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iSenseLabs provides feature-rich innovative business tools and solutions including Productivity, Conversion Boosting, Social Media, Corporate, UI as well as custom solutions for OpenCart. Our first priority is to deliver clear-cut solutions that will save you time and let you focus on your business.
Latest book: OpenCart Tips and Tricks

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6roucho Jones was a club promoter in the 90s, and has the neurosis to prove it. Now he lives happily on the beach in Mandurah, Western Australia.
Latest book: Amphetamine

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Annette F. Brown is a sex abuse survivor who is breaking the silence through her first book, Pressing On: Overcoming Sexual Abuse through Faith in Christ. In it, she shares her survival story and focuses on the transformative power of faith. When Annette isn’t working on her books, she runs the blog,, creates handmade delights, and enjoys taking long walks at night.
Latest book: Pressing On: Overcoming Sexual Abuse through Faith in Christ

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Karen Jeffery
Friends think of Karen as a travel guru. She thinks of herself as an adventure junkie. Whatever...she loves being on the road, tasting new cultures, new experiences, art, food. As a passionate entrepreneur, she created several businesses on the US mainland, in Hawaii and the South Pacific, for many years brokering private islands and boutique resorts. Today she writes a regular newspaper column, freelances for many companies and publications, and publishes photography books, cookbooks, and novels. Traveling to over 90 islands and 60 countries, she has tales to tell. Stories from magical places pepper her writings, which are autobiographically inspired and informed. Visit One Foot Island and Saturday markets; ... read more
Latest book: Hot Tickets!! ~ A Week on Maui

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth McIntosh
Rev Elizabeth McIntosh BMSc Elizabeth McIntosh is known as the Positivity Expert from her research and decades of experience in this field. She is qualified in Metaphysical Science, is an ordained Minister, fitness trainer, yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki Master, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist and life coach. She is also an international motivational speaker, regular newspaper columnist, radio presenter and runs seminars and retreats on self development, health and wellbeing. She has also produced a series of CDs on health, relaxation and success and a TV documentary series. Elizabeth has been in clinical practice for many years and brings together her broad-based skills and personal experiences including ... read more
Latest book: Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page María Meneses
Comencé a escribir con 9 años, tras un horrible suceso que tuvo lugar en mi vida. Quizá lo hiciera para compensar mi timidez, quizá para expresar todo lo que callaba. Desde entonces nunca he dejado de escribir. Al principio buscando mi estilo, más tarde en las aulas de escritura de Novela y guión cinematográfico, buscando mi voz. He estudiado Publicidad y RR.PP., Dirección y Producción de cine, especializada en Novela y Guión Cinematográfico. He ganado diferentes premios literarios y cinematográficos. Además de escritora soy fotógrafa, videógrafa y editora de vídeo. La influencia del cine es más que obvia en mi novela, la acción es frenética y el contenido es muy visual. Mi forma de esc ... read more
Latest book: Las chicas de Lorna Jackson

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wendy A Wood
Wendy A. Wood is an author who fell in love with writing and the magical power of words at a very early age. Writing offered her an escape from an oftentimes chaotic childhood. With pen put to paper, she would create worlds of beauty, hope, and understanding. Wendy's passion for writing has stayed with her all of her life. She now lives in Virginia Beach, is the mother of two beautiful daughters and four rescued fur babies.
Latest book: Fantastically Flawed

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robin Lamont
Author ROBIN LAMONT was an actress, private investigator, and county prosecutor. As Director of Operations of a New York investigations firm, she worked with undercover operatives to track down producers of counterfeit products. After earning her law degree, she practiced as an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester County. Robin’s first novel If Thy Right Hand was named Best of 2011 by Suspense Magazine and awarded the 2012 Gold Medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Her book The Chain, the first in The Kinship Series, was a Foreword Reviews 2013 Book of the Year Finalist.
Latest book: The Chain

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Geri Glenn
Geri Glenn is the author of the soon to be released, Kings Of Korruption MC Series. The first book, titled Ryker, is coming August 2015! Geri lives in beautiful New Brunswick, Canada. She is a military wife, the mother of two gorgeous, but slightly crazy little girls, and works full time as a support worker in an assisted living facility for seniors. Even with all of this, she still finds the time to be a voracious reader and most recently, a writer. Geri reads books like a human breathes air. She devours books of almost every genre of fiction there is, although she is a sucker for swoon-worthy alpha males and pretty much any book that can make her cry ... or scare the crap out of her. Geri's love for bo ... read more
Latest book: Ryker - A Kings of Korruption MC Novel

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A. BaTena Johnson
A. Batena Johnson is an educator in Savannah, Georgia with an Ed. S in education from Nova Southeastern University. She is also a first time author who strongly believes in charity work and supporting education. Johnson worked in the medical field in Metro Atlanta for ten years before shifting her career to education. She grew up in a small rural town with little recreation which eventually led to her avid love of reading and writing.
Latest book: Still I Forgive You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Laura Pickren
Laura grew up in North Georgia, where she enjoyed playing in the woods of her childhood home pretending to be an elf from Rivendell. She loved to write Lord of the Rings fan fiction in her teen years. Now she spends her free time playing World of Warcraft and writing short stories when she is not drowning in college projects.
Latest book: Reincarnate

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patty Rice
PATTY RICE is a Christian author and CEO of Christian Culture Entertainment, LLC. She has written two national bestselling novels, "Somethin' Extra" and "Reinventing the Woman." She also wrote non-fiction e-books, "Are You Gonna Believe God or Your Lying Eyes?" and "God Restored My Marriage, Now What?," as well as a poetry chapbook, "Manmade Heartbreak.". Ms. Rice currently lives with her family in Maryland and is working on her next novel, "Love and Reverence.".
Latest book: He Restores My Soul

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Derek Barclay
»Die Underberg Saga - Band 1« ist Derek Barclays erste Veröffentlichung und das Werk ist im Juni 2015 als eBook im Ebozon Verlag erschienen.
Latest book: Die Underberg Saga

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jacob Mossberg
Jacob Mossberg is a native of Norway. He holds a bachelor degree in electronics engineering from Oestfold College. Before he decided to become an engineer he has worked as a bartender and bouncer, salesman and he spent 2 years as a fisherman on a long-liner. He has worked with prototyping of mobile hydraulics and ROVs. He has recently, as of 2015 entered the world of fiction writing.
Latest book: Excerpts from Travels and Destinations - a Trilogy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Hemant Joshi
Hi! I am Hemant Joshi, a computer engineering graduate. Being an avid fan of technology today motivates me to write stuff about computers. Having an educational background in the same field has given me ways to think how our lives will be affected in the future due to the innovations happening daily. Hope you enjoy reading my book. Connect with me on facebook, and mail me your suggestions at :)
Latest book: Digital Nervous Breakdown

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joshua Pinon
A gay young man in his thirties born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Redlands, CA, now a resident of Northridge, CA. During his senior year of high school he became a cheerleader leading him to attend Cal State Northridge where he continued perusing his passion for cheerleading. At nineteen, he pursued a career as cheerleading coach at the high school level for eight years working with various high schools in the San Fernando Valley Area throughout the years. Meanwhile this entire time he also maintained a part time job as a clerk at a local community pharmacy, becoming a full time employee after my eight years of coaching. Shortly after he enrolled in classes quickly becoming a national certified and state li ... read more
Latest book: The Acolyte Dawn of A New Hero

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Edenoccasus Z
"Once upon a time, along the twine, there was a world that searched for her soul."
Latest book: Worlds & Souls

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Matthew S. Cox
Born in a little town known as South Amboy NJ in 1973, Matthew has been creating science fiction and fantasy worlds for most of his reasoning life. Somewhere between fifteen to eighteen of them spent developing the world in which Division Zero, Virtual Immortality, and The Awakened Series take place. He has several other projects in the works as well as a collaborative science fiction endeavor with author Tony Healey. Hobbies and Interests: Matthew is an avid gamer, a recovered WoW addict, Gamemaster for two custom systems (Chronicles of Eldrinaath [Fantasy] and Divergent Fates [Sci Fi], and a fan of anime, British humour (
Latest book: The Summer the World Ended

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thando Eland
Thando Eland is the author of the memoir The Hidden Pain. She credits her inspiration for writing this book with a strong belief that despite what one has gone through, there is always hope for the future. Thando was born and raised in Zimbabwe. She embarked on a journey to pursue her education in the United States, graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Technology from Purdue University and a Master's in Business Administration from Anderson University, both in Indiana. She is currently working as an IT Professional. Based in Virginia, where she lives with her husband and two kids, Thando loves world travel and is always looking for new opportunities for cross-cultural personal enrich ... read more
Latest book: The Hidden Pain: A stolen innocence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael J Dawson
Michael J Dawson is a writer, producer and presenter from Cheshire in the United Kingdom. He is the author of numerous the award winning stage plays including ‘Jesus is a City Fan’ and the controversial ‘London 7/7’ His script for the radio play and film ‘Second Life’ reached the final of two separate national TV writing competitions. As well as his stand up comedy and live presenting endeavors he wrote and produced the ‘Gloria Swanson Fan Club Radio Show’ for 10 years and was a finalist in the European podcast of the year. His latest book ‘Life On Mars’ was originally conceived as a rock opera inspired by the work and characters of David Bowie. Setting out to test the strength of the story ... read more
Latest book: Life On Mars

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.J. Taylor
The oldest of six children, L. J. Taylor grew up in New York City. As a child, she escaped her noisy siblings by voraciously reading every book in her parents' collection and every romance novel she could check out of the public library. Her tastes later expanded to include classics, spy novels, and thrillers. Inspired by the stories she read, she began writing poetry and song lyrics and even tried to write a fantasy novel at the tender age of 13. She began writing novels as an adult during National November Writing Month in 2007 and has been chugging along ever since. When she's not writing, L. J. practices law in Miami, Florida.
Latest book: Dreams Deferred

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Katherine Kelly
Although Katherine was born and raised in Texas, her family migrated from the hills and hollows of Tennessee. Sadly, since work on this book began many years ago, Diana Bell has passed away. Katherine had not worked on the book for a few years having sent it to a small publishing house that was not interested, but technology has encouraged her to bring the book out through self-publication to honor the memory of her work with Diana. A 1983 graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, Katherine’s poetry, short fiction, and non-fiction articles have appeared in: Teen Power, Living With Teenagers, Cricket, Ranger Rick, Lubbock Parent Home and Family Magazine, Golden Gazette News, Texas Press Woman, Tex ... read more
Latest book: A Pattern For Debby: A Story Of Life, Love, & Loss

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Cavallaro
Michael Cavallaro’s life work has been finding ways for people to integrate their spiritual nature with their everyday lives. For almost 40 years, through classes, workshops, lectures, books, audios, articles and private consultations he has helped thousands of people lead healthier, happier lives by finding practical solutions to various challenges. His training as a family intervention counselor and clinical hypnotherapist has given him insight into established approaches to problems. The exploration of a variety of spiritual practices, traditional and non-traditional methods, combined with his own experience inspired him to integrate and apply ancient wisdom with modern life. He facilitates couples worksho ... read more
Latest book: Change Your Mind, Not Your Child - Loving Your Child by Raising Your Consciousness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L R Buxton
I am a writer from the Midlands (born in Worcester) with a liking for contemporary fantasy and psychological thrillers. I went to university in Southampton, which fuelled my ideas for the "Mandy And The Missing" series. Among my influences (from both the printed word and on-screen entertainment) I would count classic (1963-1989) Doctor Who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Ultraviolet (the TV series), JRR Tolkien, Tom Sharpe and Fritz Leiber. For my hobbies I enjoy motorsport, football, debate, politics, socialising, visiting interesting cathedrals and places of interest, and going to music gigs and literary festivals.
Latest book: Mandy And The Missing: Ascent Of The Absent.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicole Jones
I am a mother, wife and former high school teacher. I live in the Midwest with my family and am currently a customer service representative. Endopocalypse is my first novel. I was officially diagnosed with Endometriosis in November 2014. Having Insomnia allows me a lot of time to do the things I enjoy: crafts, reading, writing, playing video games and playing with my pets.
Latest book: Endopocalypse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Megan McGlamery
Megan has been writing since she was a child. Always imaginative, creative and lost in the many different worlds she has created, she eventually advanced to interactive online role-play to expand her creative writing capabilities. There she learned what voice was and how to use it. Now she is a student at Full Sail University where she is learning the ins, the outs, the ups, the downs of writing and the writing industry. While she has been learning the different genres, styles, formats and platforms, Megan has a passion for fiction, fantasy, high science fiction and horror. She can write video games and screenplays for TV and film as well. She intends on publishing a series of children's books based on her ad ... read more
Latest book: The Birth of a Trainwreck

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Arrington
Robert Arrington spends his days posing as an unassuming computer technician for a large law firm in Raleigh, NC. But by night, he transforms into a (hmm, how to put this politely?) unassuming writer of super heroes fiction. Not exactly the wisest career choice, but we deal with reality as it is. He lives in Raleigh with his wonderful wife of thirteen years, Lucille, who has indulged this misadventure into the realm of writing and publishing with surprising good grace. When he is not working or writing, he can generally be found at home trying to help his children (Son, age 11, and daughter, age 9) with their homework and whatever else needs some attention. The Arrington household was recently invaded by two b ... read more
Latest book: The Wonderland Effect

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Claire Snyman
In her first book, "Two Steps Forward - Embracing life with a brain tumor", Claire, who lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and son, gives a vivid description of life with a brain tumor as she learns to be her body's own advocate through this often-harrowing journey, her misdiagnosis and the brain surgery and the recovery that followed. Her hope is that Two Steps Forward will be an enlightening and compelling book for readers walking a similar path, but also for those facing a life-changing situation or for anyone looking for a positive and inspiring story. Claire is a marketing and business development consultant, lover of life and nature, wife and mother and loves to explore new ways of achieving b ... read more
Latest book: Two Steps Forward - Embracing Life With A Brain Tumor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Andrew Tye
Andrew Tye is an entrepreneur and consultant with experience in a broad range of industries. He has worked at multiple Fortune 50 companies, large private companies, global consulting firms, and many small businesses. Currently he is working on some of his own new product ideas, and creating books and online courses. His professional interests include business strategy and product development. He is also interested in technology and has been developing web and software applications since 2002. Andrew's self-published books are Starting & Selling, 33 Professional Development Tips, and Resumes, Interviews & Careers.
Latest book: 33 Professional Development Tips: Build Your Personal Brand

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Caesar Alazai

Latest book: Con la sal en las venas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Daniel D. Conklin
Working as a banker during the day and attending college at night, Daniel D. Conklin is only a part-time resident of reality. Currently earning a Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelor of Arts degree at Full Sail University in hopes of bringing his fantasies to life and changing the world one world at a time, he also enjoys writing sarcastic commentary for experiences like Holmes & Associates, and Googling creative ways to dispose of bodies.
Latest book: The Widow's Son

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.T. Stoll
J.T. Stoll wrote his first fantasy story when he was five. The prose was… brilliant. The accompanying stick figure illustrations… breathtaking. The lack of complex vocabulary underlies the deeper human condition. It was terrible. His mother refuses to destroy the only copy be-cause it has “sentimental value.” He has always loved fantastical stories of all kinds: fantasy novels, 16-bit RPGs, superhero movies, whatever. If reading helps to escape the real world, why not go somewhere fun? J.T. lives in San Luis Obispo County in a classy bachelor pad. He enjoys rock climbing, software development, and cooking amazing food.
Latest book: The Rift

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Divya Chawla
I am a new author interested in reading and writing about cultures. Even though, I come from a small city in India, I understand people and cultures very well. Its a natural talent and I have a sense of belonging everywhere I go because of being a naturalist with people. I understand people and connect with them in the core of their hearts. Writing is a phenomenal vehicle for me to share my experiences with people, culture and dramatizing them to degrees I wish. So obviously, Boundaries is about cultures and it is an early release to my upcoming novel late in the summer. The first four chapters of the novel has been released as a novella. The novella gives you a peek into families experiencing and witnessing mu ... read more
Latest book: Boundaries

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tim Ramsey
Tim Ramsey is a newly retired army logistics officer. He is a graduate of Valley Forge Military College in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and Eckerd College in St. Pete, Florida. Originally from Sea Isle City, New Jersey, his thirty year military career and passion for fishing and surfing has taken him around the world, including Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bali, Hawaii, Mexico, Haiti, Korea, Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Seychelles, Egypt, Italy, Germany, England and elsewhere. Now retired and writing full-time, he tries to divide his time between the Jersey Shore, the mangrove islands of southwest Florida, and Las Cumbres, Panama.
Latest book: The Deadly Tropic Snow

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rebecca Cross
Rebecca often collaborates with author Rya Wolf under the moniker FarCrutch Productions. Find us on Facebook! REBECCA CROSS holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and takes great delight in the written word. She has been an avid reader since she was a child; as a writer, she has created castles full of fiction since the mid-1980s, has contributed several stories to fan magazines, dabbled with song lyrics and poetry, and has piles of half-finished short stories stuffed in cubbyholes and drawers around her house. She enjoys traveling, and when she’s not planning her next vacation adventure, she enjoys a quiet life in the country. RYA WOLF is an eager adventurer, having traveled to many countries across ... read more
Latest book: And They Shall Be Nameless: The Quickening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shakina Nicole
Shakina Nicole currently lives in Detroit, MI. She has a one daughter by the name of Lexington Dior. She enjoys writing, but mainly urban fiction. Her script writing credits are publications in WCCCD college magazine for best short story on teenage romance affairs and a short review in the dailies as an upcoming and promising storyteller. She has been writing scripts since middle school mostly for her drama club winning major high school awards in competitions. She also won the award for best script in the state competition films festival. She is currently working on her first urban fiction novel titled, "Diary of a Mad Black Bitch" and in the process of founding her very own publishing company called, "Paper D ... read more
Latest book: Only The Strong Survives

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jeff Widmer
Jeff Widmer is the author of the CW McCoy and the Brinker series of crime novels and well as numerous non-fiction books. A former journalist, advertising executive and nationally syndicated reviewer, his work has appeared in publications ranging from Advertising Age to US Airways magazine to National Geographic World.
Latest book: Peak Season

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher Bramley
Chris lives in Surrey in the UK. During the day he labours under the guise of a Technical Consultant and Trainer in IT, but the rest of the time he is equally busy writing, avidly reading, working out, practicing martial arts, rock climbing, and playing the odd game here and there. He is also a lazy musician and artist, roughly able to tell one end from another of about five instruments and occasionally drawing decently, and enjoys fixing things, researching, and generally getting stuff done. He loves to learn new things and teach others whatever subjects he knows enough about, and is full of generally useless facts. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and books have been a staple for countless years, and he is as avid a follower ... read more
Latest book: The Serpent Calls

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. Clayton Rogers
J. Clayton Rogers is the author of more than ten novels. He was born and raised in Virginia, where he currently resides. He was First-Place Winner of the Hollins Literary Festival a number of years ago. Among the judges were Thomas (Little Big Man) Berger and R.M.W. Dillard, poet and husband of the writer Annie Dillard.
Latest book: Cold Snap

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Charles G.Koonitz
Charles G. Koonitz is a web and graphic designer, illustrator, blogger, freelance writer, investor and webmaster. is a cool site full of WordPress blogging tips, tricks and mistakes about self-publishing and optimizing layout and images.
Latest book: 69 Mistakes You Need to Know about Self Publishing: A Beginner's Guide on How to Format Images and Text, Design Layout, Optimize Conversion and Self Publish eBook

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Darren Coffield
Darren Coffield was born in London in 1969. He studied at Goldsmiths College, Camberwell School of Art and the Slade School of Art in London where he received his Bachelors in 1993 in Fine Arts. In the early nineties Coffield worked with Joshua Compston on the formation of Factual Nonsense - the centre of the emerging Young British Artists scene. He has exhibited widely with many leading artists including Damien Hirst, Howard Hodgkin, Patrick Caulfield and Gilbert and George at venues ranging from the Courtauld Institute, Somerset House to Voloshin Museum, Crimea. Coffield's work can be found in Art collections around the world. In 2003 his controversial portrait of Ivan Massow, former chairman of the ICA in fu ... read more
Latest book: Factual Nonsense - The art and death of Joshua Compston

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ally Bishop
When you do something effortlessly and people commend you continuously, you have found your gift. That’s what I tell people all the time. And it’s true. I get story. I always have. I started writing when I was 8 on a Smith Corona (the electronic kind — I’m not THAT old). I wrote stories in every spiral notebook I had. Eventually, I graduated to a Mac (yes, I’m one of THOSE people). I imagined new worlds, emotional conflicts, and HEAs while I waited at stoplights or wandered the grocery store. But here’s the thing: I didn’t just dream it up and write it down — I critiqued what I read. I knew when ideas were good, and when they stunk. I ran writing groups, judged creative contests, and eventuall ... read more
Latest book: Inside the Lines

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alix Sloan
Author and arts professional Alix Sloan writes both fiction and non-fiction. With over twenty years experience in the arts as a curator, consultant, private dealer and gallerist, Sloan regularly shares her expertise in art school lectures, workshops and offers one-on-one consultations, helping artists focus their goals, create strategies and understand what it takes to build and maintain a long-term career in the arts. With "Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists," she has made the information every artist needs available in one accessible, easy-to-read guide. She is also co-author of the Jenna Stack mystery thriller novels. Book #1 "Pet Sitter: A Jenna Stack Mystery" is available now. Boo ... read more
Latest book: Launching Your Art Career: A Practical Guide for Artists

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vyrania
I am a self-published erotica author who focuses primarily on M/M romantic relationships. I am relatively new to publishing, but I have been writing fiction for many years. I am here looking for better ways to connect with potential readers and possibly some new publishing options. At the beginning of October, my works will become available here on Smashwords and its retain partners, no longer exclusive to Amazon. You can pre-order the Season One Anthology of Eros now for 30% discount - $1.99 as opposted to $2.99, to which it will return after release. Looking forward to working with the Smashwords community!
Latest book: Eros: Season One Anthology

Follow me at my  Facebook Page K.T. Munson
K.T. Munson is a freelance author. First published at 5 years old in the young writers conference, she has pursued writing ever since. She maintains a blog that is about writing and her novels. She was born and raised in the last frontier, the great state of Alaska.
Latest book: 1001 Islands

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Brian Pettersen
Brian Pettersen is a Senior Vice President for a national commercial insurance brokerage firm in Chicago, Illinois. He consults with Fortune 1000 companies over many years and has traveled extensively in Europe and has lived in the Far East. Born in Chicago, he grew up in the suburbs where he raised his family. He and his wife currently live in a Chicago Suburb.
Latest book: Just a Memory

Follow me at my  Facebook Page W.J. Lane
William Lane is an exciting young writer from England. Hailing from the eclectic town of Bristol, he has spent many years working as a freelance journalist on various online blogs and magazines, whilst completing many works of fiction. He has also actively pursed various styles of writing in order to hone his craft and gain experience including graphic novels, TV scripts, screenplays and movie and music reviews. At the age of just 28 he published his first novel, A Man Who Can See The Future. He also maintains a regular blog over at, and uses it as an outlet for various ramblings, opinions and promotions. For a few years he was the lead singer and bassist of heavy metal band Circle Sea, and currently ... read more
Latest book: A Man Who Can See The Future

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Eme Strife
Eme is an unconventional New Adult Paranormal-slash-Urban Fantasy and Contemporary Romance writer (and a bit of a sarcastic smart-ass) who might be going through a quarter-life crisis even though she is in denial of it. Lucky for her, she has several sarcastic, upbeat, and severely vulgar imaginary friends to give her some semblance of normalcy. She loves writing about said imaginary friends—although she does so mostly because they never seem to shut the hell up. She's also addicted to Family Guy, American Dad, and Pandora (the online radio site, not the evil box), drinks an ungodly amount of Red Bull at any given time, wants to marry Seth MacFarlane at some point, and occasionally eats bacon and popcorn tog ... read more
Latest book: Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Volume One (The Confidential Series #1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stefano Lanciotti
Stefano Lanciotti was one of the most sensational cases of self-publishing in Italy. Over 20,000 people read the Nocturnia Saga. He published three highly successful thrillers with the publisher Newton Compton and now wishes to introduce the dark world of Nocturnia to the Anglo-Saxon public.
Latest book: Ex Tenebris