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Follow me on Twitter at @DamnedLiesProj Dennis Liggio
Dennis Liggio is the author of seven books, including the Damned Lies series, The Lost and the Damned, and the novella Cthulhu, Private Investigator. He is a veteran of the game industry, enjoys long walks on the beach while thumbing through tomes of unspeakable evil, and rumor has it that if you say his name three times in front of a mirror at midnight he will appear and give you Hostess Fruit Pies. He writes primarily in the genres of geeky absurdist humor, horror, and urban fantasy. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two furry monsters.
Latest book: Damned Lies!
Follow me on Twitter at @stephen_Liddell Stephen Liddell
Author Stephen Liddell lives in Hertfordshire, just outside London, England. For Stephen, writing started as a hobby and turned into a career as he became a multi-genre writer and historian for magazines, online resources and of course his first love, books. When not writing, Stephen enjoys travelling with his wife and personally runs Ye Olde England Tours which specialise in private tours to historic and cultural attractions. Stephen loves meeting people from all walks of life and this often shows through in his stories. For more information on Author Stephen Liddell please visit his website for links to his books, blogs and tours.
Latest book: Straight from the Horse's Mouth
Follow me on Twitter at @toxic72 Stuart Mackay
Stuart Mackay was born in Ayr Scotland in 1972. His poetry has been published in various publications in the UK, USA and West Africa, some of which are in his collection The Visions of a Macabre Mind. His first novel The Toxic Dream was released in 2013. His second novel The Vapour Trails of Hypocrisy was released in 2015. Stuart has also written for magazines and has published several short stories including a trilogy based on the islands of St Kilda. He is currently working on his third novel.
Latest book: Broken Imaginary Time
Follow me on Twitter at @dillonjfoley Dillon Foley

Latest book: What Theatre Means to Me
Follow me on Twitter at @HyperscapeBook Donald Swan
Hi, I'm science fiction author Donald Swan. I spent my life cruising around the galaxy fighting against vastly superior alien forces that were hell-bent on destroying Earth. In my mind anyway. ;) I really grew up on the Space Coast of Florida where I watched my fair share of rocket launches and built my share of model rockets and spaceships. Big Sci-fi fan. I Love Star Trek and I was in awe of Star Wars when it came out. Enjoy SG-1 and most anything sci-fi. It is no wonder then that I imagine flying around distant worlds and interacting with alien creatures. I wrote my first story in the fourth grade. (About an alien monster of course.) I live in a modest home with my wonderful wife, soulmate and best friend ... read more
Latest book: The Hyperscape Project: The Awakening (Book One)
Follow me on Twitter at @JBCurtis33 J B Curtis

Latest book: Lie You Die
Follow me on Twitter at @GraceRForrest G R Forrest
Storytelling, for me, has always been about two things: exploration – of character, of interactions, of places and of cultures – and escapism, the opportunity to step away from the everyday. In that respect, writing seemed to evolve for me as a natural extension of reading. I knew how a really good story made me think and feel, and characters and settings which stayed with me long after I’d finished their book seemed to demand I extend their story. I can’t help suspecting that a lot of writers secretly start out as fan-fictionists! The shift towards creating my own characters and settings was nudged on its way at least partly by the fact that I’ve always been an inveterate daydreamer and, especially a ... read more
Latest book: Tamzin and the Viper
Follow me on Twitter at @BreeWolf_Author Bree Wolf
USA Today bestselling author, Bree Wolf has always been a language enthusiast (though not a grammarian!) and is rarely found without a book in her hand or her fingers glued to a keyboard. Trying to find her way, she has taught English as a second language, traveled abroad and worked at a translation agency as well as a law firm in Ireland. She also spent loooong years obtaining a BA in English and Education and a MA in Specialized Translation while wishing she could simply be a writer. Although there is nothing simple about being a writer, her dreams have finally come true. "A big thanks to my fairy godmother!" Currently, Bree has found her new home in the historical romance genre, writing Regency novels and ... read more
Latest book: Deceived & Honoured - The Baron's Vexing Wife
Follow me on Twitter at @KathrynFreeman1 Kathryn Freeman
Kathryn was born in Wallingford, England but has spent most of her life living in a village near Windsor. After studying pharmacy in Brighton she began her working life as a retail pharmacist. She quickly realised that trying to decipher doctor’s handwriting wasn’t for her and left to join the pharmaceutical industry where she spent twenty happy years working in medical communications. In 2011, backed by her family, she left the world of pharmaceutical science to begin life as a self-employed writer, juggling the two disciplines of medical writing and romance. Some days a racing heart is a medical condition, others it’s the reaction to a hunky hero… With two teenage boys and a husband who asks every Val ... read more
Latest book: Do Opposites Attract?
Follow me on Twitter at @Juleswake Jules Wake
Bred but not born in Yorkshire, Jules considers herself an honorary Yorkshire woman and, despite living in the Chilterns, still misses proper hills. She’s always wanted to be a writer and blames this on her grandmother taking her at a young age to the Brontë’s parsonage in Haworth. After reading English at the University of East Anglia, she found herself in the glamorous and deeply shallow world of PR, which she rather enjoyed, and spent a number of years honing her fiction writing skills on press releases. Upon completing a creative writing course and finding no local writing group, she set up the Tring Writers’ Circle. As a result it was incumbent upon her to set a good example and actually write, wh ... read more
Latest book: Talk to Me
Follow me on Twitter at @eelliottauthor Erin Elliott
I am a preschool teacher in a little town in Ohio. I have a wonderful husband and between the two of us, we have five children, four boys and one girl. We also have a wide variety of animals living with us. Everything from the more common pets like dogs and cats to more exotic like cockatiel and cockatoos. I love watching football in the fall and swimming in the summer. Christmas is awesome and without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Believe it or not, I did not like reading until about the fourth grade when I finally found a genre that really sparked my interest—fantasy. From there it became a passion of mine and often times the perfect way to escape the difficult times in everyday life. Mythical creatur ... read more
Latest book: Mira's Last
Follow me on Twitter at @SeanMcLaugh22 Sean McLaughlin
Hi, my name is Sean McLaughlin and I am an aspiring author that writes children's books; and I would like to write adult books one day as well. I was born in Fontana, CA but I currently live in Memphis, TN. I am just a normal guy with a big imagination. My love for watching nature is what inspired me to bring it to life in cartoon form here in my first two books. I hope to capture a sense of adventure and excitement, as well as the dangers that can occur out in the wild. I hope my characters can inspire young minds everywhere as I continue the series' in the future. Please come and support my work so I can continue the journey. Thanks!
Latest book: Happy Trail Children's Book
Follow me on Twitter at @author_Mark Mark Campbell
For as long as I can remember, I have been a storyteller. My childhood was spent immersed in make believe and countless hours of role-playing games. At long last, I finally sat down and typed out some of the things trapped in my mind, desperate to get out. I’ve often been accused of having an over-active imagination and being a hopeless daydreamer, writing fantasy stories seemed like the obvious endeavor. I am a self-described, modern Bohemian; more than content pursuing a life that few people would describe as normal. I have had various jobs: plumber, security guard, teacher, just to name a few. None of these became my life’s calling, but each taught me a little more about the thing all literature—regar ... read more
Latest book: Scorched Earth
Follow me on Twitter at @UnLeashedArts Marie Wise
Christian Band Help is a ministry of Marie Wise. I have been working in the Christian music ministry for 30 years, in a variety of positions… musician, concert promoter, visual artist, band manager… you name it, I have probably done it. In addition to a variety of experience in music ministry, I hold a certificate in nonprofit business leadership and management from Michigan State University and the Society of Nonprofit Organizations. My husband, Mark Wise, was the bass player for the modern rock band, Right Side Cast, and the southern gospel band, Wisemen. Mark has been a Christian musician for over 20 years. Currently he is also working as an author of supernatural fiction.
Latest book: The Christian Band Handbook
Follow me on Twitter at @ricnewsmth Richard Newell Smith
Richard Newell Smith grew up in a seaside town in Massachusetts, worked his way through Harvard College, served in the Coast Guard and then spent several years in marketing communications before turning to writing full time. In addition to Naked Fear, he has written two Jack Scully thrillers - The Hitman’s Lover and Grind His Bones.
Latest book: Naked Fear
Follow me on Twitter at @perryslaughter Perry Slaughter
Perry Slaughter first achieved notoriety in the mid-1980s with slender works of samizdat genre fiction hailed as “utterly bereft of any moral center.” More recently his short stories have appeared in Electric Velocipede and elsewhere. Mr. Slaughter divides his time between the northeastern United States and a yacht plying international waters. His passions include vinyl records, scotch whisky, and high-seas piracy. His exact whereabouts at any given time are unknown. Sinister Regard is proud to have undertaken a project to reissue some of his early novellas and short fiction in new print and electronic editions. For more information, visit
Latest book: The Revivalist
Follow me on Twitter at @shunn William Shunn
William Shunn is the author of the acclaimed 2015 memoir The Accidental Terrorist: Confessions of a Reluctant Missionary. Since his first publication in 1993, his short fiction has appeared in Salon, Storyteller, Bloodstone Review, Newtown Literary, Asimov's Science Fiction, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Science Fiction Age, Realms of Fantasy, Electric Velocipede, and various anthologies and year's-best collections. His work has been shortlisted for the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Association for Mormon Letters Award. His chapbook An Alternate History of the 21st Century appeared from Spilt Milk Press in 2007, and his novella Cast a Cold Eye, written ... read more
Latest book: Our Dependence on Foreign Keys
Follow me on Twitter at @wellthlearning Stephen Hobbs, EdD
Stephen Hobbs, EdD has written and self-published books such as Creating the Well-Living Workplace (WELLTH, 2010) and Co-Creating the Well-Living World (2010). He balances his life with writing, walking, and cooking gluten-free/lactose-free meals. World travel is his love as evident in his 20-year odyssey to live and work around the world (he started August 2011). He is doing great, so far!
Latest book: Managing-Leading Groups, Teams and More
Follow me on Twitter at @beatrizvalerio Beatriz Valerio
Escritora argentina independiente, autogestiono mis ediciones. Nacida el 10 de junio 1964.
Latest book: Vivencias poéticas
Follow me on Twitter at @lurymargud lurymargud
He sido muchas cosas, administradora de fincas, abogado, fiscal, secretaria judicial, juez, otra vez abogada y ahora procuradora y escritora. En mi profesión he visto auténticos dramas, asesinatos, suicidios, desahucios, injusticias... por todo ello, escribo para ser feliz y que otros lo sean.
Latest book: REDHOUSE
Follow me on Twitter at @KylieGable Kylie Gable
I have been more fortunate than most. When I was in college, I had a life changing experience that I'm only coming to terms with years later. I was forcibly feminized by one amazing girl and her friends. There are a lot of legitimate questions of any writer in the genre of forced feminization, but even more so for someone like me who purports to tell a true story. The Welcome to College series is my attempt to explore what happened to me over four years of college. It is definitely fictionalized for entertainment's sake, but by writing it, I hope to remember and explore those feelings I had in those wild days of my youth when everything seemed out of my control. I will also be writing other erotica on such to ... read more
Latest book: The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu Collection
Follow me on Twitter at @sidhargrave Sidney Maris Hargrave
Sidney Maris Hargrave is a sentient bag of curly fries running wild through the swamps of Virginia, emerging once every two months to wreak havoc on unfortunate passers-by. All writing is done on the finest paper made of swamp grass and written in tree sap, and all proceeds will be donated to local faeries, because curly fries have no need of such things.
Latest book: Seven Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @damiansmiller Damian Miller
Damian was born in Indianapolis to parents who had absolutely no idea what they were about to get themselves into with me; he's an adventurer and a student of the humanities who has earned an Eagle Scout, and hold a master's degree in global history and bachelors of arts degrees in anthropology (archaeology and ethnography) and history. Suffering from an incurable case of fernweh, Damian has walked across Spain on the Camino de Santiago (Way of St. James) pilgrimage (and across Portugal for a second pilgrimage) and have traveled extensively internationally and domestically (Egypt, Ireland, and Turkey to name a few counties). This scoundrel has worked in a variety of diverse fields throughout his life, including ... read more
Latest book: The Sibyl of Babel
Follow me on Twitter at @candisbest K. Candis Best, Ph.D.
Dr. K. Candis Best is a passionate advocate of getting people to use their minds to find their genius. An inspiring thought leader in higher education, she has focused her attention on creating a movement around growing genius. Candis has helped hundreds of students and professionals to use their genius minds to leave a legacy through self-leadership and service. She is this creator of the Holistic Leadership model which she used to found Learningateway, a social learning platform for non-traditional students who are at-risk for not completing their academic goals. With “Your Genius Mind: Why You Don’t Need to Be a College Graduate But You Do Need to Think Like One,” Candis is taking the “Growing Genius ... read more
Latest book: Your Genius Mind: Why You Don't Need To Be A College Graduate But You Do Need To Think Like One
Follow me on Twitter at @DrDolphino O.K Alleyne
Freshly turned 20 year old writer from the UK. I first got into writing when I was 8, writing books for children that were between 4 and 6 whilst I was at school. My teacher at the time saw my talent and from there I have been writing ever since; teetering between the Science Fiction, Fantasy and Action Adventure genre's that took up most of my time. Recently, I have broken into new genres and expanded my writing portfolio into a genre I like to call 'Family Life'- a genre dedicated to writing about the mundane things people do and why, giving you, the reader an insight into another persons life that may not be as fictional as you think. My main writing interests are currently revolving around the science ... read more
Latest book: Showcase
Follow me on Twitter at @JoelCornah Joel Cornah
Joel Kristoffer Cornah, hailing from a small isolated village in Lancashire, is the author responsible for The Sea-Stone Sword. Having told stories of dinosaurs, penguins and dragons to his younger siblings for nigh on two decades, it soon became apparent that these tales needed to be written down. Gathering the myriad of maps, family trees, illustrations and noted ideas, he began work on the world of dyngard. Having grown along with the audience from a collection of loosely related children’s stories, it became a whole world of adventure, magic and questions. He was awarded a degree in Creative Writing from Liverpool John Moors University and spent seven years writing a comical newspaper for The Barrow Downs ... read more
Latest book: The Sea-Stone Sword
Follow me on Twitter at @LBJoramo L. B. Joramo
Have you ever been so involved in a book that you feel truly transported into another world? This is what I want to give to you . . . I live in Montana on, what I call, an accidental farm. You see, my son has a strange superpower, and whatever he wants, the universe will give to him, even if his mommy refuses. When he was in kindergarten, his teacher brought in baby ducks to school. He wanted a duck. That spring, four ducks started living in my front yard. I kid you not. Later, my son's first grade teacher brought chicks to school. He wanted chickens. I refused. The ducks were enough. Just a few months later about twelve chickens came from nowhere and a turkey. Oh, and the turkey wasn't just any kind of turkey, ... read more
Latest book: The Bones of War
Follow me on Twitter at @jjwriter2 Jeffrey N. Johnson
Jeffrey N. Johnson's debut novel, The Hunger Artist, was a Library of Virginia People's Choice Award finalist. He was awarded the Andrew Lytle Fiction Prize in 2011 by The Sewanee Review. His fiction and poetry have appeared in over two dozen literary journals, including The Connecticut Review, South Carolina Review, Lake Effect, Wisconsin Review, Red Rock Review, REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters, Evansville Review, Potomac Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Plainsongs, Roanoke Review, Gargoyle Magazine, Dos Passos Review, Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature, Steel Toe Review, Oxford Magazine and Birmingham Poetry Review, He is a fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) and a recipient ... read more
Latest book: Other Fine Gifts, Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @JillianNealAuth Jillian Neal
Bestselling author, Jillian Neal, was not only born 30 but also came accessorized with loads of books and adorable handbags in which to carry them, at least that’s what she tells people. After earning a degree in education, she discovered that her passion could never be housed inside a classroom. A vehement lover of love and having maintained a lifelong affair with the awe-inspiring power of words, she set to turn the romance industry on its head. Her overly-caffeinated, troupe-spinning muse is never happy with the standard formula story. She believes every book should be brimming with passion, loaded with hot sexy scenes, packed with a gut-punch of emotion, and have characters that leap off the page and righ ... read more
Latest book: Wayward Son : A Camden Ranch Novel
Follow me on Twitter at @AngelaBritnell Angela Britnell
Angela was born in St. Stephen, Cornwall, England. After completing her A-Levels she worked as a Naval Secretary. She met her husband, a US Naval Flight Officer while being based at a small NATO Headquarters on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark. They lived together in Denmark, Sicily, California, southern Maryland and London before settling in Franklin, Tennessee. Angela took a creative writing course in 2000 and loved it so much that she has barely put her pen down since. She has had short stories and novels published in the US. Her novel Sugar & Spice, won Choc Lit’s Search for an American Star competition.
Latest book: Sugar and Spice
Follow me on Twitter at @pawl_schwartz Pawl Schwartz
Pawl Schwartz is originally from Louisville, KY. His fiction is weird, disgusting, challenging, and genre-defying. Story topics range from a group of dead mean who compost and move as one being along the forest floor, the limits and source code for ThePhysical.exe, and the methods for properly impregnating an apartment complex. Pawl currently lives in Chicago, IL, and works as a staff writer at
Latest book: We Stay Up All Night Because We Are Dissatisfied (#2)
Follow me on Twitter at @jamesbryronlove James Bryron Love
James Bryron Love was born in southern Ontario in 1957. Since his youth he has pursued art. His art has taken on many forms that include poetry, writing, sculpting, oil painting and music. He was schooled in classic philosophy in Toronto amongst other subjects.
Latest book: SciFi Anthology 1
Follow me on Twitter at @M_K_eehl Mihael Keehl
Ever since childhood, he has always been fascinated by the idea of mysteries, aliases, and secret identities (especially after watching Death Note, the author’s favorite anime to date). That was why when he realized one of his dreams to become a writer, he decided to shroud himself with the same ideas and created an alternate persona he named “Mihael Keehl”. A lover of both music and words, he takes pleasure in reading works that tackle about life and humanity, listening to music with preferential love toward Indies, and singing at the expense of his unfortunate audience.
Latest book: The Drive
Follow me on Twitter at @LitNoob C.E. Paul
Eating and writing and drinking and reading and tweeting.
Latest book: "Homicide John": A Short Story
Follow me on Twitter at @dwight__peters Dwight Peters
Dwight Peters lives within the wild-western, sun-stained sidewalks of California.
Latest book: 36 Musical Colors
Follow me on Twitter at @Mrphill25 Matt Phillips
I was born in Palm Springs, California and raised in the Coachella Valley and nearby Mojave High Desert. Lots of dirt, cacti, and sunlight out there. I've worked as a busboy, pool attendant, waiter, bartender, halfway-decent restaurant manager, film festival administrator and newspaper reporter. I've lived for stints in Portland (Oregon), Boston, Durham (North Carolina) and Denver. My fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction Offensive, Powder Burn Flash, WeirdYear and the Scratch Anthology. I've made or written films which have appeared in the Hayti Heritage Film Festival, PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas and the DVXuser Film Festival.
Latest book: Redbone
Follow me on Twitter at @TheAnnieJon Annie Jones
Annie Jones is the award winning author of 40 books.
Latest book: Favorite Christmas Cookies
Follow me on Twitter at @Sally_Ann_Melia Sally Ann Melia
S A Melia is an English SF&F writer based in Surrey, UK. Passions: SF&F movies, all-time favourite movie: Armageddon. Principle influences: Star Wars, Terminator, Game of Thrones and Dune. Favourite UK authors: Iain M Banks and Peter Hamilton. Favourite US Author: George RR Martin and Suzanne Collins Soundtrack to this novel: Supertramp, Meatloaf, Bonnie Tyler Motto: And the angels had guitars even before they had wings
Latest book: Aliens in Paris
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorWriterSH Sheila Holmes
I have been in love with the written word since I was old enough to read. After graduating college, I taught high school until I decided I wanted to spend more time "creating". So, twenty years after beginning to teach public school, I "retired myself" and now I write full time. After living half my life on the West Coast, we moved all the way across the country, where we now live on the East Coast. It is just the two of us after our one daughter had the audacity to grow up, marry, and move away. However, that "move away" is only five miles from our home. While writing, I also own and run two website businesses: I love to create ... read more
Latest book: From Grace Abounds Grace
Follow me on Twitter at @Dedicaces Pierre Etienne
Pierre ETIENNE est l'auteur d'un essai intitulé "Des animaux, des hommes et des couleurs", ainsi que de "La nouvelle encyclopédie" ; un ouvrage relatant la vie, l'œuvre de personnages imaginaires, placés dans un contexte historique réel : qui connaît le nom de l'inventeur du marteau à bomber le verre ? Qui était Charles-Ferdinand de Mesdeux ? Pourquoi Hélène Poirbel est-elle partiellement responsable du désastre de Waterloo ? Quel est le spéléologue qui a découvert le Trou de l'Assécu ? Qui mit au point le formulation de la vaseline ? Qui a réalisé les premières greffes de testicules ? "Une année ordinaire" se place dans la continuité de ces deux premiers ouvrages.
Latest book: La France vue de dessous. Tome 1
Follow me on Twitter at @derbaron76 The Baron
Desire, Want, Need, Secrets, Unbridled, Passionate, Exploration. May my words and stories move you toward a beautiful liberation.
Latest book: Tales From Somwhere Under The Rainbow: Stories 1-4
Follow me on Twitter at @Ursula_707 Ursula Todd
Ursula Todd is a writer hoping to motivate and inspire. She lives in Baltimore, MD with her family.
Latest book: When Disaster Strikes: Insights on the Home Insurance Claims Process
Follow me on Twitter at @souloflos carlos bastidas
Lover of all things good and righteous. Author, Yoga/Sculpt Instructor, simple and easy to talk to. I'm a huge sports fan. Quiet by nature, writing is my way of expressing my thoughts and ideals of love. I live as stress free of a life as possible, because the little things keep me content. I lead a happy, healthy lifestyle and get to share that with the beautiful people of San Diego on a daily basis and through the world thanks to technology!
Latest book: Soul of Los
Follow me on Twitter at @Alyssascheid Alyssa Scheidemann
Alyssa Scheidemann grew up in Wayne, New Jersey, and moved to Florida when she was 15, where she currently resides. As a poet, writer, and author, she always loved reading poetry and books all her life which led to her love of writing, especially poetry and stories. Alyssa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University, along with a focus in creative writing. She's had many articles published in a local magazine called Pulse, and on Her first poetry book is Seasonal Lives Poetry Collection: With Me, released on June 16th, 2011 (in print version). Alyssa's Children's book series is The Allegra Series. The first book ... read more
Latest book: The Allegra Series: The Enchanted Forest
Follow me on Twitter at @Hillustr8or Hilary Archer
Hilary Archer is an artist, author and illustrator for children’s books, greetings, and other publications, as well as a perpetual character artist. Her traditional rendering style, and whimsical sense of humor are the basis for all of Hilary’s creations, and she currently sells her whimsically illustrated gifts through her Etsy shop ArcherIllustrations. Hilary has also written and illustrated two children's ebooks- The Secret Chicken Kitchen Files- a hilarious collection of rhyming stories about chickens, and Blanquette and the Mountain- an original interpretation of a classical french fairy tale.
Latest book: The Secret Chicken Kitchen Files
Follow me on Twitter at @dutchboyd Dutch Boyd
My name is Dutch Boyd. I am a professional poker player, writer, developer, and the greatest photo hunt player in the world. I lived every poker player's dream by winning my World Series of Poker bracelet in 2006, going headsup against then reigning world champion Joe Hachem, all in front of the ESPN cameras. Then I did it again in 2010, and again in June 2014. I'm just like you. Another player in life, moving forward, trying to make the right moves.
Latest book: Poker Tilt
Follow me on Twitter at @Darlingbooks Clarissa Darling
Clarissa Darling is not my real name and those sexy legs in the picture aren’t mine. If you look very closely at that picture, the woman with the gorgeous legs is reading a book. My hope is that each reader who happens upon one of my stories will feel as sexy as the reader in my profile photo. In case you’re wondering why I might not put my own photo up or use my real name, the answer is simply that I also write books for younger readers and I would never want my young readers to read my adult books until they are adults. Feel free to look me up on Twitter, Goodreads, or Facebook. You can also email me at Now, devour your sexy books!
Latest book: Scarlett's Revenge
Follow me on Twitter at @marthawells1 Martha Wells
Martha Wells is the author of over a dozen fantasy novels, including The Cloud Roads, The Wizard Hunters, and the Nebula-nominated The Death of the Necromancer, as well as the YA fantasies, Emilie and the Hollow World and Emilie and the Sky World. She has had short stories in Black Gate, Realms of Fantasy, Stargate Magazine, Lightspeed Magazine, and in the anthologies Elemental, Tales of the Emerald Serpent, The Other Half of the Sky and nonfiction in Farscape Forever, Mapping the World of Harry Potter, Chicks Unravel Time, and The Kobold Guide to Magic. She has also written media-tie-ins, Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary, Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement, and Star Wars: Razor's Edge.
Latest book: Blade Singer