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Follow me at my  Facebook Page H. L. LeRoy
H. L. (Holly) LeRoy is an American short story writer and novelist, author of the award winning Street Crimes anthology and the novel The Fountain of the Earth (Nov. 22, 2013), first in a series of young adult adventures. Book two, Heralds of Juno, will be released in 2015. Born in San Jose, California, LeRoy currently resides in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with his family. Author Links: Blog: Twitter: @hlleroy Facebook:
Latest book: The Fountain of the Earth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laci Paige
Laci enjoys spending time with her family more than anything! She and her husband support their children on the soccer pitch and off. Laci enjoys the outdoors, and of course reading and writing (and chocolate). Their family lives in Hampton Roads with one cat.
Latest book: Silken Secrets

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Votava
Larry Votava is an Australian author who lives in Perth. The Mahogany Ship novel, although fiction, has some truth to it — the legend of the Mahogany Ship does exist, fishermen having sighted the boat high and dry on a beach near Port Fairy Victoria in 1836. There were numerous sightings in the years afterwards, but eventually the shipwreck disappeared into the sand or myth. The author, as a child, holidayed with his family for fourteen years at the caravan park at Port Fairy — hence the camp ground setting. Some of the kids' exploits in the novel did actually happen. As a whole though, the novel is a work of fiction. The Mahogany Ship novel is the first published novel of the author, but not the first wri ... read more
Latest book: The Mahogany Ship

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikhil Tamhankar
Nikhil Tamhankar is a Computer Science Engineering student of Institution of Engineers (India). He loves blogging, acting, developing websites, desktop publishing, and learning new technologies. He is a certified developer and Desktop publisher. He is owner of
Latest book: Bring X factor to Your Blogger Blog

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T. M. Shannon
T.M. Shannon works full time, pays rent, and has a head full of ideas. He is currently living in Sydney, Australia, with his darling other half, and a 99% well-behaved son.
Latest book: The Torment, The Shadow, The Heart (The Hero of Talbadas Vol. 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael S. Okun M.D.
Michael S. Okun, MD is considered a world's authority on Parkinson's disease treatment, and his publications provide a voice and an outlet to empower people living all over the world. He is currently Administrative Director and Co-director of the University of Florida Center for Movement Disorders and Neurorestoration. The center he runs is unique in that it is comprised of over 45 interdisciplinary faculty members from diverse areas of campus, all of whom are dedicated to care, outreach, education and research. Dr. Okun has been dedicated to this interdisciplinary care concept, and since his appointment as the National Medical Director for the National Parkinson Foundation in 2006, he has worked with the 43 ... read more
Latest book: 10 секретов надежды и счастливой жизни с болезнью Паркинсона

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Cherny
Writing has always gotten me in trouble. Still does. I have been a fan of science and speculative fiction since I found it in the young people's section of the library. In grade school, I devoured works by Heinlein, Norton, Asimov, and Huxley among others. By the time I had finished high school, I had read every science fiction book in the town's library. When I was in high school I wrote short stories instead of paying attention in math class. This did not help my math grade and would have serious consequences a few years later. In college, I could be counted on for the divergent opinion. This was after my failed math forced a complete redirection of my life plan. A disastrous Freshman year at Brandeis Univers ... read more
Latest book: Second Tango

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pedro G.P.Martins
Com uma formação em ciências, na área da Biologia, tenho-me dedicado paralelamente à escrita criativa. "Quem semeia no Tejo" foi o meu primeiro conto a ser publicado, em 2013, no livro "Lisboa no ano 2000 - uma antologia assombrosa sobre uma cidade que nunca existiu". Sou também autor e co-autor de argumentos para curtas metragens, mas tudo isso no pouco tempo que sobra da actividade profissional de base, que exige horas a fio a analisar espécies de insectos ao microscópio...
Latest book: Anima lusa

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia Gamburgo
Graduation - B.Arch., Architect, December,1980 Post Graduation / Enginering School - Structural Security National Course - 1981 - Skyscrapers construction - 1982 - Development of Reinforced Concrete - 1982 - Structural Design of Buildings - 1982 - Structures' Calculation - 1982 - Seismic resistant Engineering - 1983 - Simpatcom - Applications of Reinforced Concrete – Years 1989 to 1993 Post Graduation / General - Autocad Advanced Applications - 2001 - Cost Estimation - 2003 Membership - AIA – American Institute of Architects - International Associate since 2004 - Frank L. Wright's Martin House Complex- Associate since 2009
Latest book: Learning Punch Software (R): Power Tools - Second Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shelley Hitz
Shelley Hitz is an award-winning and international best-selling author. However, she gives all the glory to God for what He is doing through her life. As she likes to say, “God is the author, I am simply the pen.” Shelley has been ministering alongside her husband, CJ, since 1998 and her main passion is to share God’s truth and the freedom in Christ she has found with others. She does this through her books, websites and speaking engagements. She is also the co-owner of where she shares free Christian books on her blog, owner of where she helps authors get published and noticed and co-founder of where Christian readers and authors meet. ... read more
Latest book: How to Write a Book From Outline to Finish Line: 10 Simple Ways to Outline Your Nonfiction Book

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Spears
I've written this book to help musicians, in particular, fiddle players practice. I've been writing fiction stories for a long time and since I'm a Texas fiddler, wanted to share my love of it with the world.
Latest book: 10 Fiddle Tips

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Lipton
Paul R. Lipton is an attorney, a speaker, a legal consultant, and a blogger. He is currently a co-chair of the Eleventh Circuit Committee on Professionalism in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Hour of the Wolf is his first book. As an attorney, Paul tried cases for more than forty years. He has litigated numerous jury and non-jury trials in complex commercial, probate, estate, and trust cases involving national and international companies. Paul began his career as an assistant district attorney in Nassau County, New York, before moving to Florida. Once there, he practiced law in a number of firms. For thirteen years, he was a trial attorney with the international law firm of Greenberg Traurig. Paul was a principal ... read more
Latest book: Hour of the Wolf: An Experiment in Ageless Living

Follow me at my  Facebook Page BENJAMÍN NAVA BOYAS
Nativo de Cuernavaca, Morelos, México (24 de septiembre de 1962). Maestro en Literatura por el Centro de Investigación en Docencia y Humanidades del Estado de Morelos. Treinta años de periodista en Morelos y varios estados del país. Viajes de trabajo periodístico a Cuba (1989-90) y en Estados Unidos a Dallas y Austin, Texas (1991-92). Residencia académica como Editor Teacher en la materia de Literatura Chicana en la Universidad Estatal de Nueva York (2008). Ha editado seis libros de narrativa periodística, poesía y cuentos. Actualmente Presidente del Colegio y Asociaciones de Comunicadores de Morelos y Director Editorial de la Secretaría de Información y Comunicación del Gobierno del Estado de Morelo ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Margot Sloan
My life has been a series of blessings and blunders and I’m grateful for all of them. They’ve given me the inspiration I needed to be a storyteller. I grew up in a small town in North Carolina in a family as close to being the “Cleavers” as any I’ve ever known (for those of you who don’t remember Leave It To Beaver the modern correlation would be…well there’s no modern equivalent—the Cleavers simply aren’t interesting enough for TV anymore). From my uncomplicated childhood, I went on to Appalachian State University and graduated with a B.S. in English. Immediately after graduation, I moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina and that’s where the craziness began (or maybe it was before that, I ... read more
Latest book: In That Moment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mariela Gonzalez
Mariela González is a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and a native of Venezuela. She has worked in Clinical Microbiology and received her Masters degree from the University of Minnesota. While a volunteer at the Science Museum of Minnesota she realized how much she enjoyed teaching science to young children. She enrolled in the Institute of Children’s Literature graduating from their course of study: Writing for Children and Teenagers. “Can You Say Bacteria?” is her debut as a children's non-fiction author. Currently, Mariela is a certified Medical Interpreter living in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters.
Latest book: ¿Puedes Decir Bacterias?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lauren Salem
Lauren Salem currently lives in New York and graduated from Wilkes University with a degree in Communication Studies. Reunion at Walnut Cherryville is her first published novel and the first book in The Eternal Feud series. She also writes short stories and poetry. When she’s not writing, she’s trying out new cooking recipes and delicious teas.
Latest book: Reunion at Walnut Cherryville (Book 1 Eternal Feud Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Jenkins
William Jenkins was born in Ottawa in 1932. He attended Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario, graduating in 1954 with a B.A. in Mathematics and Physics. He worked on the Avro Arrow project in Toronto and then started a 45 year career in computing, working as technical support, programmer, sales representative, manager, consultant to the Federal Government and computer guy at the local hospital. After retirement, he took the real estate course and sold residential real estate for five years. William is married to Claire, a former high school counselor. Their three children are Bill, a lawyer in Calgary, Bruce, an electrician in Kingston and June, an ESL teacher in Switzerland.
Latest book: Let's Form a Club

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Bushfire
I'm a luscious lady with a love of baking & domination. I dish discipline whilst waiting for the cookies to be ready. If you are very, very good, I might even let you lick out the bowl…
Latest book: At His Command

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anna Adams
Born in France, raised partly in the United States and in France, I grew up loving stories in French and English. I currently live in Paris where I pursue my studies as a Law Student. I'm the author of the French Girl series. When I'm not writing, I enjoy traveling in Europe and dream of going to Asia and Africa. I love to hear from readers at You can also find more information about my books on my website and join my newsletter for exclusive news about my books.
Latest book: Aria's Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Podhorzer
Mike Podhorzer never dreamed that he would someday publish a book, whether physical or electronic. It all started in the late 1990s when he picked up a free copy of Ron Shandler’s Baseball Forecaster at a sports card show. After reading the annual publication from cover to cover, Mike would never look at baseball statistics the same way again. Having been completely immersed in the exciting world of fantasy baseball, he began forecasting baseball player performance and producing projections of his own, and has been doing so ever since. Following years of spreadsheets and calculations, he finally made the epic decision to share his process with the world. Mike currently writes for the statistics and analys ... read more
Latest book: Projecting X: How to Forecast Baseball Player Performance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Teehan
John Teehan is a writer, artist, musician, and all-round stand-up sort of guy, ya know? He hails from the wild salt marshes of West Warwick, RI where he can be often found taunting sleeping dragons and mooning passing spaceships. Yeah... the town council isn't sure what to do about all of that.
Latest book: Whisps

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steffan Basdeo
Islander from Trinidad and Tobago
Latest book: The Facts Of Life: As Taught by a Nine Year Old

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sally Dinius
Sally Dinius is the owner of the Pacific Northwest Birds blog and online store. Publishing her first book here at Smashwords is the biggest thing she's done since beating breast cancer in 2012. When she's not busy being a wife to one and a mom to four, she's outside feeding the birds, who happen to think she's a very likeable human.
Latest book: Birds of the Pacific Northwest: How to Identify 25 of the Most Popular Backyard Birds

Follow me at my  Facebook Page KT McColl
KT McColl has been writing erotica since 2008, snatching laptop time whenever an hour or two of privacy can be assured. KT lives in Southwestern Ontario.
Latest book: Lamb

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nick Sand
Born on April 13th, 1985 A huge fan of all sports, especially basketball, has a pet, an English bulldog named Sugar. As a big fan of science fiction and horror movies since the time when I was a kid, I'm very happy to be able to devote my full time creating stories,worlds, and colorful characters, which hopefully many readers will enjoy. Sign up to stay informed on book releases - If you want to contact me, you can do it any time via: Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter:
Latest book: System of Fear

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Zoe Sharp
Zoë Sharp was born in Nottinghamshire but spent her formative years living on a catamaran on the northwest coast of England. After a promising start at a private girls' school, she opted out of mainstream education at the age of twelve. She wrote her first novel when she was fifteen and created her no-nonsense ex-Special Forces turned bodyguard heroine Charlie Fox after receiving death-threat letters in the course of her work as a photojournalist. Sharp’s short stories have been used in school text books and turned into short films, and the Charlie Fox series has been optioned for TV. Her work has been nominated for the Edgar, Anthony, Barry, Benjamin Franklin, and Macavity Awards in the United States, as ... read more
Latest book: Absence of Light: a Charlie Fox novella

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Erik Schubach
I got my start writing romance novels by accident. I have always been drawn to strong female characters in books, like Honor Harrington. And I also believe that there is a lack of LGBT characters in media. So one day I came up with a story idea that combines the two... two days later I completed the manuscript for Music of the Soul. My writing style may not be the most professional nor grammatically correct, but I never profess to be an English major, just a person that wants to share a story. I maintain that my primary language is sarcasm. Each of my books features strong likeable female characters that are flawed. I think that flaws and emotional or physical scars make us human and give us more character th ... read more
Latest book: London Harmony: Roctoberfest

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack L Marsch
Jack L Marsch was born in May 1975 in Budapest. He went through the school system with the 'talented but lazy' epithet that was the result of boredom and an overactive imagination. This imagination as well as an innate curiosity towards the world led him to begin the search for a muse and a way to express himself. Ever since he can remember Marsch has been driven by the desire to create, stories and scenes jostling for attention and release; and it was the visual word of graphic art that he first turned his attention. When he realized that the static nature of lines and color on paper expressed only fleeting moments of tension that did not lend themselves to the crafting of more detailed scenarios and characte ... read more
Latest book: Excolopolis: Poles of Enforcement

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trevi Formea
TREVI FORMEA is the pen-name of Jo-Anna Rose. She is an Australian 'Baby Boomer' raised in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland and was born the youngest of four children (refer: A BABY BOOMER at any age). When 'Trevi' was 15, she won an essay competition which posed the question - 'What would you do if you were cast away on a deserted island with Elvis Presley?' The competition was organized through the defunct but once popular magazine - EVERYBODY'S. Their first prize was a week for two all expenses paid including air-fares, to beautiful Brampton Island Resort situated in tropical Queensland's Barrier Reef. Trevi was their youngest contestant and her essay impressed the sponsors so much, that the ... read more
Latest book: The Littlest Angel - For unto this day a child is born

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Fourniadis
Jim Fourniadis is just a kid from Jersey who ended up in San Francisco. For nearly two decades he fronted notoriously silly punk band Rats of Unusual Size and has written two musicals, The Wicker Man and Lovesick. Somehow he managed to open up a small black box theater in the Mission called the Dark Room where he writes and directs plays several times a year, when he's not busy emptying garbage cans. He also plays banjo.
Latest book: The King Lives: an Elvisceral Adventure

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dvorahji (shutupguru)
Dvorah has an M.A. in Human Development and a B.A. in Early Childhood Education. She was a featured columnist for the Chicago Tribune Women News, and has hosted her own TV and radio shows on Enlightened parenting - and other radical topics in the field of human development.She has been teaching meditation, talking about personal freedom and causing trouble all over the “spiritual” United States for the past 33 years. DVORAH'S STORY: “I came to the United States on the General Moore, a ship that landed in New York Harbor 57 years ago. My father held me on his shoulders so I could see the Statue of Liberty holding her torch of hope and welcome. We were refugees from Nazi Germany, spared from the ovens and ... read more
Latest book: The Dali Mama Sutras (A Compilation of Sayings to Relax You Into Your Open, Spacious, Loving, Free-Flowing Nature!)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sarah Beste
I'm a 22 year old, at University going for French Education. I have always loved writing and I hope everyone will enjoy the book. It is an emotional journey and I'm so glad to be able to share this with everyone, 15% of my profits will go to charity. Thanks so much for your support.
Latest book: Al d'Rien

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Benjamin Kelly
Benjamin Kelly is a qualified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and registered nurse. He currently operates a busy hypnosis and life coaching practice in Sydney. His personal interest include running, SCUBA, rock climbing and staying as active as possible in both his professional and personal life. Ben is committed to lifelong learning and reads more than he writes!
Latest book: Trance-Formed. Changing Your Life With Hypnosis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kerry Morgan
Horror, urban fantasy and children's author karate Sensei Business Owner My heart felt goal is to inspire with the books I write for kids, as well as adults. Karate isn't about fighting, it's about learning how to fight, so you never ever have to! My urban fantasy series is pure indulgence for my love of horror and strong women that can do anything they set their minds to!
Latest book: Minding the Tiger

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Palmer
David has worked in senior management positions within multinational organisations for more than 15 years. These businesses were involved in Manufacturing, Construction, Property Development, Tourism and Transport. For 20 years he also ran an Accounting practice that provided accounting and taxation advice, mortgage broking, financial services and business development advice.David became qualified and licensed as a Public Accountant, Commissioner for Declarations, Tax Agent, Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Property Developer, Real Estate Principal, Motor Vehicle Dealer and Second Hand Dealer. With his exposure to many thousands of business dealings, David shares his wide industry experience with practical ... read more
Latest book: Money - 500 Ways To Gain Control For Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pem Namgyal
Pem Namgyal, born 18 May 1961, is a medical doctor. He was a key member of the Royal Civil Service of the Government of Bhutan for almost fifteen years before leaving to join WHO in 2001. His work in WHO is mainly in the area of immunization and vaccines. He is an avid reader and loves writing, mainly short stories. Several of his short stories have already appeared in the national daily, Kuensel, and magazines such as Tashi Delek, and he already has quite a following in Bhutan for his writings.He is married and has two daughters and currently lives in Geneva.
Latest book: The Unfinished Dream and Other Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicole McDonald
Nicole McDonald, born and raised in Nebraska, is a wife and mom of three. She is passionate about helping others save money and blogs about coupons, deals, freebies and all things frugal at Nicole teaches coupon, meal planning, freebies and frugal fun with kids classes at several community colleges in the Omaha area.
Latest book: The Extraordinary Art of Couponing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Mills
Robert Mills lives in North East Thailand with his wife, who is Thai. He is English but spent 23 years living and working in Scotland. A doctor by profession, he now spends his time teaching, writing and working for medical charities.
Latest book: Tiger Heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Matte
Michelle Matte is a fitness pioneer and freelance writer. She divides her time between Virginia Beach, United States, and Cambridgeshire, England.
Latest book: Caught in Traffik

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alecea Standlee
Dr. Alecea Standlee is currently an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Concord University located in Athens, WV. In 2012, she received a PhD from Syracuse University in Sociology. Her research focuses on the role that contemporary communication technologies play in the lives of college students. Her current project specifically focuses on how college students use social media, texting and related media as means to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships with peers. This research utilizes qualitative and online ethnographic methods for data collection. More information about this method is available in Alecea's journal article "Ethnographic Approaches to the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communicat ... read more
Latest book: Plug-in and Live: Voices from the Digital Natives

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nick d'Arbeloff
Nick d'Arbeloff was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After graduating from Georgetown University with a degree in English literature, Nick began a successful career in high technology. In the 1990s, he co-founded one software company and founded another. As the threat of climate change became increasingly apparent, Nick was invited to train under former Vice President Al Gore in 2006 as a representative of The Climate Project. At about the same time, he took on the challenge of building a new non-profit organization to leverage New England's high-tech legacy and make the region a leader in providing clean energy solutions to the global marketplace. His first novel, Excessive Entanglement, is a ... read more
Latest book: Excessive Entanglement

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cory Mccoy
Cory is a Texas journalist and photographer whose work is currently available on Amazon, Wattpad, and Smashwords. Among his work is The War Journals series and the forthcoming Guardians of the Deepest Light saga. Cory is also the man behind the curtain of the incredibly hilarious (and offensive) twitter,@GreatSkyWizard. Cory's work as a journalist encompasses every facet of the industry. His most recent work is with IN Magazine and the Tyler Morning Telegraph as an entertainment reporter and critic. Cory just launched the web only scifi series; The Final Flight of the Phaseship Lelantos. Question or comments? Contact the author at
Latest book: The Final Flight of the Phaseship Lelantos: Anthology One, Parts 1-3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbara Oliverio
Barbara Oliverio is the daughter of Italian immigrants who grew up with a love of books and a passion for learning. She lives in suburban Denver where she and her husband enjoy good food, travel, and disputing pro football (Go Steelers!). She has been a teacher, journalist, and marketer, and writes for everything from periodicals to the Web.
Latest book: Love on the Lido Deck: A Nautical Romantic Comedy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vincent Bechet
VINCENT BECHET was born and raised in South Africa. He has worked in the advertising, film and television industries in various capacities, predominantly as a writer and television commercial director. His extensive time spent in California inspired him to write The California Redemption Fund. He now lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife and two sons.
Latest book: The California Redemption Fund

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.R. Wagner
J. R. Wagner was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, during a blizzard. The snow made travel by car impossible, so his father called an ambulance when his mother went into labor. The ambulance became stuck at the bottom of their home’s driveway, prompting the dispatch of a fire truck, which towed the ambulance to the hospital where he was born. Maybe it was this experience that destined J.R. to love adventure. A competitive cyclist, triathlete, mountain biker, and adventure racer, he once received a medal for helping save a woman’s life during the kayaking section of an adventure race. J.R. drafted his first story, a sequel to Return of the Jedi, when he was ten years old. A self-proclaimed Star Wars gee ... read more
Latest book: Exiled

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ole Giese
Ole Giese is a former International executive who, in his retirement, unshackled from the stresses of the Business World, found inspiration to share with readers, a few observations, which he hopes readers will find amusing. Long Stories, by artist and writer Ole Giese, is a compilation of three long stories that infuse humor with intrigue. In Salad Dressing, an American Restaurateur is determined to do whatever it takes to get his hands on a secret salad dressing recipe from a famous Moscow restaurant. In Athena's Disciples, a group of mischievous college students, in Denmark, steals a bicycle to make a point. And, in Poetry and Underwear, an overzealous poet and his ladylove go into the lingerie business. ... read more
Latest book: Long Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Flite Inc.
Efficient, scalable and cross-platform, Flite is the only SaaS ad platform powering both mobile and desktop advertising products.
Latest book: The Ultimate Guide to Agile Marketing in Display Ads

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liam O’Callaghan

Latest book: A Friendly Match

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sven Hylten-Cavallius
My name is Sven and i just got starting into reading books.
Latest book: Telemarketing Words from a Successful Telemarketer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page WPaD
We are Writers, Poets and Deviants, (WPaD) a group of writers from around the world who collaborate on charity anthologies for Multiple Sclerosis. We donate a portion of our royalties in support of a beloved fellow writer who lives with MS.
Latest book: Goin' Extinct: Tales From the Edge of Oblivion