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Follow me on Twitter at  FoxyLeashonLife Lenore Hirsch
I grew up on the East Coast, moved to California after college and enjoyed over thirty years as a teacher and elementary school principal in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since retirement, I have focused on travel and writing. I am a founder and current president of the Napa Valley branch of the California Writers Club. I have written a Q & A education column in the Napa Valley Register twice a month for two years. I've written feature articles on a number of local topics, including the Napa food scene and have published humorous essays and memoir online. My first book, My Leash on Life, Foxy's View of the World from a Foot Off the Ground, is a memoir narrated by my dog.
Latest book: My Leash on Life: Foxy's View of the World From A Foot Off the Ground

Follow me on Twitter at  CassiaCassitas Cassia Cassitas
Cassia Cassitas made her career in technology. She has remained in academics both as a teacher and a student, working on innovative projects including those that involve prospects. She specialized in philosophy and existence, information engineering, and college didactics. Currently she studies French, due to her husband’s influence, and English to enlarge her world. Mother to two adolescents who devour books, Cassia published her first work, Sunday, The Game, in 2010, a digital best seller in Brazil. Cassia Cassitas lives with her family in Curitiba, where her dreams prosper under the eyes of her readers.
Latest book: Domingo O Jogo

Follow me on Twitter at  ChrisLaFata Chris LaFata
Chris LaFata was born and raised in Reading, PA, where he fully expected to grow up and be a rock star. Instead, he got a degree in Social Studies Education from Kutztown University. After graduating, he relocated to Phoenix, AZ and completed his MBA. Now residing near Denver, CO, he spends his mornings writing and his evenings singing and playing guitar.
Latest book: Washington's Providence

Follow me on Twitter at  hotchickbooks Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent
Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent are the authors of the bestselling How to Eat Like a Hot Chick, How to Love Like a Hot Chick, and Live Like a Hot Chick, which have been featured on The Tyra Banks Show, Extra!, Good Morning America Now, and regular appearances on the Today Show. Together, Jodi and Cerina have written for Maxim Magazine, The Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, Galtime, and many other print and online publications. Jodi Lipper is a prolific writer, editor, and ghostwriter who has written books for numerous experts and celebrities in a variety of genres including lifestyle, self-help, and memoir. In 2013, Jodi published her first novel, Fresh Women, which is now available as an e-book. She lives in Manhatt ... read more
Latest book: Girlfriends: The Hot Chicks'* Mini-Guide to Celebrating Female Friendships

Follow me on Twitter at  TLKitae T.L. Kitae
T.L. Kitae is a retired journalist and magazine publisher residing in Asheville, NC. Unable to sit still for long, she writes and attends school full time to obtain her long awaited Registered Nursing degree and license. She is married to her long time sweetheart, enjoys riding her two horses, has a silly cat, and enjoys her daughter and son-in-law. Currently she is working on Book 2 of the Sliding into Black Trilogy.
Latest book: Sliding into Black: Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  PeterWood Peter Wood
Certified Speaker, Avid Hunter & Fisherman, Freelance Photographer, Award Winning Writer, CEO of Ripple Outdoors and Author of “What the Deer Experts Told Me”. Peter Wood’s experience reaches hunting and fishing all over the world as the Host of Hunt Talk and Fishing Podcast Show. As a long time hunter, Peter began writing for Ontario Out of Doors, Ontario’s premier hunting and fishing magazine back in 2005. As a prostaff member with Spypoint Cameras, Rack Stacker Deer Products, Vortex Optics Canada, and Gobble Stalker Game Call, Buck Fever Deer Attractants. A proud member and supporter of these fine organizations O.W.A.A., Q.D.M.A., O.F.A.H., N.W.T.F., Peter promotes and lives hunting year round.
Latest book: Hunt Talk - What The Deer Experts Told Me

Follow me on Twitter at  Greyrises L J Hick
L J Hick is the author of The Last Days of Planet Earth series and lives in Warwickshire, England. He released the horror / mystery novel, Atom, on the 30th June 2016. The third book in The Last Days of Planet Earth series, The Children of Raphael, is scheduled for release in Christmas 2016. He is currently working on the romance / thriller Fugue and has a tentative release date of February 2017 for the novel.
Latest book: They Marvel at the Star

Follow me on Twitter at  issacherry Issa Cherry
Books are my life and I am delighted to have this opportunity to write erotica. Outside of writing, my world evolves around my family and our feline friends. The first of my series: 'X is for Xanthe' has been released late November 2013. I look forward to making lots of new reader and author friends at Smashwords!
Latest book: Edge of Extasy: X is for Xanthe Part One

Follow me on Twitter at  FernandoFFasoli Fernando F. Fasoli
The Brazilian writer, Fernando F. Fasoli, was born in 1962 in Caxias do Sul – RS, Brazil. He is graduated in Geology and Gemology, and teaches Tai-Chi-Chuan and Oriental Arts. Along with these, he does what he is passionated about: writing and painting. His fascination with the search for spirituality and self-knowledge started when he lived in Lima (Peru), from the age of seven until he was twelve years old. The contact with the peruvian people and the Chinese Neighborhood (largest of the world after San Francisco's Chinatown - USA) drove him to know a chinese sage called Chang Lau, immigrant from Shanghai. These were the foundations for the awakening of his spiritual conscience and the beginning of a sear ... read more
Latest book: In the Silence of the Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  ThisGuhigh This Guy
Researcher of advanced technologies and aspiring author writing in a variety of different genre. Currently working on a couple more dfferent books including a How-to guide for the online video gaming world as well as an inspiring story about a heroic citizen in a recently developed country.
Latest book: Human Into Robot

Follow me on Twitter at  EvadeenAuthor Evadeen Brickwood
I grew up in Germany with 2 sisters and studied cultural sciences and languages. As a teenager and in my twenties I traveled extensively. Feeling adventurous and with a new qualification as a translator under my belt, I moved to Africa in 1988. I worked as a secretary and language teacher in Botswana, but after a while I contemplated returning to Europe. South Africa seemed a better option and I soon settled in Johannesburg. My South African life began. I met and married my German husband and we raised 2 daughters. I studied computers, worked as a corporate software trainer and professional translator and in 2003, I began writing novels. The young adult books are featured on my website http://www.evadeen.wix.c ... read more
Latest book: Abenteuer Halbmond

Follow me on Twitter at  HHexwritter Helen Hex
Esta misteriosa mujer nació el 1 de diciembre de 1984. Natural de Granada, ha viajado por varias ciudades españolas y ahora, por motivos laborales, lleva un par de años afincada en Barcelona. Helen cursó Filología Hispánica y es autora de éxito en todas las plataformas digitales bajo el seudónimo H.Hex. Le gustan los antifaces, los corpiños y el sabor del metal. Autora de los libros de literatura erótica Deseada (fantasía BDSM) y Pillada in fraganti (romántico-policíaca)
Latest book: Pillada in fraganti: La detective

Follow me on Twitter at  hamish_gunn Hamish 'Managua' Gunn
I am a hermit here in Lappland, a tinker by origin from the Orkney Isles, with simple messages: a view from a peak must be earned by a climb, a night in the desert gives the best sleep, and stories are found deep in forests. For me, hospitality is sacrosanct – high up on a mountainside when the winds gather, or in the desert when the mirage is no longer real, and especially just after dawn among pine needles, sheltered by mighty branches. And those who shared their bread with me shared more. What I share in writing is always a tale from one of the four corners of the world, a street corner, souk, ship or café; somewhere I went to in purchase of pure copper for my small copper shoppe. Then the scenes come w ... read more
Latest book: Winner Takes Nothing

Follow me on Twitter at  wfryer Wesley Fryer
Dr. Wesley Fryer is a grade 4-5 classroom STEM teacher, digital learning consultant, author, digital storyteller, educator and change agent. With respect to school change, he describes himself as a “catalyst for creative engagement and collaborative learning.” He earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas Tech University in 2011. He is the author of two books, “Mapping Media to the Common Core: Vol I.” (2013) and “Playing with Media: simple ideas for powerful sharing” (2011). He has taught technology integration courses for pre-service teachers as an adjunct instructor at the University of Montana, the University of Central Oklahoma, the University of North Texas, and Wayland Baptist ... read more
Latest book: Hopscotch Challenges: Learn to Code on an iPad!

Follow me on Twitter at  wordhaus Wordhaus Publications
wordhaus is a new kind of lit zine built for the digital age. We publish romance, mystery/thriller, and sci-fi/fantasy short stories weekly at
Latest book: Best of Wordhaus 2014

Follow me on Twitter at  CRSwainward C. R. Swainward
Apart from writing, C. R. Swainward is a visual artist who, even as a child first discovering books and the wonders of deep-Space photography, was as fascinated by storytelling as by the universe itself. The author’s Encounter series, first installment of STATIC, with its ever-expanding vision of the cosmos and its transcendental views of existence, came to mind one evening while the author was star-gazing and considering both the mysteries of the universe and the meaning and purpose of human life. Swainward holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and religious studies, has taught painting and music theory in the West Indies, and now in addition to writing, works as a professional healthcare provider in post- ... read more
Latest book: Encounter One - Static

Follow me on Twitter at  valeriewillman Valerie Willman
Valerie Willman is a licensed massage therapist, freelance editor, and dog lover living in Eugene, Oregon. She aspires to live off the grid, and grow her own food in Costa Rica.
Latest book: Smell the Blue Sky: Young, Pregnant, and Widowed

Follow me on Twitter at  Falcondraco Leslie D. Soule
My name is Leslie Soule (pronounced “soul” like that part of you that is innate). I am an author who loves to try new genres and Sacramento, California is my hometown. I have an M.A. in English from National University and am a member of the English Chapter of the Sac State Almuni Association.
Latest book: Fallenwood

Follow me on Twitter at  roylehypnotist Jonathan Royle
Born Plain Alex William Smith on the 13th August 1975 into a Showbiz Family whilst travelling with Gandey's Circus, Royle made his Stage Debut aged 3 as Flap The Clown and has never looked back since. He is now firmly established and regarded as one of the Worlds Leading Authorities and Experts on all Areas of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Stage Hypnosis, Street Hypnotism and Related Hypnotic Techniques. He also worked for many years as a Professional Psychic Entertainer offering Tarot Card Reading, palmistry, Astrology, Numerology and related services. And along the way he has carved himself an enviable reputation as a Mind Blowing Mentalist. He is also in high demand for his Executive Coaching and Hypnotic Marketing ... read more
Latest book: Hypnotism & Sex - How To Get Laid 365+ Times A Year: The Art of Speed Hypnotic Seduction & Hypnosis PUA Attraction

Follow me on Twitter at  raysworkin Raymond Vogel
Raymond Vogel is the kind of writer that sneaks out of bed late at night to capture an idea he had, the kind that likes going to airports to create imaginary characters out of the interesting people he sees. His first book, "Matter of Resistance," was first written in 2007 while Raymond was working as a Systems Engineer on the NASA Orion Program. Taking part in the time-honored custom of daydreaming at his desk, he imagined a world in the long-distant future where humanity had not only settled on Mars but had become something different - something greater. The book was first self-published in 2011 and remained that way for a year. And, although it was very well received, the book has been rewritten in its enti ... read more
Latest book: A Dangerous Mistake

Follow me on Twitter at  RumWaterEyes Jean V. Duncan
Jean V. Duncan is a writer of all writings. She is a produced TV screenwriter, published national magazine contributing writer, newspaper features writer, sports writer, technical writer, poet, and now, a novelist. She began her professional writing career at the age of fifteen when her high school English teacher submitted one of her class essays to a local magazine and her essay was published. Ms. Duncan is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola Marymount University earning a Master of Arts degree in English with Creative Writing Emphasis. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and writing partner Steve Duncan who is a writer-direc ... read more
Latest book: Devil in the Good Girl

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorJSerrano Judy Serrano
Judy Serrano graduated from Texas A&M University, Commerce with an MA in English. Judy is a high school English teacher and runs Make Cents Editing Services in her spare time. She is the author of The Easter's Lilly Series, The Linked Series, and Ivy Vines, Visions. Although she is originally from New York, she currently resides in Texas with her husband, four children, (all boys) four dogs, and five cats. She is also a singer/songwriter and plays guitar.
Latest book: Ivy Vines, Visions

Follow me on Twitter at  cjmarkusfeld CJ Markusfeld
CJ Markusfeld is a digital marketer, parent, traveler and writer of many things, including VANGUARD. She lives and writes in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She too is on a journey to find something lost long ago.
Latest book: Vanguard

Follow me on Twitter at  kellisanders713 Kelli Sanders
Kelli is the founder of Grow in God Ministries, a teaching ministry established for the purpose of helping believers grow to a place of strength and maturity in their walk with the Lord. Kelli is happily married to Tom Sanders and mother to three beautiful children. Kelli has authored both nonfiction works and children’s books. When she’s not writing she’s thoroughly enjoying her family and friends, serving her local church and growing closer to God every day!
Latest book: 5 Master Mom Tips on Training Your Kids

Follow me on Twitter at  mini_tone Toni Alonzo
25 Years of Age. Currently Planning A Wedding. Currently Writing and Editing First Novel. Currently working: Cover Teacher in a local school, Actor Facilitator with Unfold Theatre and Dance Actor in Unfold Theatre Company Actor for The National Trust at Croome Park It's a surprise I even get time to write, but I do and you can find them here.
Latest book: The Short Stories of Mithradel: The Birth of a Talliance

Follow me on Twitter at  priamoedit Stefano Bandera
Scrittore in proprio e “conto terzi”, Stefano Bandera ha pubblicato una dozzina di libri, quasi tutti per ragazzi. È anche manutentore del blog “Circomedusa” e collabora al “Webmagazine, La rivista Intelligente”, per cui pubblica pezzi di costume, attualità, poesie e altro. Ha scritto un romanzo che nessuno gli pubblica (forse a ragione) e ne ha un altro in cantiere (scrive tra un mattone e l’altro). Se qualcuno glielo proponesse scriverebbe volentieri guide turistiche.
Latest book: Acqua su Marte

Follow me on Twitter at  SD_Saint S. D. Saint
Hailing from the state of Texas in the Great American Southwest, Samuel D. Saint has been an avid reader from a young age, and when you fill a child’s head with so much inspiration, well, new stories are bound to be born! "Ever since I was little I have loved good stories. My parents used to read me novels for bedtime stories, and I remember waiting with eager anticipation every night to find out what would happen next. Then life got busy and my mom and dad couldn't read to me every night anymore, and I was stuck! Like a lot of kids my age I didn't like to read. It was hard putting together all those letters, and sounds, and words, but unlike most I was driven by a burning desire: to know what happens next! ... read more
Latest book: Sentience

Follow me on Twitter at  caandersonautho C. A. Anderson
I was born in Inglewood California in 1962. I spent most of my life in Ventura County. I have two children and four grandchildren. Three boys and one girl for those keeping count. Besides writing I enjoy art, music, travel, and working on my house. When I am not digging up my yard I either paint, draw, create with clay. Crochet, crewel, and photography.
Latest book: A Sudden Trip to No Where

Follow me on Twitter at  DrThomasPaul Dr. Morris Netherton
Dr. Thomas Paul (in association with Dr Morris Netherton) is a past life regression therapist, wellness facilitator, and truth advocate. Dr. Paul is primarily located in Los Angeles, CA and can be retained worldwide for week-long intensives or by phone/Skype consultation. He has 6 years/1000+ hours of training and mentoring with the founder of Past Life Therapy, Dr. Morris Netherton, who has granted Dr. Thomas Paul ownership of his therapy organization and his publications, including the first published book in the reincarnation therapy field, Past Lives Therapy. Dr. Morris Netherton has retired from his 45 years of clinical practice and teaching PLT methods; however, Dr. Thomas Paul is continuing the Past Life ... read more
Latest book: Strangers In The Land Of Confusion: Past Lives Regression Therapy with Past Life Therapy Center

Follow me on Twitter at  BudSantora Bud Santora
Bud Santora is a versatile designer and illustrator. For his work as a costume designer he’s won an Emmy Award and two nominations. As a holiday designer he’s worked for companies such as Sears, K-Mart, and Silvestri. He has created covers for several novels, illustrated the children’s picture book, Wise Bear William: A New Beginning, and Mr. Santora’s debut novel was The Green Storm. His latest book is a Sci-fi horror tale titled Frack. Currently he is a freelance design consultant and resides in New York City..
Latest book: Frack

Follow me on Twitter at  1ElisabethGrace Elisabeth Grace
I’d been an avid reader my entire life, but when I discovered romance novels during my first pregnancy I was hooked! Not sure if it was the hormones or the lack of a life that was headed my way once my daughter was born, but since then I’ve been devouring several romance books a week. I love nothing more than reading about some serious alpha males and a happily ever after. Things you should know about me…I’m a fan of lists, so here’s mine: 1. I live outside Toronto, Canada…eh. (Yes, it’s true. We Canadians say ‘eh’ A LOT.) 2. I’m a wife and mommy to two small children which I refer to as Little Miss and Mr. Magoo. 3. I own one cat spawned by the devil. Seriously. He’s as cute as they com ... read more
Latest book: Picture Perfect (Limelight #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  MKircher83 M. Kircher
M. KIRCHER graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Gordon College. She devours YA, science fiction, fantasy, and romance on a regular basis and is immensely happy to pour her time and energy into creating stories for other people to enjoy. Bob Ross and J.R.R. Tolkien tie for her two favorite people of all time. M. Kircher lives in Connecticut with her husband, energetic son, and new baby girl.
Latest book: The War Inside

Follow me on Twitter at  ValVogel_BE Val Vogel, Jr., CLU, ChFC, MSW
President, Burns, Vogel and Associates, Inc. In 1983 Val Vogel joined Vogel Insurance Agency, started by his father in 1955. Ten years later, Val, Jr. co-founded Burns, Vogel and Associates and became its sole owner in 1999. Today Val serves as president of Burns, Vogel, continuing the tradition of dedicated, professional service to its customers and independent agents. Designations and Licenses: Chartered Life Underwriter , Chartered Financial Consultant and Life and Health Agent License Val was also an author included in "2013: A Stellar Collection" in which he captured his experience on the fringe of Hurricane Katrina - available free at:
Latest book: Edge of Disaster

Follow me on Twitter at  batchelordavis Kimberly Batchelor Davis
Kimberly Batchelor Davis is an author and screenwriter of tales of fiction, which include current events featuring high drama and suspense. Her debut short story Rose and the Enchanted Seven will be released online as an e-book. Kimberly is also an event planner and fundraising consultant. She is a life-long resident of Detroit, Michigan who is married with two sons. Kimberly is a precinct delegate, community organizer who is very active in her community. She sits on o several non-profit boards and supports her husband’s passion of working with kids through sports. In her spare time she loves watching movies, reading a good book, experiencing new cultures, travelling and writing. She is also a contributing ... read more
Latest book: Rose and the Enchanted Seven

Follow me on Twitter at  ErikaMSzabo Erika M Szabo
I love to read magical realism/fantasy stories. Therefore, naturally, I write fantasy. The Ancestors’ Secrets series, Protected By The Falcon and Chosen By The Sword are available in eBooks, prints, and audio books and the first part of the Ancestors’ Secrets series is available in Spanish. I also write fun, educational, bilingual books for children 4-12 about acceptance, friendship, family, and moral values. Look, I Can Talk With My Fingers is available in English and Spanish. This book is about respecting and accepting people with disability. Pico, The Pesky Parrot, is an illustrated bilingual book that delivers an important message to children, not to judge anyone before we get to know them. A Basketful ... read more
Latest book: Who Stole Terry's Music Box?

Follow me on Twitter at  SarahJanewrites Sarah Jane Butfield
Author Sarah Jane Butfield was born in Ipswich, and raised in rural Suffolk, UK. Sarah Jane is a wife, mother, ex-qualified nurse and now an international best-selling author. Married three times with four children, three stepchildren and two playful Australian Cattle dogs she an experienced modern day mum to her 'Brady bunch', but she loves every minute of their convoluted lives. Sarah Jane loves to connect with her readers so feel free to connect on Twitter @SarahJanewrites Facebook: Sarah Jane, the roving Florence Nightingale, has ... read more
Latest book: Sarah Jane's Travel Memoirs Series Boxset

Follow me on Twitter at  WinchesterBooks Melyssa Winchester
Melyssa Winchester is a mother of four from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When she’s not knee deep in adolescent awesomeness, she’s falling in love, one book boyfriend and girlfriend at a time. She is a lover of all things romance and will forever believe in a real and true happily ever after. When she’s not off being a mom or writing you can find her doing one of two things. Reading or buried under the covers watching Supernatural, Sons Of Anarchy or Veronica Mars. Melyssa is currently working on Through The Storm (Count On Me #7), along with Tempered Grace (Love United Series #6) and the standalone title Remembering Sunday. You can find her on the web, either at her personal site, Facebook (which she ... read more
Latest book: Heroine

Follow me on Twitter at  JonCastle2 Jon Castle
I grew up writing poetry and songs in Gloucester, Virginia. After attending college and serving in the army, I began working in a corporate environment while writing on the side. Encouraged by mentors and friends to make my writing more visible to others, I made the decision to seek publication. My first published book, Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere, is published here and through Amazon.
Latest book: Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere

Follow me on Twitter at  jade_jones89 Jade Jones
Jade Jones discovered her passion for creative writing in elementary school. Born in 1989,she began writing poetry as an outlet. She then converted her poetry into short stories and started using her life experiences to create characters. Jade fell in love with the art and used storytelling as a means of venting. Jade currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. With no children, she spends her leisure shopping and traveling. She says that seeing new faces, meeting new people, and experiencing diverse cultures fuels her creativity. The stories are generated in her heart, the craft is practiced in her mind, and she expresses her passion through ink. If you have any questions or would like to interact please add her on ... read more
Latest book: Club Nirvana: Jayde's Story

Follow me on Twitter at  lisacle Lisa Clements Feeney
LC Feeney spent a good portion of her childhood reading books under the covers with a flashlight way past her bedtime, finding the worlds of high fantasy, historical fiction, and later, historical romance preferable to her own. She started writing her own stories at the age of seven and has been known to leap out of bed in the middle of the night to jot down the plot ideas that come to her in her dreams. She lives in Southern California and is married to an extremely patient computer programmer who indulges her love of history, fantasy, and chocolate.
Latest book: A Meeting of Souls - A Tale from the Wasteland

Follow me on Twitter at  Colourchameleon Natalia Zurawska
Hi, My name is Natalia Zurawska. I have been a professional makeup/hair/spfx artist for the last 10 years. I absolutely love my career and have had so many amazing opportunities working with extremely talented people such as Drake, Alannah Myles, K-os, David Cronenberg, Dallas Green, Alexis on Fire, Down with Webster, Colin Mochrie as well as many others. Some of the advertising campaigns I have worked on include TD Bank, Western Union, Dentyne, Dole, Scotiabank, Nike, Colgate, Purina Cat Chow, P&G as well as many more. Amoi, Style, Vogue Italia Pele, Nuvo, Verve Girl, Anokhi, Driven as well as l'Ag are just some of the magazines my editorial work has been featured in. All the best and I hope you enjoy th ... read more
Latest book: How To Work With A Makeup Artist

Follow me on Twitter at  Hungerdragon Sherry Alexander
Sherry Alexander is admittedly obsessed with American and Native American history, and she is quick to point out that she comes by it honestly. Her ancestors were 1800 pioneers who traveled West in hopes of making a new life, and she was fascinated by the stories of their lives on the frontier. “As a kid, I wanted to be a pioneer, so reading books was the last thing on my mind. Instead, my siblings and I explored the forests of Scappoose, Oregon, and dreamed of foraging new trails to unknown lands.” A writer, author, blogger, and child advocate who writes both fiction and non-fiction, her books include The Great Camel Experiment of the Old West, Oliver's Hunger Dragon, and Search for the Red Ghost. When she ... read more
Latest book: The Great Camel Experiment of the Old West

Follow me on Twitter at  storiesandtoys SexStories andToys
Short erotic stories and adult novelty toys.
Latest book: Erotic Shorts

Follow me on Twitter at  dew2311 David E. Watwood
David E Watwood is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. Army and served as a defense contractor in the Middle East for several years. He was born in Alabama and raised in central Florida where he now resides as owner and operator of his civil process and investigative agency going on 14 years. David is also an avid shooter and teaches defensive shooting and personal firearms training. He constantly has a book in his hands and that love for reading has always inspired him to write.
Latest book: Rough Men: Battle Scars

Follow me on Twitter at  Rotville Bryce Bentley Summers
Bryce Bentley Summers is a psychologist and author of Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and Thrillers. Bryce authors under the pen names Bryce B. Summers, Ph.D., B. Bentley Summers, and Bryce Bentley Summers. He has authored young adult and new adult zombie apocalypse novels. The Amen to Rot series of stories, which includes the final piece, Nyte God, are dark fantasy (Sci-Fi) stories that pit a group of hero youths against evil alien invaders. Rotville is a new adult Sci-Fi Thriller about a human subject who is super enhanced to make a profit for the military but turns into a hero, saving a group of people trapped in the nearby quarantined city. Fresh Meat is an adult supernatural psychological horror piece of literat ... read more
Latest book: Amen to Rot: Hatched

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorSME Scott Edwards
I've been creating my universes for six years. Solidly, I have three universes with thousands upon thousands of stories within them. I've written for years upon years and thousands of stories, however, Helena Chronicles Exposure was the very first novel I completed.
Latest book: Jake's Day

Follow me on Twitter at  authorkasmith K.A. Smith
K.A. Smith is a writer of poetry and fiction. Writing is her first love and women are her passion. She seamlessly merges the two to bring you sensual scenarios and titillating tales of women's love, sex, and desire.
Latest book: Sweat It Out

Follow me on Twitter at  UniteInspire Lori Ressa
I am a single mother of an amazing little girl. After going through a very tough divorce I decided to follow my passion, helping women succeed in life. With this passion I have created Strong Women Survive the website and my book, “Strong Women Survive: A Guide to Surviving Divorce and Thriving.”
Latest book: Strong Women Survive: A Guide to Surviving Divorce and Thriving