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Noire is the Queen of Urban Erotica and originator of the Urban Erotic genre. She is from Harlem, New York.
Latest book: Wildin On Staten Island: Episode 5 (Empire State of Mine$!)
Follow me on Twitter at @maggiandersen Maggi Andersen
Maggi Andersen lives with her lawyer husband in a quaint old town in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia. She began writing fiction after raising three children and studying for a BA and an MA in Creative Writing. When not creating stories, Maggi reads, enjoys her garden, goes for long walks and feeds the local wildlife. Her six kookaburras (Australian Kingfishers) prefer to be hand fed. An Amazon bestselling Regency author, Maggi writes in several genres, contemporary and historical romances and young adult novels. Having grown up reading Enid Blyton and Georgette Heyer, Maggi’s romances are filled with adventure, mystery or intrigue, but always with a happy ending. Her latest releases: T ... read more
Latest book: Hostage to Love
Follow me on Twitter at @crkirchoff Courtney Kirchoff
My book is open on the kitchen counter, falling pray to stray grease flecks, water droplets, and the occasional sprinkle of salt. Which is to say that, when I’m not teaching monks how to use their iPhones, or saving baby slugs from the high pitch noise of soaked sponges, I’m probably making something up. Not just anything, mind you, something. It’s a subtle difference. I’ve dabbled with hair braids and Dr. Suess-like poems, but not at the same time–braiding behind the head takes two hands, leaving none left for rhyming. In the fall, I stare outside and wish for summer, and in the summer I sit outside and ponder serious issues like moldy cheese and why raccoons scavenge for trash in the darkness of ni ... read more
Latest book: Jaden Baker
Follow me on Twitter at @purpleduckydesi Jean Crawford Evans
I am a library assistant who lives in the wilds of North Idaho with my hubby and 3 spoiled rotten kitties. I am a fantastic cook who enjoys good movies, the great outdoors and dressing up like a cowgirl and pretending I'm Annie Oakley. I have been a fat/size activist for a number of years now, ever since I got off the diet roller coaster and found that you don't have to be a size 2 to have a wonderful life. I grew up a Navy Brat and when I came back to my place of birth to go to college, I discovered I love living in one place and I've been here ever since. A few years back I developed gluten intolerance, thanks to another autoimmune disorder I have (Graves' Disease) and life has been very interesting since, e ... read more
Latest book: JeanC’s Kitchen Gluten Free Cookbook
Follow me on Twitter at @PChasar Pete Chasar
Pete Chasar, who grew up in New Jersey and for 28 years lived in Arizona, is now a writer and artist on the southern Oregon coast. While in Arizona, he became an avid hiker and advocate for preservation, especially preservation of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains. He was a founding member and original chair of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, a member of Scottsdale's McDowell Mountains Task Force and two committees of Scottsdale's McDowell Sonoran Preserve Commission, and served as communications chair for the committee behind a successful 1995 Scottsdale preserve tax ballot measure. Today, one of his paintings hangs permanently at the McDowell Preserve's Gateway building, and he was recently honored at the ded ... read more
Latest book: Wind Sucks. It Doesn't Blow. And Other Insights from Buckminster Fuller
Follow me on Twitter at @IThinkNaught Michael P Naughton
Michael P. Naughton was born in Detroit. He is a mystery and satire writer who writes in the style of Elmore Leonard and Carl Hiaasen. He is also a professional musician and screenwriter and had previously worked for Borders for many years and in technology and went on to publish actor Michael Madsen's poetry and photography under 13 Hands Publications. He released his first mystery novel in May of 2008 entitled Deathryde: Rebel Without a Corpse ( Available on Amazon published by Gilded Hearse Press ) it is written in the hip, offbeat style of Carl Hiaasen, Gregory Mcdonald (Fletch) and, of course, Elmore Leonard. This book is soon to be a major motion picture. He has also been a judge for the IBPA's (Independe ... read more
Latest book: Deathryde - Rebel Without a Corpse
Follow me on Twitter at @drgalaauthor Gala Gorman
Dr. Gala Gorman, CPA is an entrepreneur – holistic life coach, publisher, business consultant, real estate broker, metaphysical minister and, formerly, accounting firm partner. She draws from all of her endeavors in her authored works. In essence, the lines blur when moving from business management to life management. Two sides of the same coin. In her words, “It’s the business of your life and you’re the CEO.” As a student of Eastern and Western philosophy, she works to infuse a blend of the best of both worlds, what she refers to as practical spirituality, into business and life. She has authored articles and books on holistic methods for solving both personal and business difficulties. She gain ... read more
Latest book: Insider's Guide to Addiction Treatment: Keys to Recover from Any Addiction
Follow me on Twitter at @thesecasey S.E. Casey
S.E. Casey grew up in New England near a lighthouse. He always dreamed of smashing the lighthouse and building something truly grotesque with the rubble. This is his writing method for his existential tales focused on a tragic collection of flawed oddities, forgotten places, and fallen characters. Published in many magazines and anthologies, links to his short stories and poetry can be found at He is the author of a collection of short fiction, 'Stygian Doorways', and is currently working on a new collection of winter themed short stories. He lives on the shores of New England where, from time to time, he passes by the old lighthouse which still stands...for now.
Latest book: The Century Coven
Follow me on Twitter at @VitoVolpe9 Vito Volpe
Vito Volpe ist der Künstlername des luxemburgischen Schriftstellers Tom Weber. Jahrgang 1996, hat er 2016 seine schulische Ausbildung mit der Allgemeinen Hochschulreife im Echternacher Gymnasium abgeschlossen und studiert seitdem Germanistik und neuere Geschichte an der Universität Trier. Seine ersten Werke sind im Selbstverlag als ebooks erschienen während sein neuester Gedichtband "Mondscheinsonette" am 15. August 2016 im Münchener Georg von Toyberg Verlag erschien. Als digitales Sprachrohr dient ihm das literarische Blog "just thoughts", welches er seit Frühjahr 2016 mit der ebenfalls aus Luxemburg stammenden Sophie Aduial führt. Sein Werk konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf Lyrik, meistens in deuts ... read more
Latest book: A Year Of Thoughts 15/16
Follow me on Twitter at @michaelabayomi Michael Abayomi
Michael Abayomi was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He fell in love with the art of storytelling after reading J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. He currently works as a freelance website developer and shares a passion for books, computers, movies, music, video games and women.
Latest book: Guardians & The Lost Paradise (Book 1 - 6)
Follow me on Twitter at @PenNameK Kahla Kiker
Kahla Kiker writes to elicit usage of imagination and feelings experienced by all mankind worldwide. She writes for the adventurer, the romantic, and the secret curiosity hidden in all of us. No genre left behind… As Kahla Kiker, she is the author of the highly talked about romance novel Midnight. She is known for her suspense novel HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT and the self-help inspirational short fiction collection YOUR LIFE IS CALLING. Under the pen name K., she has published three collections of erotic short fiction, the Book of Fantasies Trilogy (WHITE, RED, and BLACK), and a contributor of her story Broomswick Island to the dark erotica anthology CORRUPTED DESIRES, which topped Amazon US's and Amazon UK's digi ... read more
Latest book: Once Upon a Dream
Follow me on Twitter at @hashbyauthor Heather Ashby
Heather Ashby is a Navy veteran who taught school and raised a family while accompanying her Navy husband around the United States, Japan, and the Middle East. In gratitude for her Army son’s safe return from Afghanistan and Iraq, she now writes military romance novels, donating half her royalties to benefit wounded warriors and their families. Heather lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida with her retired Naval engineer husband and three rescue cats.
Latest book: Unforgettable
Follow me on Twitter at @jillmarielandis Jill Marie Landis
Jill Marie Landis's novels have earned distinguished awards and slots on such national bestseller lists as the USA Today Top 50 and the New York Times. She is a seven-time finalist for the Romance Writers of America's RITA Award in Single Title Historical and Contemporary Romance as well as a Golden Heart and RITA Award winner. Jill Marie resides in Hawaii with her husband. When she's not writing or sitting on the beach reading, she enjoys visiting with family and friends, raising orchids, working in her garden, occasionally quilting, but most of all dancing the hula. Visit Jill’s website at Join Jill on Facebook at http://www.facebook.jillmarielandisauthor Follow Jill on Twitter ... read more
Latest book: Paradise, Passion, Murder: 10 Tales of Mystery from Hawaii
Follow me on Twitter at @operandosociety Nace Volčič
Nace Volčič is the author of many publications and articles in slovenian medias. His life first led him in Argentina, where he worked as a lay missionary. Then he spent three years as Jesuit, but in noviciate in Genoa (Italy), he discerned that God had other plans for him. He spent two years in l’Arche community in Slovenia and Bologna (Italy) and did his service in Cottolengo hospital in Torino. He is happily married. With his wife Silva they founded a charity society Operando. They put aside their business and dedicated their lives to the poor. Now they are traveling around the world, visiting various charity communities, volunteering, and writing about it on their blog.
Latest book: God is Working - RIGHT NOW! (Part 1)
Follow me on Twitter at @Ag_Zak Agnieszka Żak
Agnieszka Żak – autorka opowiadań fantastycznych, self-publisherka. Rocznik ’88. Ukończyła bibliotekoznawstwo, trochę pracowała w trzecim sektorze. Kocha wąchać książki i czytać e-booki. Fanka fantastyki, skandynawskich kryminałów i wydawnictwa Karakter. Latem uprawia na balkonie pomidory, zimą robi na drutach, cały rok tańczy zumbę. Wydała e-booka z opowiadaniami fantastycznymi „Karaluch w uchu". W 2014 i 2015 szczęśliwie ukończyła NaNoWriMo, teraz próbuje poprawić swoją pierwszą napisaną w całości powieść (nieukończonych ma po sufit). ------- Self-publisher and blogger from Poland, writes short stories in polish.
Latest book: My rotten Valentine
Follow me on Twitter at @kayodeatoyebi A K Peter
About The Author A.K Peter, the founder of HYbLOVE initiative (pronounced as High Love) {HYbLOVE an initiative is founded for the purpose of producing content that is useful to all human kind of all ages, continent, race and region} The author who belief in helping others as a perfect way of living life, and which is also the purpose of this initiative of his. Because he believe that in anything you do your positive impact will be in peoples’ life for ever so also was your nega
Latest book: 21 Keys Of A Fruitful Day
Follow me on Twitter at @RosemaryNKnight Rosemary Nonny Knight
Rosemary Nonny Knight is a coach, speaker and property investor. She works with individuals from all over the world enabling them to build and expand their business and live their life to the very best of their potential. Clients make more money, become more productive, have better relationships, find fulfilment and contentment, have more balance, live healthier lives and are committed to living life deliberately. Her motto is ‘Live Life to the full’ – She does this and wants all others to do this too. Her book ‘Mum in Business – The Success Chronicles Vol. 1’ is now available on Rosemary holds a Masters Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy. She practiced as a s ... read more
Latest book: Mum in Business' Success Chronicles Volume 1
Follow me on Twitter at @pronouncedlahra Laura Blackwell
Laura Blackwell is a journalist/editor by day and a speculative fiction writer/editor by night. She likes making stories and kumquat marmalade. She lives in Northern California, which provides plenty of material for fantasy and weird stories (also plenty of kumquats).
Latest book: Slow Burn
Follow me on Twitter at @GeoffLichy Geoff Lichy
Geoff Lichy lives in New York's Hudson Valley. He's a graphic designer and photographer who has a lot of stories to share. Sometimes he makes music out of them, and sometimes he puts them into words.
Latest book: Five-Sentence Stories: A Short Collection of Flash Fiction
Follow me on Twitter at @_jimnelson_ Jim Nelson
Jim Nelson's work has appeared in North American Review, Confrontation, Watchword, Instant City, Switchback, and other fine venues. His books include A Concordance of One's Life (stories), Everywhere Man, and Edward Teller Dreams of Barbecuing People. His latest novel Bridge Daughter is now available from Kindle Press. A native of California, he lives in San Francisco.
Latest book: Everywhere Man
Follow me on Twitter at @BE_EMPOWERED7 Clarine Williams
Clarine Williams is a graduate of the High School of Fashion Industries where her studies were that of Fashion Design and Tailoring. She went on to become a Medical Assistant where she could be free to help those in need make a difference in their own lives. Shortly after, Clarine invested in herself even further so that she may broaden her horizons and grow her passion of helping others to a greater global dominion. She has always been drawn and compelled to go above and beyond to selflessly help others achieve their desires. She has spent more than 20 years working with the underserved population. Among them are former NYC Welfare Recipients who have gone on to become self-sufficient, underserved families i ... read more
Latest book: IDK I Don't Know
Follow me on Twitter at @tinadonahue Tina Donahue
Tina Donahue is an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, and Kensington. Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised her work. Three of her erotic romances (Adored, Lush Velvet Nights, and Deep, Dark, Delicious) were named finalists in the 2011 EPIC competition. The French review site, Blue Moon reviews, chose her erotic romance Sensual Stranger as their Book of the Year 2010 (erotic category). The Golden Nib Award at Miz Love Loves Books was created specifically for Lush Velvet Nights, and two of her titles (The Yearning and Deep, Dark, Delicious) receive ... read more
Latest book: Destined for Each Other (Wiccan Haus #22)
Follow me on Twitter at @BonnieMarlewski Bonnie Marlewski-Probert
Bonnie Marlewski-Probert is the author of more than 20 books and more than 1000 magazine articles. She is a national speaker, a horsewoman, a teacher and a big supporter of animal-related non-profits. She is NOT political. She is NOT an activist. She is a girl from the Midwest who owes her career to her work with animals and does everything she can to pay that forward. As a result, we works with dog & cat shelters and Therapeutic Riding Centers across the USA, helping to educate them on how to be more successful so they can expand the important work they are already doing. Bonnie started her career in writing as a how-to magazine writer who taught "riding lessons" through her two syndicated columns in more than ... read more
Latest book: Horse Tales for the Soul, Volume 1
Follow me on Twitter at @purposefulwait Rebecca Rush
Rebecca Rush was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to her two supportive parents Bishop Earl and Prophetess Maria Palmer. She now resides in Lansdale, Pennsylvania with her loving husband Frederick B. Rush, Jr, and son Josiah. Rebecca was raised by parents who instilled Godly principles in her from a young age and influenced her to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Educated in the Cheltenham School District, Rebecca graduated from Cheltenham High School in 2001. She immediately went on to pursue her Degree from Howard University, where she later graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology. A true counselor at heart, Rebecca went on to earn a Master’s of Science De ... read more
Latest book: From Pain to Promise: Discovering Your Purposeful Wait
Follow me on Twitter at @lfreeman2 Leroy Freeman
Leroy Freeman is an ordained, born-again Christian who has been ministering for over 34 years. He is a dynamic Pastor, Evangelist, and Bible Teacher who has a heart and passion for God and ministers a powerful message of hope and encouragement. Leroy Freeman was born in a family of eight. He has been an avid reader since childhood. He even played hooky from school at different times to read western books. Thank God his mom did not catch him. As Leroy looks back over some of his middle school work, a teacher once encouraged him to continue with his writing. This advice went in one ear and out the other and his writing was cast aside for other things that seemed more important. Having being born-agai ... read more
Latest book: Fear ~ The Bible Speaks
Follow me on Twitter at @martincmarais Martin
I have wanted to publish a novel for many years and although my mind was bubbling with ideas none appealed to me sufficiently to make the time to write it. I then read "The Killer Angels" by Michael Shaara, a splendid telling of the American Civil War battle of Gettysburg. The story is told from the viewpoint of those who took part in the battle. I was intrigued by the structure of the book and it inspired me to put aside the time to write my own novel. Fortunately I had the prefect subject to hand. The Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902) has always held a fascination for me, especially the Battle of Paardeberg, which was, arguably, the turning point of the war. What intrigued me was why the British commander, Lord Robe ... read more
Latest book: Prometheus
Follow me on Twitter at @jim_montgomery Jim Montgomery
My careers and interests have given me a wide range of experiences. I spent 15 years carrying out investigative / security work for the government, then progressed into the world of sales. When I discovered I liked selling good products and solving peoples problems, I joined a business service company where I was quickly promoted to National Sales & Marketing Manager. That's when I decided 'the company' lifestyle was not one which I was keen to be a part of, so ventured off to find my own way in the world. My goal was to have a little less pressure in my life. I'd always been a keen photographer, and had written a little too, so I took this experience and moved into photographic / editorial work. This saw m ... read more
Latest book: Online Security - How to Secure Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Recover Data & More
Follow me on Twitter at @nosolidground Jeffrey Joe Miller
Jeffrey Joe Miller holds master’s degrees in clinical psychology and counseling psychology, with specialized training in ecopsychology and somatic psychology. For several decades, he has studied ancient ways of life, traditional health care and dietary systems, and the oral and written records of the distant past. He writes, maintains an online learning environment and counseling practice, and is directing the production of a video documentary based on the material presented in this book. Website: Facebook: Twitter:
Latest book: No Solid Ground: Renewable Contentment and Sustainable Happiness in an Age of Uncertainty
Follow me on Twitter at @LaurieBethArt Laurie Finkelstein
Laurie Beth Finkelstein lives far enough north from Los Angeles to enjoy a slightly slower pace, but not far enough away to escape the traffic. Laurie shares her life with a husband, two grown sons, and two cats, thankfully not all living in the same house. Her debut novel, Next Therapist Please, while fictional mirrors many aspects of her life. Most important, living with depression, anxiety and OCD has presented challenges as well as occasional comic relief in Laurie’s life. Laurie would like to smash the stigma of mental illness one laugh at a time.
Latest book: Next Therapist Please
Follow me on Twitter at @MichaelRaduga Michael Raduga
Michael Raduga is the founder of the OOBE Research Center. He researches a dissociative state of mind (the phase) commonly referred to as out-of-body experiences (OBEs), astral projections and lucid dreams. M.Raduga the author of more than 10 books published on this topic. He is a leading researcher on methods that allow every person to achieve out-of-body experiences within a very short period of time. Meanwhile, M.Raduga approaches the matter in a scientific and non-nonsense way.
Latest book: الأحلام الجلية وتجربة الخروج من الجسد خلال 3 أيام
Follow me on Twitter at @Evan1Collins Evan Collins
My goal as an entrepreneur is to motivate, inspire, learn, educate, and develop a relationship with everyone I come in contact with. I decided to finally start writing E-books to help home based business owners avoid the mistakes I made when I first started my own business. I have created small short cuts with awesome tools and resources I have developed and came across during my ventures and put them in a book. Save thousands of dollars yearly by learning these secret strategies. “I have not failed 10,000 times. I found 10,000 ways that won’t work” –Thomas Edison Feel free to reach out with me, Id love to meet you and hear your goals! If you have any questions, need help, or want to help me im avail ... read more
Latest book: ApexApprentice Automated Social Behavior
Follow me on Twitter at @Mike_Romaine Mike Romaine
Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Coach and CPT 22 Years Old Athlete Blogger Writer
Latest book: Gold Farming 101 - Guide to Farming Gold in World of Warcraft for Real Life Profits
Follow me on Twitter at @KirstyGrant2 Kirsty Grant
My name is Kirsty Grant. I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and raised in a little town called Bonnyrigg with my mother, Eleanor, my step-father Ian and my big sister Marion and two younger brothers Jon and Chris. I have been writing for many years but it was only recently, after the death of my mother that I decided to give up a long career as a retail manager and study English at the University in Stirling, where I now reside. I am in a happy and loving relationship with my partner, Helen, who supports me in my ambition to be a successful writer. My plan is to continue writing and studying and I look forward to all that life will throw at me along the way. My mother, Eleanor, was an incredible inspiration ... read more
Latest book: Loved, Settled and Understood
Follow me on Twitter at @jeranour Jera Nour
Jera Nour originates from Asia.
Latest book: Claudius Barnum Grabit
Follow me on Twitter at @fionnaguillaume Fionna Guillaume
Fionna Guillaume specializes in unique erotica and erotic romance. Like her readers, Fionna enjoys interesting heroines, sexy heroes, and a good old-fashioned love story... with plenty of erotic parts. All of Fionna's work is unapologetically erotic and intended for adults (18+) only.
Latest book: One Night To Tango
Follow me on Twitter at @ccrogers3d CC Rogers
CC Rogers is the mother of two wonderful children, the wife of a supportive husband, and the creator of the webcomic "Rune: A Tale of Wizards and Kings." A software engineer who fell in love with making digital art, CC recognized that she could use her 3D renders to create sequential images for graphical storytelling. In addition to comics and art, she enjoys writing stories and spending time with her family.
Latest book: Wizards and Kings: Sacrifice
Follow me on Twitter at @GeralynWichers Geralyn Wichers
Geralyn Wichers is a writer who moonlights as a manufacturing operator at a large factory. When she’s not wearing a respirator and handling hazardous chemicals, Geralyn is either writing about the impending zombie apocalypse, or training to survive it by running long distances. Geralyn is a marathoner, a foodie, and a coffee addict. She wrote We are the Living, an apocalyptic story of love and hope in the midst of destruction, Sons of Earth, the story of a clone finding his humanity in a dystopian near-future, and Cursed Seed, the first in the Society of Immortals trilogy.
Latest book: Born For Death
Follow me on Twitter at @tonycuckson Tony Cuckson
Tony Cuckson is a Writer, a Transformational Storyteller and Folk singer who invites awakening of the heart to your one wild and precious life. He uses a unique combination of storytelling, poetry, song lyrics, movies and foundational practices that invite you to • Find meaning and purpose • Discover real peace of mind • Understand the four foundations of heart health • Learn why you must do the hard work and the heart work • How you are required to live your REAL life story • Understand the levels of Love He is the author of Awakening the Heart: 21 Ways to Follow Love’s Messenger. He is currently writing Being Beautiful - Learning to Treasure the REAL YOU based upon the Irish myth of the beau ... read more
Latest book: Awakening to Love - Powers, Signs and Practices for Living the Authentic Life
Follow me on Twitter at @DamfinosSanchez Dennis Sanchez
Dennis Sanchez was born and raised in Los Angeles and has remained a resident since. He received his BA in Communications from California State University, Fullerton where his focus was on journalism, film production, stop motion animation, and television broadcasting. Recently retired as a public school librarian and summer school teacher, he turned his skills on writing fiction. So far, he has produced five novels, three spoofs for young readers and two in the horror/suspense genre.
Latest book: Of The Woods
Follow me on Twitter at @shelleypickens Shelley R. Pickens
Shelley Pickens is a Spanish teacher by day and a novelist by night. She’s been in love with everything paranormal since she can remember. After years of teaching high school students, she decided to take her firsthand knowledge of young adults and apply it to her passion for creative writing and fantasy. When not teaching or writing, Shelley likes to spend time with her husband and two beautiful children in Atlanta, Ga. Her escape from reality is her love of complex thriller and science fiction TV series like Supernatural and Sleepy Hollow. In her spare time she is an avid watcher of little league baseball. THE HAUNTING OF SECRETS is her debut novel. Goodreads: ... read more
Latest book: Kick Ass Girls of Fire & Ice YA Books
Follow me on Twitter at @alexeiauld Alexei Auld
Alexei Auld enjoys writing about awkward urban dilemmas. Whether off the reservation (like Alexei), practicing law (Alexei again), or supernaturally gifted (so not Alexei), his characters struggle to survive extraordinary situations with their identities intact.
Latest book: 7 Secret Sources of Inspiration: A Snappy Guide for Creative Procrastinators
Follow me on Twitter at @KristalELynn14 Kristal E. Lynn
I'm an inspired new author who loves reading books that are in these genres: young adult, supernatural, paranormal and new age. In January of 2010, our family took in a tiger cat. The way she came to us inspired me to write this children's book, "Angel Kitty". It's futuristic, has a little scifi in it. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you and your children and grandchildren enjoy reading it. :) My hobbies are surfing the internet, watching tv/movies and reading. ------------------------------------- Book Reviews To readers, Thank you for taking the time to read this story. I would love to know your thoughts about the book. To submit a review, please go to and select the “Ange ... read more
Latest book: Tarot Solitaire: 5 Games to Clear Your Cards
Follow me on Twitter at @BookMaster007 Book Master
Computer Information Systems degree, retired networking analyst, Professional Photographer, Author and Freelance Writer. The rest of what time I have left is for rest, sleep, fishing, hunting or other outdoor activities. Sometimes I may have to swap one for the other.
Latest book: Ebooks A+ Marketing Manual
Follow me on Twitter at @FredT01a Fred Taikowski
I am retired and living in Central Florida . I now have time to pursue my interests of writing , art and photography .
Latest book: The New Earth Star
Follow me on Twitter at @Emi_Livingstone Emily Livingstone
Emily Livingstone is a fiction author and English teacher. She lives in New England with her husband and German Shepherd. She has a BA and MA in English and reads as much as she possibly can. When she has time, she loves gardening and cooking. Growing up in a seaside community has caused her to develop a dependence on fresh ocean air and big blue vistas, and she makes frequent visits to the Atlantic.
Latest book: Glass Eyes: A Short Story about a Family's Struggle
Follow me on Twitter at @chrislange3 Chris Lange
Welcome to Chris Lange's fantasy world where she lives most of the time. She loves alpha males, badass bikers, sensitive men, hot vampires, angels, demons, cowboys, cops, ghosts, knights, kings and the Winchester brothers. When not writing, reading or listening to classic rock, she can be found watching Supernatural. Chris Lange is a dreamer and a storyteller. She writes about love, love, love, and sometimes she leaves her characters' bedroom door open.
Latest book: At Love's End
Follow me on Twitter at @SecretzChange Michelle Moreland
Michelle Moreland was born in Chicago Illinois in 1989. As an innocent child, she could have never imagined the tumultuous direction her life would take. From starting life in a broken home, to unimaginable situations that a child should never have to endure, she faced many obstacles. At an early age, she was a child of the system, a foster child that was bounced from place to place unable to have a sense of stability or security, this caused her to feel all alone in the world. Struggling to find herself as well as dealing with obstacles and hardships proved to be an everyday challenge. Now 27, a single mother to two amazing sons, her struggles continue as she tries to overcome the obstacles life has thrown her ... read more
Latest book: Secrets Change