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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Debra Wheatman
Debra Wheatman, an experienced human capital management strategist will help you take the next step up your career ladder. Debra, who possesses both Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) designations, is globally recognized as an expert in advanced career search techniques. Debra is a featured blogger on numerous sites where she covers career planning topics. She has been featured on Fox Business News, WNYW with Brian Lehrer, and quoted in leading online, print, and trade publications, including, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.
Latest book: Developing Soft Skills: An On-the-Go Workshop

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thorsten Zoerner
Helping with Information Technology to make a change.
Latest book: Kaltreserve

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henrih Zaltans
Родился 15 мая 1964 года в Риге(Латвия). С 1970 года до 2012 проживал в городе Огре. С 1982-85 гг. служил в ВМФ СССР. После окончания службы поступил в Рижский Технический Университет. Живет и работает в Риге. Выпустил две книги: "Средиземка"(2006г.) и "Ангелы сегодны не летают"(2012г.).
Latest book: A Girl Called Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amber Lynn
I love books. Until recently, I kept to just reading them, but ideas for characters and scenes took control of my mind and made me have to get those ideas down. I have been writing for about a year and have really enjoyed working out the process of taking my ideas and forming new worlds for others to enjoy. This whole writing thing is still a hobby for me. I sit down on weeknights and weekends and just float over to my other worlds for a while. Other hobbies of mine include: drawing, baking, arts and crafts, motorcycles, hockey, and archery. I like to think I have eclectic tastes where my hobbies are concerned. I love to laugh and try to at least make myself smile once a day. With the crazy thoughts going on i ... read more
Latest book: All in a Day's Work

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rifqi Mahdi Saindra
I'm an Indonesian who like to write so much. My adventure in writing begun when I was 13 years old. I wrote many stories in many notebook. But, the first time I publish my very own E-book is when I joined Smashwords. And, I also would like to thank all of the reader who read my books. without you, I'm absolutely no one. thank you for your great support these years.
Latest book: Crying Rose

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jaycee Clark
Jaycee writes romantic suspense whether it's in a contemporary setting, a historical setting or a paranormal one. When she's not writing, she spends time with her family, enjoys snow skiing and just getting outside. You can visit her website at
Latest book: Black Aura

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Simon Hay
Simon's an accomplished healer, medical intuitive and evidential medium. He intuits accurate information about people and spirit, has performed numerous successful healings, and is well respected in the field of energy healing and alternative health. He travels throughout Australia and the world conducting live events, and doing healings and readings for clients. Born in New Zealand, he is the son of a carpenter and homemaker. An avid sports fan, Simon played representative rugby as a teen and flourished outdoors. He aspired to be a geologist, archaeologist and sports star, but left school to work on dairy and sheep farms throughout the North Island of New Zealand. At age twenty-two, Simon relocated to Austra ... read more
Latest book: The Disciple

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sheree
Sheree has been summoned to various platforms across the nation to discuss the intricacies of dealing with pain, character building and cultivating relationships. She obtained an Associate’s degree from Cuyahoga Community College, as well as a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Cleveland State University. A seasoned writer, inspirational speaker, public servant and workshop facilitator, Sheree can be reached for speaking engagements and book club appearances.
Latest book: What Are You Bringing to the Table?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eric Asher
Eric is a former bookseller, cellist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.
Latest book: Vesik Book 8

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fenya Abrikosova
I am a really good Redhead Girl. And my only dream - to find my prince! And maybe - this will be Harry, when he read my book!
Latest book: Save Prince (Спасая принца)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Artifice Comics

Latest book: Bento Box #20

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Sicard
Lisa has been a webmaster and blogger for 5+ years and has learned something new every day about the online business and ways to generate web traffic. She specializes in social media. She has worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years. Twitter is her favorite way to connect with others.
Latest book: Tweeting Like It's Second Nature - 2nd Edition

Follow me at my  Facebook Page BJ Harvey
Having always loved reading, and having been befriended and inspired by some awesome self published authors and book lovers alike, I decided to start writing my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. It was a conscious decision that started with a song, then the prologue and then catapulted from there. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn't music playing, something is wrong. Out and Proud Vampire Diaries fan as well. I'm also a wife, mother, full-time university student and I do contract work for myself from home.
Latest book: True Bliss

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr. Alvin Perry
Alvin S. Perry, DBA, MBA is a proven leader with over 20 years of experience in the consumer products and consulting industries. His corporate experience consists of management positions with IRI, Colgate-Palmolive, NCR Corporation, the Pepsi-Cola Company, M&M/Mars and Wal-Mart. Dr. Perry has adjunct faculty experience with William Patterson University, Montclair State University, and Essex County College. He also has over 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur launching four startup companies. Dr. Perry is also an inventor, professional speaker, songwriter, author (7 Publications), and filmmaker. Dr. Perry possesses a DBA Degree in Entrepreneurship from Walden University, a MBA from Centenary College and du ... read more
Latest book: The Circus Act

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Veronica Brannon
Writer hopefull, Books and life lover.
Latest book: Tied up Heart

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Trey Bahm
I really published my first book in the 3rd Grade, titled, "Jchad Fininskee Takes Care of Everything," about a kilt-wearing dog who had to find and kill a rat in his friend's house. The cover was fabricated from an old shoe box. Illustrations were provided by the author. Since then, I have supported my writing habit with ranching, schoolteaching, antique trafficking, catering, Chili's table-serving, and political hackery. The latter experience includes time in the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, and many other types of campaign activiites. Along the way, I was featured in two documentaries for The History Channel: "Secret Missions of the Civil War" and "The Plot to Kill Jesse James." I have three children and l ... read more
Latest book: The Warrant

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Leonard Quilty
I'm a school guidance counsellor at the Centre for Learning@Home in Okotoks, AB, Canada. I feel honored to be involved in the teaching profession. Being able to have a positive impact on our youth is such a tremendous responsibility and privilege. I also enjoy writing and I am an avid reader, especially in the area of self-help literature.
Latest book: Character Cultivation in the Classroom, and Beyond, Vol. 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ray Turner
Born in Texas, schooled in Oklahoma, moved to California, met the girl who became my wife,started a family. My lifelong ambition was to write children's books... Wait that's not completely true. The being born, moving and getting married is true enough but I never had any idea that I would write children's books though I always had an appreciation of the kids point of view. I began telling children's stories when my first two children were very young--that's been a few years ago. But when my third arrived I finally started writing some of them down. Since then I have done or had done a couple of public readings which received encouraging responses and well, there you go!
Latest book: A Halloween Tale, The Amazing Feat of Neddy McPeet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Red Wassenich
Red Wassenich is a librarian, who also has been an evangelist on Mexican radio and played a cadaver in the film "The Hunger." He created the phrase Keep Austin Weird and his book "Keep Austin Weird: A Guide to the Odd Side of Town" was published in 2007.
Latest book: Nothing Before Something

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Georgette St. Clair
Hello, I am Georgette St. Clair, writer of hot, sexy romances which star all Alpha heroes, all the time. The road to love may be rocky and fraught with peril, (and humor and scorchtastic sex and healthy heapings of snark) but my shifters will stop at nothing to claim their fated mate. A little about me: I live in Florida. My checkered career involved stints as a newspaper reporter, EMT, internet marketer, cocktail waitress, temp, nurse’s aide (but not all at the same time...) Now I’m living my perfect life, spending my days in a fantasy universe where I nudge my smart-mouthed, take-no-guff heroines onto the path that will set them on a collision course with true love.
Latest book: My Heart Laid Bear (Blue Moon Shifters)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rory McClannahan
Rory McClannahan is the editor of a community newspaper in New Mexico. After nearly 20 years of seeing the real side of life, he has turned his talent over to fiction.
Latest book: Connecting the Dots

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David O Smith
David O Smith has been many things in his life. Bus driver, foundry man, folk singer and freelance writer, as well as an international computer consultant. Now disabled by arthritis he lives with his wife and dog in the West Midlands.
Latest book: The Gate of the Year

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Diane Mae Robinson
Diane lives in a small hilltop castle nestled amongst an old and magical forest. In this mystical forest, all the fantasy creatures one can imagine live and audition for parts in the author's next book. The author’s children’s chapter books fantasy/adventure series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won 10 international book awards and 1 provincial book award to date. Diane is also an artist, art teacher, international short story judge, part-time children's book editor, and a writing instructor. For more information about the author:
Latest book: Sir Princess Petra - The Pen Pieyu Adventures (series, book #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dennis Snyder
Dennis Snyder, Author of the Looking at Life Through the Bible Series, has been writing non-fiction for over twenty years. His move into the fiction genre has been well received. Dennis is the author of the Lake Haven Murders series and the Struggle for Sovereignty series. Dennis is a pastor of a local church in Michigan. He and his wife are the proud parents of two adult children and the grandparents of a beautiful grand daughter. When Dennis is not writing or preaching he enjoys riding his Harley, golfing and spending time with his wife.
Latest book: Seven Deadly SIns

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sammy the Bookworm
Sammy the Bookworm is a book review site that seeks the hidden gems in the reading world for others to enjoy!
Latest book: Tips for the Freelance Writer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katrina DeLallo
Katrina DeLallo has been writing ever since she could hold a pencil. Inspired by the fantastical setting of South Lake Tahoe where she was born, she started seriously writing in 2007, when she enrolled in a course through the Institute of Children’s Literature. She has since been published in several eZines, and some of her stories have been published in small-press anthologies. She has also completed several contracted jobs through oDesk. She is now currently enrolled in the Advanced Novel Course for Writing for Children and Teenagers through the Institute of Children’s Literature, and is still writing and submitting stories.
Latest book: Destiny's Son

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Reylynn Purdue
Reylynn Purdue lives in California, with her loving husband and three beautiful kids. A lover of books, she reads like crazy. She has also always enjoyed writing, but one day decided to take it to the next level. She started writing her debut novel mid-way through 2012. To say she had no clue what she was doing is an understatement. As of today, she still has no clue what she is doing when it comes to publishing a book, but she’s learning as she goes. She loves her story and hopes you will as well. She also finds talking about herself in third person very strange and kind of hates it. Hope you are all having a beautiful day, don’t forget to smile.
Latest book: Without You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duncan Bolam
2017 sees Duncan's twentieth year working as a Coach in Career Development, Purpose, Sport and Performance Improvement. Alongside which he is also consults to organisations on Employee Engagement, Talent Management and People Strategy. It has been said his ideas on the world of work, motivation, career management and purpose are “visionary”. His innovative, results-orientated, pioneering and infectious spirit has seen him pushing barriers in his daily work and many sporting pursuits; especially long-distance swimming, golf and triathlon. Throughout this 20 years, he has been helping individuals and organisations decode their 'occupational DNA' in order to get more out themselves and, ultimately ... read more
Latest book: Every Person's Path to Purpose: Everyone's Work Manifesto

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Prebis
Jeff Prebis is the author of the novel, The Debacle, and the boldest short story collection to come out in years called Walking On Razor Blades: Stories Of Death, Blood, And Sex. He resides in southeastern Virginia, and is seldom seen. Once in a while when the moon is full you will find him on the loose. His influences include Chuck Palahniuk, Phillip K. Dick, and Clive Barker.
Latest book: Berauscht von deinem Blut

Follow me at my  Facebook Page U A Kiran
I am U. A. Kiran, born in Kerala, educated in West Bengal employed in Andhra Pradesh and now in Goa. I am interested in creativity like writing poems, stories, drawing, novelettes/novels, dialogues/dramas, chalk-shaping, making puzzles and formulea. My works are published by, and The Navhind Times. Poem: ‘Do You Love?’ Woman’s Era. My Books: The Alpha and The Omega and Other Stories, Lost Smiles, Beginner's English Grammar. BANGALORE BOOK FAIR, 2009 The Alpha and The Omega and Other Stories Beginner's English Grammar DELHI BOOK FAIR, 2010 The Alpha and The Omega and Other Stories Beginner's English Grammar Lost Smiles My book "LOST SMILES" can be read at: National L ... read more
Latest book: The Alpha and the Omega and Other Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles Nuetzel
Charles Nuetzel was born in San Francisco in 1934, and writes: “As long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. It was a dream I never thought would materialize. But with the help of Forrest J Ackerman, who became my agent, I managed to finally make it into print. “I was lucky enough not only in selling my work to publishers but also ending up packaging books for some of them, and finally becoming a ‘publisher’ much like those who had bought my first novels. From there it as a simple leap to editing not only a science-fiction anthology, but also a line of SF books for Powell Sci-Fi back in the 1960s. Throughout these active professional years I had the chance to design some covers and do graphic cov ... read more
Latest book: The Rise & Fall of Marilyn Monroe

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jose Dagala
JOSE DAGALA is an idea enthusiast. He loves to do three things – think, read and write. His thirst for new ideas, concepts and insights makes him a book lover and a passionate driver of change. His favorite authors are Malcolm Gladwell and Daniel Pink. His latest obsession is to establish his own company and ultimately create his own brand. Currently, he is setting up his own consulting business. When he’s not busy with serious works, he does amateur photography with his wife as his favorite subject. He obtained his Bachelors degree in Education major in Social Science from PNU and his Masters Degree in Development Studies from DLSU. He has also completed a short course on Social Marketing for Development M ... read more
Latest book: It's The Snail, John! Five Down-To-Earth Lessons About Life And Success At Work

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paul Grove
Paul has always liked to write. He started writing when he had to find a way to handle the bad nightmares he had as a child. He has been writing ever since. He is a family man who sometimes shocks his friends and family with his taste in writing and humor(usually horror fiction in the style of King. Usually makes you think of images instead of splashing the gore). His twisted mind also likes to relive the strange journeys of his life and change them to make novels and stories. Paul was lived a life that he used to think as boring, but realized that he was wrong and decided to share his dreams and nightmares in his works.
Latest book: Forever at Your Side - Part One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tinnekke Bebout
Born and raised in the Midwest, Tinnekke Bebout has found her creative voice mostly through the genres of poetry and essays. She has also made forays into the short fiction realm and is currently writing a novel, which she hopes to have ready by the middle of summer 2018. Tinnekke is the author of The Dance of the Mystai and was a contributor to Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. She has been featured in such publications as Goddess, Circle, PanGaia, The Loom, and The Goat and Candle. She has also been a contributor to She of 10, 000 Names, Pagan Writers Presents Samhain, Taboo, and the short fiction anthology For the Love of the Gods. Tinnekke is co-creator of The Hekate Tarot along with sister priestess Hope Ezerins ... read more
Latest book: The Dance of the Mystai

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Lopinski
Thomas grew up in a quaint small town in Illinois called Georgetown with one stop light, one high school, one square, one lake, one police car and one hundred ways to get into trouble. It was a wonderful place to be a child. He studied at the University of Illinois and later moved to Southern California with his wife and daughters to work in the music industry. In 2000, he started writing seriously when he joined a writer's group and has not stopped since. This is his first published novel. His first manuscript, forever entitled "10 Lawyers At The Bottom Of A Lake", will probably never be published but it was a good start. :-) "Document 512" was his first published novel in 2012 and won awards from Reader View ... read more
Latest book: Document 512

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Penelope Chee
SantaRosaCalifornia.Co and are Penny Chee's Internet bookstores. Penny Chee taught Mathematics, Computer Science, and Chemistry for 35 years in Santa Rosa. Penny Chee directed the Treasury for her school district, before retiring to write diaries about her family in portrait as well as words. Penny Chee invites you to visit her Math classes recorded when she was teaching at Please contact Penelope Chee to find out more about her writing, novels, and books for your own family portrait at or
Latest book: Santa Rosa Love Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eduardo Archanco
Nací en Pamplona hace 27 años y actualmente vivo en Madrid, una ciudad que me ha acogido como a un hijo. Desde que tengo uso de razón, ha habido un ordenador en casa. Mi familia siempre ha estado en contacto con las nuevas tecnologías. En mis recuerdos suelen aparecer los primeros ordenadores con sus programas de dibujo, la creación de laberintos de carpetas al que luego no se encontraba la solución y, por supuesto, los videojuegos. Licenciado en ADE bilingüe por la Universidad de Navarra en 2008, desde entonces he trabajado como consultor en Accenture. En el curso 2011-2012 realicé el Master en Digital Business en la escuela de negocios de ESIC, un master que me ha ayudado a profundizar en el futuro ... read more
Latest book: Ya tienes tu Apple Watch, ¿y ahora qué?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dawn Prough
Dawn started writing in college, but she’s been telling herself stories as long as she can remember. At first, they were just ways to pass the time while doing chores on the farm, but they rapidly became an obsession. Now she shares that obsession with others, writing the stories she desperately wants to read but can’t find. She is professionally and independently published, and plans to have a long, prolific career as a hybrid author. She currently lives in Kansas City with lots of family and cats. Her interests, when she’s not jacked into the Internet, include horses, crocheting, action and horror movies, reading urban fantasy, science fiction, and fantasy, and discussing feminism, racism and other -is ... read more
Latest book: The Yule Miracle

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dean A Anderson
Dean A. Anderson grew up in a small town in Northern California watching too much television but going outside on occasion to climb trees, play in the world's smallest football league and put pennies on the railroad track. He went to college in San Diego and seminary in Deerfield, Illinois. He married a wonderful woman named Mindy and they have three children who have somehow grown up to be, you know, grown ups. He's worked as youth pastor a lot of years that allowed him to play much foosball, eat too much pizza and talk with some really cool kids about really important things. He now works as a hotel night auditor where he sometimes meets very interesting people at 3 AM. He hopes the things he's written give e ... read more
Latest book: Breakfast in the Future

Follow me at my  Facebook Page John Luciew
BREAKING NEWS!! All five of my full-length mystery/thrillers are coming soon in unabridged audio form. ZERO TOLERANCE and KILL THE STORY are already out for 2013 from SECRETS OF THE DEAD is up for full sound-recording treatment next, followed by FATAL DEAD LINES and my newest mystery, LAST CASE. I hope you will check them out. Some serious voice talent has been brought to bear to turn my best ripped-from-the-headlines page-turners into a can't-stop-listening, white-knuckle audio mystery experiences. Now, a little more about me and my books: Journalist John Luciew is the author of numerous ripped-from-the-headlines fictional thrillers that mix politics, corporate power and pulse-pounding suspense, ... read more
Latest book: After The Fire: A true story of incredible hope

Follow me at my  Facebook Page B. Chantel
B. Chantel is a life long writer who has ranged from poetry to novels. She took many literature classes in school and always found comfort and joy in the creativity and imagination of reading and writing. She has written many pieces of poetry, an unpublished memoir and a three book Christian fiction trilogy. Her novel, The Storms of Time - Christopher's Journey (Published 2013) is a Christian fiction story of self discovery, worth and the power of faith, family and love. Her love and passion for writing is with the hope that she can spread awareness and inspiration throughout the world. B. Chantel was born and raised in Michigan and still resides there with her family.
Latest book: Anne's Journey

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kween
I am Kween. I have loved writing all my life, and thus have used the last 20 years to further develop my craft. Writing is a part of me and this year, I plan to take that to new levels. I'm a lover AND a fighter...I like the folks most don't. I walk to the beat of a drummer....who isn't REALLY in the band, but got the best beats. I am big on love..."I see you" where you're at...hopefully this blog helps you to see me, as well. In addition to writing, I love blogging, music, cooking, drawing, crafting, decorating, photography, art, reading, researching.
Latest book: Elle's Tales: Dirty Rice

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Timothy B. Miller
Timothy B. Miller was born in Manchester, Iowa. He got his first taste of music at age ten. By 16 he had his own band. He toured with the "Doc Tommy Scott Medicine Show" out of Toccoa GA for 2 years. He joined the Atlanta Institute of Music. After graduating from Guitar School in 1988, he was invited to a songwriter seminar to meet his first publisher Erick Sutoris. He has published 7 songs. After he returned home and got married, he started giving lessons. Tim loves singing his songs and helping people learn guitar. (o)===#♫
Latest book: Guitar Lessons for Beginners Guitar Basics - Learn Guitar with a Professional Guitar Teacher

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Deszion Nasir
Deszion Amani Nasir was born in raised in Hampton, VA, where she penned her first novel in the 6th grade when her simple ideas were read by others and she was told "Wow.. this is good. You should be a writer." The lightbulb clicked on and never turned off. Fast forward to 2012. Deszion Nasir debuted her first novel, "Untrust," the strange tale of an unusual set of twins with no family, yet more family drama than one'd ever deem possible. Death, chaos and destruction would be their inheritance. Then a short was released, "Dragonflies & Demons," part one of a short series about a couple stuck in a vicous cycle of domestic violence that blurs the lines between victim and abuser. After that, the follow-up of "Untru ... read more
Latest book: Wicked Blues

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dr Cerys Davies
MEAT - Memoirs of A Psychopath THE TRUTH CANNOT BE SILENCED. Thousands of copies already downloaded. Author: Dr Cerys Davies Published by Brittunculi Dr Cerys Davies was born in Tenby, a small coastal town of Pembrokeshire, South Wales in 1956. Dr Davies qualified in 1982 at the renowned St Andrew’s University in Scotland. Having completed numerous academic research papers and joint publications throughout her long career, this publication is her first individual work. Dr. Davies works as a clinical personality profiler for a number of Police Authorities in the UK. Her involvement in ‘The Gabriel Investigation’ firmly established her reputation, for which she became known as one of the best criminal p ... read more
Latest book: The Gabrielites: Meat: Memoirs of A Psychopath. THE Definitive Edition 2016

Follow me at my  Facebook Page PC Brian Wilkinson
Please Take Care of Bethany Author: PC Brian Wilkinson Published by Brittunculi Brian had been a serving police officer for his entire life until he retired in 2010 at the age of sixty. Brian, an amateur military enthusiast now tells the story of his father ‘Brian Bulls-eye Wilkinson’, and his personal quest for the truth. A father who he had never known. Romance, patriotism and espionage, a forgotten hero of the second world war, and a father who saved the world, ’Brian Bulls-eye Wilkinson,’ the best rear-gunner in the sky. Police Constable Brian Wilkinson was born on Merseyside in 1945. Brian and his wife Doreen both grew up together as post-war children in Liverpool on the North-west of England w ... read more
Latest book: The Man Who Buried Himself

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Demian D. Parry
Demian is a Freelance Author available for pretty much anything, as long as it's near the beach. :D
Latest book: Obscuro

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mellissa Thomas
Mellissa Thomas is a God-fearing freelance writer in sunny (and often stormy) central Florida. If it involves writing, she does it for a living: blogging, copywriting, proofreading, editing, screenwriting, novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. She currently authors three blogs, including The Tenderfoot Files (, the platform for her 5-episode (ebook) Tenderfoot Series; is Chief Editor for Orlando Fashion Magazine; and has guest blogged on Under30CEO, Successful Blogging, and James Chartrand's Men with Pens. After five years of U.S. Naval service with lots of travel and two college degrees (including one in Film), she's got lots of story ideas and practical life advice ... read more
Latest book: Faded Diamonds

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christos Polydorou
Much about Christos' life story remains unknown, his poor imprint in this world shrouded in mystery. He is said to have studied at QC Queens College - CUNY in New York, where he graduated with a BA in English Literature. He was seen attending regular classes at UCL university in London thereon, and is believed to have acquired an MA in Linguistics. He is an avid fan of reading, and writing, and watching,and drawing, and daydreaming, and has been regularly spotted trying, against hope, for long hours, to do all of those at the same time. He was last seen at a wildlife park enjoying a leisurely walk near the owl cages, before disappearing from public view. An undisclosed source (it was a drunk goblin to be ho ... read more
Latest book: The Trowler, Troll and Trouble

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nishoni Harvey
I am a saved, sanctified, and soul winning Baptist. My husband, Matthew Harvey, our three young children, and I serve at Hope Baptist Church of Harrison, Michigan, where we are active members. A graduate of Landmark Baptist College, I love teaching, writing stories and poetry, playing my instruments, and being a mommy. I stay busy from 7:30am until 1am most every day. I wake up knowing I have a fulfilling day of work ahead of me and go to sleep, exhausted, knowing I have made my little corner of the world a better place. When I got married, God called me to be a submissive wife, encourager, completer, and lover to my husband. and keeper of my home. When God blessed us with out first little bundle of joy, He ca ... read more
Latest book: The Fanatics