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Visit my Facebook Page Nelly Asher
I've never experienced the (mis)adventures I'm putting my characters through, so anything that could be written here will be boring in comparison to the book - so I suggest you to check it out first, and come back later if you figure that you want to take a closer look at a person whose twisted imagination has produced all those things. In that case, feel free to contact me via Facebook.
Latest book: Phoenix in Ice (Short story)
Visit my Facebook Page VE Avance
V.E. Avance lives in Central California with her husband, 2 children and their dog. She is an alumni of Madera High School, College of the Sequoias and Brandman University. She obtained her bachelors of arts degree in Psychology in April 2014. She is both a child abuse and domestic violence survivor. Her life started out rough but, with time and love of friends and her grandparents, she has overcome many obstacles and believes that she is stronger because of it. V.E. Avance's overall goal in life is to bring awareness of domestic violence and the psychological scars that, though are unseen, are very much evident and affect a victim/survivor's life.
Latest book: Code 3: Finding Safety
Visit my Facebook Page Grant Michaels
Born and raised on the West Coast, Grant Michaels has been a private trainer to competitive bodybuilders and strength athletes for more than three decades and has seen countless fitness fads come and go. He focuses his teaching on a combination of the time-tested exercises that have always been shown to produce results and cutting edge, science-backed methods. His enthusiasm for helping people reach peak physical performance lead him to start writing and sharing the techinques previously only available to his private physical training clients. In his free time he enjoys travel, spending time with his wife and three wonderful boys and of course... Working out!
Latest book: Beat Back Pain: Know Your Back. Strengthen Your Muscles. End Back Pain.
Visit my Facebook Page AJ Davis
I'm a father of Six beautiful daughters, been working in the tech industry for the last 15 years and have a insatiable appetite for learning new things. I enjoy the beauty of falling in love and the path of personal discovery that can be, sometimes good sometimes not so, but all in the journey. My favorite authors are Charles Bukowsk ( the point of reference for Hank Moody on Californication), Phillip Roth, Nick Stahl, James Frey even after the admission on Oprah I still like his style. I'm an avid health enthusiast, enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle - for sure. I am currently in the second half of my life and relishing the awareness that comes with it, hoping to always improve on who I am from e ... read more
Latest book: Love Life and Everything In between
Visit my Facebook Page Michael Ripplinger
Michael Ripplinger is a cereal connoisseur and Kool-Aid aficionado. He enjoys a variety of indoor activities but would rather be at Disneyland. Michael, his wife Rose, and their six children make their home in south Texas.
Latest book: Yesterday's Demons
Visit my Facebook Page Alex Apostol
Alex Apostol currently lives in Northwest Indiana with her daughter and cat, Bob. She has a Bachelor's degree in English from the American Military University, which she received while she was in the Navy.
Latest book: Broken Angel (Book 1 in the Chronicles of a Supernatural Huntsman series)
Visit my Facebook Page Crystal Perkins
Crystal Perkins has always been a big reader, but she never thought she would write her own book, until she sat down and did it. She lives in Las Vegas, where you can find her running author events and selling books at conventions when she isn’t reading, buying too many Sherlock t-shirts online or finding a place to put all of her Pop! figurines. A mac and cheese connoisseur, she travels the country looking for the perfect version, while attending book conventions and signings as a cover for her research. The Griffin Brothers & Corrigan & Co. series are all international best sellers!
Latest book: Never a Secret
Visit my Facebook Page Nathaniel Okwoli
Nathaniel Okwoli was born in Kogi State, Northern Nigeria. Growing up in a modern African society, he has experience and blend of both western and indeginous cultures. As a result of that, he was exposed to several philosophical viewpoints and religious philosophy. He is currently studying Geography/Urban Planning at Kogi State University.
Latest book: Think and Grow
Visit my Facebook Page Don Johnson
Don Johnson was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Don's education in electronics was obtained when he joined the Navy in 1988. Those skill sets he learned in the Navy translated to other jobs in electronics until he was hired by IBM in 1996 as a Systems Engineer to work on the AS/400 midrange system. From there he would work for a consultant firm and eventually end up out of IT. In 2006 while woking as a support representative for a local company, Don came upon an IT marketplace that would change his career path forever and introduce him to the world of independent contracting. Don is happily married to his wife Lisa and the father of three children; Keira, Deja, and DaRon.
Latest book: The Independent Professional
Visit my Facebook Page Robert James Zoellner
I am a Christian writer, age 51, who just recently finished his first non-fiction book, "Our God in the Midst of Adversities". It is part autobiography, part bible study, telling how God over the course of history has intervened in, or sustained the lives of individuals who have experienced adversities in their lives. I have shared my personal struggles with alcoholism and other addictions, and how the Lord has sustained me with His continuing care and strength.
Latest book: Our God in the Midst of Adversities
Visit my Facebook Page Varian Krylov
I grew up by the sea in Southern California, and now I'm living in sunny Spain. I've always loved the music and substance of words, always loved writing in notebooks and journals by hand, tapping at the keys of the computer, and, of course, conjuring up stories. And from my earliest memories, I've always been fascinated--maybe obsessed?--with sex and sexuality. In my writing, I poke at social issues, but more than anything, I dig into the psyches of my characters. Sex is the medium, the expression, and the tool of discovery for their insecurities, the needs that drive them, the comfort they can't live without, the joy and relish of life that makes each of them intense, strange, and alluring. Like most write ... read more
Latest book: The God of Jazz: Fugue, Concord
Visit my Facebook Page Sara C. Roethle
I was born and raised in Arizona. Still here, in case you were wondering. Besides writing, I'm currently working on a degree in English. When I'm not "working" either on my books or schoolwork, I like to practice yoga with extremely poor form, and paint things no one would ever want to hang in their home. Another current obsession is Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn...taking up way too much of my time. I published my first novel, "Xoe" in 2009. Since then, I've added two more books to the series, "Accidental Ashes" and "Broken Beasts". I'm currently working on a book outside of my Xoe series. I'll hopefully get that sucker published by the end of summer.
Latest book: Xoe (Xoe Meyers Young Adult Fantasy/Horror Series)
Visit my Facebook Page Rebeca Estrada
Mi nombre es Rebeca Estrada, una mujer impulsada por la osadía y el coraje de compartir lo que mi trastorno bipolar y el Borderline ha complicado mi vida. Sé que la vida de muchos tiene sus propios mambos al igual que la mía, al igual que lleva sus eufóricas vivencias. Entre el drama y el goce estoy comprendida. Circo, maroma y teatro. Mi intención no es enseñar, ni mucho menos predicar, todos los que padecemos un desequilibrio mental sabemos lo complicado que resulta integrarnos, pero que de una y otra forma pataleamos para salir a flote. Espero alguien pueda encontrar similitudes y compartir sus emociones y pensamientos, no sé, quizás intercambiar lo que nuestra mente tanto quiere escupir.
Latest book: Egocéntricas Miserias - Una puerta a mi mente borderline y bipolar
Visit my Facebook Page Conrado Maleta'
Conrado R. P. Maletá. Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. 1979. After many years in Spain moved out an kept him self in Israel for 2 years, London, later New York (a new homeland) Long experiences as painter and photographer. Few but treasured awards as a writer.
Latest book: Cuentos Negros ó 12 Gramos De Té
Visit my Facebook Page Elisabeth Hamill
Elisabeth Hamill is a nurse/wife/mom by day, unabashed geek/chocoholic/closet fantasy novelist by night. She lives with her family, dog, and cat in the wilds of eastern suburban Kansas, where they fend off flying monkey attacks and prep for the zombie apocalypse. On a more serious note, this is the fufillment of Elisabeth's lifelong dream to be an author. She is a cancer survivor, and wrote a large portion of her book, "Song Magick", during her cancer treatment and recuperation. She is enjoying good health and is deeply embroiled in her next project, an urban fantasy.
Latest book: Kick Ass Girls of Fire & Ice YA Books
Visit my Facebook Page Bill Morgenstein
BS Finance University of Alabama Worked in sales until drafted into the army and sent to Korea Became President of Kitty Kelly Shoe chain at 35 years of age. Formed Marquesa International which imported and exported footwear Retired briefly and then when into commercial lending Wrote my autobiography: "The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn"
Latest book: The Crazy Life of a Kid From Brooklyn
Visit my Facebook Page Brad G. Moore
Brad Moore gained his love for reading at an early age when his older sister introduced him to Margret and H.A. Rey's classic character, Curious George. After watching re-runs on late night television of the Perry Mason series, he began reading the novels by Earl Stanley Gardner. His love for mysteries grew as he read classics from Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. Although he is an avid mystery fan, his greatest influences as a writer are John D. Fitzgerald's The Great Brain, Keith Robertson's Henry Reed, and Beverly Cleary's Ramona. To him, these books and characters exemplified the innocence and enjoyment of childhood. It is with this tradition and spirit that he developed Serina K., a character brough ... read more
Latest book: Serina K. and the Case of the Missing Recipe
Visit my Facebook Page Rasmenia Massoud
Rasmenia Massoud is the author of the short story collections HUMAN DETRITUS and BROKEN ABROAD. Dozens of her stories have been published online and in print, including The Foundling Review, The Lowestoft Chronicle, Literary Orphans, Metazen, The Molotov Cocktail, Full of Crow, Flash Fiction Offensive and Underground Voices. Rasmenia blogs semi-regularly about the awkwardness, frustration and joy of expatriation, the craft of writing as well as a myriad of other topics. She currently lives in France with her husband, their loyal chocolate lab and stalwart feline sidekick. She spends her time speaking French poorly and writing fictional stories about what fascinates, confuses and infuriates her the most: human ... read more
Latest book: Human Detritus
Visit my Facebook Page Gordon Milne
I am a retired care support worker who writes a little, cycles a lot, drinks too much wine, play one of my five guitars, grows bonsai trees, cooks a lot, listens to a lot of blues music.
Latest book: Still Cheeky
Visit my Facebook Page Ranay James
Ranay James moved to a small farm in East Texas, along with her husband and two dogs after walking away from the fast paced corporate life in 2012. Ranay graduated from college majoring in accounting and finance with a minor in business management and law. Becoming a romance writer seems a most unlikely path for a woman who spent most of her career managing people and operational practices within the corporate environment. It all began in 2004 on New Year's Day. Having made a list of things that she wanted to accomplish for the year, she added some items to that list that would push her skill set and take her out of her comfort zone. Writing a novel was one of those items. Later that day, Ranay sat down at h ... read more
Latest book: The McKinnon The Beginning: Book 1 - Part 2 The McKinnon Legends (A Time Travel Series)
Visit my Facebook Page Kai Jackson Issa
Kai Jackson Issa is an educator, award-winning author and communications professional. For over 20 years, Kai's been in the business of capturing audiences with words that inspire, sell and deliver. Her clients include executives, entrepreneurs, individuals, schools, companies and non-profits. Kai lives just outside Atlanta with her husband and children.
Latest book: Silence Your Online Mug Shot! 10 Free Things You Can Do to Bury Your Booking Photo, Restore Your Reputation and Protect Yourself from Mug Shot Extortion
Visit my Facebook Page Mandi Susman
Mandi Susman has a passion for helping others and started Sus4Media in 2010 to help businesses in her neighborhood thrive, not just survive, in this turbulent economic climate. Since signing her first client, she has grown Sus4Media to provide social media marketing, video marketing, mobile and text marketing and search engine optimization to small and medium sized businesses from coast to coast. Mandi's first book, "Trade Secrets for Marketing Your Business Online" can be purchased through Her second book: "Stress-Free Media: How to Harness the Power of the Internet to Gain a Global Presence" now available through Sus4Media's current clients include businesses in the health and fit ... read more
Latest book: Stress-Free Media: Harness the Global Power of the Internet
Visit my Facebook Page Ian Christie
65 year old retired man living in Northumberland. Started writing in earnest 3 years ago. Compulsive scribbler since forever. Now trying to write entertaining stories, the kind of stuff I would like to read. Reconnecting with words and music and silence after a too long separation. Two grandkids aged 3 and 4. Learning guitar and the art of being grateful.
Latest book: Cursed United
Visit my Facebook Page Linda Caddick
LINDA CADDICK grew up in Zimbabwe, spending most of her time confined to boarding school but holidays wandering freely on her father's farm, where she developed a lively imagination and a love for nature. Strongly attracted to Cape Town, South Africa, she went to live there at the first opportunity. Her writing skills were developed during many years of producing descriptive editorial for a restaurant publication. After almost 20 years of city life, her dream of living in the country was realised when she and her husband, together with their two small children, bought a run-down caravan park in the Cape Winelands and turned it into a popular resort for church and family outings. Linda's passion is for writin ... read more
Latest book: The Whitewashed Tomb
Visit my Facebook Page Toshiya Nagai
Hi. I am Toshiya Nagai or Nagai Toshiya (永井俊哉) in Japanese order, a writer, philosopher and researcher in systemics. I was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1965, earned a master's degree at the University of Tokyo in 1990 and now live in Kasugai, the suburb of Nagoya, Japan.
Latest book: 浦島伝説の謎を解く
Visit my Facebook Page N.R. Wick
In 2010, N.R. Wick decided to trade her demanding graphic design job in California for a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Always a lover of the written word, N.R. Wick pursued her childhood love of writing and self-published her first short story in 2011. From there, she moved to the Kansas City area to began her second love: teaching. She became an adjunct faculty member at several schools for higher learning, and taught online and in a blended classroom setting while continuing to grow her publishing business. N.R. Wick is also a member of the Short Fiction Writer’s Guild and the International Screenwriters’ Association.   Most known for her young adult dystopian novel, Land of No Angels, N.R. W ... read more
Latest book: Land of No Angels
Visit my Facebook Page Camila Santos Simmons
I'm an eternal foreigner, passionate in the same measures for my country and for the road. I had to leave my city for strange lands to be able to appreciate Porto Alegre’s finest points. Living overseas for a decade also helped me gain some perspective in relation to its imperfections to the extent that I now feel a reverse cultural shock. Now living in POA again, I feel I have been exposed to different cultures and have an eye for things which other travellers may also enjoy. By profession I am a Travel Consultant, Sales Manager, Teacher, Translator, Writer. I'm a little bit hyperactive and normally act in all these fronts at the same time.
Latest book: Porto Alegre - The Essential Travel Guide
Visit my Facebook Page L.R. Stahlberg
Born in Chicago, raised on a healthy diet of superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, James Bond, Mack Bolan, revenge flicks, gangster movies, and all things military from GI JOE to Hurt Locker. The genre defying author was nominated for Best New Writer by the New Pulp Awards. He currently hails from Outer Chicagoland with his wife and stepson.
Latest book: Prodigal
Visit my Facebook Page Patrick Dixon
Patrick Dixon is a feature writer, business owner, and author with an inclination towards healthy eating. Born and raised in New Hampshire, with its lush green surroundings and landscapes that welcome exercise and peace of mind, he has always had an affinity for the outdoors and physical activities. After suffering a heart attack many years ago, which he thankfully survived, Patrick's commitment to a healthy lifestyle intensified and has never been stronger than it is today. After that health scare, he vowed to stay fit and active, research health topics, and share his passion for health with friends, family, and the rest of the world. Remarkably, he has never strayed from this pledge. He feels that the saying ... read more
Latest book: The DASH Diet Cookbook and Complete Beginners Guide: 14 Days of Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert Recipes PLUS Shopping List!
Visit my Facebook Page Elizabeth Hungerford
Elizabeth Hungerford, a former sales representative, had an astounding healing journey through her struggle with hypothyroidism several years ago, and now dedicates her time as a researcher, author, and speaker on various health topics, particularly women's sexual health issues and lesser known yet very important medical conditions. She also actively participates in volunteer work and women's support groups. An entertaining and charming speaker, Elizabeth has been delivering talks to a variety of audiences, including colleges, universities, community groups, and business organizations. As an author and researcher of women's health, she has helped countless women move forward in a male dominated society. She aim ... read more
Latest book: 4 Simple Steps to PCOS Freedom: Balance Your Hormones, Take Charge Of Your Fertility And Live Healthily - The Natural Way
Visit my Facebook Page Elly Blue
Elly Blue lives and rides bicycles in Portland, Oregon. Her passions are cargo bikes, feminism, and science fiction, which surely have more in common than not.
Latest book: Butt Dial
Visit my Facebook Page Joshua Dee Preece
Joshua Dee Preece lives in a small valley surrounded by mountains about an hour from Salt Lake City. He lives there with his wife Julie and his five kids the last two of which are seven month old twins. He works in a shop all day and dreams of his stories. He enjoys reading fantasy and sci-fi and loves to write the stories swimming around in his head.
Latest book: The Tales of Jonathan Dune: Newborn
Visit my Facebook Page Annette Bridges
For almost a decade, Annette Bridges wrote stirring and motivating columns for Texas newspapers, parenting magazines and spirituality websites. She is now the author of empowering, encouraging and entertaining books that share helpful, instructive, light-hearted, inspirational messages. She lives with her husband on a North Texas ranch along with her mini-dachshund Lady and lots of cows.
Latest book: The Queen of Damn Good Advice
Visit my Facebook Page Lady Lanham
Lady Lanham is the author of bite-sized and eight-course stories. Fantasy and Historical Fiction are her favorite genres to write. When she isn't writing, Lady Lanham adds to her collection of books and does aerial arts. She lives in Missouri with her husband. If you want to be the first to know about news stories and get exclusive content, sign up for Lady Lanham's mailing list at her website. Link below!
Latest book: Snippets: Flash Fiction
Visit my Facebook Page Massimo Anile
Massimo Anile è nato a Milano ed ha 55 anni; sposato, ha due figli maggiorenni e un gatto. Dopo gli studi umanistici ha lavorato per molti anni presso alcune grandi società di servizi, svolgendo mansioni specialistiche nell’ambito delle Risorse Umane e del Marketing. Da alcuni anni si occupa di consulenza organizzativa, attività che gli ha consentito di recuperare tempo per se stesso e per la sua famiglia. Ha scritto e scrive novelle sotto pseudonimo per note case editrici ed ha collaborato con alcune riviste specializzate con racconti a soggetto ambientati in montagna.
Latest book: La teoria delle fragole
Visit my Facebook Page E Knight
E. Knight is a member of the Historical Novel Society, Romance Writers of America and several RWA affiliate writing chapters: Hearts Through History, Celtic Hearts, Maryland Romance Writers and Washington Romance Writers. Growing up playing in castle ruins and traipsing the halls of Versailles when visiting her grandparents during the summer, instilled in a love of history and royals at an early age. Feeding her love of history, she created the popular historical blog, History Undressed. Under the pseudonym Eliza Knight, she is a bestselling, award-winning, multi-published author of historical and erotic romance. She is avid in social media and loves to interact with readers. Eliza lives in Maryland with her h ... read more
Latest book: A Day of Fire: a novel of Pompeii
Visit my Facebook Page L.B. Molina
I have several passions in life but my son and my husband make the top list. My faithful companion is a 7 year old golden retriever named Arrow. And my hobbies are: reading, writing, biking, walking, and anything that has to do with nature. Thus, I am a camping kind of a girl. However, I can do without the wild animals.
Latest book: Fate
Visit my Facebook Page Roger Laidig
Roger is a native of northern Indiana. After being raised on a farm, he graduated from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN with a BS in Agricultural Engineering. He also received his MSBA from Indiana University in South Bend. He retired from his 30-year career at Laidig, Inc., a global manufacturing and construction company, as Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is currently embarking in a part time position as an adjunct professor with emphasis in leadership at Purdue School of Technology in South Bend, IN. On a personal level, as a committed follower of Christ, Roger’s personal conviction is that “every person is worth understanding”. His desire is to create trust by interacting, l ... read more
Latest book: Finding Purpose and Joy, It's a Journey
Visit my Facebook Page Julie Lovett
Julie lives, with her husband and two cats, in an enchanting rural town in England that lays nestled on a hillside, overlooked by an ancient castle’s ruins. Julie has fond childhood memories of playing with her brothers and sisters on meadows near their home, helping her mother bake bread, travelling to town by pony cart for provisions with her father, and spending many happy hours sitting in a barn practicing ambitious clarinet solos to an audience of a bemused dairy goat. She and her husband started their married life living on a houseboat moored on the tidal waters the scenic river Deben, not far from Sutton Hoo, before moving to a terraced cottage in Bawdsey, famous for its connections with radar, where ... read more
Latest book: The Prophet and the Time Traveller
Visit my Facebook Page André Larabie
André is a Certified Business Coach and a Certified Life Coach. He is certified in the Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique and a Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator. With 9 published business books, André has been helping business owners like you attract everything they need to attract and teaching them how to grow their businesses using the Law of Attraction. André has been consulting and coaching for over 25 years and he is known as the “How-To Guy” for teaching others how to apply the Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance deliberately to their personal and business lives.
Latest book: Law of Attraction: The Secret Is In Your Mind
Visit my Facebook Page John W. Mefford
A veteran of the corporate wars, former journalist, and true studier of human and social behavior, John W. Mefford has been writing his debut novel since he first entered the work force twenty-five years ago, although he never put words on paper until late 2009. John writes novels full of intrigue, suspense, and thrills, but they also evoke an emotional connection to the characters. When he’s not writing, he chases three kids around, slaves away in the yard, reads, takes in as many sports as time allows, watches all sorts of movies, and continues to make mental notes of people and societies across the land. John lives in Frisco, Texas with his beautiful wife, three curious kids, and a feisty fat cat.
Latest book: Greed Manifesto (Greed Series #4)
Visit my Facebook Page Adam Oakley
Adam Oakley writes books, all about inner peace. He enjoys writing about the intelligence of life, and how this can flow far more easily when we are no longer clinging to concepts from the past. If he is not with his family, Adam is usually alone writing, walking or doing nothing. He has a BSc (hons) degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Bath, which successfully steered him away from an anticipated career in pharmaceuticals. A more in-depth story of Adam, all of his work and free content can be found on his website,
Latest book: Mythical Creatures Of The Forest
Visit my Facebook Page Michelle Zaffino
Michelle Zaffino is a writer and digital librarian living in San Francisco. How Good It Can Be is her first novel. A sequel, The Love Quad, follows Emma Saffron to college. For more, visit and Skylar Saffron, Librarian Detective is Michelle's fifth book. More at
Latest book: Skylar Saffron, Librarian Detective: Part 4
Visit my Facebook Page Laurie Jackson
Laurie Jackson passed away the morning of March 14, 2017 from a brain tumor (glioblastoma multiforme grade 4). She fought the cancer for 8 months. She was not able to write her sister's story or any more stories. She will be greatly missed. Laurie Jackson is the author of several children's stories. She brings her experience growing up in rural Missouri into her stories. Laurie is also influenced by her youngest sister, Mindy's childhood battle with cancer. During her short time on earth Mindy taught everyone around her to enjoy life to the fullest. Laurie reflects this value in her stories. It was Mindy's unfailing smiles throughout her treatments that inspired Laurie to become a writer. She k ... read more
Latest book: Keeping It Short: An Anthology of Flash Fiction
Visit my Facebook Page Andromeda Bliss
Andromeda Bliss lives in an erotic world of her own creation filled with fantastic beings on titillating adventures in far away places. She adores her exotic creations and does not ever want to stop playing with them, so please excuse her distraction. When she drifts back to Earth, she'd be delighted to discuss her work in ardent detail. She also takes suggestions on what fantasies readers would like to see next--any excuse for more provocative playtime! (Author of alien/exotic erotica intended for a mature audience, 18 years of age and older)
Latest book: Welcome to the Program, SciFi Erotica Collection