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just an old surfer, ex banker and former coach, with a public school education, whom (that's right I said whom) grew up with a Hawaiian taste for life, seeing life as subject matters and story lines, in exploring my ability to tell stories in complete sentences and ambitious enough to attempt to tell a compelling story making you want to turn the page... and that is a work in progress. Sometimes the road to mediocrity is littered with kind words, that fail to tell the story and with your help, we'll follow the path to improvement with each new effort, most appreciative with your patience.
Latest book: Plight

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Mark Lee Danielles is a Writer

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Born in Budapest, Hungary, Geza Tatrallyay escaped with his family in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution, immigrating to Canada the same year. He grew up in Toronto, attending the University of Toronto Schools, where he was School Captain. He graduated from Harvard University with a BA in Human Ecology in 1972 (after taking a break in his studies to work as a host in the Ontario Pavilion at Expo’70 in Osaka, Japan). Geza was selected as a Rhodes Scholar from Ontario, attending Oxford University and graduating with a BA/MA in Human Sciences in 1974; he completed his studies with a MSc in Economics from London School of Economics and Politics in 1975. Geza represented Canada as an épée fencer in the 1976 Ol ... read more
Latest book: For the Children

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Fetisha is the penname of a fulltime actor currently living in Hollywood who has appeared in numerous TV, web series, films, theatrical productions and music videos. Fetisha is also the author of over sixty short stories and seven novels, one of which was nominated for a CAPA Award for YA Fiction. Besides working in mainstream Hollywood, Fetisha also works in the porn industry as a talent scout for Helix Studios and also blogs about the industry. Fetisha’s blog, All The Porn That’s Fit To Fuck, was recently nominated for a GRABBY Award.

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That’s me! (More in a few moment…)
Latest book: La tour du Désert

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Julio Pliego is a 4th year medical student with a passion for medicine and information. As of 2015 he studies medicine at the Universidad Central Del Este in the Dominican Republic. He has passed the United States Medical License examination (USMLE), step 1, and is currently working to finish school.
Latest book: Bronchitis

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Adam Holt was raised in Friendswood, Texas near NASA's Johnson Space Center, where his father worked for NASA in Mission Control during the Apollo missions. He was born into the space program and did not realize how special that was until he arrived at Baylor. "Your dad put men on the Moon? No way!" He attended Baylor University for his undergrad, SMU for his grad degree, and taught English at Greenhill School in Dallas for a decade; however, he left teaching to devote himself to his writing full time as well as sharing his love of human space exploration. He responds to fan tweets: @adamholtwrites. He travels abroad when he has time and money, loves Victor Hugo and C.S. Lewis, respects Rick Riordan, and lov ... read more
Latest book: The Conspiracy Game: A Tully Harper Novel

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I write romance

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I'm a corporate lawyer with over 15 years of experience with FORTUNE 500® and FORTUNE 1000® companies and in private practice, negotiating international deals and working with governments across the globe—from Israel to India, Western Europe to China, and right here at home. I've trained hundreds of business leaders around the world on negotiation skills and legal issues. I was recently quoted in the Miami Herald.
Latest book: Law School Revolution: How to Get Great Grades with Minimum Effort and Low Stress

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Latest book: The Films of Donald Pleasence

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Over the course of my life I have written tons of stories, characters, 2 novels, traveled the world, and now I want to get it out in the world. Rather it takes off or it just finds a niche. At least the world can see the wonderful world of fantasy that I have been in for 28 years.

Follow me on Twitter at  CHarveyAuthor Christine Harvey
Christine has been a writer all of her life: from a children’s book at the age of 11 about orphaned animals to daily journaling to novels. She majored in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and wrote a personal column for a quarterly newsletter focusing on the entertainment industry for four years. She is a long-time member of Romance Writers of America. Although her day job as a non-profit fundraiser requires database geekery, Christine finds writing a great deal more fun. Both she and her characters also know that a pair of colorful cowboy boots can change your life. Christine lives in California with her husband and 19 year-old cat, who rules the roost. Christine is currently at work on h ... read more
Latest book: Take Two (That's Entertainment: Book One)

Follow me on Twitter at  helenhwu Helen H. Wu
Helen H. Wu, was born and raised in Hefei, China. Helen took private lessons and studied drawing for more than ten years beginning at age six. She attended Renmin University in Beijing majoring in economics, after that she came to the United States to study applied economics. During her school days Helen traveled to many places in Asia, Europe and North America. These journeys exposed her to various cultures and arts, while providing inspiration for her artistic creativity. Helen’s love of art is deep rooted. She taught herself graphic design and after graduation she opened her own art studio. Helen started to illustrate children's books in 2011. Currently she is a freelance artist living in Atlanta, Georgia, ... read more
Latest book: Good Night, Good Night: A Going to Sleep Picture Book - A Rhyming Bedtime Stor

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Iris Woodbury is a British novelist and short story writer. She lives in Parkton MD and has published several children's stories in the UK. You can find her on her blog
Latest book: Sorrowlands: Flora and the Demi-Gods

Follow me on Twitter at  j_montgomerie Johnna Montgomerie
Dr. Johnna Montgomerie, Lecturer in Economics, Political Economy Research Centre (PERC), Goldsmiths, University of London. She has published widely on financialisation and household debt, she is the lead author of The Politics of Indebtedness: A Public Interest Report and principle investigator for the ESRC Knowledge Exchange ‘Crafting an Alternative Politics of Debt’ and ESRC Seminar Series ‘From Recovery to Discovery’ her latest articles are “Round the Houses: Homeownership the failures of asset-based welfare in the UK” and “America’s Debt Safety-net”.
Latest book: Forging Economic Discovery in 21st Century Britain

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Steven Deutsch resides in Northern California where he drinks, cooks, CrossFits, eats out way too often and makes small quantities of wine under the ThoseF**kers label.
Latest book: Drink Your Carbs: eat. drink. sweat. REPEAT

Follow me on Twitter at  campvictoryal Camp Victory
Camp Victory is a non denominational Christian camping organization in south Alabama.
Latest book: How Camp Victory Began, "A Testimony of God's Leading in My Life" by Jonas Miller

Follow me on Twitter at  SPH_III Samuel P. Holloway
Samuel P. Holloway, III was born Robert Theotis Edmond on December 15th, 1978 in Gary, Indiana. His parents are Zadie Edmond Rosenthal and Samuel Percy Holloway II, but he was raised by his mother's husband Robert Parker. His mother had three children of which he was the baby.
Latest book: How It All Happened — The Raw Truth

Follow me on Twitter at  ophelia_london Ophelia London
USA Today bestselling author Ophelia London was born and raised among the redwood trees in beautiful northern California. Once she was fully educated, she decided to settle in Florida, but her car broke down in Texas, and she's lived in Dallas ever since. A cupcake and treadmill aficionado (obviously those things are connected), she spends her time watching arthouse movies and impossibly trashy TV, while living vicariously through the characters in the books she writes. In addition to her mystery series, Ophelia has authored several romance novels, and she encourages her readers to visit her on social media...but don't call when The Vampire Diaries (or Dawson's Creek) is on.
Latest book: Chalk Lines & Lipstick

Follow me on Twitter at  jaqhazell Jaq Hazell
Shortlisted for the Jane Austen Short Story Award and The Virginia Prize for Fiction, British author Jaq Hazell has had work published in various anthologies. She has an MA in creative writing from Royal Holloway, University of London, and she lives in London with her family and dog.
Latest book: Shopping at Tesco

Follow me on Twitter at  mansoor_limba Mansoor Limba
Mansoor Limba is a writer, translator, educator, and blogger. He is a PhD holder in International Relations and BA holder in Islamic Studies who writes and translates books (Persian into English and Filipino, English into Filipino) on such subjects as international politics, history, political philosophy, jurisprudence (fiqh), scholastic theology (‘ilm al-kalam), Qur’anic sciences, hadith, ethics, and mysticism. Have an experience with his multidisciplinary taste by visiting his blog at
Latest book: My Tehran Diary

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Latest book: The November Note

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Follow me on Twitter at  1dmc2 Duane M. Carter
Duane M. Carter is a Musician/Writer/Librarian from Los Angeles, California. He earned a B.A. in Music Performance from California State University, Los Angeles, a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Music, Theatre, & English) with an emphasis in writing for musical theatre, from California State University, San Bernardino, and a M.S. in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Duane has composed numerous pieces and released two Contemporary Jazz CDs. He enjoys writing both poetry and prose. He currently lives, writes, and performs in Austin, Texas.

Follow me on Twitter at  DwightHoling Dwight Holing
Dwight Holing lives and writes in California. His fiction includes the Jack McCoul mystery novels and an award-winning collection of short stories. His nonfiction work includes numerous books and articles.

Follow me on Twitter at  @JRobinsonAuthor Jeremiah Knight
Jeremiah Knight is the secret (not really) identity for an international bestselling author of more than fifty horror, thriller and sci-fi novels. HUNGER is the first post-apocalyptic novel under the Knight name, which Suspense Magazine called, "A riveting post-apocalyptic epic of man's rush to save the world and the harsh consequences that follow." For more on Knight and his alter-egos, visit
Latest book: Hunger (The Hunger Series Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  @JRobinsonAuthor Jeremy Robinson
Jeremy Robinson is the international bestselling author of fifty novels and novellas including MirrorWorld, Uprising, Island 731, SecondWorld, the Jack Sigler thriller series, and Project Nemesis, the highest selling, original (non-licensed) kaiju novel of all time. He’s known for mixing elements of science, history and mythology, which has earned him the #1 spot in Science Fiction and Action-Adventure, and secured him as the top creature feature author. Robinson is also known as the bestselling horror writer, Jeremy Bishop, author of The Sentinel and the controversial novel, Torment. In 2015, he launched yet another pseudonym, Jeremiah Knight, for two post-apocalyptic Science Fiction series, beginning with ... read more
Latest book: Callsign - Doubleshot (Jack Sigler Thrillers novella collection - Knight and Deep Blue)

Follow me on Twitter at  jenbradlee Jen Bradlee
Jen Bradlee can get away with murder, metaphorically speaking of course. She is a sensual woman who enjoys people watching, belly dancing, and taking walks in the rain. Give her a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and plays hard. The ones with rough edges and a little scruff are the best. She finds cathartic release when she pours all her fantasies and desires into her writing. Comes with a warning label. “Too hot to handle.”

Follow me on Twitter at  1meps Margaret Meps Schulte
Margaret Meps Schulte, known as 1meps, is the US expert in how to talk to strangers. Her wanderlust lifestyle has included a 33-foot junk-rigged sailboat, Flutterby, and a 7,000 pound van called The Squid Wagon. Meps considers Seattle her home, but admits that she falls in love with every place where she spends at least two weeks. She's not afraid of public speaking or public art, having painted large-scale murals and illustrated her own book. She's extremely capable with fiberglass and 2-part polyurethane paint, once built a 6-foot rowboat, and survived appendicitis at Burning Man. She has written hundreds of blogs, limericks, and grocery lists, and is currently working on a book of teddy bear philosophy with ... read more
Latest book: Strangers Have the Best Candy

Follow me on Twitter at  nasaid63 NA Said
NA Said loves to read. Later she developed the passion for writing. She started to write during her free time when she quit her desk job to give full attention to her then growing up children. But the writing was just for fun, to keep her mind busy. She stopped writing when she ventured into a small business - making used of her MBA. The business took a lot of her free time away from her hobbies. After twelve years she decided enough is enough and closed the business. Now she could not be more happier punching her laptop keys, sipping ice-lemon tea, close her tired eyes whenever she feels like it and relax her mind. Writing is the best.
Latest book: Life Journey: The Story of Anna & Jeremy

Follow me on Twitter at  BlushingChaos Marissa Craig
Marissa Craig started writing at fifteen in suburban Maryland. She makes stories for young adults similar to herself who like to keep drama inside the pages. Her main inspiration is Japanese and Korean manga so she often uses Japanese names in her stories. In her writing she aims to show the same attitude and theme but without the pictures.
Latest book: The Last Princess

Follow me on Twitter at  jakecamronbooks Jake Camron
I'm on Smashwords because Amazon deems my books to sexual graphic and taboo. Hope you enjoy them! Jake Camron loves erotica—the kinkier, the hotter, the rougher, the better. Paranormal, dark fantasy, male pregnancy, bondage, S&M, even romance when he’s feeling it. His stories may not end with an HEA, but the ride will be wild and highly arousing right to the end. Jake not only writes erotica, but voraciously reads anything involving men and hot sex.

Follow me on Twitter at  Giovannastory Giovanna Esse
Life becomes an Adventure only if you write it.
Latest book: I peccatori - Racconto

Follow me on Twitter at  ThomasFSeray Thomas F. Seray
My name is Thomas F. Seray. I’m married, and the proud father of two. I hail from the land of Lincoln (Illinois). I served six long years in the Navy. I had the pleasure of being deployed four times during those six years.
Latest book: How To Get Out Of The Military

Follow me on Twitter at  thepornpup Nick Swallow
Nick Swallow, realizing a wildly suggestive last name could in fact be a blessing, decided to become a writer & award winning blogger (admittedly, just the one award). He runs a gay adult site & adores erotic fiction.

Follow me on Twitter at  LadyMayWrites Jenny Rose
Jenny Rose is a young writer earning her Creative Writing for Entertainment degree from Full Sail University. She is the co-founder and head writer of the Draiky and Mayflower Adventure Studios, a self-published IP creation company that works to deliver exciting and adventurous stories through comics and graphic novels, animation, video-games and traditional literature. She is also a seasoned editor, having worked on nearly twenty stories with almost as many writers in her five years practicing the craft. In addition, she is an active fan fiction writer, and competes regularly in character-driven short story competitions on DeviantArt. Her educational history also includes three years of studying video-game de ... read more
Latest book: H4CKERS: The Liquid Crystal

Follow me on Twitter at  RuthNott Ruth Nott
I am retired, living in Chiefland, FL and have found poetry to be a valued part of my life. My poetry reflects my faith and values and a deep love for God and family. My latest work is a children’s picture book titled “New Friend True Friend” and is available (in addition to my many books of poetry) on My work has been published in various anthologies, small press magazines, Poetry Canada magazine, The Quilter magazine, The Joy of Living Poetry Collection by Hazel Street Publications, Sea Oats Review, Mahogany and Molasses, Verse-a-tility, Anthologies of the Florida State Poets Assoc., Inc., Of Poets and Poetry, The Easterner, Family Matters (an anthology by several family members), various ... read more
Latest book: New Friend True Friend

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I have more than 12 years’ experience in IT Industry of that I have 8 years’ experience consulting, selling & implementing ERP, CRM & Business Intelligent Solution worldwide. I am experienced in Project Management, Resource Planning, P/L responsibility, Service Deliveries, Quality control, Account Management. Expertise & Values: • Experience in Textile and Garment , Platics, Dealer Management Solution.... • Project management experience for large and medium business • ERP, CRM, Retail, BI solution consulting • Sales & Presales Experience • Experienced in G/L, AR, AP, Fixed Assets, SOP, POP, Inventory, Jobs Costing, Services Mgmt., HR, Manufacturing.
Latest book: SAP ERP Solution For Textile and Garment industry

Follow me on Twitter at  janetleighbooks Janet Leigh
Published author of The Shoes Come First, Janet Leigh was born in Garland, Texas and has remained a faithful Texas native her entire life. After practicing chiropractic for twenty years, Janet decided to take a dive into writing her first novel. She has always admired writers that could make her laugh while weaving a magnificent story. Janet was working full time during the day and taking writing classes on the internet at night. “Not the fastest way to learn, but I had some great teachers and mentors,” she says now. Today, Janet is a practicing Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. She has three kids, a mean cat and a dog that has allergies. After working all day and chauffeuring kids around at night she like ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  RoisinT29 Roisin Turner
I am 19, a student of English with Creative Writing at Queen's University, Belfast, and I love writing. My main hobbies, besides writing, are reading, watching movies, eating ice-cream and cookies (not together, but that might be nice). I love chinese food, pasta and chocolate. I consider tea as a drink from the gods, and my best friends are my mum and dog. I've wanted to be a writer since I can remember, and I love it so much; I just love creating characters and stories, and seeing how these develop. My characters are a part of me, and the stories are part of my imagination, so sharing them with you guys is mind-blowing. All I want to do is write, and the thought of having a job after I graduate is hard becaus ... read more
Latest book: Awakening

Follow me on Twitter at  KasiBlake Kasi Blake
Kasi Blake learned how to read before she even started to school, and she's had a book in her hand ever since. Becoming a writer seemed to be the next logical step. She loves books, but her biggest obsession is the show Supernatural. If you speak to her for more than ten minutes, she will try to turn you into a Supernatural junkie. Her other interests include nail painting, yoga, shopping, and chocolate. She lives on a farm with a dog, two cats, too many cows to count, chickens, and some ducks.
Latest book: Crushed

Follow me on Twitter at  A_Mersino Anthony C. Mersino
Anthony Mersino is an Enterprise Agile Consultant and Coach focusing on driving Agile adoption, introducing Agile techniques, coaching Scrum Masters and Teams, delivering training and supporting Agile at Scale. He helps drive organizational change and builds business value through the adoption and support of Scrum and Agile through the enterprise. Since 2008, Anthony has been teaching and coaching on applying Agile methods. He teaches several Agile courses for Northwestern University and client companies. He has also supported Agile Transformations at Wolters Kluwer, Riverstar Software, Highland Solutions, Hayneedle, Northern Trust, Redwood Trust, The Carlyle Group, and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. He h ... read more
Latest book: Agile Project Management: A Nuts and Bolts Guide to Success

Follow me on Twitter at  ckellarwrites Claire Kellar
Claire Kellar writes books of dark fantasy and alternate universes. Most of the time, she can be found in those worlds. There may be a blank look on her face, but inside, battles are raging and spells are twisting. She began her writings as a child, penning short stories about cats who worked as detectives. The stories never stopped. She grew up in a small beach community in Florida, where she still resides with her husband and daughter. The three of them play peasant to a dachshund, a Siamese and the most cantankerous of Tabby cats. Claire loves Netflix, books, coffee and anything to do with dessert.
Latest book: The Synja Tales

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Latest book: Nihajoča trdnjava

Follow me on Twitter at  AndrewBozeman Andrew Bozeman
Rev. Andrew Bozeman is an ordained minister who is a writer, teacher, speaker and spiritual counselor. He believes his Life Purpose is to help God's Children discover their inner divinity, their inherent power and their marvelous beauty. His mission is to help transform African American communities from symbols of poverty, frustration and pain to centers of prosperity, power and pride by helping to enhance the self-perception and self-esteem of African Americans and their communities. He focuses his activities through the Bozeman Development Group, which he founded in 2009, to continue his ministry in the secular world. BDG is not a church, nor is it a nonprofit organization. So it is not restricted by the rul ... read more
Latest book: The Pathfinder Chronicles II Book Two