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My husband and I have written this book together. After starting it myself, my husband thought that Andrew's views needed to be told and I will admit he has a much better sense of humour than I do. Andrew's Confused Thoughts are very amusing at times. We estimate that there will be at least three books in this Series for all to be revealed. We hope you enjoy their story.
Latest book: Smitten

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dennis Blackwell
Our generation has experienced incredible advances in technology, science, mathematics and other disciplines. Accordingly, we have been culturally conditioned to place our trust in other people who have been formally educated in specialized disciplines. As we can all testify, placing our trust in trained professionals within secular disciplines is typically very wise and beneficial; but, as we are about to learn from Jesus and the Apostles, placing that same trust in professionals who have been trained in the spiritual disciplines by institutions of men (seminaries) can be dangerous because of the denominational ‘traditions’ and ‘doctrines of men’ that are inherently adopted into most of the textbooks a ... read more
Latest book: When Deception Transcends Perception

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.A. Clemmings
C.A. Clemmings is from Kingston, Jamaica. She writes general fiction about ordinary characters with an enigmatic and enduring spirit. Her short stories, Placencia and Rebirth were published in eBook format and are available where eBooks are sold. Her debut novel, The Outlaw’s Enigma, will be published in 2016. C.A. Clemmings lives in New Jersey. Visit her online at
Latest book: Rebirth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page S. Smith
S. Smith grew up on a farm with a tremendously large garden. She maintains that if you can't taste the soil on a carrot, it's not fresh enough. Although she now lives with her husband, children, and three cats in the city, she still manages to grow fruit and vegetables on their lot, as well as tend to a couple of egg-laying and friendly hens. Smith has been writing since she could hold a pencil, although the lettering she left on her grandmother's books sometimes contained a reverse capital R. In high school, she won awards for her poetry and short stories, and later was an editor on her college newspaper. Upon graduating with a degree in Communication Arts, Smith accepted a job at a small newspaper in eastern ... read more
Latest book: Keeper (Seed Savers)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Julie Richie
I am a cancer survivor, writer, mother, baker, volunteer, daily dog walker and compulsive declutterer living in Dallas, TX with my husband and two teenage boys. I received my MFA in creative writing from Lesley University in 2011 and am in the process of revising a young adult novel.
Latest book: 100 Things Anyone Can Be Grateful For

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shanae Branham
I am a professional writer with a bachelor's degree in creative writing and a minor in grammar. I have also attended several years of classes and workshops in screenplay writing at the Los Angeles Screenplay writer's Expo. I love suspenseful, action-adventures and clean, young adult, romance stories. I was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. I am the second out of six children. When I was in my early 20's my mother was killed by a drunk driver. This one incident drastically changed my life. I have always had a passion for reading and writing fiction. Owing to a life long struggle with Dyslexia, early teachers discouraged me from pursuing a career in writing. As I have spent over twenty-five years transf ... read more
Latest book: Boston's Quest

Follow me at my  Facebook Page H. Lovelyn Bettison
H. Lovelyn Bettison was born into a creative family with a strong tradition of storytelling. From an early age, she wrote stories. Some of her first works of fiction involved talking trees and magical creatures. She started writing flash fiction in her early twenties. Before she knew it her flash fiction started turning into novels. Though the trees in her current stories don’t usually talk, she has remained true to her childhood interest in the magical aspects of life.
Latest book: Perfect Family

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doris Schneider
Doris Schneider is a writer, artist, and former professor of theatre at William Carey University and North Carolina Central University. While directing a play in Singapore, extra time in a lush hotel room prompted her to continue writing a story she had begun years before in a not-so-lush tent in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The result is Borrowed Things. Her interests also include short stories and memoir.
Latest book: By Way of Water

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patrick McNamara
Patrick McNamara has received spirit contact since he was a small child and has been a psychic medium all his life. He resides in England. Through his physical mediumship abilities, Patrick's aim is to prove to others that we do live on after this life in a spiritual dimension. There is no death. A long-standing member of The Society for Psychical Research (SPR) in London, Patrick tries to provide objective scientific proof of supernatural phenomena by capturing spirit evidence on camera. The group and website, was created to distribute his evidence. Since leaving school, Patrick has been a serial entrepreneur, investing in different business areas. He has also worked in the entertainment in ... read more
Latest book: Conan Doyles Wallet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pavarti K. Tyler
USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Pavarti K. Tyler is an artist, wife, mother and number cruncher. She graduated Smith College in 1999 with a degree in Theatre. After graduation, she moved to New York, where she worked as a Dramaturge, Assistant Director and Production Manager on productions both on and off Broadway. She now lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, two daughters and two terrible dogs. When not penning her hot steamy erotic romance books she twists her mind by writing horror/erotica blends. Pavarti K. Tyler also writes as P.K. Tyler (Literary, Women's) and Kara S Tyler (Children's Books).
Latest book: The Sugar House Novellas - Special Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page enxebrebooks
Enxebrebooks es una editorial con nuevas ideas,en la que tanto si eres un autor o un audaz lector tendrás tu espacio para compartir, comentar, recomendar y sobre todo leer. Nuestro principal canal es la venta online a través de nuestra página principal y las principales plataformas (amazon, kobo, grammatta, google play). Aunque tenemos opciones para todos: ¿Quieres un libro de nuestro catálogo pero sin comprar por internet? ¿Vives fuera de España? Escríbenos:
Latest book: Dignidad, cultura y libertad

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.C. Akers
Like many who enjoy the fantasy genre, Akers started reading it as an adolescent. He was fascinated with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and Bram Stoker's Dracula. He currently enjoys reading works by Dean Koontz, Heather Brewer, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan. Akers enjoys creating a fantasy world with compelling storylines, while injecting humor and a touch of drama into the action as he did with his first book Terra Vonnel and the Skulls of Aries, which has received rave reviews. "I start every story with this thought: Where can I take my audience now? To me it's about the journey, the escape into a world filled with the fantastic and the unexpected. There is nothing like an adventure that takes you further fr ... read more
Latest book: Haven Series Collection (Books 1 & 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Cassidy
Ben Cassidy lives in Vancouver, WA, with his wife and three children. He pursued graduate studies in history for several years until he decided that reading six scholarly books a week was not challenging enough for him, and so switched to being a stay-at-home dad. He has been writing since he was in third grade, though now he is able to bribe other people to do the illustrating for him. He has the uncanny habit of writing of himself in the third person, and is disturbed by how easily his whole life can be summed up in four sentences. Or even five.
Latest book: Throne of Llewyllan (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book Two)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alexis Alexander
TO SAY MY life has been normal would be an injustice. I believe growing up a military brat gave me a bit of an edge to go after the things I wanted no matter how crazy they seemed or who said I couldn't do it. Maybe not everything worked out exactly how I wanted, but then again, I am fortunate to have done things in life many haven't. My adventure as an Author has defiantly been exciting to say the least. In my life one thing has remained a passion and that is my love of reading and writing. My writing is what made last minute, should have done this a week ago and now it's due at 9am, college papers so successful. (But I wouldn't recommend that process to anyone.) I have been very blessed to have wonderful peop ... read more
Latest book: Strong Enough

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Howard Munns
Howard Munns (1911-2002) was a gifted artist and student of life. Born in a homesteader's sod hut on the barren plains of Montana, orphaned by the age of 17, his early life was tempered by poverty and hardship and annealed by the Great Depression. Self-taught and nurturing his natural talent in a time when art was thought to be no more than a frivolous waste of time, he channeled his passion into steady work and slowly built a successful life. Tentative yet tenacious, sensitive yet practical, he shouldered all burdens and persevered, ultimately winning prosperity and satisfaction in a life well-lived. Written in four installments over the last 20 years of his life, The View from the Summit is his story in his o ... read more
Latest book: The View from the Summit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ulric Van den Bogaerde
I have been writing since I was about 11. I have written in many genres and worked professionally as a writer in television.  I have kept a journal since I was 16, which now consists of more than 90 volumes. It’s focused on every day life, the people I know and the messes we make.  My dyslexia makes both reading and particularly writing a challenge. It’s true to say that I would probably never have learnt to read at all were it not for my mother being so determined I would not be left behind. I was lucky enough to get treatment at Guy’s Hospital in the first NHS Dyslexic unit in the UK along with further teaching from many specialists over the years. Thanks to these opportunities I was able to get ... read more
Latest book: The Heroism of Casper Dann

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.K. Evans
I was born in Phoenix, AZ, where I still reside, despite the horrendous summer months. I currently live in a suburb of Phoenix with my husband (a truly wonderful man), two dogs, two cats, and three newts (I love love love animals). Right out of high school, I got recruited into the corporate world and found I had a knack for accounting. I spent seventeen years in various divisions of accounting, but never felt fully satisfied by the turn my life had taken. Of all I had imagined my future to be, chained to a desk was not in any of my plans. In one of those wild moments where you're ready to bungee jump off a building, I quit my job and went to work on opening a dog daycare business, with all the support and love ... read more
Latest book: Keepers of Arden The Brothers Volume 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lamar Powell
C. Lamar Powell has more than 25 years experience working for the Department of Defense as an Intelligence Officer (specializing in Human Intelligence or HUMINT), Russian interpreter, and translator. He has also served as the Chief of Recruiting for the Defense Intelligence Agency and is a certified Advanced Linguist and Master Language Instructor from the Department of Defense's Foreign Language Institute.
Latest book: Bad and Worse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Evie Gaughan
Evie Gaughan is the bestselling author of The Cross Of Santiago and The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris. Living on the West Coast of Ireland, which is not renowned for its sunny climate, Evie escapes from the inclement weather into a converted attic to write stories and dream about underfloor heating. Inspired by her love of historical fiction, gothic mysteries and romantic comedies, Evie has crafted her own unique style of writing that is warm, engaging and full of humour. She is currently working on her third novel.
Latest book: Betwixt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Baibin Nighthawk
Baibin Nighthawk writes spy fiction, thrillers and science fiction. She is the co-author of the Mark Savannah espionage series and of the Dhungwana Chronicles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Certificate in Art (Martenot Arts Plastiques, Paris). Baibin Nighthawk scrive thriller di spionaggio, romanzi di fantascienza, di azione e di avventura. E' laureata in Economia e specializzata in Arte (Martenot Arts Plastiques, Paris). Dominick Fencer writes spy fiction, thrillers and science fiction. He is the co-author of the Mark Savannah espionage series and of the Dhungwana Chronicles. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and an MBA. Dominick Fencer: scrive thriller di spionaggio ... read more
Latest book: Dhungwana 2117 - Gli Annali di Dhungwana (2117– 3451). Parte I.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Prashanth Rajarao
Prashanth Rajarao lives in Bangalore, India and works in a telecom software company. Besides his work, he is passionate about travelling to different places, meeting new people and having different experiences in his life. Prashanth loves to read biographies of successful people who inspire him to take a leaf out of their lives. He writes small articles, stories and poems on nature and man's connection with his environment and the Supreme power called God
Latest book: Thoughts of a River

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Baltazar Ray
Baltazar Ray, a resident of New York City--is an author, architect, and a photographer. Through his street photography series, he was inspired to create the FancyCrazyHydrants concept. This concept covers photographs, digital art works, graphic images in various media, and written words with the sole subject--the fire hydrant. The Adventures of the FancyCrazyHydrants (FCH) is a sci-fi children's book series written for Young Readers aged 9 to 12. It is a group of crime fighting super fire hydrants that became alive at the turn of the Third Millennium--as programmed by a scientist 100 years before they were timed to become alive. These fire hydrants have tremendous super powers in which they use WATER as their ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of the FancyCrazyHydrants - The Mission

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Conall
There's the poet and the beader and the third-wave feminist, And the queer white atheist—I've got zir on the list! The listener to Celtic and Janelle Monáe and P!nk, The redhead gray-A woman who just wants people to think, The square-dancing social democrat who knows ze's very shy, Who doesn't Irish dance but would rather like to try, Who critiques TV by writing what ze'd really like to watch, Who fears that everything ze does is something of a botch, And that singular anomaly, the lady novelist— I don't think ze'd be missed—I'm sure ze'd not be missed!
Latest book: A Dinner of Herbs: Tales from Scarborough Fair

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bitten Press
Bitten Press, a kiss of erotica with a bite of fantasy publishing company. We blend teasing genres of erotica with the mystery world of fantasy. Then with deepen the kiss with our forms of erotic and fantasy poetry.
Latest book: Sisters of Debauchery, Donna Book Two

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jackie Vandall Thomas III
Jackie Vandall Thomas III is a children's author who writes and illustrates books that are mostly silly in nature. He lives in a stone fortress up on Mount Shasta with his wife, Sandra the Destroyer, and his army of pet otters. He enjoys Chinese food, non-Chinese food, and puppets.
Latest book: The Ridiculous Adventures of Michael Mattingly: The TERRIBLE Monster

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda DeBlanco
Linda DeBlanco was born in Hollywood, California in the golden days of tinsel town. She grew up and went through school surrounded by movie studios in Burbank, where she married and had two children. Divorcing after nine years of domestic bliss and leaving behind the typical housewife life, she entered the world of business in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties where she successfully earned big bucks, raised her kids and seemed to have it all. Everything but peace and happiness, that is. At 43 she set out to unravel her life and determine why everything EXCEPT happiness was easily within her reach. The important lessons she learned are the essence of SUPERMOM: The Lost Child. Profiting from her enlightenme ... read more
Latest book: GET PACKING: If Now Now, When?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Curcio
Anthony Curcio is an aspiring Children's Book author and speaker to students about the dangers of drugs and the importance of making positive choices. A graduate of Washington State University in 2004, majoring in social science and business, Anthony later earned a doctorate in 'crime-ology’ , a degree he wish he didn't study so hard to earn. April 4th, 2013 he was released to a halfway house in Seattle, WA. Shortly thereafter he reunited with his wife and two young daughters.
Latest book: Heist and High

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andy Ravenscroft
I'm both a town mouse and a country mouse and as such I've found that I belong everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The places where I have been able to live with most conviction, though, are the ones inside my head. I've been living in them and writing about them for years. I've finally found a place to share them, and if you decide to visit one or more of them I hope you enjoy your stay. If you'd like to chat about science fiction, fantasy, rock and roll, the future, or more or less anything else, please visit my website:
Latest book: The Facebook Genocide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isaac Trinidad
Isaac Trinidad está casado con Shirley Marichal, con quien ha procreado cuatro niños, siendo estos la razón de escribir este libro. Asesor Inmobiliario, Coach personal, Es un veterano de guerra, estuvo en el Navy (1996-2000) de los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica a bordo de un barco anfibio y porta avión, llamado Saipán (LHA-2). Allí desempeñó varias posiciones, entre ellas, la de Comisionado de The Hispanic Heritage Committe (El Comité de la Herencia Hispana) fiesta que se celebra en Estados Unidos, desde el 15 de septiembre hasta el 15 de octubre de cada año. Después de haber cumplido su tiempo en el Navy, en agosto 12, 2002 ingresa al U.S. Air Force Reserves, para ayudar a su segunda patria, E.U ... read more
Latest book: República Dominicana: El secreto mejor guardado del mundo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian Young

Latest book: Desert Blood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Susanne Alleyn
Susanne Alleyn has loved history all her life, aided and abetted by her grandmother, Lillie V. Albrecht, an author of historical children's books in the 1950s and 60s. Happy to describe herself as an insufferable knowitall about historical trivia (although she lost on Jeopardy!), Susanne has been writing and researching historical fiction for nearly three decades. She is the author of A Far Better Rest, the reimagining of A Tale of Two Cities (Soho Press, 2000); the four Aristide Ravel Mysteries (St. Martin's Press); and The Executioner's Heir: A Novel of Eighteenth-Century France. Nonfiction includes Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders: A Writer's (& Editor's) Guide to Keeping Historical Fiction Free of Com ... read more
Latest book: A Treasury of Regrets

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J Elizabeth Hardges
Jamie Elizabeth Hardges Born: April 24, 1978 in Newark, NJ Management: Carlos and Elizabeth Merriweather Social Networks: My twitter link: My Facebook Fanpage: Myspace: This is your ticket to rising above any obstacle! Give it a watch, and at the right time, follow the instructions to get your gift sent straight to you.
Latest book: Experience A Rhema Word... Expressions

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Russell Claridge
I have always been dyslexic and did not read my first book until I was almost 16 years old. I good measure of that should go to my secondary school extra help team they were good, though I have no doubt that I did not appreciate them when I was a student, I certainly do now. I do love reading. Though I am what... a reformed dyslexic I still read very slow. I had noticed from a young age I loved telling stories too, though obviously I could not put pen to paper as my writing age was far below my reading age. But now I feel confident that I can put my imagination to good use and put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and share the stories I have conjured in the corners of my mind. I am proudly a sci fi man though ... read more
Latest book: The Legend of Alundi - Journey to the Emerald Skull

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack B. Fleming
Hello, I'm sure you are under no illusion that many bios are written in the 3rd person. I've always found that a bit weird so, if you want to know a bit about me... I've played guitar for over a decade and recently achieved a First Class BA(Hons) in Professional Musicianship. During this time I was able enough to attend guitar master classes run by great players like as Guthrie Govan, Adrian Legg, Carl Verheyen, Steve Smyth, Chris Eaton, Aynsley Lister, Paul Bielatowicz and Billy Sheehan. As a result of my studies I'm filled with nerdy guitar information that I want to impart and for much cheaper than your average University Music course! I've also worked for bassist Herbie Flowers (Lou Reed, David Bowie) ... read more
Latest book: Plug In And Play: Guitar!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen Dew
The author, Stephen E. Dew, is a veteran of 33 years from the Telecommunication Industry in Australia. He obtained an Associate Diploma in Engineering in 1997 and achieved several units towards a Graduate Certificate in Management by 2004. Having relocated back to Perth, after 5 years in Melbourne writing Strategic papers for his business unit, he settle in Bedford and began writing as hobby. In 2008, he left the Telecommunications sector and traveled SE Asia. He finally settled in Cambodia, where he obtained TESOL qualifications in 2010 and a Graduate Diploma in Enterprise Applied Management in 2011. He now teaches English Academic Writing to Khmer ESL students at a well renowned University in Phnom Penh. Step ... read more
Latest book: Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills: An International ESL Students English Essay Writing Book (Academic Writing Skills) (Volume 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fjord Lee

Latest book: From Good To Fantastic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrey Davydov
Andrey Davydov Research Supervisor of the Special Scientific Info-Analytical Laboratory—Catalog of Human Souls and Partner with Human Population Academy. Researcher, sinologist. Andrey Davydov (Андрей Николаевич Давыдов, born 30 March 1953) is a Russian researcher, sinologist. Davydov has discovered that Shan Hai Jing is the Catalog of human population and has created the Catalog of Human Souls based on decryption of Shan Hai Jing and other ancient books. He has authored over 300 books, as well as multiple scientific monographs, ideologies, and books on international topics. List of publications is available here - . Davydov was born ... read more
Latest book: 21 Female Clichés

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Magestore
Magestore is a top Magento Extension Provider founded in January 2010. We have operated and developed with the slogan “Magento Extensions of Innovative Functions” for four years. Now, we have more than 40 extensions and a lot of them are best-sellers for years such as Affiliate Plus, Reward Points, Inventory Management, One Step Checkout, Gift Card, Simi POS and SimiCart.
Latest book: Magento Made Easy: Comprehensive Guide to Magento Setup and Development (Vol. 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Hanan Iglesias
Victoria Hanan Iglesias is a professional writer, adventurer and proud auntie of six amazing nephews and nieces -- and counting! A recipient of the Msgr. John A. Shocklee Interfaith Social Justice Award (2000), she is a member of Who's Who and active in humanitarian outreach organizations around the world.
Latest book: A Beginner's Guide to Sociopaths: A Hands-On Survival Manual

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K. M. Carroll
Kessie Carroll has been writing for twenty years, and her tastes range from mystery to paranormal romance. Currently she has fallen in love with modern fantasy's older brother: urban fantasy. She lives in Arizona with her husband and four children, where they find creative ways to beat the heat.
Latest book: The Regency Shifter Series books 1-3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher Winterberg
Christopher Winterberg is a new author. He has not been published in any reviews, quarterlies, journals, periodicals, or elsewhere. He has never won a young writers award, middle-aged writers award, or an old writers award. He was never named one of the most famous writers of any generation, era, or century. He is the recipient of zero literary awards. He looks forward to those in the future, if warranted. He has no previous experience as a critic, editor, or publisher. He has not appeared at any book events, festivals, conferences, or even book signings. He looks forward to those in the future, if invited. He is a member of a writing group, which he rarely attends. He is not internationally or nationally know ... read more
Latest book: Twisted Sanity

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.M. Keep
**J.M. Keep's naughtiest work is hidden from the public. Click their author page to make sure you are seeing the full selection of dirty stories!** J.M. Keep writes the sexiest, darkest smut. With a lust for fantasy and scifi erotica, they're passionate about their naughty, incestuous stories and their devious demon's too large to fit into a mortal body. From breeding and reluctance, to gangbangs and naughty school girls, J.M. Keep has you covered. Owner of Darknest Fantasy Erotica, J.M. Keep has been writing smut as a pair for over 10 years. 18+. Content warnings and word counts are available on the second page of all books. Website: Newsletter: Facebo ... read more
Latest book: The Elven Babe: Trilogy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arya Rewan
Arya Rewan likes to think she exists solely on the internet - and perhaps in the minds and imaginations of her readers. Born and raised in India, she recently moved to the US for higher studies. She has a quirky sense of humor, the zest to enjoy life and a creative mind in love with the imaginary world in all its shapes and forms (that perpetually keeps coming up with uncountable story ideas without any consideration for real life commitments. Unfortunately, real life always prevails). Arya currently resides in a dreamy city which proudly calls three rivers and 446 bridges its own. She shares her space with her laptop and about a 1000 books; her friends from the imaginary world permeate her real life too. Wri ... read more
Latest book: Between What's Wrong and Right

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Mendoza
My name is Steve. i am 27 years old. I hope that my stories can help those who need a smile and those who want to have a new hero. I love to write and my favorite author is Seanan McGuire (and I really hope that she also can read my work). I am trying to currently write a series of books (maybe 7) and get myself in a Barnes and Noble website. That will make me so happy. Anything else, just ask either on my facebook or linkedin.
Latest book: Menace of the Blond Fox

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Reeves
Hi, I’m Robert Reeves Author. Lawyer. World Traveler. Lover of Wine. Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, I currently live in Denver where I practice law. Life in the Rockies provides ample road trips, fly-fishing excursions, and other adventures usually shared with my weim-lab, Cooper. Away from the courtroom or the pen, I can usually be found traveling rustic foreign locations (Africa, South America, Australia), camping/hiking, cooking or just enjoying a new book find with a drink.
Latest book: When Aspens Quake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Simon Goodson
Simon Goodson is the author of the highly rated 'Wanderer's Escape' science fiction novel, and the two exciting books comprising the 'Dark Soul Silenced' fantasy story. His short stories cover a variety of speculative fiction including, but not limited to, science fiction and fantasy. Several of the short stories are freely available from, while many more are available in the collection 'Last Sunrise & Other Stories'. Simon fits in writing around a full time job as an IT Consultant and a hectic family life looking after his twelve year old son and two three year old daughters. He can be found head down over his laptop most lunchtimes and during the commute home.
Latest book: Tales From the Starflare Universe and Beyond

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gryffyn Phoenix
I started my love affair with books at five years old. It all began when a copy of the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe hit me on the head ... climbing bookcases can hurt. We didn't own a wardrobe, so I pushed on every wall in the house, even the ones in the closet, trying to get in. An entrance to Narnia was impossible to find. Bummer. Putting my disappointment aside, I set about creating my own lands for everyone to enjoy. Look out Disney. Check me out on social media, I'm everywhere, or at least I try to be, and I love to talk to my readers. If you're interested in a dead tree version of the book please visit or want more information about me, you can find it at www.gryffynphoenix.c ... read more
Latest book: Helm Abomination

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lori Thomas
Lori Thomas is an award-winning writer with thirty years of experience weaving words into elaborate landscapes and intricate characters. Harvey Drury and the Fantastical Magic Flute is her very first outing into the world of magic and fairy tales, where legends and adventure collide into a new-age telling of the mystery of the Hamelin children. A mystery that intrigued her since she read it at the age of six, Lori decided the questions surrounding the Hamelin children finally deserved a conclusion, and Harvey Drury is the result. As we journey along with Harvey and his newfound “friend” Heinrich, we learn about accepting ourselves as we really are, and living your life ABOVE other people’s expectation ... read more
Latest book: Harvey Drury and the Fantastical Magic Flute