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Follow me on Twitter at  boblewis18 Robert Lewis
Robert D. Lewis (Bob) spent his early years as a youth minister, a youth evangelist, and a pastor. It was here that his study of Scripture and church administration took on serious dimensions. He also learned firsthand about the reality of church conflict. Later in life, Lewis served as an executive director of an association of Baptist churches in the Greater Sacramento, CA, Area. Here he served as a denominational liaison, a church consultant, and a mediator of church conflicts and disputes. One of his most helpful experiences was a season of communication training with Dr. John S. Savage, the founder and president of L.E.A.D. Consultants, Inc., for 25 years, and currently a senior consultant/trainer for th ... read more
Latest book: Barnacle Busters: Keeping Your Church Seaworthy

Follow me on Twitter at  KatyOConnor13 Katy O'Connor
Katy O’Connor est une Franco-Américaine qui vit en Californie du Sud. Ses études de lettres lui ont donné le goût de jouer avec les mots et les registres. Celui d’enseigner aussi. Ses voyages lui ont inspiré plusieurs romans et nouvelles car elle croit que la vérité de la fiction est plus subtile que celle du document. En 2009, elle publie un roman au Canada, Nature Morte, puis en 2011, elle publie « Crime au long cours » chez un éditeur français ; il s’ensuivra en 2012 une traduction en anglais, « Cruising with Death. » Ses romans parlent de la société moderne: sophistiquée, rapace, violente mais toujours en mal de beauté et d’amour. Pourtant, elle préfère les histoires qui se termi ... read more
Latest book: Un jour ou l'autre

Follow me on Twitter at  justjanna Janna Marlies Maron
A self-proclaimed “woman in progress,” I am most passionate about creativity and the power of the written word. I see myself as something of a creative curator—a facilitator, if you will. I enjoy almost nothing more than piecing together smaller components (both tangible and abstract) and rearranging them until they meld into a larger, cohesive whole. If I had to sum up what I’m all about in two words they would be: authentic storytelling. That’s the core of why I write, why I publish stories and why I teach others to write their story. I tell stories that challenge and inspire people to pursue the potential of their creativity; I nurture creativity by making space for exploring and showcasing creat ... read more
Latest book: How To Manage Depression Without Drugs

Follow me on Twitter at  cherigillard Cheri Gillard
Award-winning author Cheri Gillard has been a freelance writer and editor for twenty-five years, working for several publishing houses and companies writing or editing projects, books, magazines, and curricula. She earned the coveted IndieB.R.A.G Medallion for Chloe's Guardian, Book 1 of the Nephilim Redemption series, as well as winning several other awards for her fiction over her writing career. For several years, she has been fiction judge for the Paul Gillette Memorial fiction writing contest. Before writing, she was an obstetric and pediatric registered nurse, but she hung up her nurse's cap when she gave birth to quadruplets. She is also a musician, playing violin in a folk-style band and in other venues ... read more
Latest book: The Raid of Balvenie and the Maiden Who Survived

Follow me on Twitter at  kmackrory Katie Mackrory
I am a 28 year old Social Worker in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I grew up in N.E Calgary and married at the age of 19. While being a military wife my husband and I lived in Quebec and B.C. I'm now back in my home town and graduated from the University of Calgary in June 2015. After writing this book and graduating we started our own little family and I am so excited to raise my daughter in a city that embraces multiculturalism.
Latest book: Little Tommy Big Beliefs

Follow me on Twitter at  hedgehogwriter Tori Rock
Hi! I'm Tori Rock. I'm a steampunk author from Houston, Texas, though I've also lived in the UK and Canada. I speak Spanish, French, and Chinese, and have been to 21 countries. I have a habit of staying up too late reading sci fi and fantasy books or writing, and love working at the Texas Renaissance Festival.
Latest book: Steam World

Follow me on Twitter at  marinapunt Marina Puntellini
Marina Puntellini è nata e vive a Milano, ha tre figli, Michele, Lorenzo e Tony Mottola ( quest’ultima è l’autrice di tutte le copertine dei libri di Marina) Fin da giovanissima ha collaborato a vari giornali e riviste, scrivendo articoli di costume: Insegnante di Italiano, Latino e Storia,ha lavorato a lungo nella ricerca e nella formazione educativa. Organizza Laboratori e Rassegne di eatro per i giovani. Nel 1996 ha pubblicato il suo primo libro di narrativa, Invece di Freud, per l’editore Mursia. E’ la storia di tre donne, amiche e compagne di strada. Nel 2000, insieme a Daniela Lenti Boero,ha scritto Oltre le parole un saggio sulla comunicazione verbale e non verbale, edito da Quattroventi d ... read more
Latest book: C'era una volta un re...

Follow me on Twitter at  tetonwolf Jerome O Brown
When he's not directing tv commercials or corporate videos, trading stocks, or hiking with his dog, Brown shoots stills and writes. Calves In The Mud Room is his first novella. He lives in Teton Valley, Idaho with his way cool wife and their collie, Maximilian.
Latest book: Calves In The Mud Room

Follow me on Twitter at  raphaelbath Raphael Bath
My life for 2 years has been a dark yet glorious struggle against the principalities and powers of this age. Interested in spirituality in my youth, I converted to Christianity a few years back. From Passover 2012 I had a series of experiences that woke me up to what is being called "the unleavened gospel." I hear the voice of YEHOVA, but the truth is not easy for mankind to bear. Please consider that my words, controversial though they are, are born dutifully and are not reflective of mere personal ambition. The prophet suffers for his craft, but man loves vain idols.
Latest book: Revelations Of Unleavened Sainthood

Follow me on Twitter at  nzjackied Jackie Davis
Jackie Davis holds an MA in Creative Writing from the prestigious International Institute of Modern Letters, Victoria University, Wellington and she has won and been placed in numerous writing competitions, both in New Zealand and internationally. Her work has been published in New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Her two novels, 'Breathe' (2002) and 'Swim' (2003) were both published by Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd, but are no longer available in print. She lives in Gisborne, New Zealand.
Latest book: Breathe

Follow me on Twitter at  AaronovichJoker AaronSummers
Aaron Summers is a graduate of Florida State University. When not writing (or giving the finger to the blinking cursor on his word processor) he often spends his free time drinking alone, sowing disharmony between his overly neurotic Jack Russell Terrier and three-legged cat, trolling Mother Teresa fan forums, and discussing Simone de Beauvoir with cam-site girls. He lives in Sarasota, Florida, and his life's ambition is to rewrite the complete works of Jane Austen using nothing but emoticons.
Latest book: The Lamentable Fate of Mr. Fluffpaws and Other Stories

Follow me on Twitter at  FKerr154 Fiona Kerr
I have always had an interest in art and the many different ways and methods available to express thoughts, emotions and events. There have been paintings, poems and pieces of music that have stayed with me from the moment I experienced them. That is what I am endeavoring to share. I have studied music, tried my hand at poetry and often sketch and draw to let out emotions and to create this story is sharing a personal aspect of myself.
Latest book: Gripped

Follow me on Twitter at  EllieRHicks Ellie Hicks
Ellie Hicks is a thirty-something author based out of the Atlanta, Georgia, area. She prefers writing fantasy and urban fantasy to real life, though that does have a way of sneaking up on her sometimes. When she’s not behind the keyboard, she’s exploring cemeteries, taking too many photos that no one else wants to see, and inflicting the outer limits of culinary science on friends and family. She is the proud mommy of three cats and owns way too many books.
Latest book: Tales of the Supers 1

Follow me on Twitter at  jenniferjmiller Jennifer Jean Miller
Jennifer Jean Miller has held a love of writing her entire life, and kicked off her professional career in 2006. She began her tenure with local news publications in 2008 and has worked as a journalist, photojournalist, columnist, marketing consultant and editor within the industry. She was a freelance reporter and photographer for Straus News, The, and LH! Weekly. She spent a segment of her career, as a local editor and reporter for in Sussex County New Jersey before she branched out on her own with her local news site and Hollywood entertainment site InsideScene.LA. Along with these publications, she launched her media, public relations, and publi ... read more
Latest book: Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio - Love In Japan, Korea & Beyond

Follow me on Twitter at  Tody_ZA Azhar Amien
A wayward writer here to laugh at the world from behind a keyboard. That's the short version. The long version would bore you with details about my origin story that doesn't involve a tragic accident giving me superpowers, so the main thing you need to take away is that I love to write. With great writing comes great insanity...
Latest book: The Sorrow

Follow me on Twitter at  BrienORaighne Brien O'Raighne
I am an author from Houston, Texas. I write paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, and whatever else I fancy at the moment. I love to read a good book could be in any genre. My influences greatly cover the expanse of media over the years from X-Men to Dungeons & Dragons to Sherlock Holmes to Doctor Who to Star Wars to Star Trek and so on.
Latest book: Southern Hospitality

Follow me on Twitter at  ZaraZavaroni Zara Zavaroni
Zara Zavaroni has been writing short stories for as long as she can remember. She recently took to concentrating on the erotica genre, writing several stories solely for her partner's benefit. Encouraged to self-publish her work, she finally did so in March 2014, releasing the first part in an intended series 'Lust & Loch Ness: Loving The Monster'. The standalone stories 'Naughty Home Movies' & 'Deflowered' soon followed. When not writing, Zara enjoys cheesy horror movies and very loud, very fast & very shouty music.
Latest book: Mother's Secret Sissy Son

Follow me on Twitter at  DonaldRayAuthor Donald Ray
Hi, my name is Donald Desch. "Donald Ray" is my pen name since "Desch" is so difficult to spell correctly in a search. What do you want to know about me? I was born in Topeka, Kansas, the youngest of three kids. I have one brother and one sister.I am currently living in Hurst, Texas, a "Mid-Cities" suburb of Fort Worth. I am the divorced dad of two daughters: Haley, who married a wonderful young man, Tony, about 18 months ago (01/05/2012) and Emily who is a Senior in high school. First and foremost, I am a Christian. My relationship with my Lord, Jesus, informs all of my writing. However, I am not stodgy: I like to joke around, laugh, and have fun! I have worked as a chemical enginner in Miami, Florida and Hous ... read more
Latest book: Santa, Rudolph, and An Elf: A Christmas Trio Joke Book

Follow me on Twitter at  AnabelleMallet Annabelle Mallet
Annabelle Mallet is a mother of three who fell in love with books when she first learned to read. That passion grew stronger as she got older until she decided to become an author. Now she enjoys this passion with her kids and hopes her fun and loveable characters and their adventures will entertain her readers as much as they did her kids and herself. For more info on her and her stories, please check out her blog at:
Latest book: Adventures of a New Witch Part 2: The Book of Spells

Follow me on Twitter at  carriebeckort Carrie Beckort
Carrie Beckort has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and a MBA from Ball State University. She spent seventeen years in the corporate industry before writing her first novel. She lives in Indiana with her husband and daughter.
Latest book: Shattered Angel

Follow me on Twitter at  MiraclesofJesus Patty Thomas
Patty Thomas is the founder and CEO of The Miracles Of Jesus Ministry since 2000. She has been set apart as one of the "hidden ones" while The Lord Has Been Raising and Training her for many years. The Lord Stripped Patty of the things of this world, including homes, possessions and more, that she might look to Him as her Greatest Treasure. This taught Patty to trust Him in every situation. Under The Lord's Guidance and Direction, Patty founded the "Waves Of Praise" movement that happens at 3pm on Christmas Day in each of the 24 time zones. On Christmas Day, 2013, people from over 120 countries participated. The Lord Asked her to start a "Super Bowl Prayer Party" for Super Bowl this year because of ter ... read more
Latest book: Sochi Olympics Prayer Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  jjsergi Jason J Sergi
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jason J Sergi lives and writes within the frigid hills and vales of New England. According to his calculations, he will need 300+ years to finish every project he plans to write. He intends to reach that goal, somehow, someway, and hopes that his readers will join him for every step of the journey.
Latest book: Children of The Forgotten: The Fallen

Follow me on Twitter at  EricPraschan Eric Praschan
I love suspense fiction books like an addiction. I live in Missouri with my fabulous wife, Stephanie. I hold a B.A. in English and a M.A. in Theological Studies. My favorite authors range from Stephen King to C.S. Lewis. After testing the waters with drama, music, and teaching, I discovered my greatest passion was writing. I've been writing for more than 20 years, focusing on suspense fiction. For more information, please feel free to check out my website at
Latest book: The Burden of Silence

Follow me on Twitter at  MaraLiWrites Mara Li
Hello! I'm an aspiring author from the Netherlands, somewhere in my mid-twenties. I'm pretty much into YA literature, usually fantasy-ish, or folkloristic, historical fantasy. But I like trying out new genres of literature too :) While I usually write in my own language - that would be Dutch - sometimes I don't, because English is a pretty neat language too. I hope to publish both English and Dutch stories here!
Latest book: Yde

Follow me on Twitter at  nenewindbeneath AliasMu
Ma. Luisa Requino-Jasa “Imaan” grew up in Barangka, Marikina, Philippines with her mother and three other siblings. She helped her mother sell food and novelty sweets as a sidewalk vendor, and writing poems as a hobby in her spare time. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the Central College of the Philippines through a scholarship provided by the School Youth Development Program under the Quezon City Government in the Philippines in 1996. She earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2005. At age twenty, she became a Computer Instructor and pursued her passion in teaching. She is an experienced teacher in both IT and Business subjects, teaching in different coll ... read more
Latest book: Friends for a Reason… For a Season… And for a Lifetime - Book 1

Follow me on Twitter at  YouCanBeCivil Tony K. Mullins
Tony was Honorably Discharged from the United States Air Force after 8 years and 51 weeks of service. He currently works as an Information Technology Specialist for the Federal Government in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He holds degrees in Information Science and Systems and Business with an MBA in Leadership and Management. His time away from work is divided between spending time with his wife, Brandi, and daughter, Tasi (tah-see), operating his fledgling resume business, Goldkey Resume Service, doing art to support his other fledgling business, Sozo Design & Illustration, LLC., and helping out at his church, where he teaches classes for young adults and youth on a volunteer basis. He also enjoys sl ... read more
Latest book: There's No Reason You Can't Be Civil - A Guide for Veterans, Contractors, and Civilians for Finding a Career with the Federal Government

Follow me on Twitter at  UKOakDoors UK Oak Doors

Latest book: Your 2014 Home Improvement Calendar

Follow me on Twitter at  gabriellebergan Gabrielle Bergan
Gabrielle Bergan is a registered nurse with a diploma in psychiatric nursing. She holds a Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion from the University of Bergen, Norway, and has worked as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Bergen and Bergen University College. On a personal level, Gabrielle’s life has been a journey of exploration and self-discovery. Originally from Australia, Gabrielle lives in Norway. She is now a full-time author and speaker.
Latest book: Return to My Soul

Follow me on Twitter at  kauyin Tom Wells
Tom Wells was born in Adelaide, Australia, into a family of creative sparks and storytellers. Raised on Speculative Fiction, he has been reading and writing stories for most of his life. Though he only considered writing as a career when he realised he may go mad otherwise. Honing his craft through a variety of jobs, like selling video games, washing dishes, and dealing cards at a casino, he was eventually certified by the Queensland University of Technology. The piece of paper they gave him says something about Creative Writing, and it got him a job as a full-time writer. When he isn't working, he spends most of his time reviewing short fiction submissions for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, building ... read more
Latest book: The Realm Apparent

Follow me on Twitter at  somicoinc Stephanie Davis
An inspiring author, entrepreneur, humanitarian born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. Now a mother of two beautiful children. Stephanie Davis' life is true story about a woman that went through trials and tribulations throughout her life. Her triumphs and her faith kept her grounded through life. She has a gift for writing and behind that gift is passion. Passion to give you the best of the best in any genre she chooses to pen for her readers.
Latest book: Behind the Wall of Grace

Follow me on Twitter at  AuthorCAKeane Emily Keane
Freelance writer, Indie eBook author, and novelist. A native New Englander and Connecticut Yankee, she now divides her time betwixt the east and west coasts, Southern California and Florida. When she's not writing she spends her time fostering rescued Golden Retrievers, only happy when there are at least two furbuddies running amok in her home. She also runs, competing in 5k and 10k races and forever training for the elusive 20k of her dreams. An avid reader, she walks the dark streets and peeks into the lighted windows with her favorite authors, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Dean Koontz. She is always on the lookout for new Indie Authors as well and believes in giving them her full support. She was a parale ... read more
Latest book: Should Have Known

Follow me on Twitter at  gabbsean Sean Gabb
Sean Gabb is the author of 30 books and about 300 essays. Under the name Richard Blake, he has written six historical novels for Hodder & Stoughton. These have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Greek, Slovak, Hungarian, Chinese and Indonesian. Under his own name, he has written four novels. His other books are mainly about libertarian politics. He broadcasts regularly in the British media. He lives in Kent with his wife and daughter.
Latest book: The Tyburn Guinea: A Fragment

Follow me on Twitter at  karaswynn Kara Swynn
I write what I love to read and if that makes me a naughty girl...oh well...
Latest book: Surprise Huck

Follow me on Twitter at  Jamie_Dossie Jamie Dossie

Latest book: Double Back 2

Follow me on Twitter at  monsterotica Molly Dawn
Molly Dawn is the pseudonym for a woman who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has over 15 years of experience in the local video games scene and she writes novels in her spare time. Action thrillers, murder mysteries, romance novels, and as Molly Dawn, erotica.
Latest book: Mega-Packed! - 60+ Stories of Sexy Studs Cramming Horny Sluts!

Follow me on Twitter at  50TTK CZYK Publishing
50 Things to Know. What Do You Want to Know? 50 tips from people who just did what you want to do. Four reasons to purchase a "50 Things to Know" Book include not wasting your own time searching the internet for resources, supporting mostly women writers earning extra income for their families, ten cents of each book purchased is given to a teaching and learning charity (read more about this on the 50 Things to Know Blog), and the books are organized, packed with information, and easy read.
Latest book: Greater Than a Tourist – Sofia Bulgaria : 50 Travel Tips from a Local

Follow me on Twitter at  NLPNewYork Rachel Hott
Dr. Rachel B. Hott, who holds a Ph. D. in clinical psychology is a certified master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and co-director and co-founder of The NLP Center of New York. She is a NYS licensed clinical psychologist and holds a master degree in Dance/Movement Therapy. She is also a hypnotherapist certified by the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists (NBCCH). Rachel has been a course leader for American Management Association and a private consultant for executives. She has been trained by Jack Canfield to facilitate self-esteem trainings. Her specialization areas include: Performance anxiety, Sexuality, Life Transitions, Addictions and Healthy Lifestyles including ... read more
Latest book: NLP A Changing Perspective

Follow me on Twitter at  djjramsey Julie Ramsey
My name is Julie Ramsey. I have been a Respiratory Therapist for over 12yrs. I work in adult critical care. I love my job but I also love to read. I have always had tons of stories in my head. I just never knew how to get them to paper. Had tried several times but never successful. About two years ago I started my blog Julies Book Review ( It all started when I met an author on Facebook. She had made a comment that she would send me a free copy if I ran a blog. So i started one. About three or four months in, I posted a comment to twitter. I was going on vacation and asked if anyone would like a review let me know. I was booked six months out by the time my vacation starte ... read more
Latest book: Restraining An Alpha

Follow me on Twitter at  RobotandRaygun Christopher Ford
Robot and Raygun Science fiction Magazine
Latest book: Robot and Raygun 3

Follow me on Twitter at  pollyvannerotic Polly Vann
I’ve been too busy writing to pen the perfect biography … but I promise to get back to it one day! But for now … I’m female, mid-30s, of Russian extraction but live in Texas, and love sexy stories; it’s my privilege to be able to write them! I write under a different pen name for traditional publication, but found I enjoy short-form erotica even more. I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!
Latest book: The Amorous Agent

Follow me on Twitter at  missingsemester Gene Natali
Gene Natali Jr. is a Senior Vice President at C.S. McKee, L.P., a Pittsburgh based investment firm. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Allegheny College, and an MBA with a concentration in finance from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. He is currently a Level III candidate for accreditation as a Chartered Financial Analyst.
Latest book: The Missing Semester

Follow me on Twitter at  Letras_Cuba Ernesto Castro

Latest book: Letras cubanas del

Follow me on Twitter at  smcgroryklyza Sheila McGrory-Klyza
Sheila McGrory-Klyza was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She graduated from Wake Forest University with a BA in English and French and received her MA in English from the College of William and Mary. She has taught at Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, the University of Vermont, Middlebury College, and the New England Young Writers Conference. Her poems, essays, and articles have been published in national journals and magazines. She lives in Alexandria, Virginia, but also lived in Vermont for many years and makes frequent visits to France. She likes to cook, garden, and travel, and writes about these and other adventures on her blog The Vermont Epicure.
Latest book: Miming in French

Follow me on Twitter at  writeranthonyja Anthony James
Anthony James began writing at the age of 20. He has written short stories and novellas in the Sci-Fi, Fantasy and horror Genre's. Mall Pirates is his first full length Novel which has received honorable mention at the New York Book festival held in New York City. He resides in Westchester County New York and is married with three Children.
Latest book: Mall Pirates A New Beginning

Follow me on Twitter at  JW_Carey J.W. Carey
I've lived in the North-West of England my entire life, and in 23 years I haven't managed to achieve a single thing. I write these things because it lets me feel like I've achieved something, and it lets me tell myself that I am something beyond that which I am in my daily life.
Latest book: Solpadol

Follow me on Twitter at  ErikIstrup Erik Istrup
I write my own materials and translate, and work with all steps from layout, cover, editing through sending pre-press materials to print. Born in Denmark, I have for many years, worked as a technical designer and electronic engineer, specializing in programming and design. In Nov. 2005, I changed direction and in Jan. 2010, I got a bachelor in pedagogic (social educator) and am now working with autistic children in Greenland. ... and I ponder the big questions: At some point I asked the question: "Why am I here?" To answer that, I must know myself and "who am I?" pops up. After exploring, comes the question: "Why am I the one I am?" It leads to: "How did I become the one I am?" I begin to examine my life fro ... read more
Latest book: Lev livet enkelt

Follow me on Twitter at  YelenaProhorova Yelena Prohorova
Yelena Prohorova was born in St Petersburg in Russia in 1971, when it was still the Soviet Union. Her father was a doctor and her mother worked as a teacher of English. Yelena herself studied English at Moscow State University. She married a young KGB officer - who now owns a private security firm in Moscow - and she went with him when he was posted to Istanbul. Their relationship was volatile and in when their world fell apart with the collapse of the Soviet Union, she left him. She came under the protection of a Turkish businessman who had "dubious" business interests and, though she is coy about this period of her life, it is believed she lived in 'harem' where her knowledge of English and Russian enabled he ... read more
Latest book: Dirty Girls

Follow me on Twitter at  OnatArt Trine Christensen
Hi, I'm Trine. I'm an artist, writer and academic. I have a Master of Arts in International Studies from Århus University (Denmark), a Bachelor of Arts in Government and politics from Griffith University (Australia) and a diploma in Photography from Moreton Institute of TAFE (Australia). Whenever I get the time, I paint, take pictures and write. You can see my work on my website: I have lived in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and in Australia, but now resides in my birthtown Randers, in Denmark.
Latest book: Saving Elizabeth

Follow me on Twitter at  TiffanyLynnW88 Tiffany Woodruff
Hello, I am Tiffany. I have been writing since my pre-teens. It was my way to escape the world around me and get creative. I used to be very artistic but I haven't picked up my sketch pad all that much in these last few years unfortunately. I have been posting my stories to FanFiction as Matsuo Hotaru for several years as well. I finally decided I really wanted to give it my all and take the next step and get my works out there. I wanted to move beyond being an author to stories from popular shows and create my own characters. I have had a few story plots buzzing around my mind for a while and I hope you really appreciate the thought I am putting into them. I know each book I publish is very important so I will ... read more
Latest book: Beg

Follow me on Twitter at  onearth99 Rawee M.
For a long time I worked as an IT instructor, blogger, self-publisher and online business since March 2011. Since then, I have written and published several e-books. I am lucky to be able to make a living from my present career, blogging, running an online business and publishing e-books, and I am passionate about helping others do the same. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, reading books and traveling. Questions or comments? E-mail me at or find me on the following social networks: Face-book: Twitter: Website:
Latest book: Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites: The Complete Guide! (Online Business Series)