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Visit my Facebook Page K. Bradley Washburn
Professional Web Designer and Graphic Artist, Amateur Photographer, Sometime Game Designer and Author.
Latest book: Windows to the Soul
Visit my Facebook Page Michael Field
I've been writing for 20 years. Mostly screenplays for features and shorts. In 2003, I wrote and directed the feature "Save the Forest" which enjoyed mild success in the low-end DVD market and streaming service of Netflix. The next seven years found me writing and directing several short films which ran through the festival circuit and starting a family with my lovely wife. In 2010, I created the mystery web series, "The Puzzle Maker's Son" which gained me entry into the WGAe and in 2011, I followed up with a comedy web series, "Scenes from the Movies". Both are available for viewing online at YouTube. Currently, in addition to writing my first book (Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout) and raising my three c ... read more
Latest book: Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout
Visit my Facebook Page Larry Peterson
Larry is a Catholic/Christian blogger and posts commentary weekly. His work has appeared in such publications as Zenit from Rome, Aleteia, New Evangelists, Top Catholic Blogs, Big Pulpit, and others. His first children's picture book, "Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes" was published in 2011. In 2012, his full length novel, "The Priest and the Peaches" was released. His latest novel, "The Demons of Abadon", began being published in Volume form (ebook format) in the fall of 2015. The complete novel (paperback and ebook) will be available in the spring of 2016. Larry belongs to the Catholic Writer’s Guild, The Catholic Writer’s Society, The Knights of Columbus, and the St. Vincent de Paul ... read more
Latest book: Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes
Visit my Facebook Page David L. Witt
Writer, naturalist, and historian David L. Witt is author of a novel, The Prairie Suite, An old world…a new beginning, and four award winning nonfiction works: Ernest Thompson Seton, The Life and Legacy of an Artist and Conservationist; Taos Moderns: Art of the New; Spirit Ascendant: The Art and Life of Patrociño Barela; and Modernists in Taos from Dasburg to Martin. He is curator of the Seton Legacy Project at the Academy for the Love of Learning in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Special interest in alpine and tundra botany. Publications at: Environmental issues related to The Prairie Suite novel at the blog: The life and legacy of artist/naturalist Ernest Thompson Seton ... read more
Latest book: Generally True Patterns: A New Natural History of Recognizing Ourselves as a Part of Nature
Visit my Facebook Page Romell Broom
30 years on Death Row, 1 failed execution, 2 non-matching dna profiles, no lawyer... Romell Broom, who has spent three decades on Ohio’s Death Row, tells his own story: a ‘throwaway’ boy from a disadvantaged background, hastily convicted for a crime he has always protested he didn’t do. Having survived a two-hour execution attempt in 2009 he is still asking, ‘Will anybody listen to the truth?' "The Romell Broom case is yet another example of why the United States should abolish the death penalty immediately. The inherent flaws of the capital punishment system are again exposed in all their horror as we are left to ponder how many other individuals will have to go through this nightmare." (Rick Halper ... read more
Latest book: Survivor on Death Row
Visit my Facebook Page Tenebris Books
Tenebris Books is the dark fiction imprint of Grimbold Books
Latest book: Willow, Weep No More
Visit my Facebook Page Graham Alexander
I was born in England in 1979 and lived there until 2002. Then with itchy legs ready for travel I left and found South Korea. After 12 years of teaching, travelling and studying it was time to move on. At the end of December 2014 I moved back to the UK with my beautiful wife to begin the next chapter in our lives :) You're doing life wrong if it's all hard work!
Latest book: cheese
Visit my Facebook Page Jeremiah Maponde
I am a married father of three. It always makes me happy to spend my free time with my lovely family. My interests center mostly on technical things, but am a big soccer fan. Time permitting, I play social soccer during weekends.
Latest book: Half a Ton of the Greatest Quotes Ever
Visit my Facebook Page Paula J Kampf
Paula J Kampf Is first and foremost the mom of her two favorite people on the entire planet. Ever since they came into being, she’s been very intentional (except on days when she slacks off) about making sure that they know that they are loved just exactly as they are, and making sure she’s done her damndest to make the world a more hospitable place for them. She’s all about making sure that she leaves the place better than it was when she found it. She has a couple of degrees in stuff like Communications, Theatre and Ministry. She reads voraciously and loves intense personal conversations. She’s done a bunch of kinds of work ranging from proofreading the entirety of The Indiana Code one summer ... read more
Latest book: Becoming Light: An Extra-Traditional Journey from Black Friday to December 24
Visit my Facebook Page Jonathan Scott Remington
Jonathan Scott Remington is the pen name of a freelance author who writes fiction and non-fiction, primarily about politics.
Latest book: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington
Visit my Facebook Page Harrison Lewis
Should one wish to know the details of my upbringing or the history of my artistic inspiration, one only needs to remember that if I wanted you to know, I'd be writing more books about that. Currently, I am not.
Latest book: Phone Calls From Home
Visit my Facebook Page Sarah Fairbairn
Hi I’m Sarah. I live in the beautiful area of Lake Macquarie (Australia) with my husband Shane, our two sons Riley and Ethan, and our two wolfhound crosses Ellie and Charge. During the week I work at my family’s mechanical workshop. But in my free time, once the boy’s needs are taken care of, I attempt to sedate my Book Addiction (an addiction that is only surpassed by my Chocolate Addiction) reading and working on my blog “The Adventures of Sacakat”. BLOG - Facebook – Twitter – Instagram - Wattpad - YouTube - ht ... read more
Latest book: The World Around Me
Visit my Facebook Page Stephen O'Sullivan
Stephen O’Sullivan lives in Dublin City, Ireland. He works as a service technician for an international security company. He first put pen to paper three years ago when his young daughter asked him to write a story for her. After just a few sentences, he was addicted to writing and hasn’t paused since. Anderson’s Gold is Stephen’s first novel, but many of his short stories have been published in various magazines and newspapers.
Latest book: Anna
Visit my Facebook Page Cecilia M. Fernandez
Cecilia M. Fernandez is an independent journalist and college instructor with a passion for literature. Her work has appeared in Latina Magazine, Accent Miami, Upstairs at the Duroc: the Paris Workshop Journal, Vista Magazine, and Le Siecle de George Sand. She lives in Weston, Florida and teaches writing and literature at Broward College and Miami International University of Art and Design. Her debut memoir, Leaving Little Havana, was selected as a finalist in the 2011 Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference Book Contest.
Latest book: Adios, Mi Pequena Habana
Visit my Facebook Page Steven Nelson
Steven Nelson spent his childhood in Spain and moved to the U.S. at age 10, going on to study Business and History, including a year in Germany. Fascinated with storytelling since a boy, he has written numerous works of historical fiction, diving into the past for inspiration. His first published work is the authentic, translated manuscript of his Spanish ancestor’s memoirs from the 1800s. Next we will follow a band of fellows during the early Middle Ages, a fascinating time with its barbarian invasions, clashes between cultures, the slow fall of Rome, and for being known by that abused name: “the Dark Ages.” More than anything he wants his reader to awaken in a bygone world that after so long still rea ... read more
Latest book: Memoirs of a Rum-Runner
Visit my Facebook Page RS Robertson
RS Robertson graduated from Edinburgh University in 2008 with a first class degree in Divinity. She contributed to 'communities of peaceably different witness' in Lebanon, India and South Africa and is now based in the United Kingdom where she works as a professional musician.
Latest book: Christian Witness to the Gospel of Peace in a Culture of Conflict
Visit my Facebook Page Christian Burton
Christian Burton is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. As a member of the air force intelligence community, his military service included stops in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. He leveraged his experiences overseas in crafting Energy Dependence Day. Reviews of my novel are posted at:
Latest book: Energy Dependence Day
Visit my Facebook Page BD Holland
B.D. Holland is the pen name of a former flight attendant. Using a pseudonym gives her more freedom to write about the lives and loves of airline crews.
Latest book: Diary of a Flight Attendant - Tiffany in Paris
Visit my Facebook Page Rob Renée
I am Rob Renée. I am a father of 7 children and I write stories which have now become books for children. Children of all ages, as young as 2 and as old as 92, because you should never really fully grow up! I live in the World of South Wales, not far from the Village of Cardiff, just across the water from the Vale of England. I was born in Cheshire. My dad was in the RAF so I've lived all over the place. I'm currently in the process of producing helpful books for parents to read to their children. The most recent books are the series about the Poo's. Yes, the Poo's. The Poo family that live next to the Wee family. You may laugh, and please feel free to do so when you read the books, but these are actually wr ... read more
Latest book: Meet The Poo's
Visit my Facebook Page Brittany Wilborn
Brittany Wilborn is an amateur author who will never cease to amaze you. As a young mother pursuing her career in Criminal Justice, she is not your typical 25-year-old. Her favorite joy is spending time with her beautiful daughter. Helping others is something that she was destined to do, the pure reason why she has started putting her thoughts to paper so that you, the audience, can gain something from your experience of reading her works. Brittany currently resides in Pensacola, Florida with her daughter. Feel free to follow her on Facebook at , Youtube at, or on Twitter @BooksByBrittany for more information and updates on new releases, ... read more
Latest book: Wedding Planning: A 12 Month Guide to Ease the Headache
Visit my Facebook Page Chase Patrick Murphy
husband, father, social media influencer, blogger, published writer, foodie, wine drinker, bbq lovre, speaker, teacher, coach, comedian, kinetic, rule breaker, chef, wedding dancer, marketing specialist, do it yourselfer, jalapeno eater, kick boxer, disney fanatic, Irish, garden grower, iPad owner, drinker of carbonated water, workout enthusiast, friend maker, Texan and Driver & Restorer of 1965 Chevy Truck.
Latest book: Pull the Trigger. On Life, Career, and not being a D-Bag
Visit my Facebook Page The Indie Collaboration
The Indie Collaboration grew out of a group of like minded independent authors. Together, we decided to show the world how great works of fiction can be created without the involvement of any large publishing companies; creating a direct channel between ourselves and our readers is of the utmost importance to us. Each author has freely donated their time and work and are committed to the Indie Collaboration's cause of: Offering the best of indie authors in bite size pieces for free. We hope you enjoy our books
Latest book: Tales from Even Darker Places
Visit my Facebook Page Regina Harvey
Regina Harvey lives and writes in Columbia, Maryland. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in writing and the concepts of utopia and dystopia, among other topics. You can learn more at
Latest book: Outliers
Visit my Facebook Page J P Walker
Jem Roche-Walker was born in Norwich and moved to the North West in order to attend Edge Hill University, studying Social Work Studies. After studying she began working in rehabilitation for patients with acquired brain injuries and has spent the last 7 years writing her first novel, 'Knights of the Sun', published 2013 (Beaten Track). She lives in Burscough with her wife and baby girl and loves spending family time with them.
Latest book: Never Too Late
Visit my Facebook Page Christian Ortiz
Christian Omar Ortiz was born in Bayamon Puerto Rico(March,1 1993). Christian is a writer known for his E-book "The Human Women Guide". He's often referred to as the "WomenGuide". His contributions to helping people and giving advice have led him to be known as a good public figure. Christian began writing in elementary school and wrote a hand written book called "The Way life should be". He graduated from Jane Addams Vocational High School in New York City & also studied Women Psychology. Christian in his past encountered many problems.Being abandoned by his own father at a young age and losing his sister. His sister is now deceased. His fascination with women has led him to write his Ebook "The Human Women Gu ... read more
Latest book: Classified: The Human Women Guide
Visit my Facebook Page David Myhra
David Myhra, PhD, has written more than 100+ books and Ebooks on World War Two German flying machines, both proposed and built, pre and post war and their designers, than anyone living or dead, along with the VTOLs (Vertical Takeoff and Landing). He has researched and interviewed the German scientists that were captured and taken to the Soviet Union and forced to work on the supersonic DFS 346. He has interviewed dozens of former German aviation designers and gas turbine rocket scientists throughout the 1980's in places such as West Germany, East Germany, France, USA, South America and other countries. He was also involved in the production of numerous TV documentaries such as the History Channel’s 2005 “Na ... read more
Latest book: Conversations With: Reimar Horten-Volume 4
Visit my Facebook Page Jean-Sully Ledermann
Jean-Sully Ledermann est né en région Parisienne en 1974. Il prend la plume dès dix ans pour nous livrer un texte qui en étonnera beaucoup par sa maturité. C’est un touche à tout autodidacte, compositeur, musicien, réalisateur, il est passionné par chaque aspect de l’Art. Il tente au travers de ses œuvres, de souligner l’ambivalence de l’être humain, cette capacité à la profondeur, à la certitude, et à la plus parfaite inconstance. Vous pouvez retrouver toutes ses créations sur :
Latest book: Ignoto Deo
Visit my Facebook Page Salone Jones
Salone Jones is a total wellness coach that offers programs for spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing. Savannah, GA. native, and Savannah College of Art and Design graduate; Ms. Jones is an entrepreneur and founder of Live Out Loud World, Inc. and SalFit & Associates. Ms. Jones gave her life to Christ as a youth, and has been working in the creative arts ministry for the past twelve years. “I am not an expert on the Bible, or a theologian. I am just a believer writing for the unlearned about things in which I am unlearned, yet have insight on because of my experiences. My hope is that the insights, stories, and prayers will better equip our youth as they embark upon their adventure into adulthood; makin ... read more
Latest book: Live Out Loud Youth Devotional
Visit my Facebook Page Cindy Dachuk
Cindy Dachuk is a well-known Leadership Breakthrough Expert. She has worked with leaders, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, in becoming more successful in their communications and their careers. As the Founder of the Titan Training Group, author of It’s Time Now: Choose the Life you Really Want, Speaker and Trainer, her emphasis is always on helping others to create the skills and habits needed to take them to the next level. Drawing upon those experiences, Cindy has created numerous cutting edge programs designed specifically to help you to Communicate and Lead more Purposefully, Powerfully and Passionately.
Latest book: Stop This, Start That: 365 Ways to Success
Visit my Facebook Page Darien Cox
Author Darien Cox lives in New England and enjoys using romantic fiction to explore the intensity, insanity, humor, and chaos that accompanies cupid’s arrow.
Latest book: Static
Visit my Facebook Page E. Mendell
I am a Fiction Author that writes what I would love to read. My interests in writing are many and I take time to write and experiment with all types of genres and book sizes. Anywhere from short stories to thick novels, Horror to Science Fiction, I've written all kinds. I've been writing since I was able to put words together and my first published book (Eysheus Saga, book one, Blood River) Is the beginning of my greatest work so far. I was home schooled and with my free time studied and advanced my writing abilities. My stories have been sitting and waiting for the chance to see the light of day so here I hope to accomplish that. Writing is my reason to live. Ink is my blood, inspiration is the oxygen I breat ... read more
Latest book: Hiroshima, Crystal Crier
Visit my Facebook Page Janie Van Komen
As Sole Sisters… Lyn Austin and I have worked together since before we can remember. We’ve both been rich, poor, and buck broke. We’ve been healthy, sick, and broken. We faced down death more than once and then death blindsided both of us... So we decided to ask other women to share their ideas on the foibles of life we all face… What came of it was "Sisters of the Sole (Soul)" This book is a labor of love we offer to women everywhere. For more information about Lyn Austin… please visit her website noted on the title page of "Sisters of the Sole (Soul)" As for myself… I have lived in the USA and Europe. In my various lives I taught stress relief writing; did research; hosted writing retreats; de ... read more
Latest book: Sisters of the Sole (Soul)
Visit my Facebook Page Harris Gray
Allan Harris and Jason Gray are the writing duo Harris Gray, authors of two novels, two screenplays, a Christmas play, and a collection of stories from Jason’s younger days. An early version of JAVA MAN was a finalist in the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers contest. Allan is a former guest columnist for The Denver Post. Jason owns Crowfoot Valley Coffee and the Crowbar, land of rumor and embellishment. The Harris Gray collaboration began in Jason’s coffee shop. Allan wrote, and eavesdropped as Jason entertained his customers. One day Allan found a little yellow notepad waiting for him, crammed to the margins with Jason’s exploits. Allan typed them, touched them up, and called it good, but Jason had other ... read more
Latest book: An Extra Shot From The Java Man
Visit my Facebook Page Floor Harrewar
F. Harrewar (Floor) is geboren op 14 juni 2000 in Utrecht. Ze is in groep 7 van basisschool "De Boomgaard" begonnen met schrijven. Aangemoedigd door latere klasgenoten van het Leidsche Rijn College publiceerde ze in 2013 Jasper op Jupiter, haar debuutroman.
Latest book: Jasper op Jupiter
Visit my Facebook Page Darin Booton
I am American novelist who lives in the suburbs of Chicago. My fiction ranges the spectrum from horror to suspense!
Latest book: Jessica's Unraveling
Visit my Facebook Page Cathy Jackson
Stunningly beautiful and staggeringly intelligent mid-western mother of four writing everything from science fiction to generational epic historical dramas and anything in between.
Latest book: Yours Forever (Yours to... Book 3)
Visit my Facebook Page Will Lemen
I live with my wonderful wife, two sons, our dog, and some anonymous aquatic pets, including a blue crayfish. Also called craw-fish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, or mud-bugs, go figure. I write when I can find the time, and usually find that the day fly's by while I'm doing so. Football is my sport of choice, watching it, not playing it, and sometimes I find that television takes up to much of my time.
Latest book: Meteoroid Comics: Part One "The Adventures of HERO Savior of the Universe"
Visit my Facebook Page Dee Jones
I'm a former athlete, model, government employee, foster parent, ice cream scooper and bookkeeper (until my dad fired me). I've been an event planner since 1978 and my defining moment was when the NFL called for services during a Super Bowl . I have 2 yearly fundraisers, and once won the City of Detroit's Community Service Award. I've always loved to write. My novel Fostering Chaos!! will be my next release.
Latest book: Ain't THAT The Truth?! Observations on LIFE and its Controversies
Visit my Facebook Page Matthew Hawkins
I am a medical research associate that graduated with a degree in Biology from Western Michigan University. At heart, I'm a country boy from the mountains of western Pennsylvania. I grew up a cowboy, riding horses, bailing hay. I love the outdoors but love people too. I lead worship, play guitar and am truly a unique individual (my kids say I'm weird). In my spare time, I read and practice, play disc golf and wrestle with my sons or my grandson. I love Jesus most of all. I love my wife and all four of my kids.
Latest book: Daybreak
Visit my Facebook Page T. Allan Bishop
T. Allan Bishop retired from the United States Air Force in 2010 and has since gone on to work in the defense industry to support his family that he loves dearly. In his spare time when not working or enjoying family life, he thinks up story ideas and sometimes manages to get the words to align into actual stories that are (hopefully) entertaining.
Latest book: Dark Stories For A Restless Night
Visit my Facebook Page Stéphane Béguinot
Né en 1964, Stéphane BEGUINOT, Informaticien, ancien arbitre de tennis à Roland Garros et toujours débordant d’idées, aime raconter les histoires. Celles du soir, inventées au fil de l’eau, n’ont jamais réussi à endormir ses trois enfants. C’est donc l’œil bien vif qu’ils l’incitèrent un jour à se lancer dans l’écriture pour en faire profiter davantage de monde. Sans le leur dire leur père imagina un trio de jeunes héros présentant les caractéristiques propres de chacun de ses enfants. Ces derniers adoptèrent, sans le savoir, celui créé à leur image… L’auteur a toujours été passionné par l’Ecosse. Porteur du kilt et joueur de cornemuse, il habite l’univers des Ha ... read more
Latest book: Bonnie Highland Laddie
Visit my Facebook Page Ophelia Sikes
Ophelia Sikes fervently believes that every one of us deserves heartfelt, passionate love in our lives. Half of the proceeds of this book’s sales benefit battered women’s shelters. Please send along as much feedback and suggestions as you can. The more we can polish these worlds and characters, the more we can help the cause.
Latest book: Dragon Bound - The Saga of Flames and Frost
Visit my Facebook Page Carol Burnside
Carol Burnside is an award-winning author traditionally published in short stories. Five of her novel length manuscripts have placed in numerous RWA chapter contests and won five, including the prestigious Maggie Award for Excellence. Her personal second-chance-at-love story resulted in a marriage to her high school sweetheart of thirty-plus years. They reside in northern Arkansas, where Carol enjoys the Ozark foothills from her office windows and drinks sweet iced tea year round. Writing as Annie Rayburn, she produces speculative fiction, erotic romances. Imagine our world today with a humanoid race very much like us (Crainesians) living peacefully among us here on Earth and searching for their life-mate. Th ... read more
Latest book: His Small Town Princess