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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thom Wolf
Thom Wolf has written three erotic novels THE SEX CABARET, THE CHAIN and WORDS MADE FLESH. He contributed fiction to the iconic magazines In Touch and Indulge through the 1990's and his short stories have appeared in over 30 anthologies. He has published two e-book collections of short fiction BEDTIME STORIES and BODY LANGUAGE. He is working on a new novel and stories for his third collection of shorts. He lives in a small town in County Durham, England.
Latest book: Conner Blue

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gerry Aubrey
I live in Blue Bell PA and maintain a residence in Palm Coast Florida. I have been writing my whole life. I wrote poetry for my college publication. I've written articles for magazines in my profession. I developed three training videos in my field. I teach seminars to Home Inspectors and Contractors from Providence RI, to San Diego CA. Along the way I did stand up comedy for two years. One of my passions is the outdoors. I have been backpacking since I was 25. As others got older and quit, my friends and I continued to hike. My latest book takes that passion, sprinkes it with the humor of my comedic vein, and blends it with life stories that will blow your mind. Is it fiction? All fiction has its roots in trut ... read more
Latest book: If Trees Could Talk (It's Not About The Hike)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Libby Kalis
Libby Kalis lives in Australia and has successfully lived with depression for over 20 years. In that time, she has gained a huge amount of knowledge about depression. Libby now brings her own experience, wisdom and learning to assist you to helping someone with depression. As a person who has first-hand experience with this mental illness, Libby shares her knowledge of depression by providing you with accurate, insightful and contemporary information on helping someone with depression.
Latest book: The Easy To Follow Guide To Helping Someone With Depression

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Martin Ettington
The owner Martin K. Ettington is an Engineer by training and has had multiple careers. These include technical sales for GE and HP. Martin also Owns his own software and consulting business. Martin’s interest in the Paranormal and Occult goes back to his childhood. He has had many paranormal experiences and has been a student of Eastern Philosophies and Meditation for 35 years. Seeking Enlightenment; he knows that we are already all Enlightened. We just have to realize this deeply. His books are expressions of his creativity to help others understand what he has internalized through study, experience, and membership in different societies. Not many technical persons or scientists spend a lot of time in pa ... read more
Latest book: Diets and Lifestyles of the Worlds Oldest Peoples

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shadowstorm Norwicca
Shadowstorm Norwicca is an author of Paranormal Romance. She is a avid reader of romance novels and loves to be pulled into the world of the characters. She is a veteran having served in both the U.S. Marines and the U.S. Army; she now spends her time chasing after her cats Loki and Lucien who keep her on her toes. She is a mother of two wonderful children. Shadowstorm writes short stories on Facebook and has a following for her unique stories. She is a personality on her own Blog talk radio show called Shadowrealm and has a E-Magazine called Shadow Realm as well. She is a Pagan Witch who embraces her characters in her book because they are a part of her. Her debut book is Forbidden Fruit a tale of love, pain, ... read more
Latest book: Forbidden Fruit

Follow me at my  Facebook Page scott eagle
While most web experts can do amazing things with computers, they’re often less than amazing when working with people. Scott Eagle is the rare exception to the rule. His engaging, easygoing personality and stellar com­munication skills mean that his clients get the benefit of his extensive experience without the IT jargon – or the hefty price tag that so many others charge. Scott began his IT career at age four, working on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. In 1982, he was thrilled to switch to a brand-new Commodore 64, which he mastered by working on every day after arriving home from elemen­tary school. Today, more than 25 years later, Scott now works on multiple computer platforms and operating systems on ... read more
Latest book: The Seo Handbook

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mitch Dagen
Mitch Dagen of French and Lebanese descent graduated from Rosemount High School in Montréal in 1976 with a High School Diploma. For the past 32 years he has worked for Canada Post in Montréal. He took a few Creative Writing courses plus a Fundamentals of Fiction course. He started writing this novel in 1993 from a simple paragragh that was stuck in his mind. From that arose this novel. In recent years, Mitch took his writing more seriously and finally got around to finishing it. This is Mitch’s first published book. Mitch lives in Montréal with his wife.
Latest book: Murders by Midnight

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C.W. Bruce
C.W. Bruce has been writing all of her life. She was raised in Utah and lived on the Oregon coast where she worked in Information Technology and wrote in her off-time. After mainly writing children's stories, she found her niche in Romance. She now lives in Colorado with her husband and two children, while spending everyday in her office, madly writing.
Latest book: Being Played: Twin Lakes Series Book 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robyn M. Pierce
Robyn Pierce lives in Las Vegas, where the night is never-ending. There are no vampires in Las Vegas, except the ones on the pages of books. She loves music, and loves cuddling with her two cats, Joy and Hiroki, while lying down to read a good novel. Darkest Embrace is Robyn's first novel, and is the first of many in the series that will chronicle important times in the Lanistter family history. Check her out online at **I have removed PDF, RTC, and Plain Text options from my novels, as I have had a problem with someone purchasing my novel on this site and posting it for free, unauthorized download on another website.**
Latest book: Paradox

Follow me at my  Facebook Page David W. Sherwood
I grew up in a very small town in Pennsylvania. Went into the Army in 1983. Traveled, Germany, Korea, Antarctica. Have since settled in central Pennsylvania and have been at my job as a dockworker for 21 years. I am a father of three wonderful sons. I love to write. I have notebook filled with ideas. I am currently working on two major projects at the time "The King's Possessions." -- A prequel to the Kalendeck series. Now that I have The Kalendeck's, Darken French Road, and the Red Queen online there are many other projects on the back burner eagerly awaiting my attention. I ask that if you look at my book pages that you download the free samples. You will not be disappointed. If you have any questio ... read more
Latest book: Hopscotch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Loni Flowers
Loni Flowers lives in Eastern North Carolina with her husband; two wild toddlers, who never slow down for a second; and three couch-potato dogs, who only raise an eye when foods around. She spends her days working full-time for a well known bank. When she's not playing on the internet or chatting on Twitter or Facebook, she spends her free time with friends and family waiting for the next big idea strike. She enjoys reading most anything, but is a sucker for a good romance story. Contemporary romance is her writing genre of choice but isn't opposed to writing something different should an excellent idea strike. Some of her favorite authors include: L.J. Kentowski, Stefne Miller, Cassandra Clare, J.K. Rowling ... read more
Latest book: The Best I Never Had (DeVine Winery, Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Martha Bechtel
I write in a wide variety of lengths and genres, but I'm starting my eBook plunge with collections of my Saturday Story Prompts. Once I've gotten the hang of things the store will expand to include the rest of the content. (And possibly some non-fiction fun as well!) NOTE: SSP collections are a 'tip jar' of sorts-- the prompts are all free to read on the website (or will be free in the future).
Latest book: Saturday Story Prompts Collection : 2014

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maryam Faresh
What about Daisy? is a for profit enterprise with which its sole purpose is to inform, entertain and assist in raising awareness on the care and protection of animals and children with special needs through media, books and live events.
Latest book: What about Daisy?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lawrence Elliott
Lawrence D. Elliott is an American author, currently living in Bensheim, Germany. His work has appeared in many popular books, including four from the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series. In addition to his books, e-Singles, and blog, his words can be read at The Huffington Post. He’s also been interviewed for such radio shows as The Daily Wrap from The Wall Street Journal with Michael Castner. Born in San Diego, California, follow Lawrence as he shares with you details of his current and future writing projects, as well as his experiences living as an expat in “The Land of Hessen”.
Latest book: Bitte was? An American author's misadventures in the German language

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alfonso Borello
I am a pilot. I love to travel and I am fascinated by people of different cultures. I grew up as a polyglot because I wanted to experience people in their native language; I think this shows respect. Yes, a lot of people speak English around the world and it's the de facto lingua franca, but it isn't quite the same thing; when you make an effort of (respect), people take notice. I never had the intention to become an author, but I wrote a few books which are useful―I think―to people interested in developing a decent vocabulary of another language, whether for business or leisure. I still read my books over and over again for proficiency; I hope they can be useful to you as well. Don't forget to get a passpo ... read more
Latest book: A Short Biography of Pope John XXIII

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Emily Casey
Emily is a writer from Tallahassee who chases two crazy kids around the house all day before collapsing in front of her computer. She writes everything from fairy tales to zombies, from middle grade to young adult. Emily writes what's exciting to her and just hopes someone else out there likes it. Other little tid-bits: Emily's a dog person (he has a German Shepherd named Guybrush), she likes to run (and ran her first half marathon while 4 months pregnant) and majored in Psychology (which explains why she's a little nuts) at Florida State with a minor in English (which explains the whole writing thing).
Latest book: Time Killer: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samuel Japhets
Sam Japhets is a dual citizen of Ghana and Nigeria by birth, but permanently resides in Spring, Texas. Before settling in Texas in 2005, he had been a career Pastor under the auspices of the Assemblies of God Nigeria and Ghana until his resignation from the Pentecostal theology and ministries in 1997. He subsequently worked for various non denominational churches in Abia State, & Abuja, Nigeria; Accra & Kumasi Ghana; Abidjan Cote D’Ivoire; Lome, Togo; Cotonou, Benin Republic; Queens, New York; and The Woodlands Texas. He is a frequent international guest speaker at Christian events in the U.S. and many African nations. He is a versatile motivational speaker, especially to the international college and univers ... read more
Latest book: Godstrong - how to develop and deploy God-powered resilience to trump serial personal adversities, challenges, tragedies ad trials

Follow me at my  Facebook Page C. E. Lemieux, Jr.
C. E. Lemieux, Jr. is the author of four novels - Whispers in the Wind, There's Something About Henry, Loving Deacon, and The Ladder Climber. The paperback versions of his novels are available at various online booksellers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The ebook version of Whispers in the Wind and Loving Deacon are available on both Barnes and Noble for Nook and Amazon for Kindle. The ebook versions of There's Something About Henry and The Ladder Climber are exclusive to Amazon. C.E. Lemieux, Jr. writes bittersweet, character driven tales which touch the heartstrings. He is a fan of fiction in many different forms and has reviewed a number of independent authors. Although he is a self-professed n ... read more
Latest book: Whispers in the Wind

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jazzie Dixson
An avid writer since childhood, Jazzie Dixson is from the midwestern United States. She enjoys reading and is a great fan of authors Nicky Charles and John Grisham. Married and mother of two, Jazzie writes on a wide range of topics. Her interest in erotica stems from an understanding that sex and intimacy are meant to be beautiful. She calls herself 'blessed' for having encountered men who appreciated her involvement in the sexual process, realizing that she always saw her role as a woman--who is supposed to both give and receive pleasure. One man, in particular, her lover for many years--Blaze Fowler--always understood the concept and lent himself willingly to the process.
Latest book: The Lovership 4: Sins and Secrets

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Abraham Isaac Tov
I often consider how it would be possible to put into words my entire 58 years of life. Traveling as much as I have hitchhiking, working, trucking, fishing up in Alaska etc. has been both a blessing and a curse.Being one of the 99 % and having lost everything I worked for makes me question what is going on here and abroad to make this possible and so completely unfair. I abhor having to sleep on someone’s floor and accepting charity to get by every day.I truly dislike our current government being run and manipulated by lawyers for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. America was never meant to be like this. The United States isn’t supposed to be a Military Empire. I fished as a crabber up in A ... read more
Latest book: MetalHand:The Adventures of an American Trucker

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lisa Watson
National bestselling author, Lisa Watson, is a native of Washington D.C.. She writes multicultural contemporary romance novels. Having her debut novel nominated for Best Contemporary Fiction, sparked Lisa to continue creating engaging storylines, strong characters with universal appeal, and a keen sense of humor. They are drawn together by love, respect, and a strong family ties. Lisa loves traveling, so weaving beautiful destinations into the pages of her novels as lush backdrops, or the heritage of her characters is not uncommon. Lisa's latest novella, A Summer of Stars, is featured in the summer compilation, Summer Hearts: 6 Summer Tales of Sweet Romance. It introduces readers to McKinley Graham, and Zan ... read more
Latest book: A Summer of Stars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melvin Leon Guerrero
Melvin (Mel) Leon Guerrero is an author that uses personal experiences in his writings as a way of sharing his stories so others can learn from his experiences and memories. Mel grew up in a small town, outside Seattle, Washington, called Spanaway. After graduating from high school he moved to Hawaii, to finish his bachelor’s degree in Business and has resided there ever since. He enjoys: reading, writing, learning, blogging, playing tennis, running, spending hours at the beach, cooking, drinking cocktails, entertaining guests, and always searching for the positives in life. He is a grateful author who believes the friendships created in this book were for a purpose, a reasoning, something beyond his control. ... read more
Latest book: When Life's A Bitch Friendship Wins

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew E Morgan
Matthew E. Morgan tries to combine strong ideal with elements of fiction and fantasy to create works that inspire, educate, and inform. This stems from his Master's Degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, and a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies and Pastoral Ministries from Trinity Bible College, in Ellendale, ND. He has worked as an automation systems programmer, a teacher, and even a blessedly brief stint as a stand-up comedian. Now he sells real estate in Indian River County, Florida. He has been married to his supportive wife Martha since June 1997 and they welcomed their son Michael in 2010.
Latest book: Only Two Came Back

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andre' SanThomas
André SanThomas writes stories about gloriously submissive females at the feet of delightfully dominant men. She spins a world where women can choose to submit or choose to walk away. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, her stories have proven to be an outlet for the thousands of bits of otherwise useless information stored in her brain. As a seat of the pants writer, there is no telling where her characters may take her once they come to life on the page. Wherever it is, she is destined to go, providing only suggestions and guidance, following their lead. That may take her to high-rise in a major metro area, or a mansion on a mountaintop, or even to another world where women are owned as pro ... read more
Latest book: Mayia: A Realm of Janos Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Saleh Radaideh
I write books designated to young adults. I mostly write about passion, love, and suspense. I hope you all enjoy my ebooks! :)
Latest book: Bob Strangely Transcending OCD

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katie McCurdy

Latest book: A Time to Love

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephen C. Ormsby
Stephen C Ormsby was an IT professional for twenty years before deciding to lead a more creative life. He has always loved the idea of writing novels and had written four when Long Lost Song came along, demanding to be published. This is his first but will not be his last. He lives in South Gippsland with his wife, two children and a mad cat. He has travelled extensively, is an avid reader and enjoys listening to a wide range of music.
Latest book: Road to Hell: The Undead Hunters Prequel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rosemary Gunn
Word Addict. Author of erotic romances.
Latest book: How Does Your Garden Grow?: Bedtime Stories, Book 2

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Warren Alford
Warren is a Quality Assurance Group Leader for a global simulator manufacturing company. In the past, he held the position of Quality Manager of the local QMS for a global flight simulation training company. In that position he was responsible for planning and scheduling the Quality Monitoring Program, including auditor selection and training, performing audits, risk management and keeping upper management informed of the QMS status. He has also served as Lead Auditor during the performance of world-wide concurrent, multi-site Quality audits. Warren's paperback books and audio books are distributed world-wide. He holds the following professional quality certifications: ASQ Certified Manager of Quality / Orga ... read more
Latest book: Relipocrisy: Religious Hypocrisy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caitlin McCoid
i am a 17 year old poet and novelist. i write mostly romantic teenage poetry. i am currently working on a novel. as far as novel writing goes, i write science fiction and magic.
Latest book: In the Mind of a Teenage Girl

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Veronique Launier
If you were to look up random in the dictionary, you might find a picture of Véronique. This Montreal native is a single mother to two adorable young girls and a servant to two feline companions. She is also an avid reader, a dreamer, and a hopeless romantic. Her somewhat obsessive personality is often the subject of jokes amongst her family and friends, but it has served her well; she would never have written a book without it. She is studying everything Iranian from the language, to the history, to the cuisine -- another side effect to her obsessive personality -- and she likes to dance (usually in the kitchen).
Latest book: Deliverance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anne Violet
From the moment Anne Violet read her first romance novel as a teenager she knew she wanted to be a writer. She grew up in a home where Star Trek was continuously on, so it's only natural that sci-fi, fantasy and the paranormal become her favorite genres, and her favorite writing influences today. Add a dash of romance and sensuality and you have the combination that shes addicted to. In her non-writing hours she loves traveling, taking dance classes, reading and watching movies. Don't be surprised to find her at a local sci-fi convention or medieval fair. She loves hearing from her readers and can be found on Facebook at the following address.
Latest book: Enthrall Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sol Brillante
Un dia llegó a la iglesia, un nuevo Obispo. Me llamó para una entrevista y me dijo: " Hermana, los sucesos que acontecen en tu vida, no son los que normalmente ocurren en las vidas de los demás. Así como grande pruebas tú has tenido que soportar y pasar, también, Nuestro Padre Celestial tiene grandes bendiciones para tí". Si, pienso que la balanza tiene que estar equilibrada. Aunque terribles han sido muchos de los sucesos en mi vida, siempre he tratado de no perder la fé, he tratado de mantener viva la esperanza de un futuro mejor. Hoy día, y despues de cruzar los valles, rios y montañas en mi vida, he llegado a una nueva ciudad, donde me espera un futuro mejor, siempre acompañada de mi Señor y ... read more
Latest book: Mi Gran Amigo

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sheri Mackey
Sheri L. Mackey is a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, whose areas of expertise include intercultural theory and practice, strategic planning, maximizing global operations, and unleashing leadership potential. Having spent more than 28 years living, working, learning, and traveling throughout the world, Sheri provides a unique perspective on intercultural relationships and the impact these relationships have on global business operations. With over 20 years of executive management experience, and expertise in service operations and leadership development across multiple industries, she is the CEO and President of Luminosity Global Consulting Group – a strategic leadership and intercult ... read more
Latest book: Virtual Success: How TO Build High Performing Virtual Teams

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Harold Wilson
I am a retired chemistry professor, now living in Pointe Claire, Quebec. I spent my early years in and around the town of Ulverston in N.W. England. In 1963 I took up a position teaching Elementary and High School in Montreal. After four rewarding years in teaching, I returned to University, obtaining a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Rice University in the Spring of 1972. In my professional career, spent largely at John Abbott College, I wrote a series of in-house texts to accompany my innovative award winning approach to chemistry teaching. I also co-authored several research papers, review articles and a book - "The Role of Solvents in Chemical Reactions". Since retirement I have found time to indulge my passion for ... read more
Latest book: Oh Henry!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell is an award-winning journalist and author specializing in narrative nonfiction and has written for such publications as The Atlantic, The Economist, WSJ Magazine, The Daily Beast, Paris Match, Foreign Policy,, USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, the San Francisco Chronicle, In These Times and Amnesty Magazine, among others. He is the author of four nonfiction books, including The Road to Kosovo: A Balkan Diary; Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Deadly Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones; and (with coauthor Scott Selby) Flawless: Inside the World’s Largest Diamond Heist. Blood Diamonds, which won the Colorado Book Award in 2002, served as inspiration for the Oscar- ... read more
Latest book: The Road To Kosovo: A Balkan Diary

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Gordon
About the author: James Gordon - author, producer, promoter, composer, artist and entrepreneur. In 2003, he published his groundbreaking fictional work entitled, The Unbegotten, the story of the begotten daughter of God and her trials in dealing with the fate she was destined to face. Since then, Gordon has released and revised four more books in the series entitled, Cataclysm, Sacrifices, Apocrypha and Yesterday's Kingdom. He has also created a literary soundtrack to the book. James Gordon has also released Mandarin Rose, Curse of the Black Lotus, Lady Dragon and Neon, which tell the story of a young prostitute named Kitty fighting to survive in a futuristic socialist America. Nationhood is the powerful no ... read more
Latest book: The Unbegotten: The Dark Ages - Blood Moon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amy A. Bartol
I live in Michigan with my husband and our two sons. My family is very supportive of my writing. When I’m writing, they often bring me the take-out menu so that I can call and order them dinner. They listen patiently when I talk about my characters like they’re real. They rarely roll their eyes when I tell them I’ll only be a second while I finish writing a chapter…and then they take off their coats. They ask me how the story is going when I surface after living for hours in a world of my own making. They have learned to accept my “writing uniform” consisting of a slightly unflattering pink fleece jacket, t-shirt, and black yoga pants. And they smile at my nerdy bookishness whenever I try to explain ... read more
Latest book: Incendiary: The Premonition Series (Volume 4)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steven A. Roman
Steven A. Roman is the author of the Saga of Pandora Zwieback novel series and the graphic novels Lorelei: Sects and the City and Sunn, and the bestselling author of the novels X-Men: The Chaos Engine Trilogy and Final Destination: Dead Man’s Hand. His short fiction has appeared in such anthologies as Best New Zombie Tales 2, If I Were an Evil Overlord, Untold Tales of Spider-Man, and Doctor Who: Short Trips: Farewells.
Latest book: Terra Incognito: A Guide to Building the Worlds of Your Imagination

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Clare Smith
Primarily a fantasy hound, Rebecca is an animal lover with a writing style that meanders between dystopian and urban. She lives by the seaside with her pragmatic other half and their cats in the lovely UK county of Yorkshire (where tea drinking is expected and dunking biscuits is mandatory). Her day job is friendlier than her plot lines might have you expect and her house is far less cluttered than her head, surprisingly. Occasionally she attempts to garden or clean, but is more often found with her face buried in new writing or the writing of others.
Latest book: Forgiving Zander

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caleb H. Smith
Caleb H. Smith graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in English. He has worked in the financial industry, most recently as a managing director of a regional brokerage firm which has now been sold to a large bank. Over the years, Caleb has cruised the Caribbean extensively on his forty-four foot sailboat. Currently he is dividing my time between Pennsylvania and Florida, working full time on writing novels. He is divorced with three grown daughters and two small grandsons.
Latest book: Reggae Jihad

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Larry Eissler
Larry Eissler was born Larry Gene Eissler III on August 9th 1987. He lived and grew up in Algonquin, Illinois and graduated from Dundee-Crown High School in the summer of 2005. That following August he enlisted in the Illinois Army National Guard as a Chemical Operations Specialist while serving 6 months in Fort Leonard, Missouri for his basic training and occupation training. Between 2006 and 2008 he served in the Illinois Army National Guard CBRNE (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear, and high yield Explosive) Emergency Response Force Package (CERF-P) as a part of a Homeland Security hazmat operations team for Illinois. In September 2008, he deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan in support of Operation Endur ... read more
Latest book: The Relationship Statute of Limitations

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ing. Peter Juricek, MAS
Petr Juricek is an IT specialist with broad experience within Central Eastern Europe and Austrian markets. He was born in former Czechoslovaklia and speaking this language together german, english and slowak absolutely fluent. His education, military service and professional life Petr spent in Austria thus he is an Austrian citizen. In September 2009 Petr decided to register for an post gradual study at Alpen Adria University in Klagenfurt, Austria, where he successfully graduated in Business Management in July 2011. This book is the Master Thesis which Petr successfully defended on July 5th 2011 and made him to Master in Advanced Studies in Business Management. Your´s Faithfully Ing. Petr Juricek, MAS
Latest book: Modell zur Positionierung eines mittelständischen produktionsunternehmens in Bulgarien

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Samir Dash
Samir has more than ten plus years of industry experience in user experience design , market Research for cross platform content & applications development, information design solutions for fortune 100 product setups. Currently Samir is working as a Chief Designer for UX Innovations at Samsung R&D Center , Bangalore, India. For details see Linked in profile at
Latest book: UX Simplified: Models & Methodologies

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rochelle Ragnarok
Born in Michigan, USA Rochelle H. Ragnarok began her writing career in 2004 after writing privately for several years. Her first horror short was published in "Necrology Shorts" and since then she had begun writing the first novel in her Boys in Love series—Game Boys. Rochelle has published three books total within the series and will complete the fourth and final novel soon. Rochelle has written horror shorts and web comics. However, her primary interest and passion is for yaoi. So far she has written five yaoi novels. Published works include: Boys in Love series and Hell City Hills. She is currently working on a supernatural yaoi horror.
Latest book: Never Let Go (Boys In Love # 4)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Singleton M. Tate a.k.a. THE GIFT
Simply known as: THE GIFT, a.k.a. T.G. She is one who sees, feels and conveys the inner most depths of existence. She is the creator of her own writing style [O.A.C.], which is "Open-ended Artistic Creativity". She is an Innovator. She has written over 20 books. She has finished two books of poetry. The others are poetry-non-fiction/fiction short stories, short fiction stories and children's book that are all in the final completion stage. She has also written a play. She knows that it is a blessing to touch lives, that within itself is one of the most precious gifts. She knows that being a blessing is what her living is all about. She has (4) Children's Books currently being published and they are: "I' ... read more
Latest book: Sean's Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jim G Payne
Raised on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in the 1970's. Jim has since made his home in Nashville, Tennessee with his family and their pets. After quickly deciding not to follow in the family waterman business, he began a series of career choices which brought him to IT Project Management. Where he now spends his daytime hours.
Latest book: Nightmare! A Haunting in Nashville

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Landon Johnson
Landon Johnson (1979 - present) was born in Lincoln Nebraska. He spent his teenaged years in Illinois where he spent time in the Chicago and Rockford areas seeing a life very different from the one he was raised in small town Nebraska. Over the years he has written poetry and short stories that have never been published. His debut short story "The River of Lost Hope" has been steadily climbing up the charts. His next project is putting together a book of poetry written over the past 17 years.
Latest book: Melting in the Body of Wax

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Terrance L. Weber
Born in Moorestown, NJ in 1927. Served 3 years in USN during WW2. Attended several colleges: U of P, Rider, Rutgers, Nwk Coll. of Eng. all under GI Bill (Sales, Marketing, Business Writing). Owner: Weber & Sons,Inc. Printing & Direct Mail Advertising business for 30 years. Writer: Award winning (National DMAA)Sales letter copywriter with: Yeck & Yeck in Dayton,OH (1966-'67). Worked with author and Creative Direcctor, Darrell Hare at Graphic Service; Diamond Expert Author status (Best of the best of 478,000 article writes wolrd-wide), Author with 62,857 views of my 168 articles. Some of my inventions are:(Pat.Pend.; NoLabeSystem, Tydee Stamp, LabelPeeler, Tymindex Time Card File System sold ... read more
Latest book: Profitable Thinking How To Think For Yourself To Help Others