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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex West
ALEX WEST first fell in love with a boy in the sixth grade, one who was reading a book instead of playing tag. The romance lasted a deep and meaningful three hours before said boy refused to lend his book away. Since, there have been several boys, some even lasting more than a few hours, and lots of books to fill the spaces between those frenzied love stories. Many years later, Alex is happily living with a very kind man in a cozy house filled with too many books to count and endless stories to tell. Feel free to say hello, or send a friend request! This is a safe space, so bullies will be blocked without question. Alex West is the author of WATCH ME, book one in the Hart Boys series, and the standalone gay r ... read more
Latest book: Anything But Real

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. Ough
Ough spent decades cutting grass and cleaning toilets before deciding to follow his passion of writing fantasy. From there he discovered a passion and talent for writing chick lit and romantic comedy. He lives in Herne Bay, U.K. with his gorgeous wife and three incredible daughters. A Yorkshire Terrier with personality problems, a slightly soppy chocolate Labrador and four cats that think he's about to attack them at any given moment. In addition to writing Ough likes woodturning on his Arundel lathe, playing video games with his youngest daughter and attempting to draw - badly!
Latest book: Time To Turn Back - Book One of the Timesketch Chronicles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caleb Knowles
Caleb Knowles attends Full Sail University, earning a BFA in Creative Writing. He is planning to work as a screenwriter for the film industry. He enjoys writing all kinds of genres. On the side, he is an artist who does mainly portraits of people.
Latest book: The Train Home

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elijah Deus
Elijah Deus is a writer who write fiction stories. He's also a screenwriter who would like to write for TV. He studies at Full Sail University earning a BFA in Creative Writing. His short stories have been published in "Down in the Dirt". He writes in different genres such as action, comedy, and dramas but most of his writings is faith based. He can be reached at
Latest book: Unexpected Events

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Kuhn
I'm a novelist, biographer, historian, scribbler, and dabbler. I've helped make commercials about chocolate chip cookies. I've taught history to college students and led dazed kids on London theatre trips. Somehow my first novel MRS QUEEN TAKES THE TRAIN became a national bestseller. It has been optioned by The Weinstein Company for a movie. A second novel PRINCE HARRY BOY TO MAN will be published in June. I've also written nonfiction on Jackie Kennedy Onassis as a lifelong lover of books in READING JACKIE. My biography of a funny couple who lived with Queen Victoria, HENRY & MARY PONSONBY, was a BBC Radio 4 book of the week. I've played with the question of Benjamin Disraeli's sexualit ... read more
Latest book: Prince Harry Boy to Man: A Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alvaro Elesbao
Sempre com gosto pela literatura, escrevi poemas e poesias baseadas em vivências reais. Escrevo agora um encontro amoroso que foi iniciado de uma forma inusitada. As fontes de inspiração vieram de viagens, passeios, desalentos.
Latest book: Oceano em Chamas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Isabella Austin
Isabella is an author of intriguing complexity and subtle paradoxes. She is intelligent, charming, witty and dedicated to exploring sexual fantasies by making them come to life in her writing. In reality, however, Isabella is an intensely private person who reveals very little of herself to the outside world. It is rumoured that she lives in seclusion on a small tropical island somewhere in the Pacific with mainly the wildlife for company. She is committed to a life based on self-sufficiency and for the last ten years has been dependent on no one but herself. Despite her reclusive nature, she does embrace technology and maintains regular contact with her family and friends via satellite phone and broadband. ... read more
Latest book: The Blue Triangle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Damilola Jonathan O.
It's love and my passion for a voice that drives my pen, I cannot rest till my stories ring a bell.
Latest book: Alternative Christ

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Phillip Vega

Latest book: Last Exit to Montauk

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Godwin Michael
Godwin Michael is an incredible author, filmmaker and entertainer.
Latest book: Unleash His Greatness with your Woman Power

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lee Schneider
Lee Schneider is the owner and communications director of Red Cup Agency in Santa Monica, CA. Red Cup has reimagined communications for startup and enterprise businesses, building online networks, managing content, developing media, and creating PR campaigns. He has taught media and crowdfunding for the USC School of Architecture, where he is a member of the faculty, and has taught business marketing at General Assembly in Los Angeles. Married to a goddess, he is the father of three. Find him on Twitter at @docuguy. He is the author of Be More Popular: Culture-Building for Startups, Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles, Powerful Online Message Delivery - Free and Low-Cost Platforms for Creative Companies a ... read more
Latest book: Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E. Paige Burks
E. Paige Burks, budding author of The Heart of the Guardian, is a graduate from Texas A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Communication and Journalism. Her book, Return to Royalty, won the 2016 Author U Draft to Dream Award in the Young Adult category and has been nominated for USA Best Book Awards and International Book Awards. When she is not writing fantasy and love stories, she enjoys Mexican food, singing out loud, cuddling with her cats, and taking long naps. E. Paige Burks lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, four dogs, three cats, three horses, and a single bird named Ricki.
Latest book: Return to Royalty, A Gexalatian Tale Series Book One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gail Pool
Gail Pool is a writer whose essays, book columns, and reviews have appeared in many newspapers and magazines. Her past work includes editing an arts magazine (which is still thriving), many years teaching Writing for Publication, and writing about travel. Born in New York City, she now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and winters in Sanibel, Florida, where, when she isn't writing, she spends her time reading, gardening, and observing the magnificent wildlife.
Latest book: Lost Among the Baining: Adventure, Marriage, and Other Fieldwork

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. R. Wilson
Born in Northwest England, Glyn is a self-taught writer/author who has visited 24 nations, worked in 9, and lived in 3 (the Caribbean, UAE, and SE Asia). He is a qualified Engineer (Process Controls and Instrumentation) with an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, won at a "Russell Group" University when aged 40 years. He spent 9 of his "middle years" working in Saudi Arabia's Oil+Gas industry (East and West) and several more working in Abu Dhabi (Offshore), Qatar, Libya, and Iraq (Baghdad). Just prior to commencing his international travels (his first contract with Aramco) he had worked for British Nuclear Fuels for 3 years at both the Capenhurst Enrichment Facility and BNFL's Risley Engineering Centre. He has auth ... read more
Latest book: Outsourced World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Burt Prelutsky

Latest book: The Story of My Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page GeneralNero
Andre M Nero was born June 2, 1979 in the Great City of Chicago, Illinois and was raised with a strong Christian foundation. Having a fairly rough upbringing being the middle child of a single mom of 3 boys. Andre has not had an easy life moving around a lot as a youth dealing with peer pressure, he has made some misguided and life altering decisions. This has led him down the path of prison, homelessness, embracing jobs less than ideal, encountering intense family tragedy and many other challenges teaching him invaluable lessons. In spite of the many tear jerking adversities, these experiences gave Andre the fortitude and WILL to WIN in ANY situation. Now with an increased and refined edge, Andre has honed ... read more
Latest book: Changed at the Altar: The Andre Nero Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kid Boise
Kid Boise was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He earned a B.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Idaho in 2012. He hasn’t quite settled down yet. Don't be shy about adding me on instagram if you plz
Latest book: Mikey and the Chickadee

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sofia Ospina De Navarro
Biografia de Doña Sofia Ospina de Navarro: Nació en Medellín el 15 de Abril de 1893. Hija de Tulio Ospina Vásquez, hombre de ciencia, rector de la Universidad de Antioquia y fundador de la Escuela Nacional de Minas. Fué su madre Ana Rosa Pérez Puerta; tuvo nueve hermanos, entre ellos, el Doctor Mariano Ospina Pérez, ex presidente de la República. Nieta del Doctor Mariano Ospina Rodríguez y sobrina del General Pedro Nel Ospina ambos presidentes de la República. Realizó sus estudios en el colegio de la enseñanza y desde muy joven se dedicó a escribir cuentos, crónicas y a investigar en la cocina. Se casó con Salvador Navarro Misas; de este matrimonio nacieron ocho hijos. Fue concejal de ... read more
Latest book: La Buena Mesa

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aliyat Lecky
Aliyat grew up in Oakland, CA, the sixth of seven siblings raised by a single mother. She received a BA in Ethnic Studies from Sonoma State University, in CA. Additionally, she earned a MA in Curriculum & Instruction, and an EdS in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota (where she discovered the value and power of personal narratives). Currently she resides in Florida where she enjoys spending time with family and friends and continues to work on other writing projects. She is an English teacher who has enjoyed 20+ years working in education. While she has found that she truly enjoys this fulfilling work, her passion has always been, and will continue to be, creating fiction. Find ... read more
Latest book: Serendipity

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Miranda Marie
Miranda Marie is 20 years old and lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She began writing when she was about 10 years old. Because she was dyslexic, reading was very difficult for her. Finding writing easier, she lost herself in worlds of her own making. In 2015, she was diagnosed with a rare, disabling genetic syndrome called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Due to the restraints put on her by her health, most of her time is spent working on her writing/artsy endeavors and talking to her friends and family. She participates in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) every fall, where she wrote and reworked Azalei’s Riders and Azalei's Strategy (coming May 10th, 2017). She enjoys the community there, where she ... read more
Latest book: Azalei's Strategy (Fire Rain Chronicles, Book 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JM VanZuiden
J.M. van Zuiden was born and raised in the upper Midwest in a small farm town. After two years attending a local community college, J.M. joined the US Army at age 21 being stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. He deployed with the US Army’s 1st Cavalry Division to Iraq in 2004 for Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he experienced combat first-hand. J.M. resides in Illinois with his wife of fifteen years and four children.
Latest book: The White Company (Aarden Classics Vol. 1, Revised Edition)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gowtham Gurunath
Dear Readers, Being an Engineering graduate, writing has always been one of my passions, but one of the most important things for an accomplished writer is a good platform. Huge successes always come from small step and I’m very grateful that I’ve taken that step towards success and I don’t care how small it is, as long as it takes me to the peak. An encouragement & good feedback from readers are what that keeps a writer going and in that case I’m proud to say that, even though my achievement is very small – my readers, family and friends have always encouraged me and those motivations kept pushing me here [If I’m right and you’re reading my bio right now, then that’s where the HERE is – The p ... read more
Latest book: On The Night Of The Christmas Eve

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bruno Wioska
Bruno Wioska urodził się w Mysłowicach. Ukończył studia na Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Krakowie Poza malarstwem pisze powieści, najczęściej związane ze sztuką. Autor pięciu wydanych powieści. Do druku w języku polskim ma przygotowane następujące książki. Szczegóły Na druk czeka książka "Z ziemi polskiej do włoskiej". Jest to drugą książka podróżnicza po "Rowerem na koniec świata" w której autor opisał swoją podróż rowerem od Reims, wzdłuż doliny Loary aż do Bretanii nad Atlantykiem.
Latest book: Menorah

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Manjeet Sabharwal
Manjeet Sabharwal is a freelancer from India. Graduated from St. Xavier’s college Mr. Sabharwal enjoys writing, and spends time daily writing a blog, Google docs, journals, and multimedia compositions etc. Mr. Sabharwal is also a tech guru and excels in graphic designing. In his free time, drawing, reading, riding bike, hiking in nature, and travel are Mr. Sabharwal’s pastimes. In the year ahead, Mr. Sabharwal is looking forward in reading many more essays, journal entries, and informational texts which would help him write more books and articles and developing his own interest and skill at writing.
Latest book: PUBLIC SPEAKING - How to Become a successful orator

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard T. Adams
Born just outside of our nation's capital in Falls Church, Virginia in 1983, Richard has always been told he possesses a considerable gift for writing. Having always found immense intrigue with assorted religious ideas and exploring them thusly, over the past several years worth of time he arrived at a set of relatively unique religious beliefs that fit his own personal beliefs and worldview about life. Choosing to commit himself to applying said talents toward those very ends by delving into such an unusual perspective regarding the shape his own personal faith ultimately become, it's precisely this endeavor which he finds himself working toward completing just now! Facing many a considerable health ... read more
Latest book: TekARK Book Three - Our Existential Purpose

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans is a novelist, screenwriter, and film writer. His styles of writing are categorized as comedy, drama, action, and romance. Joshua is currently earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.
Latest book: She's The Victim

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne Dana
Anne Dana lives and draws on a motor yacht on the San Francisco Bay in the picturesque town of Sausalito, California. She has always been fascinated with octopuses; those masters of escape and camouflage, quick learners and problem solvers. While on vacation in Paris, she came across a little hand knitted octopus in a children’s store. That little octopus came home to California and the idea for Monsieur Pierre was born. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Monsieur Pierre is her first picture book and is available from local bookstores and Amazon online. Contact Anne through her publisher, L O Annie Press
Latest book: Monsieur Pierre

Follow me at my  Facebook Page FrancaMbaba
Franca Mbaba is a hardworking mother of 5 who strives to take care of her family while putting her imagination down into writng. She loves Jesus, her family and storytelling. She is currently a resident of Houston Texas.
Latest book: Tribe & Prejudice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shubhra Sharma
Shubhra Sharma received her Ph.D. in social anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin. She is the author of "Neoliberalization" as Betrayal: State, Feminism, and a Women's Education Program in India (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011). She has written numerous articles about social justice, identity politics, and the environment. Shubhra Sharma has also taught at various undergraduate institutions in the US, including Vanderbilt University. She is now testing out the expanse of her potential as a creator by launching her own company, Curatif INC. that makes CRIA--100% Natural, Vegan, Gluten-free Hair Follicle Energizer (available on Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy). See the story at But the most fun sh ... read more
Latest book: Zoya, The Cat's Baker

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Stevenson
Are you struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, trauma or grief? In 'How to Heal With Your Tribe', Afghanistan war veteran and experienced trauma yoga therapist Charles Stevenson takes you on a compelling journey through the science and yoga in your relationships with: your tribe, trauma, habits, hydration as medicine and time. Buy it now to get exclusive access to yoga videos, research papers and other helpful resources. Before finding Yoga, Charles Stevenson spent 16 years as a full time soldier in the Australian Army. As a medic, Charles deployed to East Timor in 2004, the Victorian Bushfires in 2009, and Afghanistan in 2009 and 2012. Despite those who were close to him at ... read more
Latest book: Heal With Your Tribe Now: Action Lists for PTSD Recovery

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Otter Lieffe
Otter is a working class, femme, trans woman currently living in Brussels and usually busy planning revolutions. Margins and Murmurations is her first novel.
Latest book: Margins and Murmurations

Follow me at my  Facebook Page nishasyam
Nisha is the founder of Learn2LiveFully, a software professional and a Certified NLP Practitioner. She is passionate about personal development techniques. Sheis the author of the book 'Better Your Life'.
Latest book: Motivate Yourself In Your Voyage To New Habits

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Simon Harding
A good book is something that immerses you completely. It should scream at you from your bedside table and chastise you for not paying it enough attention. A great writer can set you free, make you feel good about the world. They can make you laugh and cry. They can take you to places you don't expect. Great writing is, in itself, magic.
Latest book: Ancient Tide

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Harsh Kumar

Latest book: A Blunder Worth Telling

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tricia Barr
Tricia Barr always loved creating worlds and romances through writing; however, loving history and the idea of travel more, she pursued a degree in Anthropology. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2011 and looked hard for a job in her field for two years before she realized that her degree would not allow her the travel opportunities she truly wanted. Now she works as a writer and a jack-of-all-trades with her husband, Eric Barr, leaving them both plenty of time and freedom to travel on their own terms as they raise a family.
Latest book: The Amarant

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott Hopkins
To Scott, no matter how chaotic or crazy things appear, there is always a pattern.  The same is true for the stories and plots in his mind.   ​ Scott is a budding author new to the science fiction scene.  He's on a search for truth and order through writing and spinning webs of fiction for all to share.  His hope is that the search has finally brought him to the cusp of a very popular first full length novel and space opera series.   ​ As an avid reader of the classical sci-fi authors like William Gibson and Phillip K Dick, Douglas Adams and Orson Scott Card, Scott found a lot of expression and inspiration in the twisted plots of gritty otherworldly matters.  While clean, utopian science ... read more
Latest book: Operation: Mobius

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carole Hallett Mobbs
About ExpatChild is an information website containing loads of sensible, useful and practical advice for parents considering a move overseas, and for expats currently abroad. We all want our children to thrive as happy, successful and well-adjusted individuals – wherever in the world they happen to live. We’ve been there and we have survived… and, most importantly, so have the kids! About Carole Hallett Mobbs Late in 2006 we left Britain on our first overseas posting to Tokyo, Japan. We didn’t expect to still be overseas now, though! Life has a funny way of working out. After Tokyo, we moved to Berlin, Germany and then to Pretoria, South Africa where I am currently sort-of-preparing for o ... read more
Latest book: Plan and Pack for Your Overseas Move

Follow me at my  Facebook Page OWS Ink, LLC
Changing the literary world one author at a time.
Latest book: Tales from Our Write Side

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Philip J Gould
Philip John Gould, was born during the hot summer of August 1974 in Suffolk, England. From an early age he escaped reality by spending many hours daydreaming and aspiring to be an author. It's owing to positive feedback on the back of a short story when, aged 13, Phil's English teach wrote an encouraging phrase at the end of his assignment, that inspired him to persevere with his ambitions deep into adulthood. In 1990, Phil left school and took a job in shipping, where he worked as an Export clerk for a very abusive manager. He changed careers in 1993, joining a large insurance company, where he undertook a number of positions, including training guide writer, and culminating in a junior manager role which he ... read more
Latest book: The Girl in the Mirror

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Breach
Breach is bi-monthly online zine showcasing Australian and NZ writers and artists, with a lean to sci-fi and horror. Submissions are always open. Let's collaborate! If you've got something good, let's make it great and get it out there. If you've got something great but have nowhere to share it, let's publish it. Our focus is on new and emerging Australian and New Zealand writers and artists, and helping them get their work out into the world.
Latest book: Breach - Issue #01 NZ and Australian SF and Horror

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Ranger
Laura Ranger is a natural storyteller. She has been turning all of life into stories since she was young. This mother of one, grandmother of three began writing her fictitious stories down to the delight of her family and friends. She’s been writing her tales for over twenty years. She became a published author when she put one of her short stories in a Christmas anthology in support of feeding children around the world. Once she saw one of her stories in print, she will tell you she can’t stop. In addition to Deception, she co-authored Rogue. Laura’s currently working on a novel called Lessons, which she envisions parents reading with their children. She discovered while writing the book, the lessons ad ... read more
Latest book: Deception

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex V. Camaerei
Alex V. Camaerei is a spiritual son of Prophet Adrian B Leonard. He serves the Body of Christ as a missionary under the covering of Ernest Leonard Ministries, whose senior leaders are Apostle Joseph Leonard and Prophetess Sherri Leonard. Alex was radically saved at a prayer meeting at the age of 21 and was instantly set on fire for God. He holds a B.S. in Economics & Finance and an A.A. in Communication Studies. He resides in Pennsylvania where he is a practicing real estate professional. He aspires to travel the world as a missionary one day.
Latest book: The Cross He Carried

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott LaPierre
I am the senior pastor of Woodland Christian Church. My wife, Katie, and I have been blessed with six children. I enjoy preaching God’s Word, and teaching on marriage at conferences and retreats. Reach me by e-mail: Learn more at: —Website - —Facebook - —YouTube -
Latest book: Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Relationships

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cameron D. James
Cameron D. James is a lover of books, coffee, chocolate, and cute Starbucks baristas. Visit Cameron's website ( to find out more about him.
Latest book: The President And The Rentboy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Manny Serrato
Hi, I'm Manny! We wanted to escape. A life away from the suburbs. A new life, and a new country to raise our children. A life by the beach. So we decided to take the plunge, with the kids in tow. This is our journey!
Latest book: Baja California Sur An Expat’s Relocation Guide for La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, Los Barriles, Mulegé, Todos Santos, and Loreto

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Story
Author of the recently published and much-acclaimed novel Problems of Translation, or Charlie’s Comic, Terrifying, Romantic, Loopy Round-the-World Journey in Search of Linguistic Happiness, Jim Story is a novelist, short-story writer and poet. A former Okie blues singer and Russian history professor, Jim has published short stories, essays, reviews and poetry in Confrontation, The Same, Karamu, Folio, and other literary magazines. He’s been nominated for a Pushcart Prize (for a series of poems called “Notes of a Forty-Year Old Country Boy”), won a Best New Writers Award from Poets & Writers, and held a residency at the Edward Albee Center in Montauk, Long Island. He has studied with Ben Fountain at a ... read more
Latest book: Problems of Translation, or Charlie's Comic, Terrifying, Romantic, Loopy Round-the-World Journey in Search of Linguistic Happiness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rafael Guerrero
Rafael Guerrero es Detective Privado, profesor universitario, escritor, criminólogo por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Director de Seguridad por la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid y Máster en Servicios de Inteligencia por el Instituto Universitario General Gutiérrez Mellado de Madrid.  Ha ejercido la Investigación Privada desde el año 1992 mediante la dirección de su propia agencia, Grupo Agency World Inv. Durante estos años, ha resuelto infinidad de casos a nivel nacional e internacional. Pertenece a la World Association of Detectives de Estados Unidos y es socio colaborador de la International Police Association. Rafael Guerrero ha publicado tres novelas: Un ... read more
Latest book: Muero y Vuelvo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy Mallory
Author of some dirty words to come. Cat lover. Coffee and Disney World addict.
Latest book: Weak In The Knees, A Love and Romance Anthology