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Follow me on Twitter at  mercertrish9 Trish Mercer
Trish Strebel Mercer has been teaching writing, or editing graduate papers, or revising web content, or changing diapers since the early 1990’s. She earned a BA in English from Brigham Young University and an MA in Composition Theory and Rhetoric from Utah State University. She and her husband David have nine children and have raised them in Utah, Idaho, Maryland, Virginia, and South Carolina. Currently they live in the rural west and dream of the day they will be old enough to be campground managers in Yellowstone National Park.
Latest book: Soldier at the Door (Book 2 Forest at the Edge series)

Follow me on Twitter at  louisthomas93 Louis Thomas
Currently crafting the perfect biography...
Latest book: How to Choose a University: The Undergraduate Student's Guide for Choosing the Right University

Follow me on Twitter at  rkambury Rachel Kambury

Latest book: Gravel

Follow me on Twitter at  ashish40411 Ashish Shukla
Ashish Shula has a kind of varied background in journalism like few have in India. From newspapers to magazines to websites to television channels, Ashish has done the whole gamut in his over three decades of career. He began with Pioneer newspaper in Lucknow, graduating to Times of India in the 90s and from then on, moving on to India’s top news agency, Press Trust of India, before easing up with a news portal and dabbling in as editor of a national magazine. His reporting assignments took him all over the world, many times over, before he caught the digital TV bug and became associated with a number of national television channels, including Channel 7 (today’s IBN7), Aajtak and India TV, and appearing as ... read more
Latest book: How United States Shot Humanity: Muslims Ruined; Europe Next

Follow me on Twitter at  sydneysloane Sydney Sloane
Ms. Sloane loves reading, writing, history, romance and all things Scottish! She is a member of Romance Writers of America. Kissed by the Laird is her first time travel romance. It is the first book in her First Ladies of the Fae series. Her love of reading began at an early age, but it was in high school when it intensified after she read, The Outsiders by SE Hinton. This is when she discovered her love of writing and telling a story. Some of her other inspirations are Melissa Mayhue, Paula Quinn, Suzan Tisdale, Ceci Giltnean and Monica McCarty! Sydney Sloane and her sports obsessed husband reside in NC with their beautiful daughter, six amazing sons, three dogs and three cats.
Latest book: Kissed by the Laird

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces Laurent Merigeault

Latest book: Le Maudit

Follow me on Twitter at  julieepollitt Julie Pollitt
Author Julie Pollitt grew up in Denver, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains. She quickly fell in love with the history of Denver and the frontier. Throughout her life she traveled all over the country and the world, but always loved coming back to Colorado. For many years Julie worked for a pipeline construction company handling payroll in the field. She loved her coworkers and had the opportunity to work in many different states. It was on one of the jobs where she met her husband, John. Julie now lives in Southwestern Florida with her husband and two boys. She spends a great deal of time volunteering at her church and the school her boys attend. Julie is most content when she is hanging out with her ... read more
Latest book: Return To Snowy Creek

Follow me on Twitter at  unknownuniverse Jamie Boud
Congenial misanthrope, former assistant to the late, great Stephen Sprouse, with a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from The New York School of Hard Knocks, Jamie Boud currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.
Latest book: Envy the Rain

Follow me on Twitter at  thegr8lotus A. Lotus
Lotus is merely the pen name for a dreamer--a writer who can't keep her head out of the clouds. Her favorite saying? "Dreams are what keep us clouded." And, it's true. Since childhood, Lotus has spent most of her waking hours devoted to scribbling stories (over 50 books). She isn't like you and me. Even her air is different for she "breathes novels". The world she belongs to is nothing like this one. It is a place where only the eccentric venture. And, of course a few brave readers... "There is no law but that with which we put upon ourselves," Lotus sighs, "and the laws to which we allow others to set for us." "Don't be afraid of who or what you are. Embrace it. For the stranger you are, the better the s ... read more
Latest book: The War In The Wall Series

Follow me on Twitter at  hana_hindrakova Hana Hindráková
Hana Hindráková comes from the Czech Republic. Her biggest hobby is writing stories. She has her own non-governmental organization Fair, that is cooperating with the country of Kenya and she goes there to Kenya quite often. She works mostly in the slum areas. Her first book Nobody´s Children was first published in November 2012, was the most salable book of Alpress Publisher and was nominated on the Titul – Book of the year 2012 award. Her second book Karibu Kenya with the subtitle Love In Danger Of Voodoo won the competition "I have talent" of the Euromedia Publishers. In 2014 she wrote the novel The Volunteer and in 2015 the novel The Enchanted. Her novel The Enchanted became the most salable book of Alp ... read more
Latest book: Nobody´s Children

Follow me on Twitter at  marilynpeake Marilyn Peake
Marilyn Peake is the author of both novels and short stories. Her publications have received excellent reviews. Marilyn’s one of the contributing authors in BOOK: THE SEQUEL, published by The Perseus Books Group, with one of her entries included in serialization at THE DAILY BEAST. In addition, Marilyn has served as Editor of a number of anthologies. Her short stories have been published in seven anthologies and on the literary blog, GLASS CASES. AWARDS: Silver Award, two Honorable Mentions and eight Finalist placements in the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards, two Winner and two Finalist placements in the EPPIE Awards, Winner of the Dream Realm Awards, and a Finalist placement in the 2015 Natio ... read more
Latest book: Mutation Z: The Ebola Zombies

Follow me on Twitter at  Silk_Weaver Silk Weaver
Making her debut in 2014, Silk Weaver continues to be a steadily growing force in the world of erotic literature. The stories she writes, though they vary from thread to thread, each ensnare the reader in her creations until they're on the edge of their seat waiting for the next part to be woven. Currently, Silk Weaver boasts a short series of five, simple, erotic thriller books which mix rising action and tensions with situations that turn the characters--and the reader--on beyond the bounds of their imagination. Since then, she's shifted her focus to the male submissive niche, taking the helm of the male reader!
Latest book: Jack Lemming in Submitting To: My Old Babysitter

Follow me on Twitter at  @RobinthePerson robin reiss
Robin Reiss was born and raised in Massachusetts by a folksinger and a professional puppeteer who named both their children after birds. Even after her mother’s early passing she grew up immersed in the arts and was the only kid in school not to groan when English teachers announced a poetry unit. She attended Westfield State University and studied elementary education until she realized she hated glue sticks, at which point she promptly changed her major to English literature, inexplicably got an A in her Creative Writing class after subversively handing in poems for every prose assignment, and graduated at the top of her class with a 4.0 GPA and absolutely no idea what to do with the rest of her life. After ... read more
Latest book: Our Day of Passing - An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems and Essays Compiled by Ingrid Hall and Franco Esposito

Follow me on Twitter at  TheBeltofTruth Stephen Kuhn
Stephen Kuhn has been leading recovery groups, speaking at college campuses, and providing free online counseling through Belt of Truth Ministries ever since he got steamrolled by Jesus and set free from the chains of porn addiction. His passion is to allow God to use the story of redemption in his life to encourage other men to seek healing through the work of Christ as well. Like most native Oregonians, Stephen enjoys a good rain shower and probably drinks too much coffee. He spends his weekends hiking, climbing, and skiing, but his greatest joy is playing dress-up with his daughter.
Latest book: DONE. 52 Amazing Things That Became True of You the Moment You Trusted Christ

Follow me on Twitter at Kim Cormack
Kim Cormack is the always comedic author of the darkly twisted epic paranormal romance series, "The Children of Ankh." She worked for over 16 years as an Early Childhood educator in preschool, daycare, and as an aid. She's lived most of her life on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She currently lives in the gorgeous little town of Port Alberni. She's a single mom with two awesome kids.
Latest book: WILD THING

Follow me on Twitter at  fatriker Aaron Littleton
Aaron Littleton is a humorist and blogger whose works have been featured on The Ellen Show, BBC News and more. His writing has appeared on and Knights of the Dinner Table Magazine.
Latest book: Fat Riker

Follow me on Twitter at  BeeR0cka Brandi "BeeRocka" Janay
Brandi “BeeRocka” Janay is a published author, motivational speaker, inspirational writer and poet. She’s widely known for her outspoken voice on Twitter, which has been featured on various blogs and articles; including but not limited to, The Washington Post. She is also known for her admirable and inspirational weekly E-letters entitled, BeeRocka’s Buzzing Inspiration. Lastly, with a growing number of over 350 Youtube subscribers, BeeRocka displays her poetic skills as a Youtube sensation. In August of 2015, BeeRocka, published her first anthology, What Happens in this House. WHITH, which details commentary on police brutality, family secrets, love, and finding God, is available in two print versions; ... read more
Latest book: What Happens In This House

Follow me on Twitter at  InternetMKT_Pro Gary A. Ferraro
ABOUT Gary A. Ferraro Gary A. Ferraro is the author, founder and creator of Building Your Brand On The Net, Cashing In On The Net and Internet Marketing Success Pro. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the wealth mastery, wealth management and success psychology professions and is a peak performance wealth mastery, success psychology and internet marketing mastery coach and trainer. Gary A. Ferraro's mission, passion, purpose and driving force in life is to help YOU and millions of other people all over the world to achieve INTERNET MARKETING SUCCESS, FINANCIAL FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, WEALTH MASTERY and EMOTIONAL FREEDOM through the training and principles taught in the Building Yo ... read more
Latest book: Building Your Brand On The Net - Psychology & Mindset Mastery

Follow me on Twitter at Catissa Chapman
I'm Catissa Chapman--- Best Selling Authoress of "She who kneels before GOD can STAND to anyone and anything!" I'm a Chosen Vessel of YAHWEH (GOD)...GOD is FIRST and FOREMOST in my life. I am a woman who have been through various trials, struggles, tribulations and made mistakes as we all do, however with JESUS I have definitely overcome them all! *TO GOD BE ALL OF THE GLORY!
Latest book: "Word In My Belly!"--- The Rejection Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  FE_Greene F. E. Greene
F. E. Greene has been telling stories with words for more than twenty years. She is the author of The Never List (Love Across Londons series, Book One) and By Eyes Unseen, a fantasy-adventure series. A novelist, songwriter, poet, and photographer, she has taught young journalists and coached creative writers in both scholastic and volunteer settings. Greene divides her time between Texas and England.
Latest book: The Never List (Love Across Londons Book One)

Follow me on Twitter at  BlondeRJ RJ Conte
RJ Conte has kissed only one boy in her entire life. And she married him, inspiring her to write about sweet or powerful love stories ever since. She writes a blog on parenting, publishing, painting, and perorating at She also has recently begun a book review and rating website for parents to make informed decisions on what to allow their children to read: RJ Conte writes realistic, issue-driven fiction that explores human nature and the depths of the soul, while pointing readers to their Creator.
Latest book: Lucent Sylph

Follow me on Twitter at  pastorflo Afolarin Ogunyinka
Afolarin Ogúnyinka is an apostle and a minister of the gospel. He is the head pastor of Hermon City Church worldwide. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria. Afolarin has a burden for men to rise up to the challenge and live right as believers. He runs the Fresh Fire Ministers’ Academy, which trains leaders for ministry and success in life. He is married to Sinmisola, a writer, and craftsman of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers’ Guild. They are blessed with four children, and live wherever the Lord leads Afolarin to plant a church.
Latest book: Some God Use, Some Use God (Issues of Life series)

Follow me on Twitter at  booksmango Lawrence Burnett
Lawrence spent two years from 1968 to 1970 in the Far East researching his novel.
Latest book: Olongapo

Follow me on Twitter at  chrisa_author Chris Ayala

Latest book: The Last Days

Follow me on Twitter at  KatieLi_Writer Katie Li
Katie Li writes fiction and narrative non-fiction about personal transformation and unlikely possibilities. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Bitch Flicks, and Xenith. She is a co-organizer of Social Artists and Writers, assistant editor of Novella-T, and curator of the e-zine The Beautiful Worst. Somewhere In Between is her first book.
Latest book: Somewhere In Between

Follow me on Twitter at  @ptdaleroberts Dale L. Roberts
My name is Dale Lewis Roberts and I'm an American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, Certified, with an ACE specialty certification in Senior Fitness. Since beginning my personal training career in 2006, I have earned numerous certifications in personal training, yoga, nutritional coaching, among others. I have worked with hundreds of clients with a variety of health & fitness goals. While my greatest passions are health & fitness, writing and reading, I also love to spend time traveling with my wife, watching pro wrestling and playing guitar. I currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona, with my wife, Kelli, and our rescue cat, Izzie.
Latest book: Gym Etiquette: 25 Things You Shouldn't Do In The Gym That No One Tells You About

Follow me on Twitter at  lilmisspoetry S.R. Stewart
S.R. Stewart is a poet and author of two children's books and a book of essays. She has studied at a variety of universities, holds a few degrees and is an advocate for child education.
Latest book: The Best Poetry Exercises from Grad School (No MFA Tuition Necessary)

Follow me on Twitter at  KellySBusch Kelly S. Busch
Kelly was born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada and currently lives outside the City of Saskatoon. She is a loving mom to three beautiful daughters. She and is currently working on a number of fiction, non-fiction books. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, spending time with her family and has a passion for writing in all genres. Kelly also edits, formats and is also publishes for other independent authors with Smashwords through her Publisher Account..
Latest book: Five Days In The Trees Near The Water - Eight Years Into Recovery

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces Marcello Pandolfi
Romancier, Marcello Pandolfi est diplômé de l'Université de Paris VIII en pathologies sociales et de la Faculté de médecine de Nancy en santé publique. Il exerce en médecine préventive. Animateur de prévention en poste à Aurillac, il côtoie régulièrement les adolescents lors de ses interventions dans les établissements scolaires. La contraception, le sida, le mal-être, autant de thèmes qu'il aborde fréquemment avec eux.
Latest book: Loin du monde

Follow me on Twitter at  jyhoward1066 Janice Elliott-Howard
J Elliott-Howard is a native of New York, New York. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She has had a successful career in corporate America. A divorced mother of two adult children and a grandmother or three. Enjoys photography and water color painting. She had been known to always see her glass as half-full instead of empty. She had a very interesting way of relating to people and her peers always seem to gravitate to her idealism. She has always been told that she ought to be an author based on her delivery methods of good, bad or indifferent news. She always manages to keep herself and those around centered in thought and action. This will be her first fictional series in her body ... read more
Latest book: The Adventures of John, James and Jack: Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  robert_swisher Robert K Swisher
Author Robert K. Swisher Jr. has been writing contemporary fiction since 1967 with over 20 published novels as well as numerous short stories and a book of poetry. His books have received national reviews from Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and many others. "Swisher" has gone indie publishing with the release of the four novel Kindle Edition mystery series on in 2012. "The Bob Roosevelt Mystery Series" - A Bucket Full of Lies, Trout Fishing for Bodies, Double Bogey Murder, and Frogs Don't Croak in the Winter, feature the adventures of Bob Roosevelt and his snide Guardian Angel. The funny golf story Conversations With The Golf God Kindle Edition was released Summer 2013, followed by Hope and How ... read more
Latest book: A Circle Around Forever

Follow me on Twitter at Rebeca Rader
Rebeca Rader es el seudónimo usado por una mujer de ascendencia ilustre y añejo abolengo, educada en el seno de una familia tradicional y algo chapada a la antigua, que a pesar de todo se encuentra felizmente emparejada. Por fortuna para sus lectores, Rebeca decidió un buen día liberar toda su intensa espiritualidad carnal. «Cuando alcancé los cuarenta y me miré al espejo», nos relata la sin par Rebeca, «me encontré con una ama de casa algo sobrada de peso, con unas ganas enormes de sexo y una creciente obsesión por las mujeres de pechos grandes. Descubrí que ponerlas por escrito era una magnífica manera de dar rienda suelta a mis fantasías más recónditas. Miembro sobresaliente de FESNI (Fantá ... read more
Latest book: Odaliscas en el Bosque

Follow me on Twitter at  RScottwriter R Scott

Latest book: Taboo Revenge: A Curse Of The Ouija Story

Follow me on Twitter at  bearmanormedia Garry McGee

Latest book: Neutralized: the FBI vs. Jean Seberg

Follow me on Twitter at  santoscounselin Juan Santos
Mr. Santos lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with his wife Elizabeth and daughter Nola. He has nearly a decade of experience in counseling and human services. He is the owner and lead therapist for Santos Counseling, a private practice in Greensboro, North Carolina. He provides counseling services for individuals, families and couples. Juan enjoys outdoor activities with his family that includes hiking, taking his canoe out and fishing as often as possible.
Latest book: Parenting Education For Hispanic Families

Follow me on Twitter at  FarCrutch Rya Wolf
RYA WOLF is an eager adventurer, having traveled to many countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. She is an all-around equestrian disciplined in the arts of English, Western, and show jumping. For fun she prefers tent camping and trail rides on her American Paint horse. She has an affinity for nature and a unique way with animals. She holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in communications. She is an avid reader and near rabid writer when an idea hits her. Rya collaborates with author REBECCA CROSS under the moniker FarCrutch Productions. Find us on Facebook!
Latest book: And They Shall Be Nameless: The Quickening

Follow me on Twitter at  whatupswags Christy Swagerty
Swagerty, "Swags," grew up around Northern California, playing volleyball and basketball with her athletic family, and writing every chance she could. She attended The Master's College in Santa Clarita, California, as a volleyball player and journalism major, but sports drew Swags away to her Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education & Kinesiology with just a minor in Communication. She met her husband, Marc, through NBC Camps, and they were married in 2008 in San Diego County. They coached around California until they moved to Europe in 2011 to pursue their dreams of coaching and playing sports abroad. Swags and Marc both earned their Master of Arts degrees in Coaching & Athletic Administration from Concordia Uni ... read more
Latest book: Four Years in Paris

Follow me on Twitter at  DanielleVFreman Danielle Freeman
Danielle Freeman is an independent author who specializes in fantasy and sci-fi. A natural storyteller from an early age, her love of literature and writing was seeded and cultivated by her mother--who not only took it upon herself to make sure that her children were fluent readers by the time that they began school but also took Danielle and her sister on frequent weekly trips to the local library. In addition to writing, Freeman loves drawing and is a big fan of animation and comics, both American and international. Her favorite titles span the content spectrum from Alan Moore and David Gibbons' gritty and influential superhero deconstruction "Watchmen" to the wacky and nonsensical anime series "Excel Saga". ... read more
Latest book: The Rebirth and Awakening of Wolfie Star-Runner

Follow me on Twitter at  LaurelDecher Laurel Decher
Laurel Decher lives in the outskirts of a mid-sized city in Germany between a medieval chapel on St. James’ Way and a boundary marker tree complete with scary face. It’s a little surprising, since she expected to live in Vermont for the rest of her life.
Latest book: Unforseen Times

Follow me on Twitter at  sjolte Martin Sjolte
– Author of E-books, Pianist, Hypnotherapist, App developer – MD in Musicology from the University of Århus – Denmark – Master Hypnotherapist from The School of Hypnosis. I have worked with hypnosis, hypnotherapy and the development of tools for personal development over the past 10 years. Therapeutic relaxation music gives you as a listener, an opportunity to take advantage of the powerful tools of binaural beats and hypnotic affirmations, regardless of distance, time and place. My MP3 products are designed from a vision of simplicity, high quality at a price that is affordable.
Latest book: Love And Lose Weight: Enhance Your Self-Worth And Control What You Eat And Drink

Follow me on Twitter at  akshay_rajgor Akshay Rajgor
I am Young Dynamic Tutor cum Author. I am Management Graduate from Mumbai, India.
Latest book: Understand Accounting Terms : Learn Easily