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Visit my Facebook Page joanna mitchell
Joanna Mitchell was born in Dorset in 1983, her creativity was always present in her life and her passion to write tales began as a child. Now living in Doncaster she visits the lake distict, North Yorkshire Moors, and the Peaks, all inspiring places and far from the seaside town of Weymouth she was used to. Living with her family, Joanna usues life experiences and imaginative scenarios to write. Writing her first Novella 'Poisoned by His Love' has inspired her to continue writing and hopes there are more intriguing stories to come.
Latest book: Poisoned by His Love
Visit my Facebook Page Donna W. Hill
Writer, speaker and musician Donna W. Hill and her photographer husband, Rich, live among the frogs and birds in Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains. They enjoy long walks with Hunter, their Labrador retriever, and lap-time with their rescued orange tabby, Goofus. Donna is a songwriter with three recordings: Rainbow Colors, Harvest and The Last Straw. A journalist for numerous online magazines, her subjects range from music, writing and accessibility to chocolate and knitting. An experienced talk show guest and guest blogger, her articles and stories have appeared in numerous books and magazines. Her passion is educating the public about the true abilities, unnecessary obstacles and social justice issues facin ... read more
Latest book: The Heart of Applebutter Hill
Visit my Facebook Page Shirley Enebrad
Shirley Enebrad, author of Six Word Lessons on Coping with Grief and Over the Rainbow Bridge (My son’s journey from here to Heaven) is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with 25 years of experience. For her many years of work with pediatric cancer patients and those grieving the loss of a loved one, she received the Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service and the Angel of Hospice Award.
Latest book: Six-Word Lessons for Surviving a Devastating Diagnosis: 100 Lessons to Help You Navigate a Healthcare Crisis
Visit my Facebook Page Brian Liberge
I’m a husband and father of one, living in Boston, MA. By day, I’m the world’s greatest Help Desk Technician and by night I’m the world’s greatest tabletop freelancer. Well, I’m shooting high anyway.
Latest book: Pulp! Fantasy: Estia the Isle of Giants
Visit my Facebook Page J Eliot McIntyer
J Eliot McIntyer is a new writer that has just published her first novel on Smashwords. She was Born and raised in Massachusetts just outside of Boston and has recently relocated to South West Florida to be closer to her grandchildren.
Latest book: For Love of Charlotte
Visit my Facebook Page Phil Nova
A writer from Brooklyn, NY.
Latest book: Joe Martello Volumes 4,5,&6
Visit my Facebook Page Nikos Antoniadis
My name is Nikos and I am 21 years old. I don't like reading books, but I have a few ideas regarding life that I wish write about.
Latest book: Selfish People
Visit my Facebook Page Kristina Stanley
Kristina Stanley is the best-selling author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series. Her first two novels garnered the attention of prestigious crime writing organizations in Canada and England. Crime Writers of Canada nominated DESCENT for the Unhanged Arthur award. The Crime Writers’ Association nominated BLAZE for the Debut Dagger. Her short stories have been published in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and The Voices From the Valleys anthology.
Latest book: The Author's Guide to Selling Books to Non-Bookstores
Visit my Facebook Page Jeremy Bandicoot
I'm an avid gamer who likes to tinker with computers. Aside from technology, I love hiking, fishing, caving, and just hanging out outdoors with friends. I've always been told i was an exceptional writer, and aim to live up to the expectations given to me by many. I aim to begin work on a project very soon.
Latest book: Kinemortophobia (The Fear Of The Undead) Book 1
Visit my Facebook Page Lorraine Pestell
Lorraine Pestell was born in London and has had a successful career as an Information Technology professional in the UK, US, Europe, Singapore, and more recently Australia. Lorraine currently resides in country Victoria, with her rescued Belgian Malinois, Nikki, Although still working full-time, Lorraine is a passionate volunteer for several organisations, including serving on arts organisation Boards, being a mentor for The Smith Family's iTrack program and providing project management assistance to The School Volunteer Program. She finds that volunteering time and energy to those less fortunate is an effective antidote to life-long depression and the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The idea fo ... read more
Latest book: A Life Loved
Visit my Facebook Page I.D. Blind
I.D. Blind is the author of the "Witch Hollow" series. She loves hearing from her readers. You can email her at
Latest book: Witch Hollow and the Dryad Princess (Book 3)
Visit my Facebook Page Taka Sande
I am a Christian author, an entrepreneur and development activist who resides in Pretoria, South Africa. Writing is my passion. I am a real estate development manager, by profession. I run It’s My Footprint blog and I have published three books; ‘The Discipleship Series,’ the ‘Little Tough Tips on Marriage’ and recently ‘The Blessing Scriptures.’ These three Christian books are all available on Amazon and major bookshops in both print format and kindle versions. I currently serve as a leader at Hatfield Christian Church and I am involved in discipleship and mentoring. I have a passion for making a difference by influencing and adding value to people’s lives. I believe in living a result orient ... read more
Latest book: The Blessing Scriptures
Visit my Facebook Page John Bruiser
John Bruiser is a lifestyle biker who enjoys the freedom of the open road. He has been a writer for more than a decade. He lives in Memphis, TN, with his current long time boyfriend and still entertains a fulfilling friendship with his ex-husband and writing partner of 13 years, Jim Vyron. John enjoys a comfortable life with his cats, his motorcycle, and his friends. He likes long road trips on his 1988 Harley RoadMaster which he has restored himself with the help of his ex-husband. He listens to Jazz, classic biker rock, and new age contemporary instrumental. John is also the man behind the popular Facebook and YouTube “Furr Ball” rant videos, the Furr Ball’s World blog, and Furr Balls Rambling Twitter f ... read more
Latest book: Good Cock/Bad Cop
Visit my Facebook Page Rachel Hennick
Rachel Hennick holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in English (Creative Writing) from the University of Adelaide, South Australia (2009), where she completed her dissertation on "The Responsibilities, Roles, and Rights of the Creative Nonfiction Writer." She earned an Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Writing from Stevenson University (2002) and an Associate of Arts Degree in Communication Arts: Television and Theatre from Stevenson University (1990). In 2004, she was awarded the Arts South Australia prize for creative writing and an International Scholarship from the University of Adelaide. Her short stories have appeared in the literary journal Island and The Australian Women's Book Re ... read more
Latest book: Ghetto Medic: A Father in the 'Hood
Visit my Facebook Page Christina Brenner
•*¨*••*¨*•Welcome•*¨*••*¨*••*¨*••*¨*•Welcome•*¨*••*¨*••*¨*••*¨*•Welcome•*¨*••*¨*• My name is Christina Brenner and I reside in Rives Junction Michigan and I am a 23 year old Inspired Writer/Author of historical novels & Novelettes. I came from a low income family with two hard working parents who didn't make allot of money when I was growing up, but we were not dirt poor either. I always say if you have clothes on your back, a roof over your head and something to eat most of the time you are doing alright. Be grateful for what you do have and do not fret on what you do not have. Growing up I was always surrounded by my family, friends and the animal ... read more
Latest book: This Place of Dreams Called America Part II: Lies Of A Slave Traitor
Visit my Facebook Page R. Merino
I'm just a normal guy with many tales to tell.
Latest book: Crimson Chorus, From the Nine Kingdoms (Chapter 2)
Visit my Facebook Page Eddie Hastings
Born 1959 in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, England. Eddie was educated at Churchfields High School in West Bromwich where he was always an active member of the school theater group, music workshops, library groups and debating societies. He left school with no discernible examination results and drifted through a series of different jobs not able to settle into the standard nine to five norm. During his life Eddie has Undertaken jobs as diverse as barman, fork lift truck driver, delivery driver, insurance salesman and maintainance fitter to name but a few, but it wasn't until he discovered hopital radio that he found a vocation that would last for thirty years or more. The combination of radio presenting ... read more
Latest book: Alpha 1472
Visit my Facebook Page Kristy Pantin
Kristy Pantin was born on an island called Trinidad in the West Indies in 1977, and later immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada where she currently lives with her three daughters. She progressed from writing diaries, to poetry, to fiction at a very young age. Her first book, a romance titled ‘The Immortal MacLeod: Book 1 in the MacLeod Series‘, was published in September of 2011, and she became a finalist in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award for this novel.
Latest book: Diary of a Kid Witch: Cootie Monsters
Visit my Facebook Page Carolynne Raymond
I love to read Fiction, mainly, Fantasy, Romance & Sci-Fi. I have written and published a couple of books which are, “A Life Cycle Reborn” which is a Sci-Fi novel and "Newbie Author - This Chick's Journey to becoming a Self-Published Author" which is a Journal of my experience on what I did to self-publish my first book. In my spare time I love to fiddle in photography, painting, gardening and playing video games. I enjoy being creative and it is an escape for me. You can follow my progress on Facebook
Latest book: Newbie Author - This Chick's Journey To Becoming A Self-Published Author
Visit my Facebook Page Mark S. R. Peterson
Born in small-town northwestern Minnesota, Mark S. R. Peterson knew he had a love of writing as far back as 2nd grade. His genre interests are as expansive as his musical tastes–from classics like Mozart and Beethoven to heavy metal like Poison and Metallica. He writes thrillers, horror, science fiction, and fantasy, and even dabbles into nonfiction and inspirational. He is a graduate of Bemidji State University, majoring in criminal justice and psychology. He wrote his first book between homework and achieving his 2nd Dan black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has over 15 years of law enforcement experience and currently lives, according to a Washington Post article, in the “ugliest county” in the United Stat ... read more
Latest book: Reach's Roaches
Visit my Facebook Page Calisto Ribeiro dos Santos
Nascido na cidade brasileira de Salvador, capital baiana, Calisto Ribeiro dos Santos é o terceiro membro de uma familia diminuta constituida apenas de seu pai (Robson Santos) e de sua mãe (Josefa Ribeiro), aos dezoito anos de vida apesar de um pouco difíceis no começo, sempre manteve firme e esperança de que dias melhores viriam para sempre.
Latest book: Leite e mel
Visit my Facebook Page Mauro A. L. Hespanhol
Filho de operários do setor gráfico, o autor passou por adversidades durante toda a sua vida. Contudo, com a perda do pai, perdeu seu Norte, passando a buscar, inclusive, a morte. Com o nascimento do primeiro de um casal de filhos, volta a querer viver com esplendor, e busca todas as formas de se reencontrar passando a depositar no "filhote" toda a esperança que havia perdido durante seu viver. Sem perceber, no exílio, descobre que a vida lhe reservou frutos de todo seu querer, e passa novamente a saborear com fervor tudo o que lhe foi preparado. Casado, a esposa e família são fonte inesgotável de seu aprendizado. Hoje, próspero administrador, mantém os mesmos gestos singelos e aprecia a vida com enorm ... read more
Latest book: O mar, o marujo
Visit my Facebook Page Tony Young
Tony Young is a prolific freelance writer with articles, fiction, and drama printed in Naturist newspapers and magazines beginning in the 1990s, including Bare in Mind, N: Nude and Natural, Naturally, and Naturist Life International. Young graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in 1992 with a B.A. in English and Theatre and is currently active in the Hawaii theater scene. In 1996, he won the Kumu Kahua Playwriting Award for One Acts for his play, “Accumulating Scars.” He has also written several screenplays and starred in the feature film version of “American Nudist.” Screenwriting credits include, “The Last Eve” and Cinema Epoch’s “Violent Blue” and “Blue Dream” the latter st ... read more
Latest book: American Nudist: The Lost Journal
Visit my Facebook Page Adriana Medeiros
Adriana Medeiros nasceu em Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil. Em 1998, partiu das artes, para a Engenharia de Produção, para descobrir que o mais importante nessa vida, são as pessoas, e seus verdadeiros sentimentos. Nessa perspectiva seu doutorado fundamentou-se na psicologia existencialsita, que tem por base, a busca pela verdade de cada indivíduo. Adriana já atuou em várias Universidades privadas, é Palestrante Comportamental e participa do Instituto de Geração de Tecnologias do Conhecimento - IGETECON. Além de atuar como terapeuta metafísica, intensifica suas pesquisas e atividades profissionais com suporte da física quântica para promover palestras sobre temas comportamentais e motivacion ... read more
Latest book: O dia da mudança
Visit my Facebook Page Joshua Gould
I hope you enjoy reading about my extramarital adventures as much as i enjoyed gathering the raw material. All of my stories in the "Adultery without tears" series of books are based on my own experiences with some lovely sexy women. For obvious reasons "Joshua Gould" is not my real name but its the only artistic license ive used in my writing. Unlike some well known erotica all of my stories are based on my real life experiences. Adultery Without Tears - Mrs Jones and Me Adultery Without Tears - Vicky Adultery Without Tears - Some Like It Rough Adultery Without Tears - Love Me Like You Do More titles to follow soon!
Latest book: Adultery Without Tears - Love Me Like You Do
Visit my Facebook Page John C Livingstone
John Livingstone is a musician/photographer/writer/computer programmer who currently resides in Franca, Brazil with his wife Solange.
Latest book: Quiet Desperation, A Life on the Autistic Spectrum, Part 1: Before Diagnosis
Visit my Facebook Page J. M. Silva
J.M Silva é natural de Umuarama (PR). Aos 18 anos, mudou-se para a capital do Estado (Curitiba), onde se graduou bacharel em Comunicação Social pela Universidade Federal do Paraná. Desde muito cedo, já escrevia e desvendava os mistérios do “Blog”, quase que no ano do nascimento dessa rede social. Apaixonado pelos enigmas da alma e pelo transcendental, inspira-se em fontes literárias que abordam tais temáticas para compor seus escritos. Ao conectar tecnologia e romance, J.M Silva procura envolver o jovem leitor em torno de toda a trama, mostrando que apesar dos tempos terem mudado, os dramas, assim como as dúvidas e os questionamentos, dos adolescentes continuam os mesmos.
Latest book: Doce Clara
Visit my Facebook Page Thea Hartsong
I am on the run from the police and am being pursued by members of a coven of witches called the Sisterhood of Cybele. My current location is a secret. For the sake of life as we know it on this planet I need you to read my story and make sure that it is shared as widely as possible. Help me please!
Latest book: Beltane
Visit my Facebook Page Douglas Vaughan
The Scribe aka Douglas Vaughan Known across social media as an author and poet, the Scribe brings you gritty contemporary adult stories that will keep you hooked for the whole series. Based around a group of people who inhabit a shadowy world, the DarkSide Saga is full of passion, adventure, drama and shocking events that will make you look at people around you in a whole new light. The latest part of the series, DL: Reborn, is also available as an audio-book read by the Scribe himself! Food Chain introduces you to a character called Luc; if you are looking for a fluffy vampire then he is NOT what you would expect! A primeval creature that has stalked the earth for centuries, Luc knows only how to survive...a ... read more
Latest book: Reborn: The New DL Saga Part Four
Visit my Facebook Page Tricia Zoeller
Tricia lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, Lou, her little yappy dog, Lola Belle, and her big orange mutant cat, George. Her two stepsons, Joseph and Robert, make stopovers as well, making sure to keep life an adventure. Tricia earned a B.A. in Journalism and Anthropology from Indiana University in Bloomington. After moving to Atlanta in 1992, she obtained her Masters of Education in Communication Disorders from Georgia State University and spent a decade working as a Speech-Language Pathologist, most recently in the pediatric field treating children on the Autism Spectrum. Writing has always been a part of her life–like breathing and chocolate. To reach Tricia or get the latest stories, please vis ... read more
Latest book: Shadow King, The Darkling Chronicles #5
Visit my Facebook Page Feyisayo Alao
Phebian Feyisayo Alao hails from Akoko North West, in Ondo State and lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University,Ile-Ife, Nigeria with B. A. Literature-in-English. Her hobbies are watching movies,listening to music, making costumes and developing concepts.
Latest book: Crossroads
Visit my Facebook Page Don Keith
Award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith has published more than 25 books, fiction and non-fiction, including several bestsellers. While working as a broadcast journalist, he won awards from the Associated Press and United Press International for news writing and reporting. He was also the first winner of Troy State University's Hector Award for innovation in broadcast journalism. As an on-the-air broadcaster, Don twice was named the Billboard Magazine "Radio Personality of the Year.” He was a broadcast personality for over twenty years in Birmingham and Nashville. His first novel, THE FOREVER SEASON, was named Alabama Library Association's "Fiction of the Year" award winner in 1997. He later co- ... read more
Latest book: Dial Dancing
Visit my Facebook Page Eric Harvey
Eric Harvey is the founder of and Go for the Gold. For the past 35+ years he has been a consultant, entrepreneur and leading expert in high achieving individuals and organizations. His 25+ books have sold millions of copies worldwide, and include the bestsellers ... Walk The Talk, The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus and Ethics4Everyone. Eric Harvey is an expert in the field of leadership and personal development and has dedicated his life to helping others achieve lasting success. Eric currently devotes his time to consulting, writing and his family, which includes his wife, two daughters and five grandchildren who, as Eric says, "Teach me the meaning and purpose of life everyday"
Latest book: Go For The Gold
Visit my Facebook Page Denise N. Fyffe
Denise N. Fyffe, B.Sc., b.1981 in Kingston, Jamaica, completed her degree in Career Development and Counselling at the Vocational Training and Development Institute. Prior to that she studied Software Development and Design offered from the Caribbean Institute of Technology. Presently, she is pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. As a child, she attended Harbour View Primary and Camperdown High. Since 1998, Denise has worked in various capacities; her first job role was a Youth and Community Counsellor, working on community initiative projects launched by the Ministry of Health; then as an IT and English Teacher. As the years passed, she held several Information Technology positions aligned with the E ... read more
Latest book: Fibroids: The Alien Assassins in My Body
Visit my Facebook Page Hwee Hwee Tan
Hwee Hwee Tan studied English Literature at the University of East Anglia, where she graduated with First Class Honours. She later went on to receive her Masters in English from the University of Oxford. She also has a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from New York University, where she received the New York Times Fellowship. Publishing and Fiction-writing Background: Her short stories have won numerous awards with the BBC. She published her first novel, Foreign Bodies (Penguin UK), aged 22, while she was still a graduate student at the University of Oxford. Foreign Bodies was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal for being "the first novel by a Singaporean author to receive critical a ... read more
Latest book: Favour of God
Visit my Facebook Page Eric Michael
Eric Michael has published two #1 Amazon bestsellers (Passive Income for Life and Almost Free Money). He manages two websites and Mr. Michael has owned a successful internet home business for fourteen years. In that time, he has located and sold over 10,000 items located at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. He now specializes in relaying information in order to help fellow flippers achieve internet selling success.
Latest book: Xbox One or PS4 [PlayStation 4]: Which New Video Game Console Should You Buy? A Comparison of Xbox 1 and PS4 Price, Features, Specs, Games and Release Dates
Visit my Facebook Page Jamie Thornton
Jamie Thornton lives in Northern California with her husband, two dogs, a garden, lots of chickens, a viola, and a bicycle. She graduated from UCLA with a degree in Anthropology. She likes to write dark adventures (science fiction, fantasy, post-apocalyptic, coming-of-age) with a hint of romance. Follow her at
Latest book: Trip
Visit my Facebook Page Kat Micari
Kat Micari is an author and artist living in the northeast of the United States with her husband, son, and two cats. She enjoys reading a clever turn of phrase, walking in nature, and dancing to the music of the universe. Above all, she loves creating and encouraging others to create.
Latest book: The Cephalopod Maid
Visit my Facebook Page Bonnie Jo Davis
Bonnie Jo Davis is an Internet Marketing expert and author of "Missing Grace", "50 Nifty Holiday Recipes" and the "Mrs. Morgan Rescues..." book series for children. She is a passionate advocate of animal rescue and adoption and a photography buff.
Latest book: A Virtual Assistant's Guide to Working With Professional Speakers
Visit my Facebook Page Paige Weaver
Paige grew up in a family that loved books. Many hours were spent discussing characters and plots with her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother. Books became her obsession and writing became her first love. She wrote her first book when she was a teenager and hasn't stopped since. She resides in Texas with her husband and two children. "Promise Me Darkness" is her first self-published novel.
Latest book: Promise Me Forever
Visit my Facebook Page Becky Burkheart
Becky takes frequent flights of fantasy, in real life as well as in her writing. It's said that life is stranger than fiction, but Becky's out to prove it's possible to integrate it both ways. Whether she's racing her Arabian horses through the woods, rapid firing her .45 or gargoyling from local rooftops, Becky finds it hard to stay grounded in the real world. Although she has yet to ride in a space ship (she did get to simulate crashing a 727) or to meet a real vampire (that she's aware of), anachronistic dress, "QaQ poHmey" and pints of brew (yes, it comes in pints) are standard fare on the odd weekend.
Latest book: The Blood of the Queen
Visit my Facebook Page Christian Schon video productions and as a video producer is focused on and aims to do the following: - Telling short intresting stories by making relevant interviews with and about various people and organizations about their experiences and life stories. - also producing film documentaries with longer heavier stories about society and people's real life events, and how it will and want to influence at developments occurring on the world today. - Plus if you have your own story, and you want to tell the world about it. Do not miss the opportunity now to immediately contact here at
Latest book: #Näthatsdebatten Del 4 av 4 i serien Twitterstorm
Visit my Facebook Page Bridget Ladd
Bridget Ladd never quite grew up. She's most likely to be caught carrying a pocketful of souvenir rocks and shells (to the washer's dismay) and gets excited over trivial things like colorful ponies and raiding tombs alongside her longtime favorite video game pal, Lara Croft. The smell of freshly turned dirt and the sea air are her favorites, and she isn't above doing twirling spins barefoot in the grass on a beautiful day in her yard. Her books are her shields and she will admit to having her head in the clouds more times than she probably should . . . but she doesn't let any of this bother her too much, remembering her favorite quote by Le Guin, and knowing that the creative adult is indeed the child who survi ... read more
Latest book: Dash and Cinder
Visit my Facebook Page Chris Cander
Chris Cander is a storyteller with many outlets: writing novels, children's books, articles, essays, and screenplays, and teaching for Houston-based Writers in the Schools (WITS), which engages children in the pleasure and power of reading and writing. She well knows that the pen is mightier than the sword, but she's willing to wield one of those, too. A former fitness competitor and model, she currently holds a second dan in taekwondo. Chris is a member of of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the Author's Guild, and MENSA. She lives with her husband and children in Houston, Texas.
Latest book: 11 Stories
Visit my Facebook Page Nicole L Rivera
Nicole L Rivera is a graduate of Perelandra College, which is where she began writing The Parable of Harry Potter series (Now titled: Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter). She has a passion for using stories, parables, to explore faith and values in order to help herself and others understand Biblical truth and values in deep and entertaining ways. When not re-reading the Harry Potter series for the umpteenth time Nicole enjoys ruining movies for her husband by analyzing every line and plot twist, playing with her rescue puppy Gizmo and kitty Luna, and consuming inadvisably large amounts of chocolate. Along with her continued pursuit of publishing fiction books, Nicole is on the Creative Team at Muggl ... read more
Latest book: Finding Unauthorized Faith in Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows
Visit my Facebook Page AD Morel
A. D. Morel has a background in art and science. She has been trying to come to terms with the events of 9/11. In her quest for a thought-provoking novel about struggle, soul, humor, human failings, pets, love, and intrigue, she wrote A Skeptic's Luck -- the first in a trilogy. She blogs about creative writing at
Latest book: An Unruly Pawn
Visit my Facebook Page H. O. Charles
H.O. Charles was born in Northern England, but now resides in a beige house in Suffolk. Charles has spent many years at various academic institutions, and really ought to get on with writing a PhD, but frequently becomes distracted by writing fantasy fiction instead. Hobbies include being in the sea, being by the sea and eating things that come out of the sea.
Latest book: Ascent of Ice (Volume 7 of The Fireblade Array)
Visit my Facebook Page Anne Angelone
Anne Angelone, Licensed Acupuncturist, was born in New York where she studied Human Development and Chinese language at Cornell University. While studying Mandarin in Taiwan, she received her first Acupuncture treatments and introduction to Chinese Medicine. After settling in San Francisco, Anne received a Master of Science degree from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Anne has complimented her Chinese Medicine practice with Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics and Paleo Nutrition. Functional Medicine treats the root causes of disease. Nutrigenomics is the science of how food speaks to your genes and Paleo nutrition offers the best template for halting chronic disease. Anne facilitates excit ... read more
Latest book: The Autoimmune Paleo Plan