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Visit my Facebook Page Ellen Marie Jensen
Ellen Marie Jensen Was born and raised in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (USA.) The child of a coastal Sámi immigrant from Finnmark, she has returned to live in the land of her ancestors where she is actively engaged in the Sámi society. She has attained a Master’s in Indigenous Studies at the University of Tromsø and also studied Literature and Culture (English), with a focus on Indigenous literature. Having recently taught English at the Sámi language immersion school in Deatnu/Tana, Ellen Marie currently lives with her two children in Tromsø, where she is a freelance writer, translator, and editor. She is also continuing graduate studies at the University of Tromsø with an emphasis in Sámi and I ... read more
Latest book: We Stopped Forgetting: Stories from Sami Americans
Visit my Facebook Page Loretta DiLeo
Loretta DiLeo has been a practicing body/energetic therapist for thirty-five years. Her background consists of twenty-five years of work and study with her mentor, Dr. Richard M. Jasper, D.C. There she participated in a five-year collaboration of alternative physicians, directed and administered by Doctor Jasper, combining their specialties to reverse chronic conditions. Loretta acted as assistant to each discipline, adding her own expertise of energetic healing in a number of cases. During the late nineteen eighties into the early nineties, she was the energetic therapist for one of the first cancer retreat programs at Wainwright House in Rye, New York until its relocation to Princeton University. Approach ... read more
Latest book: I'll Be Seeing You
Visit my Facebook Page Khaldoun Al Shalak
خلدون الشلق إجازة في العلوم الرياضية والفيزيائية. خريج جامعة دمشق، عملت في تدريس الرياضيات والفيزياء اعمل الآن ضمن مشروع يعرف باسم "السلسلة العلمية المتميزة". احاول من خلال هذه السلسلة ترسيخ الثقافة العلمية في مجتمعنا العربي، خاصة عند الناشئة من الشبان. تتالف السلسلة العلمية من مجموعة من الكتب ، علم الفلك، الفيزياء، الرياضيات، .... أحاول من خلال أعمالي طرح فكرة توحيد رؤية العالم، العلم والفكر ... read more
Latest book: النسبية الخاصة
Visit my Facebook Page Charles Odimayo
Charles is a highly spiritual serial Entrepreneur engaged in different industries. He has several years of solid experience managing and operating a number of businesses. Although engineering studies are his tools and also his passion, Charles has a special place in his heart for God and Spiritual matters. He loves to share his knowledge of Heaven and encounters with angels in order to improve spiritual wisdom in all. Born in tradition-dominated era to the Orunbemekun Royal family of Irele Kingdom, Southwest Nigeria; Charles Odimayo hailed from well-knitted multiple families of royals from both sides. Charles relocated to United States of America in 1980. He traveled through North America, parts of Europe & ... read more
Latest book: The New Pharisees
Visit my Facebook Page Nicolas Victorien
J'aime écrire des histoires inspirées de rêves, d'idées de situation ou d'atmosphère fantastique. Je travaille surtout sur des histoires courtes, mais j'ai aussi quelques projets plus longs en cours. Si vous aimez et souhaitez connaître la suite, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un message: For English readers: short "horror" stories in French. Even YOU can read them !
Latest book: Espèce menacée
Visit my Facebook Page Ethan Stratmore
Ethan Stratmore, author and journalist, lives and works in New Guinea.
Latest book: The Painting in the Crate. A Pounds & Sterling Short Story
Visit my Facebook Page Ian C Douglas
The best writers are part-librarian and part-swashbuckler. At least that seems to be the career path followed by Ian C. Douglas. After a nerdy childhood spent in the company of Tolkien, Lovecraft, and a certain Time Lord, Ian ran away to see the world. This quest got him in countless scrapes, before finding himself teaching English in East Asia. After ten years of hard grammar, he returned to his native England, and graduated with an MA Distinction in Creative Writing. Since then he has written everything from online computer games to apps for children. Several of his stories have won prizes and he was a finalist in the Independent on Sunday’s writing competition. Ian is a children’s history author and vis ... read more
Latest book: Totally Amazing Spider Tales
Visit my Facebook Page A.M Torres
A.M Torres is the author of five books Love Child, Child No More, J and K Christmas, J and K Christmas 2013, and J and K Valentine. Love Child received a positive review from Midwest Book Review who called it a "a fine and very much recommended read." Child No More is its sequel and the J and K Christmas titles are holiday themed books. J and K Christmas 2013 received four stars at Readers Favorite. A.M Torres also earned a Bachelors Degree at Ashford University in Social Science with Education Concentration and is the mother of two children Jason and Kristofer Lewis.
Latest book: Shadowed Tears
Visit my Facebook Page Kerry Cepero
I'm a native New Yorker and a geek who enjoys the comic and sci-fi universes since I was a kid growing up in the eighties in Queens Village. I read Dan Brown books and love watching movies and books with intellectual characters. I love good food, great times with family and friends. Visit my website at !
Latest book: Looking Back
Visit my Facebook Page Daniel E Andersson
I'm a consultant, developer and author living in Sweden. I write books and create interactive reading experiences such as gamified reading and storyfied Gaming. You can find out more on my web site:
Latest book: Wall Creepers
Visit my Facebook Page Leanne Burn
She is well educated and single Leanne has lived in the north east all her life She has had a burning desire to write and has just recently found the time and confidence to do it xx She likes nothing better than to people watch xx Now she has started she can't stop - the soundtrack trilogy is something that has been mulling around in her head and she has come to love the main characters and the journeys they have been on She knows you will feel the same once you've read the first one you will have to read the second and third Leanne burn guarantees a read that will have all your emotions stimulated!!! Change if you need too ……………..
Latest book: Move Over Darling
Visit my Facebook Page ShaRon Rea
ShaRon Rea, Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of The Whole Family Coaching, is a compassionate woman with a strong business background that encompasses more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of communication, education, childcare, and public service. ShaRon has an expertise in parenting solutions for co parenting after divorce, parents raising teens and parents committed to raising happy, well-adjusted children of any age. As a Life Coach, she empowers both men and women with insight that leads to having happier, more fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. In other words, she helps you find “The Silver Lining.” You just need to know where to look. Explore her website: www.thewh ... read more
Latest book: Children and Divorce: Parenting Tips to Help Your Family Cope and Adjust
Visit my Facebook Page Robert Rodi
Robert Rodi was born in Chicago in the conformist 1950s, grew up in the insurrectionist 1960s, came of age in the hedonist 1970s, and went to work in the elitist 1980s. This roller-coaster ride has left him with a distinct aversion to isms of any kind; it also gave him an ear for hypocrisy, cant, and platitudes that allowed him, in the 1990s, to become a much-lauded social satirist. After seven acclaimed novels set in the gay milieu, Robert grew restless for new challenges—which he found in activities as wide-ranging as publishing nonfiction, writing comic books, launching a literary-criticism blog, and taking to the stage (as a spoken-word performer, jazz singer, and rock-and-roll front man). In 2011, exci ... read more
Latest book: Bitch In a Bonnet: Reclaiming Jane Austen from the Stiffs, the Snobs, the Simps and the Saps (Volume 2)
Visit my Facebook Page Maria Polson Veres
Maria Polson Veres has been helping writers find their creative voices for more than twenty years. She holds an M.A. in English and has taught writing to students of all ages. Her poetry, fiction, and nonfiction have been published in Jack and Jill, Country Woman, and many other magazines. An avid reader of YA and middle-grade fiction, she is often caught stealing her daughter’s books.
Latest book: Amazing Writing Prompts for Kids
Visit my Facebook Page Mc Millaner
Mc Millaner is a creative wordsmith with a flair for weaving words into fleshed out stories. He was granted the opportunity to succeed quite early on in his career and has spent over fourteen years tutoring and leading creative writing classes in Kent, England. As an accomplished author, copywriter, and editor he has seen a great number of his works published both locally in the U.K. and abroad. His writing abilities are most notable in the areas of short stories, serials, features, and articles. In addition to his aforementioned skills Mc Millaner is also an active member of American Writers and Artists Inc. as well as Professional Copywriters Association U.K. Prior to his work in the writing field, Mc ... read more
Latest book: Mermaids BOOK 1: The Discovery
Visit my Facebook Page Joshua Mendrala
Joshua Mendrala is the author of the book: Gifted. He loves Sci-Fi and Action thrillers, Marvel movies, fantasy books, and triathlon. He is currently working on the books: Comic Book Killer, Gifted: The Prequels, and Gifted: Academy. Joshua loves to write and is very excited to have his book available for purchase.
Latest book: Gifted
Visit my Facebook Page Renny deGroot
Renny deGroot is a first generation Canadian of Dutch parents. She is a published poet, song lyricist and novelist. Her debut novel, Family Business, was shortlisted in the Literary Fiction category, for the 2015 Emerging Writer Prize. She studied English Literature at Trent University. Her strong Dutch roots continue to influence her while the love of her Canadian homeland with its beauty and freedom, flavors all that she does. Renny lives in rural Ontario, Canada with her Great Pyrenees and Chocolate Lab.
Latest book: After Paris
Visit my Facebook Page J.M. Redmann
J.M. Redmann is the author of a mystery series featuring New Orleans private detective Michele ‘Micky’ Knight. Her latest book is ILL WILL, which made the American Library Association GLBT Roundtable’s 2013 Over the Rainbow list. Her previous book WATER MARK was also on the Over the Rainbow list and won a Fore Word Gold First Place mystery award. Two of her earlier books, THE INTERSECTION OF LAW & DESIRE and DEATH OF A DAYING MAN have won Lambda Literary Awards; all but her first book have been nominated. LAW & DESIRE was an Editor’s Choice of the San Francisco Chronicle and a recommended book on NPR’s Fresh Air. Her books have been translated into Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian and Hebrew. She i ... read more
Latest book: The Girl on the Edge of Summer
Visit my Facebook Page JT Griffiths
JT Griffiths was born in 1960 and grew up in the South West of England. He obtained a BA honours degree from Hull University and a PGCE from St Luke’s College, Exeter. He gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Computing Science from Stafford Polytechnic and worked for many years in the Computing industry. He is currently working as a Primary School Supply Teacher when he is not walking his dog. The Sewer Rats is his first children’s novel.
Latest book: The Sewer Rats
Visit my Facebook Page Martin Hedington
Born 1951 to a Navy Warrant Officer, started apprenticeship as a fitter & turner at 15 but by 16 joined the Navy as a technical apprentice. Exiting the RN in '78 found the best jobs were for salespeople so joined Liberty Life UK & within 3 years graduated to Training Manager. Returning to electronics in '84, qualified with City & Guilds. Emigrated to South Africa in '85 mastering Inventory & Stock control procedures for electronic sales at STC in Boksburg. From the late 80's started Police Reservist duties, Community Police Forum, Sector Crime Forum, Neighbourhood Watch and Enclosed Suburb Groups.1998 experienced a near death serious M/C accident but within 2 yrs fired the wheelchair and worked on Conditioned V ... read more
Latest book: Conditioned Victim? Your Choice
Visit my Facebook Page Santosh A
Santosh started his career as a consultant and Soft Skills Trainer. He did his college education from NITK, Surathkal. He functioned as a researcher at University of Eindhoven, University of Twente and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He was also the Placement President, while he was working at IISc, Bangalore. He has over 25 publications of mostly research documents that have found their place in National & International Journals. Also, he has done 16 conference papers and regularly functions as a writer of different articles for a national and worldwide daily paper. He is an advisor for different organizations. His first book ‘Adhuri Prem Kahaniya’ has received promising reviews. Throughout his p ... read more
Latest book: Adhuri Prem Kahaniya (Incomplete Love Stories): The Weakness of a Man is the Strength of a Woman
Visit my Facebook Page B. Christine
B. Christine grew up in the Kansas City, Missouri area, in a large and close family. She loves spending time with her family and friends. She loves animals, playing games with friends, and, of course, writing. She released her first book, "Promises We Keep", in January, 2014.
Latest book: Promises We Keep
Visit my Facebook Page Ray Wil
From a very early age I had a love of books. Actually, it was really comic books. Like many boys my age I loved seeing Superman the Krytonian, flying through the sky with the bright red cape or the incredible Hulk in his emerald green power smash through army tanks. I didn’t read the comics though, but simple marveled at the pictures and then tried to create them myself. I had no idea how to move from one panel box to the next. The minute I learned how to crack this cryptic puzzle was one of the happiest days of my life. I also developed and love all things artistic including poetry and storytelling, which are two important prerequisite for a writer. As a young man, like many my age, I had questions that nee ... read more
Latest book: The Devil's Numbers
Visit my Facebook Page Graziella & Mimi Lee
We are mother and daughter from Sydney, Australia, who love to read and write stories! We have written a Children/Young Adult novel that is a cross between the genres of fantasy and science-fiction. It is called 'Between Angels and Humans', a novel filled with adventures and fantastic settings that will take you on a ride of imagination. Hope you'll all enjoy it and recommend it to your friends!
Latest book: 天使·人类之间
Visit my Facebook Page Satyavan
For the sincere seekers of Truth, Satyavan is the reference of the Path. A Self-Realized Being, that helps Seekers in to the Realization of Truth. His words are precious for the soul, and have the power to crush all beliefs and ideas that feed our fears. And when He doesn’t speak, His silence is even more revealing: an overflow of love, purity, kindness, serenity. He gives the biggest treasure to the seekers, just depending on each one to be open to receive. To Be in his presence is a blessing for those who are thirsty for understanding. To be with Satyavan is to be closer to Truth.
Latest book: Como Vai a Jornada Espiritual?
Visit my Facebook Page Alexx Bollen
Alexx is a writer out of Portland, OR. His works include "Periphery" a novel in the magical realism tradition; and "the void sutras" a collection of short fiction and poetry. Since 2011 he has hosted The Alexxcast podcast wherein he ruins all credibility gained from his writing accomplishments.
Latest book: The Void Sutras
Visit my Facebook Page Lidia Abanto
Lidia Abanto is a new Latin American writer, she was born in Lima, Peru. Lidia is a spiritual and positive writer who is based in Utah. She has written several articles for the newspaper in "UVU Review" at Utah Valley University and "El Periodico de Utah" in the USA. She is a writer who has dared to explore the field of creative writing with her first book "Worldly Reflections". Lidia is an independent Artist. She is a creative photographer and freelance writer who sees life with passion and she describes it in her book. Lidia wants to share with you the vision that she has about life. She published two Ebooks in Smashwords , "Reflexiones Mundanas" and "Historias Para No Contar". Last 3 books of Lidia ... read more
Latest book: Historias Para No Contar
Visit my Facebook Page Hargrove Perth
A perpetual night-owl and lover of all things horror related, Hargrove finds inspiration in the most unlikely places. Whether inspiration is found in the hidden truths of the serial killers of antiquity or in the present day, it truly can be said that truth is always stranger and often more horrific than fiction. A penchant for research and a dedication to creating literary indulgences that the reader is unable to forget, Hargrove spends a great deal of time researching the larger than life characters of history to formulate characters unforgettable, despised, and strangely adored. She writes horror, dark romance, and paranormal in the adult, new adult, and YA categories. Currently a resident of the central mid ... read more
Latest book: House at Whispering Oaks
Visit my Facebook Page Christina O'Neil
I am a mommy to three beautiful girls, Caelin, Bella and Olivia, ages three, two and six months old. I am engaged, to my high school sweetheart, we've been together eight years. I live in Florida but grew up in the Bluegrass state, and miss the country a lot. I am a full time college student, at St. Peters burg College, for Science education. I love physics and space, particularly. My passion is writing, I'm almost done with the sequel to my first book, Dark Pirate, I really hope you all enjoy my writing, and feel free to write me anytime, I love to hear feedback/thoughts/requests! (Yes, I love Johnny Depp, too. But who doesn't?)
Latest book: Dark Pirate
Visit my Facebook Page Irish Imbas Books
Irish Imbas Books was established in 2014 by Irish author Brian O'Sullivan and family. We produce books based on genuine aspects of Irish mythology. We’re very strong on delivering content that’s entertaining but also culturally authentic. At present, we mainly produce fiction (literary/ adventure/thriller/) that contains strong elements of Irish culture, folklore and mythology (although not so much that they dominate the plots). We have two independent series going; the Beara Trilogy and the Fionn mac Cumhaill series. The first book in the latter (FIONN: Defence of Rath Bladhma) was recently selected as a finalist for Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO 2016 competition (the major fantasy competition for small/inde ... read more
Latest book: Irish Imbas: Celtic Mythology Collection 2016
Visit my Facebook Page C. D. Gorri
C.D. Gorri always wanted to be an author. An avid reader, she has a profound love for books and literature that she shares with her friends and family. When she's not writing she can usually be found with a book or kindle in her hand. She resides in her home state of New Jersey with her husband, their children, and their dogs, Dash and Chewie. You can enter C.D. Gorri's Grazi Kelly Universe with Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel #1, this title is currently free! For young adult and young at heart audiences who enjoy paranormal fiction. An avid reader of romance novels, C.D. was anxious to delve into her first paranormal romance series with the Macconwood Pack Novels. Coming soon are the Falk Clan Books. Look ou ... read more
Latest book: The Dragon's Valentine
Visit my Facebook Page Timothy Koch
Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1965. Grew up in rural north central Arkansas. Recieved bachelor of architecture from University of Arkansas in 1993. Currently does computer graphics, drafting, web design and property management in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Latest book: Agrarianna
Visit my Facebook Page EH Watson
EH Watson: Author, Entrepreneur, International Traveler and Hedonistic lover of Transsexuals. Home Base: London, United Kingdom Now for the more personal bio: Welcome My Wonderful Readers. I should start this biography by confessing what must be fairly obvious to some of you. E.H.Watson is in fact a pseudonym that I have adopted for publishing my previous written works and numerous other content that I am creating that should start appearing on various sites and mediums on the internet in the coming weeks and months. It is true however that I am a British man and am currently a relatively young 35 years of age as of Sunday 7th July 2013. I am currently based in North London. That's in the United Kingdom f ... read more
Latest book: Get Guaranteed Free Sex in America Today
Visit my Facebook Page Judy Deutchman
I hope you will enjoy your stay and enjoy my books. I have had a great time creating books my fans have come to know and love. All have some basis in my own life experiences and that is what makes them stand out and unique. I have a great deal many more ideas and stories in me to come out, so I hope you will enjoy them! Special thanks to to my editor Toni Michelle.I hope you enjoy your stay. Prayers For The Children Of The Single Mother She's waiting, just hoping her children will be safe and warm before the storms ahead. She must use her strongest faith of only God to guide her children to a new world a life she has always wanted....... A Woman Courageous journey as a single Mother. The Humorous ... read more
Latest book: The Otherside Of Aging Humor
Visit my Facebook Page Richard Harris Wright
Rick Wright was born in Monroe, Georgia in 1935. He attended public schools in Monroe, graduating from Monroe High school in 1953. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1958 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Wright served as an officer in the Ordnance Corps, US Army Reserve, as an aeronautical research engineer. Returning to Atlanta after active military duty, he was associated with a succession of engineering firms as a designer, design engineer and partner. He became a registered professional engineer in 1962. In the early 80s he completed required course work for a masters degree in philosophy at Georgia State University. His special area of interest is the philosophy of sc ... read more
Latest book: Walden Too: Building and Living in Your Little House in the Woods
Visit my Facebook Page Georgeta Blanaru
Welcome! We are grateful for taking time to visit us! Here you can find our e books, regarding our knowledge and insights related to self-empowerment, enjoying life, developing talents, gaining self-confidence, creativity and more. Georgeta Blanaru and Costinel Floricel are the authors of Choices Guide e book and of their life, too. They have an open relationship and they enjoy life in many ways. In this e book they speak from their experiences. After they made many clear conscious choices, they met in 2006 and since they live a new life, sharing knowledge, understandings, common and individual passions. In the past Georgeta worked in the medical field as a rehabilitation physician. It was her passion to hel ... read more
Latest book: Painting with Coffee
Visit my Facebook Page Shonna Kaldwell
Author Shonna Kaldwell resides in the beautiful countryside of Midwest Alabama, surrounded by the nature she loves. In 2011, she met the love of her life and soul mate, Sebastian, and they began their own love story together which includes their blended family of six children. Shonna uses her own experiences with the paranormal combined with her romantic heart and writes stories that will leave you breathless. You will find all her writing at
Latest book: Pre-Awakening: Delilah's Past
Visit my Facebook Page Genovi James
I am a fairly predictable person: a woman of steady habits raised in the land of steady habits – New England. If left to myself, I would be found with a good book and a cup of tea. Unfortunately, with four children, I am rarely left to myself. I am, in other words, a predictable person living an unpredictable life. Children will do that to you. One minute you’re sitting there, drinking your tea and reading something like ‘How to organize your life in 10 easy steps’. The next minute you answer the phone and you are living ‘How to keep your life from spinning out of control in 1 frantic step’. It ain’t easy. But that’s motherhood – yet apparently not ALL motherhood. I have friends (also ... read more
Latest book: Waking the Prodigal
Visit my Facebook Page K.O. Giuseppe
K.O. Giuseppe is an Author currently based in Los Angeles, California. He was born in Nigeria, raised in Queens, NY, and Bridgeport, CT, United States. According to KOG, writing is the only art form that allows him to get intimate with all his readers, legally. For more info on books by K.O. Giuseppe, visit
Latest book: Bonnie and Klyde + 2 Cats: The Journey of a Starving Artist
Visit my Facebook Page Mike Murray
Coach Murray has directed the Virginia Baseball Club since 1992. He has been coaching varsity level baseball since 1988. Since 2003 he has been the assistant varsity baseball coach at Yorktown High School (Eight National District Championship Titles). Mike spent four years as the associate head varsity baseball coach at O'Connell High School (WCAC Champs and #3 ranking in Washington Post in 2001), after spending the previous seven years as the head varsity baseball coach at Wakefield High School. Among the teams Mike has managed include the Arlington American Legion Post 139, Alexandria American Legion Post 129 (co-founder). Mike taught Sociology and Psychology at Yorktown and Washington-Lee HS for 22 years. He ... read more
Latest book: Guía del Entrenador de Béisbol Infantil
Visit my Facebook Page Shane Richmond
Shane Richmond is a journalist with 15 years' experience. He led the Daily Telegraph's technology coverage for several years, interviewing major figures along the way, such as Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt and Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive. His work has also appeared in T3, Stuff magazine and The Independent.
Latest book: Computerised You: How Wearable Technology Will Turn Us Into Computers
Visit my Facebook Page Shelley Howland
Shelley resides in a little town in NH with her husband, four children and crazy weimaraners. In addition to her writing projects, Shelley homeschools her children, a labor she considers her primary job and fulfills the role of marketing directing for family businesses. She is an non stop creator and can often be found at her loom, spinning wheel, sewing machine, piano, or in the midst of some other creative endeavor. In general she enjoys spending time with family, house church, being outdoors, hospitality, the mountains, baking, friends, art supplies, chocolate and puppies and she really doesn't like mushrooms, and giving or receiving backrubs. Having the belief that God wants us living fulfilling and advent ... read more
Latest book: The Humidity Makes My Hair Frizz and It's Really Starting to Stink in Here
Visit my Facebook Page Guy Joseph Ale
Guy Joseph Ale is President of Lifespan Seminar and Vice President of Asia Pacific Association of Psychology. He serves as the Secretary General of the Chamber of Chartered Behavioral Scientists, and is an Esteemed Council Member of the International Council of Professional Therapists. Guy's reputation as a visionary in the field of human lifespan has earned him the moniker "the Lifespan Guy." Since 1992, his primary research has been the scientific, spiritual, behavioral, and evolutionary aspects of the awareness that it is in our DNA to sense how long we can live and the practical applications of this perception in daily circumstances. Guy received the Eminent in Psychological Science Award at the Internatio ... read more
Latest book: A Manual for Mastering Your Life
Visit my Facebook Page Jack Hawkins
Born in nineteen hundred and fifty-five, putting 'Black Jack' Hawkins formative years right there, smack dab in the middle of the turbulent Vietnam Era. One of the four hundred students at Mercersberg Academy, in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, when the National Guard shot and killed four students at Kent State, in Ohio. Then in the late seventies and into the eighties 'Black Jack' lived the expatriate adventurer lifestyle in Central America, defending truth, justice and the American Way. Following the philosophical trail blazed by Smedley D.Butler, Major General, USMC, (ret). The players changed as the years marched on, but the song remained the same. There were years spent in the Sierra Ancha mountains of Arizo ... read more
Latest book: Ride Like a Trooper
Visit my Facebook Page dorothyvanderjagt
Dr. Dorothy VanderJagt a popular speaker who creates energizing workshops. Educators are delighted with her practical style and leave her workshops excited and with strategies for immediate use. She is founder and President of Global Learning in Michigan. Dorothy has conducted numerous workshops, in-services for schools, and presented at state and national conferences. She has worked with students, teachers, and administrators as a teacher, department chair, team leader, mentor, administrator, consultant and college professor. Dorothy was a teacher for ten years, a principal for eleven years, and is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at Kent Intermediate School District. Dorothy co-directed the ... read more
Latest book: Mom’s Financial Tips and Money Management [article]
Visit my Facebook Page James McGowan
I live on an ancient lava flow that composes the first mountain range west of New York City. On clear days, I can see Brooklyn, where I was born along with my 7 brothers and sisters. My dad was an NYPD detective who specialized in sending major organized crime figures up the river. I became friends with Thomas Berry and Vine Deloria, Jr., two amazing men who changed the way I perceive our predicament here on Earth. When the United Nations called me in 1993 to help develop a group that was trying to save species and protect the oceans and atmosphere, I brought their perspectives to the task. The Global Environment Facility is now the world's largest environmental grant maker, though it is not without some major ... read more
Latest book: The Baby Wrestler
Visit my Facebook Page Rey Jimenez
Noelle and Rey Jimenez are a creative team that enjoys telling funny stories that will make your children giggle. They have a 6 year old soon who inspires all of their ideas and makes all of their stories very special and memorable. Both Noelle and Rey are artists and enjoy creating stories for you to read and enjoy with your children.
Latest book: The Great Watermelon Sled
Visit my Facebook Page Robert Emmett
Robert Emmett creates odd but familiar worlds and fills them with a bizarre cast of characters attempting the impossible. He has spent most of his time around Chicago, making strange art and playing in loud experimental rock bands. . His stories usually come from the fringes of reality and carry a humorous and dreamlike feel. He cites Philip K Dick, Salvador Dali and David Lynch as influence and inspiration for his writings: fairy tales for the Internet age, bedtime stories for weird children. . He recently released his first book, a collection of short fiction and prose, called 'MEOWING ON THE ANSWERING MACHINE', and continues creating his unique brand of weirdness for this all-too-normal corner of reality. ... read more
Latest book: Meowing On The Answering Machine - A collection of short fiction and prose