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Mag Tan lives in a fine city where she writes, reads and makes magpoi badges when she has time. A few of her short stories have appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Imponderabilia: the international student anthropology journal, the Fox Chase Review, Concrete: UEA's official student newspaper and Silverfish New Writing 5 anthology. If you want to say hello, find her on twitter @magpoitweets.
Latest book: The Eyesmith and Other Tales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alberto Agraso
Alberto es un artista y autor autodidacta, que dejó de lado sus habilidades innatas para dedicarse a trabajar en la industria de seguros. Presiones familiares y sociales lo mantuvieron allí durante varios años hasta que su personal «noche oscura del alma» le impulsó a dejarlo todo atrás para buscar vivir una vida con más sentido. Sus exploraciones con el tiempo le llevarían al Camino de Santiago, donde providencialmente conocería a su actual esposa, Mony Dojeiji, y juntos se embarcarían en una marcha de 5000 kilómetros a pie por la Paz en la que atravesarían 13 países, durante 13 meses. Esta andadura se revelaría como una vía de autodescubrimiento, un camino interior que continúan recorriendo h ... read more
Latest book: The Black Snake

Follow me at my  Facebook Page aghzaf brahim
Né le 13.11.1958 à Azrou Maroc. Professeur de français au lycée Oum Rabiaâ M'rirt Maroc
Latest book: La mue de Boujelloud ou le récit des inséparables!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lainy Lane
Lainy Lane is the mother of an angel, a princess, and a prince. She is married to her high school sweetheart and though she is not much of romantic, she is a firm believer in fairy tale love as her story proves its existence. She is a tea & coffee addict. She loves the Lord and looks for ways to worship in everyday life. Life hasn’t turned out the way that she originally planned, but life is exactly what it needs to be at any given moment for Lainy. She looks for ways to find the silver lining in everything and uses her stories to prove that there is always hope, to be found in any circumstance as long as you’re willing to look for it!
Latest book: Hollow of Treason

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doug Norton
These days Doug Norton is into grandfathering, writing the next novel in this series, volunteering, and sailing. But there was a time . . . As a naval officer throughout most of the cold war, Doug had personal experience with nuclear weapons, both as objects of diplomacy and politics and as objects under his command responsibility--antisubmarine missiles that he might have to launch under cataclysmic circumstances. That life journey, plus research, allows him to craft Code Word:Paternity authentically. As a warship captain he held launch codes for nuclear weapons and was prepared to use them, but he also participated in high-stakes international negotiations to reduce their numbers and the chance of nuclear ... read more
Latest book: Code Word: Paternity, a Presidential Thriller

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Xaeda O'Hare
Hi, I’m Xaeda O’Hare. I became a self-published author by turning my private journals into a short story erotica series of e-books called The Private Journals of XO. Currently, volume 1, Part One – Faith and Desire is available. I hope to have volume 2 and 3 available before the end of 2013. My reason for making my experiences available in ebook form is that I was repeatedly left with a feeling of dissatisfaction after reading what was considered to be some of the best erotica available. While some of what I read was interesting, steamy, sexy and entertaining, much more of it bored me. It made me wonder if I had been so lucky to have personally experienced so much sexually in my life, that I was immune t ... read more
Latest book: The Private Journals of XO (Part One - Faith and Desire)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew Bryan
Matthew has been obsessed with reading (and writing) since he could walk. Coming home on the first day of kindergarten mad because he couldn't read was just the first sign. It has just steadily got worse and the fascination with creating worlds with words finally exploded. This spring saw the release of his first book, In Heaven's Shadow. Edited by the fantastic Annetta Ribkin, he is quite excited to share it with the world. This second edition of In Heaven's Shadow is Matthew's initial foray into self-publishing. He lives in the Great White North.. no not as far as Edmonton - in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Born and raised (notice the avoidance of the phrase grew up...) in a small town the move to the big city was ... read more
Latest book: In Heaven's Shadow

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Patrick Shriner
Larry Patrick Shriner was raised on the West Central coast of Florida. He made his home there for many years before moving to Durham, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife Elaine. Epilogue for Murder is his first novel. Angel, Falling is the second in the Bennett Cole private detective series. Both are available in bookstores, as well as online sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble in ebook and paperback versions. A third book, Shadowstalker, is now available as an ebook and paperback book. He is currently at work on a new book, Return from Nowhere, set in Hatteras Village on the North Carolina Outer Banks
Latest book: Blood and Salt

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greig Grey
The stories in this book chronicle my eight year career as a roughneck in the Michigan oil fields. I broke out in the boom year of 1981, when 4,500 drilling rigs were roaring and boring across this Great Nation. Nearly everyone (and their parrots) chanted “This boom is here to stay,” or “It’s different this time.” Or both. I have to admit that I bit on that bait, although sage veterans warned me to sock away some of that cash. "What the hell do they know?" I muttered as I handed a clerk $800 for a pair of Justin full quill ostrich cowboy boots. But that glorious boom evaporated when crude plummeted in 1986. Iron got stacked, wages were cut, and those goofy old vets had sure wizened up in five years. ... read more
Latest book: Oil Field Trash Roughneck Tales From the Rig Floor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justine Assad

Latest book: Yellow Boy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Vane
Victoria Vane is an award-winning author of smart and sexy romance. Her collective works of fiction range from historical to contemporary settings and include everything from wild comedic romps to emotionally compelling erotic romance. Her biggest writing influences are Georgette Heyer, Robin Schone, and Sylvia Day. Victoria is the founder of Goodreads Romantic Historical Fiction Lovers and the Romantic Historical Lovers book review blog. Look for her sexy new contemporary cowboy series coming from Sourcebooks in 2014. AWARDS & ACCOLADES 2012: THE DEVIL DEVERE SERIES Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012, LR Cafe Best Series Nominee 2012 A Wild Night's Bride • Night Owl Reviews Top Pick •IRC Reader's ... read more
Latest book: Slowly Unwrapped: A Very Short Christmas Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thelonious Legend
IT Professional by day, but by night I use my pen and pad as a canvas to explore questions of race, identity, privilege and class in a science fiction setting. Eclectic reader with a fondness for the classics and first generation Hip Hop snob. Don't start none won't be none! Philadelphia Eagles football fanatic and I also enjoy MMA from the safety of my couch. On the weekends you can find me wine drinking, rock climbing, fishing, or being an unpaid chauffeur to my daughters' activities. Also I'm a snark purveyor and been making with the funny since it was called the 'Dozens'. Get at me!
Latest book: Sins Of The Father

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barrett Riddleberger
Barrett Riddleberger is a recognized global sales expert and professional speaker. Backed by his two decades of business experience, Barrett uncovers performance problems in mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies by examining and answering a single question – “Why is this organization not meeting sales goals?” With exceptional insight he implements practical solutions that help companies grow their revenue. Barrett is the CEO of xPotential Selling, Inc. – a sales development firm that he started in 2002. They provide in-depth sales assessments, custom sales training and sales leadership training. Through these services, his company helps organizations hire premium talent, implement high performance sale ... read more
Latest book: Blueprint of a Sales Champion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angel I Erediauwa
Hi, I love reading and I love writing even more, creating a world that you can lose yourself in and enjoy, creating interesting characters that you will enjoy meeting, and stirring up emotions in you and bringing you stories that will produce unforgettable experiences.
Latest book: In The Seat Of Justice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brandy L Rivers
Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton and Others of Seattle Series. She also has a contemporary romance out, She loves to read as much as she loves writing. If you are interested in receiving emails about future book releases, please sign up for her email distribution list by visiting her site at: You can also find her at And at Twitter at:
Latest book: Falling Star

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Najeev Nadarajah
Whoa… Who would’ve thought it? Someone (you) actually clicked on this link! That sucks (for me). It means that, for your sake, I now need to write an author bio or something remotely close to the usual repetitive rants authors tend to enjoy writing about themselves. For the purpose of this post, I guess I’ve got no choice but to please those traditionalists who’re expecting just that. So here you go. The next three lines will consist of my thoughtless spiel. Blah, blah. Always wanted to be a writer. Blah, blah, blah, I went to [insert name of university here] and got a degree in [insert title of useless graduate program here]. Then one day, I had a dream, [insert more sentimental phony baloney here ... read more
Latest book: Dreamweaver

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel Wetta
I lived in Mexico in 2009 and 2010 and suffered the murder of a young friend who was kidnapped, tortured, shot, and left in a vacant field in his home city of Monterrey. Israel was a bright and handsome college student. The mistake that cost him his life was to meet the wrong person at a party: She was the estranged wife of a drug cartel leader in Monterrey, but she didn’t tell Israel. Their flirtation put an end to his life and the dreams for him of all who loved him. I was aware of the violence in Mexico when I arrived and tried to stay alert. After I came to make friends and saw that they courageously lived their lives in a world abundant with daily horrors and impunity, I realized how safely we lead l ... read more
Latest book: Nightfire! (The Corvette Nightfire Prequel)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alexandru Pătrașcu
Alexandru Pătrașcu
Latest book: Cartea despre demnitate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nehemy Willy G.
Personal Profile Nehemy Willy G. is a journalist by profession, with over fifteen years of work experience in several media-based organizations. He started his career in journalism with Mid-Africa Publicity as a freelance contributor, rising through to the position of Managing Editor with Media Survey and Analysis. He later joined Pacific Publishers and eventually Biznet Communications. Drawing from his experience in journalism, (where he goes by the name of N. Willy Gachamba), he went into publishing in 1996, where he mainly specialized in technical journals. Towards this end, he has been publishing a magazine on the science of food production (agriculture), and, most recently, a magazine on human heath. ... read more
Latest book: Aborted Mission

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rachel Lenna
Rachel Lenna is a twenty something year old author from New South Wales, Australia. She has three children, four dogs, two cats and two rats. She has her hands full most days but still manages to write when inspiration hits - usually at midnight or later! Rachel loves to spend her time reading when she's not writing and know's that when an idea comes to her time disappears. She also enjoys arts and crafts, music, singing and taking her children out into the world. Rachel has many books that are near completeion that she will be publishing soon, check back regularly for any new titles or updates to already published books.
Latest book: Over The Weekend

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Allison Bruning
Allison Bruning has had a passion for writing since childhood. She originally hails from Marion, Ohio but lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband and their Australian Cattle Dog, Lakota Sioux. Allison is a member of the Daughters of American Revolution, tracing her linage to Private Rueben Messenger of Connecticut. Allison enjoys family stories, history and genealogy. Her educational background includes a BA in Theatre Arts with a minor in Anthropology acquired at Sul Ross State University in Alpine, Texas. Allison received National Honor Society memberships in both Theatre Arts and Communication. She was also honored her sophomore year with admission into the All American Scholars register. She hold ... read more
Latest book: Calico

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tiago Dias
Tiago Dias is a Portuguese iPhone digital photography explorer and hobbyist, passionate about photo edition using iPhone apps. Featuring more than 3300 fans of his work on Instagram he was challenged to write an eBook with step-by-step tutorials to his unique and self developed photo editing techniques.
Latest book: iPhone Photo Tutorials - Versão Portuguesa

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carol Adams
With a success rate of around 90% Bioresonance is by far the most effective and safest method to stopping smoking for good because it is the only method that actually removes the addiction! ▪ Richard and Judy quoted 7% success rate with nicotine patches and gum ▪ Acupuncture and hypnosis have been known to produce a 30% success rate ▪ Smoking cessation clinics have shown a 15% success rate ▪ Going “cold turkey” has about a 3% success rate Until seeing the coverage and then having the treatment myself I was a 30 per day for 30 years smoker I have successfully treated literally thousands of smokers and I have thousands of testimonials.
Latest book: Stop Smoking Easily Without Cravings In 60 Minutes - Latest Bioresonance Technology!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Aiello
I like to travel, hike, take photographs and write. My photos are the basis for much of the imagery that inhabits the pages of my books. But my experiences with my own children and my desire to more fully explore and perpetuate those experiences is my true motivation for the RadisaursTM. During my career in marketing and digital content management, I have worked for such firms as Eastman Kodak and Intel Corporation. Working in creative and innovative environments like that requires certain childlike qualities such as risk taking and never ceasing to ask “why?” These are qualities the Radisaurs posses. Originally from Buffalo, NY, I know spend time in both Phoenix, AZ, and Portland, OR. In my spare time I ... read more
Latest book: The Radisaurs, Auna Put the Phone Down!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Miller
Bram Stoker Award® nominated Editor of "Hell Comes To Hollywood" Eric Miller has been working in the movie business for over twenty years as a screenwriter, producer, and many other fun jobs. His produced horror scripts include "Ice Spiders", "Night Skies" and "Mask Maker". He has worked on numerous horror films over the years, and is proud of the untold gallons of fake blood he has helped spill. In his spare time he reads, writes, and watches movies of all kinds- especially romantic comedies. "Hell Comes To Hollywood" is his editorial debut, and he is thrilled that the book and contributing writers have been nominated for the Horror Writers Association Bram Stoker Award © for Superior Achievement in Anthol ... read more
Latest book: Hell Comes To Hollywood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dusty Miller
Constance ‘Dusty’ Miller has written fiction, non-fiction and worked for newspapers and magazines. She did a brief stint as sports editor of a small-town weekly. She likes to make people laugh as well as think. Her erotica has a strong sense of the dramatic. Out of work and recovering from a life-threatening illness, someone suggested writing erotica which she initially rejected for lack of confidence. But love makes the world go around, and Dusty can no longer deny its pull. Dusty squeezes a little writing time in between raising a daughter and building a home-based business.
Latest book: Germans In Bondage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dax Christopher
Multi-genre fiction writer and game designer creating fun and immersive experiences for lovers of stories and games.
Latest book: Dead Man's Trivia

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ryan Field
Ryan Field is a Lamdba-Award winning author of more than 100 LGBT works of fiction. Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys is the first in a series.
Latest book: Fangsters 2 - Gang Bang Fangsters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gerald Cohail
Author: The Logical Choice: Tote Board Handicapping Made Easy; Professional Handicapper; member of the Horseplayers Association of North America.
Latest book: The Logical Choice: Tote Board Handicapping Made Easy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ebe Behnia
Born in Tehran, Iran brought up in Perth, Scotland and living in Chevy Chase, United States. I have been a teacher all my adult life. I have been a student the rest of the time. I am married and have have had many children.
Latest book: The Red Ball

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.S. Fanning
C.S. Fanning has been writing for many years, winning a scholarship for writing during his academic years, and following that with a number of articles for various publications as well as writing a number of non-fiction works on the martial arts, which he has been studying for a quarter of a century. An avid fan of fantasy and science fiction, Fanning is proud to present his first published fantasy novel for your enjoyment. C.S. Fanning lives in a small town in Oklahoma with his beautiful wife, two lovely daughters, and a pack of noisy beagles.
Latest book: Freya's Chosen

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barrie Maguire
Barrie Maguire, a graduate of Notre Dame, spent 15 years in advertising at N.W.Ayer in Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. He joined Hallmark Cards in 1976 where he eventually became Director of Creative Services. Since leaving Hallmark in 1985 he has been an editorial illustrator and has illustrated and/or co-authored many humor books, including Custody of Dad and The 77 Habits of Highly Ineffective People. His essays have appeared in newspapers all across North America and his website,, syndicates his op-ed art, and that of eleven other artists, around the world. He also is an avid painter of Ireland and his work can be found at, a website that features the artwork of his family ... read more
Latest book: The Art Factory

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Calin Kasper
M-am născut pe data de 21 martie 1951 în Sighișoara, unde am urmat și școala. De fapt școlile, fiindcă până la terminarea liceului, din cauza năzbâtiilor pe care le făceam, mi-am plimbat pingelele prin 6 școli. A urmat apoi Facultatea de Transporturi, secția Automobile, la București, pe care am absolvit-o în 1975, devenind inginer. Din această clipă am pornit în viață pe cont propriu, ghidându-mă doar după capul meu, fără să-mi îndoi spinarea în fața nimănui. Așa am reușit ca, în prima zi de muncă la Uzina de Autoturisme Colibași, să mă bat cu unul din șefii de schimb de la secția montaj general, pentru că a avut tupeul să-mi tragă o palmă. Pornind pe calea asta, am r ... read more
Latest book: Cei sapte beduini

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.H. Michael
As a child, growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I always knew that I wanted to be a cop from a very young age. While in college, majoring in Political Science and Law Enforcement, I was asked if I wanted to take the test to be a Deputy U.S. Marshal. (Most of us hired had never heard of the Marshal's, except on television's Gun Smoke. A common joke at the academy was, 'I didn't know how to spell it, now I is one.' It's funny because most of us spelled Marshal, as Marshall, until hired. And yes, the grammatical error is on purpose) I was hired, to be a Deputy U.S. Marshal, in June of 1984 and was posted to my home town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (extremely unusual and rare. A deputy had just been fired days before I wa ... read more
Latest book: Valley of Deception

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dorethy Hancock
Dorethy Hancock retired early as a Reference Librarian in Topeka, Kansas, in order to do something different: specifically to help raise consciousness about living in a healthy, earth-friendly environment and leaving a “light footprint.” She built an earthen home during the summers of 2003 and 2004, treading in the mud and literally “hand-sculpting” the house, finishing it with artistic expressions of bas relief designs on the walls. The home is located on 30 acres of woods and prairie on the Potawatomi Indian Reservation north of Topeka. Dorethy’s education concentrated first on music, then on achieving a B.A. in English Literature and an M.L.S. in Librarianship. She has a varied background of in ... read more
Latest book: The Tao of Cob: How a Kansas Grandmother Built Her Own Natural Home in the Woods

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Clare James
Clare James is the author of steamy contemporary romance and new adult novels: BEFORE YOU GO, MORE, TALK TO ME, JUST LISTEN, and DIRTY LITTLE LIES. A former dancer, Clare still loves to get her groove on—mostly to work off her beloved cupcakes and red wine. A fan of spunky women, gorgeous guys, and super-hot romance, Clare spends most of her time lost in books. She lives in Minneapolis with her two leading men—her husband and young son—and loves to hear from her fans. Find her at: @clarejamesbooks
Latest book: Just Listen (Talk to Me Book 2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sesan Oguntade
Sesan Oguntade teaches success secrets, faith stories and shares free christian books at his website and blog.
Latest book: You Can Start And Finish Great Projects

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henk Botha
Advocate of the High Court of South Africa, international negotiation trainer and speaker, author and Master Human Resources Practitioner with the South African Board for People Practices. Awards and honours include the degrees FIAC, Bachelor of Law, LLB, MHRP and Ph.D. More than 40 years' experience in business negotiation and collective bargaining.
Latest book: 7 Steps to a Negotiation Road Map : How to Prepare Your Next Negotiation Strategy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eduard Joseph
Eduard Joseph lives in Cape Town South Africa and has been writing since a young age. His first book "Freaks want love too" was rejected by numerous publishers in 2005. In 2013 he decided to go the self-publishing route and his first novel hit online stores. It was a success on until it was removed by the author due to royalty issues. Eduard Joseph loves writing what's in his heart, and thus writes about anything from romance, comedy, horror and suspense. His latest novel,"Age of Men", is currently available for free for a limited time from many online stores and tells of Professor White who must assist the government in a race against time to find the cause of mass disappearances that is ravagi ... read more
Latest book: Suicide Forest

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.P. Choquette
J.P. Choquette writes mystery and thriller novels from New England. Writing professionally since 2007, J.P. has published three books and is currently at work on a fourth. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, Choquette remains fascinated by human behavior which she incorporates into her work. She lives in Vermont where she enjoys drinking hot beverages, taking long walks and making junk art … just not all at the same time. Find out more about the author by visiting her website,
Latest book: Restitution

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joanie Schirm
Two time first place winner of 2013 Global EBook Awards: Best Biography and Book Trailer. Adventurers Against Their Will is an improbable and emotional tale of a daughter’s real-life global quest to find the authors of 400 letters written to her Czech father while he was on-the-run from the Nazis during World War II. Seven decades later, letters that traveled across four continents and were discovered by chance reveal an incomparable story about the power of friendship. Emotionally absorbing and meticulously documented, this story about unlikely adventurers is not just about survival. It is about the power to create a better world, one letter at a time. After her parents’ death in 2000, Joanie Schirm ... read more
Latest book: Adventurers Against Their Will: Extraordinary World War II Stories of Survival, Escape, and Connection-Unlike Any Others

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cosmo Starlight
Cosmo Starlight, humanist and naturalist, began writing after conceiving "Church, The Television Show." That original web series depicts Noodle Church leading up to the character’s incarceration and it’s currently available free using any HTML reading device. Starlight’s debut novel "Freedom Incorporated" contrasts freedom versus power. The author’s lens is dichotomy of positive and negative; in all themes of Starlight’s work that is applied to include economics, political organization, metaphysics, and alternate history. This author’s subjects are governments, markets, community networks, the people and more. Starlight’s sequel narrative to "Freedom Incorporated," bearing its name, "Freedom Afri ... read more
Latest book: Freedom Afrika

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daryl Gramling
Daryl Gramling is the author of multiple works, ranging from serious non-fiction (100 Tough Questions for God) to humor (Deaf Man Rocking) to an upcoming novel (Executive Orders). He was born with a severe hearing loss which progressed to almost total deafness in his late 20s. In 1999 he was the recipient of an experimental cochlear implant which was undergoing clinical trials in the United States prior to formal FDA approval. Daryl resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area with his wife and two children.
Latest book: Deaf Man Rocking

Follow me at my  Facebook Page kevin obijuru Nsofor
I’m from Oguta in Imo state Nigeria, I studied linguistics and communication studies at university of Port Harcourt, I love writing poems, and I use my poems to inspire my friends and the public
Latest book: The new dawn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Partnerskie Programy
Serwis poświęcony zagadnieniom związanym z marketingirm internetowym, zarabianie w sieci oraz programy partnerskie.
Latest book: Ebook programy partnerskie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D Antoinette
I am the mother of the two most amazing little girls to ever walk this Earth. Writing was and is my first love. My favorite books are Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume and Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. The First Book of Carrie is my first published novel. I am the proud owner of two imaginary dogs. I know, I'm awesome!
Latest book: The First Book of Carrie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jane Davis
Jane Davis is the author of six novels. Her debut, Half-truths and White Lies, won The Daily Mail First Novel Award and was described by Joanne Harris as ‘A story of secrets, lies, grief and, ultimately, redemption, charmingly handled by this very promising new writer.’ The Bookseller added her to their 'One to Watch' section. Compulsion Reads have called her 'a phenomenal writer whose ability to create well-rounded characters that are easy to relate to feels effortless'. She has since published five further novels, These Fragile Things, I Stopped Time and A Funeral for an Owl, An Unchoreographed Life and An Unknown Woman. An Unknown Woman has been awarded Self-Published Book of the Year 2016 by Writing Mag ... read more
Latest book: An Unknown Woman

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Roger Gordon
Hi people I work from home spending most of my time doing internet marketing and consulting. I come from a family of successful writers and have just started to get into writing non-fiction and enjoy it very much. I live in a picture postcard village in an apartment overlooking a river
Latest book: Cuckoo In The Cradle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lindsey Paley
Lindsey Paley lives in the beautiful North East of England where she writes in a peppermint and cream 'writing summerhouse' (shed). She has written five novels in the contemporary romance genre. When not scribbling away, Lindsey loves baking - and eating the sugar-infused results, and attempting to obtain a handicap at her local golf club - truly a work-in-progress.
Latest book: Friends in Law

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Oh
James Oh BAC (Hons), LLB (Hons), CA (M), MPMA (UK), CHECK OUR BROCHURE AT James Oh is a financial and mindset training expert, thinker, leader and intensive researcher with 20 years of professional working experiences in various industries such as trading, construction, aviation and movies distribution with extensive exposure in both local and international levels. In the course of his practice, James had held senior specialist, supervisory, managerial and leadership positions by providing successful and effective strategic and operational plans to nurture the company he had worked with. His track record includes growi ... read more
Latest book: Looking Beyond Financial Statements Third Edition by Oh James