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Follow me on Twitter at  liammbirkett Liam M Birkett
Liam Birkett is changing the way many people and firms do business. No matter the size of the firm or the budget, his refreshing enthusiasm, insight and expertise create business ideas and turns them into reality. Liam began in office management before moving into sales and marketing. He was involved in the launch of Mace and VG group in Ireland. His experience extends into wholesale, retail, cash and carry, and consultancy on a national and international basis. He worked for advertising agency O’Kennedy Brindley Advertising (which became Saatchi & Saatchi) before co-founding design and marketing consultancy Bernardini, Birkett & Gardner Ltd. For more than 20 years, his firm was responsible for corporate id ... read more
Latest book: Quick Guide To Becoming An Inventor

Follow me on Twitter at  rj_sable R.J. Sable
RJ Sable is an author from the UK. She is a lover of language of all kinds and has a degree in linguistics and phonetics. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts she is only fluent in English and Swedish after having lived in Sweden for three years. When she's not writing, RJ can be found with an impossibly large cup of tea, a crochet hook, and a mess of tangled yarn. Alternatively, she might be on her beloved racing bike "Mary" or mountain bike "Bumble" annoying car drivers throughout the midlands.
Latest book: A Broken Lock

Follow me on Twitter at  TIFFANYAPAN Tiffany Apan
She grew up among the thick forests of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It was there she began honing artistic abilities and received much of her creative inspiration. Having been exposed to music since she was a child, she learned the guitar, violin, and accordion from her musician grandparents before taking up classical piano at age 9. A misfit among her peers (she was the only one in her fifth grade writing class obsessed enough with Vikings and Norwegian mythology to write poems about them), Tiffany was highly active in the artistic community in Wilkes-Barre, PA, involving herself in all music, theater, visual arts, and writing. She began formal classical vocal training at age 12 and ... read more
Latest book: One Emma Way: If Houses Could Speak (Apan Series, Book 4)

Follow me on Twitter at  Denny_Reese Denny B. Reese
Denny B. Reese grew up in Whitby ON, nestled between the mystery of Toronto and the perseverance of Oshawa. Her writing brings together a unique blend of fantasy realism that reveals social struggles in a personal way. When she is not writing she can be found cooing over goldfish, browsing the local library, and avidly reading comics.
Latest book: The Broken Court (The Hiding World - Book 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  beforeyougopro Terrence Wood
Author Terrence Wood is the grandson of NFL Hall-of-Famer, Willie Wood, and has over 19 years of football experience. Terrence has been a champion player at the college level, and has also served as a coach at the high school level. Over the last 8 years, he has enjoyed helping young football players reach their potential, and he looks forward to continued involvement with tomorrow's NFL hopefuls. Terrence currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his beautiful wife and 4 children.
Latest book: Before You Go Pro

Follow me on Twitter at  1happylife1 Alain & Danielle Dagba
Alain and Danielle are husband and wife. They are the owners of 1 Happy Life, a motivational and inspirational platform. They are both authors of many books or created various types of cards games for self-improvement, public speakers, spiritual counselors, ministers, relationship specialists, and seminar leaders. They are the primary founders of the Non-Profit and humanitarian organization Earth-Link ; Earth-Light ( They both live in MA. They are parents of 3 children.
Latest book: The Parenting-Book

Follow me on Twitter at  JenniferDelaney Jennifer Svendsen
Jennifer Svendsen's manuscript, He Was Kissing Caroline, won University of Colorado’s Jovanovich Imaginative Award for best graduate thesis as well as receiving finalist status in the Nidus Literary Journal competition. A chapter from her narrative nonfiction work, Coyote Heart, appeared in Sojourn Journal. Her poetry, nonfiction and fiction have been published in literary journals, newspapers, magazines, ezines and blogs. A psychotherapist, writing coach and Reiki practitioner, Jennifer writes two blogs. Mother of two beautiful daughters, she is also a dancer, currently performing with companies in Boulder, Colorado. and
Latest book: He Was Kissing Caroline

Follow me on Twitter at  Tawny_Savage Tawny Savage
Tawny Savage has always enjoyed reading and writing taboo erotica that can bring all of our deepest darkest fantasies to life. Her tales aren’t for the faint of heart and won’t always have the happily ever after ending. You’ll laugh, cry and want to beat the hell out of some of her characters and that’s just fine with Tawny. She’ll help you do it!
Latest book: Bigfoot's Revenge (The Bigfoot Chronicles 3)

Follow me on Twitter at  GarthWrites Garth Perry
Garth Perry writes contemporary fiction - from mystery, thriller, and suspense to urban lit and modern realism.
Latest book: Drinking Games

Follow me on Twitter at  4everplantbased Nicole D'Angelo
A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, Nicole became interested in cooking and transforming her health when she became vegan in 2011. She started her blog, Forever Plant-Based, formally Fabulous Vegan Recipes and wrote an ebook of recipes. Nicole loves helping people learn to cook and learn about eating more plant based foods. Currently, Nicole lives in New York City and is a writer, blogger and owner of The Yoga Collective NYC, a Manhattan yoga studio.
Latest book: Fabulous Vegan Recipes

Follow me on Twitter at  decafact Nitin Sharma

Latest book: 100 Interesting Facts about Animals

Follow me on Twitter at  deepikaaramchan D. Ramchandra
I am recently in india. i am working on second part of the series of REMAINS ARE HISTORY. in this novel nature is the story teller. there is also a character named 'Supreme lover Of Any Soul'. in this you will get the story beyond the first part with new characters, culture and environment. they were chosen by nature for its work but story is about to grow 0 to 360* development. the story woven on the thread realization and enriched with fiction. "One night, I left her and son sleeping. I left the home and escape from there to some place even at that time I did not have any idea, where I was going. For few months, I could not read even news paper as I scared to read the ad of my missing or any sort of emotion ... read more
Latest book: Remains Are History

Follow me on Twitter at  Texas_TradeRpt Liz S
Liz is a well versed traveler,adventurer, and law student going to law school in Canberra,Australia.
Latest book: Come n' Say G'Day

Follow me on Twitter at  trishatorrey Trisha Torrey
Trisha is known as Every Patient's Advocate. She is a writer and national speaker who teaches patients how to navigate the unwieldy and dysfunctional health care system, and teaches patient advocates how to help those who need their help. She has appeared on or been quoted by the CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Fox News, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, O Magazine, Health Magazine, Bottom Line and other media. Trisha is also the founder and director of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, an organization which supports the business needs of private patient advocates, helping them help the patients who need their assistance. The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates' members are the en ... read more
Latest book: You Bet Your Life! The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Professional Patient Advocate by Your Side

Follow me on Twitter at  scrittrice Maria Grazia Swan
Best selling author Maria Grazia Swan was born in Italy, but this rolling stone has definitely gathered no moss. She lived in Belgium, France, Germany, in beautiful Orange County, California where she raised her family, and is currently at home in Phoenix, Arizona--but stay tuned for weekly updates of Where in the World is Maria Grazia Swan? As a young girl, her vivid imagination predestined her to be a writer. She won her first literary award at the age of fourteen while living in Belgium. As a young woman Maria returned to Italy to design for--ooh-la-la--haute couture. Once in the U.S. and after years of concentrating on family, she tackled real estate. These days her time is devoted to her deepest passions: ... read more
Latest book: Cats, Gondolas and Valentines

Follow me on Twitter at  TomGrassoAuthor Tom Grasso
Tom Grasso is a seeker, a pathological meditator, a veteran firefighter and rescue tech, a poet, a blogger, and author. More importantly, his is a father of three (meaning he is also a lecturer, teacher, chef, order taker, taxi driver, coach, mentor and aspirin addict) and has found his deep devotion to living life simply and in joy both rewarding and life altering. He writes in genres that range from spiritual fiction and children's books to erotica, and enjoys each with equal vigor. Well spoken and opinionated (yet willing to learn), Tom uses his own life experience as a springboard for work that allows you, the reader, the opportunity to discover something different within you. You will find Tom's words bea ... read more
Latest book: Come Lay With Me

Follow me on Twitter at  nigeriannerd Henshaw Uzama
I'm an inspirational blogger, writer, public speaker, and enterpreneur.
Latest book: Short Guide To Remember Words Meanings Quickly

Follow me on Twitter at  lolataylorbooks Lola Taylor
Lola Taylor is a pen name for my, erm, “steamier” novels. I like books that make me laugh, gasp, and swoon, which is what I try to shoot for in my stories. I’m a sucker for fantasy books, particularly those involving vampires and the supernatural – especially while said vampire is sweeping a gal off her feet. I like horror movies, playing around in Photoshop, and wearing the battery down on my ereader. I have two rescued kitties, and a husband who hates to read but gives me his unconditional support, all the same. During the day, I work in a cubicle for customer service and hash out new story ideas in my many notebooks. At night, I get down and dirty with my keyboard. I love Game of Thrones, reading man ... read more
Latest book: Ritual

Follow me on Twitter at  JaneAinslie Jane Ainslie

Latest book: Her Sister's Wedding

Follow me on Twitter at  LibbyWaterford Libby Waterford

Latest book: Endless Devotion

Follow me on Twitter at  CaseLaneWorld Case Lane
Case Lane is a global writer, traveler and observer to the future. Educated in communications, political science, business, law and economics, she has lived and worked all over the world as a reporter, diplomat, and digital media corporate executive. Building from her interests in international relations and technology, Case envisions a next century world where the essential battle is between the advancement of technology and the instincts of our basic humanity. In The Life Online series, the majority of people are non-technologists who have to learn to live and manage in a technology-controlled world that they do not understand.
Latest book: The Unbroken Line

Follow me on Twitter at  bradwashburn K. Bradley Washburn

Latest book: Windows to the Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  EdmunddeWight Edmund de Wight
Edmund de Wight has always had a thirst to learn new things. He's pursued such diverse careers as a carnival barker, a cryptologist and linguist in military intelligence, a computer technician and bartender. He's travelled the world and managed to see the entire USA with the exception of two states. Equally intrigued by science, religion, and mysticism Ed brings a wide worldview to his writing. For hobbies Ed has undertaken pursuits as varied as wood carving, archery and sword fighting. Ed writes fiction that can best be described as dark, edging on horror. His worlds often straddle the border between sci-fi, fantasy and horror.
Latest book: 10 Days to Samhain

Follow me on Twitter at  SteveyShore Stevey Shore
I started writing The Mermaid's Kiss in 2012 and published it in 2013. The Mermaid's Kiss is my first novel and I have begun planning the follow up novel An Angel's Tale. English was always my favourite subject at secondary school and so I decided to study English Literature for A-Level at college and English Studies at degree level at university. As part of my degree, I studied a creative writing unit, which partly inspired me to write my own fiction; I was also inspired by my mother, who is a keen reader. I currently work as an English teacher and Media A-Level teacher at a school in North Yorkshire after qualifying in 2012. I love reading the creative work of students and their enthusiasm for reading and st ... read more
Latest book: The Mermaid's Kiss

Follow me on Twitter at  mdfield Michael Field
I've been writing for 20 years. Mostly screenplays for features and shorts. In 2003, I wrote and directed the feature "Save the Forest" which enjoyed mild success in the low-end DVD market and streaming service of Netflix. The next seven years found me writing and directing several short films which ran through the festival circuit and starting a family with my lovely wife. In 2010, I created the mystery web series, "The Puzzle Maker's Son" which gained me entry into the WGAe and in 2011, I followed up with a comedy web series, "Scenes from the Movies". Both are available for viewing online at YouTube. Currently, in addition to writing my first book (Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout) and raising my three c ... read more
Latest book: Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout

Follow me on Twitter at  slipperywillie Larry Peterson
Larry is a Catholic/Christian blogger and posts commentary weekly. His work has appeared in such publications as Zenit from Rome, Aleteia, New Evangelists, Top Catholic Blogs, Big Pulpit, and others. His first children's picture book, "Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes" was published in 2011. In 2012, his full length novel, "The Priest and the Peaches" was released. His latest novel, "The Demons of Abadon", began being published in Volume form (ebook format) in the fall of 2015. The complete novel (paperback and ebook) will be available in the spring of 2016. Larry belongs to the Catholic Writer’s Guild, The Catholic Writer’s Society, The Knights of Columbus, and the St. Vincent de Paul ... read more
Latest book: Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes

Follow me on Twitter at  AlanDrakeTweets Alan Drake
Alan Drake is an educator by profession with over 25 years of experience in public education. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Dallas Baptist University and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from East Texas State University. Alan is an engaging speaker and teacher. He has taught courses and led workshops, meetings and conference sessions in North America and in Europe. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas. 亚伦•卓克是一位职业教育家,有超过25年从事公共教育的经历。他拥有达拉斯浸信会大学基础教育的学士学位以及东德州州立大学教育管理的硕士学位。 亚伦是一位鼓舞人心的讲员及教师。他曾在 ... read more
Latest book: Haciendo las obras de Jesús: Libro 1: Convirtiéndose en un discípulo que ama

Follow me on Twitter at  clarenonhebel Romell Broom
30 years on Death Row, 1 failed execution, 2 non-matching dna profiles, no lawyer... Romell Broom, who has spent three decades on Ohio’s Death Row, tells his own story: a ‘throwaway’ boy from a disadvantaged background, hastily convicted for a crime he has always protested he didn’t do. Having survived a two-hour execution attempt in 2009 he is still asking, ‘Will anybody listen to the truth?' "The Romell Broom case is yet another example of why the United States should abolish the death penalty immediately. The inherent flaws of the capital punishment system are again exposed in all their horror as we are left to ponder how many other individuals will have to go through this nightmare." (Rick Halper ... read more
Latest book: Survivor on Death Row

Follow me on Twitter at  tenebrisbooks Tenebris Books
Tenebris Books is the dark fiction imprint of Grimbold Books
Latest book: Willow, Weep No More

Follow me on Twitter at  andylennon1984 Andrew Lennon
"Time" is the only romance story I have written. It is free to download from here and various other sites. If you would like to check out my other work, which is mainly horror. Please go to
Latest book: Time

Follow me on Twitter at  felixplesoianu Felix Pleșoianu
Felix is a life-long geek and speculative fiction reader. Always wanted to write as well, which is exactly what he's doing as of late when he's not making videogames or digital art.
Latest book: Vryheid

Follow me on Twitter at  jerrymaponde Jeremiah Maponde
I am a married father of three. It always makes me happy to spend my free time with my lovely family. My interests center mostly on technical things, but am a big soccer fan. Time permitting, I play social soccer during weekends.
Latest book: Half a Ton of the Greatest Quotes Ever

Follow me on Twitter at  paulakampf Paula J Kampf
Paula J Kampf Is first and foremost the mom of her two favorite people on the entire planet. Ever since they came into being, she’s been very intentional (except on days when she slacks off) about making sure that they know that they are loved just exactly as they are, and making sure she’s done her damndest to make the world a more hospitable place for them. She’s all about making sure that she leaves the place better than it was when she found it. She has a couple of degrees in stuff like Communications, Theatre and Ministry. She reads voraciously and loves intense personal conversations. She’s done a bunch of kinds of work ranging from proofreading the entirety of The Indiana Code one summer ... read more
Latest book: Becoming Light: An Extra-Traditional Journey from Black Friday to December 24

Follow me on Twitter at  SarahSacaKat Sarah Fairbairn
Hi I’m Sarah. I live in the beautiful area of Lake Macquarie, Australia with my husband Shane, son Riley and our two wolfhound crosses Ellie and Charge. I work five days a week at my family’s mechanical workshop, I do the books, not the cars. In my free time I attempt to sedate my Book addiction (a Book addiction that is only surpassed by my Chocolate addiction) and work on my blog, The Adventures of Sacakat. BLOG - Facebook – Twitter – Instagram - Pinterest - Wattpad - YouTube - http ... read more
Latest book: The World Around Me

Follow me on Twitter at  DCelebritydiary Queen Diana
Queen Diana lives to inspire, motivate and awaken the sleeping giant in you. She is a fifteen minutes ticket master, a fame rehab coach, A Disney and E Channel addict, a Nelson Mandela mourner and the international bestselling author of The Celebrity Diaries.
Latest book: Confessions of a Camera Chaser(The Celebrity Diaries)

Follow me on Twitter at  EnergyDepDay Christian Burton
Christian Burton is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. As a member of the air force intelligence community, his military service included stops in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. He leveraged his experiences overseas in crafting Energy Dependence Day. Reviews of my novel are posted at:
Latest book: Energy Dependence Day

Follow me on Twitter at  Sexyflights1 BD Holland
B.D. Holland is the pen name of a former flight attendant. Using a pseudonym gives her more freedom to write about the lives and loves of airline crews.
Latest book: Diary of a Flight Attendant - Tiffany in Paris

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnieJaysWorld Johnie Jay

Latest book: Inevitable Act ll

Follow me on Twitter at  t_monbetsu Tony Monbetsu
I live in Japan and I read a lot of things. Sometimes I write things, too. Ok, thank you.
Latest book: The ABCs, Part 3

Follow me on Twitter at  meetthepoos Rob Renée
I am Rob Renée. I am a father of 7 children and I write stories which have now become books for children. Children of all ages, as young as 2 and as old as 92, because you should never really fully grow up! I live in the World of South Wales, not far from the Village of Cardiff, just across the water from the Vale of England. I was born in Cheshire. My dad was in the RAF so I've lived all over the place. I'm currently in the process of producing helpful books for parents to read to their children. The most recent books are the series about the Poo's. Yes, the Poo's. The Poo family that live next to the Wee family. You may laugh, and please feel free to do so when you read the books, but these are actually wr ... read more
Latest book: Meet The Poo's

Follow me on Twitter at  DocteurVirag Ronald Virag

Latest book: Erection, the user's guide

Follow me on Twitter at  wfpalmer Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer is a currently an A330 captain for a major international airline. As a member of his airline's A330 development team for the introduction of the airplane to its fleet, he has been intimately involved in A330 fleet since 2002. He was the lead author and editor for the airline's A330 systems manual, and has written numerous A330 training publications. He has served as an airplane and simulator instructor, check airman, designated examiner, and also on training related projects from video production to simulator certification. Bill started flying at the age of 15, soloed on his 16th birthday and completed his private certificate at 17. He attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and holds a BS i ... read more
Latest book: Understanding Air France 447

Follow me on Twitter at  harryong99 Harry Ong
Harry Ong is a highly sought-after international business speaker, consultant, trainer, and educator who demonstrates a deep understanding of the importance of self-leadership in business and in life. Having created his own successful international business, Harry believes that leadership is a state of mind and helps individuals at any stage of their career to master personal leadership, that is, the ability to take charge of oneself first in any situation. Harry speaks passionately about self-actualization, the importance of outstanding leadership in the workplace, and the roles of positive communication and influence.
Latest book: The Book of Ong

Follow me on Twitter at  BooksByBrittany Brittany Wilborn
Brittany Wilborn is an amateur author who will never cease to amaze you. As a young mother pursuing her career in Criminal Justice, she is not your typical 22-year-old. Her favorite joy is spending time with her beautiful daughter. Helping others is something that she was destined to do, the pure reason why she has started putting her thoughts to paper so that you, the audience, can gain something from your experience of reading her works. Brittany currently resides in Pensacola, Florida with her fiancé and their daughter. Feel free to follow her on Facebook at , Youtube at, or on Twitter @BooksByBrittany for more information and update ... read more
Latest book: Wedding Planning: A 12 Month Guide to Ease the Headache

Follow me on Twitter at  OlgaGodim Olga Godim
Olga Godim is a freelance writer and journalist from Vancouver, Canada. Her articles appear regularly in local newspapers but her passion is fantasy fiction. She reads it and she writes it. In her free time, she collects toy monkeys and writes book reviews. Her first novel - women's fiction "Lost and Found in Russia" - was published in 2013 by Eternal Press. Her second novel - fantasy "Almost Adept" - was published in January 2014 by Burst Books Her website offers some free reads, including Olga's translation from Russian of one of the most beloved books in Russian literature - novella "Scarlet Sails" by Alexander Grin.
Latest book: Squirrel of Magic

Follow me on Twitter at  zjuzdme P.Z. Walker
I see myself as a gentle person who enjoys the naturist life style.
Latest book: Naked Crow 5 - Shadow Dancer

Follow me on Twitter at  Chasemradio Patrick Murphy
husband, father, social media influencer, blogger, published writer, foodie, wine drinker, bbq lovre, speaker, teacher, coach, comedian, kinetic, rule breaker, chef, wedding dancer, marketing specialist, do it yourselfer, jalapeno eater, kick boxer, disney fanatic, Irish, garden grower, iPad owner, drinker of carbonated water, workout enthusiast, friend maker, Texan and Driver & Restorer of 1965 Chevy Truck.
Latest book: PULL THE TRIGGER On Life, Career, and not being a D-Bag