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Latest book: Le Loup (The Wolf)

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C.L. Mannarino graduated from Framingham State University with a Bachelors in English. She lives in Massachusetts with her family. The Road to Hell is her first book. She can be found at
Latest book: In Deep Waters: Five Nautical Fairy Stories

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Latest book: Revenge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Denise Sanger
Denise Sanger is a high energy business owner with over 30 years experience in the marketing area. She has transitioned her love of fitness and marketing into helping others succeed in their own businesses. She founded How To Stay Fit Over 50 to provide hope and support to others by motivating them to take the first step in their fitness journey no matter what age.
Latest book: Fitness Over 50 - A 30 Day Challenge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Corinne Gaile
Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Corinne L. Gaile started out as a dancer, became an artist, and is now a writer. Along the way, she taught sculpture at a university, curated art exhibitions, and lectured on art and culture in the African Diaspora. Corinne shares her home in Tampa, Florida, with a tortoiseshell cat named Brandie. She spends her free time traveling internationally and kayaking locally.
Latest book: Fearless Freedom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greer Firestone
I graduated from the University of Delaware in 1969 with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in Russian History. The Romanov dynasty fascinated me, especially the era of the last Tsar. Even the names were dramatic and mysterious: Ivan The Terrible, Peter The Great, Catherine the Great. Nicholas II was ill prepared and a hopeless leader of his 130 million subjects. Empress Alexandra had more strength of will and exerted it readily—although lovingly—over her passive husband. The image in the book of the 4 Grand Duchesses haunted me when I first saw it in 1966 continues to haunt me, knowing how those ethereal beauties met their horrific end. And then there’s Alexei. His incurable disease, the “Royal ... read more
Latest book: Alexei and Rasputin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. P. Santi
C. P. Santi is a Filipina writer based in Tokyo, Japan. She is a wife to an engineer / musician / jokester and a full-time mom to two energetic boys. She loves cooking and feeding people, gorging on chocolate, watching J-doramas, belting it out in the karaoke box, and running around the house playing tickle tag. She also loves dreaming up stories about the people she meets. Be Careful What You Wish For is her first finished novel. Please watch out for Kaye and Tessa’s stories ;-) In another life, she is also an architect and academic. She loves to hear from her readers! C. P. Santi blogs about writing and creative stuff at You can also view her other works in progress ... read more
Latest book: When Cocoy Became Kikay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kimber Sharpe
Kimber Sharpe is a female writer of adult erotic fiction. She weaves stories that are sexual fantasies pushed to the darkest place. She writes fiction that includes BDSM, violent sex acts, punishment and pain, and taboo fantasy themes. She does not write romance.
Latest book: Wicked Fantasies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fabienne Wolf
Fabienne Wolf grew up in Switzerland, which put paid to her early dreams of going to sea. She studied visual design, worked as a graphic designer in the Swiss advertising industry and taught art, language and a wide range of other subjects at Waldorf schools in England. A spontaneous decision to take time out, to travel and see the world put her in touch with her love of writing, and she realized her wish of crossing the great oceans at last. That change of course inspired her to write a series of Solo Travel Chronicles.
Latest book: Views from a Cruise ~ Solo around the World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.M. Frey
J.M. Frey is an author, voice actor, model, and professional geek. She holds a BA in Dramatic Literature, where she studied playwriting and wrote her thesis on the evolution of Anime. She received her MA in Communications Culture where she focused on the anthropology of fandom. She is active in the Toronto geek community, appearing at fan conventions, presenting at awards ceremonies, appearing on television, radio, podcasts, and in documentaries to discuss all things fandom through the lens of academia. She plays a recurring character in several different web series and a forthcoming web-based feature film. She has lectured at the Pop Culture Association of America's annual Conference (San Francisco), the Uni ... read more
Latest book: Hero is a Four Letter Word

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bette Browne
Bette Browne is an author of M/M romance, an advocate for equality, and a reader of anything sexy.
Latest book: Dirty Martini

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian K. Larson
Brian was born and raised in Seattle in 1959. He grew up in the town of Mount Lake Terrace, a small suburb north of the city. Brian, being the youngest, had two siblings, his eldest brother, Mike and sister, Pam. School was challenging, as Brian suffers with Dyslexia, a learning disability that affects 1 in 15 Americans. That didn’t stop Brian. He was named "bookworm" in school because he always had his nose in a book. Brian received his MBA in 2010 in Business, now writes for fun, living his lifelong dream of writing science fiction books. He enjoys his off time, with his seventh grade sweetheart, Diana Rose now for going on sixteen years. She has been by his side and continues to supports his writing. B ... read more
Latest book: Warlords of Antares (First Contact)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ruperake Petaia
Ruperake Petaia was born at the village of Leauvaa, Western Samoa. He attended Leauvaa and Malifa Primary Schools, Leiifiifi Intermediate School and Samoa College. During 1970 he worked at the Bank of Western Samoa. He left in 1971 and spend a year “idling” in American Samoa.In 1973 he commenced his career in the Public Service of Western Samoa as a records clerk in the Office of the Public Service Commission, and worked his way up through the ranks to hold the position of Deputy Secretary to the Public Service Commission in 1988. The following year he was appointed as Director for the Posts and Telecommunications Department. In 2002, he left the Public Service when he was called to be a servant of God. He ... read more
Latest book: The Challenge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mistress M
Just on here to be me :-) Have plenty of idea's will upload them as they come between my day job. Lots of fun stories to tell.
Latest book: No Etiquette In Seduction

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mariana Lage
Mariana Lage é jornalista, professora universitária, mestre e doutora em Estética e Filosofia da Arte (UFMG). Seus trabalhos recentes foram Puc-Minas, Escola de Música da UEMG, Jornal O Tempo, Jornal Pampulha e Revista Sagarana. Tem contos, crônicas e haikais publicados no Suplemento Literário de Minas Gerais, e no caderno de moda Pandora, do Jornal O Tempo.
Latest book: No Dorso do Leão

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Topsy Baxter
Throughout my working life I mainly sat in accounting offices, with a brief sojourn as owner of a country book store, followed by a really enjoyable stint as a proof reader to a provincial newspaper. ​ Add to that a well-travelled life and love of history [family, as well as Australian] it seemed only a natural progression into putting words on paper. Or, in this case, on a computer. ​ My first attempt at “dipping my toe in the water” of writing has produced my first novel titled “Interrupted Romance” which is located in both Israel and Australia. I do hope you enjoy a similar excitement to that generated in me while writing it. ​ I am also a mother [of three grown children] and a grandmother, l ... read more
Latest book: The Dairy Cottage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Evelyn Lafont
Evelyn Lafont is a freelance writer and author living in Tampa Bay, Florida. Originally from New England, she likes that none of her shoes or body parts freeze during the short Florida winter. She is the married mother of two catlike furballs and hates doing housework of any kind.
Latest book: His Mistress (Pack Mistress 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lee A Jackson
The Beginning: I began writing in my mid to late teens, sequestered away in my bedroom in rural south west England. The writing was borne out of a need to express myself and to communicate with the world, something I was not good at doing verbally. It became an outlet for me and my writing grew with me through the years. The Middle: The writing did stick with me, and the style and nature of my writing naturally evolved as my life changed. Longer stories started coming along, and I even went through a period of planning and organising stories out before actually writing anything. That flew in the face of the disorganised nature where I would just write everything in one go from a single thought such as a title ... read more
Latest book: Only Watching North

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jwyan C. Johnson
Years ago, author and award-winning poet Jwyan C. Johnson wrote the script to a cartoon. The story starts off with a police chase to a giant dictionary: the home of our vocabulary words. Cops break down the cover, and they all rush in with their weapons drawn. And as they move around inside this book, we learn that they’re looking for one specific word: a simple 9-lettered noun. It has been bragging about its countless offenses committed against our society, against mankind. Surprising unarmed, and not dangerous, this specific word simply turns us against each other. Detectives follow the "alphabetical” directions to the right page, the right column and the right row, only to discover that this word has di ... read more
Latest book: WordPlay: New Christian Parables

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Annette Smith
Annette Bentley Smith is a writer of children’s short stories, rhyming poetry and picture books, for ages 0-4 and 5-9. She lives in Georgia with her husband, two sons, her granddaughter and her stepdaughter. Mrs. Smith’s educational background includes a high school education, and is a graduate of "The Institute of Children’s Literature." She was self-taught as well, by looking and learning from other writers. Her passion for writing began when she was in elementary school, but it took her own children to get her to this point in her writing career. She has worked around and helped a lot of children in her time, and plan to continue to help many more through her writing. Her granddaughter Melody Rayne ena ... read more
Latest book: The Miserable Life of Tac; The Aluminum Can

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Britt Prince
Pastor Britt Prince was born and reared in Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA. He has been involved in full time ministry since 1994, and has served as Pastor of New Destiny Church in Richland, Mississippi, since 1996. He has an affinity toward research and a passion for truth that motivates him to deal with difficult and unorthodox subjects. His books are not designed to be "feel good" messages. They are designed to inspire change. His first Bible study, "The Pentecostal Experience", (1998) has over 100,000 copies in circulation in English and has been translated and published in seven other languages. His second study, "The Godhead Revealed" (2001), has been used by many to gain a clearer understanding of who God r ... read more
Latest book: The Gospel Revealed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lesley Krueger
Lesley Krueger is a novelist, journalist and filmmaker who writes about people trying to lead good lives. She is most recently the author of an e-book novel, Daily Life, the story of a broke family, a widesized house and jury duty in a gangland murder trial. Our heroine, Leslie, struggles to be just in a recession that refuses to end. Coming soon is her children's book, Johnny Bey and the Mizzenglass World, for kids ten and up. Lesley is the author of seven previous books -- three novels, two books of non-fiction and a short story collection. Most recently, her sports e-book, Contender, was published in the summer of 2013 by Toronto Star Dispatches. Her previous novel, The Corner Garden, was published by Pengui ... read more
Latest book: The Hockey Stalker: A Love Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.R. Stewart
Jim was born in Chicago and has memories of living in Buffalo, New York, New England, and Southern California. Finally, he grew up in Oregon where he has lived and worked for the last four decades. His working life has been eclectic, with time spent as a musician, truck driver, laborer, mechanic (of both vehicles and musical instruments), house painter, business owner, salesman, and, through it all, a writer and poet. As a songwriter and performer, Jim has been featured in the films "Dancing on the Edge" and "Pacific Vibrations." With his longtime musical partner Craig Abrahamson, he formed Bivalve, a lively collaboration that has produced two CDs: "Unhinged" and "Middle Ground." The group has morphed into a ... read more
Latest book: White Ravens - And More Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chrissy Deker
I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am happily married to my husband Ken and have three lovely daughters. I am a professional nurse who has been working in the industry for over fifteen years. All of my stories are written entirely on either my iPad or my MacBook Pro.
Latest book: Dead Envy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki Christian
Nikki Christian is a wife, and mother of three children. She enjoys sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and has been preaching the gospel in the United States and other countries for over ten years. Having been dramatically transformed by the love of God and delivered from the harshness of street life, promiscuity, drug use, drug trafficking and gang banging, her aim is to make the transforming power of Jesus’ love known to others.
Latest book: Yes Girl He Loves Me... and Jesus Loves You Too!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kathrine Kautzman
I love science fiction, I love romance and I love a good story. I was having trouble finding good, clean entertainment so I decided to write my own. I also love cows, the color yellow and Jesus.
Latest book: Crimson Mercury Part 5: Reunion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isabel Chloe
Isabel Chloe is the author of A Blossom(Science Fiction), Besides Naturalization (Middle Grade/ Science Fiction), No Last Tattoo (Thriller, Summer, 2014), and Behind Naturalization (Middle Grade/ Science Fiction, Fall, 2014). She has worked in teens and tweens book publishing in the past. After living her youth in Los Angeles and Orange County, Isabel Chloe now lives in London to pursue her career in counseling with arts, besides writing.
Latest book: No Last Tattoo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Max Griffin

Latest book: What in Dreams Abides

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chandrapal Khasiya
Currently I am pursuing MBA in Construction Project Management from RICS School of Built Environment. A fantasy fanatic and an avid reader of thrillers, I dwell at a small port named Jafrabad, nestled near Arabian Sea. In my spare time, I flip open my laptop and starts filling the barren documents with my imagination. For me, writing is fun. It succors my soul. Fortunately, my short stories have published in various anthologies. From heart pounding thriller to flying butterflies romance, from nail biting mystery to spine chilling horror, I've written on various genres. Blogging, random photography and devising philosophies are my favorite ways to kill the time. In short, I am eccentric and ambivert.
Latest book: The Gift

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Tortolano
Jim Tortolano is a professor at Golden West College in California. He recently was editor and publisher of the Garden Grove Journal community newspaper. His journalism career included writing and editing for the Long Beach Press-Telegram, Orange County Evening News and Los Angeles Times. Additionally, he served for seven years in the California State Military Reserve (reserve to the National Guard) in the public affairs section, rising to the rank of staff sergeant. He is married and living in his hometown of Garden Grove. His interests include history (especially military and local history), politics and film, as well as writing and reading.
Latest book: No Justice: Adventures of the Black Dog

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.D. Penedo
A.D. Penedo is an award winning author best known for his theatrical works such as the musicals Who's Your Baghdaddy? or How I Started the Iraq War and The Chocolate Tree, and his plays Thursday, Dance of the Fireflies and the play titled after and based on this story, which won Best Playwriting at the 2011 New York Fringe Festival.
Latest book: The Three Times She Knocked

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sue Raymond
Have you ever lie on your back glazing up at the clouds imagining different pictures? Sue Raymond spent many Iowan summer days creating stories for her sister and herself. Sue has written a crime murder mystery series, The DeBois Series and also is a freelance artist. She also has written children stories, written a fantasy, a romance novel, exploring avenue for publishing them. She is married and has two grown sons and four grandchildren who are the apple of her eye.
Latest book: Death Plummet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Don Menzel
Donald C. Menzel is emeritus professor of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University, past president of the American Society for Public Administration, and currently the President of Ethics Management International. He has published widely in the field of public administration with particular interest in ethics and local government management. Recent books include Ethics Management for Public Administrators: Leading and Building Organizations of Integrity (2012, Ethics Moments in Government: Cases and Controversies was published in 2010 by the Taylor & Francis group, and a co-edited volume, The State of Public Administration: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, with Harvey White was published in 2011 by ... read more
Latest book: The New China: Contemporary Life & Governance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ann Cockcroft
Ann Cockcroft is the author of three novels and a book of poetry. She is also an artist, with works owned around the world. She and her husband, the author Luke Rhinehart, recently collaborated on revising her third novel and publishing it under a new title, PIRATED HEART.
Latest book: Pirated Heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rod Heikell
Rod Heikell was born in New Zealand in 1949 and sailed hesitantly around bits of it’s coast in a variety of yachts. He tried racing in the Hauraki Gulf but was really not much good at it. In England he abandoned academic life and for no good reason other than curiosity, he bought Roulette, a 1950’s plywood JOG yacht nearly 20ft long, and sailed it down to the Mediterranean. He worked on charter here and delivered yachts until, in ignorance of the scale of the task, he set off to write a yachtsman’s guide to Greece. This was followed by guides for other countries in the Mediterranean. He has sailed back and forth between England and the Mediterranean including a trip down the Danube and on to Turkey in Ros ... read more
Latest book: Sailing Ancient Seas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicolette Lodge
Nicolette Lodge, author of ‘FORGIVENESS – your gift of love to yourself’, is a spiritual inspirational writer and speaker. She draws on life experience, intuition and Spirit for guidance. Her passion is to help others transcend their pasts, to heal their hurts and to reconnect with their Spirit source which is LOVE. She believes that to help others achieve real forgiveness, is to heal our world. "Love and forgiveness are inseparable and it all begins with self-love." She conducts talks and workshops in Johannesburg, South Africa where she resides, speaking on a range of diverse topics. Her signature talk is ‘Three Keys to Forgiveness’. Nicolette is an intuitive writer and speaker who utilises differen ... read more
Latest book: Forgiveness: Your Gift of Love to Yourself

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Heliades
Chris Heliades is a 33 year old resident of Thessaloniki, Greece. During daylight he's an officer of HAF (Hellenic Air Force) but after sundown...he is not fighting crime, in any form, organized or disorganized (although he once helped an old lady buy cigarettes). The only people priviledged with the knowledge of his true identity are his wife, his daughter, his friends, his colleagues, his parents, his neighbours, his butler and a few others on facebook (GAINAISOIS HELIADES). Devotee of Warhammer 40k, Terry Pratchett and heavy metal music, has a mind full of stuff that, to be honest, might not be interesting for some of you, just the way things are you know, stop forcing me, I'm not telling you anything... ... read more
Latest book: Jenesis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Debra Cine
I never know what exactly to write in these sections. I'm a 22 year old with dreams of being a professional writer, and at this point I really can't see myself being anything else. I have a beautiful baby girl who just turned three, and a husband that is soon to be an ex-marine. We plan on moving back to our home state of Florida sometime in the next two years. Hopefully I'll be on the track I want to be by then as far as my career is concerned and I'm hoping smashwords can help get me there! If you'd like to know anything specific about me feel free to visit any of my listed web pages and send me a message :)
Latest book: Finding Color in the Grey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Laurent
Author Peter Laurent was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He studied 3D animation in Auckland, then worked full-time in Mount Maunganui. Peter then formed his own company, Indiana Games Limited, and has been freelancing art and animation back in Auckland ever since. “The Covert Academy” is his first novel, borne of a passion for creative storytelling.
Latest book: The Covert Academy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elissa Stark
Elissa Stark was born on a Friday the 13th. From a young age, she loved reading ghost and horror stories as well as mysteries with Nancy Drew. She began a modest habit of writing fiction as a young girl which grew exponentially over the years. In addition to being an author, she is a traveler, technical support rep, improv actor, and graphic designer. Elissa has long been charmed by cities such as Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans. The romantic and haunted atmosphere of these old Southern cities always pull her back. She earned her degree in religious studies and classical civilization. Once, she ran away and sailed around the world. Eventually, she came back. Elissa resides in her hometown of Atlanta, Ge ... read more
Latest book: Seven Souls (Harrow, Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacelyn Rye
I like to think of myself as many things. I can be as alluring as the love that flows from my pen: pure, honest, simple. But then, like a storm that suddenly appears over the mountain, I can also have you running for shelter where there's no place to hide. Like life, itself, I try to deliver the hard with the soft, the pain with the joy, the instant with the forever. All of it, for a reason. And it's there that one can best enter my life. Growing up in the blue sky country of Colorado doesn't leave an impression, it becomes a lifeblood. For me, the clarity of that truth flows through my stories, my characters and my inherent spirituality that somehow knows faith, in the end, triumphs over despair. And ... read more
Latest book: Surrender to Fate Part 1 of Fate's Path

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roejay the Poet

Latest book: The Stick Up

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jake C. Wallace
In the past Jake has written under JC Wallace. He's been writing all of his life, however it wasn't until a couple of years ago that he ventured out to publishing. At night and on the weekends, he writes about all things men. He believes there is nothing hotter than two men loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, he loves a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending.
Latest book: Diventando: The Vessel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Slusher
James C. Slusher, author of "Leviathan's Scales," available on Smashwords, and all major ebook sales websites, is an award-winning newspaper writer and editor with more than 35 years experience throughout the Midwest and California. As Assistant Managing Editor for Opinion at the Daily Herald, the third largest daily newspaper in Illinois, he oversees the development of the editorial page and helps define the editorial voice at a 130,000-circulation daily newspaper serving the west and northwest suburbs of Chicago. Slusher works closely with other newsroom managers to establish and monitor policies of the news operation, and he writes a weekly column to give readers insights into the decision-maki ... read more
Latest book: Leviathan's Scales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brid Wade
Born in Dublin, Ireland, Brid’s family hails from the inner city, making her a true blue ‘Dub’. One of four sisters, she was educated by the Holy Faith Nuns in Larkhill. Always drawn to the arts, Brid studied piano at the Municipal School of Music. Later she joined a band where she played the electronic organ and sang harmony with her sister. They were known as The Honeybees. At nineteen, she met her future husband and travelled to Manchester for a year before returning to Ireland where they married and she settled down to become a stay-at-home mum to their three children. At that time she learned to paint, which led to her joining The North Dublin Craftworkers’ Association, on whose behalf she ran the ... read more
Latest book: Matt Costello Mysteries Box Set

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Teresa Keefer
Long time reader, new author has lots of stories to tell. Be it romance, suspense, paranormal, political, crime...yes, this mind is really busy at times! The sooner I can write them, the sooner my mind will come up with yet another story. Too bad this day job gets in the way!
Latest book: Blood Vengeance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Jackson-Lawrence
A fan of writing since he could first hold a crayon, R Jackson-Lawrence has had a tortuous path before reaching this point in his life. In between working in a supermarket, care home and hospital, and having a family, it took nearly twenty years for his first book to be finished. He now has three of the Benjamin Knight novels published, as well as his series for younger readers - Pups! (The adventures of a third grade werewolf). His next novel will be a science fiction adventure with elements of Arthurian Legend - X-Calibur: The Return
Latest book: Knightfall - Book 1 of The Chronicle of Benjamin Knight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Beth Fiedler
I have done many things that most would not dream of doing. I can assure you that it's not intentional. I am like everyone else "if given a choice" prefer a more settled lifestyle with minimal changes and hassles. Having experienced and overcame many extraordinary life challenges, I believe my sharing can make others' lives easier and simpler. I believe in sharing will make the world a better place to live! I believe in hard work and persistence. Sometimes it might have not led me to the course I wanted. I accepted the twists gracefully and moved on. I believe in empowerment and not line of authority. I frequently take an initiative to make things happen. Yes, could be lonely upfront with minimal or n ... read more
Latest book: My Roller Coaster Ride

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frances Ogamba
My name is Ogamba Frances Kodilyjoe. I am a female graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. I studied Foreign Languages and Literary Studies. I am a poet and an author.
Latest book: Pink Butterflies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Eichenlaub
Mark is a teacher, author, runner and coach. He lives in the south suburbs of Chicago and is currently training for his first marathon.
Latest book: 7 Running Tips You Can Use Today from Top Experts (Upgraded and Expanded)