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Follow me on Twitter at  ratandegg Anna Riggs
Anna Riggs is the author of the Stories for the Seasons and The Rat and the Egg stories for children. She lives in England.
Latest book: The Rat and the Egg (Stories for the Seasons)

Follow me on Twitter at  writerhere Robert Bullard
Robert Bullard has been helping businesses since 2003 – as a copywriter, copy-editor, proofreader and trainer in writing skills. He has also written features for newspapers in the UK such as the Guardian and Daily Telegraph. He lives in Oxford and is a member of the National Union of Journalists, Society for Editors & Proofreaders, and Writers in Oxford.
Latest book: BUSINESS WRITING TIPS - For Easy and Effective Results

Follow me on Twitter at  @marklstevens Mark Stevens
“I sing, I write music & I declare the good news… I live to bring glory to Jesus Christ!” Mark Stevens started in the entertainment industry in 1985. At the age of 13 he became a team member in the iconic Australian television show ‘Young Talent Time,’ where he worked alongside Danni Minogue & Tina Arena. Following this, Mark played ‘Nick Page’ in the well loved Australian Television show ‘Neighbours,’ again working alongside household names like Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan & Craig McGlaughlan. ‘Neighbours’ was the show responsible for opening doors for Mark into the UK where he worked in theatre, recorded his first single & toured with Take That. Mark’s life went on a downward spiral ... read more
Latest book: Strength for the Road

Follow me on Twitter at  isaacsonbooks Kevin Isaacson
I have tapped away at the typewriter...and now the entire life, jotting down little stories and poems. I started taking writing very seriously in 2008. I currently focus on writing screenplays in the action / thriller genre but I have also released a handbook for coaching youth athletics based on my 23 years experience of coaching various youth sports. I have many story ideas jotted down and hope to get all of them down on paper either in screenplay or novel format soon.
Latest book: Coaching from the Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  ParkerHennegan Parker Hennegan
Parker Hennegan lives in southern Arizona with his beautiful wife and two adorable daughters. He was classically trained as a music composer and continues to compose both music and prose.
Latest book: A Spell, A Prayer, & A Wish: Prequel of The End of Fate Trilogy

Follow me on Twitter at  slapstickII Brandon Zenner
Brandon Zenner was born and raised in Red Bank New Jersey, only a short distance from the shore. His short fiction has been published in both print and online publications, the first being PLAZM 28, submitted when Brandon was just 19 years old. In 2014 Brandon published his first full-length novel, "The Experiment of Dreams," as a Kindle ebook. The paperback novel followed a year later. His second full-length novel is well on its way. Throughout his early years writing, Brandon's favorite practice was to open a dictionary to any random page and aimlessly select the first word that this finger touched. He would then feverishly write a short story using his Smith-Corona typewriter. Using a mechanical typewriter, ... read more
Latest book: Wine With Charlie

Follow me on Twitter at Preeti Govada
Preeti Govada is a freelance writer and poet. Born and brought up in Hyderabad, she’s done her MBA in Human relations and currently resides at Mumbai with her husband and son. She’s currently working on her upcoming book which is a collection of short stories. She loves observing people around her and integrating their experiences into her short stories and poetry. Besides dabbling at cooking, she enjoys travelling, browsing the internet, reading and spending time with her family. If you’d like to connect with her, you can email her at
Latest book: 22 Poems You Should Read About Love and Life!

Follow me on Twitter at  shydivaseries Koryne Carroll
Self-proclaimed shy diva, Koryne Carroll, is an author, mentor, and motivational speaker. She uses her background in the field of psychology and her personal experience with overcoming social anxiety to mentor others in changing their thoughts and behaviors related to social anxiety. Her Shy Diva book series focuses on understanding the clinical basis of social anxiety and how to begin creating a life of fulfillment and fearlessness in spite of recurring anxieties. Koryne Carroll lives in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area with her husband and child. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree in the field of psychology.
Latest book: Shy and Fabulous: Overcoming social anxiety and living your best life ever!

Follow me on Twitter at  James Turner JTAuthor James Turner
Horror/Thriller/Alternative fiction writer just waiting to be noticed. :) Feel free to comment on any of my writing.

Follow me on Twitter at  @gainesfogofwar Ethan Gaines
Ethan Gaines was born in 1991 in Riverside, California, before moving to Kalispell, Montana, where his writing became heavily influenced by stories of the Wild West and Louis L’Amour. His interests quickly blossomed to World History and Literature as well. In early 2012, Ethan met Reegan Bennett whom he married later the same year while he worked on Tears of the Saint. Through her encouragement, Ethan self-published Tears of the Saint just before the birth of their son, Jack Grady Gaines. He now lives with his family in Kalispell, Montana, where he is attending online class for a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication.
Latest book: Tears of the Saint

Follow me on Twitter at  @thysilverdoe Linda M. Crate
Linda M. Crate is a Pennsylvanian native born in Pittsburgh yet raised in the rural town of Conneautville. She currently resides in Meadville. Her poetry, short stories, articles, and reviews have been published in a myriad of magazines both online and in print. Recently her two chapbooks A Mermaid Crashing Into Dawn (Fowlpox Press - June 2013) and Less Than A Man (The Camel Saloon - January 2014) were published.
Latest book: Blood & Magic

Follow me on Twitter at  fanez187 Fanuel Oweke
I an ethical writer based in Nairobi Kenya.If I am not writing ,I am on the look out for the next adventure,walking or tracking wild animals. I am a champion for causes and I write to support non profit causes.
Latest book: Bitcoin Manifesto

Follow me on Twitter at  kerriepaterson1 Kerrie Paterson
Kerrie Paterson writes contemporary women's fiction - mainly stories about women in their 40s and above who have reached a crossroads in their life - and small town romance. She loves to write about women's relationships with their friends and family, as well as their romances. She tries to fit writing in between homeschooling her pre-teen son, driving him around to activities, running her website design business and being keeper of the family knowledge (aka 'Mum, have you seen my camera / phone / cable etc?'). In her spare time (ha!), she's a yoga student, keen photographer and avid reader. Kerrie lives in the Hunter Valley, Australia.
Latest book: Moonstone Cottage

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces CB Barrie
I trained first in applied physics (BSc) followed later by post-graduate studies in economic & industrial history (MPhil) business studies (DipBA) and later a PhD in metrology. Following a successful career in strategic research/technology and administration, I began to parallel academic authorship with writing popular science and biographical articles for various technical and innovation magazines. Apart from a fascination with inventors, inventions and new technologies I also enjoy writing 'off the beaten track' fiction, particularly when it leaves the reader slightly breathless. My first four novels were well received with my fifth title, "The Odessa Bride", at the time of writing getting near to completion ... read more
Latest book: Only Fate Is Written

Follow me on Twitter at  jesmythe1 J.E. Smythe
Author J.E. Smythe, was born in Liberia, West Africa, raised in Providence, Rhode Island, and Gaithersburg, Maryland. J.E. is an attorney who attended Allen University and received her Law Degree from Massachusetts School of Law. While working as an attorney, J.E. just could not let her passion to write die. She decided to take her legal writing skills and write her debut novel “ A Few Good Friends". J.E. currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina where she continues to write.
Latest book: Zora's First Day

Follow me on Twitter at  1500Plan The 1500 Plan Man
An aeronautical journeyman that is dedicated to learn, teach, and advance aviation.
Latest book: The 1500 Plan

Follow me on Twitter at  i_swiped_right Damen Alexis

Follow me on Twitter at  iamanindieband Young Street Media
Are you in an Independent band? Is your band any good? Would you like to make money from your music but don’t really know how? Or are you just looking for different options from what you’ve already been doing? If you answered yes to these questions then you’ve stumbled on a handy “Make Money Tool Kit” filled with the must have’s for developing a successful career as an Independent Band/Artist. This e-book is just a great reference guide packed with tools and tips for creating income and a fan base from your music.
Latest book: Indie Band: Make Money Tool Kit Free

Follow me on Twitter at  BenKenogy Ogi Stoyanov
I'm not "Big Traveler" and don't want to be. I just love outdoors and finally, I hope, find place to share my trips in beautiful Bulgaria and around and my dreams for new adventures. Please enjoy and travel with me.
Latest book: 35 Frequently Asked Questions about Sofia and Bulgaria that people ask at some point

Follow me on Twitter at  MoveForwardBook Scott Martin
Scott Martin lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Ellen, and their five children, Nadia, Danny, Andy, Lauren, and Kalista. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and went on to teach in West Bend, Wisconsin before coaching at the collegiate level. Martin holds an advanced national coaching diploma, and has spent over 20 years coaching and directing various soccer programs at the select youth, high school, and college levels. He has worked with prominent national coaches both here and abroad. He captained four teams at UW-Oshkosh and played 15 seasons at the First Division level.
Latest book: Moving Forward In Reverse: A Diary about Finding a New Normal

Follow me on Twitter at  pingkate Katherine M. Lawrence
For several years, Katherine M. Lawrence has been researching and writing the adventures of Yamabuki, an actual historic female samurai who lived in the Heian Era of Japan. Inspired by several decades in the martial arts halls led by women -- Ja Shin Do, the San Jose State University Kendo Club, and Pai Lum White Lotus Fist-Crane style -- Katherine set out to write about the experiences of women who train in warriors skills...and Yamabuki in particular. Katherine graduated from the University of Washington with a BA degree in both History and Chemistry, and continued with work on a Masters in History at the Far Eastern and Slavic Institute. She also received an MBA from Harvard University.
Latest book: Cold Sake: A Yamabuki Story

Follow me on Twitter at  JWordspark Jenni Butz
Jenni Butz's love of learning and gregarious nature made her years teaching high school French and English fun AND influential. She is passionate about learning and communicating and has spent time mentoring young women as they learn about life, relationships, how to define success, and leading small groups in discovering the transformational power of God's Word. She has also spoken to larger groups at retreats and special events in the U.S. and Europe. Jenni's guiding Scripture for years has been John 3:30 - "He must become greater, I must become less." - for its fundamental principle as well as for its masterful use of the semicolon. Her travel philosophy: "While I'm waiting to get to heaven, I'll go to Pa ... read more
Latest book: Word Sparks: Active Meditations from God's Word

Follow me on Twitter at  HeavenSigns M. A. Callahan
M.A. Callahan is an engineer, graphic designer and author residing in Upstate New York. Inspired by years of astronomical research, Callahan has made it a lifetime goal to direct our attention toward the Creator. God willing, this book is the beginning of a heaven-inspired pursuit revealing God’s signs, our seasons, and prophetic astronomical events.
Latest book: Signs in the Heavens - Distress of Nations

Follow me on Twitter at  cumberstone61 Meg Harding
Meg Harding is a graduate student, currently studying MA Publishing in the UK. She plans to continue on to become an editor, all while continuing to write. When she isn't writing she enjoys the theatre, concerts, and lazing about in front of the TV.

Follow me on Twitter at  bennythepoo Benjamin Cunha

Follow me on Twitter at  AWCaliburn A.W. Caliburn
A.W. Caliburn is an American novelist who almost never sees the glass half full or even half empty. Instead, he sees the glass as dirty or broken or on display in a rural Alabama thrift store. His writing reflects that view while keeping his readers constantly guessing on the edge of their seat.
Latest book: The Claims Adjuster

Follow me on Twitter at  Andrek_VO Andre Kalinowski
Andre Kalinowski is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Author, and Voice Over Actor living in Los Angeles,CA.
Latest book: 365 Top Tips For Optimum Health & Fitness

Follow me on Twitter at  NathanAKnaack Nathan Knaack
Nathan Knaack grew up in Michigan, where he attended Oakland University and earned a degree in English Literature before relocating to pursue a career making video games. Since 2005, he's contributed to several projects, including "Global Agenda," "Dust 514," "EVE Online," and "Edge of Space." After years of writing short fiction and creating content for games, he decided to delve into writing books, releasing his first novel, "Revenge Insurance," in 2014. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Jennifer, and his son, Indiana.
Latest book: Revenge Insurance

Follow me on Twitter at  phone_utopia J. Arthur Squiers
I have been a professional writer and software developer for 17 years. When I do something, I like to go all-out. This includes my hobbies: fitness, wakesurfing and stock investing. I consider myself a philosopher and an introverted comedian. Writing fiction is my greatest passion and my life goal is to live in Disney World. At this time, I live in Minnesota with my wife and two daughters, where I am a software architect for a Fortune 500 company.
Latest book: Smartphone Utopia

Follow me on Twitter at  TeamLOTR Multiple Authors
Inspirational Romantic Suspense authors penning high-stakes stories of danger and faith.
Latest book: Team Love on the Run Box Set #1

Follow me on Twitter at  KillianCrowe Killian Crowe
Author Killian Crowe. I write books on supernatural fun to the paranormal, and horror. Witchy Girls is written by Author Isla Summer (my wife and writing partner) and me. It is the first book in the series for the MG reader. We are currently working on book II, as well as, "Shades Holler, a horror book for the adult world of fiction. More information on us can be found on our website.
Latest book: Witchy Girls

Follow me on Twitter at  JesterWriter Timm Gillick
Writing since a young age, Timm has always been creative, whether writing and directing short films, to writing comics, short stories and novellas, or doing cosplay photography.
Latest book: The Adventures of Felix Valentine, Gentleman Adventurer, volume 1

Follow me on Twitter at  zanzeo Deborah Zappa
Deborah has spent a lifetime of working with and raising animals including horses, goats, cattle, dogs and cats. In addition to owning and managing three successful businesses, she is now retired from 35 years in information technology. However, "retired" is somewhat relative since her current business, the Queen D Ranch in New Mexico, is a full-time commitment. At the Queen D, she and her high school sweetheart, David, manage several horses, a herd of American Blackbelly sheep and over 100 purebred chickens. They hatch several hundred chicks each month and work to keep improving the quality of their Rhode Island Reds, Ameraucana, Silver Laced Wyandotte and Delaware chickens.
Latest book: Secrets to Fertilizing Your Garden Perfectly: Improve Your Garden Production

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnDanister John Danister
John Danister spends his days behind a dusty keyboard entertaining himself with words. He hopes that some of those words would entertain you as well, but beware - like John, there's more to his words than meets the eye.
Latest book: Tears of Providence

Follow me on Twitter at  eight28woman Allison M. Miller
ALLISON MILLER is known among those who know her as a heart mender. That Heart Mender is the very someone she sought when suffering her pains shame, loneliness and confusion. She hit the bottom of the pit before she discovered she was not alone. She reached to The One who met her where she was and He healed her broken heart, mending the pieces while teaching her how to live and love well. At the time, she had no idea all this was part of a greater plan. Now, she is honored to use her voice through this book and speaking engagements for others to know the deep compassion and love of Jesus. Allison is Founder and President of Eight28 Women, Author, and Board Certified Life Coach. Allison is a victor from emotion ... read more
Latest book: Desperate for Love

Follow me on Twitter at  i7saikat Saikat Dey
Born and brought up at Kolkata, Saikat is one of the youngest author of the era... Being a school student, Saikat has already queued five more short stories and a novel on his way to success.
Latest book: Decocted

Follow me on Twitter at  homopinionation Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis grew up in Ohio and Tennessee. He graduated from Rhea County High School in 1993 and from the University of Tennessee in 1996 with a degree in musical theatre and dance. While working in Knoxville in 1999, an accident ended his dance career and he subsequently relocated to Nashville, becoming a popular actor in its vibrant theatre community. Jason moved to New York City in 2004 where he discovered his true passion for writing, going on to teach screenwriting to Bronx high school students. He returned to Nashville in 2009 for film school and wrote, directed and produced the cult webseries 'Trailer Made,' which earned him 'Best Writing in a Comedy Series' at the 3rd annual Indie Series Awards. Ja ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  edensvillehighseries J&M Irwin
J&M Irwin is the pseudonym for husband and wife writing team, Jackie and Mike Irwin. This couple may come from separate parts of the United States, but they are united in tandem storytelling. The first book of the Edensville High Series has been on Jackie's heart to write for many years, but it took the encouragement of her best friend, Mike, to it down and write it down she did! When working with your best friend its not like work at all! Jackie is also a published author of a self help book under the pseudonym Jackie Tramel called Shelved: Waiting on God, Waiting on You. Through the EHS work, the couple hope to reach the young people (and adults) that think they must first be clean before they come to J ... read more
Latest book: The Edensville High Series: Adam

Follow me on Twitter at  joannewalsh60 Joanne Walsh
Joanne Walsh became hooked on romance when her grandma gave her a copy of Gone with the Wind for her birthday. The teachers at her strict girls’ school didn’t approve of a ten-year-old reading such a ‘racy’ novel and confiscated it. But Joanne still became a voracious romance reader and, later, an editor for one of the world’s leading women’s fiction publishers, where she could do two of her favorite things: work with her beloved alpha-male heroes and spend time in the USA. These days, Joanne lives in the south of England and divides her time between freelance editing, writing and spending time with her very own real-life alpha…
Latest book: Christmas in Venice

Follow me on Twitter at  JenWintersNE Jen Winters
Jen Winters fell in love with paranormal romance after her daughter was born and she needed a way to escape reality for a few minutes a day. She loved it so much she decided to take her own pen to it. The world of the Guardians was developed through deeply irreligious conversations with her father who likes to misinterpret scripture as often as humanly possible and a good dose of did-I-just-read-that-! when looking into ancient near eastern mythology and scripture.

Follow me on Twitter at  BarbaraPetty Barbara Petty
Barbara Petty was born and educated in the Midwest. After a sojourn in Paris during college, she went bi-coastal, starting in New York and then moving on to Los Angeles. She has been a newspaper reporter, a magazine editor and written animation scripts for TV shows such as Transformers, G.I. Joe and My Little Pony. She’s also worked in the film industry, both on staff and behind the camera. What Has Mother Done? is her fourth published novel, and the first of the Thea Browne Mystery series.
Latest book: What Has Mother Done?

Follow me on Twitter at  @joshbrown2778 Josh Brown
Josh Brown is the author of several books, comic books, and short stories. He has dedicated his life to sporadic rants and ramblings about comic book continuity, superhero superiority, and Han shooting first. He currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.
Latest book: Hunt the Winterlands

Follow me on Twitter at  WinsomeWriting Brian Lenney
I use copywriting to help brands position themselves as experts in their field and be relevant and unique. Boring just doesn't cut it anymore. People want your story.
Latest book: Six Storytelling Secrets Every Brand Marketer Should Know

Follow me on Twitter at  drgnwrtr Cheryl Gates
Cheryl is currently enrolled at Full Sail University in the BFA Creative Writing for Entertainment Program. She is currently working on Human a sci-fi tale about a sheltered young girl who finds herself on the run with only a genetically engineered killer to protect her while she tries to find a way to save the human race.

Follow me on Twitter at DeepaBalasubramanian
An MBA majored in Finance, Deepa finally embraced her long due passion for writing after 9 years of corporate career in Banking. Deepa’s first work, 'Valiyachalai Times', showcases the beauty, culture and lifestyle of families in South India. Her story unravels the struggle of children in middle class upbringing, their dreams and their agonies. The backdrop used was the early 1940 s in India. Her works are highly inspired from Indian families, and their protagonists fighting for their own causes. Her new book, Love War and Ramifications is not just about love. It is about the after effects of a war on the lives inflicted. The story of a simple girl who wants to know all the answers, Joanna runs into Edward, ... read more
Latest book: Love War And Ramifications

Follow me on Twitter at  ashleighmixon Ashleigh Mixon
By day I’m a copywriter for a marketing company in Florida. By night I’m turning my wildest thoughts and naughtiest fantasies into erotic tales. My novels feature lots of hardcore action and fast paced plots. Readers won’t find romantic stories here, just erotica with a hardcore edge. My stories center around real women who love sex. The women in mt stories might be labeled a slut by most of society, but I don’t think being a slut is a bad thing. It’s a good thing to enjoy sex, giving pleasure and of course getting pleasure. I began writing erotica in college to earn a little extra money on the side. In the years since then, I’ve dabbled in freelance fiction writing. I’m now turning my total ef ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Marthel777 Marthel Castaneda
Marthel Castaneda, autora nacida en la Ciudad de México; se especializa en ayudar a las personas a generar un cambio de conciencia laboral, su cambio. A lo largo de 20 años de experiencia laboral, ha trabajado en la industria turística, específicamente, hotelería y tiempo compartido, así como, en empresas de iniciativa privada fungiendo como consultor, gerente y directora de áreas de calidad y certificación; pudiendo conocer así, diferentes sectores económicos. Actualmente me enfoco a la capacitación y entrenamiento para el cambio de la conciencia laboral; a través de temas de calidad y servicio, desde un enfoque 100% humano.
Latest book: La vendedora de corbatas. 21 enseñanzas que todo colaborador y jefes, deberían conocer

Follow me on Twitter at  RachaelRitchey Rachael Ritchey
Rachael Ritchey has always loved to tell stories. As a mom to four growing young people, Rachael spends countless hours recounting true stories and fictional tales. Her favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction. Rachael’s passion for a good story doesn’t end there, though. She started writing YA fantasy fiction to create new worlds she’s proud to share with her kids and you. Rachael lives in Eastern Washington with her husband and children, who all wish they had a dog.
Latest book: The Beauty Thief

Follow me on Twitter at  lisalit2 Lisa S Litberg
For as long as she can remember, Lisa Litberg has loved to write. Over the years she has amassed quite a collection of short stories and poetry. Ms. Litberg has been a high school teacher for fifteen years and tries to empower her urban students with the power of the written word. When she isn't writing or teaching, Ms. Litberg can be found dancing, singing with a cover band or performing her own songs with a guitar, but more than likely she will be hanging out with her son Trevor. Currently she is working on a short story compilation geared toward urban youth, as well as her second novel, which will answer her readers' questions about what happened to Free. For more info, find Ms. Litberg here: Twitter: @lisal ... read more
Latest book: Free