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Brixton and Vera Atwood are a happily married erotic writing team, writer and editor respectively. They currently reside in the city of Chicago.
Latest book: BJ Bliss: An Oral Enterprise

Follow me on Twitter at  daleyshane Shane Daley
Started my own carpet cleaning service in 1999. Was a great success. Decided in 2008 to make some changes in my life. Moved away from Morecambe bay and came south to Folkestone. Learned about how to use the internet for my work. I have created 3 e books and 3 booklets. These products are on sale on the internet and on my blog. I don't go out cleaning carpets anymore now. I spend most of my working days on my computer at home. I would like to do lot's of travelling. I have an old motor home. I use it for returning to the north to visit my family. Hoping soon to go to Portugal. I live alone, but I'm not complaining. Got lots of ideas which I would like to see working. All of my work efforts now are on line. Alway ... read more
Latest book: DIY Carpet Cleaning

Follow me on Twitter at  RefugeeNation Jason Buzi
I was born in Israel, a country that was established as a homeland for Jews, many of them refugees. Over the last century, many Jews had been forced from their homelands, persecuted, and killed as members of an ethnic and religious minority. Israel was essentially founded as a refugee nation, exclusively for Jewish refugees. The Jewish people came together, and despite enormous obstacles formed a Jewish nation. I hope the world will now come together to form a nation for all refugees regardless of race, religion, or nationality. I grew up in the United States, which has been home to refugees and asylum seekers since before its independence. I was surrounded by people of all nationalities and backgrounds. Th ... read more
Latest book: Refugee Nation - A Radical Solution to the Global Refugee Crisis

Follow me on Twitter at  sdmahaneysc Shawn D. Mahaney
Engineer, author, philosopher - tinkerer with all manner of physical elements and ephemeral notions.
Latest book: X-Day: Japan

Follow me on Twitter at  MinaLisly Mina Lisly
Blooming writer. For the moment, I'm focusing on the Hearts Series (4 books. Blooming Hearts, Fighting Hearts, Tortured Hearts, Shattered Hearts), but many more are to come.
Latest book: Blooming Hearts

Follow me on Twitter at  opiliving Paul Shadi Sanbar
Paul Shadi Sanbar is a Life Coach and workshop facilitator at Optimum Performance Institute, as well as an accredited Solution-Focused Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Through his coaching practice and the written word, he aspires to normalize human conditions and make difficult-to-comprehend diagnostic concepts easier to emotionally grasp and, therefore, conquerable with attainable goals. In doing so, his hope is to help young people unearth their true passion for being and launch successfully into their future.
Latest book: Object Permanence and Borderline Personality Disorder

Follow me on Twitter at  stormysmith Stormy Smith
Stormy Smith is the author of the Amazon best seller, Bound by Duty, and Bound by Spells. She calls Iowa’s capital home now, but was raised in a tiny town in the Southeast corner of the state. She grew to love books honestly, having a mom that read voraciously and instilled that same love in her. She knew quickly stories of fantasy were her favorite, and even as an adult gravitates toward paranormal stories in any form. Writing a book had never been an aspiration, but suddenly the story was there and couldn’t be stopped. When she isn’t working on, or thinking about, her books, Stormy’s favorite places include bar patios, live music shows, her yoga mat or anywhere she can relax with her husband or girl ... read more
Latest book: Bound by Spells

Follow me on Twitter at  sbibbphoto Stephanie Bibb
Stephanie Bibb is an author and book cover designer. 1000 Words is a project consisting of 1000-word short stories, each accompanied by her own photographic illustrations. She married Isaac Flint in June 2012, and while some of her older works will still have cover art labeled with Stephanie Bibb as the author in the compilation of the 1000 Words project, newer works will be labeled with Stephanie Flint. See Stephanie's recent books here:
Latest book: 1000 Words: A Collection of Short Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  katsreads Kat Suttle
Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. Reading, photography, graphic design and dare I say working out are my favorite pastimes. So is sleeping... A middle child of two siblings, I'm a university graduate in Information Technology, makeup junkie, movie lover, amateur foodie and coffee enthusiast. I've always wanted to find my passion, to not only do something you're good at but to love it. Reading has always been one of my passions and I've always been told that I was good at writing so at the ripe 'old' age of 33 it finally dawned on me "Why not use writing in a way that I loved?" and my first book Jade was born. I hope you enjoy it and all other 'reads' to come!
Latest book: Jade

Follow me on Twitter at  SBibbphoto Stephanie Flint
Stephanie Flint is an author and book cover designer. 1000 Words is a project consisting of 1000-word short stories, each accompanied by her own photographic illustrations. She married Isaac Flint in June 2012, and while some of her older works will still have cover art labeled with Stephanie Bibb as the author in the compilation of the 1000 Words project, newer works will be labeled with Stephanie Flint.
Latest book: Ashes

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Professional Background – world-wide divisional customer service director, production manager, materials manager, MIS director, systems analyst/procedure writer, product line manager, manufacturing multi-plant manager, general manager for a chemicals distributor, call center service tech rep, president and general manager of a manufacturing company, newspaper sports reporter. Life Experiences – high school football coach, licensed boat captain, extensive world travels, fishing guide, avid hunter and camper, amateur historian studying early Florida, Civil War and World War II, former regional director for the Florida Writers Association, have been writing 21 years.
Latest book: The Cross on Cotton Creek

Follow me on Twitter at  impactcm Paul Bailey
Paul Bailey is a Confidence Coach and Business Improvement Consultant. He specialises in helping people realise their potential and unleash their inner confidence. By putting these two elements into action, he provides the support people need to achieve the very best they can, in both their personal and professional lives. Paul Bailey’s experience spans over 12 years as a professional consultant and six years as a certified coach. He has worked with many individuals, teams and large organisations tackling issues of low self-confidence, overall personal development, developing creative business solutions, as well as improving communication, leadership skills and employee management for senior managers. Pau ... read more
Latest book: Confidence: Faith in Yourself

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Sam B. Miller II holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance, and a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance, from the University of Tennessee. He has five children and lives with his wife, Susan, and their many dogs, in Northeast Tennessee.
Latest book: The Origin of F.O.R.C.E. The Federal Organization for Response to Celestial Enemies

Follow me on Twitter at  Corpoetry Zohra Saeed
Zohra Saeed/ Rohini Sunderam Zohra Saeed is the pen name for Rohini Sunderam, a semi-retired advertising copywriter. She has written two books as commissioned assignments, had articles published in The Statesman, Calcutta, India, The Globe & Mail, Canada, and The Halifax Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada. She was a contributor to the anthology My Beautiful Bahrain published in 2011 by Miracle Publishing, Bahrain, More of My Beautiful Bahrain & Poetic Bahrain, (Robin Barratt Publishing UK), Corpoetry, (Ex-L-Ence Publishing). A poem was selected for publication in the international competition Poetry Rivals (Published by Remus House, UK) 2012. A story: Your rebirth, My death, placed 5th from 179 entries in th ... read more
Latest book: Desert Flower

Follow me on Twitter at  authoreleanor1 Eleanor Smythe
Eleanor Smythe was born in the east end of London. Raised a family to secondary school level and then went on to obtain a degree in Occupational Therapy. Although she worked in various medical settings her greatest passion in her career was working with clients in the community, where she claims real life takes place. Recently retired and now living in Portugal Eleanor has more time to pursue her love of writing. She has always been intrigued by the way in which peoples lives have twists and turns and how individuals cope with life's challenges. Her stories attempt to embrace the emotional turmoils of life, bringing her characters to life by showing humour, tragedy, conflict and betrayal; emotions that many of ... read more
Latest book: The Other Side of Town

Follow me on Twitter at  back_2_love_ Jessica M. Miller, M.A.
I'm a relationship expert and motivational coach. My goal is to get you to slow down in order for you to evaluate your life and examine the choices that you're making. Is this the life that you imagined you would be living? Do you often ask yourself, is this it? Together we are going to come up with an action plan to get you exactly what you want. Whether that comes in the form of a letter relationship, a new career, or transforming your lifestyle, I'll be right beside you every step of the way. There are two moments in time when we are forced to slow down, when someone close to us dies or when we are given bad news from the doctor. My hope is that I can reach you before something like that does. I h ... read more
Latest book: Back 2 Love

Follow me on Twitter at  Princessspink121 Pooja Sharma
I am a college student and a writer. It had been a wonderful journey for of and I am glad I wrote my first story on wattpad which made me realize of my actual talent. Soon I started writing songs and without realizing, I completed one and decided to finally publish. I am glad you took time to go through my account and I am sure you are going to enjoy reading my writing.
Latest book: The Poet's Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  aditti13 Aditti Gaur
Aditti Gaur has a past experience of working with a leading DTH company for almost 5-6 years. She started her career right after her schooling, just to become an independent individual. After completing her graduation, she quit her job as she felt that 9 to 6 job was something not meant for her and then she choose her passion for writing & engaged herself in blogging on various sections like Love, Relationships, Lifestyle, etc on her website She was born in Delhi but her complete upbringing was in Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and now she resides in Gurgaon. “Adhira…Love; lost & found” is her debut novel. Through this she wants to make her dream of becoming an author come true. Best way to ... read more
Latest book: Adhira, Love: Lost & Found

Follow me on Twitter at  conzza96 Connor Wolf
My name is Connor Wolf. I'm an author, as I'm sure you can already tell. I've been writing for 7 years now but only finished my first manuscript when I was 15. I was 11 when I began writing. The thing I love most about being an author, is that I can go anywhere I can dream, be any person I want, from an emperor ruling a land, to a lowly thief. I can be a vampire, a werewolf or I could simply be a bookstore owner. The only limitations are the ones you set yourself. If you can dream it, you can be it.
Latest book: The Bite of Vengeance: Fallen Angel

Follow me on Twitter at  MBakerAuthor Monica Baker
Monica Baker is a brand new author on the Paranormal Romance scene. She originally self-published Wild Hunt, then subsequently was picked up by Saga Press, now is self-published again. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is married to a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. She has two children and four guinea pigs. When she isn’t sitting down and working on her novels, she is either engaging in her second passion, cooking, or rocking out with the Black Widow Company while playing Mech Warrior Online. She started writing steamy short stories under her given name, as a little side hobby to keep her mind occupied while her husband was deployed. She isn’t inspired by the Marvel characters due to the whole ... read more
Latest book: Wild Hunt

Follow me on Twitter at  CollaborativeWC CWC
"The Concierge is a real page turner. Beginning with the first chapter, I had trouble putting the book down. In the way this book grabs your attention and holds it, is comparable to books written by Harlan Coben. With regard to the interconnectedness of the characters and their relationships, The Concierge has a Dickensonian feel to it." - Lee Hutson The Concierge A suspense drama that follows the life of the lead character; Clarissa, in her discovery to find out who she really is. She encounters people and scenarios that constantly confuse her, but she is lucky to have a new love interest; Jim, to distract her from her constant turmoil. She finds herself trapped between greedy people, who see Clarissa ... read more
Latest book: The Concierge

Follow me on Twitter at  adair_harris Susan Adair Harris
Susan Adair Harris brings a widely diverse background in screenwriting, academic writing, play writing, and editing a professional online photography magazine to her novels. The variety of her interests is illustrated by her service as an officer on the boards of a tourist steam train, a state association for adult educators, and a rural fire department auxiliary. She recorded audio books for the Library of Congress Talking Books program; taught theatre, communication, and language arts courses in secondary and post-secondary institutions (including college courses in a corrections setting); and coordinated a regional professional development resource center. She designed and delivered state adult education ... read more
Latest book: Death Lost Dominion

Follow me on Twitter at  mordhyrgm Mord McGhee
Award winning author of GHOSTS OF SAN FRANCISCO and MURDER RED INK.
Latest book: Ghosts Of San Francisco (Tales Of Eclipse Volume 1)

Follow me on Twitter at  wendylouisebook Wendy Louise
I am so excited to share my novels with you. I’ve had a wonderful time over the last 18 months, writing and dreaming up stories. I never thought I would have so many ideas, and there have been days where my fingers couldn’t type quickly enough to get the words on to the page. It has been a long journey but now that I am ready to let my ‘book babies’ go, I am so proud of the final products. In my ‘normal’ life, I am married with two young children living in Melbourne, Australia. Reading is my favourite pastime, and I usually have one or two books on the go at a time. I can’t devour them fast enough. Somehow I managed to get my first book written while still working full time, raising two busy ch ... read more
Latest book: Forever is Mine

Follow me on Twitter at Christopher Dalton
Chris is a graphic designer, corporate communications director, and writer with over twenty years of experience. He has written and designed for Fortune 500 companies like Eli Lilly and Lockheed Martin, as well as non-profits, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. A published author, his articles have appeared in Group Magaine, Relevant Magazine, and other online journals. Chris is currently writing and developing the feature films The Legends of Saint Nicholas, The Adventures of Lewis & Clark, The Sounds of Fury, and The Haunting of the Polestar. This July, Chris will be releasing his first novel under his own imprint label. The Legends of Saint Nicholas is the origin story of the Santa Claus myths. The boo ... read more
Latest book: The Legends of Saint Nicholas, Book One: The Emergent Son

Follow me on Twitter at  arlandiaruins William F. F. Wood
William F. F. Wood is the author of the Ruins of Arlandia, an exciting Science Fiction series set in the apocalyptic aftermath of a galactic space war. He has worked for the United States Air Force for twenty-seven years. He has an AA from the University of Maryland and received top honors from McKendree University in English. William was raised in Sandpoint, Idaho and currently lives in Illinois with his wife and two daughters.
Latest book: The Ruins of Arlandia

Follow me on Twitter at  WriterDanHardy Dan Hardy
Born and raised in So. California, I come from a long line of law enforcement professionals. I was trained in Officer Survival, fire arms, and car chase/pit maneuvers before I could legally drive. After a short stint as an EMT, I chose Science & IT as my path, which ironically led me to work for a Bio ID System company that worked with the FBI, DIA, Interpol, IDF, SPAWAR, New Scotland Yard, and many foreign & domestic police agencies. I picked up lots of good stories along the way.
Latest book: Eye of The Destroyer

Follow me on Twitter at  Iamshilohnie Shilohnie King
A British -born to Guyanese parents, Shilohnie was raised in Guyana in South America. The only girl in a strict Christian household she shared with her parents and five brothers, she developed –a strong sense of uniqueness at an early age. By constantly burying her head in story books, she found a secret place of escape from the challenges of a child growing up in a third world country to a land of fairy tales, adventure, and magic. But her reality was far from the dream worlds she read about in story books; at eighteen she found herself to be an abused wife and mother who faced unattended pain and grief which fermented into anger and bitterness when she lost her father and protector to a heart attack. In a ... read more
Latest book: NO MATTER WHAT

Follow me on Twitter at  LexieSyrah Lexie Syrah
Lexie Syrah has a history of experimentation in life and love. When she's not writing steamy scenes in her latest book, she's "doing research" with her devoted husband/Master. Her books reflect her personal blending of the physical and emotional aspects of relationships.
Latest book: The Professor's Secret Life Her Inception

Follow me on Twitter at  BaddGirlCouture Tyffeni
Have you ever had that one friend who you have to tell people about before you meet them? Well, I'm that friend. Whether you are warning them of my spontaneous ways or they've heard of me through stories, I am definitely that friend. I grew up in a New Jersey household with a single mother and one sister, but that doesn't mean I am lacking in siblings, whether they be biological, adopted, or my closest friends. I attribute my inspirations in life to my subconscious and my experiences with people. The world is my muse, and that includes you, my readers. I am obsessed with all things ethereal and appreciate Mother Nature for all she has. I am a vegetarian, and cannot wait to have a house full of animals (dogs, ho ... read more
Latest book: Remnants of a Breaking Heart

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Latest book: Ramadan Recipes: 7 Days Menu

Follow me on Twitter at  littlehashtag Kieran Jamie Lee
Welcome to my inner life, this has been written to the free the mind for a second, it is not just an about us page, it is a reason to live a little more and it is a reason to escape from the rest of the world. I will begin by telling you the little basic facts that all stalkers find useful, my full name is Kieran Jamie Lee Chapman, currently living in the North East of England, (Yes, this place does have its ups and downs). I was born ten full days after the New Year bells struck twelve in 1995. (Moment of thanks to the nurses who helped birth me) I do admit that the majority of the time I am an utter twat to everyone,but deep down I have always looked up you, you are part of our future, the main reason for us ... read more
Latest book: Igloos in the Summer

Follow me on Twitter at  ViableAt140 George Gmitro
George Gmitro and his wife Tracee reside in DeLand, Florida where they enjoy the small town atmosphere. George hopes that Viable Press, LLC will continue to bring more thought provoking stories that will encourage readers to discuss and to respond to the world around them. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, learning about history, and sampling fine cheeses.
Latest book: Viable@140

Follow me on Twitter at  StoriesColors Rebecca Strong
Rebecca Strong’s first experience with the writing craft came at a tender age of three when she stuck a pen refill into an electric outlet. Sparks flew in more ways than one but didn’t ignite a full writing career until many years later when Rebecca discovered that putting words on a page beat all of her previous endeavors in terms of being fulfilling and agonizing at the same time. Rebecca’s work has appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE JEWISH DAILY FORWARD, OZY, xoJANE, VELA MAGAZINE, and THE BILLFOLD, among others. When not writing, Rebecca paints and her paintings have been published in a variety of art and literary magazines. Born in a nation that no l ... read more
Latest book: Who Is Mr. Plutin?

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag Johannes Biermanski
Der Autor selbst wurde 1963 in Nordrhein-Westfalen geboren und hat eine Ausbildung als Groß-und Außenhandelskaufmann im Pharmagroßhandel absolviert. In seiner beruflichen Entwicklung war er selbstständig und auch als Angestellter tätig, Höhen und Tiefen ist er in seinem Leben durchgegangen. Geführt wurde er durch den Geist des alleinigen Gottes, des Allmächtigen und einzigen Heiligen Vaters im Himmel, beim Studium in der Heiligen Schrift, wobei aus Gnade er vieles erkennen durfte, welche heute als Irrlehren in der Welt präsentiert wird. In den letzten Jahren war er nach Europa verstärkt in Brasilien (Südamerika) in der Verkündigung des Wortes JAHWEH's (Gottes) tätig und hat viele Menschen mit sein ... read more
Latest book: Die Heilige Schrift

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Latest book: Adventures in Hollywood

Follow me on Twitter at  spanishrawfood Jose Quiles
Apasionado del tema de la psicología surge este libro como consecuencia del tiempo que he pasado cuidándo a mi madre que me ha permitido tener tiempo para la lectura de diversos libros que me han servido de base para escribir este libro.
Latest book: El Secuestro y una Nueva Oportunidad

Follow me on Twitter at Anne Hendricks
A former librarian, I am now working on the art of short stories, in both satire and humor, as well as historical and creative. I look for things in history few know about, but allows room for my imagination to interpret the "what if" for a story. I am currently finishing my debut novel, BUT THRICE, a Christian contemporary romance that tackles the controversial subject of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. I shelved books as a librarian for sixteen years....Now it is my turn to write. Come dream with me. Thanks!
Latest book: A Different Shade of Career Day

Follow me on Twitter at  @shoreinf Noel Chidwick (Editor)

Latest book: Shoreline of Infinity Issue 1

Follow me on Twitter at  LadyJessamine Jessamine Lane
Dangerously imaginative, hampered only by lack of time and hands to type the stories I envision. Young. Daring. Beautiful. Willing.
Latest book: Personal Attention

Follow me on Twitter at  @aplogansr Andrew P. Logan Sr.
Andrew Logan is a passionate worshiper who has escorted others into the Presence of God for over twenty years. Andrew believes worship invites God to meet with us to bring lasting life transformation that won’t come any other way. Andrew developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ during a time of intense struggle in his personal life. Having a strong passion for music, he served the Lord in music ministries in several churches. ** A few years later, the founder of Life Bible Ministries International, Dr. Harold Hagen ordained Andrew and asked him to lead worship there. ** After a rewarding career of more than twenty years in Information Technology, Andrew transitioned into full-time Pastoral Minis ... read more
Latest book: Spiritual Maturity: The Journey

Follow me on Twitter at  @HelenMacKinven Helen MacKinven
Helen MacKinven writes contemporary Scottish fiction, with a particular interest in exploring themes such as social class and identity, using black comedy and featuring Scots dialect. She graduated with merit from Stirling University with an MLitt in Creative Writing in 2012. In her day job Helen MacKinven works with numbers, travelling all over Scotland to deliver teacher training in maths. By night, she plays with words writing short stories and developing ideas for her next novel. Helen's short stories have appeared in a number of anthologies and literary journals, such as Gutter magazine. One of her novels was shortlisted in a UK-wide competition by Hookline Books. Originally from the Falkirk area, Helen ... read more
Latest book: Talk of the Toun

Follow me on Twitter at  youagolfguru Philip Rennett
Phil Rennett was born in Warrington, England and now lives in Rugby with partner Clare, Molly the rescued greyhound, a huge ginger cat called Charlie and several anonymous fish. He feels sorry for the fish. His career started in the public relations department of the Royal Oman Police in the Sultanate of Oman and has gone downhill ever since. He now runs Quiet Storm Consultants, a PR and marketing consultancy he founded in 1990. His interests include golf, writing, charity work, golf, travel, comedy and golf.
Latest book: You! A Golf Guru!

Follow me on Twitter at  Tariku Tariku Shimels
Full name; Tariku Shimels. I work as coordinator of medical logistics and pharmacy services in a government referral hospital. An Ethiopian and is living in Ethiopia now. Graduated in bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) from Jimma University, Ethiopia in 2008. Then earned a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in Business Administration & Information Systems from Addis Ababa University School of Commerce in 2013. In 2015, I was graduated in masters of Pharmacoepidemiology & Social Pharmacy (MSc) from Addis Ababa University, School of Pharmacy. Still work in the same institution. I Enjoy writing and drawing. Have three unpublished books which two are in Amharic. I was certified twice for participating in BURT AWARD fo ... read more
Latest book: The Campus Boy

Follow me on Twitter at  AgeofAlighted Christopher Morgan Frazier
Growing up in a small ghost town in Nevada known as Tonopah with a population at the time of 1500 people. It didn't offer much in the form of entertainment. Not even a movie theater. So in a sea of sagebrush my imagination really took off and I dreamed of writing some day. I lived there when I was five and ended up spending 16 years total. I then moved to Elko Nevada and all the while I wrote and created characters in my head but never took it down the path of doing it seriously. Even one of the characters in my first novella I published June of this year (2015). I created when I was about ten years old they just needed to go through the refining process. Even though Elko and the surrounding area was bigger and ... read more
Latest book: Age of Alighted, Book II: The Demon Knight

Follow me on Twitter at Noel N
Noel is the founder of He is a personal development expert and has a obsession with studying what it takes to be successful in every meaning of the word. Through his writing he wants to help people find peace of mind and reach their true potential in life.
Latest book: 200 Important Quotes From Napoleon Hill

Follow me on Twitter at Colyer Reuthe
Colyer Reuthe is an indie author, nomad, and idealist, currently traveling around the United States, promoting this first novel, The Great Imitator. Colyer is working on the second and third books in this series exploring sociological issues regarding sexuality, cultural norms, and theories of social and cultural control.
Latest book: The Great Imitator

Follow me on Twitter at  janispmednis Janis Mednis
My name is Jānis (Yaanis) Mednis. I am entrepreneur, investor and a counselor. Have MA degree in psychology, near PhD in philosophy. Through my life I was an entrepreneur, an investor, a counselor, a husband and a son . But I always wondered and cared about things beyond just being successful in career or other single pursuit. I always needed a real purpose, a purpose that's beyond just living well and providing good living to a family. That's what my books are about: personal development, which contributes to improvement of everyone's quality of life (including your own quality of life of course), helps to find real meaning of life, find the ultimate reality.
Latest book: Child in Us: Baby steps to becoming a genius