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Follow me on Twitter at  kimberlyloth Kimberly Loth
Kimberly Loth can’t decide where she wants to settle down. She’s lived in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, and South Carolina. She finally decided to make the leap and leave the U.S. behind for a few years. After living in Cairo, Egypt for 2 years, she’s decided to go to the Far East and currently calls Shenzhen, China home. She loves romantic movies, chocolate, roses, and crazy adventures.
Latest book: Obsidian

Follow me on Twitter at  moralisaleam Priyesh Patel
Born in 1980's Uganda, during the tumultuous post dictatorial era of Idi Amin Dada, Priyesh has lived in numerous countries – the direct result of his love for travel. He is an inventor and entrepreneur, boasting over 23 patents of products that he designed. He owns the brand Newtonstein - selling a very quirky, eclectic selection of products - some of which have made their way onto QVC in the USA. He is also a luxury real estate developer who is crazy about technology and he thrives on creativity. When he is trying not to be innovative - cooling his brain, if you will - he is fighting his inner urge to be doing a "Walter Mitty" in Iceland. Priyesh wrote this work of fiction over a period of five years - a ... read more
Latest book: Moralis Aleam

Follow me on Twitter at  BillyCoskun Billy Coskun
Billy Coskun is a scientific philosopher, inventor, software developer and electronic music composer. His experience as a musician led him to discover the elastic clock synchronization in the brain. Read more about this extraordinary phenomenon in his e-book titled "Quantum Matrix" in which he also discusses the Quantum Evolution Theory, a theory that he developed based on the results of his quantum tests. While experimenting on hardware digital electronic circuits, by applying the principles of quantum physics and some logic, in 2015 Billy Coskun invented the quantum audio engine. He then developed the Electrum Quantum Audio Engine app which is the world's first commercial quantum product. Billy Coskun's exper ... read more
Latest book: How I Disproved Einstein Twice

Follow me on Twitter at  JillMcD-C Jill McDonald
Jill lives in a village in a scenic part of the north of England with her two Miniature Schnauzers, Poppy and Pepper. She has been surrounded by animals all her life and has lived on farms and in pet shops. Her first published piece was at the age of 12, when the local paper printed her long poem about the Vietnam War. After returning to education as a ‘mature student,’ she finally achieved a Master’s Degree in 2001. Her first ‘real’ book was published in 2011. As well as three traditional Westerns through a British publisher, under the author name of Amos Carr; Jill is now delighted to be able to say that she sells cowboys to America! She has now had Romantic Westerns, true animal stories and super ... read more
Latest book: The Gypsy's Kiss

Follow me on Twitter at  jazzmeus90 Michael S. Meusch
Michael S. Meusch loves writing fictional works and children's tales. Claims include The Adam Code, The Adventures of Morris and the Hekkapekkasaurus and Priscilla's Pursuit of the Perfect Purple. His love for the arts, and oil painting drives his passion and unique style of writing. He currently lives and works in the Washington, D.C. area.
Latest book: A Painter in Paradise

Follow me on Twitter at  berryerotic Ashley Berry
Hello! My name is Ashley and I'm an aspiring erotica author. My favourite things to write about are girls with big dicks, and family taboo. I'm just starting out, so if you read any of my books please help me get better by giving me feedback! xx - Ashley
Latest book: Help! My Patient Is A Futanari!

Follow me on Twitter at  jakehatmacher JAKe Hatmacher
As you already know, I am a professional writer. But I'm also a physician. I spent many years practicing, and practicing means working, as an obstetrician and gynecologist. I still maintain three state licenses but I spend my time now writing. The fictional stories that I have written have sprung out of time spent treating patients. The stories are unique in that although they are fictional, they have much in the way of historical fact and medical fact. They also include humor, although mostly subtle and are flavored with a touch of fantasy. I grew up in a city of near thirty-five thousand in the north-central part of Illinois. My higher education was at Loyola University of Chicago, followed by medical ... read more
Latest book: A Secret Lies Deep

Follow me on Twitter at  ipcsav ipcsav
Welcome to Independent. As any tour guide or history book may tell you, Independent Presbyterian Church has been part of Savannah since 1755 and its building is one of the central landmarks of the city. However, it would be a mistake to think of IPC as simply a historic monument or a curious throwback to an earlier time. While our principles and beliefs are historic, the life and work of IPC is very much in the present. Hundreds of people have found a spiritual home here - people of all ages and in different seasons of life. Families are encouraged, children are nurtured, older people are supported, and college students are challenged. If you are visiting with us, we are glad you're here. You may also want to ... read more
Latest book: The Gospel of Mark

Follow me on Twitter at  LScofieldAuthor Lawrence Scofield
Lawrence Scofield holds degrees from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Early in his career, he enjoyed performing with major symphony orchestras and opera companies. He has appeared on Grammy Award winning recordings and has international touring experience. Following a career in the performing arts, Mr. Scofield served in the administrations at colleges and universities. After retirement, he turned his attention to the written word and now writes novels, articles and columns.
Latest book: Two Days in Moscow - A Spy Thriller

Follow me on Twitter at  authrtomanthony Tom Anthony
Tom Anthony is a West Point Graduate and combat veteran who spent his professional civilian career in global business all over the world. He has lived and worked in Austria, Italy, Spain, England, Iraq, Israel, and throughout Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Anthony also lived in Mindanao for seven years. He still splits his time between Southern California and the Philippines with his family.
Latest book: Rebels of Mindanao

Follow me on Twitter at  F_Merli Francesco Merli
I was born and raised in Rome. I am a passionate and very romantic guy who loves a lot. I am an actor and a personal trainer and in addition to writing, sports, cinema, theater, painting and music I am the author of poetry and novels that have always been kept in the drawer.
Latest book: I made you a promise

Follow me on Twitter at  ca_court CA Court
CA Court is worldwide selling author and artist. As a child, she always had a passion for writing and creating art, so she decided to make it more than just her hobby. Romance and erotica is her forte and will continue writing short stories and novels in this genre.
Latest book: Crush

Follow me on Twitter at  incpinmedia Incpin
Aaron “Incpin” Jones is an established public speaker, self-published author, and web content creator. In addition to publishing and writing several books such as The Great Invitation a collection of poetry and Beautiful Ugly a fictional drama, he has also served as youth mentor across the greater Los Angeles region. Several organizations have invited Aaron Jones to be a keynote speaker such as Los Angeles County Department of Public Services, Los Angeles County Department of Children Family Services, California Youth Authority, Manformation youth organization, and many others. Aaron’s educational background includes an Associate of Arts in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts in English. As an entrepre ... read more
Latest book: Electrorelax

Follow me on Twitter at  cinematicapoca1 Brian Webster
Brian Webster is crime/noir writer and a verified creator for While usually contributing to their movie pilot site, he has, on occasion offered insight into the video game portion, Now Loading. He is currently working towards his BFA in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. Brian’s childhood dream was to eat the holes out of donuts, however, Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and Tim Hortons have robbed him of that goal.
Latest book: Past and Future Love: Five Stories by Brian Webster

Follow me on Twitter at  edkell99 Edmund Kelly
Edmund Kelly (Ed) grew up in Massachusetts, just south of Boston. He just published his first novel Addiction & Pestilence which is the first book in his Slaying Dragons: A Journey Through Hell series. Slaying Dragons is a term used to describe in this instance, someone who has overcome their battle with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol as well as defeating evil or the Devil. Ed took the biblical reference of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and turned it into a series. Each book deals with the wrath that each horseman brings but with an added twist to each book. The Four Horseman are: 1. White Horseman - brings pestilence (a deadly plague that is unleashed upon the Earth). 2. Red Horseman - brings war. ... read more
Latest book: Addiction & Pestilence

Follow me on Twitter at  galactoglucoman J.S. Fields
J.S. Fields is a scientist who has perhaps spent too much time around organic solvents. She enjoys roller derby, woodturning, making chain mail by hand, and cultivating fungi in the backs of minivans. Nonbinary, but prefers female pronouns. Always up for a Twitter chat.
Latest book: Ardulum: First Don

Follow me on Twitter at  bustamuse Steven C. Nelson
Steve Nelson was raised in Central Ohio, where he still resides with his patient wife and rambunctious children. His writing is influenced by the contrasting seasons and rural aspects the Midwest has to offer, as well as the purity of the emotions experienced when with his family. After a long day of working and chasing his kids around, he tries to recapture some of his sanity with a little reading, a little jazz, or some good old fashioned vid binging.
Latest book: Cognitive Debris

Follow me on Twitter at  thosebigwords James Farson
James Farson is a 26 year old writer born, bred and based in Peterborough. He has been writing creatively since his early teens and his output has included novels, stories, poems, and reviews/essays that he posts on his blog, Those Big Words. He studied for a degree in English Literature at the Peterborough campus of Anglia Ruskin University, which he received in 2013. Whilst there, he also received the Ian Gordon Prize for Best Dissertation in English, for his thesis on James Joyce's Ulysses. He feels strangely ambivalent about writing in the third person regarding himself.
Latest book: Hole In The Sky And Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  pjbn_author P. J. Blakey-Novis
Based in the South of England, short story creator, poet and finally author of a full length novel.
Latest book: The Broken Doll

Follow me on Twitter at  @JayJFalconer Jay J. Falconer
Gold Medalist: 2016 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Amazon 2015 Kindle Scout Winning Author Jay J. Falconer is a award-winning author, survivalist, prepper, engineer, and Sci-Fi junkie who lives in the mountains of northern Arizona where the brisk, clean air and stunning mountain views inspire his day. When he's not busy working on his next novel, or he's out training, shooting, hunting, or preparing for whatever comes next. or on twitter at: @JayJFalconer or on Facebook at:
Latest book: Glassford Girl: Part 4 of the Emily Heart Time Jumper Series

Follow me on Twitter at  ThePAPickle Richard Davidson
My name is Richard Davidson. I enjoy being creative and making funny content.
Latest book: The Pennsylvania Pickle

Follow me on Twitter at  SurfBoard72 Joo Seng Lim
I was born in Singapore in 1972 and spend my childhood in Singapore for most of the time till 1996. I worked and live in Queensland, Australia between 1996 – 1998. 1998 – 2001, I worked and live in Bordeaux, France. Between 2001 – 2003, I study, worked and live in Queensland, Australia again. Since 2003, I worked and live in Singapore. I started my career in 1993 in aerospace industry for 10 years. In 2003, I made a career move to the IT industry for the next 12 years. I am a Program / Project Manager specialize in business process improving or operational excellence.
Latest book: 项目管理Abc

Follow me on Twitter at  gregeganSF Greg Egan
I am a science fiction writer and computer programmer.
Latest book: Luminous

Follow me on Twitter at  rogerwillys Roger Willy
Esse livro é minha primeira criação de muitas ainda que estão por vim e espero que seja oque você procura
Latest book: Direitos Dos Trabalhadores Brasileiro

Follow me on Twitter at  4JLKelly JL Kelly
J.L. Kelly is an American speaker, Bible teacher & author of Christian novels that combine compelling story worlds with unforgettable characters in tremendously moving novels. Her writing is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ in thanksgiving for the many relationships that have inspired, redeemed, sustained, challenged, encouraged and transformed the life God has invited her to humbly fulfill for His honor and glory. She believes words are powerful. “Writing is a great privilege and carries a responsibility with its creative expression. I pray for inspiration and the right amount of balance in creating deep and compelling characters in a story world that is authentic and yet hopeful. My books are founded o ... read more
Latest book: The Honor- the Prequel to the Honor Series (sports fiction NFL quarterback inspirational romance series about family, friendships of women and redemption)

Follow me on Twitter at  eb_books Karlie Knowles
Karlie Knowles is a pseudonym fashioned after one of the author's favorite musicians, taking the first name of a supermodel and the last name of a serial killer. Karlie Knowles believes this best represents the beautiful darkness buried deep inside the human soul. Karlie Knowles is an author of dark erotica, focusing on the myth of monsters and everything else the supernatural/paranormal world has to offer. "There's something arousing about losing oneself in their fear. Fear can stimulate one's erogenous zones in a way that is completely indescribable."
Latest book: Bending Over For Bigfoot

Follow me on Twitter at  EddyBee26 Edwin Betancourt
Edwin Betancourt is an actor and writer hailing from Bronx, NY. He began writing "Silent Hill" and "Resident Evil" fan fiction at the age of 13. It wasn't until he turned 14 that he decided to write original stories ranging from Fantasy, Science Fiction and Drama. Today he is excited to release his first collection of short stories titled 'Publicity!: Six Scandalous Stories of Hollywood's Crisis Manager Laurel Quinn' and this is just the beginning.
Latest book: Publicity!: Six Scandalous Adventures of Hollywood's Crisis Manager Laurel Quinn

Follow me on Twitter at  PiusWong Pius Wong
Pius Wong is the engineer behind Pios Labs, a consultancy and design studio for engineering, education, and gaming. Originally a biomedical and mechanical engineer, he now runs projects that focus on advancing engineering education. These projects include producing The K12 Engineering Education Podcast.
Latest book: Engineer's Guide to Improv and Art Games

Follow me on Twitter at  LinesTamar Sheila Mughal
I was born in the Lancashire mining town of Leigh , back in the days of black & white TV and when children played out, climbed trees, scuffed their knees and made dens. Enid Blyton was my heroine, and I have often aspired to write an adult version of “the secret seven”.... because some of us never really grow up… My father died when I was a baby, and so as a child I was raised by my Grandmother Florrie. She was a loving intelligent lady, and also an avid reader, who went through about 5 books a week. Every night she read to me, and so by the time I started school at 4 years old, I could already read and write.Thank you gran. With her encouragement, I have been writing books from about the age of 6. Thes ... read more
Latest book: The Unbeknown

Follow me on Twitter at  AlexMBlackwell Alex Blackwell
Alex Blackwell is a sailing journalist, author, and editor. He frequently writes about sailing technology and sailing adventures, contributing to several magazines, websites and e-zines, including his own, Alex is an independent marketing and communications consultant and mentor to small companies. He is licensed as a commercial Master Mariner by the US Coast Guard. Alex has enjoyed a professional career as copywriter, marketer and speaker. Born in Chicago, Alex and his family moved to Clew Bay, Ireland when he was 14. Because of his mother’s German heritage, Alex went to school in Germany, where he earned a Master of Science degree in Marine Biology. After starting an oyster hatchery in ... read more
Latest book: Onyx the Cruising Kitty

Follow me on Twitter at  line_marlin Line Marlin
Amoureuse du Japon depuis l'enfance, Line Marlin aime découvrir de nouvelles cultures. À travers ses livres, elle partage son goût pour les récits d'aventures, la nature et l'exotisme. Sa première nouvelle "Les pirates du Tobiuo Noir" se déroule en mer de Chine au XIV siècle et raconte l'histoire d'une jeune fille qui va devoir vivre en communauté avec les pirates qui ont dévasté son village en se faisant passer pour un homme.
Latest book: Les pirates du Tobiuo Noir

Follow me on Twitter at  michaelkowalski Michael Kowalski
Michael is a composer of orchestral music who has written music to accompany film, teaching videos and for use in healing. A graduate of the University of Manchester with a BSc in Physics, he worked for over thirty five years in a variety of management roles for a multi-national IT company before taking early retirement in 2016 to allow him to focus on his music related activities. Michael trained in Metaphysics and Holistic Therapies with the Academy of Spiritual Sciences. He receives channelled music for healing and has a particular interest in passing his understanding of music and metaphysics on to others through his work with Amadeus Project.
Latest book: Musical Medicine

Follow me on Twitter at  TessieGirl98 TessieGirl
Hello there I m TessieGirl. Thanks for stopping by my account. My name is Miss Koli and I m 18 years old. Yeah just a teenager freshly turned adult trying to cope up with life and college. UUniversity is hard and so is getting through with it. ~~~ So if you would like to know more about me you can read down below or just scroll through it if you don't want to. 1. Potterhead as ALWAYS. 2. 1d fan. 3. Selenator. 4. I m studying engineering even though my love for writing is limitless. 5. I m Indian.Find me on Instagram 6. Foodie for life. 7. Can talk about anything and everything. 8. Can't live without music. 9. Dancing till I die. 10. Loves her family to eternity.
Latest book: The Monachopsis Girl

Follow me on Twitter at  adriyanasolutio Adriyana Soly
Adriyan completed MBA in 2000 from Delhi University and now working as a HR personnel, having 13 years of experience related Human Resource(HR) and hiring process for Executive Search, Placement & Job consultant in India and abroad. My belief is to work into community to fulfill the individual organization requirement as employer and a well desired organization for a job seeker. I always look for clues that the person can operate independently placement consultant work, while still respecting the management structure of recruitment cell and always welcome to coworkers for executive search tips. Apart from these thing I am willing to learn always to be leader of team in career building and share the idea to enha ... read more
Latest book: Benefits of Placement Consultant

Follow me on Twitter at  dshanah David Shanahan
David Shanahan is a writer and IT consultant, he lives in Sydney Australia.
Latest book: Death of a Fascist

Follow me on Twitter at  katharinealex Kat Alexander
Literature is my passion. I like to challenge myself and grow in my writings. I have many unfinished books and some that have been published under a different name. My passions include the arts: music, photography, writing, dance, painting, films, architecture—anything that is creation. There is not much I don't like; and if I don't like it, I at least appreciate the process it took place to create it. This is something incorporated in all my books. In my spare time, I enjoy being out in nature, traveling, spending time with family, and reading. I read everything, from contemporary to paranormal, and history to science. Learning is something very important to me.
Latest book: Looking Back on Forever

Follow me on Twitter at  @BastardBlack2 Bastard Black

Latest book: Warrior - Part One

Follow me on Twitter at  felipeperezc1 Felipe Pérez Campos
Nació en el barrio de Chantepec, a escasos diez metros de la ribera del lago de Chapala, al sur y en las faldas del cerro Culhuacan, hacia el norte, en el municipio de Jocotepec Jalisco, en México, desde niño se interesó por la cultura de sus ancestros Meshicas (en un estudio de ADN Felipe tiene un 32 por ciento de descendencia de las tribus nativas americanas que habitaron en el pasado el área de Aztlán). Felipe, se divertía junto con sus amigos después de salir de la escuela en la playa del lago de Chapala buscando figuritas de barro, de las que dejaron enterradas las 7 tribus aztecas en su paso por este lugar cerca del año 1102 d. C. En el año 1969 a la edad de 18 años, emigra a Estados Unidos y ... read more
Latest book: Asentamientos perdidos de los Aztecas

Follow me on Twitter at  NCFL National Center for Families Learning
"NCFL's mission is to address our nation's literacy challenges by engaging all family members in learning, with a primary focus on parents and children living in poverty." NCFL views education as a family affair. We see every parent as an asset; every family as a resource. By working together, we help families create their own learning networks. Whether it is obtaining a GED(r) credential, reading on grade level, or pursuing higher education, the results pave the way for economic self-sufficiency and propel families toward achieving their dreams, and our country toward collective success. Since 1991, more than 2 million families in more than 100 communities across the country have been impacted by programs de ... read more
Latest book: What Works

Follow me on Twitter at  nickrunner Nick Bezuidenhout
For the first ten years of my working life I earned a living by writing up to eight articles a day, against deadline, as a journalist on a daily newspaper. My work – well, most of it – was guaranteed to get published! Now, after various other jobs in media, I’m setting out to make a living by writing fiction. The day job still pays the mortgage, though. Some of my favourite authors: Douglas Adams, Joseph Heller, Roald Dahl (his adult stuff), Gabriel García Márquez, Louis de Berniere, Haruki Murakami, Nick Cave, Herman Charles Bosman, Alice Munro, Robert Rankin, Barbara Kingsolver, Richard Dawkins, AA Gill, PJ O’Rourke, Alain de Botton and Jared Diamond. I’m a sporadic and ill-disciplined runner, who ... read more
Latest book: How Not To Run Away - A Himalayan Diary

Follow me on Twitter at  tomellsworth Thomas Ellsworth
THOMAS N. ELLSWORTH, is an experienced CEO, executive mentor & author with a passion for professional development that drives his credo; “Leave People Better Than You Found Them.” Tom is currently President of PHP Agency Inc. where he works with fellow author and entrepreneur Patrick Bet-David on a crusade to change the life insurance industry. Previously he was CEO of Premier Digital Publishing, "PDP," a developer of eBook technology and eBook publisher until it was acquired by a New York publisher. In addition to co-writing the 2016 books "The Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 Pages," and "Drop Out and Get Schooled" Tom's ability to help friends and colleagues make great career choices and find job satisfa ... read more
Latest book: Drop Out And Get Schooled

Follow me on Twitter at  cjspammer C. J. Spammer
C. J. Spammer was born on August 31st 1984. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and their two sons. Being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when she was just 16 years old, C. J. found solace in words - singing, writing, reading. Writing was the perfect outlet for her depression and anger. C. J. has written many poems and some short stories, and even began writing an autobiography - but she had never attempted to write a fiction novel as it seemed such a daunting task - the process too long to satisfy her need for instant gratification. "Besides, what if no-one liked it?” That changed when she discovered a three page, unfinished story she had begun writing ten years earlier... "I read it and re-r ... read more
Latest book: Misled

Follow me on Twitter at  AfricaFreak Michael Theys
Africa Freak founder, blogger and Internet entrepreneur from Belgium. Fell into Africa’s “magic potion” when I was a little boy! :-)
Latest book: The Practical A-Z Guide to Going on Safari — Everything You Need to Know

Follow me on Twitter at  TCAlimole T.C Alimole
Dr. T.C Alimole was born in Nigeria. She lived in several countries before moving to the United States with her family. Her African identity and experiences as an immigrant are reflected in her work. To contact the author please send a message through her facebook page:
Latest book: Ten Poems

Follow me on Twitter at  MartinaABoone Martina Boone
Martina Boone was born in Prague and spoke several languages before learning English. She’s the award-winning author of the romantic southern gothic Heirs of Watson Island young adult series, including Compulsion, Persuasion, and Illusion, from Simon & Schuster, Simon Pulse. She’s also the founder of, a three-time Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers Site, and, a site dedicated to encouraging literacy and reader engagement through a celebration of series literature. She’s on the Board of the Literacy Council of Northern Virginia and runs the program to distribute books to underfunded schools and libraries. She lives wit ... read more
Latest book: Lake of Destiny

Follow me on Twitter at  prhuckans PR Huckans
PR Huckans was born in California in 1971 on a U.S. Naval base. He grew up in Maryland and spent some time back east and has lived in and traveled over most of the central and western United States, Fiji, Tahiti, Australia, and Hong Kong to name only a few. He was born to parents who were both in the Navy. He attended college at Colorado State University followed by the dental program at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Denver. He moved to New Mexico in 1997. He worked with a wonderful woman whose husband died suddenly, leaving her with three small children. In 2002 when the children were aged 5, 8 and 10 years old, he married that wonderful woman, who had become his best friend, and they have work ... read more
Latest book: Love...Like You Mean It

Follow me on Twitter at  R_V_Johnson R.V. Johnson
R.V. Johnson grew up in Utah wandering through beautiful tranquil forests, exploring the unique alien-like setting of the red rock desert and climbing the rugged trails of the high Uinta Mountains where mountain goats roam. Indoors, he read from his large library or wrote in his journal. One can now find him writing and reading outside.
Latest book: Beyond The Dark Gate

Follow me on Twitter at  mickeybedroom Michael Dominguez-Beddome
My name is Michael Dominguez Beddome. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but went to NYU for Film/Television Production and Philosophy. After graduating, I co-founded a production company called AireBedd Productions with my good friend and fellow NYU alumnus, David Maire. AireBedd has made dozens of award-winning short films, as well as music videos, branding videos, and corporate videos. I am about to release my first book called "La Cucaracha & Other Tales of Apocalyptic Revelry." It is a collection of comedic shorts surrounding what the characters perceive to be the end of days and follows them on their wacky apocalyptic adventures. Check out my social media for updates on the project! Thanks for check ... read more
Latest book: In the Night or Other: I Go Bump, Therefore I Am

Follow me on Twitter at  JMRainbolt Jenny Rainbolt
Jenny Rainbolt is a scribbler with the last name of a superhero. Her powers include obsessing, going on research tangents until sunrise, and dreaming up fictional kinkiness. She currently lives in central Nebraska.
Latest book: Ticket to Ride

Follow me on Twitter at  corbinagrace Corbin A. Grace
Corbin A. Grace is a writer from Western Canada who’s taking a break from hammering out copper, silver and titanium jewelry to hammer away on his fiction. He has diminished the global graphite supply in his quest to draw artistic portraits but finds that his fictional characters, in the end, are more successfully drawn and don’t smudge.
Latest book: Ticket to Ride