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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria G. Cope
The short version: I am a book nerd, word nerd, breakfast cereal connoisseur, avid hugger, and dill pickle addict. I'm too nice and I wouldn't live life any other way. The long version: What’s to Know? On the surface I am the daughter of hard-working southerners, the wife of a United States Soldier, literary nerd, aspiring author and nursing student. But if you really want to dig deeper, you will see that I am optimistic for a pessimist, call me an idealistic realist, sometimes an opportunist; I will drink the half-full glass of water if I am thirsty. I enjoy rocking chairs on a front porch, the way grass smells as it is being cut. This is the beginning of regrowth and rebirth, ending only when summer turn ... read more
Latest book: Bottom Feeder

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Simpson
I was born and raised in Florida mainly the Tampa Bay Area. I hunted and fished and spent most of my childhood and early adult life in the woods and on the lakes and rivers in Florida. I have been writing most of my life and finished my first novel about a sinkhole in 1997. This is the first time I have tried to publish and hopefully will be doing a lot more in the future. I am in the communications field and hope to retire soon.
Latest book: Sink

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. L. Argain
Hi there, I'm G. L. Argain. I'm a college student pursuing engineering as a career, but I took up writing as a hobby. I strive to create a balance between thrilling entertainment and meaningful themes in each of my works - nothing you haven't heard of before, I'll bet. However, I do my best to make my stories as unique and interesting as possible for the reader; in my eyes, fictional literature can be just as astounding as any other form of media. On another note, I like to ride my mountain bike whenever I have the chance; the body and mind are one, after all.
Latest book: Lives Of The Unknown Book 1 - 2nd Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bella Johnson
Bella Johnson, a Canadian Author with a reputation for out of the box characters and true to life plot lines. Predominately writing in the paranormal genre, she has been known to venture back to the human-realm for some good ol' romance. A writer since a young girl, she is often caught quoting "If I do not write, I do not get to sleep."
Latest book: Kindred (Heart of Hunters #3)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristen Kehoe
I am a writer of YA/NA contemporary novels. I write about those crazy ages of 18-23 because there is nothing scarier than being told to grow up and decide what to do with your life and who to be so suddenly. I write about love because it's my belief that love, in one form or another, saves us all at some point in our lives. I am married to a man who understands and believes in me, and mother to a beautiful baby girl and a neurotic Great Dane Puppy.
Latest book: Striking Chords

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jettie Woodruff
My name is Jettie Woodruff and I don't know what genre I write in. People tell me I have my own genre. I refuse to be put in a box where I have to stick to one thing. I know that's the way you're supposed to do it. Don't confuse your readers, right? Wrong. My readers already know not to expect the same thing from me. I'm not going to do it. I like to write different. Life's too short for boxes. Rebels Rule!
Latest book: Let it Rain Box Set Black Rain / Midnight Rain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neil Grossman
Neil Grossman has a long and varied career in finance. He has appeared as an economic commentator on Bloomberg TV and Radio, Huffington Post, Fox News and The Glenn Beck Network. He brings a varied and unique experience to financial and economic issues, drawing upon a career in trading, central banking, fund management and law; as well as advanced studies in mathematics and physics. Mr. Grossman resides in Florida with his wife and daughter.
Latest book: Generation W.T.F: How Millennials Can Stop the Mushrooming Costs of Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brad Cochrane
"Christmas is canceled and it’s up to Johnny Johnson to save it. Meet the magical family behind Christmas and the ordinary guy they’re all counting on. In the Spirit is a holiday fable guaranteed to put a smile in your heart." Find out more about me at www,
Latest book: In the Spirit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elijah Aduh
Dr. Elijah Aduh is a pastor at Christ Missionaries Crusader Church -Brooklyn, as well as an author, preacher/teacher/speaker, musician, song writer, entrepreneur and president of home of tracts ministries. Dr. Elijah Aduh is an ordained minister of the Gospel, speaker and adjunct professor at Bellevue University. Dr. Elijah Aduh received his Master’s in Management Information Systems from Bellevue University and Doctor of Christian Theology from International Miracle Institute.
Latest book: Living Your Best Life Now: Maximizing Your Potential

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.L. Miller
A.L. Miller is a graduate of Columbia College at Chicago with a B.A. in computer animation. A.L. Miller has been working with youth since 1999. In 2002 A.L. Miller started a not-for-profit male mentor program named T.E.A.M. K.I.T. (
Latest book: Kinesis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack de Nileth
Jack was born in Berlin in 1987 and began to craft fantasy and science fiction stories during his high school years, all of which were intended for games that he created with the RPG-Maker engine. During this time, he came up with a vast universe that most of his stories took place in, with an epic trilogy at its center. He never managed to finish it though, as the last game had simply grown too big over the course of 6+ years. Not to mention that the quality was all over the place. That universe has now been resurrected as the Mortaevum universe, as that might be the only way to finish the stories he started. It will contain adaptions of his games as well as new fantastical tales. So keep an eye out if you'r ... read more
Latest book: Spam Up Your Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Billy Go
Billy Go has been working as a Korean translator since 2008 with his B.A. in Korean, and currently teaches Korean online. He has spent several years living in South Korea, and still visits often.
Latest book: Korean Made Simple 3: Continuing your journey of learning the Korean language

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Davies
Steve Davies is an Australian writer who has been producing prolific amounts of poetry, short stories, sketches and song lyrics over the past twenty years - almost entirely for his own amusement. Encouraged by the members of the Mordialloc Writers Group to share these works with the world, he has one published collection of poetry called 'Out of my mind: a collection of poetic forms' (an eBook only - 2014) and a self-published collection of 'flash' fiction called 'Curtailed Tales' (2016). He has also contributed to two printed anthologies - Kingston My City (Mordialloc Writers Group) and The 21st Anthology (Canterbury Writers) and is currently working on 'More Curtailed Tales' and 'Not the usual murder and mayh ... read more
Latest book: Curtailed Tales: Readings for the time poor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tyler Suchman
I did not know I was a digital nomad until after I became one. The idea of traveling and working around the world has been part-dream and part-goal for a decade or more. Leaving our home, friends, family in Ojai and throughout Southern California seemed big, almost impossibly big. Being on the road seems normal, ordinary in the best possible way.
Latest book: Healthy and Traditional Eating In The Mediterranean

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dirk Bontes

Latest book: KIC 8462852 Solved

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vishal Barge
Name : Vishal Balawant Barge Birth Date : 15 May 1988 State : Maharashtra Country : India
Latest book: Life In KPO E-industry (लाइफ इन के पी ओ इंडस्ट्री)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andaleeb Wajid
Andaleeb Wajid is a Bangalore-based author who likes to write about food, relationships, weddings, not necessarily in that order. She is the author of Kite Strings, Blinkers Off and My Brother's Wedding. Her Young Adult trilogy is set to be published by Bloomsbury India. Andaleeb is married and has two sons, who unwittingly add a lot of colour to her vocabulary.
Latest book: Kite Strings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gerald Garner
Gerald Garner is the managing director and owner of Double G Media (Pty) Ltd, an integrated media and publishing company, operating mostly within the tourism sector. Double G Media has published three books since 2010: - Spaces & Places 2.0 – JoburgPlaces (2012) - Johannesburg Ten Ahead (2011) - Spaces & Places – Johannesburg (2010) (all three books authored by Gerald Garner) Double G Media is currently busy with its fourth book, Spaces & Places 3.0 – Sandton Places. Apart from book publishing, Double G Media also offers a Joburg-based tourism and events service, using the brand JoburgPlaces. Tourism offerings range from in-depth, 6-hour inner-city walking tours to shorter 2-hour ... read more
Latest book: Spaces & Places 2.0 - JoburgPlaces

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nguyen Huong
Write, reading and i'm a virgo girl :)
Latest book: Dạy con kiểu...

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cathy Ann Rogers
Cathy Ann Rogers has a penchant for creating literary characters who imitate reality through their skewed sense of justice as well as their bittersweet victories. Cathy attributes the shaping of her writer’s prowess to her solitary upbringing as an only child. Armed with a library card from her neighborhood branch in Cincinnati, she spent her childhood absorbed in suspenseful scenes depicted within the fiction of Christie and Conan-Doyle. Simultaneously, she built a mental library of potential plots while eavesdropping on the conversations of adults who discussed everything from Hollywood to History. The result of these blended influences is her fascination with plot twists and multi-generational storytellin ... read more
Latest book: Sick In Shadows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darren Heart
Born amid the rolling hills of Hampshire, South of the United Kingdom in 1968, Darren Heart has always found poetry a comfortable medium for expression. Love poems were a particular passion, although often passionate and private by nature. Indeed love poetry often served as valuable communication tool with his long term partner. Tragedy strikes the family when his partner becomes unwell, requiring significant surgery and a lengthy hospital stay. Once again romantic poetry steps in to lend a hand, with loving poetic messages tucked away in Get Well Soon cards. Tragedy, unlike lightning, can indeed strike twice, only nine months later, her struggle for life comes to an end. Tragedy thrice, four days pass, Dar ... read more
Latest book: My Five Stages of Grief - A Father's Journey to Recovery from Bereavement

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sydney M. Cooper
Sydney M. Cooper is a writer, reader, science-lover and all-around nerd. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two beautiful kitties. A writer by night, she works in the medical profession by day. She may occasionally be found meandering through comic cons or PAX dressed as a certain character from Firefly.
Latest book: Fathers and Sons (Forsaken Lands)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria Raczynska
Maria Raczynska was born (1982) into a creative and artistic family in Warsaw, Poland. Having lived all over the world she has finally settled in Los Angeles, CA where she continues to write and illustrate children books.
Latest book: Berrieland: Blue Butterflies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fletcher Best
Fletcher Best is an American author of science fiction and absurdist fiction (apologies to Christopher Moore for using his term). He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with his girlfriend and their 4 (it seems like many more) cats. Although a long-time writer, he only began publishing his fiction work in 2012. He has absolutely no credentials as a writer whatsoever and his work to date has inspired numerous book-burnings, which is especially remarkable in that so far he has only published to Amazon Kindle.
Latest book: Timeless: Stranded in Time Book 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristy McCaffrey
Kristy McCaffrey has been writing since she was very young, but it wasn’t until she was a stay-at-home mom that she considered becoming published. A fascination with science led her to earn two engineering degrees—she did her undergraduate work at Arizona State University and her graduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh—but storytelling was always her favorite hobby. Born and raised in Arizona, and recently returned after a 20-year absence in Pittsburgh, she writes Old West romances to capture the landscapes that were such a big part of her childhood. Her first novel, The Wren, was a CAPA winner for Best New Author Traditional, a Texas Gold finalist, and a HOLT Medallion finalist for Best First Bo ... read more
Latest book: The Wren

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Morgan Straughan Comnick
Educator of young minds by day, super nerdy savior of justice and cute things by night, Morgan Straughan Comnick has a love for turning the normal into something special without losing its essence. Morgan draws from real life experiences and her ongoing imagination to spark her writing. In her spare time, she enjoys doing goofy voices, traveling to new worlds by turning pages, humming child-like songs, and forcing people to smile with her “bubbliness.” It is Morgan's mission in life to spread the amazement of otaku/Japanese culture to the world and to stop bullying; she knows everyone shines brightly.
Latest book: Fallen Star Dust

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vilma Reynoso
Vilma Reynoso is passionate about living a creative and abundant life. Certified in Plant-based Nutrition and as a certified Living on Raw Chef, she is a vegan wellness and lifestyle educator and coach. Vilma offers raw food preparation classes as well as cleanses to help one improve his health. Having earned her Bachelor's degree in English Writing, Vilma's first passion is writing, and in addition to currently writing her next book, she is also a blogger and writes about various subjects including goal setting, creating the abundant life, creative expression, recycling, personal growth, health and veganism, to name a few. To read Vilma's blogs, visit, Her miss ... read more
Latest book: Vegan Green Smoothies by Vilms: 35, Easy, Nutritious and Delicious Recipes for Ultimate Health and Vitality

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson, the founder of PathForeWord, is a retired publishing and communication executive who has chosen to "re-wire" rather than retire and to do so via a career encore around writing and consulting projects. His expertise covers a broad range of topics from working in electronics and computer technology in his early career, to teaching, writing, and training development in mid-career, to more than two decades of leadership responsibilities in publishing project development and communication initiatives for the Boy Scouts of America. Jim has written extensively on performance management, nonprofit and political campaign fundraising, journalism, amateur radio, electronics technology, leadership, career deve ... read more
Latest book: Job Search Essentials 3.0

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T J Therien
T J Therien was born May 25th 1968 and grew up in the Greater Toronto Area. T J stopped breathing as a baby when the rings of his trachea constricted requiring a tracheotomy. T J had stopped breathing for long enough that his parents were warned that there may be significant developmental issues. T J struggled in school, dropping out of school at age fifteen, almost illiterate. T J taught himself to read and write. T J has worked in the Hotel Restaurant Industry, Warehousing and Logistics, Construction and a wide range of odd jobs as well as serving briefly with the 48th Highlanders. T J has battled though substance abuse and bouts of depression using writing as therapy. In 2002 T J relocated to the Eastern Tow ... read more
Latest book: Tall Thoughts Short Poetry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.E.S. Tidmore
R.E.S. Tidmore has been writing fiction for ten years. However, finding many of her life events as a child lacked zing, she has been telling stories since she was a young girl. Let's just say it landed her in the principal's office more times than she can count. Twenty years later, she is using her imagination to create great stories.
Latest book: Awaken (The Awakener Series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Cruikshank
Writing has always been in Peter's blood. His love of writing started in his early teens when he cut his teeth on Sci-Fi and the passion never left him. Peter lives in Southern California with his beautiful and fetching wife, along with two exceedingly talkative cats. At an early age, Peter was introduced to Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and has been an avid reader ever since. As a teen, he picked up a copy of Lord of the Rings and expanded his love of reading to include Medieval Fantasy. By 18 years of age, he knew he wanted to be an author, but life got in the way, and his dreams were put on hold - until 2012 when he turned his energy to writing. Outside of writing he obtained a Master of Sci ... read more
Latest book: Betrayal of the Covenant (Dragon-Called) (Volume 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jean Raffa
Dr. Jean Raffa is an author, speaker, and leader of workshops, dream groups, and study groups. Her job history includes teacher, television producer, college professor, and instructor at the Disney Institute in Orlando and The Jung Center in Winter Park, FL. She is the author of four books, a workbook, a chapter in a college text, several articles in professional journals, and a series of meditations and short stories for Augsburg Fortress Publisher. She currently maintains a blog titled Matrignosis. Through formal and informal means, including a five-year Centerpoint course and an intensive at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, Jean has been studying Jungian psychology and her own inner life for more ... read more
Latest book: The Bridge to Wholeness - A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew Ormsbee
Matthew Ormsbee graduated from law school and practices law in New York and New Jersey. His practice areas include corporate law, real estate, tax, estate planning, intellectual property, contracts, employment law, and commercial law. He has drafted online legal content for retail business clients, prepared various commercial agreements, entity formation documents, and corporate resolutions, participated in mergers and real estate closings, and handled a variety of smaller matters ranging from estate probates to trademark filings. While in law school, Matthew served as a staff member and later as the Executive Editor of the Cardozo Journal of Conflict Resolution. His paper, Music to Everyone’s Ears: Bindi ... read more
Latest book: Music to Everyone's Ears: Binding Mediation in Music Rights Disputes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Evelyn Rainey
Evelyn Rainey lives very quietly in a small southern town with her dog, two cats, and thousands of home-grown tadpoles and frogs (don't ask). She spends her time in this incarnation teaching, writing, and belly dancing. Her online presence includes: Facebook: WritingRainey Twitter: EvelynRainey Perky’s Books & Gifts is her third novel and began to take form while she worked at Books-a-Million for six years as a part-time paperback specialist and Red Badge. She has also been published in anthologies, magazines, columns, and newspapers. She facilitates Writers for All Seasons. She has been an educator for thirty-one years. Outside of the school system, she is an ... read more
Latest book: Perky's Books & Gifts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Sandstrom
In between games of Mario Kart and whiffle-ball I managed to attend a few classes as an undergrad at Columbia University. One of these classes was a creative writing workshop where I discovered that I enjoyed making people laugh with stories based on the drunken antics of my friends and I. After graduating college I continued to live and work in New York City while taking post graduate writing classes in an attempt to better learn the craft. One night I found myself seated between Lindsay Lohan's mom and Angelina from the “Jersey Shore,” at a party that Khloe Kardashian was being paid an obscene amount of money to host. It was hilarious to see these people being fawned over as if they were Oscar winners o ... read more
Latest book: Reality TV and Hookers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ben Jackson
15 years experience in the Security Guarding Industry. Owner/Founder of the Security Management HQ website which gives advice and tips for individual that wish to develop their career in the Security Industry.
Latest book: Get The Security Management Job You Want

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jesse Schmitt
Having visited every state in the contiguous United States and having lived in a variety of settings, including with his new wife in their car, Jesse has a unique perspective from which he views the world. Published in Yahoo Voices, Associated Content, Latin Trends Magazine, and Valley Scene Magazine, Jesse is delighted to be trying his hand at fiction once more.
Latest book: Why Would We?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Djuna Shellam
Djuna Shellam is the nom de plume for a writer who prefers anonymity. The fictional Djuna Shellam was born in Norway and raised in Australia on a homestead in the Outback. On her own since approximately the age of fourteen, Djuna has traveled the world, picking up interesting experiences along the way. She now resides in California — until the travel bug bites her once again.
Latest book: Mackenna on the Edge—Book Two—The Em Suite

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brandi Leigh Hall
Brandi Leigh Hall lives in central Pennsylvania with her fur-ball cats (Onyx and Klepto), where she spends most of her time attached to her laptops, reading books, appeasing her sweet tooth, and watching TV for motivation. Growing up in a haunted house inspired Brandi’s fascination with the paranormal, so it only made sense that she’d write Urban Fantasy books for both teens and adults. Brandi hasn’t been lucky enough to meet her soul mate (yet), so she writes paranormal tales of those who have. Her stories combine magical elements with real-life issues, strong female characters, semi-old fashioned men and family values, woven together and told from an emotional, first-person perspective. She enjoys wri ... read more
Latest book: Obsess Much? (A Neurotic Vampire's Tale)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Courage Knight
I started writing stories in First Grade. I had a wonderful teacher, the rare breed that inspired and nurtured me. She was a published author of children's books, and I – being perhaps a bit of a teacher's pet – read every one of them. I came from a large family, fourth out of five children, and shared a bedroom with my younger sister. She would pester me to tell her stories every night at bedtime. I whispered them to her, as we were supposed to go right to sleep. Invariably, she would fall asleep on my stories, but every night she begged me to tell her more. Sometimes her inattention irritated me, but it also gave me the opportunity to rewind and tell a favorite part of the story again – great pra ... read more
Latest book: Love of a Cowboy 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Colee Firman
Colee Firman grew up in Michigan and still makes her home there. Writing is one of her hobbies and The Unbinding Fate Series is the first work she's published.
Latest book: Dissever (Unbinding Fate Book One)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stone Crowns Magazine
Stone Crowns is a digital magazine focused on bringing the imaginations of fiction writers to our growing community of young adult readers. We believe there are many great voices out there waiting to be heard and are looking forward to providing a platform for them and an excellent publication for our readers.
Latest book: Stone Crowns Magazine - Issue 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Evi Parker
Evi Parker woont in een klein dorp in Friesland. Ze is een vrouw met een overactieve fantasie, een doorsnee computer en een blinde vastberadenheid om dromen op (digitaal) papier te zetten. Ze is geen achttien meer, maar ze hoeft voorlopig ook nog niet naar het bejaardentehuis. Evi houdt van alle dieren, behalve de agressieve steekmuggen die haar in de zomer klieren als ze een briljante passage probeert te schrijven. (Die steekmuggen zijn dan ook de oorzaak dat ze nog niet die ene passage heeft geschreven waardoor de hele wereld haar naam kent.) Aan haar vrienden zal het in ieder geval niet liggen, want die zijn goud waard, wat ze heeft ontdekt bij het uitkomen van haar eerste novelle Handelswaar. Dank, en veel ... read more
Latest book: Vrij Hart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dimitrinka Staikova
- Past, Present, Future, Clairvoyant/Psychic Reading ; - People,Animals, Objects, Health ; - Magic, Marriage, Love, Baby ; - Money, Job, Home, When ? After the order, send Your today's photo on our email : .You will receive Your Full Psychic Life Reading in the next 24 hours after the order, after that You can ask additional questions, which are included in the price. Please, do NOT include explanations in the additional questions. For more information - My Motto is - Everyone is what he thinks about itself. Example - I am good, compassionate, I help to the people, I'm searching only the good in them, I suffer with them, I show the w ... read more
Latest book: Hottest News Predictions with 82 Media Confirmations about Year 2016 - World Predictions That Came True by Clairvoyants Dimitrinka Staikova, Ivelina Staikova and Stoyanka Staikova

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Gagnon
Mike Gagnon is an author living in the Niagara Region of Canada. He has been a professional writer and comic creator since 2000. He has written, illustrated and edited hundreds of books, articles and graphic novels. Mike has worked for publishers of all sizes, from Marvel Comics to many small press publishers. He also enjoys teaching the crafts of writing and illustration to students of all ages with his workshops and seminars, as well as teaching at a prominent animation school in Toronto, Canada. For more info visit:
Latest book: Uninvited

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Howser
William was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1974 and is the second of eight children. Growing up with several hobbies, he decided to hone-in on just a few. William is a professional musician, artist, podcaster and author. Currently residing in Austin, TX with his wife and two strong boys, William spends time writing and interviewing people for his podcast.
Latest book: Eddie Rotten's FrequenZ: Alpha

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Coyla Coblentz

Latest book: Hannah Nakova

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marlene Sowder
Marlene has been a passionate reader for most of her life. She won several summer reading programs as a child and her lifelong habit of reading has greatly influenced her writing style. Marlene has had several careers, including Linux system administration, paralegal, legal secretary, drive-thru order taker, and is currently a freelance writer working from home. Marlene is a graduate of Tarrant County College, loves cats, knitting, good music, cooking, and playing video games. She resides with her husband and an assortment of cats in Cleburne, Texas. Marlene has a presence on several social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. "It’s evident in all the stories that Ms. Sowder has wisely ta ... read more
Latest book: Mirror

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lexi Cubbins
Indie author. Lover of coffee, music and alpha males. My biggest inspiration once said: "Live your fucking dreams, no matter what". That's exactly what I'm trying to do here, making my dreams my reality. If you are interested in my work, please feel free to contact me, I don't bite. Too hard and unless you ask me to. Rockalicious (Stud #1) is now available! If you are interested in a free copy for an honest rate+review, drop me a message! Stay naughty! xo
Latest book: Rockalicious

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ingrid Houde
I have been a Certified Veterinary Assistant, working in the positions of receptionist, assistant manager and manager, for the past seventeen years. I'm currently taking a break to raise my newborn daughter, but the vet world is always on my mind, so I decided to write about my experiences in the hopes of helping the next generation of Veterinary Assistants.
Latest book: Becoming A Veterinary Assistant