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Follow me on Twitter at @marksita5 Mark Sita
Entrepreneur & Web Developer. Lover of startups and innovation.
Latest book: How to build a beautiful professional website, free and easy
Follow me on Twitter at @LiliVonWriter Lili Von
Lili Von has a naughty little secret. She loves sex. She reads it, she writes it and if she's lucky, she gets it. Soft or hard, fast or slow, hot or wild. A thirty-something married woman, Lili likes erotic stories with substance. She believes in sex with a connection. The stories she writes are about unique couples in unconventional situations.
Latest book: Driving Forces (The Sir & Madam Chronicles-2)
Follow me on Twitter at @etp1214 Elizabeth T. Pardo
Elizabeth T. Pardo is a short, left-handed writer from Southern California that prides herself on channeling her misanthropic interactions with other human beings into gems of writing. Elizabeth loves short stories but thinks she's very bad at poetry but will give any style a try--she's even tried a half-assed screenplay about cowboy spiders (that's a good story, ask her about it someday over coffee). She’s slightly crafty, preferring crocheting and cross-stitching over pretending to know how to knit, loves classic horror movies and reads her favorite book every single year. If you’re interested in connecting with her, follow her on Twitter or check out her blog (the links around on this page, somewhere) a ... read more
Latest book: Tiny: A Very Small Short Story Collection
Follow me on Twitter at @ShotDownB17 Steve Snyder
Steve graduated from UCLA with a B.A. degree in Economics and has lived in Seal Beach, California since 1972. After 36 years in national sales and sales management, he retired from Vision Service Plan (VSP) in 2009. Soon after retirement, Steve began his quest to learn about the World War II experiences of his father, pilot Howard Snyder, and his crew of the B-17, Susan Ruth, named after his older sister. It became his passion and has resulted after several years of dedicated research in his book, Shot Down. One result of his new career as a World War II historian is that he is a member of numerous World War II associations and is on the Board of Directors of the 306th Bomb Group Historical Association. In 19 ... read more
Latest book: Shot Down
Follow me on Twitter at @REAL_TYLOR Dr. Tylor
He is regarded as one of the leading figures in today's Nigerian public speaking and coaching industry. He is known to assist both corporations and Individuals ACTUALIZE their goals and success. He is creative thinker with ideas that challenge the status quo. He is a Success Actualization Expert to individuals & organizations with Strategic Leadership as his forte. With practical understanding of the science and art of human consciousness and how to use it to inspire individuals to achieve the perceived impossible, he assists thousands every year in conferences and meetings to live their greatness. In the last 6years, he has led, designed, managed and facilitated several Leadership/Management programs, ... read more
Latest book: Mafia-Bible™ - Ideology (Strategic Leadership Mastery)
Follow me on Twitter at @davewertheim Dave Wertheim
Dave Wertheim has been mentoring and discipling men for more than twenty-eight years. Raised in a Jewish family in the New York City housing projects, he came to faith in Christ at twenty-six. His own spiritual journey provides keen insights into how men struggle, process, grow, and ultimately are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Dave utilizes his thirty years of business experience in computer marketing and lessons from leadership in churches to relate and minister to men from all walks of life. Dave is Founder/President of Men U For Transformed Lives. He helps churches to develop thriving ministries for men, small groups, strengthening marriages, and discipling leaders. At Bayside Church, Granite ... read more
Latest book: Men U: Advanced Courses For A Transformed Life
Follow me on Twitter at @J0K0P0 Joanne M. Weselby
Joanne M. Weselby (1985- ) was born in Sutton in Ashfield, England and grew up a stone's throw from Sherwood Forest. A bookish overachiever, she could always be found with her nose in a novel, or her head in the clouds. As an adult, despite struggling with her health, she went on to obtain a first class BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University in 2012, at the age of 27. Upon graduation, she was awarded both the Five Leaves Prize and the Pat McLernon Prize for outstanding academic achievements in her chosen field. She now runs her own freelance business working as a writer, academic researcher and copyeditor.
Latest book: Citations Made Simple: A Student's Guide to Easy Referencing, The Complete Guide
Follow me on Twitter at @lizmeldon2 Liz Meldon
Liz is a Canadian author who grew up in the Middle East. She has a degree in Bioarchaeology from Western University, and when she isn't writing about her own snarky characters, she is ghostwriting romance novellas, loitering on social media, or taking care of her many animals. As a freelance ghostwriter, she has written thirteen books, which range from romance to horror, full-length to novella-sized. A handful are currently on the market, and she stalks their "authors" with fiendish delight. She loves writing realistic characters in fantastical settings.
Latest book: Court of the Phantom Queen (Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars, #1)
Follow me on Twitter at @sleeclark Steven Clark
Steven has over 20 years of managerial and financial experience. Steven has a BS from Boston University. Steven also holds an MBA from the University of Sydney, Australia. Steven is a former Marine Corps Captain and led combat missions into Kuwait in support of Operation Desert Storm. Steven spent over 15 years on Wall Street in trading, sales, marketing, and technology roles for Cargill and Merrill Lynch. During his time at Merrill Lynch, Steven initiated and implemented a web-based marketing platform for the Merrill Lynch retail brokers that generated over 200,000 visitors monthly.
Latest book: La Energía Del Dinero: Cómo Capturar El Flujo De La Abundancia
Follow me on Twitter at @kingbalmighty King B
King B. is an accomplished writer even though Temptations: Confessions of a Dead Man, The Rise to Power of Manoshua Johnson is his first novel. He became a published magazine columnist while writing at Screen Magazine. He is also a screenwriter of television and film. This novel is a prequel to King B.’s successful television soap opera “Temptations” which began on cable and eventually made it to PBS (WTTW in Chicago). Since his TV show he has written and directed five films as of the release of this novel. He is also songwriter and playwright. We look for much more from King B.
Latest book: Temptations: Confessions of a Dead Man
Follow me on Twitter at @amorganclark Anthony Morgan-Clark
An independent author, my first releases were two workbooks on residential childcare management, based upon my decade-plus spent in the industry. I also have published books on CV writing, and on emarketing for small businesses. My main writing passion is for sci-fi and horror. My first fiction, a collection of fourteen sci-fi short stories, was released to strong reviews in early 2015. Set in the not-too-distant future it deals with the many realities experienced by the protagonists as they try to work out what is real, what isn't and what it means to be 'alive'. My horror series "The Tor" was released in three novellas and one short story over the course of 2015/16 to excellent feedback. Due to reader demand ... read more
Latest book: The Soul Bazaar
Follow me on Twitter at @RowanLefwyn Rowan Lefwyn
Rowan Lefwyn is an American Author and Philosopher of metaphysics, psychological social disease, and the complexity of individual self-empowerment in a collectively dis-empowered world. She speculates on these topics through the medium of fiction. When she's not writing, she gardens and horseback rides in Michigan where she lives with a petulant thoroughbred and two hens, Dory & Gray. Other titles by Rowan include Directive 303
Latest book: Loracle's Wheel: Guardians of the Fate
Follow me on Twitter at @KristyFlowersHK Kristy Flowers
My name is Kristy Flowers and I am an aspiring fiction and erotica writer! My parents are from NYC, but I spent most of my life in Hong Kong. I especially enjoy writing stories about college sex and group sex. Often times I love to put these two together! Recently, I have tried my hand at writing from the first person POV of a man. With this I want to expand my skills as a writer and gain the ability to convincingly convey the voices and attitudes of a male character. I have published an array of different erotica stories, including the Lust Relief University series and the Office Sex Forum series. I try to experiment with different genres to keep things interesting, so hopefully there will be something for ... read more
Latest book: Dear Diary: The Secret Entry - A Taboo Menage Twins Bisexual Erotica (MMF College Dorm Erotica)
Follow me on Twitter at @adamdreece Adam Dreece
Adam Dreece has been writing stories since he was a kid, and has spent every night reading to his kids. His love of stories that inspire kids and that resonate with adults has only grown over the years. His series, The Yellow Hoods, is set in an emergent SteamPunk world with elements inspired from classic tales, providing depth for the mature reader and fun adventure for those 12+. The first book in the series, Along Came a Wolf, released in April 2014. The second book is Breadcrumb Trail, and releases in September 2014. Adam's world changed in many ways when he started 15 months of constant horrible abdominal scar pain. Coming out of that, as he started to regain his footing, he was hit with severe asthma out ... read more
Latest book: The Wizard Killer - Season 2
Follow me on Twitter at @70sBaseball Joe Gersbeck
Joe Gersbeck is a baseball historian and lifetime fan/student of the game who lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons.
Latest book: 1970s Baseball: A History and Analysis of the Decade's Best Seasons, Teams, and Players
Follow me on Twitter at @Christiandreamz Christie Beckley
After many years of dreaming and studying dreams, the Lord spoke to me and told me to write a book on dream interpretation. In this book I have put over 60 dream examples from my own dream life (so you can learn from), and over 400 dream symbol meanings. Not only do I give you many of my dreams, but I give you their interpretation, and their fulfillment. Yes that's right! Many of them have already come true! When I was 5 years old I gave my heart to Jesus. Ever since then I have pretty much been in ministry my whole life. I grew up with a musical family and I was taught how to play the piano by ear. Then I met my husband who could sing. God has put us together and has used us to do praise and worship ... read more
Latest book: Messages from Jesus, Letters of Love, Hope and His Return
Follow me on Twitter at @projctaddiction Scott A Spackey
Scott Spackey was involved with a notorious, organized; Los Angeles counterfeit and methamphetamine ring in the 90’s. He left home just after he turned 16, living wherever he could. He started with pot at 13, regularly dosing LSD by 15 and shooting-up heroin, cocaine and meth at 17. Scott is a poly-drug addict, having abused every drug accessible, including one that is unknown beyond a secretive drug culture of addicts, gangsters and organized criminals. Grand theft auto, robbery, cheater, liar and dope fiend were his calling cards. Most of his associates are either dead, in prison or still on drugs, yet he somehow survived and is going on over twenty years being clean. After a decade as a commercial buil ... read more
Latest book: Project Addiction-The Complete Guide to Using, Abusing and Recovering From Drugs and behaviors
Follow me on Twitter at @ReneeRoseAuthor Darling Adams
Darling Adams is a naughty author who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. She also writes spanking romance under the name Renee Rose. If you enjoyed this book, please contact her at to let her know or consider leaving a review.
Latest book: Punishing Portia
Follow me on Twitter at @sageauthor Casey Robert Swanson
I was born in Kirkland Washington and grew up in Bellevue Washington. I attended Interlake High school there and the University of Washington in Seattle where I majored in History and International Studies. Moved to the SF Bay Area in 1981 where I met my wife, Jessica Dailey and we married in 1986. My Daughter Christina works at Dominican College in Marin County and married a great guy, Eric Mayes. We closed our publishing house in 2013 and I now work full time on my writing. My Science Fiction series After the Atoms fall will have its first volume published in 2015, The Order of the Sage. I will let you know when I have more info on that.
Latest book: Beyond the Fears of Tomorrow
Follow me on Twitter at @AlxRodz Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodríguez is a Creative Digital Marketer who develops high-end digital campaigns for companies looking to transform their brand and grow their business further. He specializes in digital product and brand launches. Throughout almost two decades, he has created highly-performing launch campaigns for Fortune 500 and global brands, most of which have resulted in millions of dollars in sales in record periods of time. Alex has created strategic digital content for clients in 4 different continents and 3 separate languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin). As a result of his strategic creative, he has been honored with some of the most distinguished awards in Web, Advertising, and Social Media. Alex heads ... read more
Latest book: Sell You Before You Sell
Follow me on Twitter at @nicole_r_murphy Nicole Murphy
Nicole Murphy is a writer, editor and teacher who also writers as Elizabeth Dunk. Nicole Murphy books are speculative - science fiction, fantasy, horror, often with a large helping of romance. She has had six novels published, a collection of erotic novellas and more than two dozen short stories. She lives in Queanbeyan, Australia, with her husband and their budgie, Freddie.
Latest book: The Festival
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorNoraCrown Nora A.M. Crown
Nora A.M. Crown has loved books and movies ever since she can remember. Following this passion she decided to write stories encompassing the high speed dialogues of plays and the scene directives of screenplays combined within the easy to follow format of a novel! The readers have the chance to imagine every setting as a scene in a movie . They get to choose their preferred actors and surroundings. The imaginative powers make the readers become part of the story rather than remain on the side lines as mere spectators. Nora lives with her artist husband and their son in California. When not writing she is busy homeschooling their son, doing yoga, watching movies, reading, visiting museums and art gall ... read more
Latest book: The Visit
Follow me on Twitter at @gtylerwright Gregory Wright
G. Tyler is a writer of transformational writing. His passion is to share his experience of the universe with all. In his writing he presents new concepts and perspectives that can help expand a reader's perspective on life.
Latest book: Golden Prophecy: Prelude to the Gray Soul Saga
Follow me on Twitter at @dellarose228811 Della Rose
Della Rose lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. When she's not writing about sharp women, you might find her watching a baseball game or attending an orchestra concert. She loves scenic drives along a lake shore or through farm country. In her spare time, you might also find her enjoying a good meal with a glass of wine or a martini along with family and friends.
Latest book: Painted Love Part 3 Tony
Follow me on Twitter at @lidywilks Lidy Wilks
Ever since she was young, Lidy Wilks was often found completely submerged in the worlds of Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, Sweet Valley High and Nancy Drew. She later went on to earn a Bachelor degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing, from Franklin Pierce University. Lidy also won 2nd place in the Franklin Pierce's Eberhart Poetry Contest. And served as student editor on the Northern New England Review. Lidy is the author of Can You Catch My Flow? a poetry chapbook and is a member of Write by the Rails. She currently resides in Virginia with her husband and two children. And an anime, book and manga library, she’s looking to expand, one day adding an Asian drama DVD collection. Lidy continues ... read more
Latest book: Can You Catch My Flow?
Follow me on Twitter at @jeoday Joseph O'Day
Most of my work since 1986 has been as an editor, but I have considered myself a writer first. My story as a writer began in high school. I grew up on a farm, and my parents were active in the Grange, both state and national. My mother entered Grange sewing contests for many years and won so many times in a row that they asked her to take a break so that someone else could win! When I was a teenager, the Grange had a national safety essay contest. I decided to enter. My mother told me not to get my hopes up, but I was confident, and guess what, I won! After high school, I went on to undergraduate and graduate work, and writing papers was what I enjoyed the most. In fact, I was disappointed when a course did n ... read more
Latest book: I Like Rain!
Follow me on Twitter at @59carsonbuck Carson Buckingham
Carson Buckingham knew from childhood that she wanted to be a writer, and began, at age six, by writing books of her own, hand-drawing covers, and selling them to any family member who would pay (usually a gum ball) for what she referred to as “classic literature.” When she ran out of relatives, she came to the conclusion that there was no real money to be made in self-publishing, so she studied writing and read voraciously for the next eighteen years, while simultaneously collecting enough rejection slips to re-paper her living room… twice. When her landlord chucked her out for, in his words, “making the apartment into one hell of a downer,” she redoubled her efforts and collected four times the rej ... read more
Latest book: Gothic Revival
Follow me on Twitter at @linntesli Linn Tesli
Born in the gorgeous country of Norway, Linn Tesli has moved around quite a bit. She even spent three years studying film for a Bachelor degree in London, yet, as much as she loved England, she had to move back home eventually. She took another Bch in children services a short while after returning to Oslo. The characters she creates in her work are heavily influenced by what she knows of child psychology and development, helping Linn decide how a character might evolve throughout his or her storyline. In addition to being a mother, a wife, a sister, and a writer, Linn is a dreamer. She is also an overachiever, and a klutz. However, she takes her writing very seriously, and began at an early age. She also lo ... read more
Latest book: Reborn
Follow me on Twitter at @gagreflexbook G. Redina
G. Redina is a comedy writer from Sydney, Australia.
Latest book: The Gag Reflex - Episode One
Follow me on Twitter at @johneburton John Burton
John Burton is available to minister in your church or at your conference or event. John has been developing and leading ministries for over 20 years and is a sought out teacher, prophetic messenger and revivalist. John has authored ten books, has appeared on Christian television and radio and directed one of the primary internships at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas City. Additionally, he has planted two churches, has initiated two city prayer movements and a school of ministry. “John is dangerously prophetic, provoking passion in those in pursuit of revival. In just a few short years, I have witnessed the impact of his obedience to Christ in a region bound by division & religion. His ... read more
Latest book: The Coming Church
Follow me on Twitter at @adaley94 Angie Daley
My name is Angela. I never would have imagined that I would be taking anything on creative writing, but one day I found myself writing a story and it turned into a novel and I realized that I loved writing it. I just got lost in the story and then other stories just started coming to me. It is a strange thing how it happens, but I simply love it. A few months later I heard of Full Sail and thought this was a perfect opportunity. I know i have the ideas and I was an okay writer, but I also knew there was more to the business and I needed to know it in order to get my books published; and I was right. I've learned so much already and will continue to learn throughout my school and career. My goal as a writer is j ... read more
Latest book: A Haunting Tail
Follow me on Twitter at @PamIsOkay Pamela Nicole
I’m a young writer of YA Fantasy fiction, Urban Fantasy Romance, and the occasional nonfiction. Despite the title, it’s not that fancy. I live in Ecuador and I’m working towards my degree in International Business while getting involved in the publishing industry. I love roleplaying and (yes! you guessed!) writing. I also love gummi bears, but then duh, who doesn’t? I enjoy talking to fellow writers, no matter they level of experience. I can always learn more and it makes me all giddy to know I’m not alone out there.
Latest book: Fit In or Fit Out
Follow me on Twitter at @askajnaiman Aska J. Naiman
Aska J Naiman is an English Literature MA graduate with a lot of story ideas and not enough time to write them. She is primarily interested in transformation. The transformative power of fiction in people's lives, the transformations we all go through as we grow. What happens when you become a werewolf? And when you become a member of the opposite sex sometimes the same way other people sit or stand? Changing is in the very nature of being alive and Aska thinks we all want to be a little better, a little different than we are, a little more daring and sexier and braver. Maybe we can and maybe we can't, but in books everything is possible and there are no limits. She alternates between m/m and f/m shifter stor ... read more
Latest book: From Far Away To Very Close
Follow me on Twitter at @LiveLearnEat Danai Sabrina Kadzere
Danai Kadzere is a recent graduate of Harvard University. A German-South African-Zimbabwean-American, Danai loves travel, adventures, and the amazing world of books. She hopes young readers will enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them, and hopes to contribute to the expanding vocabularies of young literati everywhere!
Latest book: Elsbett & Robin Take On A-Nasty-Sia
Follow me on Twitter at @IrisChacon1371 Iris Chacon
Iris Chacon’s family came to Florida in the 1700s. In Iris’s wholesome stories, her characters find romance, mystery, and joy on the peninsula and its islands. Iris is the mother of two and, in addition to her novels, has written for radio, stage, and screen. She has also been a musician, teacher, and librarian.
Latest book: Lou's Tattoos, A Comedy of Errors
Follow me on Twitter at @mollycochranYA Molly Cochran
Molly Cochran, author of the teen paranormal romances LEGACY and POISON, has written 26 published novels and four nonfiction books under her own name and various pseudonyms. Her books include New York Times bestselling novels GRANDMASTER and THE FOREVER KING, coauthored with Warren Murphy, and the nonfiction DRESSING THIN, also a NY Times bestseller. She has won awards from the Mystery Writers of America (Best Novel of the Year), the Romance Writers of America (Best Thriller), and the New York Public Library (Outstanding Books for the Teen Age). SEDUCTION, the third installment in the Young Adult LEGACY series, is scheduled for release later this year through her publisher, Simon & Schuster. Two novellas in th ... read more
Latest book: Revels: A Halloween Novella
Follow me on Twitter at @StilettoWriter The Stiletto Writer
For more than 40 years the author has been what some might consider – overly sexually active. She was previously married, but by choice is single, because of the lack of sexual excitement in her marriage and her partner’s unwillingness to explore. She has been in an open relationship with her present partner for more than 10 years now and finds that the openness has led to more trust and sexual excitement. And while there is an agreement for an open relationship, because they have been able to experience things together that some couples would not, they have not exercised this agreement but 3 times.
Latest book: Who Needs A Mistress
Follow me on Twitter at @danwentzel Dan Wentzel
Dan Wentzel was born in Seattle, Washington on what was probably a raining day on the 26th of October. Yes, he is a Scorpio, with Virgo rising and a Pisces moon. So, yes, he naturally ended up in years of therapy. Dan is an actor/writer/comedian currently living in Southern California. (Yes, he is SAG-AFTRA, and yes he is interested in acting for pay in your film/television/stage/internet project.) Dan is what fundamentalists used to label as a "militant homosexual" which he still wears as a badge of honor. Dan is also a public transit advocate and believes in climate change, as well as the laws of math and science. Dan has been successfully living with OCD for twenty years and had ridden in AIDS/LifeCy ... read more
Latest book: Chakra of My Discontent (When Sex Isn't the Only Obsession)
Follow me on Twitter at @Charlie_Hadley Charlie Hadley
Hi I’m Charlie, I started writing a blog and began writing a manuscript for a romance novel back in 2005, after a work colleague encouraged me to follow my dream of being a writer. My first adventure into writing erotic fiction came after being dared by a friend to enter an erotic short story competition, which I won. After winning the competition I created a blog Naughtygirlwrites for my erotic fiction writing and a place to share articles I find of interest. Since winning the competition I found a new focus for writing erotic fiction, something I never thought I would be able to do. I’m grateful to have had such a good response to my work from the people who have enjoyed it. I’m lucky to have su ... read more
Latest book: Cuckolded On His Birthday
Follow me on Twitter at @DrSolomonKatz Solomon Katz
Solomon Katz' interest in meditation led him to Asia where he lived as a Buddhist monk in Burma and Sri Lanka. By the time he returned home and began doctoral studies, he had spent three full years in periods of silent meditation. At Harvard University, he earned concurrent graduate degrees in world religion and psychology. He trained in, practiced, and taught psychology at Mt. Auburn Hospital, a Harvard affiliated teaching hospital, and held a clinical faculty position at Harvard Medical School.
Latest book: Beauty as a State of Being: Mastering Mind and the Spiritual Path
Follow me on Twitter at @frankbeuken Frank Beuken
In this world only one thing seems to matter: Money. Everything else is obviously not relevant. In other words, it's really all about nothing. It adds nothing to your life. Maybe we must focus on what is actually going on in our environment and in the rest of the world. Show people that our community is changing and that we need to respond in order to ensure that our society does not harden and humanity predominates again. Frank Beuken
Latest book: In de trein. Anno 2016 - 2017
Follow me on Twitter at @nicole_r_murphy Elizabeth Dunk
Elizabeth Dunk is the nom-de-plume of Nicole Murphy. Elizabeth Dunk books are contemporary romance or erotica (sometimes with a TOUCH of paranormal). Nicole Murphy has been a primary school teacher, bookstore owner, journalist and checkout chick. She grew up reading Tolkien, Lewis and Le Guin; spent her twenties discovering Quick, Lindsey and Deveraux and lives her love of science fiction and fantasy through her involvement with the Conflux science fiction conventions. Her urban fantasy trilogy Dream of Asarlai is published in Australia/NZ by HarperVoyager. She lives with her husband in Queanbeyan, NSW. Visit her website
Latest book: The Sapphire Lounge
Follow me on Twitter at @nowriter1971 Jane Bishop
Jane is a wife and mother of two great boys living in small town near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She has been a writer for years. She enjoys kayaking, traveling and all the small things in life that brings her happiness and love.
Latest book: The Ribbon of Time
Follow me on Twitter at @dlkane D.L. Kane
D.L. Kane is a Midwestern mother of three rambunctious Hooligans and the proud wife of a United States Marine. She is a career journalist and editor with over 15 years of experience in the media industry. Shattered Dreams is her first foray into both Fiction and Indie publishing and she is excited to share her book with the world.
Latest book: Shattered Innocence
Follow me on Twitter at @RebelTremont Rebel Tremont
I love to write and read about a variety of topics. Maybe it’s my Gemini leanings, maybe it’s just my personality at birth but I love to go wide. I have a background in technology (worked for major technology firms), am an artist and crafty kind of person (painting, writing, knitting, guitar) and an educator/trainer.
Latest book: Exotic Justice
Follow me on Twitter at @mariaelenawrite Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra is a romantic suspense author with a unique point of view. Her adventure novels take place in locales across Europe and the United States, reflecting her international upbringing and extensive time as a global traveler. In her duology, The Coin and The Book of Hours, her characters, Gabriela and Richard, walk the same paths as their creator, though her life was never in so much danger. Ms. Alonso-Sierra’s writing career began circa age thirteen with a very juvenile science fiction short story, but the writing bug hit, and she has been writing, in one capacity or another, ever since. She has worked as a professional dancer, singer, journalist, and literature teacher (and not necessa ... read more
Latest book: The Coin Series Box Set (Coin/Hours Cycle Books 1 and 2)
Follow me on Twitter at @weight_lossme My Weight Loss Dream
We are Dominic & Samantha. Food addicts, movie addicts and weight loss bloggers. We live in the Algarve in Southern Portugal with our teenage son Kyle & baby daughter Sofia. We love the beach, eating out and we wish we didn’t have to eat chocolate in moderation!
Latest book: The Diet Ditchers Tomato Sauce Cookbook: My Ultimate Tomato Sauce Recipes
Follow me on Twitter at @evelyn_winters Evelyn Winters
Evelyn Winters (real name: Bev Cowperthwaite) writes children's stories based on Chester landmarks with a twist. She teaches IT at a local college and has also worked for a Cheshire glossy magazine back in the late 80's, working alongside inspirational people such as the successful local poet Eleanor Cooke
Latest book: The Little Big Clockmaker