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Justin C Jones is a licensed General, Roofing and Plumbing Contractor in Florida. He is owner/operator of Heavenly Foundations Inc. Justin launched Contractors Networking for licensed contractors in 2013. Please contact him to connect
Latest book: Every Contractors Selling Handbook: Round Up Prospects, Build Value & Get Referrals

Follow me on Twitter at  JimRChristopher Jim Christopher
Dr. Jim Christopher was appointed Head of Kenneth Gordon Maplewood School in the Spring of 2012. Prior to coming to KGMS, Dr. Christopher was Head of Somersfield Academy, a pre-primary to Grade 10 Montessori and IB/MYP school in Devonshire Bermuda. Over his career, Jim has served as Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Independent Schools and the Canadian Educational Standards Institute for nine years; was Head of Weston School, a school for underachieving and learning disabled students, in Montreal; and, had a long and successful career in the public education system in Ontario Canada where he was a teacher, elementary and secondary Principal, and ultimately Superintendent of Schools in a large ru ... read more
Latest book: Beyond the Manual: A Realist's Guide to Independent School Governance

Follow me on Twitter at  BrianGodawa Brian Godawa
Brian Godawa is the screenwriter for the award-winning feature film, To End All Wars, starring Kiefer Sutherland, and Alleged, starring Brian Dennehy as Clarence Darrow and Fred Thompson as William Jennings Bryan. Previously Brian adapted to film the best-selling supernatural thriller novel The Visitation by author Frank Peretti for Ralph Winter (X-Men, Planet of the Apes), and wrote and directed several documentaries, including Wall of Separation for PBS. Brian’s articles on movies and philosophy have been published around the world. He has traveled around the United States teaching on movies, worldviews, and culture to colleges, churches, and community groups. His popular book, Hollywood Worldviews: Wat ... read more
Latest book: Enoch Primordial: Young Adult Edition

Follow me on Twitter at  KEastkott K. Eastkott
Born on an island in the South Pacific, from my first foray into The Hobbit at ten years old, through writers such as Ursula K. Le Guin and Anne McCaffrey, I spent my early years submerged in fantasy and science fiction. At nineteen I set out to discover the world and spent the next twenty-odd years living in and moving between countries such as Spain, Australia, New Zealand and England. I currently live between London and Barcelona. “The Jewel Fish Chronicles” is my first fantasy series, though I also write contemporary fiction as Kevin Booth. Through the Whirlpool and Twilight Crosser, the first two parts of the Jewel Fish Chronicles, are now available in print and as e-books, while Book III, Lake of Sto ... read more
Latest book: Lake of Stone - Book III of the Jewel Fish Chronicles

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidJLarson David Larson
David J. Larson is the founder and President of Sales & Marketing Technologies, a leading full-service web development and Internet marketing company headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Founded in 1991, SMT offers Internet marketing and web development services.
Latest book: Dental Websites Demystified

Follow me on Twitter at  clivealgar Clive Algar
Clive Algar was born in Cape Town in 1942 and has also lived in Johannesburg, Namibia and London. He was a group executive in an international mining company and started writing fiction when he retired and returned to South Africa. His first novel, Journeys to the End of the World, was published in 2007, and his second, Flowers in the Sand, in 2011. His third novel, Comets, was published as an eBook in 2013. He was invited to contribute a short story to a new Afrikaans anthology of Boer War stories (Boereoorlogstories 2) which was published by Tafelberg in 2012. His story “The Twins” appears in translation. Clive and his wife Sue divide their time between their mountain home near Wolseley, Western Cape Pr ... read more
Latest book: The Chain of Time

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Sally Jenkins is a British author living in Birmingham, England. The psychological thriller, 'Bedsit Three', is her first novel and follows on from success as a short story writer. Sally has also written for the UK print magazines 'Writers' Form' and 'Writing magazine'. Sally works as a computer programmer and is also a church bell ringer and a member of her local Speakers' Club.
Latest book: Bedsit Three: A Gripping Tale of Murder and Love

Follow me on Twitter at  clopeziglesias Covadonga Lopez Iglesias
Aunque nació en Salamanca, pasó la mayor parte de su infancia y adolescencia en Alicante, donde su familia aún reside. Se licenció en Sociología por la Universidad de Alicante y en Ciencias Políticas por la Freie Universität de Berlín. Tras trabajar como analista en cuestiones de política internacional y de seguridad para su gobierno, institutos políticos, organizaciones internacionales y empresas privadas, con la novela "El último pitillo", Covadonga debuta como escritora. Covadonga ha vivido y trabajado en EEUU, Alemania, Luxemburgo y España. En la actualidad, vive con su marido en Berlín.
Latest book: 13 con Alfred (La Saga Progreso, I)

Follow me on Twitter at  radtaylor Rad Taylor
Radwane 'Rad' Taylor is a 2011, 2012, and 2013 NaNoWriMo winner. In addition to writing, he enjoys playing the drums, basketball, running, bowling, drawing, and painting. He is a Louisiana native and resides in Baton Rouge, making a living as a senior software developer.
Latest book: The Children of Xenakis

Follow me on Twitter at  groomsbooks Megan Grooms
Megan a native of Maine, now resides in Texas with her husband, son, four dogs and three cats. She works at a child care facility during the day and weaves her literary magic in the moonlit hours. An avid reader herself she is excited to share her friends (otherwise known as characters) with everyone. Romance is mostly what she has out now but soon will be adding some Urban Fantasy and Mystery.
Latest book: Finding Samantha Rolling Hills Ranch Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  saunadiaries John Cruiser
John Cruiser has been a sexual daredevil all his adult life. Now he’s writing up his experiences and fantasies in a series of ebooks, including a series of gay cruising sex stories and more in the Shapeshifter Escort Service series. Others series are in the works.
Latest book: Glory Hole Initiation

Follow me on Twitter at  colleencmclain Colleen McLain
Born and raised in Minnesota, I wasn't a very popular girl. my shyness kept me isolated which is why I started reading, and then writing. My first novel was a 3rd graders idea of adventure. Trixie Beldon influnced me greatly, but as you can guess the story was strong the writing weak. Since then (29 years later) I was picked up by Kensington press, a short lived success. When my editor left, my stable option was not picked up and other editors didn't like my work. After a few submissions to other publishers and rejection after rejection I lay my pen down for a while. A week later I was back at it only this time I forgot the historicals which I never really wanted to write anyway. Dream Walkin' has ear ... read more
Latest book: Dream Walkin'

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Matt Mayevsky, an economist and political scientist specializing in foresight as also in forecasting. In 1998-2010 the serial entrepreneur carrying out authorial marketing, publishing and Internet projects. The author of non-fiction books, including "Cyfrowa przestrzeń biznesowa" (Polish Scientific Publishers PWN) and "The Clouds Economy" (Chiron Academic Press – Sweden). In addition, as a SF writer, he has published, among others, cyber romance “The Man Who Wanted to Understand Women" and an urban fantasy novel “Animal eFiction".
Latest book: Moja żona jest androidem

Follow me on Twitter at  kleigh Kevin Leigh
Kevin B. Leigh was raised in Walkinstown, a town on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. Today, Kevin lives in Alden, in Western NY with his wife Mary and his three boys. Kevin and his wife Mary focus their volunteer time with issues regarding children and were an emergency foster family before they had kids of their own. They support organizations like Kids Escaping Drugs ( and Child and Family Services ( in the Buffalo Area. Kevin is well known in the Geocaching community where he spends much of his off time in the woods with his boys hunting for and hiding treasures. His first book, "Gollup the Woods | Twin Power", is the first in a series based on the childhood stories his father Noel J. ... read more
Latest book: Gollup the Woods - Twin Power

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Self-publishing is a spectacular phenomenon showing how the electronic book creates a paradigm shift. Information technology makes it possible for authors to upload their work to a bookshop and decide how they will be published. It is the author who decides about the price tag, the distribution location and the key formatting features of the book. The books are published with POD (Print on Demand) methodology, as well. The circulation does not determine the retail price, it is possible to print even just one copy. The books at Publio are personalized, the customer decides about the sophistication level of the print: such as the title page quality or whether illustrations should be in colour. Another Publio d ... read more
Latest book: Odavágunk a könyvpiacnak!

Follow me on Twitter at  stellawaterhous Stella Waterhouse
My interest in autism dates back to the late 1960s when I worked in a Camphill School for children with learning disabilities. After completing a course in Curative Education at St. Christopher’s School in Bristol in the early 1970s I went on to work with children with a variety of special needs moving from there to spend 10 years working with emotionally disturbed adolescent boys.I then returned to work with adults with ASD in a residential home - first as a Senior Care Officer and then as Deputy Principal. Over the past forty years my work has encompassed two very different approaches to autism, giving me a basic grounding in the work of Rudolf Steiner and also a more psychoanalytical approach. Since the ... read more
Latest book: Why Does He Do That? A Parent's Guide to ASD

Follow me on Twitter at  jdnovice J.D. Novice
When not behind the cover of a page-turning novel, you'll find J.D. Novice peering through a camera lens in search of beautiful views. Often, she is baking her blues away. And, she stays up ridiculously late scribbling stories on large yellow notepads. Also shadowed by two toddlers, a teen, and a tall, dark and handsome fellow.
Latest book: Hunted

Follow me on Twitter at  mshollywinter Holly Winter
According to doctors, Holly Winter is the only one who suffers from two unrelated forms of amnesia. Read her stories. Understand her life. Learn about amnesia. Contact Holly via her website:
Latest book: Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias

Follow me on Twitter at  jillianwrites Jillian Eaton
Jillian Eaton grew up in Maine and now resides in Pennsylvania. When she isn't writing, Jillian is doing her best to keep up with her three very mischievous dogs. She loves horses, coffee, getting email from readers, ducks, and staying up late finishing a good book. She isn't very fond of doing laundry.
Latest book: A Brooding Beauty

Follow me on Twitter at  magicsreturn Chip Gagne
Chip Gagne is a software engineer whose main hobbies included reading and writing (and Lego, but that is a different story). Born on the hottest day of the year, Chip was guided to reading at an early age. Some of his favorite memories include weekly trips to a used book store where he inevitably would find a new science fiction, horror, or fantasy novel to read. Over the years, Chip wrote several short stories and even an attempt at a script or two, but never attempted to do anything with them once they were written. Yet he always had the drive and desire to create. After discovering a real enjoyment of fantasy and anything with dragons, he decided to try and persuade his mother, Pat, who had previously publ ... read more
Latest book: Magic's Return: Generations

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Latest book: Link (Night's Gate Series, Book 4)

Follow me on Twitter at  territheberri Terri-Ann Barrett
Terri-Ann Barrett is a PhD. student studying Linguistics at the Université Laval in Quebec. She is from the beautiful island of Jamaica, where she is a graduate of the University of the West Indies. Most importantly, she’s a child of God. Her favourite Bible character is David because he reminds her that even though we fall, we can still be called a man or woman after God’s own heart.
Latest book: Not Another One

Follow me on Twitter at  high12nlinetv J. Stanford
After a career in athletics I entered the professional world as an entrepreneur. My first business was Nafasi Fashions Intl. It was an underwear and loungewear design company. My second business was created and run simultaneously. It was a scouting and recruiting firm called Orion Scholar Athlete Resource Network. Orion was designed to provide exposure to the scholar athlete for college recruiters leveraging the advent of internet technology. My introduction to the world of corporate America saw me accept employment as a car salesman and miraculously fast graduation to car sales/finance management. My calling and natural inclination to entreprenuership sequed the information and skills gained in the finance off ... read more
Latest book: Man of the House, Inc.

Follow me on Twitter at  shanifinn Shani Finn
I write dark adult and hardcore erotica.
Latest book: Dark Erotica: Until She Screamed Again

Follow me on Twitter at  T_C_Phillips TC Phillips
TC Phillips considers himself to be a novice wordsmith with big aspirations. Hailing from tropical Central Queensland, Australia, when he’s not too busy sweating profusely he is usually running around after three beautiful young children or completing post-graduate studies in Writing. Somewhere in-between all that he also manages to squeeze in working as a workplace trainer. Primarily preoccupied with speculative fiction in all its forms and manifestations, he loves writing horror, historical fiction, sci-fi and fantasy. You can track his everyday encounters with the wonderful world of the written word on his website
Latest book: Just Like You

Follow me on Twitter at  Minhinnick_A Andrew Minhinnick
After years and years of doodles, poems and never finished stories I am trying to concentrate and complete some of them and produce in printed form, more for my own ambition than anything else. The Building is my first complete short story from a recent piece of work, I have already published those poems that I think are nearly there. I have been helped by Sarah Milan in editing The Building and Alejandra Bize for her cover illustration.
Latest book: The Building

Follow me on Twitter at  oshafiro Oren Shafir
Oren was born in Beer-Sheeba, Israel and has been living in Bagsværd, Denmark for many years. His fate, therefore, seems to involve cities with long names that have tricky pronunciations and start with the letter B. If this were true of a character in one of his stories, it might have literary significance, but probably not. Aside from short stories, Oren has dabbled in flash fiction, poetry, film and musical theatre.
Latest book: Small Truths and Other Lies

Follow me on Twitter at  JoanieChevalier Joanie Chevalier
Hi! I live in the East Bay area of San Francisco. I work for a large law firm as a legal secretary in beautiful San Francisco. During my free time I love to write, spend time in my yard creating color, and going for scenic drives; which are plentiful in beautiful California. Camping is also a favorite pastime, and I have a teardrop trailer so I don't have to sleep on the ground and love to see different sights in the surrounding areas and states, particularly the National Parks. There's nothing better in the whole wide world than sitting in front of a campfire gazing at the stars, and then in the morning smelling the delicious aroma of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon. That's my idea of a great vacation!
Latest book: Deadly Dating Games

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Latest book: Dancing with Idioms 1

Follow me on Twitter at  Dr_aether C. B. Ash
C. B. Ash holds degrees as a Physical Scientist and Computer Scientist. Since college, he has run his own networking business, worked as laboratory technician, taught martial arts, and traveled for several years as a software engineering consultant. Currently he shares his time between software architecture, web design and slaving away over outlines for new manuscripts … when he's not keeping his cat off his keyboard. During that time he has written several fantasy and science fiction short stories, a fantasy/murder mystery novel and several poems. His first novel, Kinloch, was published in May, 2004. The Tales of the Brass Griffin series is his latest work. To find out more, visit:
Latest book: Dead Men's Tales

Follow me on Twitter at  writingsofamrs Jennifer David (Writings of a Mrs)
I seem to have this ability to express myself through writing and I rather enjoy it. I learned from a very young age that if I were to write about how I was feeling or thinking it would be well received, often more so than any attempts at verbalizing the same thoughts. I want to write. Not only about the things that come easily and naturally for me but I want to expand and broaden my areas of confidence when it comes to writing. I have never given it time or attention. I’m not sure how or about what or why but I feel pulled, drawn, that the universe is calling, that it’s time to begin the journey. It is my hope and dream that I get fulfillment from this mecca of mine. I want to learn and grow as a wri ... read more
Latest book: The Vault Main Floor

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Nasceu numa pequena e pacata aldeia da província, em 1981, onde até a morte é lenta. As vicissitudes da vida obrigaram-no a deambular por diferentes destinos, primeiro para estudar, depois para tentar ter um sustento - um trabalho. É licenciado, mas isso não lhe serve para nada, ou apenas para lhe dizerem que tem qualificações a mais, quando não lhe podem dizer que a experiência é a menos. Escritor, Poeta, Blogger, Sonhador. Umas vezes empregado, a maioria das vezes desempregado, a engendrar uma forma de sobrevivência que só com muitos sobressaltos e soluços lhe têm sido possível. E muitas outras coisas. Contudo, nenhuma que lhe renda dinheiro - fama, reconhecimento, ou posição - ou outra co ... read more
Latest book: Os Cadernos Secretos de Sébastian

Follow me on Twitter at  dougrickaway Doug Rickaway
My name is Doug Rickaway and I am an author from Texas. I enjoy consuming art in many forms: books, movies, music, and video games. Some of my favorite authors are Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Hugh Howey, the two guys with the initials "R.R.", Robert Heinlein, etc. I have always enjoyed writing, from the silly prompts in the back or our standardized reading and writing tests, all the way up to the scribblings in yellow legal pads that I filled by the dozens in intermediate and high school. By trade I am a classically trained double bass player (my fellow Texans know it as a "bull fiddle") and an orchestra director at the high school in my community. I help students learn to play violin, viola, cello, bass, and ... read more
Latest book: Fulcrum

Follow me on Twitter at  Lolahlace Lolah Lace
Lolah Lace is a best selling author of Erotic Romantic Fiction in various sub genres. She currently resides in the Chicagoland area. She started her writing career as a teleplay and screenplay writer before switching gears and tackling a novel. She spends most of her spare time reading and watching ridiculous amounts of TV. She is passionate about writing and has a wealth of unfinished books she plans to finish. Although she has been writing for years, Let's Play Ball is her first erotic interracial romance book. She decided to make it into a series of seven books called Balls To The Walls Erotica Series. Lolah Lace is currently hard at work writing the sequel to La Femme Selita and the highly anticipated The T ... read more
Latest book: Violation

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River Fairchild is somewhat odd, brandishes a dry sense of humor, owned by several cats. Lives in a fantasy world. A fabricator of magic. Makes stuff up and spins tales about it. Believes in Faerie crossings and never staying in one place for very long. Speculative Fiction wordsmith. The secret to her stories? Spread lies, blend in truths, add a pinch of snark and a dash of tears. Escape into her world. She left the porch light on so you can find your way down the rabbit hole.
Latest book: Ghosts of Fire

Follow me on Twitter at  JTrippierHolt Jackie Trippier Holt
Jackie's career has been varied: bar maid, fortune teller, market trader, public relations officer, teacher, newspaper and online journalist, copywriter and freelance writer of women’s erotica. So far she's published three books from the 'Dirty Monsters' series, and an unrelated full-length work ‘Annie, the Doll, its Thief and her Lover’.
Latest book: Freaks Like Us

Follow me on Twitter at  mytucents Larry Powell
Larry Powell is currently a Dallas-based marketing and advertising professional. Although he has extensive experience in journalism as an academician and business entrepreneur, Life’s Little Book of Survival Quotes is his first foray into publishing his own works. After the Twin Towers terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, all but destroyed his means to earn a living (resulting in the loss of his business, his marriage and his home, colleagues, friends and family members), he fought his internal demons and realized there was no other choice but to pull up his boot straps and keep participating in his life. As new doors started to open, his desire to bring uplifting, inspirational messages and tools ... read more
Latest book: Life's Little Book of Survival Quotes

Follow me on Twitter at  jfm9561 J. F. Manning
I'm a self-professed, lifelong computer geek. I majored in English Literature and later earned a Master's degree in Library Information Science. After a number of years supervising a public library branch Reference Desk, I moved over to the administrative office as the IT/IS Manager for the entire library system. I have been writing fiction and poetry as a hobby for most of my life.
Latest book: The Unicorn Papers {Yang ~ Sun}

Follow me on Twitter at  B477M4N Philip E. Batt
For as long as I can remember I have read and enjoyed books of all kinds, although I mostly enjoy reading fantasy, science fiction and horror. I guess that I have always written stories, in one form or another but it was only a few years ago that I vowed to tackle that mountain called "the novel". It wasn't that I didn't have any stories, I did, it was more that I wasn't actually sure what the process looked like. That was until I put the effort into looking at creating a process that worked for me. The result was that the dream that I always had to write that novel had a way of getting from my imagination and down into book format. My first novel "Angels" is the result and "Redemption", the second book in Th ... read more
Latest book: Redemption

Follow me on Twitter at  timwjax Tim W. Jackson
Armed with a newly-minted master’s degree in creative writing, former journalist Tim W. Jackson knew he was qualified to be a bartender, a waiter, or to apply to a PhD program. Instead he chose Secret Option D: run off to the Caribbean to work as a scuba instructor by day and write fiction at night. More than a decade later, he still wishes that was half as interesting as it sounds. Or even a quarter . . . Jackson is the award-winning author of the literary novel Mangrove Underground and The Blacktip Times humor blog. His second novel, Blacktip Island, is a comic misadventure set in the Caribbean. His “Tales From Blacktip Island” short stories have been published in literary journals worldwide. He is cur ... read more
Latest book: They Call It Duppy Love

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Left-handed. Father of an apparent nudist. Husband to a half-Norwegian. Herder of cats and dogs. Lover of pie. I write books. I've had an unhealthy fascination with dragons since the age of-- well, for a while. Native Floridian. Current Tennessean. Location subject to change based on insurrection, upheaval, or availability of coffee. Nine books and counting, with no end in sight. You've been warned.
Latest book: Banshee

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Mark Lipp: Mark is a charismatic, well-spoken expert who has lived the life with both a brother who was an addict for almost 30 years, and a daughter who is an active heroin addict. Mark is a Robbins-Madanes “Strategic Intervention Coach”. As a Strategic Coach Mark helps people transform their lives in areas such as Business, Interpersonal Relationships, Communications, Family Issues and Transforming Yourself into what you desire. Mark is a frequent motivational speaker to those people whose families suffer from the ongoing problem of addiction. Mark has been hailed as an honest, refreshing, emotional, and entertaining motivational speaker. He shares the most intimate details of his life, his journey, a ... read more
Latest book: An Addict Within

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An Accidental Writer ~ Writing was a tool, not a toy, until a stay in a haunted hotel. Howling wind and creaking floors sent Becca to a bookcase full of dog eared romances. Sleeplessness turned to fascination. Hooked she read old romances, new romances, both sexy and sweet, until her own tales begged to be written. Becca now lives in Wyoming with her family. Despite frequent travels she is, at heart, a homebody believing the mind is the most fascinating playground of all.
Latest book: From Florida With Love: Sunrise & Stormy Skies

Follow me on Twitter at  kalashley Katherine Lashley

Latest book: History of Lataria

Follow me on Twitter at  dalepikeerotica Dale Pike
I'm just a regular guy with some less than regular stories. Some are true and some are fiction and I try to blend them into an erotica tale. I hope you enjoy them, feedback is always appreciated.
Latest book: Desired Betrayal

Follow me on Twitter at  damientracey Damien Tracey
Damien was born in Cork, Ireland. The youngest of five children, Damien developed a passion for theatre from a very young age. His love has seen him, perform, write, and produce in both Ireland and the UK. Warde Street marks Damiens ninth play to be produced and his first to be published.
Latest book: Warde Street

Follow me on Twitter at  babunner B A Bunner
Father of four who is trying to hammer out prose between nap-time, play-time and jump-on-daddy time. I live in a 60's cookie-cutter in Central Ohio, Tackle odd jobs to pay the bills, and still marvel at my family for sticking with me through all this. Two ebooks published so far. The Wonder Series: exploring the fantastic in every day stories. Hoping to add more as soon as the Muse catches up with me. Fingers crossed.
Latest book: The Performance

Follow me on Twitter at  BethReason Beth Reason
I love to try new ways to create things. However, writing is the only thing I always come back to. Life interrupted my path several times, until finally my family said to bite the bullet and give this scary "putting myself out there" thing a try.
Latest book: Children of the After: The Diary of Leaf Jackson

Follow me on Twitter at  DirtySweetss Sweet Lix Media
Roxanne Sweet enjoys writing stories that don't just turn you on but also push your limits, making you question your assumptions about the world around you. So far the kinks she has explored in her short stories include interracial relationships, breeding, diapers, age play, watersports, bondage, dubcon, and age differences. Visit Roxanne's website at to subscribe for her mailing list for updates on new releases and special coupons and discounts, or follow her on Twitter at!
Latest book: Controlling the Club Chicks (MFFFFFF Mind Control Erotica)

Follow me on Twitter at  theleilabkblog Leila Boukarim
Years before I had children, I never thought I wanted them. But the day I had my first, I couldn’t imagine my life without him. My children have made me who I am today. They are my heart, they are my soul, they are the air that I breathe. They are my everything. My four year old is a Highly Sensitive Child. My husband and I didn’t always know that. We knew that he always stood out in every group he was a part of, in ways that were both good and not so good. And although we knew how amazing he was, not everyone could see it. He is often misunderstood by family members, other children, and his teachers. We finally put our finger on what this was when I discovered Elaine Aron and her book, The Highly Sensitiv ... read more
Latest book: Thank Goodness for Different