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Visit my Facebook Page Dr. A.I. Strong
Tens of thousands of patients from all walks of life ventured into my exam rooms, and I enjoyed helping them. They taught me quite a bit about human nature over the years. They taught me about the world. If asked the right questions, they taught about the specifics about professions, mechanical systems, world events, cultures, families, sickness, joy, despair, sadness, relationships, religions, and education. They were the first hand, most knowledgeable experts on their own lives, which I found fascinating. As a doctor, they confided in me with information that one would not expect otherwise. We connected at many levels. I now see opportunities to combine my experience with my education and research, and my fa ... read more
Latest book: How to Solve the World's Problems in 50 Years or Less: Manifesto for Revolution
Visit my Facebook Page Albert Ruckholdt
Albert Ruckholdt is science-fiction/romance novelist focusing on works written for teenage and young adult readers. A software engineer by trade, he graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with an Honors Degree in Computer Science and immediately entered the world of financial systems. When not writing fiction, he is a senior programmer in a business solutions company based in Sydney, Australia. Raised on an early diet of science-fiction works from greats such as Harlan Ellison, Roger Zelanzy, Michael Morcook, and Clifford D. Simak, he graduated to modern science fiction works by Iain M. Banks, and Peter F. Hamilton. However, it was his introduction to the style of the Japanese light-novel, and works by ... read more
Latest book: Pride x Familiar
Visit my Facebook Page Mark David Louden
I'm a former newspaper reporter and editor who detoured into corporate communications for a time. Now, I live and work on a ranch in Colorado where I also pursue my true calling - writing fiction and poetry. At least I think it's my calling. As Conor Oberst says in his new song, Time Forgot, "I'll never know if I'm delusional. I just believe that I am not ..." Brave of the Dark comes from things I know, particularly the love of children that I understand intimately as the father of two sons. I think I also know something about romantic love, or at least the idea of it ... Perhaps the draw of that idea is that it always seems just out of reach in real life. I'm a Colorado native and I love the western outdoors ... read more
Latest book: Brave of the Dark
Visit my Facebook Page Joe Petito
Visualize a platoon of wanna-be Marines being marched by a Drill Instructor at someplace like MCRD * San Diego: sixty people or so in order and step, going down the street with cadence called by the DI. They come to some obstacle: a vehicle, a maintenance crew trimming trees, whatever. The DI gives an order: "To the left (or right) oblique; March!" The whole platoon, in unison, swivels on a 45 degree angle, continuing to march, until given the command to return to the original direction. They then continue on as before the "oblique" command. *Marine Corps Recruit Depot (boot camp) I've come to the teaching profession from an oblique angle, having navigated a number of what some would call obstacles before arr ... read more
Latest book: Ditching Shop Class: Eliminating Vocational Education in America's Public Schools
Visit my Facebook Page DJ Winters
I'm a budding author from Canada with an overactive imagination and a love of the supernatural. I enjoy telling a good story and love when people provide me feedback. If you do have a chance to read my work, I hope you enjoy it and share it.
Latest book: Diary Of An Incubus: Origins
Visit my Facebook Page Erin Spatz
Erin Spatz is a writer and blogger living near the South Carolina coast in a quaint town called Pawley's Island. Erin was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Palm Bay, Florida. When she graduated high school she continued her education and became an Orthodontic Clinician, a career she loved. She is passionate about her family, her community and her ability to help other people from her writing skills. After suffering from anxiety and postpartum depression, Erin started a blog which helped her feel better; it became an outlet for her, a form of healing. Her blogging landed her a regular column in the Georgetown Times, Inlet Outlook and Waccamaw Times. Five years after her first blog, Erin creatively turne ... read more
Latest book: Who Left Me In Charge?
Visit my Facebook Page Alla Kar
I go by Alla Kar. I'm an Amazon-Best Selling Author and a Barnes and Noble Best-Seller. I LOVE alpha males, contemporary romances and sexual chemistry. You can be guaranteed that you'll be getting those in my new adult books! When I'm not writing, I like to spend time with my husband, my chihuahua and our pit-bull. (Our cat is currently stuck in a tree and we're debating on how to get her down.)
Latest book: Rock Me
Visit my Facebook Page Rikki Gillum
Rikki Gillum is an author, entrepreneur, singer/songwriter and actress. Beware: Growing Inside, A Journal of Enlightenment for the Completion of Anything was published in 2009. She is the songwriter and vocalist of the CD, Beware: Growing Inside, Songs of Enlightenment, and she has authored the Business in a Box Series published 2014. The first of these publications is Something From Nothing: How To Make Money Online With $0. She has been a single parent of seven children for over 20 years and is now the single-parent grandmother of three beautiful granddaughters one of whom she is raising with Autism. Ms. Gillum is a motivational speaker on the topics of pursuing one’s personal passions, small business deve ... read more
Latest book: Something From Nothing: How To Make Money Online With $0
Visit my Facebook Page Linda L Barton
Linda L Barton is a Multi-Genre Author. Publishing her first book in 2011, Linda started out by writing Dark Thrillers. Since then she has branched out by writing YA Fantasy, Women’s Romantic Fiction, and even Children’s Books under the name Nana Barton. One of the high points of Linda’s writing career was when Next Move, You're Dead: The Trilogy Bundle was chosen as 1 of 100 pre-loaded Kindle Fire ebooks given away in the 2013 Emmy Awards VIP Swag Bags to over 600 of those in attendance at the awards that evening. Linda is also the Founder of Deadly Reads, Deadly Reads Author Services, and Host of the Deadly Reads Radio Podcast on Youtube. Linda is also blessed to be married to a wonderful man, Bob ... read more
Latest book: Heart Ties: Love Never Dies Novella
Visit my Facebook Page Ancel Waters
I am just a normal stay at home mom.
Latest book: Closed Doors
Visit my Facebook Page Joanna Parris
Joanna Parris is passionate about preparing young adults, business executives and entrepreneurs to excel; she helps them to understand the value of professional presence (image/branding), the importance of business etiquette and professional presence. She demonstrates how adding these components to their repertoire, youth, executives and entrepreneurs will enhance their everyday interactions, increase their profits and polish their business etiquette. Joanna is certified in Image and Etiquette Management, Lifestyle Management and Presentation Skills. Her down to earth and engaging style along with her work ethic and her genuine love for what she does has endeared her to the thousands of individuals she has coa ... read more
Latest book: 101 TIIPS - Transform Your Image, Increase Your Profits, Polish Your Etiquette...Succeed
Visit my Facebook Page Karen Gordon
Karen Gordon was born and raised in the suburban paradise of St. Charles, MO, on the outskirts of St. Louis. She earned a B.S. in English from the University of Central Missouri (BS being the operative term) and a M.A. in Media Communications from Webster University, where she graduated in a hot pink mortar board because she didn’t like the school colors. She currently resides in Olive Branch, MS (formerly Cow Pen) on the outskirts of Memphis, TN with her 2.5 super-smart kids, and an amazingly-funny, cute, geeky husband. When not writing, she is a stay-at-home mom (chick in charge) and part-time teacher. Any down time is spent reading, catching up with friends and obsessively worrying about every little thing ... read more
Latest book: Fearless Flying
Visit my Facebook Page Ian Watts
Ian Watts spent 30 years as a professional investigator of criminal and non-criminal matters with the UK MOD and as a private investigator . During this time he: identified and investigated numerous cases of fraud for the MOD, UN, Credit Card companies, Government Departments and commercial organisations saving millions of pounds through loss prevention, re-engineering and profit building strategies; investigated and managed the investigation of thousands of criminal offences including murder and terrorist shootings/bombings; serious losses to business and public sector departments and prepared business continuity and disaster recovery strategies. He holds a Diploma in Management, Certificate in Security Ma ... read more
Latest book: Disaster Management: An Introduction In How To Conduct Effective Disaster Planning, Response And Recovery
Visit my Facebook Page Leylah Attar
Leylah Attar is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, who writes stories about love—shaken, stirred and served with a twist. Sometimes she disappears into the black hole of the internet, but can usually be enticed out with chocolate.
Latest book: Mists of The Serengeti
Visit my Facebook Page Paul Ceretto
On September 8th of 2008, after a lifetime of drug and alcohol abuse, Paul fell from a building to the concrete below. He laid dying for over eight hours. After he was resuscitated, he spent over a week in a coma. He resurfaced from unconsciousness with a traumatic brain injury. “I have had two lifetimes in one over all existence,” Paul says. For the next six months, Paul would spend time in 3 different hospitals gaining back the basic functions of life. It was at this time Paul made a conscious decision to change his life. “When this kind of tragedy happens to most people, they fight to get back the life they had. I had no life to get back too. So I created one,” Paul says. Paul found that writing was ... read more
Latest book: Past Lives and Karma in the Thrust of Destiny
Visit my Facebook Page Sharon Powers
Sharon Powers currently divides her time between living in Southern California and Baja, Mexico. She has two grown children, two grandsons and a lovable dog named Mia. Besides writing, her time is filled with various hobbies, special projects and her family and friends. Sharon started her career in accounting and worked as a controller for a manufacturing company. In 1997, she opened Pink Lava in La Jolla, CA, which was the sixth women's surf shop to open in the country. Sharon began writing screenplays at the age of twenty-nine. Two of her screenplays have been optioned, she's worked a s a writer-for-hire and placed in the America's Best Writing competition. 'Barney and Barry, The Hitchhikers" is her first b ... read more
Latest book: Seaspan
Visit my Facebook Page Susan Cunningham
Susan Cunningham New Hampshire native Susan Cunningham combines her imagination with her love adventure. Susan pursued a literary path while balancing family and work, accelerating her writing as her children matured. After publishing short stories and articles, she now devotes her energies to her fiction series Beyond the Hidden Realm. The first book, "The Kingdom of Belamour" is now available! For more information, visit the book's website at
Latest book: The Kingdom of Belamour
Visit my Facebook Page Sophie G. Winner
Je ne suis ni écrivain, ni scénariste, pas plus scientifique ou philosophe, juste une citoyenne qui passe inaperçue dans le décor. J’aime les gens, ceux qui m’entourent, ceux qui sont loin. Mais pas les cons. J’aime regarder et entendre, j’aime sentir et goûter. J’aime lire et rêver. Je cogite toujours, je surfe sur le web, je regarde HOME comme beaucoup, je visionne « Les temps changent » et « Un jour sur Terre ». Devant mon écran, mon estomac se contracte, les larmes envahissent mes yeux, ma gorge se serre... que le monde est beau. Je n’ai pas de conseils à te donner. Je n’ai pas les réponses à tes questions. Cependant, j’ai envie de partager quelque chose avec toi. J’ai u ... read more
Latest book: Alternative Life Experience - Part 1
Visit my Facebook Page Sanva Saephan
Sanva was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. He then migrated to Bokeo, Laos, at the age of seven where he and his family were given Lao citizenships. At the age of fourteen, he was given the Lao-Kumamoto scholarship to live and study in Vientiane High School in the capital of Laos. Shortly after, he was given the ASEAN scholarship at the age of sixteen to study in Singapore. Sanva published his first book titled: “Stateless: Diary of a Spirited Boy at Napho Camp” in July 2013. He raised about USD 45,000 from the sale of his book to construct a much-needed primary school in Bokeo, Laos. Because of this cause, he was featured on Straits Times, Radio Free Asia, Credit-Suisse One-Employee Magazine of Privat ... read more
Latest book: Transition: A Journey in Laos
Visit my Facebook Page J.R. Westman
J.R. Westman is a former radio talk show host. Recognizing that some of the major market personalities he worked with were ten times better drunk than he was sober, he wisely decided to put way his microphone and get into marketing management and writing. Throughout his career, Westman has hired and mentored scores of smart young professional women who faced significant barriers set up by the 'old guard' who feared being displaced by the younger, hungrier and often more talented upstarts. Westman believes that a good story should primarily be entertaining, but enlightening too. His work touches upon contemporary social issues that fall naturally within plot lines, without being heavy handed or preachy. Promine ... read more
Latest book: Talk Lover
Visit my Facebook Page D.J
D.J (Author and owner of D.J.Publication) AMMINIKUTTY is D.J's big debut.and her second novel Indhuamthi was one of the best work recent days by women Author .Also most appreciated Novel by readers .She's currently working on her untitled short stories. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn she weaves next! D.J has a master's degree in social work service and also having LLB and HRM D.Js novel links: D.J’s best selling’s novel available for Purchase from below given links http://www ... read more
Latest book: Krishna nee begane baaro
Visit my Facebook Page Lisa Henry
I like to tell stories, mostly with hot guys and happily ever afters. But they've gotta work for it! No free lunches on my watch. I live in tropical North Queensland, Australia. I don't know why, because I hate the heat, but I suspect I'm too lazy to move. I spend half my time slaving away as a government minion, and the other half plotting my escape. I attended university at sixteen, not because I was a child prodigy or anything, but because of a mix-up between international school systems early in life. I studied History and English, neither of them very thoroughly. I share my house with too many cats, a green tree frog that swims in the toilet, and as many possums as can break in every night. This is not ... read more
Latest book: Adulting 101
Visit my Facebook Page Chrisann Dawson
Chrisann Dawson is the wife of mission director, Gale Dawson, and is the mother of two daughters (Suzannah and Mackay) and a son (William). The Dawsons have been working with Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) since 1991. The Dawsons currently reside in Payson, Arizona.
Latest book: Montema Elenge- A Youthful Heart
Visit my Facebook Page Walter Morales
Walter is a Guatemalan writer living in Virginia. He spent over five years working with youths and teenagers in Guatemala. Apart from his work as a teacher and counselor, he wrote many articles, plays, and short stories for youth audiences. Now he is completing his last year of the Creative Writing Bachelor’s degree at Full Sail University.
Latest book: Burning Heart
Visit my Facebook Page Daring Diets
Daring Diets is a small (but flourishing!) online business standing among the industry's biggest weight loss giants, and was created to provide our outstanding Daring Dieters with simple, affordable weight management tools that not only work, but are easy to stick to.
Latest book: The Flash Diet: An Aggressive, Step-by-Step, 14-Day Rapid Weight Loss Program
Visit my Facebook Page Lisa J Muir
I'am a children's writer and illustrator plus a fine art animal artist. Animals are my passion!! I spent 10 years in the USA working in the film industry training exotic animals from elephants to tigers. I now reside in France with my children and husband. I have a small studio and enjoy spending the day drawing. I take commissions for animal portraits and work with other writers, illustrating their books and ideas.
Latest book: Rags and the Elephant Sheep
Visit my Facebook Page Anton Casian
ANTON CASIAN (born 1988) private researcher in International Relations with concerns in the study of interdisciplinary methodology, world state (world government) and structures of explanation. He graduated MA program Security and International Relations (2013), „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, and a BA program in International Relations and European Studies (2011), „Petru Maior” University of Tîrgu MureĊŸ. During studies he participated in national and international student conferences. It was Erasmus student in Poland (2012-2013) and intern in the Ministry of Education (2011) and Ministry of Communications and Information Society (2010); it is the initiator and founder of the online project Labor ... read more
Latest book: The Goals of World State
Visit my Facebook Page Casey Ringer
A little about me, huh? Okay, why not? Hmmm, let me see... Taps lip. Taps lip. Well, I worked for one of the largest tabloids in the world -- THE SCOOP (name changed for obvious reasons). At twenty-two, I started as a copywriter and quickly worked my way up. After about two years of nursing out petty crimes and digging dirt on B-list celebrities, I was promoted because I guess I could hold my own against the grab-assing corporate guys. It was grueling. Always painted, hair done, and nails french-tipped. But the pay was great and I made some close contacts with a few powerful people over the years. And after those years, I somehow weaseled my way into a share of the company before it went public and move ... read more
Latest book: Under Wraps
Visit my Facebook Page Yolande Brener
Yolande Brener is an English writer living in New York, author of the memoir, Holy Candy: Why I Joined A Cult And Married A Stranger. She has worked as an actress, filmmaker, singer in an all-girl band, and disciple of an alleged Messiah. Her essays have been published in New York Press,, Strange Angels, State of Art and Harlem World. Her film scripts have been funded by the British Film Institute and the Arts Council of Great Britain. She won the 2010 NYC Parks Department Poems in the Park competition. Her memoir, Holy Candy, won First Place in the 2014 Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards. She is currently writing her first novel.
Latest book: Holy Candy: Why I Joined A Cult And Married A Stranger
Visit my Facebook Page Erik Johnson
Marriage and family counselor in private practice since 1998. Prior to '98 served as family counselor in non-profits for 23 years. Five kids, three sons/daughter in law, published writer, cartoonist, paper engineer hobbyist.
Latest book: Invasion of the Marriage Snatcher: Battling Your Anxiety Alien
Visit my Facebook Page Mark Sircus
Director of the International Medical Veritas Association, prolific writer, medical researcher and doctor.
Latest book: The BioMat Book
Visit my Facebook Page Tom Allemeier
I was born in Lima, Ohio in 1950 and spent my early childhood playing football and baseball with the neighbor boys, and exploring the woods with my dog Skip. My parents divorced when I was ten and I spent the next few years living in Columbus, Ohio and downtown Lima, then returned to live with my father and stepmother in my childhood home on Diller Road until I graduated from Elida High School in 1969. I was drafted into the Army in March 1970, spent 14 months in Vietnam and served until October 1972. I worked a number of jobs and then, still working, attended the Ohio State University and graduated in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in journalism. In 1996 I returned to Vietnam as a tourist, fell in love with ... read more
Latest book: Inside the Wire: An Alternative View of the Vietnam War
Visit my Facebook Page Michaela Gorin
Born in Perth, Australia, Michaela is attending Edith Cowan University to complete her Bachelor of Arts. She writes mainly short fiction and poetry.
Latest book: I Can See It
Visit my Facebook Page Diego Sandoval
Diego Sandoval es un escritor que se caracteriza por expresar de manera libre y con mucha sinceridad el mundo interior de sus personajes, que reflejan mucho de su propia personalidad y forma de sentir. Sus personajes principales siempre tienen mucho de él, haciendo una especie de versión y reflejo de el mismo. Esto hace de su lectura algo bastante íntimo. Diego empezó publicando por cuenta propia en las librerías digitales más importantes. Actualmente vive en la Ciudad de Guatemala, en donde labora como Ingeniero civil, siendo en sus ratos libres cuando gusta de leer y escribir.
Latest book: Mi Dios y yo
Visit my Facebook Page Tom Kirkbride
Tom Kirkbride grew up on the beaches of Southern California where the location of Book I, Gamadin: Word of Honor of his GAMADIN saga, begins. Tom was a lifeguard in college at La Jolla, California, and is an avid bodysurfer, skier, world traveler, and artist. All the artwork on the book website is his own, including the front covers of his books. His GAMADIN Book Series (which now includes Books 1 thru 6, 3 short stories, and a theatrical CD) evolved from his love of sci-fi adventure and the desire to write a thrill-packed, character-driven saga for young adults he wanted his kids to read. In 2012 the Renaissance Learning Center added the Gamadin Series to its Accelerated Reader Program for students across the ... read more
Latest book: Book III, Gamadin: Distant Suns
Visit my Facebook Page S.W. Spooner
Sher Watts Spooner lives in Oak Park, IL, and has spent her career as a newspaper reporter and editor on one national weekly and three daily newspapers. She is now a freelance editor and writer as well as a contributing editor at Daily Kos, a leading national political website. An admitted political and media junkie, she also runs a website,, in which she blogs about politics and media and offers a daily changing "political murder of the day," ranging from assassinated politicians to historical massacres to murdered civil rights leaders. Check it out, or look for highlights on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us on Twitter: @SherSpooner. And find out how to buy more upcoming books in the Politic ... read more
Latest book: Off With His Talking Head
Visit my Facebook Page Inez Deloach
Inez DeLoach was born and raised in sunny California, where she currently still resides. In her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, photography, and spending time with her family. For more about Inez, follow her on Facebook.
Latest book: World of Strength
Visit my Facebook Page Jessica Kenley
Jessica Bonczar Kenley was born in Buffalo, New York and has since lived many places in New York and Pennsylvania. She has been married and divorced twice and has had a total of 5 children. The first two, Ethan and Kaylee, were afflicted with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare and under-researched (because of under-funding) children's disease that causes serious and very painful skin wounds. Ethan and Kaylee died from the Junctional-Herlitz subtype of EB in 2005 and 2008, respectively. Jessica wrote Kidowed as a journal while caring for her daughter Kaylee and coping with the medical system in the United States and her own emotional rage and pain. The book, Kidowed, serves as a tool for awareness for EB, which ... read more
Latest book: Kidowed
Visit my Facebook Page Paul Coover
ABOUT THE AUTHOR I am Paul A. Coover living in West Fork Arkansas. My history includes frame carpentry and building. Also aerial construction on hard line cable and fiber optics. I have installed, sold, audited and been launch supervisor for cable companies. I'm a printer and also a baker. I grew up in Liberty Missouri and Northglenn Colorado. Moving to Arkansas let me work in carpentry. I love the Ozarks, they are just wonderful to me. We used to go camping every month year around. Canoe trips, fishing and camping figured into my youth. I was a Life Scout (Below Eagle Scout). I was a member of the Order of the Arrow and the Tribe of Micosay. Moving to the Boston mountains just south of Fayettevil ... read more
Latest book: Odessa's Orbs, Photographs The Free Press Won't Let You See
Visit my Facebook Page Shellie Nicholson
Shellie Nicholson loves writing, and she loves reading. She also loves being outdoors and enjoying God's creation. She prefers winter and snow, but loves the colors of spring and fall. Hiking is one of her favorite things, and she also enjoys boating on the lake or canoeing on a river. She's married to the man of her dreams, and they do everything together. They have a cat and two birds for now, but she plans on having lots of pets because she loves animals. She started writing as a teen, but didn't publish her first novel until after she graduated Baptist Bible College. Now, she's working hard to make it a steady career and publish as many novels as she can for the world to enjoy.
Latest book: Hidden Away for Safekeeping
Visit my Facebook Page Sabrina McClure
Sabrina McClure lives in West Virginia with her husband, Matt, and together they have a cat named Mittens. Sabrina works full-time and spends free time researching, brainstorming, writing, and connecting with readers and other authors. When not writing, Sabrina enjoys other creative hobbies, such as: scrapbooking, card making, cooking, baking, and photography, and is also, an avid reader. She is a Christian, a coffee lover, and a chocolate addict. She loves making people laugh and loves laughing and is blessed with an amazing group of friends and family. The McClure's love watching movies together, spending time outdoors, attending concerts, cheering for the WVU mountaineers, reading and spending time with fam ... read more
Latest book: Hades-Sent
Visit my Facebook Page Jaysen True Blood
Jaysen True Blood was born and raised in the Midwest where he currently resides. His first taste of writing came early in grade school with a class assignment. a few years later, his love for writing would return as he found himself with another class assignment, this time a poetry unit. through junior high, he would write a series of novels, many poems, and begin his long interest in writing song lyrics as well. In high school, he would learn the value of tall tales, myths and other kinds of stories as he continued to build his store of stories. upon graduation, he went for a semester at a university, where he would write two stories, one of which would become a serial online for about six months. Returning h ... read more
Latest book: Mexican Radio And Other Short Stories, Volume I
Visit my Facebook Page AlejandroTriana
Alejandro Triana is a Colombian attorney passionate for history and visual communication. He designed and carried out the visual documentation for the Archaeological Museum Casa del Marqués de San Jorge of Bogotá, Colombia; part of his photographic work was published in the book collection Arte de la Tierra (1988-1992, 9 vols.). His fine art archival project and experience was published as a proposal for electronic documentation of cultural patrimony objects in Colombia (1994, ISBN 958-9003-70-02). At the Law and Political Science’s Faculty at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia he dictated his course “Law and Communication” between 1994/1999; a summary of his lectures was published in “Pensamiento J ... read more
Latest book: The Voices of Silence (Pre-Columbian America)
Visit my Facebook Page Jayne G Grossmann
Georgette Gomory is an author, healthcare professional, medical writer, certified drug information specialist, and regulatory consultant to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. She has created Q & A columns in five health care publications, written and published a significant number of manuscripts about clinical studies, developed conferences with opinion leaders as speakers, and led numerous educational classes and workshops about establishing and growing an independent consulting business, authoring educational books and more recently about developing online educational programs. You, the reader, have a legitimate question: Why negotiation? While leading educational classes for ... read more
Latest book: Negotiating Success
Visit my Facebook Page Erik Kort
Erik abides in the glorious Pacific Northwest, otherwise known as Mirkwood-Without-The-Giant-Spiders, though the normal spiders often grow too numerous for his comfort. He is defended from all eight-legged threats by his brave and overly tolerant wife, and is mocked by his obligatory writer's cat. When not writing, Erik comforts the elderly, guides youths through vast wildernesses, and smuggles more books into his library of increasingly alarming size.
Latest book: The Fallen
Visit my Facebook Page Emilio Bueso
Nace en Castellón, en 1974. Es ingeniero de sistemas. Su trayectoria como autor arranca en el realismo sucio y se adentra en la narrativa de género, que ha cultivado publicando relatos en diversas antologías y firmando novelas como Diástole (Salto de Página, 2011), Cenital (Salto de Página, 2012) y Extraños Eones (Valdemar, 2014). Ha ganado los premios Celsius (2012 y 2013), Nocte (2011) y Domingo Santos (2009).
Latest book: Noche Cerrada
Visit my Facebook Page B. P. Manning
A ravenous reader with equal passion for travel and the plotting of anything new, my love of words seemed, at times, a blotch on the very core of my DNA, and has been the recurrent source of many jests from my children--the title nerd has been established more than once. Yet the sound, meaning and inference, cannot be more beautiful than those in the notes of a newly toned word, or in the coupling of such to lay forth a vision. With as little as a single word we can open the world to those around us, garner a smile or lay bare intrigue. Yes, such morpheme can wrought a symphony when showcased at its best, doth those cords strum you as it does me? Then smile, as I am with you. Salacious and sweet, it wrung furth ... read more
Latest book: Dites Oui: Say Yes
Visit my Facebook Page Fiona Cameron
Fiona Cameron was born in Glasgow, and has worked as a lecturer, journalist and PR consultant. She now lives in SW Scotland, and tries hard to fit her writing day around tending cats, dogs and a garden. Her short stories have previously been published in New Fiction collections. The books forming the Balvaig Trilogy are her first full-length novels. Her pet hates: cruelty to animals, and snobbery.
Latest book: The Swan Widow
Visit my Facebook Page Janel Gradowski
Janel Gradowski lives in a land that looks like a cold weather fashion accessory, the mitten-shaped state of Michigan. She is a wife and mom to two kids and one Golden Retriever. Her journey to becoming an author is littered with odd jobs like renting apartments to college students and programming commercials for an AM radio station. Somewhere along the way she also became a beadwork designer and teacher. She enjoys cooking recipes found in her formidable cookbook and culinary fiction collection. Searching for unique treasures at art fairs, flea markets and thrift stores is also a favorite pastime. Coffee is an essential part of her life.
Latest book: Pancakes & Pandemonium