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Follow me on Twitter at  dbjones72 DB Jones
DB Jones is a best selling author of Mystery and Crime Drama, including the Madison Hart Mystery Series and the Seasons of Passion Mysteries. She also writes YA/Fantasy which includes the Willow Trilogy. Before writing DB along with her husband composed melodic flute music for over thirty years. She began writing at the age of 68 after her husband passed away. She lives in the hills of Virginia where she overlooks the BlueRidge Mountains as she hammers away at the keyboard bringing her characters to life. DB writes in two genres, Young Adult/Fantasy and Mystery/Crime Drama with an occasional twist of the paranormal spun through some of her books. Join DB’s mailing list at for ... read more
Latest book: Willow and The Gift - The Final Chapter

Follow me on Twitter at  MonsterAuthor Jason Edwards
Award-winning author Jason Edwards is a teacher, storyteller, producer of entertaining educational enrichment programs for schools and libraries, and an authority on children’s anxieties who has over 20 years of experience developing innovative ways to entertain, instruct, and inspire children. Even his frightfully funny chapter books, the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency, help children by inspiring them to confront their fears and modeling ways to control anxiety, which has earned the books the Mom’s Choice Award for Family Friendly Media and an endorsement from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America. Jason has performed his Library Skills-Building MONSTER HUNT program and his Destination: ... read more
Latest book: Will Allen and the Terrible Truth - ARC

Follow me on Twitter at  kateashton01 Kate Ashton
Kate Ashton is the author of the New Adult Second Chances Series: Every Little Piece, Every Little Secret and Every Little Dream. She writes about relationships and love, heartbreak and healing.
Latest book: A Last Kiss Goodbye

Follow me on Twitter at  sellinginno Kenneth Smith
Ken Smith, Co-Founder & Head of Product and Operations at Rejjee. Career entrepreneur & start-up executive, Co-chair of CEO Service Committee for the MIT Enterprise Forum Cambridge.
Latest book: Safe Driving together with People who Bicycle on Shared Roadways

Follow me on Twitter at  talesoflustxxx Frank Noir
Frank Noir is a pornographic author of Scandinavian descent, currently living and working in Berlin, Germany. His writings have appeared in print and online under various pseudonyms. The stories of Frank Noir are graphically sexual, daring to embrace the darker side of our carnal urges. Hard, yet sensual tales of submission and guilty pleasures.
Latest book: The Complete Tales of Lust (Vol. 1-4)

Follow me on Twitter at  tyrovogel Tyro Vogel
A cute guy with a difficult accent.
Latest book: Tyro Vogel's Extatica

Follow me on Twitter at  Bulla_Adriano Adriano Bulla

Latest book: The Road To London

Follow me on Twitter at  samina_younis Samina Younis
Hello I'm Samina and I’m a care assistant and a trainee nurse. I am also a first time writer and began writing my first book 'Shackled to my family' as a way of therapy for myself to overcome my tragic past. I felt I had to tell my true story to inspire other women to break free from their family controlled lives. I have a passion for helping other people who may be in the same situation as I once was in and I would like to inspire other women to follow their heart. Addition to this I enjoy brainstorming and writing meaningful books which can make a difference to people’s lives. On a typical day you'll find me working out at my local gym. I also enjoy travelling, reading and going to the cinema. I absolut ... read more
Latest book: Gus and the Super Veg

Follow me on Twitter at  swsaurabhnath Swami Saurabhnath
I live in Phaltan, India. I am an accountant by profession and spiritual writing is my part time work. By the grace of God and my Master I have able to experience the Pure Consciousness. I am doing this daring work of writing on difficult subjects of spirituality because of such experience and help from God.
Latest book: Adhyatmasara

Follow me on Twitter at  JossyLo03 Jossy Loes
Jossy loes nació en Venezuela un caluroso julio. Proviene de una familia que al parecer cada generación necesitaba experimentar nuevos horizontes y de su infancia recuerda siempre a sus abuelos leer, pero lo que le marcó esas ganas de escribir fue el instituto. Su profesor de Literatura le abrió las puestas de la imaginación inculcándole el amor a la lectura y recreando ensayos. Estudió ingeniería en Venezuela momento que se atrevió comenzar escribir pequeños relatos que solía pasar a sus amigos por correo electrónico sin decir de donde provenían. Grandes cambios en su vida hicieron que dejase a un lado esa parte que la llenaba y un buen día el amor logró que cruzara el océano donde asentó sus ... read more
Latest book: Trigésimo cumpleaños

Follow me on Twitter at  howtoflirtwithg A.P. Parker
A.P. Parker has an MBA in Social History (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and wrote a final thesis about the changing behavior codes around engagement and wedding in the Netherlands
Latest book: How To Flirt With Girls-- The Secrets To Successful Flirting

Follow me on Twitter at  robert_uttaro Robert Uttaro
Robert Uttaro is in his eighth year of working and volunteering as a rape crisis counselor, public speaker and community educator. Inspired by his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice, he continues to embrace a life-long commitment to activism and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence. Serving as a counselor, Uttaro supports rape survivors and their significant others through various legal and case management issues. He also facilitates workshops aimed at education, prevention and exposure of the realities of sexual violence. Uttaro is currently touring many universities and high schools throughout Massachusetts. A recent significant blessing for Uttaro was the opportunity to address soldiers of the Un ... read more
Latest book: To the Survivors

Follow me on Twitter at  LaMiaDietaDukan Novella Bongiorno
Novella Bongiorno vive e lavora a Catania. Le sue più grandi passioni sono da sempre la comunicazione scritta e l’alimentazione. Dopo avere amministrato un’azienda operante nel settore della distribuzione e promozione di prodotti enogastronomici d’eccellenza tipici siciliani, ha scelto di impegnarsi a tempo pieno nell’attività di food blogger. La sua missione di blogger è trasmettere ai lettori l’amore per il buon cibo e divulgare i principi alla base di un’alimentazione sana, che aiuti a star bene e che soddisfi anche le esigenze del palato.
Latest book: Cocktail e aperitivi per la dieta Dukan + BONUS OMAGGIO

Follow me on Twitter at  simonpmccullagh Simon P McCullagh
Simon McCullagh was born in the border town of Newry in Northern Ireland in 1981. He attended primary and secondary education in the town and later attended Queen’s University Belfast, where he studied for his BSc in Geography and his MSc in Sustainable Development. He has since worked in sustainability and environmental protection fields, along with volunteer positions in Tanzania and Belarus. Throughout his life he has been developing his passions of writing, music and artwork. The importance of sustainability in all areas of human endeavour informs all of his artistic and volunteer work. The basic tenets of his understanding of sustainability encompass the social, environmental, economic, psychological an ... read more
Latest book: Eleos Nine

Follow me on Twitter at  WebbBegin Tina Webb
Born in the Midwest, I was a child of the 1970s. Donna Summer was my favorite singer and I remember when Debby Boone sang "You Light Up My Life" at the Grammy Awards in 1978. The downturn of the steel industry took my family to upstate New York when I was twelve. There, I learned the techniques of how to properly shovel a driveway, how to drive in a blizzard, and how real Buffalo Chicken Wings taste. I grew into a pretty good violist and tried my hand at writing teenage love songs on the piano. I spent hours upon hours upon hours doing what I loved most: reading. I moved to Virginia to attend college, to meet my husband, Doug, and to begin my family. I'm blessed to be the mother of six wonderful children. I ... read more
Latest book: Abba's Lament

Follow me on Twitter at  swhitefeather Sheri Whitefeather
Sheri Whitefeather is a national bestselling author. She pens a variety of romance novels and has earned prestigious awards. She has also written under the name Cherie Feather. She lives in Southern California and enjoys ethnic dining, shopping in vintage stores, and visiting art galleries and museums. She has two gorgeous grown children who are tribally enrolled members of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Sheri loves to hear from her readers. You can visit her website at and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
Latest book: Beautiful Musician

Follow me on Twitter at  aaforringer A.A. Forringer
Law Enforcement Officer, County boy who lives deep in the concrete neighborhood of one of US's biggest cities less than a half mile from a major subway line. Favorite Quote: All America lies at the end of the wilderness road, and our past is not a dead past, but still lives in us. Our forefathers had civilization inside themselves, the wild outside. We live in the civilization they created, but within us the wilderness still lingers. What they dreamed, we live, and what they lived, we dream.” ― T.K. Whipple
Latest book: Disconnect: 1st Renegade Tale in the Outfitters Universe

Follow me on Twitter at  Vane_Navicelli Vanessa Navicelli
Vanessa Navicelli: this is me I was born in the North of Italy, in a small village on the hills, not far from the river Po. I grew up with The Little House on the Prairie, with the American movies of the 40s and the 50s (all sorts!), with Italian neorealist movies, with English 19th century novels and with Giovannino Guareschi’s novels, The little world of don Camillo (which in the American movie version had Orson Welles as a voiceover narrator). I attended a Scientific High School and then I started to study Literature and Philosophy at the University of Pavia (near Milan), where I still live today. I had several jobs (while attending some writing and screenwriting courses): I gave private lessons, I work ... read more
Latest book: A Submarine in the Village

Follow me on Twitter at  namstatheauthor Namsta The Author
An aspiring fiction writing fiend who is obsessed with marketing and advertising. Oh….And she just can’t survive without dunking her doritos into hummus!
Latest book: KIDZ PLAY

Follow me on Twitter at  JDazouloutenet James Dazouloute
James Dazouloute Is A Certified Health Coach, Life Coach And Business Coach. He Has Been Involved With Helping Families For Almost 2 Decades With All Their Life Events Situation. He is also the Author of several Great Best Selling Books And E-books. Visit His SITES Below And SUBSCRIBE To Get Help In All The Areas Of Life And To Get Your Hands On All His Latest Books To Better Your Life Http:// All About Your Life And Helping You To Become In Every Area Http:// About Fixing Relationship
Latest book: My God And Me... Poetry In Motion

Follow me on Twitter at  LNahay L. Nahay
L. Nahay currently resides in Chicago with her two monsters and varying other four-legged creatures. When not writing or chasing after the previously mentioned beings, she enjoys hiking, camping, road trips, and anything creatively-flaired.
Latest book: Red Moonglow on Snow

Follow me on Twitter at  lindabaletsa Linda Baletsa
A University of Miami School of Law graduate, Linda Baletsa has been a corporate lawyer for close to twenty years. Linda was raised in Miami, Florida and currently resides outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband George. Operation Mockingbird is her first novel.
Latest book: Operation Mockingbird

Follow me on Twitter at  kccave K.C. Cave
K.C. Cave writes about sex and love . . . but mostly sex. Go to to learn more and get free stuff.
Latest book: Sex Machine (Book 7 of "Alison's Erotic Adventures")

Follow me on Twitter at  ubeu Susan Hale
Susan came to professional organizing from a career in special events and project development. She has been active in her industry for over 10 years and has developed a specialty of working with the chronically disorganized client in both commercial and residential settings. She is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization through the Institute on Challenging Disorganization (ICD). Susan is a wife, mother, author, and speaker who is motivated to help people live more fulfilled lives.
Latest book: The M.O.D.E.R.N Office: Motivating, Organized, Distinguishable, Encouraging, Re-Energizing, Neat

Follow me on Twitter at  alternativephot Malin Fabbri is all about historical photographic methods in use today. Our aim is to teach photographers using methods and processes other than digital photography. Artists can learn how to print photographs with these techniques. The website has information on many processes, galleries for inspiration and much more. The books we publish are for those who want to develop a deeper understanding on the process - or just like the feel of a book better than a webpage. Malin Fabbri moved from Sweden to London to study. She earned an MA in Design at Central St. Martin's, but publishing her thesis felt more like a beginning than an end. Malin decided to combine her academic and practical experience and ... read more
Latest book: Anthotypes: Explore the Darkroom In Your Garden and Make Photographs Using Plants

Follow me on Twitter at  julialeedean Julia Lee Dean
Julia Lee Dean holds a degree in English & Italian Literature from the University of Warwick and a Masters in History of Medicine & Science from Birkbeck College, University of London and is variously a writer, proof-reader, tutor and commuter. In 2003 she was a member of the Young Writers' Programme at the Royal Court Theatre in London before training as an actress at Rose Bruford College. In 2010 she performed as a stand up comic in London & Edinburgh and as an actress at the Camden Fringe in "Twice Nightly". 2011 saw her back at the Camden Fringe with her play "Limbo" before premiering "Reflections: when Maggie met Margot" at the Belfast Fringe. Reflections is now available to buy as part of "Ladies Night", ... read more
Latest book: And I Shall Be Healed

Follow me on Twitter at  NigerianWeds_G Karo Itoje
Welcome to my page and thank you for looking at my book. My name is Karo Itoje. I'm a Nigerian. And I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing for me started my accident. I realized sometime ago that I love to write down my thoughts and opinions. And it just so happens that I see life a lot different from the way most of my peers do. A good reason for that is that I find lessons in everything that happens around me to improve myself and question my lifestyle and what I really want. And with a sincere desire to help others improve themselves and get what they want, I started using my experiences and that of others to guide others in the area of self-help. I especially love writing about love relationships, personal s ... read more
Latest book: The Journey To Finding Mr Right

Follow me on Twitter at  NeenaJaydon Neena Jaydon
Neena Jaydon is a graduate student working on an English MA thesis in northern British Columbia. She's never far away from a pet or her Asian ball-jointed doll collection. She also procrastinates through video games and tumblr. These days she writes m/m SF/F romances and wishes she had more time to read for enjoyment.
Latest book: Digging Without a Shovel

Follow me on Twitter at  foodmoodbook Jude Burger
I experienced bouts of crippling depression and anxiety as a child and teenager until my 20s. It disappeared once I started an elimination diet and was able to identify my triggers. I know there are many people who are similarly afflicted, and my goal is to make this knowledge mainstream - and help others check this for themselves. The broken link in the "Introduction" is available on my book's website.
Latest book: The Food and Mood Book

Follow me on Twitter at  malackareed1 Malacka Reed
Born and raised in Baltimore City, Malacka Reed overcame insurmountable adversity to rise to success as a businesswomen, motivational speaker and author. One of two children, Malacka was raised in a housing project and faced staggering difficulties from a very early age. Drugs, violence and poverty surrounded Malacka everyday, as well as the pressures to grow up rather quickly because she became a mother at the young age of 15. With the support of her mother, Malacka was determined to not be a victim and commit to changing the course of her journey. Malacka’s creative interests began at the age of 13, when she decided she wanted to have her own cosmetic line one day. There was always an internal fire and en ... read more
Latest book: I'm Ready for My Close Up

Follow me on Twitter at  rebekahwil Rebekah Wilson
Rebekah Wilson made her literary debut with the young-adult theatre-camp comedy THE RUNS OF WHITESKILL, currently available on, Kindle, and other retail channels. Rebekah gets her character names from magazines, other people, shows, movies, household products, and, yes, baby-name websites; she gets her plots from her own life experiences, movies, other books, and shows. Rebekah plans to release her books in print, as well as cater to the increasing e-publishing market. She also writes parodies and poetry.
Latest book: The Runs of Whiteskill: Return of the Runs

Follow me on Twitter at  MannyLukeIV Luke Alvarado
Luke Alvarado enjoys writing action stories with plot twists. He specializes in telling stories that leave the audience with something to chew on in the end. He gives them a reason to re-watch/read his work and take in something different from it every time. In 2013 he wrote and directed season 1 of Retribution, and online action/adventure web series. He currently lives in Orlando, FL.
Latest book: The Magic Dimensional Time Keeper

Follow me on Twitter at  23pct_simian Nathan Allen

Latest book: All Against All

Follow me on Twitter at  hickumu Robin Dalton
In my unfortunately limited downtime from schoolwork, I enjoy writing fanfiction and original fiction alike. In my downtime from that, I enjoy video games, jogging and various other exercises for fun and health, spending time with my friends both online and off, and handicrafts of all kinds, from knitting to chainmail. Probably needless to say, I am also an avid reader - got to keep pace with the competition, after all! Beyond that, it must be said that I particularly like small fluffy animals, especially cats, and as such I am a vegetarian who's always on the lookout for new recipes. It's a much easier lifestyle than most people think! Mostly, I hope to keep writing forever. And I hope that, somewhere, there ... read more
Latest book: A Frolic of Children

Follow me on Twitter at  balastaroski Federico Muñoz Santerbas
Actor y guionista de Barcelona (España)
Latest book: Hell and Paradise

Follow me on Twitter at  crackeduniverse Art Collins
Art Collins has published four investment books including Beating the Financial Futures Market: Combining Small Biases Into Powerful Money Making Strategies (Wiley and Sons). He has earned the bulk of his income from developing and trading mechanical systems. Over ten years, he and his late partner registered an 800 percent return trading equity futures. Art has appeared as a popular lecturer in most major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas. He has contributed articles to Active Trader, Stocks and Commodities and Futures Magazine. Art has also given online interviews as well as daily commentary for the Trader Insight and Tiger Shark websites. He is a Northwestern Un ... read more
Latest book: A Cautionary Tale: The DWI Trial Of Stephen Mole

Follow me on Twitter at  Duaners Duane L. Martin
Duane L. Martin began his writing career when he started a classic film review website back in 2002 called B-Movie Central. Two years later, he would go on to create another website called Rogue Cinema, which is a monthly online magazine staffed by a wonderful team of volunteer writers that's devoted to film reviews, articles and interviews with film makers and other industry professionals. An avid reader, he's been inspired by a wide variety of authors, including Robert Asprin, Jody Lynn Nye, R.A. Salvatore, Ed Greenwood and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. More recently, he's buried himself in the various series of writers like Jennifer L. Armentrout, H.P. Mallory and Amanda Hocking. His aunt, a published author a ... read more
Latest book: Genesis

Follow me on Twitter at  melbournegal81 Kelly Woods
I have been writing short stories and poetry for a number of years, however decided in 2012 that my bucket list had to include becoming a published author. Thus began the debut novella 'All Bets Off'. While this book was being written, I also won 3rd place in the 2013 Country Women's Association of Victoria State Literary Competition for a poem with the theme '85 years old'. Writing is a passion of mine, and it's how I escape the craziness of this world. I hope you enjoy my work and can escape with me!
Latest book: The Chase

Follow me on Twitter at  ypushkin1 Y. Pushkin
Y. Pushkin is a native of Leningrad, Russia, but grew up in the United States. His first book, Sig Woods and the Book of Elements, is the first of a series called, Sig Woods. Y. Pushkin draws his inspiration for writing through nature, relaxation, meditation, and good company.
Latest book: Sig Woods and the Book of Elements

Follow me on Twitter at  warinheer Werner Kho
Based in Singapore, Werner Kho is the author of four chapbooks, with three forthcoming in 2014. He is an avid writer who concentrates more on poetry and short stories. He chooses to focus more on writing contemporary works that are more relatable to the everyday audience. He has also been placed in the Gardens by the Bay: River of Life competition organised by The British Council for his poem "Emerald in the Sea". While he isn’t concentrating on getting his first collection of poetry out, he is trying to find ways to be as wrapped up as comfortably in a blanket as a burrito.
Latest book: MacRitchie

Follow me on Twitter at  olusegunbeckley Benjamin Olusegun Beckley
Benjamin Olusegun Beckley is a dynamic young servant of God with an apostolic mandate to empower lives towards taking their rightful place in destiny. He stands out by grace as a teacher of the unfailing word of God with undeniable proofs, engraced to operate in the prophetic and gifts of healings, a man passionately committed to prayer and a dedicated worshiper. He is the president of Word Revival Outreach Mission Intl and the serving pastor of a multi-cultural non-denominational church -THE EMPOWERMENT CENTER in Arlington Texas USA. He is supernaturally endowed with grace in the area of strategic, revelational, and prophetic prayers that stir up divine solutions to earthly situations. He has authored seve ... read more
Latest book: Help From All Sides

Follow me on Twitter at  MartinKwakwa Martin Kwakwa
Martin Kwakwa is an Australian journalist, He was born in Ghana, and migrated to Australia more than 30 years ago. He has worked in several media houses including Australia's multicultural broadcaster SBS, where he has been executive producer at the African Desk since 1994. Martin also worked with News Corporation and Australian Associated Press for almost 20 years. Between 1993 and 2008, he was editor of The African, the national monthly newspaper of Australia's African community,
Latest book: Settlement Guide for Africans in Australia

Follow me on Twitter at  WSCOTTMITCHELL W. Scott Mitchell
W. Scott Mitchell came of age during the cultural revolution and movements that dominated the 1960's. It was not until the late 1990's when he began to write fiction. He incorporates an aspect of philosophy and psychology into each of his novels. The subplots are discussed on his website for readers to consider as they review his works. He believes the subplot is an important part of the work. Mitchel hopes to attract readers who examine everyday human character as the focus of attention to larger social and personal issues within the subplot. For example, in "Emily's Last Obsession" sexual content is used not for the sake of sexual content, but rather to demonstrate betrayal, self deception, and psychological ... read more
Latest book: Nine Days in October

Follow me on Twitter at  thompsonfunn J.M. Thompson
i am a first time writer. i have several unpublished manuscripts. started writing almost ten years ago and publishers seem not to be interested in unknown writers.
Latest book: Misguided Obsession

Follow me on Twitter at  authormarawhite Mara White
Mara White is a contemporary romance and erotica writer who laces forbidden love stories with hard issues, such as race, gender and inequality. She holds an Ivy League degree but has also worked in more strip clubs than even she can remember. She is not a former Mexican telenovela star contrary to what the tabloids might say, but she is a former ballerina and will always remain one in her heart. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children and yes, when she’s not writing you can find her on the playground.
Latest book: Killing The Sun Part 3

Follow me on Twitter at  booksbycorine Corine Hyman
So just a little about me, first and foremost I am a Christian. I am also a Clinical Psychologist who practices in Baltimore, MD. However, my passion is to write books that educate, uplift, and help Christians, as well as non-Christians grow in their understanding of the Lord Jesus.
Latest book: My Journey with Jesus Christ