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Gabor Kiraly born in 1958,Hungary.He lived 42 years under communist's rules, where opportunities to see the world were limited...That is why he spent the last twenty years with extensive traveling, in about thirty countries of three continents. Working his way thru years, and the lands of the Big Unknown, he made a great number of friends in low and high places, and lived in numerous cities and towns of several countries. He walked the real streets of the scenes in his novels, he worked the jobs as his characters do. His scenes exist, his characters are flesh and blood. He had seen filthy hordes of children roaming on Cairo's streets, as well as he was invited to Penthouse-parties in Munich. Mr. Kiraly is a gre ... read more
Latest book: A Szerelem Ölni Is Képes, Szívem...

Follow me on Twitter at  steveshenkfoode Steve Shenk
Steve Shenk is an author, broadcast executive, professional speaker, emergency preparedness entrepreneur, and futurist who has put an entire course of study in place whose principles, Steve assures us, are hiding in plain sight. Mr. Shenk’s book, THE GUARDIAN CODE: It’s Not Your Fault [And I Can Prove It] is a life experience he felt impelled to share when he realized that, like every great truth, this Code contains secrets used in every achievement by everyone who has ever made a difference in the history of the world—or anyone in their own personal chronicles of success. What THE GUARDIAN CODE has been put into place to accomplish is more than just a book: it’s an entire course of study based on a ... read more
Latest book: The Wisdom of The Guardian [The Best of the Guardian Code]

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The Author was born in 1944 and was raised in Orpington, Kent. Sidney's mother was of Irish descent, from quite a wealthy family; his father from South London, from a not so fortunate background. The middle child of ten, for reasons unknown he became the lovable rogue of mother's brood. All of his other siblings chose respectable paths whilst Sid became a notorious thief, earning serious amounts of money over his criminal career. He also became known as an infamous cat burglar, acquiring a respectable name within his career. After a spell at Her Majesty's pleasure, during which time Denzel was born, he retired from his former life and now spends his time on his award winning garden, complete with chickens. He ... read more
Latest book: Genesis

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Author of 16 published books. Janine is secretary of RAF 100 Group Association, a secret group during WWII whose key role was to identify and jam enemy radars. She is also editor of their magazine. This is her first thriller. She lives with her fiancé who shares her passion for all things aviation, and they live by the sea. She has one daughter, a free spirit who travels the world.
Latest book: Ugly Truth, Beautiful Lies

Follow me on Twitter at  austinmacauley Barbara Unkovic
Barbara Unković is of Croatian and English descent and was born in New Zealand. She is the author of four published books and has achieved considerable success in the Frank O'Connor and International Book Awards as well as the Fish Publishing One Page Prize and Writer's Bill Board.
Latest book: Weeds in the Garden of Eden

Follow me on Twitter at  austinmacauley Oliver Friggieri
Oliver Friggieri, born in Malta in 1947, is a renowned novelist, poet and scholar whose works have been translated into numerous languages and published throughout the world. He is Professor of Literature at the University of Malta and the winner of various international prizes. His long list of books includes about sixty which have been launched outside his native country.
Latest book: Safe at Anchor in Mid-Harbour

Follow me on Twitter at  austinmacauley David Pike
Starting his career as a fire-cadet at 16 the author rose to senior rank, always in an operational role. A steady 'plodder' more than a high flier he learnt his trade craft serving, and commanding, the Capital's busiest and most challenging fire station, Brixton. Awarded the Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct he also rowed himself into the Guinness Books of Records whilst raising many thousand of pounds for charity. A talented organiser, he was involved in delivering some of the London Fire Brigade's most high profile public events during the 1990s, including Royal visits and the unveiling of the national Blitz memorial by St Paul's Cathedral. A fireman first and foremost, he provides a valuable human story ... read more
Latest book: Beyond the Flames

Follow me on Twitter at  austinmacauley Marion Gamble
Marion Gamble currently lives in a village in East Yorkshire. She is married with two grown up children and two grandchildren. She has spent most of her working life in the fields of child care and education and is passionate about children having access to good books and stories.
Latest book: Moon Cat

Follow me on Twitter at  austinmacauley Robin Meakins
Robin is a retired university professor of Biology who has worked for most of his life abroad. He has published four scientific books, over forty articles and four self-published novels. All of his books are about places he has lived and worked in so the background is always accurate as are the historical details. During his time abroad he has witnessed the corruption and greed so prevalent among leaders and diplomats while seeing the horrors of violence and war. Luckily, he has observed people's ability to find kindness and courage even in the face of certain death.
Latest book: Burma And The Jade Tree

Follow me on Twitter at  zjroland Ren Luo
My name is Ren Luo. I've been earning a living online since 2006, I built many websites and love to share what I've learned. I got hooked on having an online business almost seven years ago when I created a website and made my first $2,500! In my years online, I've seen the painstaking learning process of starting--and marketing--an online business many times over. I loved being able to stay home with my family, make money, have fun and help others.
Latest book: Website Success Secrets

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LEXI WOOD is a sock puppet who came to life one night while her keeper was out picking up Chinese food. When nobody’s around, she bashes her face against a typewriter until stories come out. And those stories are shocking. Lexi’s exterior is 53% acrylic, 37% nylon, and 10% recycled tinsel. On the inside, she’s full of bloodlust, wanderlust, lust-lust, bathtub gin, and pills she found on the floor. She also got into those tranquilizers you give your cat to get it in the travel carrier. You shouldn’t leave those things lying around. Handmade in Vulgaria. When she’s feeling dirty, Lexi likes to be held in soapy water and rubbed vigorously. In her spare time, she sits on the shelf, waiting for someone ... read more
Latest book: La vierge et le flemmard: récit érotique

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Latest book: Little Fairy Jaye Likes

Follow me on Twitter at  drkimberlyelyse Kimberly Elyse, PhD
Kimberly Elyse, PhD is passionate about seeing people live beyond their past experiences and helping children navigate through life maintaining their youth as long as possible. Kimberly specializes in nonprofit management and helping others realize their goals. A trainer at heart, she is a dynamic lecturer and presenter. Having homeschooled her own child, she loves the teachable moments that God uses in the everyday life moments to bring us into fellowship with Himself. Kimberly works in her local church as the office secretary. There, she has taught the National Baptist Version of the Articles of Faith to the Dawn Seeker’s Adult Class and has implemented the Kids’ Style Version during Christian Education ... read more
Latest book: My Baptist Faith Kids’ Style: Articles of Faith

Follow me on Twitter at  thejonoboyle Jonoboyle
I am inspired by all things creative; moreover literary, but above all historical, and more precisely the wisdom dug from the traditions of ancient Greece, Rome, and other remarkable civilisations which laid the foundations for our modern world. I graduated from Keele University with Classical Studies and History B.A.(hons.), in 2000. I am a strong believer in the Gaia Hypothesis of Professor James Lovelock. I have had many occupations, none of which I have truly loved.I shall release my second work: Fables of Freedom, in early 2014. This is a series of short stories to entertain and inform, they are the basis of my life’s philosophies and interests. They are personal accounts of the years I spent develo ... read more
Latest book: Fables of Freedom

Follow me on Twitter at  ednaelk Diane Stein
DIANE STEIN is the author of Essential Reiki, Essential Energy Balancing, and more than 30 books in the fields of metaphysics, women's spirituality, and alternative healing. She teaches Essential Reiki and Essential Energy Balancing workshop weekends, mostly for women, in Florida (contact if you are interested in attending). See her website for books, handmade gemstone Goddess jewelry, antler and crystal ritual wands, workshops for women and more.
Latest book: Rachida Finds Magic: A Girl's World Tale

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Latest book: Not In His Shadow

Follow me on Twitter at  marcusdeminco Marcus Deminco
MARCUS DEMINCO (Salvador-BA. 28/Set./76). Psicólogo; Escritor; Dr. H. C. em Transtorno do Déficit de Atenção /Hiperatividade (Brazilian Association of Psychosomatic Medicine); Practitioner e Tutor de Programação Neurolinguística (PNL); Subscritor do Newsletter - O Portal dos Psicólogos, e Autor Dos Livros: 1. EU & MEU AMIGO DDA – Autobiografia de Um Portador do Transtorno do Déficit de Atenção / Hiperatividade 2. O Segredo de Clarice Lispector 3. VERTYGO – O Suicídio de Lukas. 4. Mensagens para Postar, Curtir & Compartilhar. Vol.1 5. Mensagens para Postar, Curtir & Compartilhar. Vol.2 6. Programação Neurolinguística: Começando pelo Começo. 7. Coleção de Textos em E-Card ... read more
Latest book: O Segredo de Clarice Lispector

Follow me on Twitter at  RobbieZero Crystal Vaagen
Crystal Vaagen is an author who resides in North Dakota. During the arctic, blustery winter months, she likes to watch the snowflakes whip in the wind while sitting at the computer working on the next Robbie Zero, Super Girl Hero book idea. Currently, she is turning the book into a series.
Latest book: Robbie Zero: Dan Can!

Follow me on Twitter at  orenhammerquist Oren Hammerquist
Oren Hammerquist's work has recently appeared in the Fabula Argentea eZine available for free online, in the Soldier Story anthology available at Amazon in print or digital copy, and in eRomance Magazine, available for subscription at Barnes and Noble, or as back issues on the publisher's site. Oren has been in the Army for seven years, and served in Afghanistan. He is originally from the Seattle area, and is married with three children. In his spare time, Oren is completing his bachelor's degree in criminal justice and paralegal studies.!bio/ct47
Latest book: The Man with Three Names and other stories

Follow me on Twitter at  BJKiser B.J. Kiser
B.J. Kiser is an aspiring author that has two books already up and moving. She is from a small town in Eastern Kentucky. B.J. loves to travel and see the world. She gets a lot of inspiration from traveling and seeing how people live and act in different places and situations. She is working on her third now, which is completely different from the first two. B.J.’s first two are very explicit and raw and not for the faint at heart. They are intended for the (of age) group (18+). She likes to write about all the different genres out there. B.J. Kiser loves to fulfill the wishes of all her audience members. She writes about everything she thinks of, rather it be Romantic, Exotic, or Thrillers. She is an author ... read more
Latest book: For the Love of Sex

Follow me on Twitter at  Telekorn Claudette Marco
Claudette Marco, scrivener of poetry and short stories since she was a child, earned a B.A. degree from Whittier College, soul budding in world wild. After many years of toil, soul searching for relief, she finally reclaimed path towards labor complete: writing. Home locates in Kingman, AZ.
Latest book: Satchel & Sword III: The Fate of Kordalis

Follow me on Twitter at  stefankutter Stefan Kutter
Stefan Kutter ist Managementberater, ärztlich geprüfter Ernährungsberater und zertifizierter Life Coach. In der Reihe „Topform leicht gemacht“ werden die Erkenntnisse aus der Forschungs- und Beratungsarbeit des Autors knapp und verständlich zusammengefasst. Das Spektrum der Beratungs- und Coachingarbeit reicht von Wirtschaftsberatung mit den Schwerpunkten Innovationsmanagement und Unternehmensgründung bis zu Gesundheits- und Selbstentwicklungsthemen wie Ernährung, Bewegung und innerer Ausgleich. Neben dem persönlichen Coaching veranstaltet Stefan Kutter Seminare und Workshops und gibt Fachvorträge.
Latest book: Erfolgreiche Umstellung auf Vitalkost-Ernährung

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Latest book: Portals: Volume Six

Follow me on Twitter at  srjhastings Shulanda Hastings
Shulanda J. Hastings is an inspirational author and novelist, and evangelist who serves as a healthy minds ambassador to the faith-based and under-served communities. Shulanda uses her passion for writing and real issues to educate, entertain and empower her readers.
Latest book: Enter into the Spirit Realm with Evangelist Shulanda J Hastings; Manifesting God's Promises

Follow me on Twitter at  ACopperwhite Alexander Copperwhite
Nací el 6 de Marzo de 1980 en Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. De padre griego y madre española, cuando cumplí los cuatro años nos mudamos a una isla llamada Corfú, en el noroeste de Grecia, donde me quedé hasta los diecinueve años. Durante esos años viajé a Alemania, Portugal, Reino Unido, Francia, Italia y Austria donde, en este último, me quedé seis meses, estudiando el idioma y trabajando. Más tarde, también viajé a Brasil, Marruecos, Hungría, Irlanda, Holanda, Bélgica y Luxemburgo. En el 2011 publiqué mi primera novela “Antigio”. Entre el 2011 y el 2012 he publicado doce relatos de terror, misterio, ficción, fantasía y aventuras: “Mírame”, “El buen vecino”, “La mina de los cien ... read more
Latest book: Negro - Crimen en Dubái

Follow me on Twitter at  alysimple Aly Sanger
Aly Sanger is an author located in Tallahassee, Florida who began writing at the young age of 13. When she was 18 she began writing professionally. Currently, Sanger is a documentation specialist for a local software company. Additionally, Sanger works as a Freelance Writer and as a website consultant. Sanger graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Creative Writing and Editing. She has published several poems and a short story to local magazines. Sanger has written countless articles, blog posts, and press releases on a wide range of subjects, such as children’s needs, raising chickens, and even wedding jewelry. is a website managed by a mother/daughter team. The duo ... read more
Latest book: Minimalism Is Simple - 30 Day Challenge

Follow me on Twitter at  dmlear Donna Kolling Lear
Donna Kolling Lear has been a fan of the mystery genre for many years. She was born and raised in Southern California and lives in Santa Ana. Crimson Gold is her first book.
Latest book: Crimson Gold

Follow me on Twitter at  Alpha Cheryl Gianfrancesco
My name is Cheryl Gianfrancesco. I have written various dog cookbooks and dog articles over the years. My recipes are all over the internet with and without my permission,,lol mostly without. I have decided the time has come to continue on my journey and expand my passion for baking and dogs. I have been baking ever since I could reach the table. I always remember the holidays and traditional home made Italian cookies. It was not a holiday if we did not have our home made cookies passed down from generation to generation.. I have always loved dogs, I actually considered becoming a vet, but quickly realized that there are some parts of being a vet that I would not be able to do, like putting a dog to sl ... read more
Latest book: Our Doggie Desserts

Follow me on Twitter at  elements4ever Jenaia Williams
Jenaia Williams was born and raised in Smyrna, Georgia, a suburb near Atlanta. She is a 2013 graduate of Campbell High School and is attending University of West Georgia where she is majoring in creative writing. Jenaia penned book one of Element Princess at the age of 17, inspired by her love of Japanese culture. Between studies and the promotion of her first book, Jenaia works on the subsequent books in the series. Jenaia resides with her mother, grandmother, and five dogs in the Atlanta area.
Latest book: Element Princess the Commence

Follow me on Twitter at  aromeadah Arome Adah
Rev Arome E. Adah is the General Overseer of Savannah Ministries with major outreaches in the areas of churches, fellowships, media & publications, crusades and seminars and music. His dynamic ministry of bringing the God's word to the people with by inspiration has produced tremendous results in millions of lives and in diverse ways, stirring up the faith of God in the hearts of men. Rev Adah is especially anointed to reach and minister healing to the sick. the ministry he oversees has grown with locations in Nigeria, Zambia, England, and U.S.A. with a vision of Building up believers to maturity, Raising up ministers for the end time harvest, Preaching the gospel with signs and wonders following and using the ... read more
Latest book: The Anointing Upon Me

Follow me on Twitter at  agingguidebook1 Karyn Rizzo
Karyn Rizzo, owner of ELITE Marketing has over 20 years experience working in the healthcare industry. A native of Chicago, Illinois, she has lived in Florida and loves the beaches and wonderful weather. She has worked as a case manager and marketer in the long term care senior housing, assisted living and skilled nursing center markets. Her initial experiences in Physician Administration outlined the challenges physicians face running a medical practice, as well as the influences of Insurance Companies and our elected officials on patient’s healthcare options and benefits. Subsequently, working in the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Center markets created a unique outlook on the ever changing climate ... read more
Latest book: Aging in America Navigating our Healthcare System Expanded Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  wnfoster W.N. Foster
W.N. Foster has spent her career like many - as an office worker and has encountered countless employees who could make a nun curse like a sailor or cause a stripper to turn down a dollar bill. Knowing that she was not alone in how she felt about those co-workers, W.N. set out to get all of the observations, conclusions and opinions she had ever had about them out of her head and to help others to acknowledge and accept their true feelings that they may have been otherwise too scared or ashamed to admit to. W.N. is on a mission to help the everyday worker relieve their stress through humor, utilizing the book and two accompanying websites, which were created for the purpose of allowing readers to express them ... read more
Latest book: Courtney In Charge ?!

Follow me on Twitter at  Jerome_mastery Thabo Seseane
Thabo Seseane is a surgeon who is concerned about the modern trend towards lifestyle determining disease, quality of life and, indeed, death itself. This led him to write a simple manual for taking control of our weight. While control of weight loss may seem a narrow objective, it encompasses a large gamut of life's level of excellence, as he found out from defeating his own weight demons.
Latest book: Easy Weight Loss Control

Follow me on Twitter at  Writer_Jenn Jennifer Joyce
Jennifer Joyce is a writer of romantic comedies who lives in Manchester with her husband and their two daughters. When she isn’t disappearing into her own fictional worlds, she can be found waffling on her blog and reviewing books for Novelicious’ Alternative Thursday. You can find out more about Jennifer and her books at or follow her on twitter @Writer_Jenn
Latest book: A Beginner's Guide To Christmas

Follow me on Twitter at  amandalapera Amanda LaPera
Amanda LaPera is a mental health advocate, family member, and consumer. She serves on the Board of Directors for the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Orange County affiliate ( She is the author of the book, LOSING DAD, Paranoid Schizophrenia: A Family's Search for Hope, the true story of how severe mental illness affects the entire family. Her wishes for the future of severe mental illness: improved laws, additional research, and more effective treatment.
Latest book: Losing Dad, Paranoid Schizophrenia: A Family's Search for Hope

Follow me on Twitter at  Jhetdlion Jonathan De Leon
Christian Born July 25, 1968 A Son, a Husband and a Father
Latest book: Key to Loving your Enemy

Follow me on Twitter at  pastorstew Norm Stewart
For the past 47 years Pastor Stewart has faithfully served the Lord as Pastor, Church Planter, and Evangelist. During this time he, with his wife Jean by his side, has been involved in planting and sponsoring several churches in the US and the Caribbean, including Grace Baptist Church in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth,Jamaica, and Lighthouse Baptist Church in the Bronx NY. 1n 2010 they started Global Prayer Fellowship to connect, prepare, and mobilize Christians around the world to pray.
Latest book: Women of Destiny - When Faith Leads

Follow me on Twitter at  sebastian_chase Sebastian Chase
Sebastian Chase is a Navy Veteran, former programmer, and surgical technician. He has written for enjoyment for several decades starting with short stories and poetry, which evolved into lyrics for local bands. He grew up in a military family, which led to extensive world travel, including living for two years in Iran when relations were better with the United States. He has also toured Western Europe, Eastern Ukraine, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. Stateside, he grew up in Virginia, California, and Washington State. He now calls Denver, Colorado home where he lives with his wife and son in the shadows of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
Latest book: Venom of the Gods

Follow me on Twitter at  kris10_day Kristen Day
She is a southern belle at heart with a crazy streak that desperately tries to escape at every opportunity. She loves all things nostalgic, rustic, and quirky. She's been told she sees the world through rose-colored glasses, but prefers to think of them as kaleidoscope glasses - swirling and morphing reality into something she can digest. I am the author of the DAUGHTERS OF THE SEA series, which includes FORSAKEN, AWAKEN, CHOSEN, HEARKEN, , EVENTIDE (2014), PROVEN (2014). When she's not writing she's making jewelry, painting, drinking sweet tea, watching the Discovery channel, or going on random adventures in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband.
Latest book: Chosen (Daughters of the Sea #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  charmainelfulle Charmaine Fuller
Business & Life Coach,Author, Speaker, Communicator, Creative being of light, Lover of life,God & People, Creative Director & CEO @Fuller Potentials
Latest book: Creative Crock Pot Dinners

Follow me on Twitter at  LeslieLangtry Leslie Langtry
Leslie Langtry is the USA Today bestselling author of the Greatest Hits Mysteries, The Adulterer's Unofficial Guide to Family Vacations, and several books she hasn't finished yet, because she's very lazy. Leslie loves puppies and cake (but she will not share her cake with puppies) and lives with her family and assorted animals in the Midwest.
Latest book: Movie Night Murder

Follow me on Twitter at  PixzieDotNet Ann Ziegler
Ann Ziegler is lifelong writer. “Lemons” is the first work she has written for herself by herself for public consumption! An accomplished marketing consultant, Ann loves spending time with her daughters and discovering new places. When she’s not hiking or whitewater rafting, she enjoys the company of her many good friends and family.
Latest book: I've Got the Lemons. Where is the Sugar?

Follow me on Twitter at  likesoatmeal Alicia de los Reyes
Alicia de los Reyes drew on ten years of chick lit addiction to compose The Chick Lit Cookbook. Originally from Fair Haven, N.J., Alicia is now freelance writer in Seattle where she lives with her family.
Latest book: DIY Chick Lit: A Writing Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  CheriLille Cheri Lille
~ Cheri Lille Serves Up the Sizzle—with Just the Right Amount of Spice—You've Been Hungry For ~ I've been writing all her life. Only naturally, has my interest turned to the genre of erotica. I've never been afraid to write in a sexy scene or two, and now, I love filling that need for great, arousing writing directed at women ourselves. I write down-and-dirty stories, sensual stories, romantic, and more, of all lengths, all designed to seriously turn on my fellow female readers. And I'm fascinated by the fact that I have a growing legion of male fans too! I supposes that when you "write great sex," absolutely everyone enjoys it. This is your special invitation to curl up with one of my recent books—sev ... read more
Latest book: Getting Hers: Getting It On & Getting Complete Gratification *an Erotic Quickie Collection of Women's Sexual Fantasies* (11-Story Erotic Romance & Casual Encounter, the Complete Series, Box Set)

Follow me on Twitter at  melissatreglia Melissa Treglia
Melissa Treglia lives in New Jersey with her mother and three cats. She graduated from Brick Computer Science Institute in 2005 with a 3.6 GPA, after majoring in Web Design and Programming. She's been making up stories from the time she first learned how to pick up a pencil and write her name. Her first story was written at the age of 5, and she published her first poem at 14. If you're interested in romance and sci-fi with an ironic sense of humour, crack open one of Melissa's ebooks!
Latest book: Apocryphal Musings

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Latest book: Sri Sathya Sai Anandadayi

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Latest book: Bitten by Snake Oil

Follow me on Twitter at  halamb04 H. A. Lamb
H.A. Lamb is ambitious, as most people would say. She has a love of cooking, reading and is an all-around geek to the extreme. She can be seen dragging her three children along on many of her adventures, or her noise stuck in a good book. Her published works are “Behind the Lace” and a short story in “Darwin Murders” and “Bump off your Enemy”.
Latest book: Samuel; The child that wasn't

Follow me on Twitter at  sqfield Simon Quellen Field

Latest book: Six Chambers, One Bullet