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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Erika Ashby
Being born an "Army Brat", Erika Ashby has been residing in Oklahoma the last 10 years finally putting an end to the nomad tendencies she had grown accustomed to. She's a slightly crazy mother of four. She has an insane passion for music and embraces her Inner Groupie any chance she has. It wasn't until the age of 29 that she realized she also had a hidden passion for reading; before then she claimed to have hated it. Six months after unlocking that deep desire she never knew she held, she turned the key to another chapter of her life which has become the desire to write. And the rest is still history in the making.
Latest book: Brokenness: A Broken Wings Companion Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Headstrong
I am a disabled ex-law enforcement officer. A father of 2 and dad to 8. I Originally began this project as a way to make money to help provide for my family since I am no longer able to work. Even this takes it's toll on me as I can only work on it for short periods at a time. What I've done is taken poetry exerts from different periods of my life and compiled them into this true real life based poetry collection. I wanted people to see there are others out there that may have been through or are currently going through some of the same things. Life is like the Jerry Springer show in a sense so when the outrageous happens to you just know it's happening everywhere. My Book can be found in hardbound, softbound, ... read more
Latest book: The World Through Real Eyes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alex James
Alex James is a freelance editor, proofreader, author and book reviewer who has a passion for science-fiction and fantasy! His writing focuses on the themes of alienation and empowerment and is inspired by his experience with Asperger Syndrome. Other sources of inspiration include Star Wars, R Scott Bakker, Isaac Asimov, and his interest in politics.
Latest book: Kroll: Magnificence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page U. Cronin
Born in the country town of Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland in 1975, I now live in Madrid with my partner and two young daughters and work in a research institute. While I was always a hungry reader and harboured vague notions of being a writer, as a young man writing was the furthest thing from my mind; after leaving school, I did a B.Sc. in Biotechnology in Galway's NUI, an M.Sc. in Plant Science in University College Cork and a Ph.D. in Microbiology in the University of Limerick, the plan being to dedicate my professional career to scientific research. While having written extensively within my technical scientific field, I had never contemplated becoming a writer of fiction until a road-to-Damascus moment on the ... read more
Latest book: Caught In a Trap

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lori King
Best-selling author of The Surrender Trilogy, Sidney’s Triple Shot, and The Gray Pack, Lori King is also a full-time wife and mother of three boys. She rarely has time to just enjoy feminine pursuits, but at heart she is a hopeless romantic, so she spends her days dreaming up Alpha men, and her nights telling their stories. Find out more about her current projects at, or look her up on Facebook: or Twitter:
Latest book: Handcuffed by Destiny

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Raghuram R

Latest book: Victim of a Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rene Folsom
Rene Folsom, author of paranormal romance and erotica, lives in Florida with her husband and three kids. She has officially diagnosed herself with creative ADD and often has a million and one writing projects going at once. In addition to writing, she is also a graphic artist who enjoys creating custom book covers for indie authors. She is definitely an artist at heart and would love nothing more than to be elbow deep in clay during her waking hours. Rene believes that all fiction is based on some form of reality—otherwise we would never have the inspiration or knowledge to dream up the realistic situations we portray with our words. She is proud to say that her personal experiences have been inspirational, ... read more
Latest book: By Chance (A Playing Games Spin-off Novella)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Waldemar Hermina
Waldemar Hermina Gerena nació el 30 de noviembre del 1973, y se crió en Camuy, un pueblo de la costa atlántica del noroeste de Puerto Rico. Conocido como Waldy, es el menor de los tres hijos de Luis F. Hermina Acevedo y Luz S. Gerena Rubio. Cursó los años escolares en las escuelas públicas del municipio, y una vez terminó la escuela superior fue admitido en la Universidad de Puerto Rico en agosto del 1991. Cursó estudios en la Facultad de Educación, y obtuvo su Bachillerato en Artes en junio del 1996. En el otoño del 1996 fue admitido en Oregon State University, donde tres años después obtuvo el grado académico de Maestría en Fisiología del Ejercicio. Ha cursado estudios pos-graduados en Educaci ... read more
Latest book: Al garete

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Trossen
Jeff Trossen was born and raised in Garden Grove and Riverside California. Through his parents he learned to love classical and jazz music. Through the influence of his older brother he learned to love rocket ships, airplanes, sailing ships and science fiction, especially science fiction. His older brother introduced him to classic and popular science fiction writers such as Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Anne McCaffrey, James H. Schmitz, Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke, Andre Norton and especially Jules Verne. Having gotten used to real science fiction, he found himself in a love-hate relationship with the majority of broadcast television science fiction programming. Because of the poor storylines, and silly p ... read more
Latest book: Nikiolika, Flight of the Starling Book 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Pammenter Young
Michelle Pammenter Young is a financial advisor turned writer and cancer warrior. This is her first novel and is an actual account of her harrowing journey. Michelle grew up in South Africa and now lives in British Columbia, Canada with her husband, two children, a cat and a dog named Waldo.
Latest book: The Year I Died

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Michaelson
A native New Yorker, I now live in Southern California. I am retired. In addition to writing I enjoy drawing (primarily pen and ink) and photography. Saglek is my first full length novel. I began writing it while I still had vivid memories of that year on the rock. That was a long time ago. It stands alone as the single manuscript which I felt compelled to write. It began as a cathartic process to release those demons that haunted me after my time there. But it became a labor of love and drew me into it such that I can now relive it with more fond memories. As a person grows older there are so many experiences of life we leave behind only to recall with the sadly unattainable desire to revisit. How pleasantly i ... read more
Latest book: Minister

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henry J. Olsen
Hear about new releases first. Sign up for my newsletter at My life started on January 1st, 1986. I was the second child born in Madison, Wisconsin that year. My mom has never let me forget that there was no prize for second place. The colder-than-Pluto winters of my hometown offered ample time to read. My favorites included Asimov's Foundation series, Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy, and the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, 2nd Edition. In 2004 I enrolled at the University of Minnesota. A dumpster full of broken calculators and semester in Tokyo later, I graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Japanese. Fresh out of school and thirsty for adventure, I acce ... read more
Latest book: Escape From MH-ZERO

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Max Demo
Max Demo was born in Manhattan in Jones' generation. He lived in the United States for 21 years and in Japan for 21 years. Since 2009, he has been living in northern India, practicing qigong and advaita-vedanta meditation.
Latest book: Essential Praxis: Psycho-Philosophy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Balcarcel
Rebecca Balcárcel serves the students of Tarrant County College as Associate Professor of English. She took her MFA from Bennington Writing Seminars where she was awarded the Jane Kenyon Poetry Prize. Her essays and poems have appeared in over forty literary journals, including North American Review, Third Coast, descant, South Dakota Reivew, 5AM, Oklahoma Review, and Concho River Review. She received an Individual Artist Grant from NE Tarrant County Arts Council in 2010. Rebecca gives talks at libraries and schools. On her YouTube channel, she offers writing tips and literary analysis. Rebecca is mother to three and enjoys taking walks. Her past adventures include biking 1300 miles, skydiving, and nursing tw ... read more
Latest book: Palabras in Each Fist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stefan Vucak
Stefan Vucak is an award-winning author of eight techno sci-fi novels, including With Shadow and Thunder which was a 2002 EPPIE finalist. His political thriller Cry of Eagles won the coveted 2011 Readers’ Favorite silver medal award, and his All the Evils was the 2013 prestigious Eric Hoffer contest finalist and Readers’ Favorite silver medal winner. Strike for Honor won the gold medal. Stefan leveraged a successful career in the Information Technology industry and applied that discipline to create realistic, highly believable storylines for his books. To learn more about Stefan, visit his: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @stefanvucak
Latest book: Legitimate Power

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr John Weekes
Dr. John Weekes is the Pastor/Founder of Gateway To Heaven Church, Inc. ( From an early age growing up in the Caribbean, Dr.Weekes felt the call of God on his life and even as a child would sit and ponder over such mysteries as life and death, Heaven and Hell, the meaning and purpose of life, and the existence of a Creator whose name is God. Eventually Dr. Weekes decided to pursue a legal education and was called to the Bar of Lincoln's Inn, London, and thereafter practiced law for a period of some twenty years before eventually deciding to enter Seminary where he obtained Doctorates in Theology (1992-2000)and Religious Education, (2000- 2004) from United Bible College and Theolo ... read more
Latest book: Escape or Perish - The Rapture

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacob Foxx
I was born and raised outside Chicago, Illinois. During high school I started writing science fiction and fantasy stories but never tried to have them published. In college I became deeply interested in philosophy, religion, and government which led me to attend law school. After graduating from law school I decided to start writing again incorporating what I had studied in college and law school. Only this time I wanted to do a full-length novel and get it published. In late 2011 I finished the manuscript for The Fifth World and got it published on May 26, 2012. It is the first of what I hope to be many science fiction novels.
Latest book: The Fifth World: The Times That Try Men's Souls

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.E. Ocean
J.E. Ocean has worked various jobs in many fields, from collections to waiting tables, accumulating a wide range of eccentric characters from Lake Erie to as far south as Sarasota, Florida and as far west as Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her titles include Painting the Rain, and The Great Divide a Novelette and one play--Elyce Times One--co-written with Jack Petersen. Her third book, Windowland, is scheduled to be released this fall. Ocean enjoys art & photography, blogging, healthy gourmet and vegan cooking, kayaking, kick boxing, PiYo, a wide range of music, reading and traveling. She and her husband currently live and write from Central Ohio. Updates about upcoming books can be found at
Latest book: The Great Divide a novelette

Follow me at my  Facebook Page In Demand Business Plans
In Demand Business Plans was established to provide in-depth, quality, yet easy to understand business plans, to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Founded by a team of business professionals and serial entrepreneurs, the In Demand Business Plans staff has a combined 100 years of experience, starting, growing, and selling businesses. Through the years, our team has worked with and consulted for hundreds of companies; including mom and pop, Fortune 500, and everything in between. One common factor among the successful businesses was the implementation of a sound business plan. Conversely, the common factor for all of those who were struggling or even failing, was the use of a poorly designed plan or, i ... read more
Latest book: A Complete Tire Shop Business Plan: A Key Part Of How To Start A Tire Shop Business

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Cowen
Amanda Cowen is the author of BETWEEN FRIENDS. She is also a lover of cupcakes, an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fanatic, and a hater of rollercoasters (they terrify her!) Some other fun facts about Amanda: She lives in Northwestern Ontario. She loves sushi. She started writing stories when she was twelve. She loves country music. She is obsessed with watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette. She bites her nails when she's nervous. AND… She likes to dance to Adam Lambert while she cleans her house. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY… She loves to WRITE!!!
Latest book: Between Friends

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JoAnn Shade
JoAnn Streeter Shade has served in a variety of ministry settings for more than 35 years. She has led Salvation Army congregations with an emphasis on the enhancement of connective social service programming, and prior to retirement, she and her husband gave leadership to the development of a new expression of Salvation Army ministry in the Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in Ashland, Ohio. She has also ministered at North Coast Family Foundation, a Christian counseling center in Northeast Ohio. She is a weekly newspaper columnist, the contributor to many publications, and is the author of more than a dozen books. She is married to Larry, and is the mother of three sons. With an M.A. in pastoral couns ... read more
Latest book: WomenVoices: Speaking from the Gospels with Power

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aimee Horton
30 Something writer based in Lincolnshire. First book Survival of the Ginnest - out 29th April 2013/
Latest book: The Survival Series - 2014 New Year Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gloria Dei
Die kaufmännische Angestellte Gloria Dei wurde 1942 in einer Kleinstadt am Rhein geboren. Jetzt als Rentnerin, hat sie die Zeit über bewegende Geschichten aus ihrem Leben zu schreiben. »Das gestohlene Gemälde« ist ihre erste Veröffentlichung im Ebozon Verlag. »Können Fledermäuse niesen?« ist ihre zweite Veröffentlichung im Ebozon Verlag.
Latest book: Das gestohlene Gemälde

Follow me at my  Facebook Page T.A. Ashcroft
Tracey Ashcroft was born on the 4th of August 1970 in Luton, Bedfordshire to Anthony and Christine Mowles. She is the eldest of two children with her sister being born 5 years later. At the young age of five, due to her father’s work relocating, her family moved from Luton up to the North West of England to the Wirral where her family still live to this day. Tracey had a standard education and on leaving school in 1986, she had gained many qualifications in various subjects. However, still very unsure of what she wanted out of life, she enrolled on an apprentice scheme and ended up working for a DIY merchant where she worked for nine years. Wanting to aim higher, she then trained to become a fully qualified N ... read more
Latest book: An Act of Devotion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shivaji Das
Shivaji Das was born and brought up in the north-eastern province of Assam in India. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, subsequent to which he completed his post-graduation from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta. He is presently working as a management consultant in Singapore. He maintains his blog at Besides travelling, Shivaji also takes an active interest in migrant issues and eradication of underage poverty and is associated with Singapore based organization Transit Workers Count Too (TWC2).
Latest book: Sacred Love: Erotic art in the temples of Nepal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jivanee Abril
I'm a highschool teacher, who graduated college with a degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English at Laguna State Polytechnic University- San Pablo City Campus.
Latest book: The New Race of Conquerors

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Megan E. Pearson
I am Megan E. Pearson. I am a writer for and hoping to become a full time writer. Right now my fiction focus has mostly been sci-fi/horror but I don't want to box myself into any one genre. I also hope to one day write a comic.
Latest book: The Aftermath

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Doug Backus
I grew up in Belleville, Ontario and as a kid I loved exploring the woods and creeks that were abundant behind my old house. I am for the most part a country boy that now lives in the City, but whenever I can sneak into the privacy that nature offers, I'm there. I moved to Ottawa in 1986 to attend school and then moved to Toronto in 1988. I always loved to tell stories and write. In my current position I continue to tell those stories and still have some time to write them down for others to enjoy. My favorite place to write whether it be in the winter, fall, summer or spring is a little cabin I have up North which is surrounded by nothing except acres of woods, a lake and a river.
Latest book: Deke Brolin Rhol

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brandon Childers
Brandon Childers is a native of Waco, Texas and author of the popular blog,
Latest book: Curriculum

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Violet Duke
New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Violet Duke is a former professor of English Education who is ecstatic to now be on the other side of the page writing wickedly fun contemporary romance novels. Her books have been Top 10 bestsellers on Amazon, B&N, and iTunes, and have been featured on USA Today, IndieReader, and GalleyCat as breakout hits. When she's not arguing with her story characters or feeding her book-a-day reading addiction, Violet enjoys tackling reno projects with her power tools, trying pretty much anything without reading the directions first, and cooking 'special edition' dishes that laugh in the face of recipes. She lives in Hawai'i with her two cute kids and similarly adorable husba ... read more
Latest book: Resisting the Bad Boy: Serial Trilogy, Book #1 (CAN'T RESIST series)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Taylor Strop
Contract aerospace designer, working in the Denver and San Francisco Bay area. Single (divorced) and catching up on a shunted youth. Looking for the meaning of life but trying to avoid the sinkholes. Artistic but not obsessed. Two left feet but not all thumbs. Opinionated but not pigheaded. I see civilization as if it is caught in a technological whirlpool and in bad need of divine intervention. I see our national mantra of "price, quality and delivery" as having eroded into "greed, growth and profit". There are better days ahead, particularly for those who see this as the beginning and not the end.
Latest book: Refiner's Pyre

Follow me at my  Facebook Page jenn Booth Mericle
J. B. Mericle is a freelance writer and a nurse on the East Coast. She resides with her husband and two beautiful daughters. In her downtime you can find her spending quality time with her family, reading books and divulging in her unhealthy addiction to eating chocolate and drinking wine.
Latest book: My Forever

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mackie Burt
Mackie Burt has always believed we make our own luck. From a very young age, Mackie nurtured her two loves: reading and acting. Realizing that you control your own destiny, she left "traditional" high school at 16 and moved out to Los Angeles, where she finished her degree in three years, while writing her dream acting role in her first novel, ABOVE, the first in a series of 4 novels about one of life's final transitions.
Latest book: ABOVE

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Puck Shadowdrake
Puck Shadowdrake is also an Elder of the Georgian Tradition, and is HP of the Circle of the Samhain Moon, in Michigan. He is a lecturer at Convocation who has spent many years educating newcomers to pagan studies, as well as a tarot reader at Crazy Wisdom bookstore in Michigan.
Latest book: Magickal Manners A Guide to Magickal Etiquette

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William D. Koch
William D. Koch is a daily newspaper editor. He has been in the news media for the past 25 years. He has also been a children’s church pastor for nearly 20 years. He lives in Florida. Email him at
Latest book: Why? Finding the truth

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Slavica Bogdanov
Slavica Bogdanov is a success life coach and artist that has published over 25 books, including 3 bestsellers, and whose expertise has helped thousands worldwide. She came to the United States with the intention to help as many people as possible live life to the fullest experiencing abundance, prosperity and riches in happiness, well- being and health. Born in Belgrade, raised in Paris, Slavica comes from a European family of entrepreneurs who believed hard working was the way to success. She moved to Canada where she completed a Master’s Degree in History of Communications at the University of Montreal. She worked mostly in medias such as radio and print. She has traveled a lot, mostly to Europe, Americas, ... read more
Latest book: Reprogrammez votre cerveau pour le succès: Libérez votre super puissance cérébrale pour obtenir plus d'argent, de santé et d'amour

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jan Hyldal Christensen

Latest book: Harald Egern

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Raven Rose
Raven writes all kinds of things. From lesbian fantasy stories to non genre works, and even some nonfiction pieces. She loves her two cats, her soulmate, and taking pictures.
Latest book: Fires

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Bennett
I am 23 years old and I am very much into writing erotica and fantasy stories. Over the years I have begun dozens of stories but havn't been able to finish them because I keep on having these great story ideas that come to me. As the author of the Danny's Dangerous Deeds series on here you can tell that writing erotica is my passion. I am not gay, I actually am into both genders and will be publishing as such.
Latest book: A Story of Survival: The Zombie Outbreak: part 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Liam Hays
Presently residing near Chicago, Liam Hays has spent what some claim to be an unhealthy amount of time daydreaming. While this may be true, it didn't stop him from earning a degree in English, which was utterly useless in becoming a software engineer. Liam enjoys rock climbing and singing in a local choir, though not at the same time.
Latest book: The Darkening Still

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Honey
Having spent 30 years in the computer industry, engineering and teaching, in 2006 Richard founded a ministry to reach the homeless and "working poor" in Longmont, Colorado. The support offered not only includes material support but teaching, based on a solid biblical foundation, in the areas of personal improvement and relationships.
Latest book: The Art of Cleaving

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Chariss K. Walker
Chariss K. Walker, M. Msc., writes fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical message. All of her books are sold worldwide in eBook, paperback, and many are in large print. Fiction books: Purple Kitty, A Serena McKay Novel my name is tookie Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1) The Vision Chronicles series: Kaleidoscope, Book 1 Spyglass, Book 2 Window's Pane, Book 3 Windows All Around, Book 4 Open Spaces, Book 5 Stream of Light, Book 6 Lamp's Light, Book 7 Clear Glass, Book 8 The Retreat The Journey Nonfiction books: Many Paths to Healing Keep the Faith Abundance: Allowing the Universe to Manifest Your Desires Chakra Basics: Fundamentals of Spiritual Growth The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding for ... read more
Latest book: Abundance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.D. Nock
J.D. Nock currently dwells in a hovel off the beaten path. He works, writes, paces, and smiles when he shouldn't. Although many things trouble Mr. Nock, he thinks life is fantastic.
Latest book: More Than Mischief (The Hurley Vance Series, #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ivan Amberlake
Ivan Amberlake is an urban/paranormal fantasy writer, member of Breakwater Harbor Books. In December 2009 he began writing his first novel "The Beholder" and in November 2011 it was selected for review by HarperCollins on Ivan Amberlake is in the process of writing Book Two of The Beholder Series called "Path of the Heretic" and a Young Adult Horror/Fantasy called "Diary of the Gone".
Latest book: As I Wake (and See the World)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Geoffrey Iley
Geoffrey Iley was originally from the north-east of England. He is a qualified engineer, car enthusiast, hedonist, traveller, reader and author of many articles as well as his action novel 'Navegator'. Having spent much of his life in industry, his job took him to many places. That international experience and frequent holidays in Mallorca provided inspiration for this book. In October 2012 he visited Mallorca once again – on this occasion to address over 60 English language students - the first time that any British author had been invited to speak at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. The event attracted extensive local press coverage.
Latest book: Navegator

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ayo Brooks
i am a writer and programmer. i love reading nouvels and hanging around with friends-just launched a social gaming site based on facebook still in it developmental stages
Latest book: The Unknown

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cindy Segura
Cindy Segura was born in Buenos Aires Argentina, where she grew up into a vibrant woman. She earned a degree in Teaching in Art and Craft in Buenos Aires, and pursued further education in Paris, at La Sorbonne University in Paris, earning diploma in Language and French Civilization. Cindy is a born entrepreneur, whose natural skills were inherited from her father who established successful million-dollar companies in Argentina. As an autodidact person, Cindy's interests are in web-design and development, SEO, socialization, nutrition and healthy living, as well as volunteering to help the less fortunate. Some of her successful business adventures include: Homestay Buenos Aires in Argentina. See http://www.Homes ... read more
Latest book: Smart Shake Recipes for Wellness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page KM Zafari
I have been writing for a very long time and am finally getting into publishing. I do my best to offer you high-quality work. Not only do I spend a lot of time crafting my stories, I spend an equal amount of time (if not longer) editing, etc. I also have comprehensive lesson plans available. Feel free to connect with me. I'm very friendly.
Latest book: Jippā

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charlotte Gehle
My favorite things in the world are books. I grew up reading and devoured every book I came across. My favorite books have always been children's books, specifically series and fantasy books full of magic and wonder. It was in high school that I started writing and figured out what I wanted to do with my life- write children's books- so I could share some of the magic I loved when I was younger with others. The Elemental Rise of the Shade is the first book in The Elemental series. I live in Michigan with my husband Ben, and our Dog Sonny, who happens to be the best writing parter a person could ask for!
Latest book: The Elemental: Rise of the Shade

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A. C. Rose
A. C. Rose and M. M. Rose are adults that never grew up inside. They love to read children's books, watch animated movies, and play as much as possible. They hope you enjoy reading about Bunnie as much as they enjoy writing about her and drawing her.
Latest book: Pawsitively Bunnie: Bunnie Goes to Work