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Visit my Facebook Page Sitcom Workout
SitcomWorkout publishes and distributes health and fitness eBooks that redefine the way people approach their weight-loss process to ensure that they reach any goal they set!
Latest book: The SitcomWorkout Beginners Guide To Losing Weight While Watching TV
Visit my Facebook Page Lisa Hendrickson
I’m a self-published author with one title to my name so far. I have other works in various stages, a mystery that I will publish in August, and one I hope to have ready to publish this fall. I have no printed books as yet. I am middle-aged, fat with weird hair. I have accepted that I can’t do anything about the middle-aged part, but I am working on the fat and the weird hair. Like the majority of my writing, I am a work in progress.
Latest book: The Christmas Book
Visit my Facebook Page Sara Gauldin
Sara B. Gauldin grew up in a small Virginia town. Her parents taught her to dream big and to reach for her goals. She began writing at a very young age. She spent most of her childhood days dreaming happily. Sara began her career as a computer technician. This profession funded a new pursuit; becoming a teacher. Sara currently works as a full time teacher, an author, a blogger and a part time book blogger. Her debut book, To Conspire is a fast paced mystery and crime drama that brings the element of conspiracy at all levels of public infrastructure into question. The story is based on a Detective who is ordered by her commanding officer to investigate the disappearances of several bankers off of the record. S ... read more
Latest book: Alive: The Corporeal Pull
Visit my Facebook Page Matthew Jankiewicz
Matthew Jankiewicz is a graduate student in the fiction department at Columbia College Chicago. He is also the VP of fiction at Daydream Alchemy.
Latest book: Two for Tea / When Two Lives Intersect
Visit my Facebook Page Victoria Vista
VICTORIA VISTA is an erotic writer who lives in the beautiful Northwest. A sensuous female primal dominant who adores men, the beauty of their submission and spinning erotic tales on her blog 'Sexual Destinies’ at She started writing erotica with a dominant female lead after being dissatisfied by what she read online. She found the females harsh and unloving which did not resonate to the reality in her life. Writing about strong and confident men willingly becoming vulnerable to desires is woven in the fabric of her writings and fantasies. Warriors in spirit, gladiators unafraid of battles and struggles yet willing to lay it all down at the feet of a woman who will bring him rest an ... read more
Latest book: Helpless, Bound & Subject: Erotic Tales Inspired By Deviant/Naughty Men
Visit my Facebook Page Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson is a poet, non-fiction author, editor, photographer, and education foundation officer. He holds a BA in English Literature from Principia College and an MA in English Literature from Northeastern University. He lives with his wife, daughter, and cat in Glen Rock, New Jersey. Praise for his first book, Leading From the Eye of the Storm: Spirituality and Public School Improvement (Rowman & Littlefield, 2005), includes the following endorsement from author Parker J. Palmer: “The America I love now suffers from a toxic brew of fear, cynicism, and false bravado that is taking a terrific toll on everything from individual to institutional life. If we are to deal with the spiritual emptiness behind ... read more
Latest book: Aerial Muse: poems
Visit my Facebook Page K.A Hambly
K.A. Hambly is a Welsh author of a new vampire series called The Rise of the New Bloods. A modern vampire tale set majorly in Finland and New York. She studied English and Media, where she wrote a thesis on Dracula (From Novel to Cinema) which she claims is (Dracula) one of her favourite novels. Vampires and Gothic Horror have always been an interest of hers so it is no surprise that she started writing her own vampire series in 2011 after being inspired by a song she had heard. She states music and movies play a huge part in her inspiration for her books. At the moment Kelly is editing her second novel, Darkness Rising which will be released in Spring 2013, and is also currently writing a short story called ... read more
Latest book: The Rise of the New Bloods, Darkness Rising
Visit my Facebook Page Kaitlin Ashbury
Kaitlin lives in San Francisco. She spends her days drinking coffee and procrastinating. At night, when everyone else is asleep, she writes.
Latest book: The Forever Kind
Visit my Facebook Page Διαμαντής Φλωράκης
I was born in Athens, Greece in 1935. I have published twenty books during the last fifty years following a very prolific career extending from 1963 till nowadays. My work entitled "Eschatological Un-Reality/Existential Anarchy" - which is completed in eleven volumes - is considered to be of major significance. Fantasy and philosophical thought are main characteristics of my books.
Latest book: Μια πρόταση (για όλους, ή για κανένα)
Visit my Facebook Page BERRETTA MOORE
Minister Berretta Moore is a devoted mother of two children, whom the Lord blessed her with. They give her the highest respect and honor as a mother and also as a five-fold ministry gift. In wearing many hats that motherhood and ministry afford, she maintains her commitment to holiness and is truly the virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31
Latest book: Have You Completed Your Transformation
Visit my Facebook Page Vishal Mehta
Vishal Mehta is a UX professional and technologist with a strong eye for details. He carries more than 16 years of industry experience. Master’s in Computer Sciences from University of San Francisco, his best pastimes are playing chess, designing anything, writing about anything. Vishal helps product companies in San Francisco Bay Area with their user experience needs.
Latest book: Smoke, Mirror & Shadow
Visit my Facebook Page Hazel Statham
Hazel Statham began writing at the age of fifteen, finally committing to paper the stories she spun as a child. Writing has been her passion ever since, although marriage, motherhood, and career left time for little else. Once she retired, however, she was able to devote herself to writing full-time, publishing her first novel in 2007. A longtime student of history, she writes mainly in the Regency and Georgian eras, though she has been known to dabble in the medieval as well. She lives in Staffordshire, England, with her husband, Terry, and their beloved yellow Labrador, Mollie.
Latest book: My Dearest Friend
Visit my Facebook Page Chris Greenwood
Chris is the author of the new political opinion book Obvious or Oblivious - How Ignorance, Ideology, & Greed Are Destroying our Political Process, and he is the founder and sole contributor to the political blog Nothing Right. His passion for politics and humanity run deep, and with no desire to run for public office, he felt that the next best option was to try and help inform the public of issues that face the nation and the world.
Latest book: Obvious Or Oblivious - How Ignorance, Ideology, & Greed Are Destroying Our Political Process
Visit my Facebook Page M. Standing
Madelaine Standing is an American-Canadian novelist born in Virginia Beach, Virginia who has lived in Vancouver, Canada for nearly a decade. Her first novel, 'Heaven In The Meat Packing District', was inspired by participation in a science experiment involving the electroencephelograph at Northern California's Esalen Institute. It is a thoughtful investigation into the possible side effects of modern day technological advances. 'Jail or Garden', Madelaine's second book, is being Released in sections throughout 2013 as she assists writers with their novels as Writing Coach and Creative Consultant, over the telephone, with clients throughout N. America. Madelaine offers her thanks to Esalen Institute where she ... read more
Latest book: Jail or Garden (Book Two)
Visit my Facebook Page Dennis Michael Groves
I am a 1943 model, New Zealand male from Auckland. I have been involved in the Fire Protection Industry for the last 15 years; prior to this, my wife and I owned and operated a commercial hothouse complex quite close to where we now live. From 1973- early 1988 I was the operator of a coal-fired, floating steam crane on the Auckland Harbour. The highlight of this period was the recovery of a Royal Australian Airforce F111. which had crashed in the sea off one of our outer- harbour islands. In the latter part of 1998, I discovered the body of a female, Japanese backpacker concealed in the Fire Control room in an inner city building. The cause of her death has never been disclosed, which is quite odd in itself, bu ... read more
Latest book: Random Access Memoriam
Visit my Facebook Page Charlie Canning
Charlie Canning teaches academic writing at KFUPM in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
Latest book: The Cranial Equity Loan
Visit my Facebook Page Alexandra Beagley
Alexandra Renee Beagley is an author, playwright, screen writer, stage director and actress. Her work for theatre also titled “We Never Danced…” was produced in 2006 by The Space Between Theatre Company in St. George, Utah. Her 2012 film La Cantina was awarded FOUR STARS at the British International Amateur Film Festival (BIAFF). Her acting has been seen most recently in Shaun Labrecque’s film: “Present from the Past” (awarded the Daily Mail Trophy for the Best Amateur Film of the Year 2013 at the BIAFF),also in TSBTC’s 2009 production of Nickel and Dimed as well as in her own “We Never Danced…” and “La Cantina” Her directing talents were exercised as Assistant Director/ Stage Manager ... read more
Latest book: We Never Danced
Visit my Facebook Page Caroline D. Grimm
Caroline Grimm moved to Bridgton, Maine with her family when she was seven years old. She grew up surrounded by historic houses, steeped in stories of the past, and her curiosity got the better of her. She immersed herself in local history for the sheer joy of uncovering the past lives of neighbors long gone. She wrote her first paper on the topic in high school. Since that time, she is often found haunting cemeteries, poring over fragile letters, reading crumbling newspapers, tramping across far flung battlefields, and traveling down forgotten roads. Her neighbors sum up her odd behavior by shaking their heads and saying, "She writes."
Latest book: The Guest Book: A Novel of Acadia
Visit my Facebook Page Fergus Martin
I write because I can. I write because it exercises the mind. A simple philosophy, but one which engages and takes me on travels outside the confines of the world I routinely live in. My writing is often dark and broody, sometimes light, occasionally quirky, but almost all will make you think, because they deal with situations faced on a daily basis by many. I write in simple terms understandable by all, very much a "what you see is what you get" well, most of the time, I am a simple story teller, nothing more, nothing less
Latest book: Storm Of Sorrows
Visit my Facebook Page Robert A.G. Monks
Pioneering shareholder activist and corporate governance adviser, Robert AG Monks, has written widely about shareholder rights & responsibility, government capture, corporate impact on society and global corporate issues. He is the author of Corporate Governance (with Nell Minow), Power & Accountability (with Nell Minow), Watching the Watchers, The New Global Investors, The Emperor's Nightingale, Corpocracy and Corporate Valuation (with Alexandra Lajoux). Mr. Monks is an expert on retirement and pension plans and was appointed director of the United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation by President Reagan, who also appointed him one of the founding Trustees of the Federal Employees’ Retirement System. Mr ... read more
Latest book: Citizens DisUnited: Passive Investors, Drone CEOs, and the Corporate Capture of the American Dream
Visit my Facebook Page Scott Klesk
Scott Klesk has authored 2 novels: Scalp Lake Radio Man
Latest book: Radio Man
Visit my Facebook Page Blacquel Welch
My relationship with relaxers has spanned over 30 years. A tumultous relationship frought with misunderstanding on my part. After realizing the relaxer has never lied to me in terms of the many risks involved in use and the fact that I basically ignored after care instructions, I researched and found having relaxed hair that is healthy is possible!
Latest book: Journey to Mid-Back Length
Visit my Facebook Page Wes Remington
My name is Wes Remington and I am a writer for End of Time Survival. I am a former U.S. Military Special Operations Commando who is sniper qualified and well versed in close quarters combat. My current mission is to ensure you are adequately prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
Latest book: Zombie Apocalypse: Combat and Survival
Visit my Facebook Page Francy Pillo-Blocka
I’m a non-finger wagging, relatable dietitian, funny, femme, foodie, aficionado, successful weight loser and nutrition communicator who tells it like it is. I balance work, spouse, family, house, travel, budgets, home, food and the works just like you do! I’m a registered dietitian (RD) by trade with 30 years of experience in counseling, corporate, food and nutrition policy, communications and project manager. I am a past member and co-chair of Health Canada’s Food Expert Advisory Committee and past President and CEO of the Canadian Council of Food and Nutrition, Francy Pillo-Blocka RD FDC by name. I have an opinion on most things “food”. And oh, I’m a blogger by night at "Through Thick and Thin". ... read more
Latest book: Skinny on Slim
Visit my Facebook Page S. Baldev
S. Baldev enjoys writing in her free time. Growing up in a large family, she gained an appreciation for the value of a hard day's work at an early age. I was a shy child and perhaps the greatest challenge was competing to be heard in a household of eight other voices. Writing boosted my self confidence, and provided me with an outlet to express my inner thoughts and feelings. It also gave me a chance to use my imagination, be creative and expand my horizons. S. Baldev has published eleven e-books on Smashwords including: The Inner Dimension, Repercussions, Among the Trees, In the Shadows of Darkness, Mistaken Identity and Common Ground for adult and teen readers. Her ebook series', The Adventur ... read more
Latest book: Beyond the Mountain Ridge
Visit my Facebook Page Roy Claflin
Located in Illinois. The part that isn't Chicago.
Latest book: The New Church: A Short Story
Visit my Facebook Page Michael M. Mukavetz
Michael was born and raised in Ohio, and currently resides in the Central Ohio area. He is married with two kids that always keep him on the go! Michael plays and coaches hockey, is a runner (3 half-marathons!), golfer, backyard astronomer, and avid player of roleplaying and wargames.
Latest book: Player Character: Roleplay Your Life
Visit my Facebook Page Jim Mitchell
Jim Mitchell and his wife Marie live in the Pacific Northwest on a family farm they share with their children and grandchildren. They raise livestock, maintain a large garden, and participate in their local agricultural community. A specialist in rural property development, Jim enjoys assisting families find, develop, and maintain their rural properties. With a masters degree in civil engineering and more than 35 years of experience in commercial and residential development, Jim has overseen projects ranging from single-family residences to multi-million-dollar resorts.
Latest book: Livestock Guardian Animals: Donkeys, Llamas, and Livestock Guardian Dogs to Protect Your Property and Stock
Visit my Facebook Page David DeLucia
I'm an amateur author who is new to the world of e books. My material is either inspirational (Holiday Diary)or in the genre of Self Help.(How to Succeed at Life). I'm especially proud of my short story Room 255, based on the closing days of my father's experience with Alzheimers' Disease.
Latest book: How to Succeed In Life
Visit my Facebook Page A.J. WALTERS
I live in Southern California with my husband and my 3 wonderful teenagers. I have always been fascinated with Paranormal Romance and Boy meets Girl Romance. I enjoy watching horror and science fiction movies. I have just taken up snowboarding with my family and we all love it. I am still very new at snowboarding but I love the challenges that it brings. After reading Paranormal and Fantasy Romance; I decided to give it a try. This is my first Paranormal Romance Novella. I had so much fun writing and introducing my characters in this book, I have decided to add another book to the Optical Illusion series. I hope my readers will enjoy my next Novella “A Hybrid’s Mate” as much as they enjoyed read ... read more
Latest book: A Hybrid's Deception
Visit my Facebook Page Diana Hunter
Diana Hunter is an award-winning author, nutrition researcher, and college instructor who holds a degree in food science. Her background includes certification in food safety and management as well as studies and awards in the behavioral sciences. Her previous literary achievements include FoodSmart: Understanding Nutrition in the 21st Century and The Ritalin-Free Child: Managing Hyperactivity & Attention Deficits Without Drugs, a Parents' Choice Approval Award winner. She has been seen and heard on hundreds of network stations throughout the country as part of her acclaimed "Be FoodSmart" National Tour, and has presented at numerous colleges, universities, bookstores, libraries, and nutrition-related venues. ... read more
Latest book: Me, Myself & Food: Conquering The Struggle Against Overweight And Obesity Without Dieting
Visit my Facebook Page C.N Lesley
Elizabeth Hull, writing under the by line of C.N.Lesley, lives in Alberta with her husband and cats. Her three daughters live close by.
Latest book: Chalice of Shadows
Visit my Facebook Page C J Corbin
C. J. Corbin writes sizzling romance, which will leave you breathless. When she’s not in front of her laptop, she is looking through the lens of her camera to capture the perfect wildlife shot. An avid wildlife conservationist, she donates a portion of her book sales to animal conservancy. She lives in sunny Southern California with her cocker spaniels. Relaxing by blasting alternative rock music through her headset, she also enjoys watching Los Angeles Dodgers baseball, and L.A. Kings hockey. Her vices include a serious addiction to Coach purses. Most of all, C. J. loves to spend time with all the special people in her life, and they call her Chris.
Latest book: Protecting Destiny
Visit my Facebook Page A. Octavia
From an ancient desk in a sunlit corner of a room, A. Octavia writes about worlds hidden behind a veil of time and cosmic dust. He also writes an Erotic Blog, and hosts an Erotic Podcast available on iTunes and Stitcher. "The world is too big and full of everything to close your eyes and do nothing." -A. Octavia.
Latest book: Bokeh
Visit my Facebook Page Blas Alberto Camilo
Blas Alberto Camilo Caraballo was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, within a traditional family. He grew up in a small town in the north. He studies at the Kuban State University in Krasnodar, Russia. He holds a Master Degree in Economics. Speak several languages. He has traveled by many countries. In the recent eight years he embarked an spiritual journey that take him among other countries like India, China and South America. What makes him have reached the state of Nirvana or enlightenment. At the present, it is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Nacido en Santiago, República Dominicana, en el seno de una familia tradicional. Creció en un pequeño poblado en el norte del país. Cursó su ... read more
Latest book: Oniria City
Visit my Facebook Page Arlene Knickerbocker
Arlene Knickerbocker owns The Write Spot, offering such services as writing, editing, teaching, and inspirational speaking. She has authored more than 1000 published works, including Bible studies, articles, stories, devotions, and poems. She is an award-winning member of Toastmasters, International. She and her husband Jerry treasure their five children and ten grandchildren.
Latest book: 12 Ways to Make Your Words Count
Visit my Facebook Page Bobba Karr
Aboubekr Boutaleb, known as Bob, graduated from UCL London and lives in Kent, England with his wife. He is the author of numerous articles dealing with a wide variety of subjects including fantasy and sci-fi genres. Apart from writing, Bob loves cooking, soccer, travel and golf.
Latest book: Social Marketing: How to Use Instagram the Hottest Social Media Platform since Facebook for Both Smart Phones and PC
Visit my Facebook Page M.Lee Lederhos
M.Lee is a third generation native of Colorado. Her family includes one husband, two grown children and three grandchildren. She likes to write about issues that strike close to home. The war in the Middle East, the problems our military men have returning home, women's issues and problems our youth face. It's her hope that you will fall in love with her characters and their story will touch you.
Latest book: Sacred Ground
Visit my Facebook Page A Mallory
Self published author A. Mallory never liked to read as a child but always wished he could find a passion for it. His book, Auras and The Book of Power filled that void.
Latest book: Auras and The Book of Power
Visit my Facebook Page Ellen Dominick
Ellen Dominick has been writing professionally since 2002. Even though she has written for many newspapers and magazines, Ellen has alway had a passion for fiction. So now she is diving into the wild world of erotica. Ellen has lived all over the world, but she loves to visit Tokyo and buy hand braided bondage ropes whenever she can.
Latest book: Cup of Joshua: A BWWM Billionaire Baby Romance
Visit my Facebook Page Dab 10
i joke that i am not an author, I am a storyteller that writes stuff down. i hope that someone likes the stuff I write but either way its the telling that is fun for me. Dab10
Latest book: Something Bad
Visit my Facebook Page Jai Ellis
Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1988, Jai Ellis didn't make her debut into the literary world until 2012. Growing up in the typical inner-city neighborhood full of drug dealers and drop outs, Jai aspired to be more than her environment. She always loved being read to from an early age, which eventually led to her love of writing. During her middle school years, Jai discovered her talent for writing through her love of reading. Pulling her inspiration from the likes of Sister Souljah, Shannon Holmes, K'wan and others, Jai began to realize that she had a knack for storytelling herself. Thus sending her into an imaginative and sensational world of characters where her sometimes controlling nature wasn't a problem bec ... read more
Latest book: Money Over Errythang 2: Rivals & Revenge Double Pack
Visit my Facebook Page Dolores Terry
Dolores Terry is the youngest daughter of the late Tom & Susie Terry of Oxford, North Carolina. She was born the eleven child out of twelve. Dolores is married with three daughters. She has a degree in Applied Science in Respiratory. She retired early because of her illness and pursued her second love, which is writing. Dolores put a lot of herself into each one of her books, trying to make them unique from any other writer. Even as a young girl, she used to tell many stories to her friends and family. You can contact, Dolores about her books through her email. She resides in New York City.
Visit my Facebook Page William Thornton
East Alabama reporter for the Alabama Media Group and Southern Baptist Sunday School teacher. 1995 graduate of the University of Alabama with degree in journalism. Married father of one daughter. I narrowly missed the 1996 Olympic Park Bombing by 30 minutes.
Latest book: Brilliant Disguises
Visit my Facebook Page T Wynn
T. Wynn is a writer, radio show host, public speaker, wife, and mother. She started on her writing path a few years ago, and in 2013 released two phenomenal books. Her first book, “Make Sure Your Love Is Bigger Than Your Wedding!” is a thought provoking book with a captivating title, and was inspired by her desire to see people in better marriages and relationships. She has been married for over 21 years and is often asked, how to make a marriage last so long and stay strong in this day and age. With her experience and with the guidance from God, she knew that her first published book should be on the subject of having a good, loving, healthy, and peaceful relationship. Her next book which is fiction ... read more
Latest book: Green Is The Thing! (Money Management For Kids)
Visit my Facebook Page Nathan Nix
Nathan Nix studied journalism at the University of Houston. After graduating, he discovered he enjoyed making stories up from scratch more than working a reporter’s beat. Given that most respectable publications tend to avoid fabrication, Nathan turned to fiction as a way to dodge a life of crime. He has also dabbled in filmmaking, photography, and music. But really, who hasn’t? His work has been featured on Relevant Magazine’s website and in Free Press Houston, among other publications.
Latest book: The Drifters
Visit my Facebook Page Paul Chester
I'm legally blind, and I live in Scranton, PA. I attended West Scranton High School and after graduation, I attended Penn State Worthington Scranton where I received an Associates Degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences. Then I attended Marywood University where I received a Bachelors Degree in History. I currently volunteer at the Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and enjoy writing, with the assistance of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
Latest book: House of Nature