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Follow me on Twitter at  BrynleyBush Brynley Bush
Brynley Bush has had a lifelong love affair with words. She earned her degree in English and Creative Writing and wrote magazine feature stories for years before turning to writing fiction. She writes the kind of books she likes to read: steamy contemporary romances featuring smart, sassy heroines with a sense of humor and strong, dominant alpha males who love their women a little feisty. Brynley loves rainy days, books, worn-in jeans, hot coffee, traveling to new places, the way words can weave into poetry, and happily ever afters. She lives in Texas with her family and an assortment of pets.When she's not writing, she loves to read, spend time with her family, and travel.
Latest book: Fearless

Follow me on Twitter at  DVincence Damien Vincence
I guess this part of the site is meant to show you what kind of an artist I am. Lay out my entire world and show you who and what I really am. But as I am often described as a difficult character to pin down and very much a mystery I guess this will have to be done in pieces. I have many different names and titles and none of them fit properly. I am known as a writer by some, a creator of madness by others and a darkened fiend by the rest. I am driven by five major passions in my life, they are Music, Clothes, Chocolates and sweets, Creating my art and Sex. You will find these feature prominently in my creations whether this be in my writing, the photos I take, the music I create and the kaos that seems to foll ... read more
Latest book: Darken My Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  tomrogersbook Tom Rogers
Tom Rogers is a novelist and the screenwriter of numerous animated films, including The Lion King 1½, Kronk's New Groove, LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers, and Disney's Secret of the Wings. Originally from Texas, he graduated from Harvard with a degree in History and Literature. He now lives in Los Angeles with his wife and tango partner, Jennifer. Eleven is his first novel for young adults.
Latest book: Eleven

Follow me on Twitter at  pencil_andpaper Natalie Kwong
Hi, I'm a self-published 13-year-old author. I love reading, writing (of course (: ), drawing, running, hanging with friends, and photography. I finished my first, book, "Natalie's Notebook: Stories from the Heart" when I was 11 in 5th grade. I am currently working on my second book, "Shattered: Book One in the Horizon of Nature Trilogy". I write books for tweens/young teens.
Latest book: Sunny Side Up: Life and Times of Backyard Chickens

Follow me on Twitter at  wallymac37 Wally Mac
I hope I am a humble man. I love Jesus and want Him to be more famous. My hope in writing is to encourage others to follow and possibly not make similar mistakes. Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
Latest book: I met her the screenplay

Follow me on Twitter at  KRBiel Kathryn R. Biel
Kathryn Biel hails from Upstate New York, and is a spouse and mother of two wonderful, but exhausting kids. In between being Chief Home Officer and Director of Child Development of the Biel household, she works as a school-based physical therapist. She attended Boston University and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The Sage Colleges. After years of writing countless letters of medical necessity for wheelchairs, finding increasingly creative ways to encourage the government and insurance companies to fund her client's needs, and writing entertaining annual Christmas letters, she decided to take a shot at writing the kind of novel that she likes to read. Her musings and rants can also be found on h ... read more
Latest book: Made for Me

Follow me on Twitter at  AnnatheKiller32 Anna Stancomb

Latest book: Started with a Gravedigger

Follow me on Twitter at  roaribenjamin Roari Benjamin
Roari Benjamin writes sci-fi and fantasy, laced with romance and adventure. She lives in Southern California with the love of her life, their son and daughter, three cats, two dogs, and a turtle. She tries to keep dull moments rare, as they should be. Roari is the author of the Society in the Shadow of Civilization series. Her next project is a YA Urban Fantasy novel, involving nightmares, German folklore, and a family curse. Visit her blog at
Latest book: A Shadow in Doubt

Follow me on Twitter at  mango_moon Jae Holt
Jae Holt was born and raised an island girl in Hawaii and spent much of her young life reading and swimming. She has since immigrated to the mainland and lives in Washington state, where she still reads, but doesn't do much swimming. She devotes her time between running a small bookshop, writing, and managing a family. They all keep her busy enough to stay out of trouble. Well, most of the time.
Latest book: A Demon Born

Follow me on Twitter at  chersmithbooks Cher Smith
Cher Smith began her writing career when she was eight years old, folding over notebook paper to look like a book. While her novel "Lazy Bones" was never finished, she never lost the love of creating characters and placing them in awkward, mysterious, dangerous or romantic situations, sometimes all at once. She has a master's degree in philosophy of religion and taught philosophy and English for a few years. She has been in marketing and publishing for most of her adult career and designs and maintains websites in her spare time. Her first published novel, The Falcon and the Serpent (1990), fell in the fantasy genre, but her writing career has grown considerably beyond that single genre into more contemporary ... read more
Latest book: Tracer

Follow me on Twitter at  waioflifebewell Kay Davis
Kay Davis is a published author with a passion for helping women and young ladies become who God called them to be. With a degree in psychology and certification in natural healthcare, she is committed to inspiring others to achieve total health and wellness is all areas of life—body, soul, and spirit. She is also the founder of Wai of Life™ (translated from the Hawaiian language to mean Living Water) which is based upon these premises. She has been writing for over 20 years and released her first book— Watered by the Vine: Daily Devotions for Single Women in 2014, which landed on Amazon’s top 100 list shortly after its release. God impressed upon her heart to write Rock Your Pearl! for teenage girls t ... read more
Latest book: Watered by the Vine-Daily Devotions for Single Women

Follow me on Twitter at  c_bellehumeur Chantal Bellehumeur
8 books of various genres available to purchase on Amazon sites (and Rosedog online Bookstore) + short stories published in The Suburban Online magazine where you can read for FREE. Read reviews about my published novels and stories as well as the books I read on Goodreads: Request digital autograph:
Latest book: Not Alone

Follow me on Twitter at  contradictorian Samuel Engelen
Chaotic minimalist, perverted gentleman, youthful father, snail-paced traveler. Samuel's writing has so far been described as 'gritty,' 'tense,' 'realistic,' and 'conversational.' He hopes those are good things.
Latest book: Vigilante Day

Follow me on Twitter at  GollubJessica Jessica Gollub
Jessica lives in Manitoba, Canada with her husband, two kids and nine chickens.
Latest book: The Rise of the Forgotten

Follow me on Twitter at  captnarendra Narendra Phanse
Narendra Phansé is a decorated ex-officer of Indian armed forces. He worked as business director in social services department in one of the Metropolitan Councils in London after doing his post-graduation training at South Bank University, London.He currently lives with his family in California. 'Full Circle' is his first novel.
Latest book: Full Circle

Follow me on Twitter at  mrquickpick Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor was born in Norwood, Massachusetts (1964-) and grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and Newport News, Virginia. He joined the US Navy in 1988 and would spend the majority of his enlistment assigned to the aircraft carrier USS FORRESTAL (CV-59) during Persian Gulf War operations Desert Storm and Provide Comfort. Honorably discharged in 1993, he would return to Kentucky and study Communications at the University of Louisville. In 2006 he started Quick Pick Lockout Service in Louisville and expanded operations to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 2007, where Quick Pick would win the AAA Member's Choice award for three consecutive years (2010, 2011, 2012). After finding much success running his business in multiple ... read more
Latest book: MrQuickPick's 1-2-3 Business Plan to Unlocking Cars for Profit!

Follow me on Twitter at  SellieSee Micelle Coetsee
A hippie at heart Micelle leads a simple lifestyle, daily pursuing her passion for writing, urban farming and life itself. Her life experiences as mother, wife, marriage counselor and spiritual mentor; game and urban farmer left its finger prints on her life, which find expression in her writing. She only recently ventured into the domain of publishing fiction and is still awed by this experience. Residing in South Africa she lives with the consequences of her choices and the frailty of her humanity.
Latest book: Cataclysm

Follow me on Twitter at  Kurinoone SF Mazhar
Safina Mazhar is the author of the Power of Four series. The first book, Run To Earth is her debut novel. Safina lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her husband and three daughters. Safina loves comments, reviews and messages from her readers and makes an effort to reply to each one. You can email her on or leave a message for her on her website -
Latest book: Thicker Than Water

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag Wilhelm Busch
Heinrich Christian Wilhelm Busch (*15. April 1832 in Wiedensahl; †9. Januar 1908 in Mechtshausen) war einer der einflussreichsten humoristischen Dichter und Zeichner Deutschlands. Seine erste Bildergeschichte erschien 1859.
Latest book: Max und Moritz: Eine Bubengeschichte in sieben Streichen (Illustrierte und überarbeitete Ausgabe)

Follow me on Twitter at  litartmagazine Liphar
LIPHAR (pronounced Lifer) We cover Literature Photography and Art We are a small company with a Free online Magazine as well as the magazine will be presented in Ebook format We are always looking for Submissions of articles and stories
Latest book: Liphar Magazine issue #4

Follow me on Twitter at  nainil Nainil Chheda
Nainil Chheda, MS (MIS) is a Procurement Manager at eClinicalWorks LLC MA (USA), providing purchasing, vendor relationship management, process improvement, contract negotiations and technical coordination services. In addition, he is responsible for being a product manager for the company's special-events website development. Nainil is an Author (mainly Non-Fiction) who believes in practical writing for process improvement and lean values. Nainil reads books that motivate, inspire and teach values. He specializes in Section 508 Compliance for website usability and design. In addition he specializes in change management, task co-ordination, process improvement and identifying and addressing organizational conc ... read more
Latest book: Conference Management and Event Planning

Follow me on Twitter at  cn_mill C. Miller
C. Miller lives in Kentucky with her husband, a Weimaraner that is very suitably named Pig, and a fluffy cat named Poo that gets accented voiceovers periodically throughout the day. She spends most her time taking solitary trips to Writer Land. If she isn’t there, you can usually find her playing video games with her husband or staring off blankly into space while contemplating over what to do during her next trip.
Latest book: Elude (Reave Series #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  strangewriter42 Delia Strange
Delia Strange was born in Auckland, New Zealand (north-west of Hobbiton) and is currently living in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and daughter. She wrote sci-fi in her teens, horror in her twenties and speculative fiction in her thirties but each genre always had strong elements of fantasy. Fantasy is now the primary genre Delia chooses to write in, though it can be said that the fantasy genre has chosen her.
Latest book: Axiom

Follow me on Twitter at  richard_r_fox Richard Fox
Upon graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point, Richard Fox began his decade-long service in the US Army as a Field Artillery and Military Intelligence officer. He served two fifteen-month tours in Iraq and was awarded the Combat Action Badge, the Bronze Star, and a Presidential Unit Citation. He lives and works in southern Arizona with his incredible wife and two boys, amazing children bent on anarchy.
Latest book: The Caliban Program

Follow me on Twitter at  MichaelHWitt Michael Witt
A native of Los Angeles, CA and currently residing in Venice Beach, CA, Michael Witt set out for high adventure when he was hired on as an expert guide to run three-week tours through Peru and Bolivia. While in South America, for this particular stint, Michael noted not only the beauty of the area, but was called to the legends and enigmas. When Michael isn’t planning his next adventure, or writing about it, he can be found out in the waves at his local surf breaks in Venice, Manhattan Beach, or Malibu. “The Amplified – Escape to Peru was written as a page-turning adventure novel that will inspire travel to Peru to explore the vast riches that lay within. This novel also allows those who have visited Pe ... read more
Latest book: The Amplified - Escape to Peru

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidAlloggia David Alloggia
Born, raised, and currently living in Ottawa, Canada, Davids love of authors such as David Eddings and Brandon Sanderson heavily influenced his decision to start writing. David is currently working on a sequel to The Fire and the Fog, his first novel, as well as an untitled collection of children's poetry.
Latest book: The Fire and the Fog

Follow me on Twitter at  Zoie_Jenkins Zoie Jenkins
Zoie Jenkins, like most women in today’s society, holds many roles; nurse, author, wife, mother, daughter...We could go on and on. Her favorite being mom to two crazy kids. She is a native Floridian who now lives in Rhode Island with said kids and her husband. The four share their home with a lazy corgi and a grumpy rabbit. In her free time, Zoie enjoys reading, hiking, art, music, hanging out with friends and family and she is an avid football fan.
Latest book: Fenced Hearts

Follow me on Twitter at  sakuganan Sakuntala Gananathan
Sakuntala Gananathan’s interests include writing short stories and reading. Her story titled “Mend a Bend” was placed 3rd under Category C at the Monash Word Fest Short Story Competition held in 2013. Her historical novel “White Flowers of Yesterday” was awarded Editor’s Choice by her publishers, iUniverse. An excerpt of their appraisal: “The author has done a fantastic job of weaving setting, characterization, historical information, dialogue, and plot together to create a complete, unique and compelling story.” An excerpt from Kirkus Review of the novel: “…a surfeit of grace and wit.” A retired chartered accountant, Sakuntala lives with her husband, their daughters and grandchildren i ... read more
Latest book: Jar 39

Follow me on Twitter at  simongoodway Simon Goodway
Simon Goodway was born blue owing to a congenital spine defect. A clever doctor sorted him out and he was soon pink and walking about like a normal person. Some years later he got a degree in artificial intelligence and worked for a bit in software, before he got bored of that and became a freelance illustrator. There was also an incident involving fish and a vacuum cleaner, but we won't go into that. Throughout all of this he was writing, writing, writing, and finally out popped his masterpiece, Killing Elizabeth. Some other equally brilliant things followed. He lives in Colchester with a stupid cat called Henry and a fiancée called Jess.
Latest book: Onion Gods

Follow me on Twitter at  LadyNarseary Narseary Harris
Evangelist/First Lady Narseary Harris First Lady - Evangelist Narseary Harris is the wife of Pastor Vernal Lee Harris Jr. of the Prince of Peace Temple Church of God in Christ in Buffalo N.Y. She embraces the vision of her Pastor and husband which is “Meeting the Needs of People in the Context of their Crisis”. She has been married to her husband for 44 years. She is the mother to one living son, Elijah King James Harris Elijah King James Harris. She cherishes the memories of her two sons the late Paul King David Harris and King Solomon D. Harris Sr. She is the proud grandmother of the two grandchildren given to her by her son King Solomon D. Harris Sr. Lady Narseary’s heart’s desire is to please t ... read more
Latest book: How Do I Go Forward Without You

Follow me on Twitter at  travisjhawke Travis J. Hawke
Latest book: The Bachelor Life

Follow me on Twitter at  StartNowCareers Jeannine Aull
This all-inclusive eBook was written by Jeannine Aull, a veteran business executive with more than 40 years of experience in the workplace. During her career, she witnessed the direct effects of mergers, leveraged buy-outs, political managerial decisions, outsourcing, downsizing, and much more. Ms. Aull’s broad experiences in the workplace inspired her to help those who are searching for employment in one of the worst economies since The Great Depression. The result was Start Now! Career Guide, an eBook that job candidates from all walks of life can use and appreciate. Start Now! Career Guide is the latest journalistic venture for Ms. Aull, who previously worked as a columnist for The Daily Herald in C ... read more
Latest book: Start Now! Career Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  collettmeg Meg Collett
Meg Collett lives deep in the hills of Tennessee where the cell phone service is a blessing and the Internet is a myth of epic proportions. She and her husband live in a tiny house with three dogs and not enough couches.
Latest book: Monster Mine

Follow me on Twitter at  msaw Matthew Sawyer
Ideally, Id tell you what you want to hear. Then when I knew you were listening to me and you made yourself susceptible to suggestion, I'd sell you my books. Such subliminal strategy is border-line psychotic. Lately more often, I think I'm a psychopath. Truthfully, if I were to match my personality quirks to a list of symptoms, I believe I would meet nine of ten criteria before I stop making comparisons. And I think most us Americans are the same. All the same, I'm selling my books.
Latest book: The Hues of Who - Doctor Who fan fiction

Follow me on Twitter at  A_M_Harding A.M. Harding
A happily married Englishman who lives on the south coast of Britain. I'm a self confessed geek, coffee addict, voracious reader and lover of literature from all genres. I have always harboured a desire to become an author but it took an early mid life crisis and an interrupted career to make me do something about it. A year ago I started to explore different genres in order to find out what it was that I enjoyed writing. I have now published my first book, a collection of short erotic stories. My writing is of an adult nature and is written with the express aim of stimulating the reader's imagination and arousing both body and mind.
Latest book: A Taste of Erotica

Follow me on Twitter at  HawaRunaStudios Hawa Runa
Hawa Runa is a company whose purpose is the creation, production, distribution and marketing of graphic novels and comics.
Latest book: Sonríe, ten una vida feliz

Follow me on Twitter at  saysannasilver Anna Silver
Anna Silver is an author and artist living in the greater Houston area with her family, pets, and overactive imagination. Her art has been featured in the Houston gallery Las Manos Magicas. She studied English Writing & Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University. She's freelanced for private clients and small publications like the Hill Country Current. OTHERBORN, her first published novel, has been featured on 2 of Amazon's "Bestsellers" lists. She is represented by Rebecca Podos and Nicole LaBombard of Rees Literary Agency.
Latest book: Dream Brave

Follow me on Twitter at  RebekahColburn Rebekah Colburn
Rebekah Colburn is at her happiest when writing novels! She has a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Washington Bible College and longs to use her creative writing to inspire and encourage others. She lives in Maryland with her husband and daughter, two cats, and a rambunctious Lab-Pitt Mix puppy.
Latest book: For the Cause of Freedom (My Brother's Flag, Book 2)

Follow me on Twitter at  RocksCat C.L. Farinha
My name is Catharina Farinha, people call me Cat. I am 20 years old and I have been writing for five years, writing was my first love and continues to be the one thing that gets me through life. Reading is what I do and listening to music is what gives me drive. I am a South African introvert, that prefers fantasy to reality. I am forever dreaming up new worlds and am easily stuck in them. I left school to write and haven't looked back since.
Latest book: Dancing With Death

Follow me on Twitter at  jordanmckenna5 Jordan McKenna
Jordan McKenna is the happily married mother of one adult son. She has a vivid imagination and a strong libido and enjoys bringing her fantasies to life through the characters in her books. Jordan loves the Caribbean and may already be living there--no one knows for sure! Always eager to try new things and explore new places, Jordan looks forward to future stories in fun locales. When she isn't fantasizing or writing, Jordan likes to read, play with her dogs, and travel with her husband.
Latest book: Searching For Charlie - Books 1-3 (Complete Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  SullyMasterson Sully Masterson
Sully has been writing for many years, but only recently began writing erotica. Her enjoyment of both erotic and romantic novels began at a young age reading work for Sandra Brown, Zane, Eric Jerome Dickey and the timeless Harlequin romances. As she begins to forge her own path in the genres, she hopes only that people enjoy reading it as much as she enjoys writing it.
Latest book: What I Wouldn't Do: Where It Started

Follow me on Twitter at  csstinton C.S. Stinton
CS Stinton was born in London, grew up in Hertfordshire and Paris, went to university in Lancaster, and drifted about until the churning words that demanded writing eventually turned into a coherent book. Growing up, reading was something to do even sneakily after bed-time, and she went on to be a lover of Nicholas Evans, Louis de Bernières, Terry Pratchett, and many more. Inspirations for science fiction came from another source, her brother inflicting Star Wars and Star Trek on her at a young age until she realised she actually liked it. Writing her own stories became inevitable, though they've taken many forms. The unspoken tales in her head, the adventures explored and told through role-playing games, a ... read more
Latest book: Hope in Hel (The Echo Case Files)

Follow me on Twitter at  DrJimKay Jim Kay
Dr. Jim Kay is married with three children. He lives in Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Press Releases and Newspaper Articles:
Latest book: The Teacher's Hook

Follow me on Twitter at  PtkBran Patrick Bran
Patrick Bran spent much of his early life moving around. As a young man he traveled everywhere from the Middle East to Antarctica by way of the US Army. He then returned home to Washington State, where he began college and started his lifelong involvement with theatre. Over the next several years he worked at acting and stagecraft, eventually moving to Washington DC where he went to work for a nationally-renowned regional theatre. When progress demanded it, Patrick left the scene shop and took the reins of the company's young web presence, a job he has now been doing for a decade. Patrick still lives in Washington DC with his wife and two daughters. He writes fiction and gets his best ideas from ancient history ... read more
Latest book: Wind Rider

Follow me on Twitter at  EmmaTravet Emma Travet
Erica Vagliengo (1977) web journalist, blogger e writer from Torino, Italy. Columnist (where she writes “Celebrity dixit”),, She wrote for,,, She adores leaving her mark on the internet, Zurich cake, collecting handbags (especially those from flea markets), contemporary art, NewYork, and caffè macchiato (only of the Italian kind). As a kid she used to feel like a mix between Mary Poppins and Virginia Woolf. Now that she’s grown up, she has penned the novel ‘I Want to Write for Vanity Fair’ (ed. Memori) using the pen name of Emma Travet. In 2008, she has launched the EmmaT Project ... read more
Latest book: I Want to Write for Vanity Fair

Follow me on Twitter at  DALatham1 D A Latham
I'm a hairdresser by trade, and used to own a small chain of salons in South London. It was my life for 30 years before I began to write for pleasure. I now write full time and have a total of eight novels. I've lived with the wonderful Allan for nearly 20 years, and we have two Persian cats, and two dogs called Louis and Lola.
Latest book: A Very Corporate Affair Book 5-Breaking the Bank

Follow me on Twitter at  Matt_K_Turner Matt K. Turner
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Who is Matt K. Turner? He is an enigma wrapped in an illusion stuffed in a secret decoder ring. Some say he’s an Inuit kelp farmer who writes haiku and science fiction during the off-season. Some say he’s just a pen name for a sentient Prose-bot being developed by the Turkish National Intelligence Organization. Others say he is an author and screenwriter living in Los Angeles with his wife and twin daughters… will anyone ever know the truth?
Latest book: Genesis (Part One)

Follow me on Twitter at  colbiemyles Colbie Myles
Professional designer, freelance editor, author of adult, YA and NA fiction
Latest book: Hope for the Hopeless

Follow me on Twitter at  TheDarrinMason Darrin Mason
Darrin Mason has worked much of his adult life as a freelance cartoonist (he is an Australian Cartoon Award winner) whose work has appeared in a number of Australian newspapers and magazines (People magazine and The Truth newspaper to name but two) and as a producer at 4BC radio in Brisbane, Australia. He is one hell of a funny guy with a dark sense of humor who now writes stories that make as much light as possible of the things he finds there. Above all else though, he is a fan of Batman. (The 1960s TV version, the late 1980s/early 1990s Michael Keaton version, and the Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale trilogy are the only ones that matter. You can forget the rest). As the Metallica song goes, nothing else mat ... read more
Latest book: ZAC THE ZOMBIE: Back from the Dead