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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jonathan Hobbs
Jonathan Hobbs graduated in Finance and Economics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2006. Since then he has kept himself busy working in London for various financial firms such as Morgan Stanley, HSBC and M&G Investments. He has passed all three levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam and is a CFA charterholder. Aside from his formal work and education, he works with Alliapp ( as a founding seed investor and is a long-standing member of the Elite Investor Club, a global network of sophisticated investors. Lately, he’s been on a mission to teach people what he knows about investing. He believes strongly that nobody can predict the future of financial markets, which ... read more
Latest book: Stop Saving Start Investing: Ten Simple Rules for Effectively Investing in Funds

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marianne Ratcliffe
I am a PhD-qualified biomedical scientist living and working in Cheshire and have authored several peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing. I have had short stories published in Debut and Scribble magazines and was a runner up in the 2010 Guildford Literary Festival Short Story competition. In 2014, I published my first novel, Realm of Mindweavers, a fantasy/adventure story suitable for young adults and grown ups. The next book in the series, Murthen Island is now available. My inspiration for these books was my desire to write a different kind of fantasy series. I wanted to crated a world where women were seen as equals to men and where same sex couples were as ... read more
Latest book: Realm of Mindweavers

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Vanessa Hudson
Vanessa Hudson is the Gourmand Award winning author of two "Goodness Me it's Gluten Free" cookbooks. A self-confessed foodie, she has travelled extensively exploring the culinary delights of six continents including many years spent in Europe where she fell in love with the Mediterranean way of eating. She has not let the need to eat gluten free compromise her ability to enjoy cuisine from around the world but instead has used that as inspiration for her latest cookbook Goodness Me it's Gluten Free PASTA. Vanessa began cooking at an early age, just as soon as she was able to stir a bowl and she has enjoyed putting her own spin on recipes, creating fantastic and imaginative food combinations for family and frie ... read more
Latest book: Goodness Me it's Gluten Free PASTA: 24 Shapes - 18 Flavours - 100 Recipes - Pasta Making Basics and Beyond.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page IM DeRose
IM DeRose is an adventurer who majored in Mathematics at Western Maryland College (presently McDaniel College) in the quaint little town of Westminster, MD and graduate school at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. IM has tried his hand at many different jobs before ultimately embarking on a career in Civil Engineering. Somewhere along the way, it seemed like a good idea to put his cumulative knowledge and experience to work as a businessman in the field of Building Construction and Development. This new venture took IM into 29 different countries on three continents and ultimately to the little town of Truth Or Consequences, NM where he met Fr Ludo. IM invites you to join him in his new adventure of writing about ... read more
Latest book: Ludo’s Wilderness

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Alyssa Emery
Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am a Sophomore in high school. I've self published one book and am currently writing my second. I have two dogs, am a total book lover, obsessed with Netflix, and I've been writing since the third grade
Latest book: Overcomer

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Maria Bardyukova
Maria Bardyukova is an illustrator and school teacher from Vitebsk, Belarus, where she studied drawing and painting for ten years. Many of her artworks have been exhibited in various galleries throughout eastern Europe such as X-COM, Time-Out and Nikolay Dundin's Stena. An avid promoter of the arts, Maria has organized art groups and workshops both in Belarus and southern China, where she currently lives with her loving husband, beautiful balcony garden and sketchbooks of unworldly creatures. Look out for her upcoming title, The Galactivity Book, at all major e-book sellers and find out more about Maria at her blog:
Latest book: Snobbity Snowman

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kyle Roach
Originally from East Liverpool, Ohio, now a “native” Californian. A single parent who has raised 2 pretty cool, now adult children. Long time corporate America “inmate”. Learned to get out of my own way & started to create the life I wanted to have. I want people to learn how to ask themselves the basic questions and stay motivated when faced with a transition or critical time. I will make you understand what pieces are missing and how to fill in the blanks to a more productive, happy & clear life.
Latest book: Decode Your Destiny: Live Your Purpose and Accept Nothing Less!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Dani Swanson
I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a love of stories, I majored in English Lit at the University of Minnesota. Currently residing in Minneapolis where I enjoy painting, writing and making other pretty things; all while trying to leave the world a little better than I found it.
Latest book: The Hunt of the Grimalkin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Helio Oliveira
Sou Fotografo/Cineasta Português. Eu amo Viajar e capturar momentos. Meu sonho é viajar o mundo, aprender novas culturas e ouvir novas histórias.
Latest book: Onde Termina A Dor

Follow me at my  Facebook Page CharlotteLRKane2017
I have a degree in Business Management and started writing in 2006 when I was first introduced to fanfiction. From there my passion from writing has been discovered. However, it was only in 2012 that I decided to start writing stories that were not fanfiction and came across the option to have my work published. I started by adapting some of my fanfictions into ‘proper’ pieces of works and published them. From there I have continued my writing journey and expanded my style and genres. Although I prefer to write about the darker sides of life, I love the challenge of exploring situations and genres that I have not done before. For me, writing is about escaping reality. It is freedom. You can create the world ... read more
Latest book: The Forever Project

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Justin Ledford
JUSTIN O. LEDFORD has achieved high levels of success in 4 different industries before the age of 30. He is a Hall of Fame salesperson with Millions of dollars in direct sales. He has simultaneously built a marketing organization of over 4,500 people, and a construction company that produces over 1 Million in sales annually. He speaks frequently at personal growth seminars sharing his mastery of how to achieve BIG goals while living a dream fulfilled life. Alongside his business success, Justin and his wife, Sara, spend several months each year traveling. They are both advocates of sustainable living and holistic health. Ledford lives with his family in Houston, Tx.
Latest book: Visions To The Top: A Millionaire's Secret Formula To Productivity, Visualization, and Meditation. The How-To Guide For Entrepreneurs, Salespeople and High Achievers For Wealth Creation & Dream Fulfillment

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Simon Rumney
I was born into England's idyllic countryside in 1955, just ten years after The Second World War. A time when people were still suffered the terrible trauma of nightly bombing raids and the unimaginable suffering of losing loved ones to a violent death. Many were gripped by what we now call ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’ at a time when no-one felt comfortable talking about their feelings. Rationing had only just ended and I remember my anxious mother keeping draws stuffed full with used paper bags because surviving acute shortages made it impossible for her to throw anything away. Almost everyone's mother was hording completely worn-out shoes or tiny bits of material to patch clothes long after ... read more
Latest book: Our Eternal Curse - Another Self

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Ackerman
She had an addiction that no one could satisfy. This led through countless affairs, broken marriages, bankrupt, bruised and beaten to the point of loosing everything. This book is the first in a series for women. It peels back the layers of a true life story of one woman once held in demonic bondage, now totally freed and restored from real life chains. It shows what happens when we open up our lives to the gates of hell and heaven. Only one can enter in.
Latest book: Walking in Red Boots

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sameer Rastogi
Sameer Rastogi’s total work experience now spans 19 years. He started his career with the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) where he contributed to the Monthly Economic Service journal. He was responsible for Research on Macro Economic Data as was made available from various government sources. He has also delivered lectures on Financial Management to business management students as guest faculty. Till date, he has delivered over 200 hours of lectures at ICFAI and IBS campuses in Gurgaon. He has written over 25 newspaper columns on issues concerning investments. These articles have been published in the Times of India and Metro Now. Since 2005, he has been advising clients on Investments, Taxes and ... read more
Latest book: Say Goodbye To the Herd Mentality – your guide to sensible investment practices

Follow me at my  Facebook Page G. Mlynek
G. Mlynek is an emigrant from Poland. He has lived in Belgium, Spain and currently resides in Sweden. He enjoys traveling and collecting global experience. That allows him to look at the human’s life from a distance and that inspires him. He has a Ph.D. degree, although not in the literature. He publishes both in English and Polish.
Latest book: An Animalish Man: How Often Do Guys Think about Sex

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Mugo
Anthony Mugo was fourteen when he read The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie. By the time he got to the last page he knew he wanted to become a mystery writer. His dream was realized with the publication of the Mike Sanse murder Mysteries Series. His Young Adult novella, Never say Never, is based on his struggles at getting an education. It won him the Burt Award. He won the same prize in 2014 with Ask the Stars. When Anthony Mugo is not writing he is reading. When he is not reading he is writing. He lives in Nairobi with his wife, son and daughter.
Latest book: Darling... I Need Your Corpse (Mike Sanse Murder Mysteries #2)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Judith Feldman
Judith Feldman was trained as a lawyer, cut her teeth as a production executive at HBO, but for most of her life she has made her way writing twisty little mysteries for law shows and cop shows, here and abroad, beginning with L.A. Law. But nothing could prepare her for the profound mystery that showed up one grey day in November. Emmy nominated.
Latest book: THE MYTH -- The One We're Living That We Know Nothing About

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gerry Joe Weise
VISUAL LAND ARTIST. Gerry Joe Weise, award winning artist. New book "Earth Art, 70th Exhibition Celebration", 200 pages, published in June 2017 to 51 countries. In this book he explains the Alter-modern, his diaspora, and his roots in Neo-Expressionism and Minimal Art. He is known for the following categories: Earth Art, Land Art, Installation Art, and "In Situ". Gerry Joe Weise has lived in Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA. He has exhibited in over 70 solo and group exhibitions across the globe. He is a professional photographer, an accomplished video-maker, and writer. His paintings and other artwork can be found in museums, galleries, cultural centers, private and public collections; in Ne ... read more
Latest book: Earth Art, 70th Exhibition Celebration, by Gerry Joe Weise.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joanne Amorosi
Joanne Marie Amorosi has been working with the angels for over 20 years to share their guidance and messages of love. She specializes in angel card, intuitive, past life and heavenly message readings. She is a certified Usui and Sekhim/Sekim Reiki practitioner and utilizes a variety of crystal healing techniques to help promote wellness and improved health. Her practice focuses on heart-centered healing that enables individuals to forgive and forget so they can further their life’s mission. She also works to help them discover their own spiritual gifts so they may make better decisions for themselves and be of greater service to others they meet along their path. A professional writer and communicator, Joan ... read more
Latest book: Come Walk With Me: The Remembrances of Mary Magdalene

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Effie Hadzis
Effie is a healer, teacher, speaker, writer and spiritual seeker. In 2007, she transitioned out of an elementary teaching career that spanned over 15 years and followed her calling of becoming a Registered Psychotherapist and Energy Healer. She is the founder of The Art of Conscious Living. The premise behind her business is to help and guide people to become more conscious of themselves and the choices in their life, so they are coming from a place of empowerment. Effie has always enjoyed writing, whether it is non-fiction, articles on health & well-being, fictional short stories, novels and poetry for children and adults alike. Her first digital E-cookbook, "21 Best Recipes from a Master Chef" pays tribute ... read more
Latest book: Children of Now and Beyond: A New Generation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page A. Cosmos
Sou apaixonada por contemplar e tentar entender o cosmos, a natureza e a nossa sociedade. Retorno às Origens é a união de parte dos meus múltiplos interesses (entre eles, jogos eletrônicos), a expressão de meus sentimentos, a forma que encontrei de superar certos traumas e homenagear certos momentos da minha vida. Espero que este livro traga reflexão e coragem a todos os heróis do mundo.
Latest book: Retorno às Origens

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Themba Dambuza
I am founder of Eros Lifestyle.Simply put, Eros Lifestyle exists to serve men, from all over the wolrd, from all walks of life. It exists to make the information men need to better themselves in all espects of their lives easily accessible, easy to relate to and well put together to be easy to understand, for any man, from anywhere anytime.
Latest book: Eros Lifestyle's Friendzone Destroyer Booklet

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Janet Maile
I have been writing since I was a child. When I was a teenager, I wrote a lot of poetry and later on, I wrote articles and short stories which were published in various magazines. The job I liked best was interviewing a man called Ben Clapp, who was assistant to John Logie Baird but had never received any recognition. The Scottish Field carried my two-page article which came to the attention of Radio Rentals, who gave him a video recorder so that he could record his favourite TV programmes. I am often asked how I write. I start with an idea and then let the characters walk about in my head, doing whatever they want. My task is to write it down. That way, the plot is never artificial. I will never force ... read more
Latest book: The Pretzel Affair

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharonlee Holder
South African, born and bred, Sharonlee Holder lives in one of the outer suburbs of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. Life is a happy and creative jumble of a husband, three grown daughters, one super cute grand-daughter, three dogs, a cat, and a mouthy African Grey parrot. Endless hours at the keyboard are supported by copious amounts of frothy coffee and ‘What ifs?’. Writing breaks are a blend of the big outdoors astride a motorbike, reading or watching anything and everything to do with fantasy, romance and the paranormal.
Latest book: Resurgence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jorge Piccini
Jorge Piccini, Licenciado en diseño y fotógrafo por afición, vive y trabaja en la ciudad de San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. Docente en el área de Diseño Gráfico en ciclo medio y terciario. Simultáneamente director, edición y contenidos de la Revista de Fotografía latinoamericana Bex Magazine. Ha expuesto, realizado ensayos, dictando charlas, talleres en Argentina, Chile y Ecuador. Su pasión por los libros lo llevó a dedicarse de lleno a la edición y diseño de libros de fotografía digitales e impresos, a la divulgación y realización de proyectos relacionados a la fotografía latinoamericana.
Latest book: Charlas con Fotógrafos Latinoamericanos

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Gustavo Razzetti
Gustavo Razzetti is on a mission to help people and organizations thrive in change. That’s why he founded Liberationist, Change Leadership School. Gustavo has authored hundreds of articles on innovation, change, and self-improvement. He has a diverse professional background, including experience in marketing strategy, innovation, and change leadership. In his capacity advising CEOs of everything from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, Razzetti has been able to lead and transform organizations for over twenty years. He has worked in New York, Argentina, Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles and was invited to participate in the prestigious Innovation Leadership program at Stanford University. Now living i ... read more
Latest book: Stretch for Change - Improve Your Change Fitness And Thrive In Life

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wanda Patsche
Wanda is a farm partner in CW Pork, Inc. with her husband, Chuck. Together, they raise pigs, corn and soybeans in southern Minnesota. Wanda shares her passion and time with a number of ag organizations. She is a current member of the Minnesota Pork Board, a past participant of MARL (Minnesota Ag Rural Leadership), a volunteer for CommonGround, Martin County Corn and Soybean board, Farm Bureau’s Speak for Yourself, National Pork Board’s Operation Mainstreet and a Women in Ag AgStar blogger. Their family was name the 2012 Pork Farm Family of the Year and Wanda was recognized as the Minnesota Pork Promoter of the Year in 2015 and Minnesota Farm Family of the Year in 2016. In addition, she takes her passion f ... read more
Latest book: Real Stories from Real Minnesota Farm Families

Follow me at my  Facebook Page M. Rose Bushéy
Melissa is an avid reader and she likes to dabble in writing. She does yoga in her spare time and loves crossword puzzles to keep her brain fresh. She likes to take walks, play with her puppies and cuddle with her kitties. She gets most of her ideas at night and she likes to conjure up stories that involve interesting characters.
Latest book: Braver Than Yesterday

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lawrence Kennedy
“Excellence is Rarely Achieved Alone” That is the vision statement of Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, Founder of Episcopus, Founder and Former Senior Pastor of the The North Church, Carrollton, TX and is the Bishop and Chairman of the Board of Church On The Rock International, a worldwide mission-based network of over 5,000 affiliate churches and ministries. Dr. Kennedy’s unique gifting and broad range of ministry experiences coupled with his prophetic-visionary style of teaching has thrust him into national prominence over two decades ago. A gifted communicator and teacher, Dr. Kennedy focuses on reaching the lost and making disciples of Jesus, according to Matthew 28:19 and Acts 1:8. His vision and passion is to ... read more
Latest book: 9 Steps to Creating a Life of Excellence

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Robert Hyull
I joined the internet in 1998, first writing short stories for literary sites and then teaching myself HTML. Since then I have created a number of web sites including the one which displays my free art and stories, as well as news about what else I have published. I use Poser, 3D software to create the covers as well as hundreds of other erotic images. At the time of writing there are around 1500 free erotic and explicit computer art pictures on the site. These include companion series to some of my books, putting a face (and more) to the sexy girls. So as you can figure, I write erotic and explicit stories. Some aspects may be based on experience. Or they may not. You decide ;) I'm happily married and plan ... read more
Latest book: Nipple Twister

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Aleta Williams
Bestselling Author of The Salty: A Ghetto Soap Opera, Why Me? and Why Her? series. Aleta Williams writes to entertain and inspire. She grew up in Watts, California, a small city located in South Central Los Angeles. She currently resides in Seal Beach, California with her husband and three children. Writing for her is a hobby, a stepping stone to get to where God is taking her. She believes, her calling is to become an inspirational/motivational speaker for teens and woman who struggled with an abnormal child hood just as her. At six years old Aleta witnessed her mothers' murder. With no one to help her get through the tragedy she used anger as a defense mechanism to help her deal with hurt, pain, and lonelin ... read more
Latest book: Why Me?

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bella Emy
Madly typing away at a desk or cuddled up in a corner reading are the most common places where you'll find Bella Emy. Reading and writing are by far her favorite things to do. A nice cup of coffee is always her choice of beverage while writing. A New Jersey native, Bella Emy enjoys spending her summers down the shore with her family. Of course, her laptop and iPad are always at her side! As a child, you could always find her enjoying her days cuddled up to an R. L Stine book. The "Goosebumps" series were her favorite, and later on, the "Fear Street" series replaced them. She would also enjoy the "Babysitters Club" books. Not long after discovering her passion for reading, Bella began writing novellas rea ... read more
Latest book: A Love Beyond Time

Follow me at my  Facebook Page YM Zachery

Latest book: Victor or Victim

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Davi'O Seki
Davi'O R. Seki is a Pharmacy Student and writer. He has won a number of prices for submission of essays and represented Edo State in the 2014 Thank God It's Centenary (TGIC) quiz show in Bayelsa. He published his first short story titled "Last days of Queen Amina" in 2017. The story is the first book in his African history series which aims at retelling African history and promoting the richness of African culture. From late 2014 to mid 2016, he actively ran the projectversity blog, a site he used to share stories relating to university lifestyle both on WordPress and blogger. Currently, he publishes his articles at intervals on his shaiiguy blog. David's writing has greatly been influence ... read more
Latest book: Last Days of Queen Amina

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jason Bainbridge
I am from New Zealand and have been in Media for Television and Indie documentary production for 10 years. I am now into publishing E-books with various topics. My Genres range from lighthearted to deadly serious. I have lived in Japan, China and now reside in the Philippines. I have worked on Public access television as well as mainstream in New Zealand, and developed media for local Tourist dept in China. I have made a series of geo-political documentaries based on the struggle for control of Planet earth. I started my interest in Media as a kid when I shot and edited my High School promotional video and used two VHS players to edit the video. Totally old school. I used to cut videos a lot on VHS. Recently ... read more
Latest book: Rough Guide - Treasure Hunting In the Philippines By Whaka Honeheke, Published by Tradebridge Inc

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Yosay Briels
Yosay Briels is a new author to enter the historical novel genre. Her writing is inspired by true stories about artists and their art. Her debut novel The Dutch Artist and His Muse is based on the Rotterdam artist Jan Sirks and his muse Hillegonda. Yosay has a BA in Art History and French Literature and is fascinated with the context of art. In order to define her characters, she learns as much as she can to be able to re-create their lives. She visits their cities and ports, listens to their music, reads their books and the plays they may have seen, studies their fashion and mannerisms, their foods, their homes and places of work, their hygiene habits, their perfumes, their foods and drinks, the structure of ... read more
Latest book: The Dutch Artist and His Muse

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Antonija Pacek
Antonija’s critically acclaimed, debut neoclassical piano album, Soul Colours, was published by Autentico Music in Germany. Soul Colours was signed by Warner Chappell, the music publishing arm of Warner Music. German critics referred to music from Soul Colours to be “beautiful like a radiant jewel”, “a female response to Ludovico Einaudi”, and “resembling Erik Satie’s as well as Keith Jarrett’s The Cologne Concert”. Her new album, Life Stories, will be released in June 2017, and will be available on iTunes and amazon. Antonija Pacek grew up in Croatia, studied psychology in Vienna and at the University of Cambridge, UK, and now lives with her family near Vienna.
Latest book: Soft Place

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Wayne Sanders
About Wayne Im an ex-military man turned comic book writer and artist. i love art, comics and writing. in additing to writing comics i love writing novels as well. i also have aspiring dreams to create a videogame company someday. But as for now my goal is to help other artist get discovered and break into the industry and to truly create a comic book publishing studio that can really bring people back into reading comics.
Latest book: Katalina

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Mark Rice
Hi There I'm Mark Rice (nee Rogers), born back in the last century and it often feels that way. I enjoy writing and have kept a daily diary for years and over time I would have experiences I felt should be shared and possibly live on beyond my days on this planet. So I have written a several books of short stories and have a few longer stories. I have joined the blogging brigade in 2014 and you can find most of my postings on I hope if you read my books you'll enjoy them and feel free to communicate with me via the blog.
Latest book: Murder in Maspalomas

Follow me at my  Facebook Page harold mawela
Harold Mawela is a pastor, inspirational speaker, coach, writer, teacher, preacher, providing effective, practical, down-to-earth advice based on his own leadership experience and the application of relevant management thinking. As a trainer and coach, Harold's focus is simply to help people do their jobs better by helping them develop their self-confidence and equipping them with the necessary skills and behaviours to up their game. The advice that Harold is able to share with his clients is based on his own leadership and management experience, he is able to offer insights into best practice and to draw on the experiences of others as to what works and what doesn't.
Latest book: Modeling Leadership

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adela Valverde
Adela Valverde líder de eventos internacionales espirituales, seminarios y conferencias para el despertar de la conciencia, nos hace un llamado a darnos cuenta de lo maravilloso que es vivir despierto de manera consiente. Más allá del apoyo que “surge” para ti en un encuentro con Adela Valverde, ella te conducirá de manera muy simple a la autobservación y valoración permanente de la vida, permitiéndote iniciar un profundo proceso de autoindagación que te bridará una nueva percepción y enfoque directo a la paz del simplemente ser y el empoderamiento de la quietud en tu vida. Tú tarea es contribuir a la energía colectiva de La Paz y La Conciencia en este mundo, Dios se ocupa de su tarea de dirigi ... read more
Latest book: ReInicio un encuentro con tus sentidos

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Melissa Jensen
Every peep who buys my novel and I achieve my first 2 dreams: My Gender Surgery and buy my dream house, will receive 14 nights free accommodation here in Melbourne, Australia as a Thank You present. For those of you who have never visited before, I will give you a personally guided tour of this awesome city, including a ride in the "Melbourne Star". You will be required to answer a series of random questions from my first novel, correctly, to qualify. I knew at age 5 that I was a girl, but as it was 1970 then, it was unheard of, especially as I liked girls and not boys, my upbringing was that boys date girls and they get married, not girls date girls or boys date boys. My life has not been the most successful b ... read more
Latest book: Mark's Pathetic Life.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jan Cronjé
Jan Cronjé lives in South Africa, writing romance adventure and spy fiction novels. When not at the keyboard working on a book, he can be found in front of an easel applying paint to the canvas with the same zeal that goes into his writing.
Latest book: Sunset Lion

Follow me at my  Facebook Page MK Clark
Despite the misgivings of her 5th grade self, MK Clark has spent the better part of a decade with her nose buried in a notebook, scratching out dreams on a page. In this time, she has authored multiple children’s plays for community theatre groups, completed an undergraduate thesis, and received an Honor’s B.A in English and Literature from the University of Texas at Arlington. MK Clark currently lives in Austin Texas with her husband and her two fur-babies and works full-time as a technical writer.
Latest book: CEA Into the Beyond Volume 1

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ray Fauteux
The author is 68 years old and has lived in Calgary thoughout his 35 year involvement with endurance sports. His resume includes crossing the Ironman Triathlon finish line 11 times including Ironman Hawaii 1984 in Kona during the formative years of triathlon. He also completed over 30 marathons, two 50-mile races and numerous other road races of varying distances. His amateur sports career also includes three years as a Skeleton/Bobsled athlete. Over the years the author's extensive career in endurance sports has given him the opportunity to gain extensive knowledge about exercising and fitness best practices, optimum nutrition, and the power of believing in oneself. The author has self-published five other b ... read more
Latest book: Seniors On The Move

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Thee Phoenyx
Thee Phoenyx is a professional writer and an aspiring screenwriter in the film industry. She is currently earning her Bachelor of Fine Art’s in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. She works as a ghostwriter and copywriter, and has over three years of experience writing everything from medical blogs to e-books about spirituality. She has published a couple of books of her own poetry, including The Kundalini Bite and Vodka and Raspberries.
Latest book: Flashed!

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stephanie Wynn
Stephanie A. Wynn is a seasoned entrepreneur. She possesses 18 years of Financial Services experience. She is the founder of Wynn & Wynn Business Solutions, LLC, a business consulting firm located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Stephanie is passionate about assisting small business owners with establishing and re-branding their small businesses. She is committed to giving back to the less fortunate and making a difference in the lives of others.
Latest book: Readi- Set Go!: A Simple Guide to Establishing A Successful Small Business