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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fredrik Haren
Fredrik Härén is an author and speaker on Business Creativity. He has delivered over 1,500 presentations, lectures and workshops in over 50 countries and has inspired hundreds of thousands of business people to become more creative and to look at the world in a new way. He is the author of nine books, including “The Idea Book” that was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time”.
Latest book: One World One Company

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angela Castillo
Magic is all around us, and Angela Castillo works to capture this magic in words and ideas. She lives in the small and inspiring town of Bastrop, Texas. In addition to writing stories, she also designs greeting cards. You can find her cards at
Latest book: Steampunk Fairy Tales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeffrey Alan Henning
Jeffrey Alan Henning currently resides in Colorado Springs and works as a Network Security Analyst for Northrop Grumman. He is currently earning a Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor of Arts degree at Full Sail University and is currently working on self-publishing his works.
Latest book: Death's Judgement (The Avatar Series Book 3)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Linda Kozar
Linda Kozar is the co-author of Babes With A Beatitude—Devotions For Smart, Savvy Women of Faith (Hardcover/eBook, Howard/Simon & Schuster 2009), Misfortune Cookies and Just Desserts (“When The Fat Ladies Sing” cozy mystery series, Print, Barbour Publishing 2008), and Strands of Fate (Hardcover/eBook, Creative Woman Mysteries 2012). Her cozy mystery series again published and expanded as ebooks at Spyglass Lane Mysteries, MacGregor Literary from 2012-2014, and in September of 2014 Linda indie-published and the continues the series: Misfortune Cookies, A Tisket, A Casket, Dead As A Doornail, That Wasn't Chicken, and Felony Fruitcake. Her latest foray into indie publishing, produced Food Baby (contemporary ... read more
Latest book: Weighty Matters

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tara Ann Bradley
Tara Ann Bradley has been reading romance books before she could walk. Not really, but it feels that long. Her love affair with alpha males and happy ever afters started really early. She’s been writing stories since middle school but didn’t dare let anyone read them. She now writes the type of stories that she’d loved all of her life, and finally built the courage to share them with others. She grew up in Chicago, and that city still holds a special place in her heart. She now resides in Alabama with her three sons, waiting for the day where she will return to her beloved city.
Latest book: Pushing Buttons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Umefien Epepe
Umefien Epepe, is a freelance copywriter, blogger, advertising consultant and writer.
Latest book: Bleeding Petals

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aubrie Elliot
Aubrie is a long time resident of St. Louis where she lives with her partner of 22 years, two dogs, and a cat. Halfway There is her debut novel which takes a humorous look at middle age.
Latest book: Halfway There

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Dockery
David Dockery is an American author, blogger, illustrator, and graphic artist based in Central Florida. He is the author of a non-fiction book about growing up in his home town in the Midwest and he is working on a fictional book about revenge. Dave is also available for cover design. He has done graphics for almost 20 years and will redesign your cover or design it for an affordable rate. David was in the US Navy and Desert Storm. He regularly blogs about Gulf War Illness and veteran's rights. He is married with 3 kids. His other hobbies include fishing, films, painting, and cartooning.
Latest book: Things They Never Told Me When I Got Out of the Military

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cory Hutcheson
Cory Thomas Hutcheson is the author of several articles on magic, witchcraft, and folklore, and is the proprietor of the New World Witchery website. He co-hosts a podcast of the same name, and has been a practicing card-reader for many years.
Latest book: Fifty-Four Devils

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elisa Tammela
I'm an Aussie-Brit living in Finland. I have the ability to crash Notepad. I can count to ten. I hated my second-grade teacher. I taste like chicken. I do not play nicely with the other children.
Latest book: The Big Day - a short story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kirsty Dallas
I'm just a little Aussie girl with a big imagination, so much to write and so little time to do it. When I'm not writing (or reading) I am kept smiling and sane (for the most part) by my 5 year old daughter. She is the light in my world. I have a wonderfully supportive family who keep me completely grounded, trust me, they will never let any success go to my head!! And I love them for it. I enjoy ice cold ciders, barbeques, music and art. I hate cooking, in fact I think I have major kitchen allergies. My feet rarely grace anything other than flip-flops or uggies. Even in the middle of a hot Aussie summer I wear jeans and I adore tattoos on men & women (not so much children). To sum me up in a few words (a ... read more
Latest book: Breeze of Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Raine Balkera
Raine lives alone in the lovely state of Michigan, has two adult children, and with dreams of pet ownership still floating through her mind. A cat? A dog? Fish? A guinea pig, perhaps. Time will tell. Besides being indecisive, Raine likes to star gaze, take scenery pictures, and travel. Anywhere is fine with her as long as it is somewhere else. The moon seems to be a power source for her creativity and energy, as is any body of water she comes in contact with, either in or out of their wet depths. Astrology isn't a huge part of her daily survival and yet she has a mysterious connection with the stars and their significance to life in general. Favorites include scented flowers, green hues, General Tao's Chicken, ... read more
Latest book: Love Over Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Alton
Laura L. Alton has as Associate of Science Degree in Animal Health and was a Licensed Veterinary Technician for over 20 years. She has taught behavior and dog training classes for many years. Laura has combined her extensive veterinary experience with her love of writing and has written a series of mystery with a romantic bend. The Kayla Ann Dailee mystery. Kayla is a veterinarian who lives in Las Vegas and solves mysteries with the help of her family, friends and clients. She also writes intriguing short stories and articles on animal care and training. Laura lives in Henderson, Nevada and spends her free time gardening and caring for her assorted pets.
Latest book: Las Vegas Chew Toy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ralph Hood
Ralph Hood, a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), has spoken for hire from Alaska to Puerto Rico and from Hawaii to Spain. After he was on her show, Oprah Winfrey said "Ralph, you are a funny man." Ralph, a commercial pilot, is a member of the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame and has written a regular column in every issue of Airport Business Magazine and its predecessor since 1986. He taught a college course in aviation management and has spoken for hundreds of aviation audiences including employees of Cessna, Lear, Boeing and Piper, plus hundreds more groups in other fields.
Latest book: Southern Raised in the Fifties

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R. Vincent Tibbetts
R. Vincent Tibbetts was raised in Western Pennsylvania during the 1970's when the professional football team captured the heart of a city. The town immersed itself in a culture of winning until the sudden death of the steel industry. Witnessing the economic shockwave ripple across communities from the gutting of such an industrial might had an impact on his psyche. It led him to see his surroundings in a new light, growing to have an appreciation for the workings of the natural world, how things work, and developing a mindset for conservation. His interests in art, photography, and film production brought him to California and a career in the entertainment business where he is a Chief Lighting Technician and St ... read more
Latest book: Siege Engines

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tristan Dent
Tristan Dent was born on May 15, 1964 in the small town of Nobudua, Iowa. He spent all of his youth in South Western Iowa where he was a resident of a small farming community. He entered active duty in the United States Air Force and served his country honrorably. He later joined the United States Intelligence services where he performed covert operations in many countries around the globe. Tristan has always loved the outdoors and is an avid woodsmen. He enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time with his trusty dog "Shep". Tristan currently resides in Hamilton, Montana where he spends much of his time communing with nature and writing.
Latest book: The Black Mansion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page R.M. Mzale
Despite the fact that I'm Tanzanian, I spent most of my life in North Africa, Egypt to be specific. I've always been a fan of writing, and started my 'career' writing poetry and songs for local artists. After getting accepted into the Honours programme for International Relations at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and write a novel (turned out to be a novella though, but more books to come!). This ambitious attempt to write and self-publish my first of many novels is what you see here. My goal, in the end, is to break African literature out of the realm of 'struggle literature' that it seems to be stuck in. Even a born and raised African can write a story tha ... read more
Latest book: The Case of Marc Keller

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gary Hawkes
Gary Hawkes spent most of his child hood years on Whidbey Island in western Washington, aside from three years spent in Japan during his mother and step-father's Navy deployment. The experience of living in Japan and calling that country home and then moving back to the U.S., had quite the effect on the young aspiring writer; a unique perspective on what it means to be an American. Early on however, Gary's interests were mostly in music and sports. It was periodic encouragements from family and specifically a high school teacher that spurred Gary to pursue writing more diligently later on. Most of the writer's early work were simple short stories and some poetry. Several years after graduating college he p ... read more
Latest book: Thinking Righteously Under a Majestic Purple

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan, author of Parts Unknown (William Morrow) has rung in the new year in Red Square, performed as a busker in the London Underground, wandered the California desert, and auditioned unsuccessfully for a chance at stardom on reality television. He lives in Petaluma, California, and will be publishing his second novel, Yesterday Road, in the fall of 2013.
Latest book: Our Children Are Not Our Children

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Watson
I live in Orange County, California. I was adopted at three days old in Indianapolis and grew up in New Albany, Indiana. I loved my adoptive mother, who convinced me I could become anything. Since I was always fascinated with beautiful diamonds and gems, I chose to be the CEO of Gallery of Diamonds jewelers in Newport Beach. In honor of my adoptive mother and the birth mother I have never known, I established the Why Mom Deserves a Diamond® essay contest. Every year, thousands of kids submit words of love and appreciation for the chance to win a grand prize diamond to give to their mothers. Today the contest is in honor of all moms, and is the largest mothers appreciation contest in the US. (maybe the world!) ... read more
Latest book: The Little Green Toothbrush

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.R. Hilton
A.R.Hilton is an author, film director and CEO of Amirah films. A native of Mount Vernon New York, Hilton’s debut novel, That Life (Prophecy of a Hustler), introduced us to characters that walk a parallel path—a path that Hilton’s traveled in his own life. In That Life, Hilton weaves together a tapestry of childhood friends that are polar opposites, but choose the same dangerous and fast-paced lifestyle packed with drugs and violence. Throughout their journey together, their friendship is tested and lives are lost. A.R.Hilton’s, second novel Prophecy of a Hustler II (A War of Souls) is a continuation of That Life that gives the reader an in depth look at A.R.Hilton’s ability to build on a great story ... read more
Latest book: That Life (Prophecy of A Hustler)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leimapokpam Swasticharan
Swasticharan Leimapokpam was born in a small town of Imphal in the North-Eastern State, Manipur in India. He did his schooling in Don Bosco High School in Imphal and was academically very good in his school days. He bagged the State’s second rank in the Matriculation Examination [HSLC exam of Manipur Board of Secondary Education] and joined Manipur Public School for the XI and XII class. After passing out from the school he went to study MBBS from Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Manipur under Manipur University. He again bagged the second rank in the Manipur University Final MBBS exam with a gold medal in Surgery. Soon after his internship he joined the Central Health Service in 1998 and was posted ... read more
Latest book: My Book of Poems

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Pam Glazier
Pam Glazier (1980- ) was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Deeply immersed in the arts from a very young age, she found herself exploring themes of humanism in many different types of art. Later she would spend her time volunteering and studying theosophy, which would eventually lead to her love of writing. She has won several literary and poetry awards and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest where she continues to write and explore the arts.
Latest book: Broken: a collection

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Mackey
Mother of 2. Lives in Australia. Book lover. Author of 6 novels.
Latest book: Your Heart to Keep

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Miglena Shabanska
As an active teacher with a long international experience I have met just a few students who did not struggle with scientific subjects. My books are for these students who think they cannot cope with Science. I create them by collecting my students` notes written by the students and I think that these notes can help you just like they have helped them to pass through any examination.
Latest book: IB DP Biology Study Notes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen Morrissey
Karen A. Morrissey read her first science fiction, The Green Hills of Earth by Robert Heinlein, in the third grade. She loves Marion Zimmer Bradley's Darkover stories and Orson Scott Card's Ender tales, but channels the absurd humor of Douglas Adams in her own writing.
Latest book: Fisher King: Percival's Descent

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kayce Lassiter
Kayce writes snarky contemporary romance in a country setting—what she calls "Chick Lit in Cowgirl Boots" and she likes to throw in some magic now and then just for fun. She is a consummate smart-alec, which shows in her humorous, heart-tugging stories about everyday people complete with broken hearts and all the flaws that come with being human. Some of her characters will make you laugh, others will touch your heart, but they will all take you to a world where dreams are possible and hearts can be mended through the power of love. A second-generation native Arizonan, Kayce was born to deaf parents and grew up on a dairy farm. Living on a farm as a kid can be fun, but it can be lonely too. So she learne ... read more
Latest book: Katie's Rock

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Abbey K Davies
My name is Abbey. I am a mother of two teens and a wife. I own a business and I am an author. I started out writing Non Fiction and in 2012 I switched over to fiction. My passion is writing and having the readers walk away with a longing for more. I also love to read, I read at least 20 books a month. I do beta reading and reviews as well. Every day is a new day with new possibilities.
Latest book: Finding Home

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jessica Frances
Jessica is an Aussie who has always loved writing and reading. She currently is living in Australia. Connect with her via facebook!
Latest book: Revolution

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kimball Lee
Hi, I'm Kimball Lee and I'd like to welcome you to the many worlds of my imagination! The topics of my novels and novella-series will vary but my style of writing remains the same. I don't write 700 page books padded with useless words that take three chapters to describe a doorknob! I do write funny, interesting, happy, sad, romantic, often titillating and always thought provoking works that pack a lot of good reading into just the right number of pages. I hope you enjoy my writing and know that it comes from the heart and I give every spare moment to creating characters you would want to have as friends and worlds you would want to visit or live in. Happy reading! Kimball Thank you for visiting my author pa ... read more
Latest book: Legal Legacy 4

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. T. Anders
G. T. Anders started his writing adventures when he first learned his letters. Homeschooled from an early age, he rebelled in the area of penmanship and developed handwriting that many people still find difficult to read. But that was only the first way in which he would make the act of writing his own. Around age 12, he read The Lord of the Rings, C. S. Lewis’s Space Trilogy, and Madaleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle In Time. These must have been quite formative, as much of his subsequent work aims the same epic heights. In his twenties, as he attended Kent State University (studying music composition), Anders' muse kept speaking, and he kept filling 3-ring binders. The Tower of Babel emerged from his junior ... read more
Latest book: A Chair Between The Rails

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Simpson
Im a Graphic Designer from Stoke-on-Trent. I started creating illustrated characters at first before I added any story’s to them. Tail of a Witch is the 8th book I have currently published and is aimed at a larger audience starting from young teenage+. The first 7 books released we're children’s illustrated story’s based around my own characters called Molly the Moo ( My hope is to finish at least 4 books in the Tail of a Witch story’s before returning to unfinished projects for children’s illustrated story’s again.
Latest book: Ffion: Spirit of the Five Stones

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jenn Lyons
Jenn Lyons’ childhood was spent in the safe havens of local libraries and bookstores, where even as her artistic talents began to develop she continued to nurture her love of science-fiction, fantasy, and noir detective stories. Being pale, not a friend of sunlight, and not much of a morning person, she set her sights on a career that would allow her to stay indoors or work at night (her favorite career pick was ‘cat burglar’) but she was devastated when she discovered that she would not, in fact, ever be able to marry Batman. Older but wiser, she turned from the life of a jewel thief to tackle a career as a graphic artist and illustrator, spending the next 20 years working in print media and advertising. ... read more
Latest book: Making Shiva

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katherine Lynette
I have always loved writing. A friend told me I should try ebooks and see if I could get a fan base established. Feel free to contact me with any questions ^_^ I write fiction, fantasy, medieval, adventure. Targeted to young adults and adults.
Latest book: Mystical Quest

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristen S. Walker
Kristen S. Walker is a twenty-something writer, blogger, and nerd from San Jose, California. She grew up in small towns in Northern California, running around barefoot in the woods and climbing trees with a notebook to write down stories. She lives with her family, including two rescued cats, in a house full of books. She writes and self-publishes young adult fantasy novels.
Latest book: A Pride of Gryphons

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bathhouse Blues
Bathhouse Blues is the world-renowned expert on gay bathhouse etiquette & culture. This Gay Asian male as spent over 20 years walking the hallways of gay bathhouses. He has now written his experiences for anyone unfamiliar with gay bathhouse etiquette. This read will give you a front row seat on what takes place behind closes doors.
Latest book: My Experience With Racism In The Gay Community

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Selena D. Hunter
Selena D Hunter is a writer in the North Texas area. She has a wonderful family and a tight circle of friends that she turns to when she is inspired to write about supernatural beings and love stories with interesting twists. When she isn't writing, she loves to entertain herself with Sci-Fi and Discovery Channel shows, digging for new ideas and concepts that would always make a story more fun and alluring. Inspiration is everywhere as far as she is concerned.
Latest book: Ritual Magic

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joyce Layman
As an author, connector and keynote speaker (including TEDx), I have a passion for inspiring people to step out of their current habits, push comfort zones and navigate change to leverage new opportunities that are already surrounding them. My extensive training and experience in the science of mindset and the art of business connections provides the one-two punch that gives my clients an advantage over their counterparts and their competition. If you are: + Looking for keynote or corporate speaker that not only inspires but provides actionable tactics to take your organization to the next level. + In need of a business coach that focuses on strategy and tactics to leverage your connections into opportuniti ... read more
Latest book: Your Connecting Advantage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Timothy Lindstrom
Timothy Irvin Lindstrom, most people call me Tim. Growing up in the metropolitan area of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Went to Northwestern Bible College is Roseville, MN for 1 year Bible Certificate course. 1973/74. I have been married to my wife of my youth over 40 years! We purchased a home in Columbia Heights, MN back in 1975. 2 daughters have come through our small home off of Jackson Street and they live in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I have been riding motorcycles since the early 70's. From 2 stroke dirt bikes to sport touring street bikes. I also have an amateur extra license for talking around the world. I have had ham radio on my touring motorcycles inter twining the 2 hobbies has been good. ... read more
Latest book: 100,000 BMW Prayer Miles

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Natasja Hellenthal
Mrs Hellenthal is a novelist,eco-warrior, animal lover, vegan and her hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, wild camping, organic farming, swimming and snowboarding. She lives in the UK, with her partner, two small children, two small dogs and a cat who all follow her around the house at the same time. If there is any time left she writes speculative fiction that entertain people but at the same time makes them think. Her work has been described as 'thought-provoking'. Her writing is about love, advocating for lgbt equality and animal welfare. In her writing she also deals with big psychological and ethical themes and struggles of life such as death, love and loss, abuse and the consequences of o ... read more
Latest book: Chained Freedom- A Free Fantasy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tamara Shoemaker
Tamara Shoemaker is a thirty-something-year-old author living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. She and her husband Tim spent a year in Ireland, where she acquainted herself with the leprechauns and fairies of the Green Isle, and studied the poetry and prose of James Joyce, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde and other Irish writers. She and Tim moved to Virginia where they engineered three beautiful children, Jordyn, Joel and Elena. She stays up late at night crafting the art of writing, which is a productive outlet for an overactive imagination. She gets ridiculously excited about Nutella, certain kitchen gadgets, and a well-written book. Her favorite thing is curling up in bed with a mug of hot chocolate and a w ... read more
Latest book: Broken Crowns

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brandon Noel
Hey my names is Brandon Noel. I am the co Founder of Destiny Comics Publishing. I am heard about smash word at a comic book convention. I have been indie publishing for over two years. Destiny Comics Publishing is the company I started with my friends. 8 Bit Pulp is the flag ship of our company. The first pulp magazine to be published in over 50 years. I have published some comics and a few graphic novels, such as Mr. Cuddles, Tails of Destiny, and Terrifyingly Gruesome Tales of Horror.
Latest book: 8 Bit Pulp Preview

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephanie Williams
My name is Stephanie Williams. I am a native to Los Angeles, born 48 years ago. I am a full-time home business owner in the export/import trade as well as a contract Purchasing Agent for a medical facility. I enjoy opera, classical music and am a huge history buff. Reading is my passion and it is not unusual for me to read a book a week, whether it’s War in Peace or short stories of Poe and of course romance and erotica. I’ve traveled extensively and it's not unusual to find me celebrating Christmas in the Land Down Under with a Shrimp on the Barbie.
Latest book: Office Play

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Frelisa Walker
Frelisa Walker enjoys writing about the humor in everyday situation. She has short stories published in Raphael's Village and Writers Haven online magazines. She plans to continue to take workshops, to participate in critique groups, and to read. Whether it is fiction, nonfiction, or information about how to improve her writing, she reads it. She writes to strengthen her spirit, mind, and body. She urges everyone to write and those who do to keep writing.
Latest book: Fast Food Drive-Thru 101 Improving Your Visit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Reinhard Dizon
John Reinhard Dizon was born and raised in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, NY. He participated in local and high school sports at Bishop Loughlin MHS, excelling in wrestling, hockey and football. The lead vocalist of the Spoiler and the Ducky Boys, he was a key figure on the Brooklyn rock scene during the Punk Revolution of the 70's. Relocating to San Antonio TX in the 80's, he moonlighted as a pro wrestler while working as a legal assistant. He successfully pursued a BA at UTSA and degrees in Korean martial arts during the 90's. He currently lives in KC MO where he is studying for his BA in English at UMKC. Mr. Dizon has been studying and writing about American pop culture for over twenty-five years.
Latest book: Destroyer: (Abaddon)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Foster Haskell
I have been a fantasy fan since I was born. I've been writing fantasy since fourth grade and cut my teeth on authors like Brian Jacques and Stephen R. Donaldson. In high school I found a more unusual muse: role playing games. Crack open the handbook to Dungeons and Dragons and they have whole chapters on how to build your own world and create conflict with interesting antagonists. Then in college fortune struck another unorthodox blow. I was afflicted with a particularly debilitating case of respiratory flu and was unable to speak for ten days straight. I couldn't go to class, couldn't see my friends, and was largely confined to quarters, quarantined for the good of others. Under these oppressive conditions I r ... read more
Latest book: Apprentice of the Rain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lauren Jankowski
Lauren Jankowski, an openly aromantic asexual feminist activist and author from Illinois, has been an avid reader and a genre feminist for most of her life. She holds a degree in Women and Genders Studies from Beloit College. In 2015, she founded “Asexual Artists,” a Tumblr and WordPress site dedicated to highlighting the contributions of asexual identifying individuals to the arts. She has been writing fiction since high school, when she noticed a lack of strong women in the popular genre books. When she’s not writing or researching, she enjoys reading (particularly anything relating to ancient myths) or playing with her pets. She participates in activism for asexual visibility and feminist causes. She ... read more
Latest book: The Dwelling of Ekhidna

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nubi
My first poem was published (Nationally) in high school. Now an adult, I have published 2 books- one a novel, one a book about relationships, and four more being written. Yes, music is my first love, but writing probably surpasses even that. I have always been an avid reader with a great drive for creativity, so with the encouragement of close friends and loved ones, I begin to do more than just share my life stories, I begin to write them down and create more for others to enjoy and learn from. Love you all for your support! Keep reading!!! Best Regards, Nubi My Mission To share my life experiences in hopes of helping someone smile, laugh, think, plan, and just enjoy their own life just a little bit better. ... read more
Latest book: Bittersweet: Whatever Sunshine Grows

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emily Jane Trent
Emily Jane Trent writes contemporary romance with scenes that radiate off the page! The heroines in my stories are women that readers admire and respect. The heroes are dominant, alpha males; but always love and adore the heroine. The sexual experiences of the characters are always firmly based in the warmth of love. But don’t think it’s all smooth sailing – I strive to give my readers an exciting read that’s hard to put down.
Latest book: Perfectly Shattered