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I am RuDaStu also known as Rudy The Stupendous Writer. My writing persona conveys the attitude, heart, experience, and spirit of African-Americans and Hip Hop culture into a written arrangement. I pride myself on being a stupendous communicator of diverse, resourceful, and inspirational ideas formatted in the categories of poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. I point huge high beam spotlights on the harmonious contributions made to society’s overall composition, and the impact African-Americans have on the world. I construct articles and essays with innovative perspectives that analyze, as well as provide information on the art of melodic manipulation, the business of instrumental self-expression, and ev ... read more
Latest book: Daze

Follow me on Twitter at  jlmitch12 Jay El Mitchell
I am a carbon-based life form who has been on this planet for 30 years. I live near the beach (east coast) and enjoy it, primarily after sunset. I am lactose intolerant but love ice cream. Upon my death I plan to be cremated, with half of my ashes thrown directly into Nancy Graces's unsuspecting face (I have a curse in the works) and the other half kept in an old condiment jar in the back of the pantry.
Latest book: Soultwin

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Michaela DiBernardo lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey with her husband and children. She began writing as a teenager. Born and raised in Bayonne, NJ, her family moved to the Jersey Shore while she was in high school. To fill in gaps of time, she spent hours drawing, writing short stories, and reading classics left home by older siblings from college. She won the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Award in Writing and was nominated for the NJ Governor's School for the Arts, in both Creative Writing and Fine Arts. Unsure of a direction upon graduation, Michaela was encouraged to enter the field of institutional finance, where she remains to the present. She is readying several short stories f ... read more
Latest book: The Blue Suit - (A 9/11 Memoir)

Follow me on Twitter at  lollyjay69 Lola Jaeger
Putting it simply; I am a simple person with simple aspirations. I live in rural Kent and married with a son. Seriously though, I would like to add my stories of unfettered sex to the plethora of brilliant erotic books out there and hope you, the reader and fans of the genre will support that aspiration.
Latest book: My Listening Man

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnR_McGuire John McGuire
John McGuire is an engineer by day and writer by night. He attended Georgia Tech to obtain a civil engineering degree. While his left brain absorbed information on E-mag, Calculus, Statics, Dynamics, Structures and Road Design; his right brain devoured the works of Jack London, Mark Twain, Anne Rice, Alan Moore, Kurt Busiek, and Mark Wade. Today, John is a registered professional engineer and professional writer. His love and collection of comic books began when he was 10, in a convenience store in Waycross, Georgia. It wasn’t long afterwards when he started writing his first comic related stories. This passion has continued throughout his adult life as he remains an avid comic book reader and colle ... read more
Latest book: Hollow Empire: Episode 5 (Night of Knives)

Follow me on Twitter at  estherc1st Esther Lehman
Esther Lehman lives in Israel, in Maale Adumim which is a city just outside Jerusalem. She is a personal trainer and a holistic nutritionist. She studied exercise physiology at the Wingate Institute for physical education and sports in Israel. She also studied naturopathy at the Bina Academy, Jerusalem, Israel. Esther is a black belt 3rd Dan in Krav Maga. She teaches a wide range of exercise and fitness classes such as Pilates, body sculpting, aerobics, aqua, Krav Maga, and more for over 20 years. Esther believes that the body is a mirror of all thoughts. Thinking positively, with kindness and even respect, people will have a great opportunity to allow positive changes to occur in their self-perception and gene ... read more
Latest book: Lose Fat Live Well

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I love the truth. Sweetie Bee published her first book two years ago. “The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee: A Damaged Soul” is selling successfully on Amazon as a testament to the author’s personal experience with abuse. Through a lifetime of hardship as a young, single mother, she has become a fervent advocate for the prevention of domestic violence and abuse and the fight against poverty. Her own tribulations have given her keen insight into the methods of oppression and abuse that are perpetrated against females in a male-dominated society. As she overcame her own difficulties in her struggle to survive, she strived to help others in similar plights. The JonBenét Ramsey story struck a chord with her, as the ... read more
Latest book: The Chronicles of Sweetie Bee: Chronicle I-A Damaged Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  mylittletheory Warren R. Smith
Warren R. Smith was born a wrinkled baby. Subsequently, he grew up in the heart of Texas. He enjoys learning new things and travel. Still, he likes just hanging out and eating from a bag of fried okra if there's any in the neighborhood to be had. This is his first collection of flash fiction and short stories. You can follow his continual progress on the next volume at
Latest book: Pillbug Vol. 2

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Latest book: Once-Other

Follow me on Twitter at  modelmommadness Veronika Clark
Author Veronika Clark is the mother of child fashion models and the founder of Model Mom Madness, a professional consultancy business dedicated to providing support and services to other parents. She wants to help ease the anxiety associated with entering the unknown. And who better to provide expert assistance than a mom who has been through it all? All the crucial information you need to know before you go on your first shoot is right here, so pick up your copy today!
Latest book: 30 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in the Modeling Industry

Follow me on Twitter at  BBBlaque1 B.B. Blaque
I'm a hopeless romantic. Even when I think it's hopeless, it always woos me back . That is the power of hope and with hope anything is possible. I believe in the transforming power of love, even when done wrong, it always leaves its mark on your heart, coloring how you will love in the future. With these things in mind, I write about transformation, acceptance and overcoming--through and with love. I choose to write about Domination and submission and the subtle nuances of these relationships that take them beyond role play. I'm inspired to write by things I see, smell, experience and largely by what I hear. Music and the sound of someone's voice are two of my favorite indulgences. I've written for as long ... read more
Latest book: Beautiful Evil #1-The Monster

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorBSchmit Brian Schmit
Brian Schmit is the author of "Aide-de-Camp; The Adventures of Alex Hamilton" a novel of historical fiction, and "A Friend of America" a chapter book used primarily in middle school American history classrooms. Both books are published under Brian's own publishing company, Yankee Doodle Press. Brian has a degree in American History from the University of Minnesota, along with a certification in secondary education from Augsburg College. Brian has taught history and coached track and field at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level for more than twenty years.
Latest book: A Friend of America

Follow me on Twitter at  ricardo0santos Ricardo Santos
Adoro ler as mentiras que os outros contam, e também adoro registrar as minhas próprias, na esperança de confundir a cabeça de alguém. Com o conto O diálogo, ganhei o 1º lugar do concurso Exercícios Urbanos, promovido pelo Portal Literal, em 2006. Publiquei o livro de viagens Homem com Mochila (edição do autor, 2008). Participei da antologia de contos de terror The King, em homenagem a Stephen King (Editora Multifoco, 2013).
Latest book: Um Jardim de Maravilhas e Pesadelos

Follow me on Twitter at  aWingnut J R Simpson
J R earned a BS in Business Administration and worked more than thirty years in Corporate Management. He is native to Tennessee, and a long-time resident of South Carolina. He and his wife, Sheron, have been married 51 years, and they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with a month long motor home trip. They have three children, seven grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a loyalist to the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Democratic Republic. He believes in small, fiscally responsible governments, at all levels, that answer to the people. He has been fortunate to spend two years in Japan, travel widely in Canada, and some in Mex ... read more
Latest book: Nibiru-The Revealing-

Follow me on Twitter at  LorelaiLaBelle Lorelai LaBelle
Lorelai was born in 1989. She is a bookworm who loves writing erotic contemporary works that push boundaries and have a touch of mystery/suspense. She also enjoys writing paranormal and dystopian when the mood strikes her. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, their chubby cat, and two birds. In her spare time she likes to bike, hike, and drink craft brews, like many Portlanders do, and watch movies in the dark.
Latest book: Nothing More Beautiful

Follow me on Twitter at  asiayeah Isaac Cheung

Latest book: Mini Stories by Kids

Follow me on Twitter at  chaddywest Chad West
Chad West is the author of Capes: Six Uncanny Tales, and the upcoming non-fiction book, The Lies We Live, by New Growth Press. Chad lives in Florida with his wife, no dog, and too many comics.
Latest book: Fade

Follow me on Twitter at  WeWereSoldiers2 Bob Kern
Bob is the author of the award-winning series We Were Soldiers Too. Due to the overwhelming support and response from other Cold War Veterans, there are plans for twelve books in the series. We Were Soldiers Too is a Cold War documentary series that tells the history of the Cold War from the perspective of the veterans who served during this critical time in history. The first book in the series was about his time in the military and was a finalist for Nonfiction Autobiography of the Year in 2015 with the Independent Authors Network. Book Two is on serving in Germany during the Cold War. It has won awards in numerous contests in the nonfiction category. The book received a Bronze Medal from the Nonficti ... read more
Latest book: How To Waste Money Self Publishing

Follow me on Twitter at  anahabibti Anna Habibti
British. Female. Journalist. History graduate. Travelled a bit.
Latest book: A Year on Fire Mountain

Follow me on Twitter at  molly_bourke Molly Bourke
Molly Bourke graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Redlands Creative Writing program.Paper Doll draws deeply from her personal experience with addiction and a love for suspense and mystery literature. When she isn’t writing or bartending in her hometown of Portland, Oregon, Molly hunts for out of print jazz records and reads true crime.
Latest book: Paper Doll

Follow me on Twitter at  khotheminotaur James Lord
James (known also as Alex) lives happily with his wife and dog in South Carolina and has a passion for all things fantasy. Growing up on Tolkein, Weis and Hickman, and Goodkind, he found comfort in exploring other realms of wonders. He has been writing for over 20 years and enjoys all types of genres. While his favored is fantasy and sci-fi , he has been known to dabble in the dark areas of horror and suspense. There is also the occasional action or mystery literary work in his repertoire as well. Currently he is reading T.C. Southwell and working on the sequel to his novel Dark Dining.
Latest book: Dark Hunting

Follow me on Twitter at  80sMusicKinzer Dave Kinzer
Watch for my "sequel" to "The 80s Music Compendium"- "The 60s Music Compendium" will be released in 2017! Follow me @80sMusicKinzer for 80s music trivia, facts, and songs, and @60sMusicKinzer for 60s music trivia.
Latest book: The 80s Music Compendium

Follow me on Twitter at  RMGale82 Richard Gale
Male of the species. Born and based in London. 31 for now. A big fan on Amis, Murakami, Atwood, Welsh, Mitchell, McEwan, Tartt, Palahniuk and Coupland. I'm missing a hand but it's balanced out with more than my fair share of positivity and enthusiasm.
Latest book: Everything Rainbow

Follow me on Twitter at  maddmagz MR Jones
MR Jones lives in a little pink house in Texas with a clowder of thug cats. Her varied adventures in life give her background for the books she writes.
Latest book: Slant Well

Follow me on Twitter at  KevinsMania Kevin Rhodes
Kevin Rhodes left a successful law practice to start a creative venture, and got way more than he bargained for: it became a powerful (and often traumatic) time of personal transformation. Now, when he’s not working out, he writes, blogs, and conducts interactive workshops on the topic of personal growth and transformation. He lives in Denver.
Latest book: Apocalypse: Life On The Other Side of Over

Follow me on Twitter at  AmazonChronicle Brad Foubister
The Amazon Chronicle The historic-fiction behind the myths of the Amazon Woman warrior. A seven novel series that follows the Ama-zoi as they change from a patriarchal society to a matriarchal rule and eventually becomes the basis of the myths of the Amazons first mentioned as defenders of Troy in The Illiad. Book I: Focuses on Taysha, the single-most important person in the future influences of the Amazoi people. It is her escape from the massacre by the Hoorg tribe that enables her to find the teachings of the martial arts. With her new ability to match men in battle, she is able to raise up a new generation of Amazoi to set the scene of their rise as a small nation. Book II (Part I & II): Sees Taysha's ... read more
Latest book: The Amazon Chronicle Book II Part I -Taysha- First Chieftess of the Amazoi

Follow me on Twitter at  TiberiusPulcher Tiberius L. Pulcher
I am an author of erotica focusing on incestous fantasy and, through that medium, I provide social commentary on non-traditional and “socially unacceptable” sexual and emotional relationships as well as their permissibility in secular societies and governments and in the context of my religious beliefs. I also explore the emotional and psychological impact of such relationships on those who engage in them. The proof is in the man batter. True lovers of arousing kink, my work is for you. Enjoy. See for the fine print.
Latest book: A Snoot Full, A Snatch Full. - Volume Two

Follow me on Twitter at  publicistgal Christina George
I've worked in publishing for twenty years (give or take). Here's what this book isn't. It's not a slam against publishing (though it is broken) and it's not a slam against authors (though some of them are crazy). This book is not autobiographical though many of the stories are true. No you won't know which ones, hell it's more fun to guess, right? I continue to work in publicity and help authors because at the end of the day I do love books, I love publishing, and I love authors. I hope you'll enjoy this romp through Kate's world as much as I enjoyed creating it. Find our more at:
Latest book: The Publicist - Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  AC_Hatter AC Hatter
Amanda Hatter is married with two children and lives in Beaconsfield, in Buckinghamshire, UK. When she’s not writing she works as a freelance management consultant. Before that she was a beach lifeguard, a cinema usherette and worked in a car factory in South Wales. CALLUM FOX AND THE MOUSEHOLE GHOST is her debut novel. Previously she has had short stories published. Fay Weldon said of her writing: ‘Thoughtful, moving and simply written, seizes an idea and carries it through. It puts a shape upon ordinary human experience and makes it un-ordinary, which is what the best writing does.’
Latest book: Callum Fox and the Mousehole Ghost

Follow me on Twitter at  iraymillet Iray Millet
Iray Millet es puertorriqueña, graduada de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Ciencias Médicas. Vive con su esposo, entre varias guitarras, libros y un acogedor estudio de grabación. Desde niña amó la lectura y en su tiempo libre escribía alguno que otro poema. Se desempeñó por nueve años como terapeuta ocupacional en el área de pediatría. Por esas cosas inexplicables de la vida, se ha vuelto a refugiar en su primer amor: escribir poemas y ficción. Su primera y mas reciente obra es Desnudando el Alma por Vez Primera; colección de poemas basados en experiencias de vida de la autora. Cuando no está escribiendo, Iray Millet está devorando libros con su taza de café en mano y música en su ... read more
Latest book: Elixir Carmesí (Margarita Frozen #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  Rhoad_Rage Shenell Bolden
Shenell L.T. Bolden is a Maryland native. She was educated in the Prince George’s county school system. Her Bachelors of Science degrees are in Biology and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry & Bioinformatics from Towson University. She earned her Masters of Science degree in Science Education from Morgan State University and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Public Health. Shenell L.T. Bolden is also the C.E.O. of the Sweetest Serendipity. A company she started by using her skills as a scientist to create an all-natural skin care line. Noa the Little Scientist is her first book release in the Girls in Science Series.
Latest book: Noa the Little Scientist (Girls in Science Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  chilldivine C.S. Duffy
Writer, blogger, screenwriter living in Sweden for no particular reason.
Latest book: Life is Swede

Follow me on Twitter at  samadedayo1 Samuel opeyemi Adedayo
Samuel Adedayo. A writer, Author, Song writer and Filmmaker.
Latest book: The Power of Good Food

Follow me on Twitter at  DoctorWakeUp1 Doctor Wakeup
I am an anaesthetic doctor who has been working in London in the NHS for over ten years. I am trained in resuscitation and dealing with acutely sick patients. I developed special areas of interest which are teaching and pre-assessment clinic (where the aim is to reduce the risk posed to patients who are undergoing surgery and improve their outcomes and recovery). My interest in alternative health strategies developed when I suffered my own health challenges which failed to respond to conventional treatment and medication. This woke me up and set me on the path to looking into methods to promote health and maximize in energy and vitality. This book is the result of the discoveries I made on the way to curing mys ... read more
Latest book: POTENT Health: Power Of The Elements: Natural Therapies

Follow me on Twitter at  OblivionBoom Saul Marmot
Saul was born in the UK in 1971 and has spent his life living in a wonderful assortment of habitats. He currently lives in Hackney, London, as it seems to encompass a microcosm of the entire planet in the space of a few square miles. He lives with his exquisite wife, glow-in-the-dark-Hilary and his three exuberant boys, who he says keep him on his toes and preserve the laughter lines around his eyes. He spends his days practicing as a doctor in Bromley by Bow and his evenings drifting with music, travelling at a blissful 33RPM beyond the Vinyl Frontier.
Latest book: The Non-Sense Boy and His Somewhat Unusual Sister

Follow me on Twitter at  biristersharma Birister Sharma
Birister Sharma is graduate in Journalism & Mass Communication. He is working as a freelance journalist. He is a writer/author/poet/blogger. His areas of interest are reading, writing, singing, watching movies, playing cricket & traveling a lot. He has penned down five novels so far: you’re forever, I met u again, The Night Queen, You & Me and My Expectations. You may contact him @ or
Latest book: Self-Confidence (Build the super foundation of your self-confidence with easy & simple tips!)...A self-guide to regain your lost self-confidence, self-esteem & self-believe....

Follow me on Twitter at  HisGirlSoph Sophie Roissy

Latest book: The Death of Jedediah Verrall

Follow me on Twitter at  iamkezak kezee kay
my name is Kezak . I'm from as Africa, Ghana. I love to write..anytime I see an empty sheet and a pen, I get this urge to just write something down, anything at all. I'm currently a student an an author on the rise
Latest book: Redefining love: love in all instances

Follow me on Twitter at  sadikaytewrites Sara Kutsko
Sara Kutsko lives in Ellsworth, Ohio. She was born to be a small town girl. She loves daffodils, tulips, and lilacs, the color yellow, all Pittsburgh sports teams, superheroes, acoustic indie music, random bright colors, dancing (badly), and singing (she’s a rock star in her own head). She’s been writing for years instead of taking notes in class and doing her homework. She adores books to almost obsession. She’s passionate about literacy and stopping the stigma behind mental illness.
Latest book: Chasing Fireflies

Follow me on Twitter at  KKaskaAuthor Kathleen Kaska
Kathleen Kaska is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, travel articles, and stage plays. She has just completed her most challenging endeavor, The Man Who Saved the Whooping Crane: The Robert Porter Allen Story, a true tale about Audubon ornithologist Robert Porter Allen whose mission was to journey into the Canadian wilderness to save the last flock of whooping cranes before encroaching development wiped out their nesting site, sending them into extinction. Published by University Press of Florida, the book was released on September 2012. Kathleen also writes the award-winning Sydney Lockhart mystery series set in the 1950s when women were caught between the dichotomy of career and marriage; when fashion exploded ... read more
Latest book: Role Model

Follow me on Twitter at  ECliffordAuthor Eoin Clifford
I live in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. I have no pets. 'Debtribution' is my first novel.
Latest book: Debtribution

Follow me on Twitter at  BookChick58 Melody Heck Gatto
Melody was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she lives with her husband, son and furbabies. She’s a dog lover and recently lost her two 15yr old girls (dogs). After years of begging for a cat, she finally let her son adopt a kitten (even though she’s allergic!) A house just isn’t a home without pets. Buddy the kitten is adorable and a wonderful addition to their family. The newest addition is a new puppy, Nika. She's cute but a handful!! The whole family are avid Pittsburgh Penguins fans and like going to hockey games when they get the chance. Having met some of the players has fueled her interest in writing about them and creating wonderful stories. Melody has loved writing since she was ... read more
Latest book: Playing the Game - Renegades 3

Follow me on Twitter at  abbottkatrina Katrina Abbott
A survivor of adolescence, Katrina Abbott loves writing about teens: best friends, cute boys, kissing, drama. Her main vice is romance, but she’s been known to succumb to the occasional chocolate binge. She may or may not live in California with her husband, kids and several cats. Taking the Reins is not her first book.
Latest book: I'll Never Forget

Follow me on Twitter at  byempresskelly Empress Kelly
Author Empress Kelly was adopted and raised in the Midwest of the United States of America. She now resides near the mountains of the West. Her pen name Empress Kelly is inspired by Emperor Augustus who spread Christianity.
Latest book: Calling on God

Follow me on Twitter at  STRIDE_VI STRIDE
STRIDE is a research tool that helps independent investors select stock based on the principles and dimensions of 3D value investing. STRIDE is the creation of brothers Scott and Dale Nursten. These entrepreneurs have worked with many international businesses and investments during their careers, with specific ties to technology, change management, food production, marketing and finance. They have succeeded consistently in generating value in every business they’ve been involved with. Dale and Scott began working on STRIDE in 2008 purely as a means of managing their personal investments. What started as a spreadsheet has since grown into a web-based tool that analyses data from over 40,000 companies worldw ... read more
Latest book: Asset Allocation and Effective Portfolio Management - Part Two

Follow me on Twitter at  mimiboylewrites Mimi Boyle
Mimi is a native Texan living in New Orleans with her awesome and supportive boyfriend. When she isn't reading or writing she enjoys painting, live music, and exploring the great city of New Orleans. Currently addicted to Manhattan, How to Get Away with Murder, and Peaky Blinders. Her favorite drinks are whiskey and Coors Light and she smokes way too many cigarettes.
Latest book: Aradia's Curse

Follow me on Twitter at  NinaLWriter Nina Levine
Dreamer. Coffee Lover. Gypsy at heart. Bad boy addict. USA Today Bestselling author who writes about alpha men & the women they love. When I'm not creating with words you will find me either creating with paper or curled up with a good book and chocolate. I love Keith Urban, Maroon 5, Pink, Florida Georgia Line, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20, Lady Antebellum and pretty much any singer/band that is country or rock.
Latest book: Storm (Storm MC #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  thebudgetmama Jessi Fearon
Author, entrepreneur, freelancer, writer, brand ambassador, accountant, blogger. Those would be my professional titles but the truth is, I am just a sleep-deprived mom to two boys under two working in between naptime and play dates. I love sharing my real life on budget through my blog, The Budget Mama in hopes of inspiring others who are walking down the road to financial freedom. Frugal living and learning to live within your means is not an easy road to navigate and I do not believe that you should travel it alone. My mission is to help others become a better money manager and to realize their full financial potential. During college, I realized that there were no courses offered or required for personal ... read more
Latest book: Build a Budget that Works

Follow me on Twitter at  nikcubed Nikki Nelson-Hicks
Nikki Nelson-Hicks has been described by a fellow writer as the unholy lovechild of Flannery O'Connor and H.P. Lovecraft and is burdened with the reputation as a damn good shag. She can be stalked on twitter as Nikcubed or Facebook where she is constantly or you can get more insights into her unfolding neurosis on her blog,
Latest book: The Curious Case of the Shit-Faced Santa

Follow me on Twitter at  jenroselittle Jenni LIttle
Devonport setting for cosmic adventure Writing The Secret of Ghost Moon Bay - a galactic adventure stretching from Devonport to the edges of the solar system - meant lots of late night research and narrative challenges for two new North Shore children's authors. Sue Gray and Jenni Little dreamed up their entrancing plot and set of kooky characters, then turned to their own back yards, literally, for inspiration for the setting. Under the twinkling stars that mesmerise character 10-year-old Jake, is the mysterious 'House of Turrets'. It’s based on a real house of eerie demeanour in Devonport, where Jake meets a strange Italian countess with a celestial secret. Ghost Moon Bay, alias Devonport on Auckland ... read more
Latest book: The Secret of Ghost Moon Bay