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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Lively
Mark Lively went to school as a mechanical engineer and now works as a computer programmer in central Pennsylvania. He has a wife and step son. His hobbies include roasting his own coffee, brewing his own beer and in general doing thing the hard way.
Latest book: Found People

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicholas Becher
Nicholas Becher is a versatile writer born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. With his BA in English, he splits his time writing between the Midwest and Hawaii.
Latest book: Hubris

Follow me at my  Facebook Page MELLO GANA
A student of parapsychology and lived and works in United Arad Emirates. A graduate of Biomedical Science. This is my first book, two other books to publish;”life is a battle” and Freedom.
Latest book: The pursuit of greatness.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B.B. Vayk
I live in two worlds: that of my everyday life and that of the fantasy world found within the pages of my books. My everyday life is fulfilling in so many ways: my wonderful family, my degrees in economics, and my career working for multinational companies and ministries. Still, something was always missing, something I had held in my heart ever since I could remember. Then, slowly, after our two children were born, something unexpected happened. I was taking some time away from my career so I could stay home with my daughter and son while they were very young. During that time, experiencing their childhood with them, helping them to discover the world, I rediscovered my own two childhood passions: drawing ill ... read more
Latest book: Reign Of The Black Flame I. - The Waterglobe

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tess Messer
Teresa is the founder and editor of the award winning ADHD blog, Primarily Inattentive ADD. She has published hundreds of articles on the topics of parenting, health care, and ADHD. Tere-sa writes about ADD and ADHD from both a medical and a personal perspective. Her formal training includes a Master's degree in Public Health and an undergraduate degree in Medicine. She has worked as a Primary Care Physician Assistant for adults and children for over 25 years. Teresa had the symptoms of Inattentive ADHD as a child and now has one biological son with Predominantly Inattentive ADHD and one adopted son with Hyperactive/Impulsive type ADHD. She has first-hand experience dealing with the symptoms of ADHD as a pa ... read more
Latest book: Ten Tips To Help ADHD Inattentive Students Succeed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eve Tracy

Latest book: Duality of Airn

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Davis
I'm just a girl who enjoys writing and story telling. It all started in high school with a friend and a mutual love for a boy band known as NKOTB. I think me and my friend are one of the original FF writers. ;) I'm trying to get back into it. Finding the time to write, wrangle kiddos and keep my hubby happy isn't always easy, but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. I'm making slow progress, but I hope to be able to finish my work in progress.
Latest book: The Only Exception: Broken

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William C. Hyland
Bill Hyland currently lives in Albuquerque, NM, with his wife, daughter, dog, and cat. He is a US Navy veteran (submarine service), considers himself a patriot and has spent most of his life working as a Controls Engineer. His poetry began as a way to exercise his creativity, but soon became a passion. Recently, he has become facinated with the tanka form, combining rigid structure and the need to chose exactly the right words.
Latest book: Tanka by Bill

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Niki Contreras
I live in sunny Arizona. I am currently attending school to earn a degree in business management. Mistletoe Kiss is my first full-length published work but there is more still to come! To find out more about me and any upcoming email at! If you don't already know, all of my books on here are FREE for the month of July. If you enjoy any of my books (or any others you get during this Summer Sale), don't forget to leave a review on Goodreads, twitter, or Facebook. Feedback is so helpful for self-published authors like myself. Thanks and happy reading!
Latest book: Hell's Angel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mike Melin
Mike Melin is a life-long businessman, having owned and operated a furniture factory for many years. Currently, Mike and his wife Sherrel operate a small insurance agency. Mike's true passion is encouraging other people to take their own next step of faith in their relationship with God. He and his wife are the founders of Melin Ministries, Inc., a teaching ministry dedicated to helping people apply the Word of God in a very practical way to their daily lives.
Latest book: True Charity - Replacing Flypaper with Freedom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vanessa Deroo
Vanessa grew up with British pop and punk music, then made several attempts to play some of that music before finding peace writing about it. She then moved to the British soil, and now listens to said music when she's not writing stories or articles. She also has a soft spot for Taylor Swift's music and would have loved to live in a John Hughes movie.
Latest book: Freefalling

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rick Roberts
Rick Roberts earned a MA, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of Kansas. After 10 years as a professional archaeologist, he joined the U.S. Foreign Service and spent 28 years doing applied anthropology as a diplomat in American embassies, primarily in the Middle East. His last two overseas assignments were in Iraq where he led a Provincial Reconstruction Team, whose mission included helping to preserve historic Babylon and other Iraqi cultural heritage sites. Since retiring in 2013, Rick has returned to his archaeological roots and plans to produce a series of popular archaeology books. He is married and lives in Oklahoma City.
Latest book: The Archaeology of the Kansas Monument Site

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Kilough
I got my start in life one night in the spring of 1929. This was just prior to the stock market crash of November 29 when our society experienced some events that changed the living conditions for the masses, and continued through the thirties and up until world war two. Those were hard years, however we were given an opportunity to experience both sides of the economic coin which gave us a deep appreciation of the coming good years when they later arrived. When I was nineteen months old, I am told I was bit by a stray Rabid dog that came up on our front porch while my mother and I were enjoying a beautiful morning. It is my understanding that the treatment at that time was much worse than the bite. This ... read more
Latest book: A New Day in the Morning

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrea Johnson Beck
Andrea Johnson Beck was born in Sioux City, Iowa. From a young age, she enjoyed telling stories. Many her dad recorded. Writing was her creative outlet and at 10-years-old, her first poem was published in an anthology. Always curious, Andrea read and watched what was considered risqué in the 80's and early 90's, such as, books by VC Andrews. Dirty Dancing and Top Gun (snuck downstairs) raised questions and were brought to her parents for clarification. Understanding their daughter's need for answers, they always replied truthfully. Her curiosity and rebellious disposition has carried on. Andrea credits the strong woman in her life who guided her through difficult times. That and writing. Blogging about her m ... read more
Latest book: The Red Roots - The Ladies Of Amaranthine

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Peyton Heart
I am a writer of short stories and poetry. I have always been able to put things down in words quite easily and a was very good at doing stories when I was growing up.. To publish a book was only a dream for me until now but now my dream has been able to be fulfilled .. I am planning on doing more poetry and hopefully get back to the story i have started..Which I am also hoping to make into a series of short stories or novels..
Latest book: A Collection Of Hearts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Billy Curry
Billy Curry grew up on a small farm near Bairnsdale, Australia. At 16 he moved to Melbourne and completed high school. During his final year he represented Australia in sprint kayaking in Europe. His kayaking pursuits continued with seven years with the Victorian Institute of Sport. In 2001 he was knocked down with a burst appendix that almost claimed his life. Recovering from this he graduated with a business degree from Monash University and went on to win the Victorian surf ski title. Curry was involved in surf lifesaving for over 20 years. Currently Curry works freelance as a marketing consultant in Melbourne and spends his weekends surfing. His next book is coming out late 2016.
Latest book: Unlonely Planet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Albert
Tom Albert is a Maryland native and resident. He joined scouting at the age of 11 and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout in 1979, just before graduating from Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda. His first experiences at summer camp as a young scout were formative and piqued his interest and desire to return to work on staff, which he did for a period of thirteen years during and after high school. Tom was a volunteer and paid Firefighter/EMT for many years with the Wheaton Rescue Squad and Rockville Fire Department in Montgomery County, Maryland. He obtained his degree in Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. He taught science in the public school system before entering the private sector, and ... read more
Latest book: The Extra Mile

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Victoria Embers
Victoria Embers splits her time between being a stay-at-home mom and reading vampire fiction. She believes good romance should make you purr while good erotic fiction should make you scream, but in a good way of course. Embracing her love of vampires and werewolves and the naughty situations they find themselves in, she's currently writing an erotic short stories series called My Vampire Lover with a blend of paranormal romance and erotica featuring, you guessed it, vampires and werewolves.
Latest book: Redemption: My Vampire Lover Part #2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jinni James
Jinni James is an administrative assistant, wife, and mother of two girls as well as a step mother based in Huntsville, Alabama. Since child hood she has written many short stories and poems but never dreamed of writing a novel. She attempted to write many stories but never finished. Finally she was in the perfect place in her life to write a story that had been invading her thoughts and dreams for a very long time. That story blossomed into her first novel The Wolfs Maine. She is now currently working on her next novel.
Latest book: Erotic Encounters Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Munmun Gupta

Latest book: More Carrots For Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lee Robert Adams
I am a writer living & working in Brno, Czech Republic. I write short stories and movie criticism, and I'm currently working on a children's book. I've been writing since the age of five. As a little boy, I was into dinosaurs, castles, digging holes and riding my bike. I also wrote endlessly, all the way through to my late teens. I always thought I'd be a writer, but life and circumstance got in the way. For about a decade, I didn't write a single piece of original fiction, other than a silly, rude comedy horror one afternoon in a Prague pub called "The Demon Chimp of Prague". When I moved to the Czech Republic in 2009, I gradually forced myself to write again, starting with restaurant and movie reviews. Aft ... read more
Latest book: Video Krypt's Bumper Book of Movie Reviews 2011-2013

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria Pia Trozzi

Latest book: Il cuore di Sarah

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Starlight Devi
Starlight Devi is an Avatar, and Mother of Unconditional Love and Compassion. She constantly works for the good of the world, absently and silently, as well as helping people on an individual basis – irrespective of race or faith. Starlight Devi teaches a pure philosophy of love, which awakens the heart and embraces the spirit to the glorious realisation that all Life is One.
Latest book: Janine's Journey: A Supernatural Mystery

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sandranetta Nellum
As a shrewd observer of everything around me, reading and writing allows me to master and mother my own world, exploring its problems in relation to our own and exacerbating the issues for my very aware characters to find the solutions for-whatever it may be, or if its just to make fun of. I also like to update old ideas, old values and see how they clash with the remember another time and see how humans with all their intellect and emotion progress through their human experiences; getting out dreams and experiences in a realistic, relevant and effective way is the main goal and that's what it is to wwrite beautifully.
Latest book: A Celebrity Bashing: A Parody in Songs

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Douglas Black
Born and raised in bonnie Scotland, Douglas Black writes contemporary MM erotic romance. Welcome to your fantasy.
Latest book: Who He Used To Be

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tabi(tha) Jayne
I am truly blessed! It’s taken me a long time to feel confident saying that. It’s taken me a long time to embrace myself. My journey started ten years ago with the sudden death of my younger brother, Peter. Now most people hearing this say, “I’m sorry.” Well let me tell you something. I’m not. My brother dying was the best thing that ever happened to me. His death forced me to look at myself and my life and see just how much of it I was wasting. It forced me to turn and truly confront the childhood demons I’d been running from by hiding in drugs and alcohol. It forced me to take responsibility for my life. His death inspired me to set up and run a charity for young adults affected by be ... read more
Latest book: Grief: What Happens After The Funeral Is Over

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anna Kyss
When Anna Kyss is not writing new adventures, she can often be found exploring magical places. If she wanders into the right destination, stories are whispered by the wind or mumbled through the cracks of ancient buildings.
Latest book: Wander and Roam

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daddy Rich
Richarh L. Tyson “AKA” Daddy Rich is an underground Gangsta Rapper from Marion, Indiana. In 1999 he was arrested for 6 counts of dealing cocaine. After posting a $100,000 bond he was released. After his release he recorded "Out on Bail" which became a local hood classic. Daddy Rich turned himself in August 22nd, 2000 to begin serving a 6 year sentence in the Indiana Department of Correction. His album sold while he was incarcerated. In late 2002, due to time cuts and "good behavior" he was released. In order to help fund his dreams of becoming a rap star Daddy Rich became a licensed Realtor and continued to sell cocaine. In late 2003, Daddy Rich caught felony criminal confinement, battery, and ... read more
Latest book: Snitch Killer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gwen Weiss-Numeroff
Author Gwen Weiss-Numeroff is a former advertising executive turned nutritionist, lifestyle coach and motivational speaker. Her mother's sudden death at 70 inspired Gwen to launch a 2-year quest to find the secrets to vibrant longevity from those centenarians actually living the dream.
Latest book: Extraordinary Centenarians in America: Their Secrets to Living a Long Vibrant Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page William Jaman Taylor
William Jaman Taylor makes his impressive fiction debut novel entitled, Nightmares in the Neighborhood, features “The Lawyer’s Son,” the basis for the suspense thriller. His goals are to continue to write novels and start a budding career at screenwriting. To date, he has adapted Nightmares in the Neighborhood to screenplay. In addition, he is currently at work on his second fiction novel entitled, Reality Check. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, he now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
Latest book: Nightmares In The Neighborhood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mira Reiss
Young Artists Publishing (YAP) began with the genius story of a 5 year old girl, Nicole Arnaud, about a Halloween Monster. As every little child, Niki created her story in a blink of an eye and even drew a wonderful scary looking monster's illustration. Printed at home on demand by friends, her story entitled "Niki's spooky Ha, Halloween stories“ was largely appreciated not only by children but also by teachers. Some friends encouraged her to publish her book. Meanwhile, the ideas of new stories were coming from other friends and children. Some were inspired by simple drawings or sketches, others were inspired by events or storytelling. All those events gave an idea to create a unique publishing home wher ... read more
Latest book: Niki's Spooky Ha, Halloween Stories...

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gina Matthews
You know how millions of people struggle with weight loss, health eating habits and overall health and wellbeing and often fall prey to dangerous tactics such as pharmaceutical diet pills, crash diets and other questionable practices? I solve this! I do this because I author easy-to-follow vegetarian and vegan cookbooks that busy and novice kitchen cooks can use to guarantee a healthy and easy-to-maintain plant-based lifestyle that supports your health, wellbeing and effortless weight management. Connect with me now via my website for articles and resources that will support your healthy plant-based lifestyle and be sure to check out my full line of vegetarian, vegan and healt ... read more
Latest book: Easy Vegetarian Cooking: 140 - 3, 4 & 5 Ingredient Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim Kamen
I am originally from Caldwell N.J. and am a Viet Nam veteran. I like work with charities helping Veterans. In 1991 I, we, moved to a small town just outside of Austin Texas. This is where my passion for cooking started, and it has continued to this day. I did not start writing until after we moved to Tequesta Florida. I wrote "Just Plain Yummy" because I thought it was needed. The world can always use one more cookbook, and this one will have you laughing at the stories I included I loved to watch Chef Graham Kerr (Galloping Gourmet) on TV, and he was kind enough to send me a personal note to include with a recipe of his that I used. I have a few other hobbies but they are too many to list here, but you mig ... read more
Latest book: Just Plain Yummy, Un-Common Sense In The Kitchen

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gene W. Edwards
Gene W. Edwards is a long-time professional student with 30 semesters of college. He kept changing his major. He's a free-lance writer who lives in Colorado Springs with his wife (the Jane) and has a daughter, named Jennifer, and a crazy little schnauzer, Gracie Alley Oop. He's an expert in, and writing books on, current events, natural health, metaphysical matters...and novels. Watch for them all as eBooks and in print. Gene is an "omnologist"--he likes everything and thinks everything is interrelated--but personally focuses on travel, public speaking, comedy, originality, Coast to Coast AM radio, the movies, hiking, and YOU. Don't you want to read this guy, huh?
Latest book: Answers for Chaos!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Atchison
Michael Atchison is the author of the novel XL and the book True Sons: A Century of Missouri Tigers Basketball. His writing on collegiate sports and popular culture has appeared in Sports Illustrated, Basketball Times and The Providence Phoenix, among other publications. During his previous career practicing law, Michael helped earn freedom for a man wrongly convicted of murder, aided basketball coaches who ran afoul of NCAA rules, and once stood in his office, stripped to the waist, and swapped clothes with veteran rocker Sammy Hagar. The other ninety-nine percent of the time he did things that some might think tedious. Michael lives in Parkville, Missouri with his wife and two children.
Latest book: XL

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David Nicol
A denizen of the graveyard of ambition striving to re-write my own future. Or, I write fiction if you prefer the straight up version. Science fiction and horror author of: 'Lament for the Living' 'Hannibal House' 'The Deluge of Elias'
Latest book: Lament for the Living

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Denis O'Neill
I have always had an affection for poetry. Robert Burns would be my number one. I am single and live alone, I just love to write.
Latest book: Out of Africa is Out of Date

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brandon Carlscon
Brandon Carlscon, born 1971 in Liege, Belgium. Living in Netherlands since 11 years as photographer in the erotic industry. Brandon works mainly in europe and started to publish pictureEbooks showing his and others erotic work. Brandon`s goal are "living" pictures getting the erotic fantasy from his readers to fly. Some of my Ebooks are available at and other eBook platforms. Every platform has his own regulations so if you want to see all my titles please visit my ebook shop at
Latest book: Lady Barbara - Elegance in Fur

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leanna Renee Hieber
Author, actress and playwright Leanna Renee Hieber grew up in rural Ohio inventing ghost stories. She graduated with a BFA in Theatre and a focus in the Victorian Era from Miami University. She began her theatrical career with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company and began adapting works of 19th Century literature for the stage. Her one-act plays such as Favorite Lady have been published, awarded and produced around the country. Her novella Dark Nest won the 2009 Prism Award for excellence in the genre of Futuristic, Fantasy, or Paranormal Romance. Her debut novel, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, first in her Strangely Beautiful series, landed on Barnes & Noble's bestseller lists, was named ... read more
Latest book: The World of Tomorrow is Sadly Outdated

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nikki Rae
Nikki Rae is an indie author and college student. She loves books, writing, animals and tea. She's a shy, but friendly creature, so feel free to say hi. : )
Latest book: Sun Damage

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Annie Bejart
Jeg er født i 1952, startede egen klinik i 1985, og begyndte at undervise tre år senere. Jeg er stifter af Bioterapi Uddannelsen. Registreret i Fagligt Råd, som er bindeled til Landsorganisationen NaturSundhedsrådet (LNS). Forkvinde i Holistisk Terapi Forening. Min undren over livet blev til en søgen efter sammenhænge, der gennem årene blandt andet har været min udviklingsvej. I min tidlige barndom fik jeg bevidst kontakt med min Åndelige Vejleder. Denne kontakt blev min tryghed i livets modgang og udvikling. Mine uddannelser brugte jeg i min læreproces med at være til stede i livet. Min Åndelige Vejleder var mig en stor hjælp i mit arbejde, og den bevidsthed han har hjulpet mig med, bruger jeg t ... read more
Latest book: Dødens lys

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dranda Laster
Being a hairdresser I hear a lot of stories.I knew to most of my customers I was a Lawyer,Doctor, Counselor. The perfect go to person to listen to all there stories. I've always been told I was a great story teller and it turns out I love it. I sat down at my computer one night and my thoughts just came to life. Relationships and how they effect our lives,and When does A Lie Cross The Line? I figured out that a Lie crosses the lie when it is told...I based my books on Human Emotions,and why we do and say the things we do.Love being in the top ten.Its what we all strive to acquire if we admit it or not.Money or things it can obtain were in the bottom. Love is a powerful emotion.. without a little rain we couldn' ... read more
Latest book: My Bitter Sweet Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr. Leigh-Davis
Dr. Leigh-Davis is a creative with an analytical mind, who is an award winning problem solver & producer of tantalizing media content. Specifically, Dr. Leigh-Davis is a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist and media personality; who frequently works as a TV news legal analyst. Dr. Leigh-Davis has taught at Cal State University and is a native of Beverly Hills, California. Previously, Dr. Leigh-Davis was Editor-in-Chief of Malibu Magazine; an attorney; an actress; a model; host of the Court TV television show "The Court is in Session;" and a winner of many beauty pageants, including two Ms. California titles. In her spare time, Dr. Leigh-Davis is a classically trained dancer and an accomplished mi ... read more
Latest book: Quote Book: Quotes from Powerful Women about Power

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Luwa Wande
Also known as Wando Wande, Wandu Wande, Wanda Wande. Luwo Wande, Luwe Wande... you get the idea. I fought barehanded against lions once in Serengeti Plains...
Latest book: The Cross and the Black: The Three-Episode Box Set

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nic Starr

Latest book: Waiting, Hoping, Wishing

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terrance Riley
Terrance (Terry) Riley is a nationally and internationally published cartoonist, caricature artist and author. Since 1985 He has captured the contorted features of more than 180,000 people and is recognized as one of the top caricaturists in the nation. Mr. Riley has appeared at major fairs and festivals all over America. Since 2007 he has been the featured caricature artist at the world famous Sunset Celebration in Key West, Florida. His cartoons have appeared in national magazines. He has recently begun writing fiction and his first novel, Falling from Heaven, was released in November, 2012. Mr. Riley currently resides in Key West, Florida and is working on his second novel.
Latest book: Falling from Heaven

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheyenne Spear
Been writing since 2004.
Latest book: Klander by Cheyenne Spear

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Scott A. Borgman
Born in Minnesota, I have always had a love for writing, ever since childhood. I currently live in Wisconsin with my wife, Nicola, and our three children: DeAnna, Jhessica, and Michael. As well as our loveable dog Jaena (who allows US to sleep in HER bed it seems!) and our playful little kitty Aimee. Our youngest son, Cameron, passed away in 2010 at the age of 3. And though we miss him more than words can possibly express, he has been my guide, my teacher, and my reason for writing. Thank you, my son, for being my angel, and guiding my fingers along the way. I hope you are as proud of me as I will forever be of you. I have done my best to pass on the lessons you taught to me. I hope that each of you who ... read more
Latest book: The Ebook Writer, One Author's Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duane Katene
My name is Duane Katene. I am 35 years old and was born in New Zealand. I now live in Australia. I am married with three daughters aged 7, 5 and 2. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Graduate Certificate in TESOL and a Graduate Certificate in Arts and Media. When I'm not writing I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies and reading.
Latest book: Neon Signs