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Visit my Facebook Page Jennifer Appel
Hanging By Threads volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the most recent diatribes of my life. Prior to the US Navy rescue at sea, Jennifer had an illustrious career as a registered landscape architect, practicing in multiple states. Concerned about pet health and lawn chemicals, Appel created Malama Aina - a soil conditioner system for Certified Organic food which was originally touted as Pet Friendly Fertilizer in the late 1990s. in the early 2000s, Appel Green Roof was created from the rooftop gardeing aspect of landscape architecture and civil/structural engineering. The 10# per sq ft green roof system saves about 30% off a single story utility bill on day one of the installation. This activity expaned into the pra ... read more
Latest book: Hanging By Threads: Part Two
Visit my Facebook Page Jalissa Carter
Jalissa Carter is a writer of both fiction & non-fiction romance. The novella, Testimonials Tales & Females marked her debut as an American indie author. She is the small business owner of Art Story Pop Up Weddings. The novelist loves working alongside her husband as a coordinator. When she is not preparing brides & grooms for their "I DO's" she is pinning wedding anniversary ideas to share with her high school sweetheart, on Pinterest. They currently reside in a charming mountain town of northwest Arkansas with their beautiful daughters and pet fish. Do you have a copy of the author's eBook? Request an electronic autograph here:
Latest book: COMICAL LOVE: The Hilarious Truth About How We Met, Engaged, & Married. (An Free eBook Short)
Visit my Facebook Page Thomas Biehl
Writer, teacher, parent, and petty dabbler in theoretical physics, metaphysical philosophy, and abnormal psychology
Latest book: Burning at Both Ends
Visit my Facebook Page BERNARD HOPE
BERNARD HOPE a.k.a Hope d'solution is a seasoned writer who writes for the purpose if solving global problems.He is equally a seasoned musical minister.Bernard Hope has written books like My Formulae Compendium,Cryptocurrencies Secret guide.
Latest book: Cryptocurrency Secret Guide
Visit my Facebook Page Neil
Smile more often. Checkout my first book"The secret life of teen girl" available online. Love.
Latest book: The Secret Life of Teen Girl
Visit my Facebook Page Simon Alkenmayer
Simon Alkenmayer is a monster. What kind? The only kind that’s real. Which somewhat complicates any biography. He has lived all over Europe and North America throughout the centuries, dividing his time between making fortunes, telling fortunes, and being a soldier of fortune. Currently settled somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, he owns or invests in everything from scientific research to small local businesses. In addition to running his social media experiment into how humans parse reality from fiction, he collects antiques which he restores, writes recipes that may or may not contain human flesh, and tries to avoid being driven from his home by a mob of angry townspeople. He enjoys engaging with the gentle ... read more
Latest book: The Creature's Cookbook 2: Monster's Mise en Place
Visit my Facebook Page John Anderson
Convert OST to PST tool to recover corrupt OST files very easily and convert OST email into EML, MSG, PST and HTML formats. OST converter is easy way to conversion of OST files into PST files. OST to PST software successfully supported all version of MS Outlook platform.
Latest book: EdbMails OST to PST Converter
Visit my Facebook Page Anijah Augustine Ifeanyi
Anijah Augustine .I. is considered one of those “Ordinary Nigerians” who has achieved extraordinary results in trading the Forex, CFD’s and Cryptocurrency market. He is the CEO of Anixia Capital Ltd. He’s one of the few successful currency traders in Africa that has also mentored a lot of newbie traders in the continent through his Anixia Capital program titled “Train The Trader”, a result oriented program. As well as trading, he’s a job search expert who has consulted for so many applicants with 99.9% success rate using the most pragmatic job search strategy ever known to man, the BACKDOOR JOB HUNT MASTERPIECE. When not at work, Augustine spends time with his long-time sweetheart Ifeoma Antoi ... read more
Latest book: Backdoor Job Hunt Masterpiece
Visit my Facebook Page Robinson Hardin
Robinson Hardin is an American and Peruvian writer of Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, Short Horror Stories, Fantasy, Epic and Children, who was born in, Peru, on 1987. He attended his first education at the Jose de San Martin National School, then, on 1999 he followed his studies at the School Dante Alighieri, where he discovered the stories, in his hours of happy reading, of the writer Julio Ramon Ribeyro, to which he took as a great reference and inspiration of his writings, together with the poet and writer Cesar Vallejo. Between the years 2004 and 2006 he dedicated himself to study all about of editorial design, where he consolidated his knowledge in the beautiful art of the layout and editing of texts in t ... read more
Latest book: Create Your Digital Marketing Agency: 14 Tips to Create Your Online Marketing Agency
Visit my Facebook Page Heather Rivera
Heather Rivera first discovered her love for writing fantasy novels when she read a single book by Holly Black at the age of sixteen. At 25 years-old and from Ocala, Florida, she now resides in Fort Collins, CO. With encouragement from her best friend, Beka, she began going to school in her pursuit for a BA in Creative Writing for Entertainment at Full Sail University. She has a single published work with the Scarlet Leaf Review online magazine with her piece Resolution available. In her free time, she loves to discuss writing and new world industries.
Latest book: Sugar-coated, A Life's Collection
Visit my Facebook Page Art Davie
ART DAVIE Davie comes to the entertainment business from the advertising agency world. He was an account executive and copywriter in California ad agencies for many years, specializing in package goods and politics. Spectacle and creativity was always a theme in Davie’s work. For example: a campaign for the Honda Dealer Associations featured a giant zucchini, lemon, and tomato on wheels, and was featured in the May 3-9, 1980 issue of TV Guide (“Nice - But do you have something in a ’77 Eggplant?”). Davie even performed stunts in TV commercials (for his own San Diego car dealership –Toyack Motors) where he jumped from a 10-story building onto an airbag, was set on fire, shot with a .357 magnum, catap ... read more
Latest book: Is This Legal?
Visit my Facebook Page Tara Rai
Tara Rai, author of "Empty Space and Other Short Stories" is both a writer and a preschool teacher with a love for both early childhood education and creative writing. Tara will graduate with her B.F.A. in creative writing in 2019, and continue on her path in the education field while developing her writing career. Her stories fall into the young adult, mystery, horror, and drama genres. Tara is also working on various forms of children's literature.
Latest book: Empty Space and Other Short Stories
Visit my Facebook Page Sachal Smith
I am a chemist by profession. The subjects of astrology and alchemy are my passions.
Latest book: ESOTERIC ISLAM: A Hermetic Perspective on Islamic Traditions
Visit my Facebook Page Rosi Phillips
Rosi S. Phillips was born in 1993 with caramel colored skin, to a Nigerian immigrant father and a 2nd generation Finnish mother. With this background, International awesomeness was soon to follow. Rosi attended public schools in Cleveland (Ohio), Richfield (Minnesota) and Washington, DC and ultimately received a scholarship to attend Emerson Preparatory School In Dupont Circle, graduating at 16. Rosi then headed to Egypt for a year abroad to study Arabic in Cairo. Secretly, her friends wonder how her presence in Egypt may have sparked the Revolution, but her host family has assured her it is simply not the case. Rosi splits her time now between being an awesome daughter, learning Persian, and figuring out ho ... read more
Latest book: Tread
Visit my Facebook Page Betty M Reeves
Betty M Reeves is the author of two music books, Melody Street and Playing Guitar for Beginners, an arranger/composer, and publisher. Betty taught music for 23 years and volunteers in the music ministry of her church. Her Master of Arts in music and Kodaly Certification is from WTA&M University, Canyon, Texas; her Bachelor of Music Education is from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. Betty and her husband Glenn live in Borger and Amarillo, Texas. They are blessed with five grown children, nine grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren. Elayne M Hoover-Sims excels in storytelling, in martial arts, and in all kinds of creative crafts. She works on “The Knot” at She studied at Metropol ... read more
Latest book: The Story of Glops: For Children Everywhere Who Love Animals and Creatures of Every Kind
Visit my Facebook Page Amara Russell
Amara L. Russell, Author of Nspired, a Devotional and the Novel, A Rare Diamond, which she has recently transformed into a Trilogy; Volume I Shattered Dreams, Volume II California Love, and Volume III Faith, Family, Love. A prolific writer, who currently works as a Social Catering Manager for a major hotel, loves to inspire and shed light through story-telling and writing. She gives hope and encourages one to dream and see beyond the present. Life's challenges have made her the writer she is today. One thing I know to be true, is that you will always find her giving life through her smile or encouraging one with soft-spoken words from her heart. When she isn’t working, blogging/writing, cooking, or spendi ... read more
Latest book: Flash Fiction Stories
Visit my Facebook Page (James) David Rich
David Rich grew up as a farm boy on a ranch in southwestern Colorado near the Four Corners. His dad introduced him to tractors and cattle, and his mother to music and travel. After high school David received an alternate appointment to the Air Force Academy but ended up touring the country with an amazing group of fellow misfits in the fighting 529th Air Force Band. The Air Force was relieved to discharge him a few months early to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder. After graduation David was somehow admitted to the University of Chicago Law School and by some fluke began practicing law in Phoenix with Lewis and Roca, the firm that handled the Miranda case (which he had nothing to do with). He became ... read more
Latest book: RV the World
Visit my Facebook Page Flavio Vaccarella
Flavio Vaccarella nació en el Callao, Perú, en el año 1972. Estudió Administración de Empresas en la Universidad de Lima y culmino una maestría en Webster University, en el estado de Missouri, donde residió por 5 años. Publicó su primera novela Vacaciones en Máncora en el 2003, y Antonazzi en el 2007. Escribe literatura contemporánea, y se caracteriza por describir el mundo interior que viven sus personajes. Actualmente vive en Lima.
Latest book: Antonazzi
Visit my Facebook Page Quentin Cope
Having spent a fortunate life engaged in world travel, Quentin feels the only sensible finale for such unbridled adventure is to write about it. An addicted novelist, he tends to write from experience, characterize people he has truly known and weave story lines around real events of the time. Quentin considers the stories he writes to be narratives that matter and is not afraid to approach difficult subjects, especially ones that accurately reflect the reality of a particular period. If you enjoy erotic thrillers with an historical twist; fictional characters intertwined with real events and storylines that will keep you turning the page, then perhaps this latest offering, ‘The Arabian’ is particularly for ... read more
Latest book: The Arabian
Visit my Facebook Page Alex Kheyson
My name is Alex E Kheyson. Leadership and Personal Development is my life's passion, and my goal is to share this passion with others through authentic communication that comes from my heart. My mission is to motivate and inspire other people to become better leaders, overcome their fears in life, and keep moving forward in pursuit of personal and professional goals and dreams
Latest book: Heart & Mind of a Leader - Creating Your Own Path in Life Through Continuous Learning, Self-Discovery, and Genuine Leadership
Visit my Facebook Page Dr. Ty Belknap
“When I was younger I was usually quiet. During times when I talked more, my friends would sometimes good-naturedly point it out, which would put me back in my shell. It took me many years to be comfortable with being an introvert and not thinking that there was something wrong with me." Ty Belknap received his Doctorate of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching June 2017, after 10 years in college. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, children, and whichever dogs they have currently rescued. Being a self-described “techy-nerd,” Dr. Ty has many web sites. Information on his introvert writing can be found at Many of his videos and past webinars on business and leadersh ... read more
Latest book: Timeless SEO Secrets: That Search Engines Don't Want You to Know About
Visit my Facebook Page L.Y. Moe
L.Y. Moe is an aspiring novelist with a passion for YA and children's fiction. She is actively pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. Most recently, her flash fiction piece "The Package," was published in the August 2017 print edition of the SCARLET LEAF REVIEW. When she is not writing, L.Y. Moe dreams of spending her days reading, sleeping, and watching movies. Instead, the Missouri native happily devotes all of her time and energy to her family.
Latest book: Family Over Everything: A Collection of Short Stories
Visit my Facebook Page J.B. Gwynne
J.B. Gwynne was born and raised in southeastern Ohio, but has lived in South Carolina for the last several years. She is an avid animal lover and has a variety of pets, which include cats, dogs, a turtle, and a squirrel.
Latest book: Hello, Charlie (Book 1 The Charlie On Board Series)
Visit my Facebook Page Jose Luis Argent
Tras años de composición y grabación, a principios del 2013 descubrí la aplicación GarageBand y resultó ser "amor a primera vista". Acostumbrado a grabar mis temas en estudios de grabación, utilizando costosos equipos de grabación multipista, ecualización, etc. descubrir lo que podía hacer con algo tan simple como el iPad resultó impactante. Con los años la aplicación a seguido mejorando y todavía me sorprende lo que con ella podemos hacer: grabar hasta 32 pistas, tener a nuestra disposición una gran variedad de guitarras, teclados, bajos, distintos tipos de batería, instrumentos de cuerda y viento, etc. En el año 2017 creé un método con el que cualquier persona, sin experiencia previa ni no ... read more
Latest book: Cómo componer canciones en 30 minutos con tu iPhone o iPad (Con GarageBand, sin saber tocar un instrumento ni tener la mínima idea de solfeo)
Visit my Facebook Page Pravuram Nayak
Pravuram Nayak is a teacher trainer, a prolific author and a storyteller. He has been associated with Xavier Computer (Human Life Centre) , Bhubaneswar for almost two decades. He is an experienced author who has worked as a teacher in computer science at middle and senior school level for many years.
Latest book: Core Java - The Practical Guide for Beginners
Visit my Facebook Page Richard Elliott
Richard Elliott is an aspiring novelist in the fiction genre. His credits include the flash fiction stories "Gerald" and "The Accomplice", both published in the Scarlet Leaf Review by Scarlet Leaf Press. He is currently working on his Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. He has myoclonic dystonia, a neurological movement disorder. When not writing, he tries to raise awareness of this disorder. He is an avid movie buff, a reader of works of fiction, both novels and graphic novels, and a video game enthusiast.
Latest book: Gerald and Other Short Stories
Visit my Facebook Page Matthew Tait
A vociferous horror columnist since 2005, Matthew Tait published his first collection of dark fiction in 2011. Since then he has been nominated for the prestigious Shadows Award in the category of novel and gone on to publish an illustrated book of non-fiction. Described as writing ‘the sort of horror Clive Barker must read on his days off’ Matthew’s fiction often treads the line between the familiar and the fantastic.
Latest book: Providence Place
Visit my Facebook Page Kimberly Unger
Kimberly created her first videogame back when the 80-column card was the new hot thing. This turned a literary love of science fiction into a full blown obsession with the intersection of technology and humanity. Kimberly runs a mobileVR development studio, lectures on the intersection of art and code for UCSC’s master’s degree program and writes science fiction about how all these app-driven superpowers are going to change the human race.
Latest book: Wishes Folded into Fancy Paper
Visit my Facebook Page Kelley Sewell
While leading a very fulfilling life as a wife, mother, and businesswoman, Kelley Sewell still always longed to pursue her dream of fiction writing. In 2017, with her fiftieth birthday looming on the horizon, Kelley realized she would always live with the regret of not finishing her first book if she didn’t take action. Once she committed herself to reaching this personal milestone, individuals came out of the woodwork to support her endeavor. The result is her first book, The Blind Switch. Kelley, a northern California native, grew up spending summers camping at nearby lakes and taking trips with her family to national parks across the country. An outdoor and travel enthusiast, she enjoys hiking and visiti ... read more
Latest book: The Blind Switch
Visit my Facebook Page Dami Loelse
Dami Roelse is a certified life coach and retired mental health provider. Born in Holland, she has traveled the world, including several treks in the Himalayas. She has also hiked long sections of the Pacific Crest trail, often leading groups of women in that endeavor.
Latest book: Walking Gone Wild: How to Lose Your Age on the Trail
Visit my Facebook Page Theodore Tucker
Theo Tucker is an accomplished, writer, singer, and speaker. His published works include "Real Talk: Issues of Today's Youth," "Carter Gets A Dog," and several pieces in magazines, newspapers, and collectives. He is a personal coach and motivational speaker, focusing on young adults and teens. Along with his wife Melissa, he leads the worship ministry at Arise Church in Detroit, MI.Theo and Melissa are married with their daughter Langston, and dog Gracie.
Latest book: The Adolescent Father - A Dramatic Ebook Series by Theo Tucker
Visit my Facebook Page Barbara Tyner
Barbara was born in Colorado and still resides there. A lifelong love for horses and the outdoors led to a life of farming, ranching, and managing a feedlot. She spearheaded a ten-year project in rural eastern Colorado to establish The Grassroots Community Center, park, and health clinic. A board member of the Foundation for nine years, she became the Executive Director of the Center when it opened. After retiring from ranching, her long dormant love for writing bloomed and she returned to school, earning a BA in English Literature from UCCS. A lifelong love of T.H.White’s classic, “The Once and Future King” and her granddaughter’s love for dragon stories were a major inspiration for “Rhyaden.” B ... read more
Latest book: Rhyaden
Visit my Facebook Page Lee Black
Hi there, I am a game developer who also likes to write short stories... That I eventually make into either video games and short videos. I'm a gamer and a writer (Redundant I know) who likes all manner of things. Violence, mystery, romance, all kinds. If you have a specific kind of story you would like, let me know and I will hopefully have a story for you.
Latest book: Blacker Than Dark and Other Dampening Stories
Visit my Facebook Page Dennis Chikata
Dennis Chikata is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He has written a number of books which includes THE TUNNEL OF NO RETURN which participated in Amazon's 2017 Story Teller competition. His other books include : DISOBEDIENCE -ITS HORROR AND SECRET EFFECTS, ORIGIN OF THE FIRST ROSARY, THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IN TROPICAL POULTRY HUSBANDRY, VILLAGE MOONLIGHT STORIES. He is married to Roseline- a Doctor of Education Management and Planning
Latest book: The Story of the Most Mysterious Man on Earth
Visit my Facebook Page Shahyeim Oliveira
Shahyeim Oliveira is a young writer currently studying at Full Sail University. He has had short stories Published in two magazines and has self-published one EBook. The Book is available on a website that allows emerging authors to Publish their own work for purchase. is the world’s largest publisher of indie e-books. They allow authors to publish and distribute e-books to the industry’s major retailers, as well as provide e-books in a wide variety of digital formats.
Latest book: Tales From a Lost Library
Visit my Facebook Page Anne Stinnett
Anne Stinnett was born in Los Angeles where she spent most of her first decade reading books and playing in traffic. Eventually, she learned the foolishness of frolicking amongst moving vehicles, but she is still a voracious reader of multiple genres. After growing up in California, she moved around a bit, eventually landing in Albuquerque. She graduated from the University of New Mexico, with a major in English and a minor in Theater Arts. She now lives in Palm Springs, California with her freeloader canine friends Sirius (yes, Black) and Midge, who occasionally allow her to get some writing done.
Latest book: Creature of the Night
Visit my Facebook Page Tyrolin Puxty
A Jack, or more accurately, a Tyrolin of all trades. Broken Dolls, the first in the trilogy, is an international #1 bestseller and appeared on Buzzfeed’s Top 24 Best SciFi/Fantasy Books of 2015. Tyrolin has been in the Top 25 of the Australian Songwriters Association and Top 5 of the Australian Independent Music Awards, was awarded an Australia Day Award for Music in 2014 and 2017, and for Arts in 2015. She owns a performing arts school, teaches creative writing and co-hosts a podcast called HooPod, which is part of Felicia Day’s Hooman community. Despite this, chocolate, cats and copious amounts of TV marathons take up the majority of Tyrolin’s time.
Latest book: Broken Dolls
Visit my Facebook Page Vicki L. Kemp
Lady Vicki Kemp has a passion for encouraging, challenging and empowering women and youth. A licensed Evangelist, she serves as the Women’s Ministry Administrator and on the Board of Scholastic Education at Greater Harvest Christian Center. As the director of Harvest of Hope Educational Services, Lady Kemp also devotes her time to developing educational strategies to help students. A Service Coordinator for the Special Needs population by trade, she also serves on the Board of Directors of Bakersfield Senior Center of Kern County. Lady Kemp earned her Bachelor degree in Liberal Studies from California State University, Bakersfield. She has a Kingdom Agenda to reach lost souls. Her unwavering faith, compassi ... read more
Latest book: Better than Yesterday
Visit my Facebook Page Eliza Tilton
Eliza graduated from Dowling College with a BA in Visual Communications. When she’s not arguing with excel at her day job, or playing Dragon Age 2, again, she’s writing. Her stories hold a bit of the fantastical and there’s always a romance. Her YA Fantasy series, The Daath Chronicles, is published by Curiosity Quills Press.
Latest book: Deadly Dance: A Daath Short Story
Visit my Facebook Page Micky O'Brady
Micky O’Brady is a pediatrician-turned-writer living in beautiful, dry Southern California with her husband and two critters (one son, one dog). Micky loves to write YA thrillers with a romantic twist, mainly because she wishes her life had been such an awesome mix of action and cute guys when she was a teen. When she isn’t up at around 3 a.m. (with a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot) drafting stories she can’t get out of her head, she can be found at a martial arts dojo, though maybe not at 3 a.m. She holds a 2nd degree black belt in Judo and a brown belt in Krav Maga, and is convinced every girl should know how to kick some butt. Micky also is a firm believer in the healing powers of Nutella eaten straight ... read more
Latest book: The President’s Daughter
Visit my Facebook Page David D. Hammons
While visiting Cambridge during my time studying abroad, I tried to sneak into C. S. Lewis’s old apartment. I wanted to stand where the old master stood. I wanted to glean bits of imagination that no-doubt still clung to those walls. A locked door barred my path, and I fled to the safety of the campus pub. It has been my goal to live a life that is notable as the life of that master of writing. I’ve climbed the slopes of Machu Picchu, swam in Loch Ness, smuggled ice cream into China, and made moonshine in my hometown. I studied writing and business in school, and gave up a position in my family’s Black Walnut company to chase my dream. Life, if you make it so, can be an adventure. Despite all my adventur ... read more
Latest book: Don't Eat The Glowing Bananas
Visit my Facebook Page Chris Durrant
Chris Durrant was born in India to British parents in the last days of the Raj. He was brought up in Kenya, had three enjoyable and not completely wasted years at Oxford, and went back to East Africa to work for the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), a sort of British equivalent of the World Bank. After postings with CDC in Swaziland and Jamaica, he migrated with his family to Australia. He now lives with his wife Shirley in the hills above Perth, Western Australia. Children and grandchildren are scattered around the world, including Perth. Apart from financial management, Chris has worked as a pig farmer and a school-teacher. He is a rugby fanatic, an environmentalist, and a keen student of the histo ... read more
Latest book: Under the Same Moon
Visit my Facebook Page S.D. Vieau
S.D. Vieau was born in NC in 1981. She enjoys reading just about anything that catches her eye. A couple of her favorite authors are Christine Feehan and Stephen King. She has always had a love of writing even when she was younger. She currently loves to write paranormal and fantasy romances. She is partial to witches and wolf shifter stories. A person is never too old and its never too late to follow your dreams. Whatever they may be.
Latest book: The Awakening: A Wolf Creek Falls Novel
Visit my Facebook Page Amiee Smith
If you mixed a Jill Scott song, a 2 Dope Queens podcast, an episode of Sex and the City, and a Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel in a blender, you’d pour out Amiee Smith. ​Born in Arkansas, but raised in Southern California, Amiee is a hybrid of impeccable manners and laid-back/good vibes only. She writes and publishes smutty, interracial tales about brainy heroines and hot heroes from her dining room table in Oakland, California. Music is always playing in her apartment and there’s usually a mason jar of fresh tulips on her dresser. You can find her on Instagram @AmieeSmithBooks
Latest book: Break Free (Smart Girl Mafia Series: Book One)
Visit my Facebook Page Up to Speed
The 'Up to speed' series of educational e-books covers a spectrum of sustainability topics with a focus on the causes, consequences and cures. Each ebook provides a non-technical & non-academic overview for a general audience. Available in all major ebook formats, the series is designed to help readers get quickly up to speed on important environmental issues. Get up to speed now.
Latest book: Why Humans Shouldn't Go to Mars
Visit my Facebook Page Don Newton
Don Newton is a despicable lout that grew up on the road. His family never spent more than a year or two in one place. No, it wasn't because they were on the run, being hunted by the mafia, or continuously shuffled about by the witness protection program. The truth is, his father worked for a major oil concern (no, we won't mention the name). After gaining the age of majority, he spent six years in the Army, again being moved around to various locations. Now that he's more or less settled, he writes, reads, and tends a small garden behind his house, now that things have become more or less legal. The worlds of Erador are a passion that will never die - for every story creates more stories. And isn't that how it ... read more
Latest book: Chronicles Of Erador - Book One: The False Gods
Visit my Facebook Page Rill Oji
I am a Designer/Stylist the name of my brand is Rill Nice, Intimacy Coach with a service called Seductive Art and an Author this my first book which I'm super excited about. I live in New York with my son.
Latest book: Quickie
Visit my Facebook Page Thomas Sweet
With the writing of his first novel, The Warlock Name, Thomas Sweet has furthered two of his passions - dreaming and inspiring others. Born in Biloxi, Mississippi in 1977, Thomas completed a B.A. in Physics, obtained an MCP certification and an MBA, and gained experience in video production while writing and researching his first novel. His sense of humor, passion for his work, and love of music and art keep him motivated throughout the process. Between his times of creativity, he sometimes enjoys computer programming, and anthropomorphic beings. Living in a rural countryside, he appreciates nature and loves raising his German Shepherd Dog. Thomas also likes Native American and Celtic shamanism as well as a ... read more
Latest book: The Warlock Name
Visit my Facebook Page Oneil Sharma
O’neil Sharma loves nothing more than telling stories and getting inside the puzzle that is the mind of his creations. Born in London, O’neil started out in banking but decided to change tack and head to film school. He currently lives in Berlin where he writes, makes movies and occasionally looks after cats.
Latest book: The White House