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Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anthony Kelleher
Anthony Kelleher is from London, England. He has been teaching both English Language and English as a Foreign Language for more than 10 years. He studied Linguistics & TESOL at the University of Roehampton in London and has a keen interest in all areas of English education. Anthony has written several books on the English language and publishes in this field regularly.
Latest book: Grammar Launch Intermediate 1: Completely master 15 English grammar structures using this book and the Grammar Launch MP3s so you can reach your goal of becoming fluent in English.

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fabian Geyrhalter
Fabian Geyrhalter is the Founder and Principal of FINIEN. Geyrhalter has been published internationally by the likes of The Washington Post, Graphis and Communication Arts. He has written about branding for publications including Mashable and Entrepreneur and is a columnist for Inc. An active jury member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and winner of numerous design awards, including 23 American Graphic Design Awards, Geyrhalter is often invited to judge international design competitions. He served as an adjunct professor at USC and Art Center College of Design and is an Advisory Board Member of the Santa Monica College. Geyrhalter is a frequent speaker and mentor to entrepreneurs worldwide, a Globa ... read more
Latest book: How to Launch a Brand (2nd Edition)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Joseph Y. Roberts
Born in suburban Los Angeles, Joseph Y. Roberts describes himself as “a small town boy from a big city.” His interests are eclectic, like the subjects of his fiction, which reflect an ongoing fascination with the less-traveled places of the world and history. His goal is to bring the forgotten and ignored into the light with his tales, many being historic fiction with a literary spin. Joseph's favorite subjects include science fiction, military and ancient history, archeology, progressive rock, astronomy, and table-top role-playing games. His favorite bands are Hawkwind, U2, and Pink Floyd. Among his pursuits and occupations have been college radio DJ, actor, vacation resort sketch artist, and newspaper g ... read more
Latest book: Bright Light, Dark Heart: A Short Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adam Emanon
Adam is a Toronto, Canada based writer and curator. Adam is the author of the Curiosity Guide series, which began in February 2015 with guides for computer programming, and Japanese. Adam loves learning new things, and sharing their findings with others, whether through writing or speaking.
Latest book: The Curiosity Guide to Learning to Code for Beginners

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anand Satheesh
Emerson For The Digital Generation: Secrets Of Unparalleled Success and Happiness From The Timeless Wisdom Of Ralph Waldo Emerson is a result of Anand Satheesh’s unique background. Born to a father deeply interested in creativity and success, he has grown up around thousands of books on personal transformation and leadership. His discussions with his father on the nature of success, life and human potential give him a unique sense of the solutions to the massive problems facing our world. His writings have gained praise from world renowned professors and leadership thinkers such as Prof. Tal Ben Shahar, the creator of the world renowned positive psychology course at Harvard University, Dr Marshall Goldsmith, ... read more
Latest book: Emerson For The Digital Generation: Secrets of the Unparalleled Success & Happiness from the Timeless Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Marcus-Aurelius A.E.M. (Augustine Elias Montague) Richarde AKA Marcus Richarde
Richarde was born and raised in the greater Boston area, where he also studied in graduate school. He has written on a number of subjects, but the thriller is one of his favorite genres. His current work, THRILLER AT HARVARD...Because Envy Can Kill !, is a project that he holds near and dear to his heart. To date, THRILLER is certainly his magnum opus, and a sequel THRILLER AT HARVARD II...Revenge is Sweet !, is in the works...And a few others are also on the docket. Once developed, his THRILLER books will form a complete series of THRILLERS in a variety of interesting locations. His page turner style is what keeps his readers wanting more... Finally THRILLER AT HARVARD is available here at Smashwords ... read more
Latest book: THRILLER AT HARVARD...Because Envy Can Kill !

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shelby L Bettes
Shelby Bettes is writer currently earning a Bachelor of Fine Art's degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. While studying to obtain these academic qualifications, combined with a year of journalism work experience while working as a news reporter, she has gained an extensive and varied writing skill-set. Shelby specializes in scriptwriting and short fiction. Her short fiction work has been featured in several magazines including Winter Garden Magazine and the Saturday Night Reader. When asked where she gets her passion for writing, Shelby gives all the credit to a childhood hobby that has now bled over to her adult life, reading. In fact, reading plays a big role in the type of writer she is. Shelb ... read more
Latest book: A Flash Phenomena

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Cleous G Young
Cleous G. Young is a recently completed his undergrad in Human Services and a minor in Psychology at the Chestnut Hill College. A pursuit that he will now use to better furnish his involvement in transforming the community children, families and the environment. Young is also a children’s author of seven books, including his latest two “Do Your Best” and “The Four Fisherwomen.” Young also writes, directs and sometime plays a role in his own theatrical, which are geared towards addressing social issues in the community. As a Speaker and Presenter, Young has spoken and presented in front of groups in the community all the way to groups at the United Nations. Though he presents himself as a humble indi ... read more
Latest book: The Call

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Veronica Miller
Growing up my favorite thing was books and writing. I always carried pen and paper with me writing things that came into my head. I always found that writing was a good way to escape reality and stress. I always dreamed about being an author, having my novels in stores and holding my work in my hands. I had put off for a long time following my dreams as I focused on work and raising my kids myself, it didn't take long before I realized that writing and books were such a big part of my life that I started writing again. Even if it was just little blurbs. It was not until I was in a car accident in 2014 that left me unable to return to my job and left me with a down whirl spiral of depression. I did not know wha ... read more
Latest book: Broken

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Akshit Dhar
Hi all. My name is Akshit Dhar. I am 20 years young I.T student from India. I love to write stories , design something or code anything that pops up in my mind. Hope you all like my stuff.
Latest book: Karthik's Glimpse Of Past

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Artur Stańczykiewicz
Drawing comic novels has always been my passion. It may sound strange however that I don't read many of them because there is always lack of time. There were days when I had many comics stored in my bookcase. Among them I can give three titles which I consider the best and most inspiring. These are "Thorgal" (art masterpiece and great stories), "Sin City" (magnificent atmosphere) and "Preacher" (I love it for that specific sense of humour and for characters) I've always tried not to rush up too much with what I do. Because of that it takes years to finish single project. There is an advantage in this - with each project I find another weak spot, which I try to master. I also try different approach, considering ... read more
Latest book: Avatar of Darkness: Part One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Duncan Howard
During my studies in Archaeology and Anthropology at U.C.L. I became addicted to travel in a way people become addicted to chocolate. Having dug in Peru and Africa, I continued to travel after my studies. I have worked as a cowboy in Texas, a naturalist in Nepal, an aid worker during the Bosnian War, a teacher in Brazil. I have traded goods from India, Brazil, Thailand, Guatemala, Bolivia amongst others, travelling to over fifty countries in my never-ending desire to meet new people and experience new cultures. I have been working as a ghost writer for the past two years and with some time off between books I have now written my first novel in the series: Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case. A S ... read more
Latest book: Flintstaff and Cramp: The Curious Case of the Case

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kevin Lynch
oh yes I'm here so I am, a writer of darkly comic thriller/crime fiction pieces. By day I masquerade as a Guidance Counsellor, but behind that empathetic nodding burns a fevered imagination that demands expression. I wonder at times how twisted I really am, but then we all do that, right? I find the writing hand is the one that leans towards truth. I never know for sure what's going to come out and that's the way I like it. The aspiration is to entertain and I would be most grateful if you would let me know where I succeed and where I fail in this endeavour. I love words and am having a belated love affair with the actual craft of writing. Times previous I just wanted to get it onto the page and try to get it o ... read more
Latest book: The Money Walks

Follow me at my  Facebook Page JazmineDorsey
Jazmine Dorsey is currently an undergraduate student at Full Sail University majoring in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Her work has previously appeared in Academy of Super Stars, This Time Around: Passages, and Down in the Dirt. Her hope is to touch generations of people through wordplay. Currently, she is working on her first novel.
Latest book: The Writer Under the Umbrella: Three Short Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Lee Wardlow
I'm just a small town girl who has always loved to read. That love of reading turned into creating stories of my own. For years I've horded manuscripts on my laptop. A few years ago I was laid off from my job as a computer geek (formal title Project Manager). I decided to break them out and dust them off. I started writing again and I published the first one in October 2014. A few months later I started telling my friends and family. It's one thing to put your heart soul out there in front of strangers. It's another to bear your soul in front of family and friends. They were all very supportive and continue to be so. I still do my job as a PM by day and nights and weekends I try to always write some ... read more
Latest book: Home is Where You Are Goose Creek Series Book 3

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Grace Gershuny
Grace Gershuny is co-author of The Soul of Soil and has written extensively on soil, compost, and food system issues. As a staff member of USDA’s National Organic Program in the 1990s she helped develop the organic regulations. She lives in Barnet, Vermont and teaches at Green Mountain College.
Latest book: Organic Revolutionary: A Memoir of the Movement for Real Food, Planetary Healing, and Human Liberation

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Heather Glidewell
Reading is an escape into an alternate reality. I can be anyone, anywhere, and do anything in my imagination. That is where writing takes over. What started out as a simple dream has turned into something so much more. I love words. Born in Springfield, Missouri I have lived in three states (soon to be a fourth) and wish to see even more of the world than I already have. I am the mother of two beautiful children. My ten year old daughter has wanted to dive head first into the world of writing and has a mindset close to that of her mother. My husband is supportive of my endeavor to share my story with everyone. The point of writing is to entertain. That is all I wish to do. Entertain as many people as ... read more
Latest book: Inside the Fire

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Cuevas Arrubarena
Amanda Cuevas Arrubarena is earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University. Her passion is story editing and writing for animation and family entertainment. She specializes in increasing cultural diversity, inclusion, and representation in stories. Amanda is the current Head Writer for the video game company called Cluster Funk, which was started by Full Sail students. She has also worked as a freelance translator and is fluent in English, Spanish, and Japanese.
Latest book: The Eight-Headed Dragon

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Fiona Tate
Fiona Tate is a freelance writer, proofreader, editor, and author. She lives with her husband and furbabies in Birdlings Flat near Christchurch, New Zealand. She has a BA in Psychology and is working towards a diploma in proofreading and editing. She has had a lifelong love of words which she is now turning into a full time career. Her first published work, The Twins Begin, is an introduction to her Behind The World series which she is currently working on and which will include full length novels about the Vampires she has also had a lifelong love for. She's also available for proofreading and editing work. After all, who needs spare time?
Latest book: The Twins Begin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Renee Bland
I am a storyteller. As a child, my family and I challenged each other to come up with a story based on a word or phrase. Give me a jar of olives and I will tell you the story of the grandmother standing over her grandson with a knot on his head. Over the years, I discovered a passion for entertaining others, especially children and teens with tales that also relayed life's lessons in a humorous way. It is my passion for children and storytelling that led me back to school after 30 years to earn a Bachelor of Fine Art's degree in Creative Writing. I am open to where my stories will lead me. I am a 29 years veteran with the property and casualty insurance industry. I handle property damage claim ... read more
Latest book: A Trinity of Hearts

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Stefano Pierpaoli
Restless and provocative Italian intellectual who experienced artistic disciplines from cinema to theater. He has often been at the heart of cultural project to try to create new production and distribution models, more inclusive expecially for disable person. He wrote 3 novels. The first "E Allora" (2001) with Mara Nanni, the true story of a Red Brigate exponent, a 70' years Italian terrorist organisation. "Forti Odori D'Arrosto" (2004) tells the six months story of a man, a new poor, who is waiting for the eviction from his home. The third is "Titanic, abbandonate la nave" (2006), a predicting novel about Rome and her collapsing. In addiction he wrote an extract of the Book "Il Potere" in which have been writ ... read more
Latest book: Titanic, abbandonate la nave

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Kristin Smith
Kristin Smith writes young adult contemporary and science fiction novels with enough kissing to make her mother blush. She's a beach lover and a Just Dance guru who enjoys belting out karaoke (from the comfort of her own home). As a self-professed chocoholic, Kristin is a firm believer that if a dessert doesn't have chocolate in it, then it's not considered a dessert. (Except for crème brûlée. She can always make an exception for crème brûlée.) Kristin currently resides in the middle-of-nowhere North Carolina with her husband and five incredibly loud but extremely cute boys. To read more about her obsession with YA novels or her addiction to scarves, you can visit her at
Latest book: Catalyst

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jenna Kinzler
Jenna Kinzler lives in West Fargo, North Dakota with her husband Ryan, and their two cats: Lefty, a short-haired tabby, and Felix, a short-haired black cat. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with an emphasis in Writing from Minnesota State University Moorhead in Moorhead, MN. In her spare time, she likes to knit, read novels, paint, and spend quality time in either God’s Word, with her husband, or with her close friends and family. For work, when she’s not writing, she’s a custodian at a private school. Jenna has been writing novels, novellas, short stories, and poems since she was twelve years old. One day while reading a book, she wondered how the author and publishing company made the book. ... read more
Latest book: The Magic Suitcase: Martha

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rlebrun
Ralph LeBrun is native Floridian and a resident of Central Florida. He lives there with his wife Virginia, daughter Ruth, and son Ben. He has a deep appreciation for steam engines and all things Steampunk so after being stuck in the retail business world for over 30 years he decided it was time for a change. Writing went from being an escape to being a passion, thus book one of "The Collector's Series - Harry's Journal" was born. Be on the watch for more books in the series to come.
Latest book: Harry's Journal

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Keith Farnish
Keith Farnish is a writer, volunteer and activist who, in a former life, was an IT professional. He lives in the Borders of Scotland with his wife and two children. He has been involved in environmental issues for a long time - for a large part of that as an active member of various environmental organisations, before becoming disillusioned with the mainstream environmental movement. He is continually striving to minimise his impact on the natural world. Keith founded The Earth Blog in 2006, intended as a source of inspiration for people who want to be challenged, and offering uncompromising solutions to difficult problems. He also became a regular contributor to high-profile websites including Culture Change ... read more
Latest book: Almost Gone

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Shonette Charles
Shonette Charles is the author of GAME ON and NAIL IT: Breaking into the Black Elite and an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Jack and Jill of America, Inc., and The Links, Incorporated. Ms. Charles holds degrees from Harvard University and the University of Michigan. A former freelance writer and editor, she resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with her family. Visit her online at, and check out her blog— Pearls, Poise, Protocol. You can also connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
Latest book: Game On

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Rose Saunders
Rose Saunders is a published authoress who has had her works featured in Down in the Dirt Magazine and in compilations by The World Poetry Movement. She is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing for Entertainment Degree Program at Full Sail University and is a graduate of Mount Ida College.
Latest book: Pyrotic Catharsis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Bill Fuller
Bill Fuller has spent nearly thirty years as a television writer and producer on shows such as Newhart, Night Court, Living Single and Hope & Faith, working closely with Queen Latifah, Kelly Ripa and Bob Newhart, among others. Before that, he indulged his passion for writing with stints in public relations and newspaper reporting. He took his first stab at writing at the age of eight when he dug out his Crayolas and wrote a sequel to Mary Poppins. He eventually traded it to a friend for three packs of Batman cards, but the fire had been lit. Years later, when he was an undergraduate at Notre Dame, he got wind of the real-life romance involving the legendary Irish halfback, George Gipp, and never quite got it o ... read more
Latest book: The Forever Year

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Adriana Subin
Îmi place să scriu, asta-i tot. M-am apucat de scris destul de târziu, doar ca un hobby și dintr-o reticență pe care mi-ar fi greu s-o motivez în două cuvinte, n-am bătut niciodată la ușa vreunei edituri de carte tipărită, cu vreuna din cele 11 cărți polițiste pe care le-am scris, din 2008 și până acum. Puține lucruri îți pun în mișcare toate cotloanele minții, precum o scriitură polițistă și poate că-n timp, devii dependent de logica intrigii, ca de un drog. Dar plăcerea de-a scrie nu merge întotdeauna mână-n mână cu Talentul, iar noi trebuie să avem decența de-a nu le confunda. Bucuria scrisului e un Dar copleșitor în sine, care zic eu că ar trebui de multe ori, să ne ... read more
Latest book: Ochii din Umbra unui Asasin

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Sharlin Craig
Sharlin Craig, a Detroit native who now resides in southern California with her husband and daughter, is dedicated to writing inspirational children’s books that touch the spirit of her readers. A graduate of Oakland University, she’s taught music to children for several years while also writing music and lyrics. She’s combined her love for children and writing into authoring her debut children’s Christmas picture book, ‘Ornaments of Love’. Sharlin believes that with the right surroundings and daily encouragement, children are boundless. She’s passionate about helping children feel understood and empowered through her books and hopes that her stories make them smile.
Latest book: Ornaments of Love

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angie Carter
Angelica Carter or Angie is a student at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. She studies Creative Writing for Entertainment. She is a writer and has been published in Down in the Dirt Magazine. She is currently working on her first novel expected to be released in May of 2017. She resides in Florida with her boyfriend. To contact her email at:
Latest book: Short Stories of Nine: Four Fictional Tales

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Barbra E. Ross
I have been writing my entire life. Raising a family put my dreams on hold, but in 2005, my first novel A Mortal Indiscretion was published. But the publisher decided it should be 2 volumes, due to length. So, after several years, I regained the rights to my work and revamped it, combining the two volumes as I originally intended it to be. A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut is that version. It is the first in a series, a vampire romance with mystery and action. The sequel, Marzio's Revenge is now available on Kindle and soon to be print format. The third in the series, should be out by fall of 2016.
Latest book: A Mortal Indiscretion; Author's Cut

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Khali Raymond
I'm that guy that loves to create and make you LOL with my work, trust me...I may be young, but I got it in me...Another young man trying to make it out for the greater good, you know... Single with no children...I'm not good with I have been writing books since I was fifteen years old. But I have been writing since a little boy. If there's anything I can do without messing up at it, that's writing. All I know how to do is write. Rap a lil bit. I'm also a songwriter as well, currently in high school finishing up. I have plans of becoming the biggest thing you've ever seen... I also will be publishing work under the pen names Shamir Sherman, Savage Writer, and Thurgood Reese. If you see any one o ... read more
Latest book: Ghanport's Finest

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Jay Shaw
Jay Shaw writes fantasy and sci-fi stories about characters who will ultimately find their one great love. A love all of time and space will stand still for. Jay lives in New Zealand, where she is raising her two teenagers. She loves photography, reading, cooking, and movies.
Latest book: Wolfhaven

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Morgan Sheppard
I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend, and a lover. I am many things, been given many labels, but I can say that I am just ‘simple complicated’ me. Always a prolific reader and dabbler in my younger days with short stories, poems and limericks, I am now creating my own fantasy worlds. Favourite quote is “You have to “aim high and reach for your dreams” Favourite colour is rich purple Favourite food would be chocolate! Favourite time of day is nighttime and I love the moon in all her beautiful phases. Favourite season has always been Autumn/Fall. I love the rain and thunderstorms. You can subscribe to my mailing list here: And join in the fun with my Book Group ... read more
Latest book: Marella (Wraidd Elfennol, #0.5)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page D.L.Heather
D.L.Heather is a Canadian writer who now calls New Zealand home. She has worked as a researcher, editor, writer and music journalist. In 2014 she founded a news and entertainment web magazine. In 2015, she published her first print newspaper in New Zealand. Most recently she has written a three part series called Breaking the Odds. A mini-series that was inspired by her own personal experiences. Breaking the Odds: Jackson's Story is Volume 1 of the series.
Latest book: Breaking the Odds: Jackson's Story

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Murewa Ayodele
Murewa Ayodele is a graduate of Computer Science from Redeemer's University. The only thing he loves more than software development is writing. He was been writing for leisure for over a decade now. The training wheels are now off as Murewa has gone pro with his first release, Modern Judges: Metamorphosis - a beautiful book from a very creative mind
Latest book: Metamorphosis

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Michael Sitzler
I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, and ever since I was little I was always brimming with ideas for stories after watching a movie or after reading a book. My parents noticed how much I would want to entertain everyone around me, so they had me audition for plays and musicals in my home town and school. This helped me fuel my imagination, and got me to start writing seriously. I used to write whenever I wasn't busy at my old college to pursue a career in music therapy. However, I soon lost interest, and I didn't know what to do. Now I am at Full Sail University earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing. I have been keeping myself busy with school and work all at once. Soon, I will begin to show ... read more
Latest book: Short, Sweet, and in a Flash

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Angela Tressel
Angela has been writing since middle school, starting out with 'trashy' paranormal romances and moving on to more realistic versions. Remaining close to the fantasy genre, Angela discovered that the writing style didn't fit her. After reading Jane Austin's iconic 'Pride and Prejudice', she found that historical fiction seemed to 'click'. Now, after experimenting with the style for several years, Angela has written a short historical story and is currently working on a Regency era romance.
Latest book: In God We Trust

Follow me at my  Facebook Page F. Alexander
Enjoying his strong passion for great relationships, F. Alexander is the creator and writer of RelationshipGED. Frequently sharing his unique perspective when responding to and teaching others on the subject of relationship, he was urged by many to focus his talents on writing. As he continues to enjoy his various long term relationships with family, friends and colleagues, his continued passion for helping others and becoming a great writer, grows every day. F. Alexander is a freelance writer, married and a proud father of five. He currently lives and writes in the Southeast of the USA.
Latest book: Compatibility / Misjudgment - Kindergarten Companion I

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Amanda Sloan
ABOUT THE AUTHOR This is the third book and second recipe book, published by this author. Amanda has a ‘Certificate in Natural Therapies’ and has also studied product ranges, in various health shops. Her own column 'Remedies in the Pantry', was in Healthy Options Magazine, for 3 years. Plus she's been freelance journalist, for other magazines, like Rainbow News and Lifestyle Block. She’s written/recorded (Celeste Music) two CD's; one for a musical she wrote, choreographed and produced. The other, 'Love, Light, Passion & Inspiration', is also available on Amazon. The books (Celeste Script) and CD's, are published by ‘Celeste Enterprises’. Please find and like us on Facebook, for more info. Eat ... read more
Latest book: Fresh Cuisine Recipe Book

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ceyhun C Canbazoglu
Araştırmacı yazar.
Latest book: Agartha I: Kader Mührü

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Arjun Shivaram
I am a young writer from Chennai, India, also dabbling as a Research Analyst in a global RnD firm. I have been an avid reader right from my high school days, leaning towards reading anything in print and about anything under the sun. The Best Creative Writer Award bestowed upon me for my short-fiction in my first year of college encouraged me to write more and experiment with language and writing devices. I created a blog and started writing fiction and nonfiction. I began work on my debut novel in the latter half of 2014, and finished the work with much emendation only a month back. This 'deep' novel is the first of its kind to the Indian literature, having creatively used the postmodernist writing device o ... read more
Latest book: The Dancing Pen: A Collection of Short Stories

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Candie Leigh Campbell
Born in Rockledge Florida, Candie was influenced from birth by her father, the rocket scientist. Growing up on Merritt Island, her world was full of unimaginable intrigue. As a small child she roamed the halls of NASA, mesmerized by rooms of giant computers and rockets that stretched to the sky. It was the height of the space-race and her family regularly attended rocket launches--watching them blast-off for the moon. There, Candie’s love for all things science and science-fiction exploded. Star Trek and Star Wars quickly became her first and favorite fairy-tales. She began to imagine a world where all things belonged, where science and time melted into make-believe and magic. But that magic seemed out of re ... read more
Latest book: Search (SEEK Book 1)

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Saul Stier
Dr. Saul Stier is a specialist in Neurosurgery, Neurology and Psychiatry He is the former Director of the Abarbanel Psychiatric Department, affiliated with the Tel Aviv University Medical School. Currently he is an advisor to the Israeli Ministry of Defence and a member of the Israel Psychiatric Association Ethical Committee. Saul is also very active in his private clinical and forensic work; providing expert opinions for the Law Courts in civil and criminal cases. Some of the characters and situations that occur in this novel are based on actual cases that he has treated. In his spare time he loves to read and write psychological thrillers.
Latest book: My Dear Otto

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Nicole Eglinger
Nicole Kauffman-Eglinger born in 1972 in Steubenville, Ohio. When I was seven moved with my family to Davie, Florida where I currently reside with my husband of 24 years. Have 4 grown sons and 3 cats. A published author loves reading and writing. Won Best Poems & Poet of 2012 and 2013. Was published in 3 compilations put out by Noble House. My newest book Romance series available. Falling: Book One Popstar Lover Series ~*~ WANTING: Book Two POPSTAR LOVER SERIES ~*~ Changing Lives: BOOK ONE TALENT AGENCY SERIES
Latest book: Falling: Popstar Lover Series Book One

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Anjannette Conner
Freelance editor and author Anjannette Conner lives in Texas with two of her four children and several adorable cats. She is also the proud "Gramms" of four equally adorable grandchildren. Blessed with a serious love of reading, she fell in love with the historical romance genre many years ago when her grandmother gave her some romance novels to read. When she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of writing, it was an easy decision to focus on the historical romance genre, and Mystery Lady and Defying a Duke are her first efforts. Free time is a rare gift, but when she manages to take time off, she loves spending it in Arkansas with her grandchildren, children, parents, and the grandmother who started it all.
Latest book: Defying a Duke

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Crystal Humphrey
I'm a mother, wife, sister, daughter, much like many of you. I was raised in church, spent time close to my heavenly Father, and time apart trying to go my own way. I'm thankful He never gives up on His children. I spent the majority of my life believing I had no talent of my own, but my husband talked me into trying my hand at writing since I love to read so much. I really didn't believe I could do it, but after much prayer I decided to give it a try. With the encouragement of my husband, the support of my children, and the advice of my sister, I produced a series of short stories to try my hand at writing. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.
Latest book: Abundant Faith

Follow me at my  Facebook Page Ramona Fern
Ramona is a shy woman, not yet 40, who aspires to die alone with no cats - maybe just her turtle? Cats are just too much responsibility. She worships at the altar of Our Goddess of Champagne and her favourite colour is sparkly and she believes in everything, mermaids, unicorns and the universe. She’s also a little bit mental. Ramona loves online friends - visit her Facebook profile and her Good Reads profile
Latest book: Dream Hunter