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Visit my Facebook Page Charlotte Rose
Charlotte S. Rose is a surrealist writer combining reality and fantasy in all of her stories. She delights in mixing dreams and reality, linking together impossible events with everyday occurrences. Reality can be boring, while fantasy can sometimes be "too far out there" to take seriously, but the combination of the two can produce some intriguing surreal stories. She writes automatically like any true surrealist writer, recording wherever her characters take her, channeling words and images directly from the subconscious portion of the mind, where myths, dreams and inspiration reside in their purest form. She is author of the contemporary erotic novel, Rapine (consisting of three parts), in which two extr ... read more
Latest book: Rapine 3: Retrieved by the Billionaire
Visit my Facebook Page Duane L. Martin
Duane L. Martin began his writing career when he started a classic film review website back in 2002 called B-Movie Central. Two years later, he would go on to create another website called Rogue Cinema, which is a monthly online magazine staffed by a wonderful team of volunteer writers that's devoted to film reviews, articles and interviews with film makers and other industry professionals. An avid reader, he's been inspired by a wide variety of authors, including Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. More recently, he's buried himself in the various series of writers like Jennifer L. Armentrout, H.P. Mallory and Amanda Hocking. His aunt, a published author a ... read more
Latest book: Genesis
Visit my Facebook Page Alicia Howie
Alicia Howie is from Danville, Illinois. While enrolled in a Fantasy and Mythology course at Danville Area Community College, a few wayward characters rooted into her psyche and the only way to get them out was to tell their story. She’s been writing ever since, a passion that continues to send her on interesting adventures, including a trip to Brazil. Alicia currently lives in Colorado Springs surrounded by her many friends. Of course, her family and friends in Danville are forever in her heart and never far from her thoughts. ∞
Latest book: Seven Days of Grace
Visit my Facebook Page Kelly Woods
I have been writing short stories and poetry for a number of years, however decided in 2012 that my bucket list had to include becoming a published author. Thus began the debut novella 'All Bets Off'. While this book was being written, I also won 3rd place in the 2013 Country Women's Association of Victoria State Literary Competition for a poem with the theme '85 years old'. Writing is a passion of mine, and it's how I escape the craziness of this world. I hope you enjoy my work and can escape with me!
Latest book: The Chase
Visit my Facebook Page Y. Pushkin
Y. Pushkin is a native of Leningrad, Russia, but grew up in the United States. His first book, Sig Woods and the Book of Elements, is the first of a series called, Sig Woods. Y. Pushkin draws his inspiration for writing through nature, relaxation, meditation, and good company.
Latest book: Sig Woods and the Book of Elements
Visit my Facebook Page Benjamin Olusegun Beckley
Benjamin Olusegun Beckley is a dynamic young servant of God with an apostolic mandate to empower lives towards taking their rightful place in destiny. He stands out by grace as a teacher of the unfailing word of God with undeniable proofs, engraced to operate in the prophetic and gifts of healings, a man passionately committed to prayer and a dedicated worshiper. He is the president of Word Revival Outreach Mission Intl and the serving pastor of a multi-cultural non-denominational church -THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER in Arlington Texas USA. He is supernaturally endowed with grace in the area of strategic, revelational, and prophetic prayers that stir up divine solutions to earthly situations. He has authored seve ... read more
Latest book: Help From All Sides
Visit my Facebook Page Martin Kwakwa
Martin Kwakwa is an Australian journalist, He was born in Ghana, and migrated to Australia more than 30 years ago. He has worked in several media houses including Australia's multicultural broadcaster SBS, where he has been executive producer at the African Desk since 1994. Martin also worked with News Corporation and Australian Associated Press for almost 20 years. Between 1993 and 2008, he was editor of The African, the national monthly newspaper of Australia's African community,
Latest book: Settlement Guide for Africans in Australia
Visit my Facebook Page W. Scott Mitchell
W. Scott Mitchell came of age during the cultural revolution and movements that dominated the 1960's. It was not until the late 1990's when he began to write fiction. He incorporates an aspect of philosophy and psychology into each of his novels. The subplots are discussed on his website for readers to consider as they review his works. He believes the subplot is an important part of the work. Mitchel hopes to attract readers who examine everyday human character as the focus of attention to larger social and personal issues within the subplot. For example, in "Emily's Last Obsession" sexual content is used not for the sake of sexual content, but rather to demonstrate betrayal, self deception, and psychological ... read more
Latest book: Nine Days in October
Visit my Facebook Page Terry M. West
Terry M. West is an American horror author. His best known works: What Price Gory, Car Nex, Dreg and his Night Things series. He was a finalist for 2 International Horror Guild Awards and he was featured on the TV Guide Sci-Fi hot list for his YA graphic novel series, Confessions of a Teenage Vampire. Terry was born in Texas, lived in New York for two decades and he currently hangs his hat in California.
Latest book: Cecil and Bubba meet a Succubus: A Short Horror/Comedy Tale
Visit my Facebook Page Maddie Taylor
An author of erotic romance, Maddie is also a voracious reader. A fan of all genre's of romance, some of her favorite authors include Kristen Ashley, Cherise Sinclair and Jennifer Crusie. Maddie likes to write edgy erotic romances with sexy dominant heroes and spirited real women with a twist.
Latest book: What About Love
Visit my Facebook Page Scott R. Rezer
Scott R. Rezer was born in 1963 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and enlisted in the United States Air Force after graduating from high school. He and his wife have two grown children. They live in the Desert Southwest. He is the author of three books; Shadow of the Mountain: A Novel of the Flood; Love Abideth Still: A Novel of the Civil War; and his first novel, The Leper King, an historical fantasy of the Crusades.
Latest book: Shadow of the Mountain: A Novel of the Flood
Visit my Facebook Page Mara White
Mara White is a contemporary romance and erotica writer who laces forbidden love stories with hard issues, such as race, gender and inequality. She holds an Ivy League degree but has also worked in more strip clubs than even she can remember. She is not a former Mexican telenovela star contrary to what the tabloids might say, but she is a former ballerina and will always remain one in her heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children and yes, when she’s not writing you can find her on the playground.
Latest book: Killing The Sun Part 3
Visit my Facebook Page Corine Hyman
So just a little about me, first and foremost I am a Christian. I am also a Clinical Psychologist who practices in Baltimore, MD. However, my passion is to write books that educate, uplift, and help Christians, as well as non-Christians grow in their understanding of the Lord Jesus.
Latest book: My Journey with Jesus Christ
Visit my Facebook Page Rajeev Bhargava
Rajeev Bhargava lives in Harrow, Greater London. He enjoys writing stories on various themes, some of which include horror, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, adventure and for children. He also enjoys writing poetry and doing illustrations. His writing career began in 1991, and since then, to-date, his works have been appearing frequently in various small press and main stream magazines and books. His all-time favorite publication is Night to Dawn magazine, which he enjoys reading and writing for, and where his most recent works continue to appear. To contact him, e-mail him at: Visit him at:
Latest book: Late Night Campfire Chillers
Visit my Facebook Page Catharine Murphy
Catharine Murphy, CPO President and CEO of Passion for Order Process Improvement Engineer, Productivity Specialist, and Certified Professional Organizer As a former process improvement engineer in the technology world, Catharine has extensive experience in defining and improving processes. She believes that time management, task management, and good systems are the keys to having a productive business and an organized life. Catharine applies her passion for systems to organizing residential clients, as well, and sets up closet, pantry, garage, and other residential systems. Catharine has always had a passion for planning and organizing, and delights in creating order from chaos. Catharine's goal is to reduce ... read more
Latest book: Mobile Offices - Stay Organized on the Go
Visit my Facebook Page James Scott
James Scott is an novelist that resides in the Atlanta, GA area. His debut novel, BUFFALO CITY CZAR has been published by Nickel City Publications. Biography James Scott was born in Buffalo New York in 1966. He endured the toughest streets, prison, and near death. Through the grace of God, he was given a second chance to relive his life through different circumstances. After enrolling into ITT-Technical school majoring in information technology, James began following his dreams of writing. He hopes to entertain the world with the tales of the dark side. Today, he resides in Athens, Georgia a proud father of two of God's most precious gifts.
Latest book: King Con
Visit my Facebook Page Carla Pais
Carla Pais, nascida em 1979, é natural de Leiria. Mudou-se há cerca de um ano para Paris onde se dedica à escrita a tempo inteiro. Editou o seu primeiro livro, “Maria a Idade da Adolescência”, em 2011 e logo no ano seguinte, em 2012, edita a obra “Renascer”. Em 2013 participou, como autora convidada, na Antologia de Poesia Contemporânea, “Entre o sono e o sonho”, da Chiado Editora. Neste momento, divide-se entre a reescrita do romance, “Montebelo a traição do nome”, ainda sem data prevista de lançamento, e a escrever a sua mais recente obra, Sombras (titulo provisório). Estreia-se na edição de poesia com o seu mais recente livro “Retratos Inacabados”, desta feita em e-book.
Latest book: Retratos Inacabados
Visit my Facebook Page Dylan Robert Tauber
Dylan Tauber is an award winning electronic musician, artist, and author, who has been based in NYC, Jerusalem, Miami, a remote island in the south western Pacific, and now in northern Israel. Dylan Tauber has been producing music, artwork, and writing since he began his prolific 21 year career in 1996 with the ambitious Double Mirrors anthology, which includes a book, video slide shows, soundtrack, and companion website at The Double Mirrors project evolves years later, as Tauber continues to explore the cyber-spiritual revolution. In addition to releasing twelve ambient / electronica / trance music albums (10 for free download) through his Son of Waves Studios music label, Dylan runs a ... read more
Latest book: The Doorway
Visit my Facebook Page GR Wilson
GR WILSON is to Coaching as Waiting Tables is to Acting; between teams having emigrated from London to New York City, he sat in his studio apartment, on Thrift Store Furniture with a phenomenal view of the East River and started typing. After eighteen days of late summer sunshine and inspiration in 2013, the story of ten months in his basketball life that began at the turn of the millennium was finished and in your hands fulfilling his lifelong ambition. He foolishly followed that in 2017 with a entirely dispensable guide to New York City living titled "Save Our Salary: NYC" which gives readers over $35,000 of savings for New Yorkers and Tourists alike. Let's Make America Cheap Again. @iamGRwilson
Latest book: SOS NYC: Save Our Salary New York City
Visit my Facebook Page Michail Devoul
I enjoy writing on a wide range of topic usually current social activity. I focus on what I believe my readers want to read, and that has been the Erotica genre. Either way, I also believe that as a writer I must enjoy the topic or my readers can pick up on the lack of emotions within the writing. This indulgences in writing Erotica Novellas is relatively new and I have just started witting books for this interest. Without you as my reader, I have nothing to write about. Visit My Website: Visit My Facebook Page: Michail Devoul
Latest book: Affection: Shameless Series, Book 3
Visit my Facebook Page M.J. Louis
M.J. Louis has earned a degree in Nursing as well as a dual degree in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology. She has been a nurse for over ten years, eight of those being dedicated to pediatric nursing. As a pediatric nurse M.J. had the privilege of working in some of the top facilities in New York City and Miami.
Latest book: When Angels Come To Play
Visit my Facebook Page Sybrina Durant
Sybrina Publishing and Distributing Company encompases both fiction and non-fictions works. Fiction books include children's stories by Sybrina Durant, Britt Brundige and Sandi Johnson. Children's Book Titles include Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox, Nellie Knows How To Knot A Neck Scarf, Yarashell Abbily and Her Very Messy Room, The Legend of the Blue Unicorn, Dorp The Scottish Dragon and many more. Historical romance novels are written by Gina Rose. Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus 4 volume set are non-fiction titles.
Latest book: The Blue Unicorn's Journey To Osm Illustrated Chapter Book
Visit my Facebook Page Carol Dodsley
Carol Dodsley's background in management, training and self-development has assisted her in helping her clients create winning mindsets, overcome adversity, take inspired action and find clarity in their businesses. She has a reputation for straight talking, no nonsense training and has used her extensive skillset to become known as the GPlus How2Girl - a recognized expert in her field. Carol has been nominated and shortlisted two years running for a Women Inspiring Women award and now lives in Lincolnshire UK with her 'baby', American bulldog Tia. If you'd like to contact Carol, please email
Latest book: GPlus: Google Plus Strategies, Profiles, Circles, Communities, & Hangouts. A DivaPreneurs Quick Start Guide to Google Plus
Visit my Facebook Page Kevin Michel
Kevin Michel is author of the groundbreaking book: "Moving Through Parallel Worlds To Achieve Your Dreams," and the book "Subconscious Mind Power." His books show you how to align your current life with your grandest ambitions and how to access the full capability of your mind.
Latest book: Subconscious Mind Power
Visit my Facebook Page Dr. Eddie M. Connor
Empowering people to overcome obstacles and walk in their unique purpose, is the real life message shared by Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. who is a survivor of stage 4 cancer. Dr. Connor is a resident of Detroit, Michigan and grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. He is an Author, College Professor, International Speaker, Radio/TV Correspondent, and founder of Boys 2 Books. Dr. Eddie M. Connor, Jr. serves as Graduate Education Professor, at the prestigious Marygrove College. Dr. Connor is a bestselling author of 6 books and founder of Boys 2 Books, which provides mentorship to boys and young men via literacy, leadership, and life skills enrichment. Boys 2 Books has received national endorsements, from the U.S. Congress, Nat ... read more
Latest book: My Brother's Keeper
Visit my Facebook Page Amy B. Reineri
Amy B. Reineri is an architect living in SE Virginia with her husband Dave and two independent cats. Works range from short stories to novels and musicals, fiction to non-fiction. Inspired by S-F, Fantasy, Horror, The Twilight Zone (it is always a trap) and classic House of Mystery.
Latest book: Awkward Advent
Visit my Facebook Page Paul Hollis
Paul Hollis grew up during a time when the notion of a shrinking world was still in its infancy. People lived in rural communities or in city neighborhoods, rarely venturing far beyond the bordered rim of their lives. But as a kid, Paul tumbled off the edge of the yard reaching for greener grass. Having lived in twelve states and eventually working in all fifty, he fell in love early with seeing the world on someone else’s money. Since then, he has lived abroad nine years while working in forty-eight countries, spanning five continents. These experiences helped inspire the novels in The Hollow Man series. From travelling through Europe as a young man, to flying nearly three million miles which took him nowher ... read more
Latest book: London Bridge is Falling Down (The Hollow Man Series Book 2)
Visit my Facebook Page Paul Ellis
PAUL K. ELLIS, JR is an end-time trailblazer being used as a pencil to document the heart of God for this season. He has served in ministry for over 15 years as a Youth Minister, Associate Minister, itinerant speaker, business coach, mentor and more. He is the CEO of Ellis & Ellis Consulting Group, LLC , a business and marketing consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Paul has been happily married to Davena Ellis since 2004 and together they parent 3 amazing children - Judah, Jada and Jael.
Latest book: When Saints Pray
Visit my Facebook Page Jules Gabriel
I am from 1978 and I live with my family in the Midlands of United Kingdom. In my spare time I like to divide my time between reading any good stories I can come across and typing some awesome one from my head. I intend to release several outstanding novels in the future which shall be in different genres and I am eager to see how the readers shall respond to them.
Latest book: The Gate Keeper
Visit my Facebook Page Julie Johnson
JULIE JOHNSON is a twenty-something Boston native suffering from an extreme case of Peter Pan Syndrome. When she's not writing, Julie can most often be found adding stamps to her passport, drinking too much coffee, striving to conquer her Netflix queue, and Instagramming pictures of her dog. (Follow her: @authorjuliejohnson) She published her debut novel LIKE GRAVITY in August 2013, just before her senior year of college, and she's never looked back. Since, she has published five more novels, including the bestselling BOSTON LOVE STORY series. Her books have appeared on Kindle and iTunes Bestseller lists around the world, as well as in AdWeek, Publishers Weekly, and USA Today. You can find Julie on Facebook ... read more
Latest book: Take Your Time
Visit my Facebook Page Josie Bordeaux
Josie Bordeaux is the author of the Alluring Promises series. Her romance novels revolve around friendships, amazing attraction and steamy sex scenes. Lust, passion and love are all entwined with a lot of drama and fun-filled friendships. Josie lives in the sunshine state with her best friend (AKA – husband) and two sweet (and very creative) daughters. When she’s not driving her kids around town, she’s usually clicking her fingernails on her keyboard or down at the beach where her eyes are glued to her kindle app reading.
Latest book: Promises, Promises
Visit my Facebook Page Bill Carson
My first step on the rung of the literary ladder came in the form of an autobiography called Show No Fear which was published in paperback in 2005. Show No Fear describes the violent and often humorous world of the night club bouncer. I enjoyed the writing experience so much that soon after its publication I enrolled in an Open University fiction writing course, which to my pleasure and amazement I passed. I have now written several books covering various subjects; however the two crime novels Necessary Evils and its sequel Nemesis are my best work to date. Crime fiction is something that I am most passionate about and I now consider myself first and foremost to be a crime fiction writer and I am pleased ... read more
Latest book: Nemesis
Visit my Facebook Page Joe Love
Joe Love draws on his 30 years of experience as an intuitive, counselor and teacher helping individuals worldwide reawaken their psychic ability and use this natural gift to expand their awareness, reconnect to their Higher Intelligence and open the pathway to their spirit. Joe's work in personal and spiritual development focuses on helping his clients move through the troubled waters of the mind and into the sanctuary of one's inner self creating sound personal happiness and peace. He speaks to corporate and public audiences on the subjects of spirituality, working with spirit guides, your soul's purpose, six sensory living, manifesting your desires, chakra balancing, and nutritional health. For Joe, happin ... read more
Latest book: Discovering Your Purpose
Visit my Facebook Page Mary Martel
Mary Martel was born in West Michigan and spent most of her life there. She currently resides in North Dakota with her two daughters and husband. She loves reading, zombies, mermaids and all forms of art. Follow on Instagram: @mary.martel Email address:
Latest book: Love Potion
Visit my Facebook Page Kia Roberts
Kia Roberts was born in Miami, FL. She attended MAST Academy High School and that is where she developed her passion for writing. As time passed she began writing poetry, music, and even television show scripts. Delectable Delight was her freshman novel. She has two other titles available at this time, CREAM and The Sweetest Revenge. She is currently working on other writing projects.
Latest book: The Sweetest Revenge: CREAM Reloaded
Visit my Facebook Page Yalmact Swillirs
Being born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia, demanded Yalmact to develop an overactive imagination in order to tolerate the city's dreary atmosphere. A twisted sense of humor enabled Yalmact to survive a series of dead-end jobs and difficult life events while penning Mad Town, the first novel in the Fynian Fable series. Often escaping reality into a wide variety of written works by remarkable authors such as Stephen King, J. K Rowling and J.R.R. Tolkien, enabled Swillirs to develop their own unique voice and writing style. Had these elements not been present and Yalmact had not taken up writing, it is in all likelihood that Swillirs would have thrust their head into a cement wall to escape the monotony ... read more
Latest book: Damien's Off-shoot
Visit my Facebook Page Andrew-Glyn Smail
Until 2007 horses had drifted in and out of my life but did not make the kind of impression required to draw me from my chosen livelihood, that of an English teacher, then a translator and now slowly moving into writing. Then in 2007 I discovered a different way of being with horses largely due to the influence of the internationally renowned German trainer, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling. This is when my life began to change and together with my partner (who later became my wife) of almost thirty years, I moved to Europe with an old dog and a horse in 2011 to start a year of full-time training with him. The experience has been life-changing for me, our horses, and my interaction with them.
Latest book: When Horses Speak and Humans Listen
Visit my Facebook Page D.M. Sanasi
Deborah Sanasi is the founder and Principle Therapist of Norwest Counselling in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia. She completed her undergraduate studies at Monash University in Victoria, Australia and her postgraduate studies at Excelsia Institute, Sydney. Prior to establishing her private practice Deborah worked in-agency as a Domestic Violence Counsellor and Group Worker, working both with perpetrators and victims of Domestic Violence.
Latest book: Interview With An X-Abuser: From One Of The Few Who Changed
Visit my Facebook Page CH Kelly
C.H. Kelly is a Navy veteran who has experienced many cultures within the United States and abroad. He has held a wide variety of occupations including a carnival worker, a real estate agent, water district manager and author. C. H. Kelly currently resides in southern New Mexico with his wife and three cats.
Latest book: 10 Chocolate Recipes to Die For
Visit my Facebook Page Rodd Clark
E-Books and paperback versions available for the entire Brantley Colton Mysteries -"Short Ride to Hell", "A Cache of Killers" and "No Place for the Wicked" - also check out the Gabriel Church Tales in "Rubble and the Wreckage", "Torn and Frayed" and the upcoming "Burned to Ash and Cinders".
Latest book: Tigers on the Sudan
Visit my Facebook Page T K Foster
Inspired by the likes of Douglas Adams (the absurdity), James Herbert (the horror), JRR Tolkien (the adventure), and Frank Herbert (I wish I could write like him). Of course these guys are the epitome of their genre. I write YA because it's fun. Big movie critic, always favouring Indie and foreign above all else. Same goes for music; am a huge supporter of indie artists.
Latest book: Plain of the Fourteen Pillars - Book 1
Visit my Facebook Page Alan Sharland
Alan Sharland is a Mediator, Conflict Coach and trainer in communication skills and conflict management skills. He has worked in this field for 20 years and has mediated in a wide variety of disputes, complaints and relationship breakdown situations. Alan came into the field of conflict resolution having been a teacher in central London, UK where he saw violence in the area of the school in which he taught Mathematics and often within the school itself. This led him to explore more effective means of responding to conflict and into the field of Mediation and training and facilitation, and later, the field of Conflict Coaching. For 11 years Alan was Director of a Community Mediation Service in West London, p ... read more
Latest book: How to Resolve Bullying in the Workplace: Stepping out of the Circle of Blame to Create an Effective Outcome for All
Visit my Facebook Page David K. Dodd
A former psychologist, David K. Dodd writes books of true crime and fiction that focuses on personal conflict, relationships, and community. He has recently moved from Fish Creek, Wisconsin, to Saint Louis, Missouri.
Latest book: Fatal Sword: Tragic Clash of Two Friends on Christmas Eve