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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Avril O'Reilly
I have decided to create Auntie Books on Smashwords. That is very short books for aunties ...we can drop in and visit our nieces, nephews, kids of friends....whip out the smart phone and read an entire book while the attention span lasts. An Auntie Book should be no more than 1,000 words. I am delighted that Smashwords lets me make Auntie Books. My full length book about the First Holy Communion has been translated into Spanish for the Latin American market. It is on Smashwords and Amazon as "Kathleen y el Helicoptero de la Primera Comunión'. I am finishing up a book of short stories about communions too. I am going to have a hardback 'gift' version of the book online soon with a photographic cover. Ki ... read more
Latest book: Peligro! – Día del Papa Francisco

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nick Barrett
Nick Barrett is the author of eBooks, 'Spirit Guided Lucid Dreaming' and the 'Dreamscape series one', along with being the blog author for the 'Alwayz Lucid' website and creator of fictitious cartoon character, 'Dr. Lucid.' Nick is also a trained Medical Qigong practitioner levels, 1-3. Some mysterious force always guided the author's journey from when he was a child, what that 'force' was exactly, he wasn't sure! He then made it his prime objective to find out the answers through his lucid dreams and thusly, located and sealed the bond with his spirit guide. He confides in his guide regularly, in times of need, to access higher states of awareness and to seek new ancient wisdom. Throughout all that he writes a ... read more
Latest book: Dreamscape: Beginner's Guide to Astral Projection (Vol.3)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Enrique Fárez
Enrique Gutiérrez Fárez nació en Madrid en 1962. Licenciado en Ciencias de la Información, rama de Periodismo, por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Participó en su primera campaña electoral, en 1982 y con 20 años, en el Gabinete de Prensa del CDS en Canarias. Desde entonces ha estado presente en todos los procesos electores desarrollados en Canarias, tanto como asesor de comunicación e imagen, como director de campaña o como consultor independiente. En 1992 funda ICC Consultoría, Tecnología y Nuevos Mercados, matriz del Grupo ICC, que aglutina empresas en las actividades de análisis y seguimiento de noticias en medios de comunicación (MMI Media Monitor Internacional, una división que otorga ... read more
Latest book: Guía Práctica de Producción de Campañas Electorales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bruno Roggen
Dear reader, Thank you for showing your interest in my work. It's an honor and a pleasure. I am Bruno Roggen, living at Anhée, Namur province in Belgium. After my teaching career I devoted myself to writing and studying. I would like to characterize myself as a story teller. That's why most of my writings are short stories. I occasionally write poetry and I also finished three novels. My subjects are diverse, but in general I'm always writing about "the human condition" and relations between people. I'm mainly writing in English. However, I wrote in French too as well as in Dutch, be it to a lesser extent. As to my present studies, I took courses in Creative Writing at Oxford University and at this particul ... read more
Latest book: Verzet tegen Pajnath

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Ling
John Ling is a Malaysian-born author based in New Zealand. He writes thrillers that blend espionage and emotion. Visit his website at
Latest book: The Fighting Season: Episode II

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bridgette Powell
I was born in Sheffield, England in 1962. Emigrated to Perth Western Australia in 1973 with my family. I found a passion for reading and creative writing at an early age. At 28 I enrolled in College and over the next 4 years completed a Diploma in Health Science in Remedial Massage Therapy before starting my own practice in this field. For ten year my work predominately focused on treating patients with muscular disorders incurred by chronic illness and physical disabilities. Although a very rewarding experience it was physically, mentally and emotionally demanding so I decided to close the door on that stage of my journey and went to work as an employee in the health industry. After turning 40 I began sufferi ... read more
Latest book: Reflection Of Evil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katie Weaver
Katie Weaver is the co-owner and developer of a spiritual healing center and metaphysical store she operates with her sisters. As a psychic and medium since early childhood, Katie has learned how to use her natural talents communicating with angels, ascended masters, animals and people who have passed, to comfort and serve a variety of clients. In addition to her abilities as a psychic, Katie is accomplished in the energy healing method of Reiki and has a special interest and expertise in mentoring psychic children and assisting the parents of these kids. Katie is the author of the book “The Very Best Thing” released in July 2012, and has been involved in a weekly radio talk show with her sisters for the pa ... read more
Latest book: The Very Best Thing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ashlee Scheuerman
Ashlee lives in the grandiose state of Western Australia with her husband and other family, human and animal alike. The stories she finds herself creating are fantastical with darker elements interwoven, and inevitably reveal her fascination with entomology and psychology. Ashlee has a short story in the award winning post-apocalypic horror anthology, Surviving the End (Dark Prints Press), and writes when she can silence the allure of collecting more pine cones and other delightful treasures.
Latest book: The Damning Moths

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jo Frances
After several years as a blogger, I'm returning to writing fiction, but with a twist: my first indie book is called "Fame, Love and other Lessons" and it's in the New Adult genre. Which is basically contemporary romance, except with younger heroines.
Latest book: Fame, Love, and other Lessons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul R. Whitaker
Born: March 16, 1963 Lives in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA Married. Been writing since 1975. I am thrilled to celebrate with you my first completed novel "Life Sentence" which is based on a screenplay I wrote a few years ago. It is "hot off the presses" and I look forward to you all enjoying it. Another novel, based on one of my screenplays "Country Vampires Come to Town" should be up here by December 15, 2012. Completed several screenplays, which are still have not been produced, but looking forward to being produced someday soon.
Latest book: Where Dreams Go To Sleep - In-Line

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. M. Schroder
I am working on my first novel and an introductory Novella. I am the mother of three beautiful children, the wife of the most understanding and wonderful man. I am a full time court-reporting student.
Latest book: Daughters of Eden - In the Beginning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.F.B
Born and raised in a small town of Illinois. Currently living on his own where he spends his nights typing away. Working at a place that is equal to a pit from hell. Love the basic things in life with add ins such as writing, movies, hunting, bow fishing, cooking, music, Nintendo, Archery, Chicago sports, reading, his dog, his snake, his people. Religion is Deism. Favorite book is IT by Stephen King, Favorite short story is The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, favorite band is Blind Melon, favorite video game is Resident Evil 2, favorite writer TBA at the moment. Left handed in everything. Loves tattoos and has a few. Two specifics are a headless horseman on his right leg and a quote from the Tell ... read more
Latest book: Why Saturn Devoured His Son

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel&David Jeslis
Being brothers, Daniel and David Jeslis have a bit of overlapping info in their bios. Let's cover that first, shall we? Both were born in Chicago, IL (Dave in May of 1975, and Dan in November of 1978). They are the middle two brothers, with a younger brother and an older brother completing the set of four boys. Raised primarily in Chicago and it's southern suburbs, the family spent a short time living in Webster, TX, and Lilburn, GA, before returning 'home'. Dan took an early interest in music, and grew to become something of a musician; writing songs, playing guitar, singing, and occasionally playing the piano in a local rock band throughout his twenties. All self taught! He married a wonderful woman in 200 ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Bumpen The Knight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Holly S. Roberts
Holly S. Roberts is the USA Today Best-Selling Author of contemporary, paranormal, and erotic romance. Check out her titles under the pen name D'Elen McClain for spicy paranormal vampire, werewolves and dragons. She's always hard at work on her next book, gardening, or chasing (with her eyes) her husband around a baseball field while he coaches.
Latest book: Slam

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Catherine O'Brien
Catherine O'Brien, PhD is an education professor at Cape Breton University where she teaches the first university course in the world on the groundbreaking concept she created: Sustainable Happiness. She is co-creator of an online course in sustainable happiness. Catherine has presented to national and international audiences and was an invited participant to the 2012 UN meeting on happiness and wellbeing. Catherine lives with her family in Sydney, Nova Scotia.
Latest book: Lessons in Sustainable Happiness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carrie Q. Contrary
Carrie Q contrary is a full time warrior woman and part time comics artist. Carrie is known for her portrayal of strong and sexy yet huggable ladies, super and civilian alike! While past works have been strictly "Adults Only", Contrary's true mission in comics is to promote healthy body image through fierce, curvy women! Inspired by the works of Frazetta, Los Bros, Battle Kittens and personal experiences!
Latest book: Messy Ugly

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew E. Moczulski
Long-time writer, short-time trying to sell it! See some of my above links for examples of non-professional fanwork; they aren't to the same standards of professional quality as what I will post for sale, but they give a decent idea of my style. I hope to be around for a long time, so please, I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.
Latest book: Me, My Elf, and I

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeny Stone
Jeny Stone now resides in Texas. She has for several years but originated from West Virginia. She has always had a passion for reading. Finally, putting on her big girl panties, she decided to put her imagination to work and began writing. Now, she can’t stop. Jeny writes romantic suspense, erotic love novels and novellas with strong women and alpha males. Claimed by the Rancher, Possessed by a Stranger and The Eligible Suitor are the books she has produced so far. She now working on Rescued by the Rancher and Implosion which will be available soon. She loves humor and can’t help but add a touch in each book. When Jeny is not reading or writing you will find her taking care of her rescue dogs, or rather t ... read more
Latest book: The Eligible Suitor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Noemi Gastaldi
Noemi Gastaldi è nata e cresciuta in provincia di Torino, città in cui attualmente risiede. Ama scrivere fin da quando era piccola, ma la sua prima pubblicazione risale al 2009, quando collabora al romanzo erotico-sentimentale “22 fiori gialli”, attualmente edito da Eroscultura. Nel 2011, affascinata dal mondo sommerso dell’arte indipendente, riprende in mano una vecchia bozza ideata anni prima e mette le basi per la saga “Oltre i confini”. Il primo volume della stessa, “Il tocco degli Spiriti Antichi“, viene autopubblicato nel novembre 2012. Il secondo volume, "Il battito della Bestia", viene autopubblicato nel gennaio 2014. Il volume conclusivo "Il canto delle Forze Ancestrali" è disponibile ... read more
Latest book: Casamatta

Follow me at my  Facebook Page 'Timony Souler
'Timony Souler has been writing since she could string a coherent sentence together. It started out as an escape from reality, soon became a hobby and now takes up most of her brain activity. Her current works are "in progress". You can find her poetry, minifiction and other randomness on her various blogs. She also like drawing and pretending she can take photographs with artistic qualities. When she isn't writing you can find her with her nose in a book, admonishing the cat, drinking various teas, collecting hats and admiring shiny things.
Latest book: You Only Tell Me I'm Beautiful When I'm Naked

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steven Wolff
Steven Wolff, is a San Antonio Texas native. When he's not entertaining his golden retriever Kaylee; he can be found writing at his computer, behind his camera photographing lightning or tornadoes, or traveling to yet another site of reported paranormal activity. Steven founded The Ghost Education & Research Center and The South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance in 2001 - dedicated to helping both the living and the dead.
Latest book: Self-Aware (A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist!)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William H. Wakefield
Born in Dublin, Ireland in 1953. I have been and am a teacher, writer, historian and actor. I taught English, Theatre Studies and Religious Studies in Yorkshire, UK, for 20 years. I have a wide ranging historical knowledge with an emphasis on 11th and 12th century Ireland, The American Civil War 1861-1865 and the German/Russian conflict of 1941-1945. I arrived at being a writer via a quite circuituous route! In the 1970's I worked in catering including a spell as chef in the famous Captain America's Cookhouse of Dublin. I was a political activist until I got sense and moved to England in 1979! there I worked in construction for many years until I began teaching and acting. Rugby has been a lifelong passio ... read more
Latest book: The Hunt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liz Rich
Writer and dreamer, I am a chaser of sunsets and rainbows. I grew up in the Arizona desert and cherish the warmth of the sun and the whispers of quiet. My writing began at an early age, starting with small works of fiction, a play performed at my school, and a lot of poetry. My poetry is deeply personal and straight from the heart. In the beginning, I had reservations about sharing my writing, thinking it would allow too much insight into me. As my writing has evolved, I've realized how words can be like loving hands that touch the heart and how satisfying it is when one of my readers tells me I touched a place in theirs.
Latest book: The Funny Bunny

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kat Folland
Kat Folland was born in 1970 and adopted six weeks later by some really excellent people who, for some reason, opted to keep her. She grew up comfortably middle class – you could be comfortable in the middle class in those days – getting a fairly useless degree in History and an even more useless minor in Anthropology. Dabbling in writing all her life, she finally got around to finishing a novel in her forties, and is now publishing with some regularity.
Latest book: The Long Dark

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tom Interval
Magician Tom Interval, owner of San Diego-based Interval Magic, provides world-class magic entertainment and training to private and corporate clients locally and throughout the United States. A member of the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), and Society of American Magicians (SAM), Interval has captivated tens of thousands of people at numerous venues, including Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he portrayed a medieval conjurer, complete with a period costume and British accent. During his time at Busch, he also trained employees of the magic shop and promoted the park on several local TV talk shows along the East Coast. Interval, who has a B ... read more
Latest book: Harry Houdin: "The Great Polynational Mimic"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul J Turner
Paul J Turner was born in 1964 in Wombourne, Central England. After underachieving at school, something he apportions to 'messing around', he finally pulled his socks up and started training to be a psychiatric nurse at age 19. During almost 20 years working in the UK's National Health Service, he worked with people suffering from various disorders including the perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse and people with alcohol problems. He has had a long-term ambition to write a novel and decided to draw upon his professional experience for his first book. He now lives in Atherstone in Warwickshire, is married for the second time and has two grown-up children from his previous marriage.
Latest book: Lethal Guardian

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Picucci
An Alternative Approach In Psychotherapy Be prepared to feel a sense of interest, synergy and readiness for Michael Picucci - something new, gentle and pleasurable with Dr. Michael Picucci’s integrative healing approach. Dr. Picucci draws on 30 years of experience in a wide variety of healing and treatment practices, including psychology, psychotherapy, alcoholism and addictions recovery, trauma healing, sexual healing, grief counseling, somatic experiencing and other organic, complementary paradigms. His whole person approach and unique style, along with a diverse clientele have established Dr. Picucci as a preferred provider by many prestigious mental health and addiction treatment centers. Dr. Picucci ... read more
Latest book: The Evolution of Focalizing: Reducing Suffering and Supporting Possibilities

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary J. Wolff
Gary Joe Wolff is a Tokyo-based corporate communications consultant, university lecturer, and all-round nice guy. :-) From Houston, Texas, USA, Gary earned a master's degree in civil engineering from the University of Texas and worked 12 years as a registered professional transportation engineer before moving to Tokyo in 1991. Since then he's been a specialist in intercultural corporate training for Japanese engineers & managers in preparation for their overseas assignments, and has taught at over 80 different companies, schools, and agencies. Also, for the past 15 years he has been an adjunct professor of Science English, Spoken English, and TOEFL/TOEIC Test preparatory classes for electrical engineering, c ... read more
Latest book: Climbing Mt. Fuji: Tips, Q&A, and Climber Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki Morgan
If I were a song, I'd be Doomsday by Kasabian. If I were a film, I'd like to be one that has Christoph Waltz in it, or Al Pacino. Either would make me happy. If I were a Boxset, I'd want it to be The Sopranos. I love walking in the rain, especially if I've got nowhere to go. Winter's my favourite time of year, it fits me, unlike summer when everyone thinks you should be happy. Happiness doesn't just appear because the suns out, life doesn't work like that. I love my family. I love reading - Harry Potter, Twilight, Memoirs of a Geisha, Da Vinci Code are all in my top ten. Don't make me choose one. That would be like asking me to choose between my children. It just wouldn't happen. I love writing. My charac ... read more
Latest book: Everlong (Book One of the Everlong Trilogy)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aussiescribbler
Sex is a wonderful thing, but I find it hard to take it seriously. It has the power to make buffoons of us all. But I like to laugh as much as I like to get off so its a win-win situation over all. There is nothing so erotic as a spirit of playfulness, and that is what I express through my erotic stories. If you like puns, parodies, slapstick and one-liners with your saucy stories then you may find something here to tickle more than just your funny bone. I also write about psychology under the name Joe Blow.
Latest book: Improper Improvisations 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joe Blow
Joe Blow is the pseudonym for a man who, though currently happy and high functioning, has had a long history of mental illness, including endogenous depression, bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. His writing is the product of a lifelong struggle to integrate flashes of insight and powerful symbols which appeared to him, often during what we might define as psychotic episodes, with observable reality and a rudimentary knowledge of science by appropriating useful concepts from the work of such iconoclastic thinkers as Wilhelm Reich, R. D. Laing, Keith Johnstone, William Blake and Oscar Wilde. If asked whether this approach and this conceptual framework have provided him with a secure foundation ... read more
Latest book: Hurt-Proofing Ourselves

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Duder
Thomas Duder is the writing name for some other guy. Born with an aggressive passion for violence, writing, music, and hobbies both cerebral as well as physical, Thomas Duder seeks to conquer the world of e-books. Well, not inexactly "conquer" as he just seeks to entertain and increase his fanbase. See for yourself these critical reviews from the man himself: "I am a Martian." - Thomas Duder, two days ago. "It's not that I like writing, it's just that I like eating." - Thomas Duder, a month ago, yelling bout how the end times are a-comin' at a local grocery store. "Why are you typing everything I'm sayin'? Wait, you're typin' everything I'm sayin'?!" - Thomas Duder, just about now. Photo by Tilted Canvas ... read more
Latest book: The Generalist - Taboo X: The Twisted Mashup

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharon Abimbola Salu
Sharon Abimbola Salu grew up in Lagos, Nigeria where she lived until she relocated to the United States of America where she currently resides. Her stories are mostly set in Nigeria, and she writes stories she would like to read. A professed lover of spicy foods, she loves experimenting with new recipes, to the dismay of non-spicy food lovers. Apart from writing, photography is her other hobby. Visit her blog at
Latest book: Toasting Her

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dustin Stone
Dustin Stone is a twenty-something freelancer/student/ Francophile/Otaku from north Georgia. He was born to Rick and Lila Stone in 1986 when he burst forth, fully grown and armed, from his father’s skull. His heroes are either long dead philosophers or fictional characters. Sadly, he has built his personal morals and philosophy on school textbooks and Saturday morning cartoons. Myers-Briggs Type: INTJ Loves: Books, Video Games, Cats Favorite Foods: Sugary Coffee, Spicy Ramen Noodles, Chocolaty Pastries Hates: Shepherd’s Pie, Quiche, The Term ‘Au Jus’
Latest book: Seeds of Magic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.R. Gilston
Mistress Erminegard is a consummate dominatrix, a Buddhist, a so-so bass player, and rank amateur sleuth. Manhattan is her playground. R.R. Gilston is her minion.
Latest book: World Without Safewords

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jewell One
Jewell T.S. is the author of numerous fiction and non-fiction books. Jewell is currently pursuing her Master's of Science degree. She loves to write in her spare time. Some of her titles include '70 Ideas for Summer and Fall Activities','The Happy Little Flower', and 'The Sneaky Little Kitten'. Jewell currently resides in the Northern U.S.
Latest book: The Island (Get to Sleep!: The Sleep Prompt Series #2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia Althoff Bridewell
Patricia Althoff Bridewell is a graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College (BA), Western Kentucky University (MA), and Newburgh Theological Seminary (PhD). Bridewell is married, has a son, daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. She is a long-time member of Avon Park Camp in Florida, and is otherwise semi-retired.
Latest book: Rusty Woomer's Journey From Death to Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adam Howell
Currently broke and living in a dustbin. Please stop depositing your rubbish in my living room. This bin operates under a finders keepers policy, and the following items will not be returned: Unshredded bank statements, your favourite hat (which your partner hated), and the growing collection of old socks (delivered by your washing machine every Tuesday). I do not, however, have any need for body parts and would be thankful if you removed the remains of Mrs Simmons and disposed of her elsewhere. Furthermore, I find your frequent use of expletives, whilst attempting to carry me and my home to the side of the road every week, highly offensive. I do not weigh a ton, and, due in part to your less than desirabl ... read more
Latest book: The Clutter Box

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liz Shannon Miller
Liz Shannon Miller is a writer for stage, screen and the web, most recently for G4's ATTACK OF THE SHOW. She has a BFA in screenwriting from USC, and since graduating has written dialogue for the U.S. Army, covered the online video world for the tech site GigaOM, and been published by the New York Times, Variety, The Wrap, Nerve and Thought Catalog. Her first full-length play, the critically acclaimed LIGHTS OFF, EYES CLOSED, premiered this spring, and in her spare time she hosts a podcast about time travel and lives a full and active internet life at
Latest book: Liz Tells Frank What Happened In...: Volume 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karryn Nagel
I'm a country girl who was raised by race car drivers. I was a lightning designer for 7 years, then worked in Health/Healing in various capacities for 7 years. I ran a side business selling unusual, sexy sassy parasols for 2.5 years. I've done personal home organization, run a charity bake sale where I bake over 50 pies every Fall, and now I'm writing a book about my time as a cigarette and candy girl on the streets of San Francisco. Basically, I'm good at many things, and like to apply those skills in new challenges. I'm a bit awed that I wrote a book, but this idea had haunted me, literally, for 7 years, and WOULDN'T let me rest. I believe strongly in obeying the creative spirit if it keeps knocking you ups ... read more
Latest book: Stockings Required-Tales of a Cigarette & Candy Girl

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Holcroft
Richard Holcroft is a pseudonym for Arthur Bauer, a retired airline pilot, former Marine Corps pilot, and attorney. Mr. Bauer’s writing credits include numerous articles in such magazines and journals as California Living, Carte Blanche, and Houston Law Review, and a medico-legal book on fetal tissue transplantation. Mr. Bauer received his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clarkson University, an M.S. in Mass Communications from San Jose State University, and a law degree from Southern Methodist University. A member of International Thriller Writers, he currently lives with his wife and two cats in Fort Worth, Texas, and Lincoln City, Oregon.
Latest book: Patriot's Blood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duke Kittle
My brother was born on April 2nd of 1982 and has often said that he wished he’d been born a few hours earlier so he could be an April Fool. Little did he know that, two years later, he would have a younger brother born on April 11th. He wished to be an April Fool, and I ended up getting it in spades! I was born in Arlington, Texas, but grew up everywhere else. As a working single mother, Mom sent us to visit my maternal grandparents for the summer months. During those summers in Ohio, we picked strawberries on their farm, played, and traveled to different parts of the country including Yellowstone National Park, the mountains of Montana, Mount Rushmore, Colorado, and many other places in the Northwest and mi ... read more
Latest book: The Lost Apprentice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sherrel Lee
Sherrel, as the daughter of an Emmy winning cameraman, learned early in life the dark secrets of creating all those incredible fantasy characters for the large and small screen. Refusing to be crushed at the discovery the monsters, aliens and Robby the Robot weren't real, Sherrel's imagination soared. She became a SELF-proclaimed voyeur of special-effects and expert at fictional character creation. This love of alternate worlds and possibilities led her to read, watch, and explore myth, legend, lore and the possibilities they offer. A result of this is "Valens" where Sherrel discovered a dark side. One that creates the hatred, greed, and desire for power her evil characters demand and need and reveals a side o ... read more
Latest book: Valens Remembered, The Story Begins - (Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Diesso
Anthony Diesso currently lives in Northern California with his wife and his two young children. He enjoys reading, playing the piano, and sleeping in (when given the opportunity).
Latest book: The Haunted Spring

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emily Guido

Latest book: Seditious

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy Thompson

Latest book: Relinquish

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Tompkins
Mark Tompkins has been a classical pianist, a bartender, and spent 23 years in the United States Air Force working with the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) system. He writes for Undead Literature and his works include Road Rage, The Fresinnius Chronicles, Pieces, What Grabs You, What Grabs You Too, Arrhythmia and many others. He is currently working on a zombie series called Surgissent, and two novels, Blood Nurses and Outpost 86. Many of his works have also been published by Horrified Press and can be found in their anthologies. He lives in Bossier City, Louisiana.
Latest book: 10:30

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian D. Holland
Brian D. Holland is an avid reader and writer. He's especially fond of horror thrillers. Alongside a few short stories, "The Three Doors" is his first published novel. He's also a published music journalist. As a music writer, he has interviewed many legendary and up-and-coming musicians, primarily guitarists. With the intention to enlighten others to guitar playing virtuosity, his articles and CD/DVD reviews are published regularly in numerous print and online magazines. Brian lives in Norton, Massachusetts, with his wife, children, two dogs, two cats, and many books and guitars. His author website is: And his music site, The Sonic Blaze, is:
Latest book: The Three Doors

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kerry-Ann Barrett
Kerry-Ann's aim and goal is to draw others to Christ through living an exemplary life and sharing with others what God has blessed her with. A strong believer that Romans 8:28 gives her strength, she endeavors to use negative experiences in her life and in the lives of those around her to create positive change. Books Written Includes: Planning My Money While I'm Waiting For the Discouraged My God, My Friend
Latest book: My God, My Friend