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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Rosario
Jennifer Rosario is a wife and mother of two children. She lives in Port Orange Florida. Jennifer attributes most of her healing success to her faith. She turned to Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church in Port Orange to follow the path that God has opened for her. She was born and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. She went to Grammar School at PS # 8, High School at Dickinson High School, College Associates Degree at Saint Peter’s College, Bachelor’s Degree at Saint Peter’s College, Master’s Degree at Phoenix Arizona. Jennifer Rosario has become the bestselling author of Tick Tock, Tick Tock; and now has her Second Book “A man who lives in Turmoil which will become a success with the help of her fans. ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Portzline
Larry Portzline is a writer and college instructor in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He created the grassroots "Bookstore Tourism" movement in 2004. His professional writing experience includes journalism, corporate and nonprofit public relations, government communications and freelancing. He is an adjunct instructor of writing and literature courses. He holds a B.A. in English from Elizabethtown College and an M.A. in the Humanities from Penn State University.
Latest book: Follow Your Enthusiasm: How 12 Ordinary Men Discovered Extraordinary Encore Careers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Geoffrey Mandragora

Latest book: Thin Skinned

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Allan Kaspar
Allan is the Chief Editor and Publisher of Uncharted Frontier EZine, the premier EZine for the soon-to-be famous creative artists, writers and photographers who deserve to have a voice to the world! He is a life-long writer, RPG fanatic, and video game afficienado, whose video game reviews have appeared in Games for Windows Magazine, Mentality Magazine, Gamespot featured community reviews, and more. He spends his time in Pennsylvania frequenting old book stores, coffee shops, and Guitar Centers.
Latest book: Uncharted Frontier EZine Issue 16

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicholas Woode-Smith
Nicholas was born and currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an author of science fiction and fantasy. He graduated from St George's Grammar in 2014 and is in his first year at the University of Cape Town, studying Politics, Philosophy and Economic History. Nicholas' first book, Fall of Zona Nox was published in 2013. He has also written a zombie-fiction called Cape Zero which was published in 2014. Libertarianism, politics, philosophy and history all play a huge role in influencing Nicholas' work. He also writes non-fiction essays and articles for his blog and other websites. Nicholas spends his time playing video games, reading, watching anime and complaining about the government.
Latest book: Cape Zero: The Fall

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melinda J. Downs
My mom's name is Melinda Downs. I publish her ebooks for her. I am lotrdude13, who is on YouTube
Latest book: Goldrocks and the Three Bears

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gayle Parness
Growing up in Los Angeles contributed to Gayle's love of all things fantasy and science fiction, particularly movies, books, and live theatre. She's worked for many NYC community theatre companies over the years and has been writing Young Adult fantasy novels non-stop for the last five years. Gayle's current projects include finishing up her new adult paranormal romance Theta Series: "Playing with Passion" and "Yielding to Pleasure." Both books are available for preorder. This summer will be all about the second book in the Triad Series, and in the fall, Gayle should have some time to attack another Rogues Shifter book. She's so pleased to share her stories with so many wonderful readers. If you ever have a ... read more
Latest book: Breaking Out

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kari Ann Ramadorai
Kari Ann Ramadorai lives in the Pacific Northwest after many years in the Sanoran desert. She soon found the green grass and overcast skies to her liking and will probably never spend more than a vacation anywhere else. You can find Kari where the geekery is. She's a voracious media consumer while living as green as possible.
Latest book: We the People

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Margie Jimenez
I love to read and I love to write but of the two, my greater passion is writing. I aspire to write for a living and I'm working, albeit slowly, on completing my Bachelor's degree in Humanities with a concentration in Creative Writing. Interestingly enough the genre I love to read most, paranormal fantasy, is not what I write. I'd love to do it just not sure I have enough creativity for that so my specific genre is still evolving although I've dabbled in poetry and some fiction and non-fiction prose. Now to write...
Latest book: Odes from a Daughter - Volume 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daire St. Denis
With a degree in Archaeology, Daire St. Denis was sure she was destined to be the next female Indiana Jones. That didn’t quite pan out but she still managed to experience her fair share of exotic adventures. Some of her most daring escapades include, skydiving in Canada, being trapped in the Great Pyramid of Giza, searching for tigers in the foothills of the Himalayas, touring Germany by motorbike and meeting Medusa in the bowels of Istanbul, Turkey. Daire loves to pen sensual tales full of passion and unexpected adventure and her colorful past has provided ample inspiration for her muse.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joshua Idemudia-Silva
Joshua Idemudia-Silva is a prolific writer. His love for books and reading began while he was still very young and he discovered the exotic world of books as a member of a Junior Library. His adventurous spirit has led him to travel to several places especially around Africa even to places that some may consider very risky places to visit. Apart from being a Writer, he is also a Minister of the gospel and a Mechanical Engineer. He loves to think, imagine, read and philosophize. And he brings out his ideas in the form of Poetry, Non-fiction teachings, short stories and Novels. He has a characteristic witty style of writing poetry, using few words to say so much. His favourite book remains the Holy Bible; from w ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of Mafidon Crow in the land of the Sleepnots

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rags Daniels
Born Salford City 1944. Moved to S. Devon 1956. Widely travelled. Widowed and now retired. Began writing entertainment columns in local 'Rags' twenty years ago,and got hooked on Jack Daniels...Hence the columnist's and authors name, Rags Daniels was born. My first book, 'Lallapaloosa' is shortly to be released, on the back of 'Foxy Lady' a bodice ripping political thriller'which has recently been released and reviewed on Amazon Kindle. 'Groomed to Kill' is in the pipeline and will be out by June 2012. Kept busy bringing up a diamond twelve year old daughter, who knows more about computers than I ever will.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M Elias Keller
M Elias Keller grew up in Bucks County, PA and earned degrees in Anthropology and Urban Studies from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been a freelance and journalistic writer in Philadelphia and San Diego, as well as publishing short fiction in various literary magazines. He lives in Philadelphia.
Latest book: Strange Case of Mr. Bodkin and Father Whitechapel: the other side of Jekyll and Hyde

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wendy McClelland
Wendy McClelland is the first Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach in British Columbia. She has over 25 years of business building experience and has worked with clients as diversified as organic food producers, authors and cosmetics manufacturers. She is a past nominee for Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year, and was chosen as “Business of the Year” by her local Chamber of Commerce. As an internet early adopter Wendy saw the potential of the web in the mid 1990’s and became a leader in teaching others how to use it as a tool for business. Her first website was chosen by the NY Times as “one of the best business sites on the ‘net” – the same day that Microsoft was chosen! As a professional speaker, ... read more
Latest book: Thrifty Tips for Families

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Keenan
Kevin Daniel Keenan spent the first nineteen years in a sleepy, harbor town called South Portland, Maine. He met, fell in love with, and married Barbara Jeanne Russell, two months later he was drafted into the United States Army. From country bumpkin to world traveler, he has been from Argentina to Asia. He considers his greatest achievements: Staying married to the same woman for 45 Years, (Barbara is a Saint), Fathering three children which was really fun, and watching his grand kids grow.
Latest book: Shadow Eyes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cassandra Ulrich
Cassandra Ulrich was born on the beautiful island of St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands, located east of Puerto Rico. Living in the tropics fueled her imagination and day dreams. For years, she wrote poetry and entered competitions. However, only many years later did she discover joy in writing stories longer than a few pages. She published her first young adult novel, A Beautiful Girl, in April 2011. The inspirational novel has already touched many hearts ranging from teens to adults. Her second novel, Love’s Intensity, is a teen romance, released on July 11, 2013.
Latest book: A Beautiful Girl

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jack Richards
Jack C. Richards I am retired after 24 years in the military. I live in Wisconsin with my lovely wife and cat Leo. I have been wanting to write a book for a long time, my wife said now you are retired you have time to write.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michal Valuch

Latest book: Silencio

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dee Ann Waite
Dee Ann Waite writes action adventure thrillers. Her first novel, The Consequential Element is a military action thriller (with a touch of romance) that takes the reader on a full throttle international ride from the streets of Boston to the jungles of the Congo. Her second novel, Mists of Bayou Rhyne is a Young Adult thriller set in the Mississippi Bayou. This is the first installment in the Rhyne Heart Thriller Series, and is slotted for release in December 2014. Her intense interest in psychology, along with her studies in that area, have led her to her third novel, a psychological thriller titled Where Demons Hide, scheduled for release late 2015. This is the first installment of a three book series. A f ... read more
Latest book: The Consequential Element

Follow me at my  Facebook Page P.C. Zick
P.C. Zick’s career as a writer began in 1998 with the publication of her first column in a local paper. By day, she was a high school English teacher, but at night and on vacations, she began writing novels and working as a freelance journalist. By 2001, she left teaching and began pursuing a full-time gig as a writer. She describes herself as a "storyteller" no matter the genre. Currently, she writes two blogs. Trails in the Sand is her fifth novel. Her blog and her novels contain the elements most dear to her heart, ranging from love to the environment. She believes in living lightly upon this earth with love, laughter, and passion. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband Robert.
Latest book: Civil War Journal of a Union Soldier

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Carswell
Richard Carswell is a leading authority on the development of human potential and higher levels of achievement has a rare talent to both entertain audiences and enrich their lives. A Kodak Award Winning Photographer Richard has journeyed to over 145 countries. A world-class adventurer he brings a unique global perspective to his stunning multi-media presentations. Known for his remarkable ability to capture and hold rapt attention Richard delivers compelling, high-content value with a fast-paced combination of stories, humor and photographic images that elicit marvelous insights, immediate change and results fast. For over 3 decades, Richard studied with the world's wisest sustainable business, environmental ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate Truth Detector: How to Tap into the Infinite Universal Data-Base to Discover the Truth about Anything, Anywhere!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Petteri Hannila
I'm a writer from Central Finland, a software designer by day and a dad/husband/dreamer/martial artist by night. It all began when I was eight years old. I found out that there were books of Tarzan, my childhood hero. My mother started to read them to me, but censored them - all of you who have read them know why. Annoyed by this, I started to read them on my own. Dreams and legends have followed me from those days, as companions on my voyage through life. Only few years after that I thought about writing for the first time, but for a long time I pushed it away from my mind for supposedly more important things. Finally I understood that none of my stories would ever see the daylight until I got started, and I ... read more
Latest book: Day Of The Dead - A Viking Tale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Petra Koch
Über die Autoren: Petra Koch ist Kochbuch-Redakteurin. In ihrer Versuchsküche hat sie bereits tausende von Rezepten getestet und entwickelt. Sie schreibt für viele namhafte Verlage und lebt in der Nähe von München. Ihr Partner David Link ist seit Jahren in der Verlagswelt zu Hause und entwickelt Medienkonzepte für Industrie und Verlage. Seine Leidenschaft gehört dem guten Essen und seiner Kochbuchsammlung. Er wohnt im Chiemgau. Für die Reihe einfach besser kochen schreiben sie unter einem Pseudonym. Der Verlag: icook2day ist die Verlagsmarke von CulinartMedia für hochqualitative Medienprodukte rund um die Themen Kochen, Essen & Genuss. Dazu gehören eBooks, Apps und Corporate-Publishing-Produkte. Culi ... read more
Latest book: La barbacoa y el ahumado. Recetas rápidas y fáciles para jardín y balcón

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ellen Whyte
Ellen Whyte Is a British writer living in Malaysia. She has sold more than 3000 articles in over 12 countries. Katz Tales is a new e-book venture that will (hopefully!) support the Trap Neuter Release of the cats who live on her back door step. She can be contacted at
Latest book: Katz Tales Miracle Cat

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J Scott
Comedian, actor, writer, producer, illustrator, and barber. Originally from Linden, New Jersey, J. Scott has been constantly perusing all his talents. His stand up act has been seen in major comedy clubs such as Caroline's on Broadway in NYC, all the way to the Uptown Comedy Club in ATL. His efforts in doing stand up comedy in Atlanta have led him to produce a recent show titled "ATL Late Night Comedy", which features Atlanta's hottest comedians, allowed him to co-write a short film titled "Just Us" and also landed him a feature role in a remake of "Steel Magnolia's". A long time friend of Bob Sumner (talent coordinator of Def Comedy Jam and owner of Laff Mobb), J. Scott has offered his illustration skills to B ... read more
Latest book: Your Mother

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Madeline Hampton
Madeline began reading romance novels at an early age, (around age eleven). Her intense love of the written word led her to her eventual goal of becoming a published author. After graduating from high school, Madeline served her country for three years as a flight specialist in the U.S. Military. While there she met and married the love of her life. After leaving the service with an honorable discharge, she moved back to her hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Madeline has participated in several literary conferences and book signings, including her first one which was a joint session with renown author Victoria Christopher Murray. Today Madeline resides in Toledo and enjoys the support of her family, friends, colleagues ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Valerie Herskowitz
Valerie Herskowitz has been a speech and language pathologist since 1978. She has spent many of those years working with individuals who have autism and other developmental disabilities. She was the founder of Dimensions Therapy Center, a facility that offered therapy services to children with special needs. She was the recipient of the Stevie Lifetime Achievement Award for her work with autistic and special needs children and has also been honored for starting two innovative community programs, Mothers of Special Needs Individuals (MOSI) and the National Autism Registry (NARY) Family Club. Her youngest son, Blake, was diagnosed in 1993 with autism. Her professional journey as a therapist and as a parent of an ... read more
Latest book: Always Leave Them Laughing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Abby L Vandiver
Abby L. Vandiver is a nom de gare. Ms. Vandiver was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a bachelors in Economics, a masters in Public Administration and a Juris Doctor. In the Beginning is her debut novel. Originally written in 1997, In the Beginning some how got stored away and resurfaced in 2012 in her daughter's garage. She dusted it off and published it. Currently, Ms. Vandiver is working on the sequel, The Westbury End Book Club, due out in late 2013 as well as a series of books based on her family. The first in the series is entitled 1203. Ms. Vandiver enjoys spending time with her family, especially her three grandchildren and traveling.
Latest book: In the Beginning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott Bonasso
Scott Bonasso is a music teacher and musical conductor at an independent college preparatory school in Houston, TX. He is a husband, father, musician, coach, outdoorsman, movie buff, and voracious reader. He also loves to write fiction whenever he gets a chance. He is the author of "Juarez," "Snow Stories," and "The Tree of Knowledge."
Latest book: The Tree of Knowledge

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Antoine Bello
Antoine Bello est un auteur de langue française, né à Boston en 1970. Il vit à New York. En 1996, il publie un recueil de nouvelles, Les funambules, aux Editions Gallimard. Couronnés du prix littéraire de la Vocation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet, ces cinq textes mettent en scène des personnages surhumains lancés à la poursuite d'une perfection inaccessible. Le premier roman d'Antoine Bello, Eloge de la pièce manquante (1998) remporte un grand succès et est traduit dans une dizaine de langues. L'histoire se déroule dans l'univers fictif du puzzle de vitesse. Le roman se présente sous la forme de cinquante pièces - articles de journaux, rapports, interviews - sans cohérence apparente. Suivent deux ... read more
Latest book: Légendes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael B. Jackson
Raised in a Newark, New Jersey housing project, Michael B. Jackson was introduced to a life of crime and heroin addiction at an early age. At 18, he made his first trip to prison, and for the next ten years was in an out of prison for parole violations and new offenses. Like so many inmates, he became more comfortable behind bars than in the outside world. One day Jackson finally “got it” and made a commitment to change his life for the better. Channeling his anger and resentment for positive purposes, he began to put back the pieces of his self-esteem and character. In 1979 he was paroled and has never returned to prison. Today, Jackson is an author, activist, motivational speaker, businessman and the ... read more
Latest book: FatherHoodlum: Chronicles of a Prison Dad

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nick Wilgus
Nick Wilgus is the author of the Father Ananda murder-mystery series: "Mindfulness and Murder," "Garden of Hell" and "Killer Karma."
Latest book: The Man Who Got Lost

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cynthia Carpenter
Hi there! Welcome to my page, I am very happy you dropped in. I am a nationally certified personal trainer, health and wellness coach and nutritionist who actually 'gets it'! At 50(+) I know the difficulties that a person goes through to try to get into shape since it was a long road for me to get here myself. For over 20 years I was a happy smoker and quite sedentary with about 40 extra pounds of padding on my expanding butt. One day I was cleaning the mirror over the hearth and saw my reflection. My under arm flab was waving back and forth and my right eye was squinted shut to keep out the smoke that was billowing out of the lit cigarette hanging out of my mouth. (Sexy eh?) It took many tries to get fi ... read more
Latest book: April Fools Pranks - 31 Pranks for the Office

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, M.Ed., NCC
Rob is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina, and a Nationally Certified Counselor. Director of a growing counseling and wellness practicehe is also the CEO of Tame Your Practice, a private practice consulting firm. In addition to running a successful practice himself, he helps mental health and other professionals grow their practices, with a focus on efficient and compliant use of technology. Rob is also column editor of the “Tech Tutor” column of Counseling Today, the magazine of the American Counseling Association. Prior to entering the world of mental health care, his career was focused on Information Technology, with experience in software development, project management, and ... read more
Latest book: Private Practice Preparedness - The Health Care Professional's Guide to Closing a Practice Due to Retirement, Death, or Disability

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Taylor
William Taylor: A bio about me, not an easy thing to do, especially for me. I have been all over the place. Born in Rhode Island. I grew up living on the upper Narraganset Bay in a very poor family. I now live in Florida. I have several college degrees, served in the United States Air Force and I was an Engineer for over thirty five years. More importantly for the readers of my books, I read everything I can get my hands on in science and science fiction. I have traveled most of the United States and quite a bit of Europe. Growing up in a poorer family there were no easy rides. It put an enormous amount of practical experience at my hands, which helped in my career choice of Engineering for thirty five years. ... read more
Latest book: Seeds

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gregory Coffin
Morality first; pragmatism second. I have earned a Masters of Science in Forensic Psychology, and I am earning my PhD in Psychology. Contributor in Volume 1, 2013 of The Voluntary Voice. The Gospel of Reason on FB: A Social Carol on FB: The Justified Trilogy & Warning on FB:
Latest book: Philosophical Works 2010-2014

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peter Cavanaugh
At the age of sixteen in 1957, Peter C. Cavanaugh enjoyed a fifty-eight percent total audience share on his hometown station, WNDR in Syracuse, New York. Decades later, he’s written a book about his adventures ever since, promoting and producing literally hundreds of early concerts with the likes of Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Kiss and so on, as well as running a seven station radio group which included the top-rated Rock ‘n’ Roll stations in America. Peter lives in Oakhurst, California, with his wife, Eileen.
Latest book: "Ground Zero"

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kassandra McGhee
Kassandra McGhee is The Voice to hear in inspirational books, music, and evangelism and teaching. Kassandra is the author of several books including The Fight to Love, Revelations from God and The 10 Commandments of Career Success. She is the Founder of Power 4 Living International Ministries and is also the notable Chicago Career Coach, with experience in hosting inspirational radio programs, counseling and administration. Kassandra released her debut CD project “Completely”, a compilation of her original songs of praise and worship. She is a graduate of Iowa State University where she earned her Masters degree in Sociology and a Bachelors degree in Psychology.
Latest book: The 10 Commandments of Career Success: How to Have the Career You Really Desire

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia D. Eddy
Patricia D. Eddy doesn’t know how to relax. Really. She’s tried. But between a full time job, running, cycling, swimming, writing, reading, and the occasional movie or trivia night, it just doesn’t happen. Despite routinely telling her mother that her life is boring, what she really means is that she doesn’t have enough free time to get bored. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She lives in Seattle with her husband and three cats. She has been known to participate in clandestine coffee bean exchanges in corner shops and is happiest when she’s mixing the perfect Manhattan.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page August Westman
August Westman currently lives along the Rocky Mountains in central Utah with her husband and his goldfish. When she isn't writing, she spends her time making and decorating baked goods, watching Doctor Who, or doing a variety of nerd hobbies at the local game store, which she affectionately calls the "nerd hole".
Latest book: Dance Into the Dark: A Living in the Shadows Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Buckingham
John Buckingham leads a team that scrutinizes hundreds of stocks for money management clients and subscribers to The Prudent Speculator investment newsletter. He is equally resolute in his management of AFAM Innealta Capital's proprietary mutual funds. He has served as the firm's Director of Research since 1989 and Chief Portfolio Manager since 1990. John graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California in 1987. His opinion is widely sought. John has appeared on numerous television and radio programs, is frequently interviewed by publications and conducts workshops at investment seminars.
Latest book: The Prudent Speculator: May 2013

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jane V. Blanchard
Jane V. Blanchard, adventurer, author, and public speaker, was born in Hartford, Connecticut. She lived in Hampstead, New Hampshire, twenty-three years before moving to Sarasota, Florida, where she now resides. In Florida, Jane became active in several organizations benefiting women and hosted a weekly radio talk show, Women Matters. Jane loves the outdoors. She climbed her first mountain, Mount Washington, in 1974. Since that initial ascent, Jane has climbed twenty of the forty 4,000-foot mountains in New England. She started mountain bike racing at age 50; in 2002, she won second place in the Masters Division EFTA Championship Series. In September and October 2011, Jane, now a sexagenarian, hiked the Camino ... read more
Latest book: Women of the Way: Embracing the Camino

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jezebel Mynx
I love Erotica and have decided to start writing it as I have tons of dirty stories that need to be told....

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rory Mackay
Born and raised in Scotland, I'm a writer, artist and something of a philosopher too. I'm also a social and environmental activist, animal lover, music junkie, cake enthusiast and generally rather-chilled-out-guy. My debut novel “Eladria” is due for publication in 2012 and will be preceeded by a series of short stories.
Latest book: Tao Te Ching (with commentary)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charley Dee

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Project Pen
Publishing new stories from a new generation of writers.
Latest book: Poems from Atom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Genevieve Ruth
Different from my About The Author bio, I'll elaborate a bit more about the gal underneath all of that hair. My name is Genevieve Ruth and for years I've been inspired by the arts, media, and the humanities. I own a photography and graphic design studio that keeps me almost as busy as my little girls do. When a cool, cute boy from high school decided to settle down with this one-time-goodie-two-shoes-cheerleader-type, I couldn't have been happier. Unfortunately, he got very sick and found himself on the heart transplant list at the age of 31. It was from this experience that the Catchlight series was born. My cause is to advocate organ donation registration but my greater mission is to help others heal ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vivi Dumas
Although Vivi Dumas grew up an Army brat, she calls Louisiana home, but have endured the hot summers and cold winters of Maryland for the last 16 years. She is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University with an MBA in Finance and Marketing. Her analytical side has honed a career in the financial industry for almost twenty years. To balance her logical, numerical day job, she unleashes her creativity in her writing. Vivi pens multicultural paranormal romance, mixing the two genres she loves. Her steamy paranormal romances indulge in worlds inhabited by demons, werewolves, vampires, and other supernatural beings. She has published works with Decadent Publishing, Ravenous Romance, and Breathless Press.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nona Lema
Hi! My name is Nona Lema. I'm a food writer and vegetarian cookbook author. For over 25 years I have created vegetarian recipes with emphasis on regional and traditional Filipino dishes, from my country, the Philippines. I hope you will like them - -they're delicious and healthy.
Latest book: Gulay Book 4, A Filipino Vegetarian Recipebook Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer H. Westall
Jennifer Westall dives into Christian characters to explore her own questions of faith. Inspired by the life of her grandmother, Healing Ruby (2014) is the first in the Healing Ruby series, which delves into the mysteries of faith healing. She’s also the author of Love’s Providence (2012), a contemporary Christian romance that navigates the minefield of dating and temptation. She resides in southwest Texas with her husband and two boys, where she homeschools by day and writes by night, thus explaining those pesky bags under her eyes. Readers can connect with her at or find her on Facebook and Twitter.
Latest book: Healing Ruby: A Novel Free Preview (First Four Chapters)