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hitting my quarter life crisis pretty damn hard.
Latest book: Letter to Jenny

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Elhajj
Tim Elhajj is a writer in Microsoft’s Developer Division. He currently works on Team Foundation Server and ALM products. He has also worked on the Windows Server product. He currently holds the MCSE and MCSA.
Latest book: Install Team Foundation Server 2012: the ultimate guide for installing TFS

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Van Stry
I have always loved to read and to write stories; science fiction, fantasy, paranormal suspense, I enjoy all of it. Not all of my stories are in the same genre or even the same 'world', and I always have more than one project in the works, so it's never easy to predict which story will be finished next. Sometimes it depends on real life inspiration, other times just on a moment's inspiration. So if you're not sure if you'll like it, download the free sample and give it a try, I won't mind - promise! As for me, well I've had a very varied life. I grew up in New York, on Long Island. I went to school to become an Engineer, then joined the Air Force. After that I worked first in Robotics, then in Aerospace as a F ... read more
Latest book: The Hammer Commission

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Koulfax
Thomas Koulfax has spent his entire professional life in education, reaching the pinnacle of his profession by the age of 30. He has authored over 19 books under various pen names. The pen names are truly a necessity due to his propensity to attract extremely obese stalkers. Koulfax remains to this day socially awkward with way too many idiosyncrasies to function as an adult in today’s society. Thomas Koulfax continues to work in education. He lives with his wife a daughter on their modest estate in Northeastern Pennsylvania.
Latest book: Salmonella for the Soul presents...But Hole

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.H. Moore
I'm a fantasy writer...among several OTHER things! (See below) The subject of my musings are Elves who live, work, and wander among us today...and on occasion interact with us. (Of course, there are more than a few Dwarves and goblins as well!) At times we are their adversaries, and at other times ...we are their lovers. The actions takes place both in our world and theirs, many times at the SAME time! My characters are real people I encounter as I walk around in our world, at gas stations, grocery stores, and Sci Fi/Fantasy conventions. The action takes off from there, though I never know where it will end. It's usually somewhere I NEVER expected, but the adventure is ALWAYS worth the ride! Warning though, t ... read more
Latest book: Family Secrets

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. M. Frazier
I have been writing fiction for the last twenty years. My first novel, "Return to Innocence" was published in 1999 and a second edition of that work will be available soon. I am currently working on a prequel to "Return to Innocence" which should be available in the fall of 2011. My novella "Gerard" was published in July 2011, as well as a short fiction piece called "Brian's Wish." From 1998 to 2000 I was Managing Editor at one of the largest independent book publishers in the South. Among the many books I have edited are the autobiography of Olympian Bob Beamon, Hunter Lundy’s book "Let Us Prey" on the fall of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart, and Louisa Dixon’s legal suspense novels, "Next to Last Chance" ... read more
Latest book: A Death On The Wolf

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greta Sheppard
Greta Sheppard is a wife, mother, great-grandmother, accomplished communicator, and author. She’s a mature woman who hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be young. Her life’s journey has taken her to 55 countries. She has addressed and counseled thousands in marriage seminars, retreats and colleges around the world, alongside her husband, friend and mentor of 60 years, the late Dr. Rev. A.E. Sheppard. As a mother of three, grandmother of six, and great-grandmother of three (with another on the way!), she is loved and respected for her nurturing and honest manner. Many whose lives her words have touched view her as a woman with courage to face the pain of the past, the reality of the present and the hope ... read more
Latest book: Falling Sparrow: Overcoming the Ghosts of Sexual Abuse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Naima Haviland
Sign up to Naima Haviland's New Release Mailing List here: the address into your browser). Your email will never be shared and you will only be contacted when a new book is out. Naima likes dead people. Fictional dead people, that is, and the twisted people who make them dead (or undead). She is the author of Bloodroom and Night at the Demontorium. Her next novel, The Bad Death, is scheduled for publication in 2013. She takes as inspiration the Southeast United States, including her home in the Florida Panhandle, an ocean paradise with a not-too-distant past full of eccentrics, explorers, pirates, ghosts, and UFOs.
Latest book: The Bad Death

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura McHale Holland
Laura McHale Holland is the author of the award-winning memoir, Reversible Skirt. Her stories, essays and feature articles have appeared in such publications as the Every Day Fiction Three, the Vintage Voices anthologies, NorthBay biz magazine, the Noe Valley Voice and the original San Francisco Examiner. A member of both Redwood Writers and the Storytelling Association of California, she has been a featured teller at The Lake Tahoe Storytelling Festival. To keep up with her, please visit
Latest book: The Ice Cream Vendor's Song

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Megan Held
Well, I am one that does not do well with writing a bio. I am from the Niagara Region in Ontario, Canada. I have written 16 books; which include a variety of books from YA to Adult. I began writing 12 years ago. Writing is my hobby and I have a tendency to write novels with darkness to it. I do not like a generic mystery. I am supportive in encouraging people who are having difficulty writing a novel. I am currently working on a new book. "I write for the same reasons I breathe--because if I didn't, I would die." ~Isaac Asimov

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trey Carland
Trey was born in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1973, and he still lives and works near Asheville. After dropping out of highschool at the age of 16, he went on to graduate from Western Carolina University, in Cullowhee, NC, with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems at the age of 19, and completed the Master of Business Administration degree two years later at the age of 21. He and his now wife, Shelby, decided to take a Master’s in Human Resource Development after that, while they were deciding what to do next. Later on he completed the Master of Entrepreneurship degree program, because his parents had created the program and he thought it sounded like fun. He started his first venture, a ... read more
Latest book: A Seeker's Guide to Inner Peace: Notes to Self

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christa Faust
Christa Faust grew up in New York City, in the Bronx and Hell’s Kitchen. She’s been making stuff up her whole life, and spent most of her teen years on endless subway rides, cutting school and scribbling stories. After High School finally had enough of her, she worked in the Times Square peep booths and later as a fetish model and professional Dominatrix. She sold her first short story when she moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s. After nearly 20 years in her beloved adopted city, she still considers herself an expat rather than a native. She’s an avid reader and collector of vintage paperbacks, a Film Noir enthusiast and a Tattooed Lady. She writes primarily Hardboiled crime fiction, but also does w ... read more
Latest book: All About Eden: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bruce J. Berger
My short stories and poems have appeared or are forthcoming in print and on-line in a variety of literary journals, including Raphael's Village, Black Lantern, Prole, Jersey Devil Press Anthology, The Awakenings Review, Black Magnolias Literary Journal, Midwest Literary Journal, Bellow Literary Journal and others. I have four story collections published on Amazon for the Kindle: "Nate & Adel and Other Stories," "Adel's Journal and Other Stories," "To Hide in Athens and Other Stories," and "Community and Other Stories," in total a 17-story linked collection about the life of Adel Miller, a young woman from Brooklyn who loves Jackie Robinson and suffers from schizophrenia, and her family and friends. Also avail ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katy Walters
Katy lives on the South Coast with her husband and Golden retriever Lily. Her family, although grown and flown the nest, live nearby. Her son also has a love of writing. Katy started off as a secretary, but found the work too confining, so she devoted herself to a singing career, studying opera for seven years. She was spotted in London and offered a contract within the day and went into cabaret. This proved very exciting as she travelled the UK and Europe singing with some well-known names. She left this to raise a family - later going back to university, to study psychology, gaining a BA Hons Psych followed by an MA in world religions and mysticism, with an Hon. Dr. Science. From this followed a career of ove ... read more
Latest book: Death Throes - The Symbolist

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Simonetta Stefanini
Simonetta Stefanini - Live in Florence Italy. Work: Project Manager - Mind Trainer - Writer University: Architectural - Medieval History - Psicology (3 years). Specialization: Master P. in NLP R. Bandler - Imperial School of Feng Shui - Strategic Negotiation, Science of Trading (Harvard B.S.) - Business Strategies (London School of Economics) - Negotiation (Negotiation Study Center) - Mind Maps (T. Buzan)- Sales Engineering (J.La Valle)ecc. - Membership: A.E.R.E.C. European Academy for the Economic and Cultural relations - Forum for Business and Professional Women.
Latest book: Tacuinum De Coquina: Medieval Italian Cookery Manual

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andy Downs
Andy was born and grew up in Bedfordshire in the UK. He was a dreamy child who had as many imaginary adventures as he did real ones on the river and in the fields near his family home. Many summer days were spent building rafts (that usually sunk) and floating down the river with his friends. When it rained, he would spend hours daydreaming about hidden doorways to underground worlds where strange creatures lived. After twenty years as an engineer, he wanted to spend more time on enjoyable and creative pursuits, and now writes horror stories, teaches classical guitar and is a keen amateur ornithologist. A note from Andy. Like most authors, I like to hear what readers think of my books. My writing takes me to ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David W. Coleman
edit biography delete Biography I am a writer based in the Phoenix metropolitan area, where I live with my wife, three children, and three cats. My love of sports has been a lifelong affair. I began sports writing professionally while I was still in high school. In addition to boxing, I am also a fan of football, baseball, and basketball. I am a recent (2009) graduate of Axia College of the University of Phoenix. In my spare time, I read, write, sing, play with my children, and explore the musics of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, and Funk, which were such an essential part of my foundation as a child, and have remained a passion of irreplaceable scope in my life.
Latest book: K.C. At The Bat

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marcus Gibson
My first novel was published in paperback 1995. A literary thriller titled 'D', the 10,000 copy print run sold out in several weeks, and with publication a few weeks after my 22nd birthday, 'D' broke the standing Guinness World Record for the world's 'youngest novelist writing adult-themed work' by 2 years. Prior to publication of 'D', I was recognised in several short story and poetry competitions. 'D' received favourable reviews, and I made media appearances in print and on radio and live television. I'm now 37 and live in Melbourne, Australia. My professional career has spanned construction worker, script editor, presenter, corporate spokesperson, producer, software developer, business analyst, knowledge m ... read more
Latest book: D

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elle Saverini
A native of Fairfield, Connecticut, Saverini was a thirty year resident of the San Francisco Bay Area where she was known as a teacher and Victorian home renovator, among her various careers. Since 2005 she’s lived in a hilltop town overlooking Lake Trasimeno in Italy, where she’s taught English, written novels, and penned travel articles for A mother of three and ardent animal lover, she’s been tagged on Greek islands with Tartufo, her famous one-eyed Japanese Chin, and in the United States with Nerina, her death-defying, black, Italian rescue cat. Her current novel is a sexy romp through Corfu, a travel adventure with Camorra bad guys, and a character study times four. "Crazy, that... Cri ... read more
Latest book: Crazy, that...

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Phillips

Latest book: Dreams of a Sailor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne-Marie Clark
Anne-Marie Clark is a freelance writer of both novels and technical manuals. She is the owner of Bella Amore Cosmetics, a mineral cosmetics company. Anne-Marie resides in the Nashville, TN area and is currently working on her second novel.
Latest book: Around the World and Back Again

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E.G. Sebastian
E.G. Sebastian is a Leadership & Relationship Development Coach and an international speaker (speaks six languages). He presents workshops and seminars on topics related to behavior, communication, leadership, and attaining personal and professional success. E.G. loves to study what makes people tick - what motivates them, what are their fears, how to recognize and best communicate with different personality styles, and how to build successful relationships based on this knowledge. He is a certified DiSC Behavioral System Facilitator and a certified coach. E.G. is the author of Communication Skills Magic and Bushido Business (co-authored with Brian Tracy and Steven M.R. Covey); and the co-author of Ba ... read more
Latest book: Communication Skills Magic - Improve Your Relationships & Productivity through Better Understanding Your Personality Style and the Personality Styles of Those Around You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melinda Evaul
Melinda Evaul is a North Carolina native transplanted to Tennessee. Her contemporary Christian romances give readers a unique view of rural life in both states. Not afraid to tackle tough questions, she writes about people who grow spiritually through the difficulties life tosses in their paths. Melinda is a pastor’s wife, mother of two, and grandmother of three. She’s a registered nurse, CPR instructor, and water aerobics instructor. Melinda is an award winning article writer. Grow Old With Me is a 2011 Dan Poynter Global eBook Award Finalist. Avid photographers, Melinda and Phil Evaul enjoy traveling America’s back roads where rural culture and history are preserved through a unique art form—quilt ... read more
Latest book: Grow Old With Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian V. Menard
Brian V. Menard MCSE Hometown: Charlton, Massachusetts. As the father of eight children, I have always had an intense interest in natural healing methods and proper nutrition. In my younger years, I struggled with weight control. Having tried (unsucessfully) several diet plans, I set out to determine why all of the diet programs only work for a short period of time. During my studies, I learned that even though there are several factors which contribute to weight gain, the fat content in food is the most ominous foe when it comes to losing weight. During my study of this phenomenon, I lost 85 pounds in about 9 months and realized I would never have a problem losing weight again. The manuscript f ... read more
Latest book: The Test Slayer's Handbook

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rick Portier
Sooo, you wanna know about Turd? Well, it's simple . . . I'm a television news photographer who got bored with real stories and started making shit up. First short stories, then a full-blown novel. They're all stories about crusty news veterans who've been on the street too long. They're quick. They're punchy. And they're as gritty as the crews that patrol the mean streets looking for a scoop. Although my main character shares my crappy moniker, he's a sharper shooter and waaaaaay cooler. Since my first night in a newsroom back at KTVE-TV/Monroe, LA in 1989, I've known that telling people's stories was my calling in life. The exhilaration of the controlled chaos and deadline pressure in the newsroom fe ... read more
Latest book: BROADCAST JOURNALISM POCKET CHECKLIST -- A daily guide for photographers and one man bands

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sydney Setterlund
Sydney Setterlund has lived her life in California, where she resides in a seaside town much like Marshall, the fictitious town depicted in In Darkness. She is currently at work on her third novel.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, life coach, world renowned author and exercise and nutritional motivational speaker. With over 16 years of professional experience and knowledge in the field Tims publications are sure to inspire, teach and help many individuals.
Latest book: Breaking The Mold

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Russell Blake
Russell Blake is the USA Today bestselling author of 29 books, including Fatal Exchange, The Geronimo Breach, Zero Sum, King of Swords, Night of the Assassin, Return of the Assassin, Revenge of the Assassin, Blood of the Assassin, JET, JET - Ops Files, JET II, III, IV, V, VI, and VII, The Delphi Chronicle trilogy, The Voynich Cypher, Upon A Pale Horse, BLACK, BLACK Is Back, BLACK Is The New Black, BLACK To Reality, An Angel With Fur (pet bio), and How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time (even if drunk, high or incarcerated) - a parody of everything writing and self-publishing. He is also the co-author with Clive Cussler of The Eye of Heaven, from Penguin. Blake lives on the Pacific coast of Mexico with his ... read more
Latest book: Jet - Sanctuary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Knight
I am a christian man with a wonderful family and church, I live in Eagle Michigan, and grew up near Detroit Michigan, I am a driver for GM and love writing. Love going for walks with my wife and daughter on our property and enjoying nature. And most of all spending time with God.
Latest book: Satan's Greatest Lie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cleo Stinyard
Cleo Stinyard is originally from Dade City, Florida. He has three children and he is an avid writer. He currently has two published novels with more projects in the works.
Latest book: Blood is Thicker

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A.J. Briscoe
A.J. Briscoe is a seeker of truth and liberty. He writes in the genre of literature; self preservation literature. "If the truth sets you free, miseducation is the death of thee." The ancient’s code of wisdom simply stated, "Know Thyself." Knowing thyself is life, and miseducation is death. Intellectuals such as Dr. Cornel West, Common, Tyler Perry, Farrah Gray, and the late A.G. Gaston have help shape his ideals, principals, ethic, tact, ideology and his concept of taking on the responsibility to be responsible. Our people have been detached from the knowledge of self, and taught self destruction. Mr. Briscoe has taken on the responsibility to be responsible for educating and informing our people about t ... read more
Latest book: Lynching Willie

Follow me at my  Facebook Page E L Russell
Educated in mathematics and trained in research, I have spent ten years writing White Papers for corporations on emerging technologies. My current writings reflect an eclectic interest in the impact these new technologies may impose on individuals and social groups. My latest research into programming genetic code and brain development has led to the COHORT novels: Deadly Awakenings, Evolutis Rising, OnSet/ReSet, and Genecaust. The series of novels is supported by several short stories that demonstrate people dealing with the personal and social consequences of the emerging science, of Epigenetics; the ability to re-program inheritable genetic code. Through logical extensions of this promising science, new po ... read more
Latest book: ReSet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim McLean
Jim McLean is a multi award winning journalist, photographer and writer who lives in London.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Harner
Raised in California, Laura likes it hot, which explains why she ended up in Arizona via such diverse places as Japan, Maine, and Florida, and many more places in between. After retiring from the US Navy, she found a niche working for land management agencies, including the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management. Though she has held many jobs around the world, her favorite was working and living in Grand Canyon National Park. Working (and eating) in New Orleans was a close second. You will find many of her books are set against the rich backdrops provided by coastal Louisiana and northern Arizona. When asked how she started writing, Laura tells of waking on Boxing Day a few years ago, with a w ... read more
Latest book: Kismet and Cartwheels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vanessa Wu
Vanessa Wu was born in Fuzhou, China, where her parents worked in the Communist Army Hospital. She educated herself on a diet of foreign literature, some of it quite respectable, including nearly everything written by Jane Austen, W. Somerset Maugham, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. She graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai and travelled in Asia and Europe where she met many interesting men before completing her sexual and academic education at Westminster University, London. She works for a law firm in London and lives close to Greenwich Park where she can often be seen talking to people with dogs. If she had a dog of her own it would be a Beagle and she would call him Billy. If she writes enough stories ... read more

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Augusta Schimidt & Joaquim Marques
Augusta Schimidt, nascida na cidade de Campinas /São Paulo/Brasil Professora do Ensino fundamental desde 1970 ➢ Autora de mais de 1000 textos, publicados em sites e blogs de literatura no Brasil e no exterior (Estados Unidos, Espanha, Alemanha e Portugal) ➢ Publicada em coleções pedagógicas para ensino fundamental pela Editora do Brasil /SP, pela Editora OPET/ PR, Editora Escala Educacional, Fundação Paulo Freire (SESI Educa), Fundação São Vicente de Paula. ➢ Autora de livros de história infantil ➢ Autora de vários projetos de leitura e contação de histórias. ➢ Autora do projeto reeducando crianças carentes (1989). ➢ Participação em Antologias Poéticas editadas pela Editora ... read more
Latest book: Coletânea Do Saber

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Swedenberg
Mike Swedenberg is a native of Greenville South Carolina. He moved to New York shortly after graduating from High School to attend the School of Visual Arts. He studied Concept, Copywriting and Design. He later moved into sales and marketing and spent 30 years in corporate America. Mike graduated from Adelphi University in Garden City on Long Island with a business degree. He studied creative writing at the Gotham School of Writing in Manhattan and fine art painting at the Long Island Academy of Fine Art. He still lives on Long Island, is married and has three children. Sam Chinkes Sound Advertising, Las Vegas
Latest book: US Citizenship Test Study Guide in Vietnamese and English

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Neil Colbourn
41 years old and living on the coast in West Sussex with my son. I also like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into health food, I am into champagne.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michelle Nielsen
As a wellness expert, international speaker, and published author, Dr. Michelle Nielsen specializes in “Spiritual Makeovers”. After 2 decades in private practice helping people to heal their physical bodies, she realized that most patients were in great need of a soul surgeon. Therefore, she turned her attention towards healing the spirit and began a 15-year love affair with meditation. She has found it to be one of the most time-efficient and simple transformational tools on the planet. Her desire is to make meditation easy, enjoyable and accessible to people across the globe. Michelle shares her powerful message in a diversity of ways such as in leading Corporate Workshops, creating guided meditations, ... read more
Latest book: Creando a Matisse: Un sistema práctico para crear realidades (Spanish Edition)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katy Christie
The profile photo is of a winter twilight in the Empty Quarter, near the border of Saudi Arabia. Almost time for a gin and tonic. If I had a religion, it would have to be an animistic one - a kinship with nature, and possibly the universe if I got to know it. I love the deserts of Arabia and the mountains of Scotland, both with a profound passion, while the mundane in my life, my job as a teacher in Dubai, is the necessity that permits the luxury of writing.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page RaeBeth McGee- Buda
Picture RaeBeth McGee-Buda was born in southwestern Pennsylvania in 1987, the second daughter of Rachel Yost and Arthur Curtis McGee. RaeBeth grew up loving to read and write poetry, as well as short stories. Her childhood dream was to become a teacher. Rae Beth's dream of writing was created in her eleventh grade literature class where writing became her passion. RaeBeth married in August 2012 to her husband, Gregory Stephen Buda Jr. and resides in a small Pennsylvania town of Fairchance. RaeBeth is a full time mother of one beautiful little girl and a mother to an angel in heaven as of May 27th, 2013. She graduated from American Intercontinental University in 2010 with her associates in business administra ... read more
Latest book: Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Olsen
I am a writer, wife and mother of two currently living in the Pacific Northwest. I am a complete TV addict (have to have it on at all times, even when I'm writing). I also enjoy online RPG's, singing, reading, cooking... lots more I can't think of at the moment The supernatural has long been my favorite to write and read. Werewolves, vampires, witchcraft, ghosts, things that go bump in the night; these are a few of my favorite things to write about. Not sparkly beings with phenomenal cosmic power that are always the smartest, bravest, prettiest Mary Sue to walk the planet, but real people who just happen to have this little quirk... I have just finished my second Nick Gibson novel, Kiss the Witch Goodbye, and ... read more
Latest book: Kiss the Witch Goodbye

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deborah Brown
There's nothing a new pair of shoes can't cure. Redhead. Long legs. There's nothing like a strawberry-lemonade in summer. Favorite activity: Filling my pockets with seashells. An avid rule follower when eating Animal Cookies: Broken ones get eaten first, match up the rest, duplicates next, line them up favorite to not, least favorite go first. South Florida is my home, with my ungrateful rescue cats, and where Mother Nature takes out her bad attitude in the form of hurricanes.
Latest book: Greed in Paradise

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Kirke
Elizabeth Kirke has always loved writing and the ocean. It was inevitable that she'd combine the two! When she isn't writing or staring at the ocean, she's reading, baking, or crafting!
Latest book: Carved in Cherry

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Rother
Welcome Home, You are not here by accident. We are very happy that you have found us. Here at Lightworker you will find a joyous re-union in progress. It is a re-union of people re-connecting to their own power and each other. We invite you to join in on any level that you feel comfortable. Lightworker is a place to help you re-member who you really are and why you are here. Our greatest hope is that we may help you to re-member what you planned for yourself before you were born into this life. The Group first came to Steve Rother in 1996 and since then has given information for a evolving planet that has filled several books now translated into 18 languages. The monthly Beacons of Light~ Reminders from Hom ... read more
Latest book: So I'm God ... Now What?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Mugridge
Living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Proud mother of 2 girls under 6, horticulturalist, published author and motivational speaker. Passionate about helping to promote healthy active lifestyle in families, inspire mums to nurture and take care of their health and themselves and encouraging kids to eat better by growing fresh ingredients. Author of The Pram Diet, winner of the 2011 Australiasian Bio-Oil Connect2mums AusMumpreneur Best Product Award. As seen on A Current Affair, Rebecca's book the Pram Diet is an inspiring book full of sound advice and easy to read sections from exercise, healthy eating, relaxation techniques, reducing stress, healthy post baby weight loss, easing/ preventing p ... read more
Latest book: Healthy Mumas loving Healthy Meals

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fowlpox Press
Fowlpox Press presents poetry which rewards readers who aren't afraid to dig deep. Read the reviews here to get a sense of what we publish.
Latest book: Desecrations by Howie Good

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hannah Meredith
Hannah Meredith is, above all, a storyteller. She’s long been fascinated by the dreams that haunt the human heart and has an abiding interest in English history. This combination led her to write historical romance. She hopes you enjoy her tales. You can visit Hannah online at

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matt Frend
Matt Frend has lived in the cities of Adelaide and Darwin, and assorted country towns in Australia. He has worked in a variety of areas including racing stables, farms and government agencies After completing university and becoming a computer programmer he is now focussing on writing. He has been involved with equestrian sports at the grass roots level.