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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tori Rigby
Tori Rigby is a YA author of Contemporary and Historical Romances. She longs to live in the Scottish Highlands, and her favorite time and place in history is Medieval England—so much that she'd give up her Internet and running water to go back in time! Tori also writes dark YA fiction as Vicki Leigh.
Latest book: Because I Love You

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Yves Klein
Né en 1953, Yves Klein est l’auteur de quelques nouvelles, d’un roman, d’une pièce de théâtre et de quelques poèmes. Sa solide culture littéraire et son style fouillé le placent plus près d’Hugo que de Céline, ce qui est indispensable au souffle que requiert une épopée comme l’Ere du Verseau. Il travaille actuellement à achever ce qui sera à la fois le roman parallèle et la suite du présent roman.
Latest book: L'Ere du Verseau (Tome 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shina James
SHINA JAMES is a freelance writer, and poet from the great state of Texas. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Writers’ League of Texas. When she’s not writing or reading life-changing novels, she loves traveling, listening to music, and spending time with her husband and two kids.
Latest book: Monstrous Ties

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nigel Percy
Nigel Percy grew up in England where he studied history and enjoyed philosophy and played with computers. The things about being human which couldn’t be as easily explained, such as intuition, began to fascinate him more and more until, in the end, he decided to stop teaching and explored the ideas which attracted him more. In 2000, he met his future wife Maggie in a dowsing group online, and they joined forces to share their passion for this a natural intuitive skill with as wide an audience as possible. Through their business Sixth Sense Consulting, they offer services, courses and products related to dowsing and its application in personal growth, healing and space clearing. They believe anyone can lear ... read more
Latest book: Dowse Your Way To Health

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maggie Percy
Get a free digital copy of "How To Dowse Accurately & With Confidence" by registering at, where you can see all of their nonfiction books and get notification of future books and promotions. Maggie & Nigel Percy of Sixth Sense Consulting, Inc. have been working with a global clientele since 2000, providing support for all manner of personal growth goals. As experts in the intuitive method called dowsing, they share their expertise to help others get ‘unstuck’ and manifest their goals more easily. Their passion is to teach people how to use this natural skill to improve their lives. Their nonfiction books relate to dowsing, healing, space clearing and intuitive pet care. You can ... read more
Latest book: Dowse Your Way To Health

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amaka Azie
Amaka Azie was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. She developed a passion for reading at the age of twelve. Her interest in writing began in secondary school when she joined the press club and her active imagination has captured the interests of many. With multiple stories in her head, she has finally decided to publish. Amaka currently resides on the Wirral peninsula in North West England with her husband and two daughters, where she also works part time as a family doctor. Apart from reading and writing, she enjoys watching crime TV shows, painting and travelling.  
Latest book: Melodies of Love

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anna Lynn Miller
My name is Anna Lynn Miller and I'm the author of Construct 11, Part 1, my debut novel. In my spare time, I help my husband raise our six children and spoil our granddaughter. I've found recently that I love writing and hope to produce more and more things for you to read.
Latest book: Construct 11 Part 1 The Construct 11 Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jennifer Malott Kotylo
Jennifer Kotylo ( is a lifetime horsewoman, a Certified Core Dynamics Pilates Instructor, Certified Level 2 Equilates Instructor both Pilates Track and Riding Track, Certified Echart Meyners' Balimo teacher. She has an MBA in finance and strategic planning and a BA in economics. In addition, she is a national speaker and writer with articles in many national publications. Her work is also showcased on major websites. She has a strong following on social media and conducts clinics around the country each year. Jennifer is also a regular guest on the Horses in the Morning radio show and she is the creator of the new DVD series, You Can Improve Your Riding Through Movement. Here is a ... read more
Latest book: My Best Friend Betsy

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D. J. Jouett
After teaching high school English for three years, I decided to get a law degree. I am a second-year law student, and I love it. Law school is very demanding. I began writing fiction as a way to relax and let my imagination take me wherever it would lead me. I have written four novels: Curses & Consequences, Must be Murder, The Cheating Wives Club, The Destiny Factor and Death Was Too Easy. Many of my stories are drawn from my father's experience as a police homicide sergeant. I grew up enthralled with his stories told around the dinner table. I enjoy reading and writing mystery novels.
Latest book: The Destiny Factor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Knowcall
Two Brothers with 40+ years of overall American Football playing and learning experience have teamed up once again to give back by providing a short narrative to allow others to understand and grasp the basics of American Football. Their knowledge accumulated over the years is too abundant to not share. Please find us on all social media and let us know your feedback.
Latest book: Learning American Football Vol. 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vitor Cassius
Thrillers and reality. Contact: firstname dot secondname at
Latest book: Colonial Tales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Henri T. De Souza
Henri T. (Thierry) De Souza is the author of the Diamond Arrow series. He is a Canadian author who lives in North Glengarry, Ontario (Canada), nestled between Ottawa and Montreal. Married to Henriette, Henri and his family of four children live on a multi-acres countryside property.
Latest book: The Diamond Arrow (3): Time Master

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rodger Berry
Rodger grew up in the heat of Kingston Jamaica, where he discovered his love for the Arts while yet a toddler. There were days when he just couldn't understand the mean twists on life's encounters, and on those occasions he projected his imagination on bits of papers deemed suitable enough. This budding potential later ushered him into the world of artistry, becoming an excellent painter. By the time he found himself at the tertiary level of education, social science became a passion he couldn't juice enough of... he thought, if only he could paint the world from his perspective then he could somewhat change the way it operated. The power of imagination would soon transform his gifted potential from one aspect ... read more
Latest book: Chasing the Chronicles of Childhood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Paula Singer
Paula Singer, an international tax attorney and author of over 100 published articles, is well-known to tax and immigration professionals and within the payroll community. Her articles have appeared in tax publishers’ journals and in journals for trade organizations including the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the American Payroll Association (APA). She has been a frequent speaker at the annual meetings of both organizations. In 2002, she received a Meritorious Service Award from the APA. Singer is also author of tax guidebooks on the international taxation of individuals. Her guidebook, International Aspects of Individual U.S. Tax Returns, received a Bronze medal from Axiom Business Book ... read more
Latest book: When There Is No Wind, Row: One Woman's Retrospective on the Most Transformative Changes Over the Past 50 Years

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Jensen
Michael Jensen is an author and editor. His books of gay historical fiction include two series, The Drowning World, which is set in 5500 B.C., and The Savage Land, which takes place on the American frontier. Man & Monster, the second book in The Savage Land series, was a Lambda Award Finalist (under the title Firelands). Michael is also the co-founder of, which covered pop culture for gay and bisexual men, and eventually become one of the largest and most influential LGBT websites on the internet. In 2006, was sold to MTV/Viacom in a multimillion dollar deal. As editor, Michael interviewed hundreds of writers, directors, and actors, breaking numerous stories and advancing the issu ... read more
Latest book: Man & Beast

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maggie McPhee
To get free samples and previews of my fiction and to subscribe to my blog, visit I always wanted to be a novelist. After authoring quite a few nonfiction books and gaining a measure of success, I finally decided to take the plunge and write fiction. As it turned out, probably not by coincidence, the many jobs, relationships, homes and experiences I've had in life became the foundation for both my science fiction series and my series about Palm Lakes, a fictional retirement community in the American SW desert. About the Autumn In The Desert series: I love to read, and I try to write the type of stories that captivate me. I like believable, interesting characters, captivating plots and ... read more
Latest book: Renaissance

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Happy Zhou
Happy Zhou is a Christian who discovered his life purpose after having a glorious encounter with God. He enjoys sharing what he is learning from the bible and the revelation of the Gospel that have come as a result of a growing relationship with God. Through his gifts, Happy loves to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is passionate about helping people from all walks of life come to a point where they know the Lord in person, discover their Purpose and live a fulfilling life, that will glorify and advance the kingdom of God on earth.
Latest book: Knowing Your Inner Man

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Manjaja Difur
I'm a writer, music producer and sound engineer. I long to see young people dream big dreams and go after them with all the strength they can muster. My greatest joy is in leading others to fulfilling their dreams.
Latest book: The Blood Covenant

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thomas Brand
Thomas H. Brand is a writer of horror and fantasy fiction. In his spare time he gets confused as it was so long since he last had any spare time he’s not sure what to do with it. Originally from Hampshire, he now lives in North London with two cats that own three eyes between them and a wife with an extra kidney. He finds he spends more and more of his time sitting staring at the computer screen or notebook page. He loves every moment. His debut novel The Serpent’s Eye and his new anthology The Æther Collection are both available for purchase now.
Latest book: The Serpent's Eye

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jamaak Morris
Jamaak Morris is a screenplay writer, with a Bachelor and Masters in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University. The genre that Jamaak is Sci-Fi with other genres mixed in. The screenplays that are now in pre-production that Jamaak has written are “New Earth”, “Long Walk Home.
Latest book: The Feels

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Steve Siporin

Latest book: Crazy, Crazy Hollywood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Carla Williams
Carla Williams is a long time writer and founder of Empower Beauty, LLC. Ascending the Physical is the first of her writings to be publicly shared. A native of California’s Bay Area, Carla loves the beach, working out and quiet time writing, researching or creating exciting new natural care products.
Latest book: Ascending the Physical

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Greg Cayea
Well, it started when I realized that after being kicked out of high school at the age of 14, spending the next 5 years in 2 rehabs, 1 wilderness program, running away from a bootcamp in North Georgia after 23 months, and spending 2 years of homelessness and beatnik hitchhiking, that the ONLY way for me to earn an income was performing on the street and keeping people entertained with all my many stories of childhood chaos. Turned out I was pretty good at it. That led to show business. I started promoting concerts, curating festivals, acting in plays, and producing theatre. That led to Alan. Alan had just retired from the William Morris Agency after more than twenty years, serving as COO, and decided to start ... read more
Latest book: No Direction Home (The Drifter Chronicles: Volume One)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Léandre Larouche

Latest book: Boy, Friends

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Don Packett
Don Packett is a raconteur, MC, professional speaker, stand-up comedian, author and Head of Perspective at strategy design and dissemination firm, Missing Link. On stage, Don’s speciality is bridging the gap between corporate content and entertainment. Through working on organisational strategies for over a decade and building a comedy career since 2008, finding the sweet spot between both is where the magic happens. The output? An MC and speaker with a wealth of deep-set knowledge and appreciation for the corporate beast, with enough perspective to provide educational and entertaining anecdotes, tales, metaphors, analogies and a healthy dose of recapitulation for good measure. He has shared the stage with ... read more
Latest book: Dead & Listening

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharon Yvonne
Sharon Douglas is a fantasy novelist and short story writer. She is earning her BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. She also writes personal development and women's issues articles on her blog, The Curious Queendom ( In between seasons of The Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, she spends her time watching kids audition on dance shows (with tissues nearby, of course).
Latest book: She Must Be a Witch

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Danielle Mullins
Dani has been working in the fashion, vintage and craft world for almost a decade and adores any project that allows her to design, merchandise, photograph or blog. She’s constantly finding inspiration in anything from long walks to B-movie gems. She creates things that make her laugh, make her happy or that she wants to wear and hopes you find some designs make you feel that way too. Dani has embarked on many commission projects for baby showers, parties and weddings. She loves listening to people’s visions and making them into something tangible. She has designed many themes, ranging from rustic and vintage weddings, to elegant white and gold parties, and even wild moonshine themes. She has taken her cr ... read more
Latest book: Unicorn Wall Print: Sassy Party Printables 13

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lena Sheehan
Lena Sheehan was born and raised in Upstate New York. Born with the ability to see and connect with the other side and gifted with all of her psychic abilities in tact, she dedicated over 22 years to Spiritual and Holistic care and management of body, mind and spirit. Feeling strongly that a balanced connection between an individual’s body, mind and spirit is needed in order to achieve an optimum life experience, Lena has developed distance learning courses as well as private and group programs that work with all three. An internationally known Visionary, Psychic Medium and Spiritist, she holds a diploma in Traditional Naturopathy, is a Nutrition Specialist, a Hypnotherapist, the Founder of Haymanootha Hea ... read more
Latest book: All About Reiki

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Christopher DePietro
Christopher DePietro has always been an artist. As a child he enjoyed drawing superheroes. He eventually used his talents to become a graphic designer/illustrator. He would often dream about writing and illustrating a children's book but he could never think of any good ideas. One night his son Dylan asked, "What do parents do after all of the kids go to bed?" The idea immediately hit him. He told Dylan an elaborate story about how all of the adults in town came over for a huge party. And the best part was that they played with his toys, ate junk food, and ran all over the back yard. Dylan thought it was a funny story and wanted to know more. The reaction made Christopher realize that this story could make an ... read more
Latest book: Benjamin Bean's Unbelievable Dream

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Jim
He is a short light science-fiction stories writer, with a touch of humour. Among these stories, the ones starred by pilot Jim stand out. Jim is a strange galactic hero, a bit clumsy, but a good person at heart. Escritor de relatos cortos de ciencia-ficción ligera con toques de humor. Entre estos relatos destacan los protagonizados por el piloto Jim, un extraño héroe galáctico, un tanto patoso, pero que en el fondo es buena gente.
Latest book: Tres relatos

Follow me at my  Facebook Page ivan Lazaro Albuerne Gonzalez
IVÁN LÁZARO ALBUERNE GONZALEZ Nacido el 13 de Agosto de 1971 FORMACIÓN ACADÉMICA Bachiller Superior, Preuniversitario 8 de octubre en La Habana. Graduado Nivel Elemental de Música en el conservatorio de música Gerardo D’Guanche en Guanabacoa. Adquisición de conocimientos relativos al nivel elemental en el estudio de la música aprendiendo por primera vez asignaturas que fueron nutriéndole de conocimientos musicales, como apreciación e historia de la música, canto, teoría y solfeo, piano complementario, etc. además de participar activamente en los diferentes eventos programados por la escuela, así como el coro de la misma Preparación en cursos de especialización con prestigiosos maestro ... read more
Latest book: Operación Cristo de espalda

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bryde Ashuarrah
I am an author of fiction novels
Latest book: The Dragon King: Prince Raziil

Follow me at my  Facebook Page L.J. Amadeus
I was born into a Muslim family and followed what my parents followed, as most children are accustomed to. I followed the organized religion of Islam in which there are five pillars. Even though I prayed my five prayers each day, fasted during the month of Ramadan etc., I still felt lost. It was only through my research for a school project that I discovered that most "Muslims" today follow a religion that was not warranted by God (i.e. their religion is derived from man-made books known as the hadith and sunnah). They wrongly attribute these books to Prophet Muhammad, who did not authorize these writings whatsoever. Remember, there is a difference between obeying God and obeying religion. I now follow the fi ... read more
Latest book: The Qur'anic Stitchings

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tony Belmonte
Tony Belmonte currently is an elementary school teacher in the Chicago-land area. He received his B.A. in Political Science with a Minor in History from Seattle Pacific University and received a Masters in Education from Roosevelt University. He and his wife Jenni make their home in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He "writes for fun and therapy," and has previously published a trio of short stories, The Sweet Taste of Spring in 2002. The Feral Flu, from Black Bed Sheet Books, is his horror/thriller fiction debut.
Latest book: The Feral Flu

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Molly Bilinski
Molly Louise Bilinski grew up in Townsend, NY, playing soccer, being a band geek (clarinet), and starting her first serious novel when she hit high school. She's a 2013 graduate of William Smith College with a Bachelor's degree in chemistry. By day, she uses her science powers as a certified asphalt lab technician. By night (and weekend and any other five minutes she can find), she's a novelist. When she's not writing or working, she's scoping out coffee shops, exploring her newest home city (Buffalo, NY), taking day trips to Canada, and putting together puzzles. Her favorite phrase and life motto is carpe diem, and she thoroughly enjoys being a giant nerd;—the stuffed Slimer on her bookcase attests to that.
Latest book: Lady of Sherwood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kathy Sloan
Kathy Sloan lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Tony, her two daughters: Kassandra and Karissa, and her son: Nathan, and a yellow lab named Duke. She works part-time at a local university and is also a freelance writer. She loves to spend time with family and friends by the fire drinking wine or at the beach relaxing. She enjoys yoga, meditating and self-improvement through spiritual growth. Kathy reads as many books as time allows and loves to watch a good movie with her family. One day, Kathy hopes to migrate to a warmer climate where she can read on the beach and watch the pelicans.
Latest book: In Laguna

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joey Jameson
Joey Jameson lives in Brighton, UK; a world of decadence, glamour and intrigue. He believes life is better when drizzled with naughtiness and drenched in layer upon layer of sparkling glitter. His work is best appreciated with a hard drink and the lights down low and will leave you wondering just what goes on in that twisted little mind of his. He is the author of Candy from Strangers, Blackout, Twisted and Interview with the Porn Star. Stay tuned for more scintillating work to come your way soon…
Latest book: Dirty Talk

Follow me at my  Facebook Page James Toogood
A writer who lives in Appledore Devon
Latest book: Zero by J M Toogood

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tamara Rikanovic
Tamara Rikanovic was born in 1980 ,in Vukovar,a town in Croatia. She is married , she has a three children and a dog and she lives in Pancevo, Serbia. Since she was a young girl, she loved to read and write, and she has published a many short stories in women's magazines last fifteen years. Her stories are mostly about love, although her writing style is unusual : she tells a story in the first person singular, as a man. The book " Ruski rulet sa karmom"/ "Russian roulette with karma", is her second published novel and the first one is " S one strane duge"/ "Beyond the rainbow", published in 2007.
Latest book: Ruski rulet sa karmom

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Patricia Furstenberg
Patricia Furstenberg came to writing though reading, her passion for books being something she inherited from her parents. She usually writes at her kitchen table, early morning while the kettle hums or in her car, while she waits for her children to come out from school. “When I write, I write,” she usually says. When she’s not writing she likes to read, listen to music, dance and bake. One of the characters portrayed in her children stories is Pete, the yellow toy elephant. Not many know, but Pete exists and lives in Pat's home. This Romanian born writer is living happily with her husband, children and dogs in sunny South Africa.
Latest book: Three Friends, Happy Friends Series

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J.A. Collard
.A. COLLARD lives in Melbourne Australia and is a busy mum by day and a saucy writer by night. Her first book in the Blood Brothers MC Series was published in October 2016. As a child, she always had a passion for reading and that continued through to her adult years. It had always been a dream for her to write her own story, but all that was, was a dream. So one day with the kids tucked away in bed and her hubby left to his own devices, she decided to open up her laptop and make her dream a reality. Her characters had finally been given a chance to be in their own story. When not writing, J.A. Collard enjoys reading, dancing and spending time with her family and friends. J.A. Collard would love to hear from ... read more
Latest book: Tame Me

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Elizabeth Calder
As an avid lover of fairy tales, fantasy has been my genre for as long as I can remember. Over the years, my imaginary world evolved and numerous stories took place there. Until, in February 2015, after only a year of studying Creative Writing, I decided to embark on one of my most beloved stories - Shamira. All I saw was her imperfect character, this flawed princess with her fiery temper and misunderstood decision making. And then, she took the plot by storm. The Shamira Trilogy has challenged me in every way. I have had tears in my eyes whilst at my laptop, I've been up until 3am editing, I have felt the conviction that comes with telling a tale that touches on the spiritual realm, I have been mentally over ... read more
Latest book: Shamira - Warrior

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason Alan
Jason Alan was born and raised on Long Island, New York, where his childhood was immersed in developing his vast imagination. He grew up reading as many books as he could get his hands on, enjoying 1980’s science fiction movies, and commandeering his parents’ butcher block kitchen table for countless nights of Dungeons & Dragons role-playing. All of this played a huge part in influencing his creative writing skills. Jason currently resides in Cape Coral, Florida, where he works as a graphic designer for a local publication. He is a co-founder and writer for the fan website, and writes an ongoing fantasy fiction article for Jason’s passion for writing is nearly eq ... read more
Latest book: Phate: The Cosmic Fairytale

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cheryl R Cowtan
How did Cheryl get here? She rode miles on her rusty, second-hand CMC bike, traversing gravel roads from Guelph to Belwood to Fergus. But that was the 70s, when her hair was long and straight, flying behind her like a superhero cape. In the 80s, Cheryl was traveling through water, rowing across Arran Lake to find the perfect fishing spot for that specific time of day, that particular hang of cloud. Sometimes she would float aimlessly into the rice weeds on her tractor-tire, inner tube, ignoring the frightening thought of snapping turtles, while dangling her fingers and toes in the cool water. In the 90s, nature was left behind, as the city called with a new adventure in the form of the World Wide Web. Cheryl s ... read more
Latest book: Girl Desecrated (The Fergus She 1984)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page J. Christopher Earl
When two great passions collide they may destroy one another, or they may work together to build a life. For me, these passions are my calling to Christian Ministry - which I have felt since I walked hope-depraved high-school hallways and wondered if I could make a difference - and my desire to change the blood of my life into the ink of stories. When I was just a boy I found myself in the strange predicament of being a middle child of seven. Though we've mostly grown out of our fighting at this point, it was easier back then to run off into the wheat fields and hide away from my siblings for a while. Out there in the wild windy freedom I made up stories to entertain myself. Clouds became castles, dogs became d ... read more
Latest book: The Light Whispered

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Richard Dietrich Maddox
I grew up in the Midwestern United States and graduated with honors from Princeton University. After graduation, I spent five years in Europe studying literature and preparing to teach meditation. I then taught meditation full-time for two more years, before serving as the Vice President of Sales for seven successful high-tech startup companies. In 2005, I retired from the business world to concentrate on writing.
Latest book: Remembering Eternity: Volumes 1, 2, and 3: The Sun Inside, The Midnight Sun, and The Light Above the Sun

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Tyson Moultrie
Co-Founder / Chief Communications Officer of Why Blue Matters?® Hybrid Creative Agency + Publication, Tyson Moultrie brings to the world a technicolored perspective of possibility and personality to match. A bespeaker of sorts, Moultrie thrives in arenas manifesting in entrepreneurship, arts, social media and technology. Tyson is also Head Curator of Creative Content at WBM/AUTR Publications, the notable online source for socially-conscious journalism & media. Tyson has an advanced grasp of Social Media, Marketing & PR, in an age where relevance is a click away. NBC showcased Moultrie as an industry expert and recognizable name in independent business, PR and entertainment on the rise, Moultrie has worked ... read more
Latest book: Inspired by BLUE: Daily Motivational Verses to Inspire You & Improve Your Life