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Follow me on Twitter at @emmalsmithbooks Emma L Smith
I have always wanted to be a writer. Well apart from the brief time when I was four and wanted to sell pots on the market. No matter where my life has led me, books have always been a constant in my life. They have guided me through the many mysteries of the human heart and mind. Not everything I've read has been good and not everything I've written has been that way either. However, I power on through regardless and hopefully one day I'll write something that will touch the soul of just one person. I hope you like what I write and I'd love to hear from you. I'm accepting volunteers for beta reading so let me know if you have the patience to work with someone who's mind is always on the next thing and never ... read more
Latest book: Double Down
Follow me on Twitter at @Ibcutie33 Deborah Wheat
Latest book: MULE
Follow me on Twitter at @NathanOHagan Nathan O'Hagan
35 year old writer, from Merseyside, living in Northamptonshire. Writer of two as-yet-unpublished novels, one ebook of self-published short stories, and an unfinished screenplay. 'Purge' only 99p until 18th December
Latest book: Purge
Follow me on Twitter at @BlackwoodBella Bella Blackwood
Hi, I'm Bella Blackwood, author of Caveman and other soon to be published erotic stories. I've always had a passion for writing and erotica and I am having the time off my life penning my own erotic stories. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I have writing them! To keep up with my work and latest releases you can follow me on Twitter or check me out of Facebook. I'd love to see you there! I would also love to hear from you so if you want to get in touch, feel free to email me at: Thank you for dropping by.
Latest book: Caveman
Follow me on Twitter at @lovegeathers Tamara Geathers
Dr. Tamara Geathers, is a native of Georgetown South Carolina (USA). She graduated from South Carolina State College with both a B.S and M.S. Degree. She furthered her education at Walden University and obtained a Ph.D in Education. Tamara currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She has own a retail business, and aspires to become an actress, inventor and business owner. She has appeared as an extra in two sitcoms and one movie. She was an actress in a You Tube Movie entitled " The Ancient Book of Krawlz" which was released on Friday, July 13, 2012.
Latest book: Inseparable Love In An Unpredictable World
Follow me on Twitter at @tulsirames Tulasi Acharya
Tulasi Acharya was born in the South Asian country of Nepal. He completed his master's degree in English in Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. He also taught English and journalism courses at colleges in Nepal, where he authored textbooks on mass communication and journalism. A prolific writer, Acharya published short stories, poems, and articles in Nepali journals, national newspapers and online. He moved to the United States in 2008 to pursue a master’s degree in creative writing and subsequently earned a third master's degree in women's studies. A proponent of women’s rights and fair treatment, he presented a paper on “Patriarchal Bureaucracy” at Yale University and has worked with Partnership Again ... read more
Latest book: Running from the Dreamland
Follow me on Twitter at @monkliving David J. Brown
My name is David J. Brown. I have been an Adult Educator for over twenty years, currently providing college prep support for people in the medical field wanting to pursue higher education. My wife and I live in Central New York with our two cats. Our sons, Chris and Pat, are adults pursuing their own dreams as a medical doctor and videographer respectively. My passions are writing, gardening, and wine. I have previously published other books including: a romantic novel entitled, “A Monk Among Us”, and a first aid book entitled, “Don’t Panic”. The Sex and the Gang Girls submission is the first of three parts.
Latest book: A Monk Among Us
Follow me on Twitter at @ipengreatbooks Larry Thomas
My desire to become an author developed through the years as my own children grew. We read books every night. When they were little I read to them. As they grew, and learned how to read, they read to me. We congregated on the couch, or on one of their beds, and read stories together. It was fun, crazy, and sometimes frustrating. There were times when schedules made group reading difficult, but individual sessions were managed most nights. During those years of family growth, I developed the desire to write my own books. Initially I thought about writing children’s books – and developed outlines for a couple of them. Jeremy Raybourne was one of those initial children’s books. But as my children g ... read more
Latest book: Jeremy Raybourne: The Genesis Dawns (Book Two: Journey To The New Awakening)
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorShanMarie Shan Marie
Shan Marie was born, Shanna Marie Teasley in December of 1980 to Deacon James (deceased) and Deaconess Priscilla Teasley. Although born in Atlanta, GA she was raised in Decatur, GA (east of Atlanta) and discovered her love for writing at a very early age. Searching for a place to belong and how she could fit into the equation of life, at the tender age of nine, she wrote her first short story. Always having a vivid imagination – in addition to real life situations and circumstances – she began to put her thoughts and feelings on paper. Overwhelmed with a need to express herself – also to simply entertain others – she continued to explore the newly found passion for literature. She fell head-over-hee ... read more
Latest book: Candy Lady 2 Dope Never Tasted So Good
Follow me on Twitter at @TribalContact Liam L. Carton
Liam Carton has had more job diversity than he cares to remember, but mostly he has focused on lecturing and software development. He has run a number of businesses over the years and now runs TribalContact, a technology start-up focused on encrypted web-based communication. He has always advocated for human rights and civil liberties, and remains deeply concerned with the direction that the world is taking. He is convinced that, without significant action by ordinary people, a virtual panopticon will soon be completed. He believes that if this ever comes to fruition then it can never be undone. "The entire world is allowing its most basic freedoms to be eviscerated with virtually no backlash, no anger, no upr ... read more
Latest book: The Kubic Kat
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorAndyWells Andrew James Wells
Andrew James Wells, born on 11th September 1975, is an English author originally from the small village of Yarm and now residing in Stockton. Andrew started writing when he was fifteen years of age where he started writing poetry based on life experiences and issues he felt strongly about, these can be seen in his poetry book ‘Past Visions’. Since writing, what is known now as, Past Visions in 1991, Andrew took a huge break before starting again in 2012 with a new writing method and a more mature outlook to his work. Again this poetry was based on his own experiences and issues he felt strongly about, starting with the eBook ‘Shattered Glass Mind’. Andrew has always had a passion of how words, especi ... read more
Latest book: Love & Hate
Follow me on Twitter at @AngelaB87334297 Angela (Angie) Blake
My name is Angela (Angie) Blake. I like to be called Angie. I was born in Pocatello, Idaho. We moved to Oregon in 1965 and I've been here ever since. I was originally born a Rossi. My family is from Frozinone, Italy. One of my hobbies other than writing is doing family research. I love getting and keeping in touch with family members. The other side of my family is from Peculiar, Missouri. Quite the combination wouldn't you say? I love writing. I write books, short stories, poetry, articles etc. I also love to camp, fish, hike and take pictures of the great outdoors, and cats are some of my favorite people! I hope you enjoy my books!
Latest book: Blood Cravings
Follow me on Twitter at @Viver_emLondres Eclezio MF
Meu nome é Eclezio nascí e crescí no litoral de São Paulo e me mudei para a capital antes de vir para Londres. E sou formado em Telecomunicações pelo Cefet-SP e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas pela Unigran, estudei Ciências da Computação na Kings Instutute em Londres e em 2014 vou iniciar um MBA Executivo para complementar minha formação. Eu falo português, inglês, algo de espanhol e seu um pouco de húngaro. Eu tenho vivido em Londres desde 2005 onde encarei a entrada no país, o duro dia-a-dia da vida na terra da rainha o que meu ofereceu muita experiência para poder escrever este livro de uma forma deliciosa e engraçada e ao mesmo tempo séria. Eu também residí na Hungria Budapeste) por 2 ano ... read more
Follow me on Twitter at @booksmango Murlidhar Rao
Murlidhar Rao was born on 7th September 1951. He is an Electrical engineer and has worked in Indian power sector for 37 years. His first book “Oh! God Why do we need you?” was self published and released in the year 2006. Subsequently it was translated to regional language ‘Kannada’ and published by Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan Bangalore, an institute of repute. The book was bestseller in regional language. The second book was a tea table edition for a limited circulation. Idea of the present book was conceived by the author during his visit to Bangkok and Pattaya in Thailand. Murlidhar Rao is a meditator and conducts workshops on meditation. He has also released a CD on meditation called “Theory and pract ... read more
Latest book: Journey - From Wine to Divine
Follow me on Twitter at @ebabbie Earl Babbie
Earl Babbie is a retired sociology professor. For more than 40 years, his college textbooks on social research methods have been the best sellers in the USA and around the world. They are available in numerous translations. With his retirement from teaching, Earl has chosen to expand his writing activities to short stories, novels, screenplays, and other non-textbooks. He has had a lifelong passion for writing, with his first crime stories written when he was 7 or 8 years old. His aim is to put words together in such a way as to make the reader laugh or cry or both.
Latest book: The Fourth Guard
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorPabon Richard Pabon
Richard Pabon is the author of "Love Has No Distance" and has written other titles called "Stalker" and "Marijuana: 100 Benefits". Follow Richard Pabon @AuthorPabon on Twitter for new upcoming titles!
Latest book: Marijuana: 100 Benefits
Follow me on Twitter at @claireapplew Claire Applewhite
Claire Applewhite, a mystery and suspense author, is a graduate of St. Louis University. Her published books include The Wrong Side of Memphis, Crazy For You, St. Louis Hustle, Candy Cadillac and Tennessee Plates. She is an adjunct professor at the University of Missouri St. Louis, and has served as a Past President of the Missouri Writers Guild and Board member of the Midwest Chapter, Mystery Writers of America. Her organizational memberships include the St. Louis Metropolitan Press Club, St. Louis Writers Guild, Sisters in Crime, Ozark Writers League and Active member, Mystery Writers of America.
Latest book: Tennessee Plates
Follow me on Twitter at @JaysFromAway Jay Blue
A lifelong Toronto Blue Jays fan, Jay Blue started blogging about the Jays when he was living in Berlin, Germany. He founded his own blog, Blue Jays from Away, to write about developments with his home town team, focusing on the Jays' minor league system. He now gets broaden his prospecting ways as a co-editor of FanSided's Grading on the Curve and writing as a staff writer for Jays Journal. When he's not watching baseball, he is usually on the diamond umpiring or he's pursuing his research interests in the field of ethnomusicology.
Latest book: The 2017 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook
Follow me on Twitter at @JavierVallejoW Javier Vallejo
Mi nombre es Javier Vallejo y desde hace Marzo de 2013 me dedico a los negocios por internet. Nací en Madrid (España) el 7 de Noviembre de 1976 y crecí junto a mi familia en el centro de la Ciudad. Posteriormente nos trasladamos a Vivir a las afueras de Madrid a la Localidad de Getafe, donde estuve Viviendo muchos años. Desde qué era pequeño siempre sentí una gran atracción hacia los aviones, lo que me llevó a estudiar para piloto comercial de líneas aéreas años más tarde. Trabaje durante 12 años en aeropuertos, donde tuve la oportunidad de realizar trabajos como: operario de equipajes, auxiliar administrativo, agente de facturación y auxiliar de vuelo. A pesar de mi dedicación y esfuerzo par ... read more
Latest book: Un Blog Para Tu Multinivel: La Solución Que Necesitas
Follow me on Twitter at @jhawker69 Ronald E. Yates
Author's Bio: Ronald E. Yates Ronald E. Yates is an author of historical fiction and action/adventure novels, including the popular and highly-acclaimed Finding Billy Battles trilogy. His extraordinarily accurate books have captivated fans from around the world who applaud his ability to blend fact and fiction. Ron is a former foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and Professor Emeritus of Journalism at the University of Illinois where he was also the Dean of the College of Media. His book, "The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles," is the second in his Finding Billy Battles trilogy of novels and was published in June 2016. The first book in the trilogy, "Finding Billy Battles," was published in 201 ... read more
Latest book: The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles
Follow me on Twitter at @Mybliss1 Jeannie Palmer
Best Selling Author, passionate writer, blogger, freelancer, mom of two boys, adventurer in life and spirituality, and torch bearer for stray animals. Jeannie Palmer is an avid reader and writer. She receives excellent reviews from everyone who reads her work, including such notables as Richard L. Jennings and Dr. Joyce Knudsen. Focused on child psychology, her work often filters through young adult dilemmas and their resolution through modern language and rhetoric. “Palmer is a woman with a soul that shines like a nearby planet in the night summer sky. Incredibly, it shines just as brightly in her work.” ~ Richard W. Jennings, Author of Orwell’s Luck. “We have all been in situations where we nee ... read more
Latest book: Shattered
Follow me on Twitter at @TimErnstFitness Tim Ernst
Tim Ernst is the founder of TurnAroundFitness. He created this site for anyone who wants to turn their life around through gaining weight and building muscle. 2001 was the toughest year of his life. He was 25 years of age when his closest brother past away at the age of 24, (a drug overdose). He also was engaged to a woman who decided to leave 4 months after his brothers death. What a horrific time and loss. He was left standing at a crossroad not knowing what to do next until a co-worker introduced him to the gym. These past events would be the catalyst that would catapult him to have a desire to better his life both spiritually and physically. This is when Tim and his co-worker started working out. Tim neede ... read more
Latest book: 5 Commandments To Maximal Muscle
Follow me on Twitter at @onlyapound David Johnstone
David Johnstone edits the cfcuk Chelsea football fanzine and has collaborated on several Gate 17 publications including Making History Not Reliving It and Chelsea Here Chelsea There.
Latest book: Making History, Not Reliving It
Follow me on Twitter at @rachael_snead Rachael Snead
Rachael Snead is a children's book author and poet. Rachael is a member of the Virginia Writer's Club. She resides in Virginia with her husband and adopted son.
Latest book: Long Tail, Short Tail
Follow me on Twitter at @thedanjohnston Dan Johnston
Dan Johnston is a #1 international best-selling author, speaker, coach, and recognized expert in the fields of confidence, psychology and personal transformation. As a coach, one of his specialties is helping clients discover their natural talents, apply them to their true purpose and create a plan of action to live the life of their dreams. Dan has been a student of psychology, personal change and social interaction for over a decade. His passion for helping others feel and be their best drives his continuous pursuit to understand exactly how people work. Dan's educational background includes a degree in Psychology from a world-renowned University, training with Anthony Robbins at his Leadership Academy, a ... read more
Latest book: ENFP Inspired and Inspiring: Famous and Successful ENFPs Speak Out About Happiness, Wealth, Relationships and Life’s Purpose
Follow me on Twitter at @WenhamToo Christopher Wenham
Christopher lives in Maryland and has been writing fiction and nonfiction since 1994. Originally from England, Chris moved to America in the late 1980s and fell in love with everything on the spot.
Latest book: Anything That Spins
Follow me on Twitter at @swfitness Jodelle Fitzwater
"Hi, my name is Jodelle Fitzwater and I'm an ACSM certified Personal trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach & Certified Food Psychology Coach, e-RYT 200, Pilates Instructor, TRX Instructor, PaddleFit Instructor and BiC SUP Midwest Ambassador. My goal is to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. I love to help people learn how to lead healthier lives inside and out. I have a desire to help people. I live to serve. And there was no better way to do that than to live a life of love and give 100% pure love into everything she worked at and to everyone that my Creator brought into my life. I also came to the realization that I couldn't live without movement and water and decided I must be a mermaid. I have Bic ... read more
Latest book: Understanding Fat Storage & Fat Loss!
Follow me on Twitter at @berrymanthomas Thomas Berryman
I am currently working on writing short stories and novels of different genres. I have uploaded a free book 'You Wish' part one of a 3 part series along with a poetry anthology 'Spit It' consisting of 100 poems and rhymes. Seeking artists for illustrations on possible graphic novels if any are interested. If anyone would like to collaborate on anything you can get in contact with me via any of the sites linked on my profile and send me a message. TB
Latest book: Spit It
Follow me on Twitter at @DaveCallahan3 Dave Callahan
Dave Callahan is an author of book serials and books. Most Noted: Better Stay Dead, Cowboys From Hell
Latest book: Better Stay Dead 1: John's Shout
Follow me on Twitter at @theChrisDobson Chris Dobson
Chris Dobson comes from a background in the history of applied arts: specifically arms and armour. In 1985 he established a studio to reconstruct and restore armour and edged weapons, and soon he became known as one of the foremost craftsmen in his field, with leading public and private collections worldwide among his clients. Chris is unique in his various fields of study, and in fact in most of the museum world: not only does he have the 'hands-on' experience of an artist and Master Craftsman, he also carries out independent academic research and curatorial work for public and private collections. In 1995 he was appointed as Master Armourer to the Royal Armouries, the first Master appointed since the 17th Ce ... read more
Latest book: Two Besagews. A Comparison of Some Surviving 15th Century Shoulder Defences
Follow me on Twitter at @monehartman Mone Hartman
Mone Hartman was born in Germany in the nineteensixties. She studied humanities/arts at the Universities of Münster, Bochum and Berlin and did further trainings in information and communication technology, where she put the emphasis on SAP Basis Administration; up to now, systemadmin is her profession she lives on. As an author, she acts independent; Hartman prefers forms of short fiction in prose and lyrics, writes essays, new media texts, and likes experimenting with electronic writing games (in most cases, they trace back to dadaistic/surrealistic methods). More information and texts are available on:
Latest book: Ihr Kinderlein! Kommet!
Follow me on Twitter at @fengshuigal Gloria Ng
Gloria Ng is an Oakland-based mother of three who writes on Owl Time. Her work has appeared in anthologies, including YELL-Oh Girls! (HarperCollins, 2001) Seeing the lack of bilingual books to read to her children, she created the Mama Gloria Chinese-English Bilingual Books series. Free download of Cloth Diapering Made Easy when you sign up for her email newsletter at:
Latest book: The Yin and Yang of Loss
Follow me on Twitter at @charity_ferrell Charity Ferrell

Latest book: Karma
Follow me on Twitter at @RSimonAnderson R. Simon Anderson
Although from England, I have lived in the United States for most of my life. I have an avid interest in aviation, suspense and a Cold War fascination of the cat-and-mouse game between the two former Super Powers -not to mention the geo-political landscape then and now. The latter helped in writing my 5 Star-rated first novel "Frontiers."
Latest book: Frontiers
Follow me on Twitter at @TripodiAuthor Antonio Tripodi
Born in Adelaide, Australia, to Italian immigrants, Antonio Tripodi grew up believing the lies that his words weren’t worth two cents, a belief that turned writing into a tiresome nightmare. His speaking little English as a child led to difficulties in primary school and fuelled those false beliefs regarding his writing, beliefs which he overcame with the help of his love for God and creating original stories. He chose to work with a professional creative writer to rewrite the manuscript, and a mystery specialist to review, edit and proofread the manuscript for JD Series Book 1. After finishing Year Eleven, he went on to complete a Fitter and Turner Apprenticeship, Graphic Design Degree, Advanced Diploma in ... read more
Latest book: Everyone's Vegetarian
Follow me on Twitter at @amy_raenbow Amy Rae Durreson

Latest book: The Lodestar of Ys
Follow me on Twitter at @7BarrytMartin Barry Martin
I was born in North London in the UK in the mid 60's and grew up in Hertfordshire before moving to Suffolk after many other moves. I have had some limited success in the past but 2014 is the big push as I have written over 20 short stories in the past 12 months and I'm currently working on a Novel. I have a total of 5 children and 7 grand children a dog called George, two cats Alfie and Garfield as well as a rabbit called Robbie, so there are a lot of stories to be written and published for first set of short stories are out in the first part of Jan 2014.
Latest book: Eight bites of life.
Follow me on Twitter at @Dendra_dm Dendra D.M.
Meticulous animal, chaotic philosopher. A middle-distance runner and a poet in a never-ending quest of becoming a better man.
Latest book: A Collection of Riddles
Follow me on Twitter at @Ferns__ Sharyn Ferns
Sharyn Ferns is an Australian author, top sex blogger, beach dweller, and avid reader. Passionate about what she does, her books are truth-driven, fierce, and original. She is lucky enough to live at the beach where she listens to the surf while she writes. She says it really is just as idyllic as it sounds. Her writing about female dominance and male submission is largely a reaction to the fact that when she started out exploring BDSM some 20 years ago, she struggled to find stories that reflected her experiences and desires: Passion-driven relationships full of love and affection and incredible hotness. She started writing about her own D/s adventures on her award winning sex blog, http://www.domme-chroni ... read more
Latest book: How to Make Your First BDSM Scene Amazing: For Dominant Women
Follow me on Twitter at @carolmatas Carol Matas
An internationally best-selling author of over 45 books for children and young adults, Carol Matas writes in all genres, from historical fiction to fantasy, science fiction to contemporary. Carol’s books have been published all over the world in more than fifteen languages, garnering over a hundred awards and nominations. Tucson Jo, an historical novel for middle grades set in the Wild West, was a 2014 National Jewish Book Awards Finalist. Her other awards include a 2014 Sydney Taylor Honor Book Selection, a 2014 Canadian Jewish Book Award, the inaugural Silver Birch Award, the Geoffrey Bilsen Award for Historical Fiction for Young Readers, a New York Times Notable Book Award, as well as two nominations for ... read more
Latest book: Cloning Miranda
Follow me on Twitter at @aalok_wyckid A.M. Wyckid
I don't write because I want to write. I write because I have to write. There is darkness inside me that won't be denied. Even though it's dark, thing generally work out, but not always in the way my characters (or readers) might expect.
Latest book: Incubus
Follow me on Twitter at @KimberSDawn Kimber S. Dawn
Hey, I'm Kimber and I really freaking hope y'all enjoy AWGM! If you get a chance, throw me a review up on my FB page, or Goodreads if you loved it! I am a whore for reviews. Ahh... let's see, what can I tell you about my self... Well, first of all I'm a straight up whore for many, many things. I'm a wine whore, some would say I'm a functional alcoholic, and I'm totally cool with that title. Now the day my cheese completely falls off my cracker and I lose the functional in that title, well yeah never mind. Even then I'll deny that shit. I'm a whore for Victoria's Secret, no seriously, like my VS Angel's Credit Card s ... read more
Latest book: A Woman Gone Mad
Follow me on Twitter at @italo_salieri Italo Salieri
Italo Salieri è uno scrittore amatoriale nato nel 1983. La sua solida preparazione scientifica e l'innata propensione a usare la propria fantasia lo hanno spinto fin da ragazzo verso la fantascienza - suo genere preferito sia come scrittore che come lettore. Amante delle storie poliziesche e appassionato di cronaca nera, ha dato vita al personaggio di Luca Corvi, ispettore della Squadra Mobile di Milano.
Latest book: Crono-inganno
Follow me on Twitter at @Jemma_Marie1986 Jemma Marie
Jemma Marie learned how to combine responsibility and maturity at a young age to accomplish her goals. A mother of two boys as a teen, she had to grow up fast. Jemma has enjoyed helping and touching different people with her creative ideas. She has wonderful information and tips for parents raising kids in today's world on her website Download her ebook today!
Latest book: The Party Poppers
Follow me on Twitter at @praneethtv Praneeth Tammiraju
Hello! A piece of flesh... A drop of blood... A war of emotions... A sea of boredom! I am an Engineer by profession, a Poet by passion and a Romantic by choice!
Latest book: నీకొక నిజం చెప్పాలని.. Neekoka Nijam Cheppalani
Follow me on Twitter at @carmy4077 Carmela Dutra
Carmela Dutra is an award-winning author, storyteller, illustrator, wife and mother. She is currently residing with her family in the California Bay Area. Nothing is more magical for a child than being transported to a new world where they can explore and discover unknown things.  Carmela is very passionate about children’s literacy, which is the main reason she started writing for her niece and nephew. With no intention of her work ever going public, she wanted to create something fun and special for them to enjoy. She is best known for her frequent visits to classrooms in her community, where she shares her series and encourages children to set free their own creativity through writing, and drawing.  In a ... read more
Latest book: Little Katie Goes to the Moon
Follow me on Twitter at @heidicullinan Heidi Cullinan
Heidi Cullinan has always loved a good love story, provided it has a happy ending. She enjoys writing across many genres but loves above all to write happy, romantic endings for LGBT characters because there just aren't enough of those stories out there. When Heidi isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, listening to music, and watching television with her husband and teenaged daughter. Heidi is a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and is proud to be from the first Midwestern state with full marriage equality. Find out more about Heidi at
Latest book: A Private Gentleman
Follow me on Twitter at @StarkWrites Sabrina Stark
USA Today Bestselling Author Sabrina Stark writes edgy new adult contemporary romances featuring plucky girls and the bad boys who capture their hearts. She's worked as a fortune-teller, barista, science writer and alas, jobs that required a hairnet. She has a journalism degree from Central Michigan University and is married with one son and a pack of very spoiled kittens. She currently makes her home in Northern Alabama.
Latest book: Jake Forever (Jaked, Book 3)