Trail

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JR Tinkerton
JR Tinkerton is a defense and international security analyst who writes eBooks, Global Zoom eReports, the Geopolitical Spy eMagazine, 3 Power Plays of the Week, and the blog. Get situational awareness and gain insights and information about the geopolitical landscape so you are better able to avoid political and economic risks.
Latest book: Geopolitical Spy 1-1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Martina Gluhan

Latest book: Deveti milenij

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Don Carter, MSW, LCSW
Don Carter, MSW, LCSW has been a therapist for nearly three decades during which time he has been employed at several mental health agencies around Mid-Missouri. He has held positions from entry level up to manager of a chemical dependency program at a large hospital. His primary specialty areas include addictions, codependency, mood disorders, PTSD, and Adult/Child Syndrome. The middle of seven children, Don grew up on a farm with hard-working parents who had their own issues from childhood. The farm work lead to a scholarship to play football at the University of Missouri at Columbia in 1977-79. He followed that with a brief stint with the New Orleans Saints in 1980. That experience was cut short by a develo ... read more
Latest book: Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Audrey Grey
Audrey Grey lives in the charming state of Oklahoma, with her husband, two little people, and four mischievous dogs. You can usually find her hiding out in her office from said little people and dogs, surrounded by books and sipping kombucha while dreaming up wondrous worlds for her characters to live in.
Latest book: Shadow Fall

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liz Fletcher
Hey fellow parents! I'm Liz, mom of 2 awesome kiddos, Madison (4) and Owen (3). With a 3rd on the way, I decided I needed to solve a problem that I was facing as a parent (besides lack of sleep and my growing yoga pants collection). I started Louie’s Little Lessons because my husband and I have struggled to find children’s books that help with the many transitional phases our kids have been faced with while growing up. Whether moving to a big-kid bed, potty training or trying new food, we found that the books available were either too instructional or hard for our children to relate to. I needed books to help motivate my children to embrace change because it looks fun! In Louie’s Little Lessons, w ... read more
Latest book: A Big Kid Bed is Coming

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Virtual Store USA
Virtual Store USA is dedicated to bringing you fun, trendy, quality items that will brighten up your days and keep you on the cutting edge of fashion and what is trending in the fashion world.
Latest book: How to Buy Hair Extensions on the Internet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Rose

Latest book: Tied to a Boss

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nettie Reeves-Lewis
Nettie Reeves-Lewis is a fitness, life, and health coach who advises around the world. She is the creator of Nettie Reeves’s FUNky Fit, which has been a fitness force in communities across the country over the past twenty years. Reeves-Lewis has written and produced ten plays all dealing with the African American female experience. She has won numerous awards for her work, including the Steve Harvey Hoodie (Neighborhood) Award and the President Obama’s Council on Fitness and Nutrition Award.
Latest book: Through THICK and Thin and Thick Again

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Juan Carlos Roque Garcia
He was born in 1960, in Güira de Melena, formerly La Habana Province, Cuba. A journalist and itinerant radio reporter with a passion for storytelling, he shares his experiences with teaching production of audiovisual archives at Roque Media Consulting. From 1995 to 2012 he was editor and coordinator of the Latin American Program Department of the former Radio Nederland. Previously, he worked at Radio Rebelde and other Cuban stations.
Latest book: How Cuba put the World to Dance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A H Jamieson
A H Jamieson is originally from Lerwick in Shetland, Scotland. At the University of Stirling Alastair studied History and Religious studies as well as gaining a diploma in Education. After university one of life's strange turns led him and his wife to the South East where he taught in primary schools for 12 years. Three years ago his son, or as he calls him, his tormentor arrived and turned everything upside down in the best of ways. Callum was the main reason they wanted to head back over the border and settle nearer to family, grandparents in particular. Having lived in the middle of a large town for several years, the call of Scotland was proving hard to resist. He is now enjoying living in the beautif ... read more
Latest book: Black Light

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Lancaster
Mark Lancaster is a Christian, parent, survivor, martial artist, scuba diver, author and outdoor enthusiast. He writes action adventure books for 8-12yr olds (Middle grade). The story in his books show how determination helps to take ownership of a problem. Coupling this with hard work and facing your fears, helps find a solution to a problem, while enabling you to make new friends and enjoy unique experiences along the way. Mark grew up in South Africa, attending boarding school at Jeppe high school for boys. Later in life he moved to the UK for 14 years, before finally settling in sunny Australia. Mark holds a black belt in Wado-ryu karate, one of four traditional styles from Japan that incorporates both ... read more
Latest book: Gorinjas: The Beginning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Marie Latino
Lisa Marie Latino is CEO and executive producer of Long Shot Productions, a full-service media production company based in Fairfield, New Jersey. Latino's career has produced numerous commercial, corporate, and entertainment programs that have taken her throughout the United States as well as Europe. In 2014, Latino co-launched, an online lifestyle program featuring the latest trends around the Garden State. Latino has appeared on a wide variety of local television, network cable, and radio shows, including TLC's "Cake Boss" and SNY's "Oh Yeah" and works in-season for the New York Giants Radio Network. She has also served as an adjunct broadcasting professor at Seton Hall University. In 201 ... read more
Latest book: Ten Years Later

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Raven McAllister
Raven McAllister is psychotherapist hailing from southwest Louisiana. His stories have been featured on a number of eZine sites such as Dark Energy Speculative Fiction, Macabre Cadaver, and Flashes in the Dark. His latest story, “With the Devil in Your Eyes,” is part of the Hindered Souls anthology released in October 2016, and his story “4 Turns” will be featured in the upcoming Between the Tracks collection.
Latest book: The Language of the World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Danna Walters
I've always been a daydreamer. When I'm bored or need a distraction, I write stories, devotionals, poems in my head. New Year Day I was participating in a 5k Run. Who does that? Run a 5k on New Year Day morning? So, I needed a distraction to take my mind off my misery while running. I was writing a humorous "What I Learned From Running" in my head. I was so engrossed in my thoughts I failed to notice the turn around point. I ran past a homeless man under a bridge and decided to take a look behind me to see how close other runners were. There were no other runners. I was quite alone. I blame my faux pas on it being New Year Day am...not on my "writing." I love to write fun to read aloud children's books because ... read more
Latest book: Gaze Upon a Blue Moon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christian Colossus
Christian Colossus was born in Lagos, Nigeria and now lives in Canada. One of his primary missions is to expose the truth of salvation so that people may walk in the light rather than the darkness. He became a born-again Christian over thirty years ago and has been a minister, evangelist, teacher of the gospel and author of Christian literature. He teaches and spreads the gospel of Jesus through books and other media. He is a living testimony that with Jesus, the Almighty God, all things are possible. Mr. Colossus holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Maryland-College Park in College Park, Maryland, USA. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Bioinformatics from the Univ ... read more
Latest book: The Salvation of Nino Strata

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Theresa Braun
Theresa Braun was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and has carried some of that hardiness with her to South Florida where she currently resides with her two fur babies, who are her creative sidekicks. She enjoys delving into creative writing, painting, photography and even bouts of ghost hunting. Perhaps growing up in a haunted house in Winona, Minnesota is to blame. If it’s haunted, it’s on her “to visit” list. Traveling is one of her passions—in fact, her latest adventure took her to Romania for a horror writers’ workshop where she followed in the steps of Vlad the Impaler. She writes horror fiction and the occasional romance—they definitely have things in common, right? She also likes to guest blog ... read more
Latest book: Dead over Heels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gill Buchanan
Gill Buchanan discovered her love of creative writing in her forties. She was lucky enough to have been inspired and encouraged by a local writers' group in the early days, who wrote short stories and novels whilst eating cake and drinking coffee. Fuelled by many lattes, she has so far published two novel, Unlikely Neighbours and Forever Lucky which have been enjoyed by many. Her stories tackle modern-day dilemmas with a gentle humour that resonates with many women and somewhat surprisingly, quite a few men. She lives in Suffolk with her husband, Tony, and cat, Gracie. A favourite pastime is sitting in a good cafe and scribbling away to create her next novel. Currently she is writing a sequel to Forever Lucky ... read more
Latest book: Birch & Beyond

Follow me at my  Facebook Page harrison okorie
Okorie Harrison Chijioke is an inspired writer to this great generation, and also he is a motivational, inspirational and a public speaker, and a dedicated researcher. He grew to inspire people in so many ways, and works towards achieving success with a vision of possibilities, and very passionate about the success of others, and building potential leaders for the present and future. He is the founder and president of FUTURE GUARDIAN INTERNATIONAL, an establishment that help everyone to define their living and giving people’s life a remarkable meaning in this present age. He is also an IT expert. He has published so many paper works that has touched countless of lives.
Latest book: THE CODES OF LIFE-series 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Debra Taylor
Debra Taylor has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Working for herself and weaving the ability to risk, try, fail, get up and do it over again, she has acquired many decades mastering the art of letting go of stupid. Having several businesses over the years and traveling nationally and internationally as a motivational speaker, her expertise, wit and hard hearing lessons are life changing. Debra’s compassionate demeanor coupled with being down to earth and a straight shooter provides practical solutions to difficult life situations. Her entertaining delivery of information and authentic style of rising from the trenches will give you tools that you can do, be, change, achieve and conquer whatever you se ... read more
Latest book: Now That's Just Stupid

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duncan Murray Kirk
Duncan Murray Kirk was educated in England. He spent the late 60’s and early 70’s marketing records, audio components and technology in the UK music industry. He joined CBS Records in Sydney Australia and then moved on to become a pioneer of the laser printing technology with Canon Inc. Later he took his combined knowledge into a multimedia production company that won three “MacWorld” awards under his management. After ten years of a corporate career the gene of adventure that runs in the men of his family caught up with him. Duncan’s father, a “Black Watch” veteran crack shot, grand Prix Bugatti racer and yachtsman was born into the MacLeod Clan on a tea plantation in the exotic jungle of Sri La ... read more
Latest book: The Rollo Trilogy - Book 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thylias Moss
Born during blizzard in 1954 to a black mother from Alabama, victim of color consciousness, so ashamed of her complexion, and the poverty she knew. My father a mixed race man, mostly of Indian descent, Native American and India. Started writing when I was seven years old, on the stiff, heavy paper my mother's stockings came wrapped around. Professor Emerita inn English and Art & Design at the University of Michigan. Two of my 11 books have been nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award. Graduate of Oberlin College and grad school at the University of New Hampshire, now author of a very different book, reflecting who I have become, after being married for forty years Winner of numerous awards ... read more
Latest book: New Kiss Horizon (NKH)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gem Stone
Gem Stone lives in England with the man of her dreams and her two children. She spends her spare time reading, writing, blogging, and talking to her pets. She is a firm believer that surprises make life worth living, you can’t pick who you fall in love with, and everyone deserves a happy ending.
Latest book: Ethereal Lives (Ethereals Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sally Poyzer
Sally Poyzer is a credentialed pastor with CRC Churches International and has spent many years ministering to women, particularly in the area of marriage. She is passionate about sharing how God can help wives enjoy being married. ​ With a background in corporate training and a Bachelor in Adult and Vocational Education, Sally is an experienced and enthusiastic preacher and teacher. She has her own consulting business, specialising in writing and facilitating customised training programs, as well as writing and formatting a range of organisational documents.   Sally was married at nineteen to Josh Poyzer, who is now the Senior Pastor of Portlife Church. They have been married over eighteen years and live wit ... read more
Latest book: That Book for Wives

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jake Caldera
Jake grew up in Canada’s hottest city, Windsor, Ontario, where his satirical brand of humour, or as his mother would say, smart-assery, earned him daily visits to the principal’s office. At age twenty, he completed his undergrad in chemistry and, at his guidance counselor’s insistence that ‘meth cook’ was not an acceptable career path, decided to resort to his back-up plan: medicine. Now he studies at a new school with classmates who tolerate his frequent disruptions, so long as he writes plenty of offensive material for their annual comedy show. Jake cannot disclose the name of the institution he attends for professional reasons, but on an unrelated note, he would like the faculty and administration ... read more
Latest book: The Elephant on Fire

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justin Kaliszewski
Justin Kaliszewski is an award-winning artist, avid adventurer, and the renowned creator and co-founder of OUTLAW Yoga. He creates connection by delivering transformational yoga experiences across the country. Find him online on Instagram as “outlawyogi”, at, on the Outlaw Yoga YouTube channel, and at The Adventures of Babu is Justin’s debut children’s book—a story with a lesson for all ages.
Latest book: The adventures of babu: from there to here

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elke Scholz
Elke Scholz, MA, RT, REACE, is a registered Psychotherapist, a registered Expressive Art Consultant/Educator, and an internationally certified EMDR Therapist. Elke has over 35 years helping people and runs her private therapy practice out of Bracebridge, Muskoka. Many of her clients are youth at risk and people suffering from trauma, grief and loss. She has spoken and facilitated at conferences, on radio and on TV. She sits as a co-chair on the board for IEATA International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. She is a well-known author of; 2nd edition, Loving Your Life: a fun practical approach for well-being, containing over 40 creative exercises. She has produced antianxiety-wellness kits that help emp ... read more
Latest book: Loving Your Life: an illustrated how-to-book on becoming who you are and loving it, through passionate, creative living

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laurel Standley
Laurel Standley, Ph.D., is an environmental scientist and the author of dystopian and narrative fiction, including the novels Poisoned Seed and A Memoir of the Depression. She is also the author of the self-help book: Toxins Tweet: 140 Easy Tips to Reduce Your Family's Exposure to Environmental Toxins. Dr. Standley publishes a blog and posts on environmental toxins and sustainability issues. She lives in Portland, Oregon.
Latest book: A Memoir of the Depression

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sheena Mann
My name is Sheena I am fifty five years old I live in Aberdeen, Scotland. I graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2011 with a Master of Arts Degree in Sociology. I work full time as a carer, I have two adult sons, I had two dogs the first being the one my books are about, he died in 2014, my other dog I still have she is nearly ten. My love of writing started at school and I have been trying to publish a book ever since, although there were years in between when I didn't write anything. The inspiration for these books came from my dog whose real name was Mutley, he was such a funny dog, he always made me laugh and so when he died I decided to write about him so other people could share his stories an ... read more
Latest book: Mutley's Big Surprise

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Audra Hart
Audra Hart is a southern gal with plenty of life experience, which has lent itself to a colorful and somewhat naughty imagination. An avid reader from a very young age who enjoys a wide array of genres, Audra truly loves to read and write sexy paranormal romance novels and strives to write romantic tales which are so exciting, so hot and so moving that her readers can gleefully escape their daily concerns while immersed in her fictional universe. As a lifelong fan of the Happily Ever After, Audra strives to give her readers true moments of joy within the pages of her books. The heroines in these stories are always strong and sensual survivors who find themselves bonded to powerful and sexy alpha-male heroes. I ... read more
Latest book: Claiming My Valentine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Passport to European Travel Guides
★ Warmest Greetings ★ We're an eclectic team of international jet setters who know exactly what travelers and tourists want in a cut-to-the-chase, comprehensive travel guide that suits a wide range of budgets. ✈ Our growing collection of distinguished European travel guides is guaranteed to give first-hand insight to each locale, complete with day-to-day, guided itineraries you won't want to miss! Whether you're traveling to Europe for the first time, or just returning to cover more ground, we've got you covered with awesome location-specific ★INSIDER tips★, suggestions for getting yourself in the mood, everything you need to do before you go, top recommendations for the best city ... read more
Latest book: Rome, Italy Travel Guide Book: A Comprehensive 5-Day Travel Guide to Rome, Italy & Unforgettable Italian Travel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Faruk Burak
Faruk BURAK was born in Turkey 1979 He studied of Economics in Istanbul then gone to Russia for Mba,he lived in Russia 6 years . After Russia for phd education gone to UK . He since 2003 interested of philosophy and psycholgy .. He wrote to first his book Hesitation in 2010.It was monolog poems.. Last years he wrote 2 romance of metaphisical and psychological..
Latest book: HESITATION

Follow me at my  Facebook Page The Delmarva Review
The Delmarva Review is a literary journal dedicated to the discovery of compelling new fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. We publish annually to inspire readers and writers who pursue excellence in literary writing. The Review welcomes prose and poetry submissions, in English, from all authors. We encourage outstanding story-telling and moving poetry. Our standards are for memorable prose and poetry exhibiting skillful expression. Please consult the Submission Guide for all submissions. We also seek illustrative work in the form of photography or other art to be considered for the cover and inside pages. The Delmarva Review is published by the Eastern Shore Writers Association (ESWA), supporting the l ... read more
Latest book: The Delmarva Review, Volume 9

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex Davidson
Alex founded Ultimate Golf and keeps the UG tribe at the top of their games with regular email tips and updates. Alex encourages players to find their own way, and to resist the influence of slick marketers and gimmicks (it’s all about getting genuine enjoyment out of your game, after all!).
Latest book: Think to Win

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eurofestival News
Eurofestival.News è il primo e più seguito newsblog in Italia interamente dedicato all’Eurovision Song Contest e Junior Eurovision. Le anteprime, gli approfondimenti e le notizie sempre aggiornate e verificate, ne hanno permesso la crescita di anno in anno, diventando fin da subito il principale punto di riferimento sull’evento
Latest book: Guida allo Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Kent Matthews
Currently, career coach, specializing in job interview preparation and rehearsal. Also, Director, New Possibilities Center, Inc., Portland, Oregon, USA. NPC, Inc. is an Oregon nonprofit, founded in 1993. Professional: Career coach, online publisher/writer/blogger, professional speaker, minister, certified pastoral counselor Personal: Talkative, controversial, a bit radical, free thinker, vegetarian, cat lover, reader (loves Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon). Traveled a bit, lived in Canada, stationed in Louisiana and Germany, spent 10 years in Colorado before spending the last 27 years in Oregon. Loves tomatoes, flourless breads, coffee, teas of many kinds; has great friends, has lost many friends to ... read more
Latest book: The Miracles In Your Midst

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Ruth Loomis
Laura is a social worker in the San Francisco area. Her fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Writer's Digest, The First Line, and elsewhere. “Meeting Angel,” published in the September, 2012, Wordrunner echapbook anthology (Found), is a part of the Lost in Translation story cycle and features some of the same characters. A highlight of her writing career was scoring both a Runner-Up and a Dishonorable Mention at the Bulwer-Lytton "It was a dark and stormy night" Awards.
Latest book: Lost in Translation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Stryker
James Stryker is a Central Pennsylvania author who enjoys writing speculative and literary fiction. Themes in his work focus toward diversity in the LGBTQ spectrum and the voice of underrepresented or misunderstood viewpoints. His debut novel, Assimilation, was released in 2016. James shares a residence with a pack of pugs, who continue to disagree about the ratio of treats to writing. Despite his day job and writing projects, James is never too busy to connect with readers or other writers. He welcomes you to check out his website, follow him on social media, or drop a line to his email.
Latest book: Boy: A Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sheen Francis Reyes
Sheen Francis Reyes has always been fascinated with self-expression. She has discovered it as early as she was able to hold a microphone, through music and dance; as she matured, through photography, and an unshakable part of her life, poetry. Her right-brain is overpowering, as depicted on her debut book, Brave Vulnerable. Reason why she’s grateful for her unused BS degree in Psychology. It’s the only thing she could think of that keeps her left-brain in check. She was born in the warmest city in the Philippines, but lived her entire young adult life in the coldest city four hours north. She currently lives in a laid back beach town in New Zealand, continuously learning, dreaming, wandering.
Latest book: Brave Vulnerable

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dora Sos
I am a writer who writes poems, prose, sometimes ghostwrites for other people or just make some visual poetry for fun.
Latest book: Eloldódás