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Dr. Steve M. Benner received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Ohio State University in 1979 and has worked in industry, academia, and the federal government. He currently works for NASA at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland as part of the Advance Concepts Office. He has written numerous scientific articles as well as several articles on ancient history. Dr. Benner's extensive knowledge of science and history has led to his having an ego the size of New Jersey and may account for his being one of the most self-centered people in America today.
Latest book: The House of Admetus: Eumelus, The Lost Trilogy of Plays by Agathon

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Manelle Oliphant graduated in 2004 from BYU-Idaho with a bachelors degree in illustration. She lives in Salt Lake City Utah.
Latest book: Day of Recognition

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Latest book: My Sweet Virgin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ed van Eeden
Ed van Eeden is a Dutch writer and journalist. A Dutch reviewer of his crime fiction wrote: “Ed van Eeden makes you feel as if you are there, while you face the sometimes horrific and always very outspoken scenes he puts into motion.”
Latest book: Erotic Stories: Two Adult Tales of Urban Life - The Intruder and The String Quartet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penelope Jones
Penelope Jones, The Iniquitous Bad Penny, is a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek! A writer of super sexy erotic poetry and romance, prepare to love both the woman and her works. Whether you seek a 'happy-ever-after,' or a 'randy-romp for a night,' Penelope's the girl for you. She's the sauce behind 'Naughtyville' and 'Little Miss Notoriety', so come check out her blog on It's a visit you'll never forget!
Latest book: Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pordlaw LaRue
Pordlaw LaRue is the pseudonym for Timothy Waldrop. He has been using it since he began writing Christian Fiction around 2006, which includes the titles Land of Erde and Kristietiba. He has also authored the Christian Children’s book entitled Haley and Landon Talk About Salvation, Baptism, & Eternal Security. He lives in boot of the United States with his wife and their five children. He works in the information technology field and serves in his local church, writing when he can. Born again September 25, 1994. Don’t be afraid to trust God. Be afraid not to. – Pordlaw LaRue
Latest book: Ekleipsis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michele Zuccante
Michele Zuccante è nato a Schio, in provincia di Vicenza, il 7 gennaio del 1988. Nel 2007 consegue la maturità scientifica. Grande appassionato di sport, pratica per molti anni il pugilato a livello agonistico. Attualmente frequenta la facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia presso l’Università di Trento. Nel 2011 ha pubblicato Acuti di un tenore stonato (poesie e racconti), Rupe Mutevole Edizioni. Il piede di Dio non lascia impronte sulla sabbia (ebook - 2012) è la sua pubblicazione per la Meligrana.
Latest book: Palla di fucile

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. L. Mbewe
Writing as J. L. Mbewe, Jennette is an author, artist, mother, wife, but not always in that order. Born and raised in Minnesota, she now braves the heat of Texas, but pines for the Northern Lights and the lakes of home every autumn. She loves trying to capture the abstract and make it concrete. She is currently living her second childhood with a wonderful husband and two precious children who don’t seem to mind her eclectic collections of rocks, shells, and swords, among other things. Here, between reality and dreams, you will find her busily creating worlds inhabited by all sorts of fantasy creatures and characters, all questing about and discovering true love amid lots of peril. She has two short stories pu ... read more
Latest book: Secrets Kept (The Hidden Dagger, Book One)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.M. Simpson
I spent the first twenty years of my life living in different parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory, Australia. I wrote stories for most of that time, drawing on the different landscapes we encountered and giving a hyper-active imagination somewhere to run. I spent a few years in Melbourne earning my undergraduate degree in Literature, and Masters of Arts in Literature and Writing. I have been a freelance editor for over thirteen years and have so far written four collections of short stories and poetry, and a number of novels, with many more to come.
Latest book: Hammer and the Trolls

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Byron Crawford
Considered a sage in Iran, Byron Crawford is the founder and editor of legendary hip-hop blog The Mindset of a Champion and the author of The Mindset of a Champion: Your Favorite Rapper's Least Favorite Book. He blogged for XXL magazine for five years.
Latest book: No Country for Black Men

Follow me at my  Facebook Page DEMAC A.C.
(ENG) DEMAC is a space where women share their life stories. During the last thirty years, DEMAC has been compiling thousands of biographies and autobiographical texts of women who have dared to tell (reveal/disclose) their story. This is the place to send your story to, and to enrich yourself downloading the stories of other women. (ESP) DEMAC es un espacio donde las mujeres comparten su historia de vida. Desde hace treinta años DEMAC ha reunido miles de biografías y textos autobiográficos de mujeres que se atrevieron a contar su historia. Éste es el lugar para enviar tu historia y enriquecerte descargando las historias de otras mujeres.
Latest book: In Search of Happiness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adorabol Huckleby
Hi! My name is Adorabol Huckleby. I'm a student and an aspiring Author. I've always had a goal to publish a book before I reached the age of Twenty and with Smashwords I've been able to make that possible. I just published my first book "Happily Ever After's Got To Start Somewhere" and I'm so excited to look at reviews and see what people think of my work. :) I couldn't be happier at this moment.
Latest book: Iridescent

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eriq La Salle
Actor/director Eriq La Salle is best known to worldwide television audiences for his award-winning portrayal of the commanding Dr. Peter Benton on the critically acclaimed and history-making medical drama "ER". Educated at Juilliard and NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, his credits range from Broadway to film roles opposite Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America" and Robin Williams in "One Hour Photo." La Salle has maintained a prolific acting career while at the same time working steadily as a director, taking the helm for HBO and Showtime in addition to episodics such as "Law & Order", "CSI: New York" and "A Gifted Man", to name a few. This year he marks the beginning of the third element of his triple-threat caree ... read more
Latest book: Laws of Innocence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jill Sanders
Jill Sanders is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Pride Series, Secret Series and West Series romance novels. Having sold over 150,000 books within 6 months of her first release, she continues to lure new readers with her sweet and sexy stories. Her books are available in every English speaking country and are now being translated to 6 different languages, and recorded for audiobook. Born as an identical twin to a large family, she was raised in the Pacific Northwest, later relocating to Colorado for college and a successful IT career before discovering her talent as a writer. She now makes her home along the beautiful emerald coast in charming rural Florida where she enjoys the beach, ... read more
Latest book: Corey's Catch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nanaymie Godfrey
I am a person centered practitioner. I do not fit people into programs that are delivered carbon copied from one person to another. The information that I deliver is tailor made for the person, couple or family unit that I assist. That makes me very effective. Because of the ability to assess people and situations quickly, I am often called to offer opinions in court related cases. I do not hesitate to assist my clients in this manner and think that more "professionals" should do the same. I truly believe that when power is used unjustly against my clients, mental health is NOT possible and addiction and behavioral problems are inevitable. I will not set my clients up for failure by refusing to stand by them an ... read more
Latest book: Strategic Positioning: Defining Self Through Awareness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. Patrick Neagle
C. Patrick Neagle was born in a small town in Northern Missouri. As an undergraduate, he studied Criminal Justice and Photography at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Later, he received an MA in English from Missouri State University in Springfield. He has written over 300 essays on a variety of subjects (travel, humor, observations, and all of the above) that are currently being collected in his "Essays in Travel and Humor" series. He also writes a variety of fiction, including contemporary, absurdist, science fiction and fantasy, and horror. He has lived in Mexico, Sardinia, Alaska, and New Orleans. Currently, he calls the Pacific Northwest home when he is not teaching college-level English cla ... read more
Latest book: October Horror: Musings on Horror Movies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page N Parry
My name is Nicola. I am 18 years old, Shizz about me: *Im vegetarian * Brunette *Hazel Eyed * I was born in Abergavenny *Have lived in Nantyglo for most of my life * I drink WAY too much tea >.< * Im a Radio Presenter * I consider myself to be an Artist of many kinds, both writing & Drawing * I am also a Amateur Photographer xD Oh and sometimes when i write... i like to listen to classical music... it seems to help me relax and concentrate more :') Check out my youtube channel - Nicola547 Or check out my profile on Deviantart -
Latest book: Lullaby

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ruben Fønsbo
Former advertising copywriter, now full-time writer specialising in stories with a twist of humour, technology, science, and all the other fun things in life :-)
Latest book: Midge Fly and the End of The World

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jaqui Karr
Jaqui Karr is not your typical nutrition expert. Jaqui Karr is not your typical nutritionist marketing deadly mainstream advice. Her sole focus is how to super-charge your body using only 100% natural nutrition. Specializing in sports nutrition for over 2 decades, Jaqui was a consultant to elite models, world class bodybuilders, ultra marathoners and executives who trotted around the globe. Living the life a person can only dream of, the Angel of Death [gluten] called Jaqui’s name. This highly manipulated and hybridized nutrient called gluten put the once super charged, globetrotting nutrition expert in the hospital where she stayed for weeks with the best medical doctors telling her to drink a pink goo. Th ... read more
Latest book: Hidden Sources of Gluten Revealed! Everything You Need to Know to Stay Gluten Free

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew Turner
Andrew Turner; a working class Lancashire born lad who was then raised in North Wales. Dysplaced, Dysillusioned, dysgraceful and dyslexic. But hey, humour is conceived in anecdotal tragedy. My first book British Winters is by no means autobiographical, it is more of a Frankenstein's monster of events; things that did happen, things that nearly happened, things that should have happened and things that should not have happened, all stitched together into a linear narrative. But aren't most novels like that. I am dyslexic (that's not just a clever joke) but my book has been professionally proof read.... unlike this bio. I am currently working on two other novels and a screenplay of British Winters, so hopefu ... read more
Latest book: British Winters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Irpan Rispandi
I'm an Internet citizen since 1995. Crunching alot of informations that available on the internet. Those informations makes up my mind and the way i think.
Latest book: Twisi Diary - Puisi-puisi twitter

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aria Grace
Living in Southern Cali and writing books for dirty boys and girls. Short and not-so-sweet that you can 'finish' up with on a warm and steamy night.
Latest book: Choosing Us

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bev Haynes
I am a member of a very special group. I'm a forerunner of the e-book revolution. Beginning my publishing journey, my first book was electronically published in 1997. Now, my books can be found around the internet at online bookstores. Just search my name and they will all pop up. I'm also a digital artist which lets me express my creativity in a visual manner. I love bringing an authors story to life in the form of cover art. My covers, for ebooks and print alike are shown at publishers and authors websites all over the Internet.
Latest book: Shadowed Lies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vivienne Gardner Edwards
Vivienne was born in England and was educated in Oxford. After her marriage, she moved to the United States with her husband and two daughters. After living in both Michigan and Minnesota, she currently lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon. While in Minnesota, she began homeschooling her daughters and started the Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance, a statewide homeschooling network that has grown into a large non-profit organization. She wrote a number of articles and booklets on home education, coached parents and has been invited to speak at numerous state and national conferences. After moving to Oregon, she became a speaker on domestic violence for a local women's shelter. After her divorce, ... read more
Latest book: The Little Lamp

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Baird
David Baird is a musician and web entrepreneur. He has performed as a guitarist in dozens of bands. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons. He is also the author of a screenplay version of LIVING INSIDE MY HEAD. His second novel, INVISIBLE HORIZON, will soon be available as an ebook and in other formats. He can be reached at and on Twitter at @davidwbaird.
Latest book: Living Inside My Head

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicola Tamara Arthurs
I'm everything from a full time writer to an amateur chef, doting aunt, sarcastic and overly creative mind, mischievous but great friend, the world's best daughter, sister and niece, as well as an unfortunate soul suffering from allergy to sleep! Oh yea, I hail from Jamaica, probably read too much and I get bored easily. I also love the internet almost as much as I love food (which is A LOT) and hope to never work another "day job" ever again!
Latest book: What Jane Taught Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jonathan Dellinger
Jonathan Dellinger is a bartender, summer camp director, bow hunter, pilot, interpreter, digital artist and photographer, and occasional health disparity grant writer. He has a degree in East Asian Languages and Cultures from the University of Illinois and currently studies rhetoric and conflict resolution in Milwaukee, WI.
Latest book: Concerning Jackson Willard

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pacific Lava
Pacific Lava English School, has focused on how to help learners master English quickly and effectively since its established. In the past 10 years, she insists on offering pure, normal, and graceful content to learners. In addition, PLES also has developed edge-cutting software to support her educating procedure. This software combines modern language education theory and information technology. It can help learners study more with less time. Although there are many other things that are valuable to comment regarding to PLES, you only remember 2 highlights is enough: right content and powerful method. If you are looking for a shortcut to learn English, luck you, PLES knows where it is.
Latest book: SAT 1200 Words in 30 Days

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Given
Mark Anthony Given a/k/a The King of Montana,( born April 27) is an American writer, adventurer and raconteur. Born in Sanford, Florida, raised in New York and the South. Fine food chef, paralegal, roughneck, heavy equipment operator, and roustabout. Best known for his award winning Original Screenplay, "Paradise Montana," and author of some twenty Blogs, and author of "Real Life Heist", and A Screech and a Bang! The self proclaimed "King of Montana," studies the Torah and The Talmud daily, and having read over three hundred novels, fiction and nonfiction, nearly all the classics, can be found on the back roads of Montana i.e., "Heaven," searching for redemption and atonement.
Latest book: Paradise Montana: An Original Screenplay

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Torrey
When not writing, Amanda enjoys hanging with her kids, reading, playing in nature, obsessively checking Facebook, visiting Disney World (as often as possible), ROAD TRIPS, and going to the movies. She loves meeting new people, and especially loves to hear from readers!
Latest book: So Complicated

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hugh B. Long
Hugh B. Long is an Award Winning Canadian Journalist and Best Selling Author. Hugh B. Long - Headshot Me-faux painting Graduating from the University of Aberdeen‘s School of Engineering in Scotland with his Masters of Science degree, he subsequently taught for the University, and was a dissertation advisor for graduate students. In addition to his academic background, Hugh also holds a Black Belt in Shito-Ryu Karate, a Brown Belt in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu, and was study group leader in D.C. for the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts. (Historical European Martial Arts). Hugh has taught Martial Arts in Canada and the USA. Hugh recently returned from a 10 year stretch working in the Washington D.C. area, and ... read more
Latest book: Northern Wisdom: The Havamal, Tao of the Vikings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nap Elezarian
Nap Elezarian is author and artist of the alternate New York novels, Our Lady of Perpetual Motion and Wolf Running. He is employed as a professor of practical ethnomedicine by a New England institution of higher learning and lives with his partner and young apprentice in crime. Born during the Summer of Love in the city of P.T. Barnum, he’s been kicking around from sideshow to sideshow ever since.
Latest book: Wolf Running, vol. 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. W. Moore
Novelist M.W. Moore is a former four-time NCAA All-American track and field champion, who competed against or shared the spotlight with some of the greatest in the sport, such as the legendary Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses and Florence Griffith-Joyner. Moore, a native and current resident of Houston, Texas, attended Mississippi State University studying Industrial Technology. He is the third of five children. For What I Hate I Do is the first in a trilogy, with the blockbuster installment -- Internal Chaos -- also currently available. The IC sequel focuses on the protagonist's first year in prison, including the loneliness and the loss of dignity and respect. It also exposes the warring nature of offenders, their gan ... read more
Latest book: Be Careful What You Wish For

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sarah Buchynski
Sarah Buchynski is a young author that primarily writes Young Adult Fantasy using powerful imagery to captivate her readers. Her latest work, Before True Light: The Awakening has begun to captivate readers across the globe. Currently, Sarah runs an audio service business, Polarity Audio Works where she completes projects within the indie film, music, and literary audio industries. Keeping to her writing roots, she creates unique audio books for unsolicited authors. Sarah still writes, in fact, the rest of the Before True Light series has been written but is currently in the editing process.
Latest book: Before True Light: The Awakening 2nd Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacquinita Rose
Jacquinita A. Rose (1967 - ) was born in Phoenix, AZ. She was raised in Oklahoma by her Grandparents, LeRoy & Roberta Johnson. Her first novel, Shhh, Grown Folks Is Talking, pays homage to the wisdom and guidance she received from her grandfather and grandmother. Jacquinita enjoys mathematics, science, and literature. She has taught various subjects in mathematics for more than twenty years. Her love of literature began at an early age with her first reading of Mildred D. Taylor's, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and Robert Frost's, The Road Not Taken. Jacquinita has many pursuits which include writing the "Great American Math Novel" and "The Great American Short Story".
Latest book: Shhh, Grown Folks Is Talking

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chris Morrow
Chris Morrow is the author of dozens of short stories and novellas appearing in various magazines and anthologies. In 2008 he had three stories finish near the top of their respective categories in the Annual Reader’s Poll. Focusing on the dark and sinister, Morrow has gained a name as an up-and-coming horror writer. A recent review by Fatally Yours said of one of his short stories, “When Darkness Falls is a strong, suspenseful story that makes me eager to see what Chris Morrow does in the future…” The Devil’s Choir is his first novel. In it he combines a Christian worldview with the macabre, telling a story that takes place in the shadows where light and darkness mix, where supernatural ... read more
Latest book: The Devil's Choir

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alan Scott
Since 2006, Alan Scott has been one of the pastors at Cumberland Community Church in Smyrna, Georgia. God has used Alan and a team of people to turn this once attractional church into an authentic community church attempting to transform Smyrna, Atlanta, and the world. Previous to this assignment, Alan was a teaching pastor in Denver, a pastor in Indiana, church planter in Georgia, and a youth pastor in Ohio. On May 9, 1987, Alan graduated from Cincinnati Christian University with an English Bible degree. He married his college love, Sherry, on that same day. Alan and Sherry have four kids: Brooklynn, Lauren, Morgan, and Michael. In 2005, Alan published: “It’s A God-Thing… Miracle In A Cornfield ... read more
Latest book: I Quit Being A Christian To Follow Jesus

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ray Anyasi
If it has plenty heart-thumping moments…if it puts me and my reader on the edge of our seats…if the bad guys get shot in the end or something like that…then I’m so writing it, that’s how I roll. Basically, I’m all about writing compelling African stories with a global appeal. I believe a writer’s primary duty is to his immediate society, to tell its stories to the rest of the world. Be sure to check out my blog, Secret Diaries From Hell...I assure you, those confessions will stun you. For hobbies, I enjoy playing tennis. Though I’ve been told repeatedly that I suck at it terribly. I’m also a soccer fan. For the most part however, I spend my time between surfing the internet on my mobile devic ... read more
Latest book: Me and Mungo Park

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arlene Ashcroft
Arlene Ashcroft is my name. I work in a large communications company. I am your everyday young lady who embarks on a work related trip to Austria. Little did I know that this trip would turn into an erotic sexual adventure? My fantasies and real to life sexual encounters keeps You reading more and more. Erotic action with hot sexual partners leads to raunchy scenes and never ending arousal. Steamy parts include oral sex, girl on girl, threesome and Arlene’s hardcore action with a very well endowed Austrian. Guys watch out for “Arlene’s Warning”.
Latest book: Sex Orgies in Vienna

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carol Baxter
Carol Baxter is a Fellow of the Society of Australian Genealogists, an adjunct lecturer at the University of New England, the editor of seven volumes of early NSW records, previously the General Editor of the Biographical Database of Australia, self-publisher of her own family histories, and the author of three critically-acclaimed works of 'popular history' (sometimes described as 'non-fiction thrillers') published by Allen & Unwin. Two more 'popular histories' are in the pipeline, to be published in 2013 and 2014.
Latest book: How to write INTERESTING Family Histories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lorna Lily Saxbee

Latest book: Feeding Kids

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frank Tolson

Latest book: Stoner Story Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lynda Ruth Price
What can I say about myself? Well I’m sure my husband and kids could tell you a few things no doubt. The stories from my siblings would be even worse, so I’ll write this myself in order to maintain some degree of control. I am a writer, cartoonist and artist who works in acrylic, oils, ink. And sometimes a pencil with pooh bear on it. I am married to a wonderful man and we have three young children who were all born within three and a half years (so I had 5 years of irregular sleep), and they are the inspiration for my comics. We live on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand in an old house that has managed to take everything that we have thrown at it so far.
Latest book: Death by Jazz Hands

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bev Brough
Despite a successful career as a teacher, despite building a multi-million dollar direct sales business over 15 years, despite being married to the love of her life for 34 years, despite raising two children who reached adulthood well-adjusted, and despite gaining a black belt in Tae Kwondo at 49½, Bev faced her 50th birthday and wanted more. She had wanted to be a professional speaker and trainer for many years but had used every excuse under the sun – calling them ‘reasons’ – and the clincher was ‘You’re turning 50: forget it! You’re too old’. Instead of listening to that inner voice, Bev decided to go for it, and in 2007, just after her 50th birthday, she established Master Networking, a s ... read more
Latest book: Now We're Talking - inspiring stories for mature women

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.L Hunter
L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Eden Chronicles. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens - everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog -
Latest book: Thirst

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.W. Piperbrook
T.W. Piperbrook was born and raised in Connecticut. He is the author of the CONTAMINATION series, the OUTAGE series, and co-author of THE LAST SURVIVORS. In addition to writing, the author has also spent time as a full-time touring musician, traveling across the US, Canada, and Europe. He now lives with his wife, a son, and the spirit of his Boston Terrier.
Latest book: Outage Boxed Set (Books 1-3)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Holley
EDEN is the first novel by emerging author David Holley. After a career in advertising spanning two decades. David decided it was time for a change and to pursue a new challenge that would push his creative talents even further. Through the years David has worked across several mediums in the art world. Starting with street and grafitti art that spanned from New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, to the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France. Over time, his street art evolved into fine art and he showcased that work in solo shows in Philadelphia and Los Angeles. David currently resides in Philadelphia with his daughter Mia, his girlfriend Abby, and his loyal bulldog The Mighty El Toro Diablo.
Latest book: Eden Book 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mary McCray
Mary McCray is the author of St. Lou Haiku from Timberline Press and co-creator of the web-zine Ape Culture. She also blogs about pop culture as Cher Scholar. Mary has poems and essays published in journals such as Phoebe (The Journal of Gender and Cultural Critiques), The South Carolina Review, Literal Latte, Mudfish, Book/Mark, and Hermenaut (The Journal of Heady Philosophy). She lives in New Mexico with her husband, archaeologist John McCray, and their two fur-kids. To connect with Mary visit her online at
Latest book: Writing in the Age of Narcissism

Follow me at my  Facebook Page DeAngelo Demus
After twenty-five years of being employed at the same company I have witnessed relationships being born and relationships destroyed which is what inspired me to write 'The Damn Man'.
Latest book: The Damn Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rick Everingham
Over the years I have worked at many occupations, but for the last 12 I worked as an over the road truck driver. Happily I am now retired living with my wife, mostly in Medford Or. For most of my life I have thought of myself as a Christian and been a part of many church fellowships. Now I am learning to be a disciple of Jesus and hope to encourage others to be disciples as well.
Latest book: The Incomplete Works of Rick Everingham