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Barbara Boswell Brunner grew up in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania with her parents, sister and always a dog, or two or three. Meeting her husband in Washington, DC, they continued together on a journey as self-proclaimed dog addicts. In the ensuing years, she founded three successful businesses in the Pacific Northwest. She and her husband currently live in Southwest Florida with two dogs and copious amounts of dog fur.
Latest book: Dog-Ma, The Zen Of Slobber

Follow me on Twitter at  JoyAnnColl Joy Ann Coll
For more than a decade, Joy Ann Coll has been writing romance novels. She graduated from the University of Delaware and went on to pursue a successful twenty-five year career at DuPont. After leaving her corporate career, she moved to coastal Florida and began working on her writing career by taking part in conventions and contests held by the Romance Writers of America. She lives in Vero Beach, Florida, with Bernard, her husband of over twenty years, and their cat Checkers.

Follow me on Twitter at  Grace_Lloper Grace Lloper
Nací en el corazón de América del Sur (Asunción, Paraguay), hace poco más de cuatro décadas. Mis actividades diarias no tienen nada que ver con la escritura, pero me fascina leer, desde que era solo una niña. Recuerdo que mi madre me prohibía leer ciertos libros y yo esperaba impaciente ir cumpliendo los años necesarios para poder hacerlo. Soy soltera (por vocación), pero tengo un hijo adolescente que me da tanto dolor de cabeza, que los fines de semana tengo que pasarme dentro del auto haciéndole de chofer hasta altas horas de la madrugada, con potentes analgésicos. Pero es lo más hermoso que me ha pasado en mi vida. Me encantan los libros históricos y eróticos, a mediados del 2010 me pregunté: ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  @BooksbyJNDuggan J.N. Duggan
J.N. Duggan was born in Sheffield in 1938 but came to live in Ireland at the age of 12. She returned to Sheffield to train as a nurse and later did her BSc at University College Dublin. She now lives in Galway and for the last 20 years has concentrated her time on writing historical biographies. She is the author of the critically acclaimed biography, Sophia of Hanover: from Winter Princess to Heiress of Great Britain, 1630-1714, published in 2010 by Peter Owen Publishers, London. Having long been fascinated by the subject she translated a considerable proportion of Sophia's writings from the original French and German to reveal a remarkable portrait of a remarkable woman. She is also the author of John Tol ... read more
Latest book: John Toland: Ireland's Forgotten Philosopher, Scholar ... and Heretic

Follow me on Twitter at  gregoryhogan Greg Hogan
Hi, I was brown and raised in Ireland and not live in Georgia. I am a photographer and enjoy the outside. I am married and have a beautiful family. I truly believe that if you slow down and stop for just a moment you can see beautiful things in the everyday surroundings of the world we live in. You do not need an expensive camera or top of the line equipment. Just a love and appreciation for the world we live in. The pictures and my poetry is my own. Thank You -greg
Latest book: All In A Day

Follow me on Twitter at  andysays78 Andy Reilly
Andy Reilly has had a love of music and a love of writing for as long back as he can remember. Sometimes this means the previous week but over the years, he has been to more gigs, listened to more albums and put down more withering reviews of acts that were operating at a higher level than they really should have been than most sane people would think was good for them. Of course, as a Glaswegian, Andy believes that doing what is good for you is an optional extra in life. No matter what else has been going on in his life, music has been a constant companion, usually a friend, sometimes an enemy but never a waste of time. However, within the sometimes cynical front he commonly offers to the world lies the wide ... read more
Latest book: Oasis: Definitely Maybe: Here We Are But There We Were

Follow me on Twitter at  EdgarValdmanis Edgar Valdmanis
I have 30+years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Over the last 20 years I have been conscious about Networking and Presentation Skills. I have attended numerous courses, read countless books and developed my own courses and workshops. I have been a LinkedIn-user since March 2004 and have adopted numerous other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Brandergy, Xing G+), as they came along. I am consciously combining networking offline with networking online, and am happy to share my knowledge and tips with others.
Latest book: How to Network Better

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Robert Thier is a German Historian and writer of Historical Fiction. His particular mix of history, romance and adventure, always with a good deal of humor thrown in, has gained him a diverse readership ranging from teenagers to retired grandmothers. For the way he manages to make history come alive, as if he himself had lived as a medieval knight, his fans all over the world have given him the nickname “Sir Rob”. For him, Robert says, becoming a writer has followed naturally from his interest in history. “In Germany,” he says, “we use the same word for story and history. And I've always loved the one as much as the other. Becoming a storyteller, a writer, is what I've always wanted.” Besides writ ... read more
Latest book: The Robber Knight

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Liliana Lavado é uma escritora Portuguesa expatriada na Suiça. É licenciada em Gestão de Marketing, mas desde que os dias da faculdade ficaram para trás, que dedica mais tempo e imaginação às aventuras que escreve nos seus livros do que a tentar perceber que já deixou de ser estudante, que está na hora de deixar de usar All-Star, e que os chapéus não estão na moda, mesmo que ela insista em os continuar a usar. Tem dois títulos publicados pela editora Marcador do Grupo Editorial Presença 'Inverno de Sombras' e 'Encontro em Itália'
Latest book: Inverso

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I am an internet writer and webmaster. After bringing up a family and being a working, busy person I wanted to share easy, low cost and easy recipes for people who want to enjoy simple, straightforward, tasty food on a budget.
Latest book: 30 Family Dinner Recipes On A Budget

Follow me on Twitter at  L_Chamberlin Lindsay Chamberlin
Lindsay Chamberlin is an author who is self publishing her own works. She grew up in Northern Virginia and has been writing since she was a teenager. She would constantly write in a journal, including her day to day life and random thoughts that she found noteworthy. When she graduated from high school with English Honors and Math Honors, she knew her life would go in one of two ways. She would either become a writer or work in finance. Finance won. Until recently, she did not think her dream of being a known author would ever come true, but thanks to self publishing, she is finally able to get her work out to the public in hopes that they will enjoy her short stories, novels, and select poems. Her wish f ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  Eliza_McCaulay Eliza Charles McCaulay
Old Mother Goose, When she wanted to wander, Would ride through the air On a very fine gander. Mother goose had a house, It was built in a wood, Where an owl at the door For a sentinel stood. ---Children's Book Author.
Latest book: Elvis & Albert

Follow me on Twitter at  muscleforlife Michael Matthews
Hi, I'm Mike and I've been training for nearly a decade now. I believe that every person can achieve the body of his or her dreams, and I work hard to give everyone that chance by providing workable, proven advice grounded in science, not a desire to sell phony magazines, workout products, or supplements. I've helped quite a few people achieve their health and fitness goals, and at their urging, I am sharing what I've learned and know works in my books. So if you're looking to get in shape and look great, then I think I can help you. I hope you enjoy my books and I'd love to hear from you. Sincerely, Mike
Latest book: Maximum Muscle: The No-BS Truth About Getting Bigger, Leaner, and Stronger

Follow me on Twitter at  DetoxMaintenanc Elizabeth Arnott
Elizabeth Arnott has been an avid cook all her life. An enthusiastic traveller, she has discovered many fabulous tastes and flavours on her globetrotting journeys, bringing home a collection of both exotic and down-to-earth recipes. Working within the limits of Detox Maintenance Lifestyle guidelines, combining old favourites with innovation, she has gathered inspiring and healthful recipes for every occasion. Elizabeth lived in London until she moved to Mexico in 2000. She has incorporated Mexican dishes into her recipe collection and follows her Detox Maintenance programme with 100% success. People ask for her secret as to why she always looks so healthy and well. The answer is simple - regular exercise, avoid ... read more
Latest book: Detox Maintenance Recipe Collection - 130 Recipes From Around The World

Follow me on Twitter at  Di Freeze Di Freeze
Di Freeze is the founder of Freeze Time Media, which offers writing, editing, formatting and publishing services for print and ebooks. Over the past few years she has edited and published books in the categories of self-help, children's, fiction (including historical), short stories, and commentaries. Her aviation features are the basis for a series, Passion For Flight (In the Cockpit with...), geared towards inspiring young adults to fly. The first ten biographies are available as ebooks on Amazon and B&N. Volumes one through three — featuring Chuck Yeager, Bob Hoover and Cliff Robertson — are available on Amazon. Volumes four and five, featuring Barron Hilton and Clay Lacy, will be available in the near ... read more
Latest book: In the Cockpit with Barron Hilton

Follow me on Twitter at  depressedmoose Garry Williams
33 year old man suffering with high intensity depression and anxiety. Decided one day to start blogging about my battle in the hope of helping others feel like they were not alone in dealing with these problems and that it is ok to talk about depression. Suddenly I am writing books on depression and hopefully helping to show how much having depression can affect people.
Latest book: Stepping into the Light - Poems from the Darkness

Follow me on Twitter at  RachealStorm Racheal McGonigal
As in 2012, Im 57, female. I stand up and speak out for Transsexuals but support Transgender folk. I have had an incredible life and experienced more than most have. It has been fascinating to be able to see things from both sides. Being a jealous, suspicious female interested in a male and so wanting to txt him, chase him, question him but on the otherside being able to see how this would infuriate and annoy a man. I have learnt to tolerate others, hate liars, realise trust is incredibly special. To miss my children who disowned me yet my elderly mother in a rest home was so understanding and accepting of her son at 48, becoming a woman. Its a fascinating journey so read and enjoy.

Follow me on Twitter at  s_sparkles Stephanie Sparkles
Everything I do comes from a simple motto: "Follow Your Heart." After a successful career doing animation and graphic design for big companies, I discovered that my real passion was personal: my heart was truly fulfilled when I was baking healthy gourmet treats for friends and family, or sewing them unique clothing that was fun and functional. The rest is history. My gourmet organic cupcakes kept getting rave reviews, and friends started requesting them for birthdays and baby showers! Now I produce dozens, even hundreds of these all-natural edible artworks for everything from corporate events to weddings and kid's parties! I'm proud to be the winner of the very first all-vegan episode of Cupcake Wars on the ... read more
Latest book: Bake The Bliss

Follow me on Twitter at  jwilste John Wilsterman
John Wilsterman finished a long career with IBM and turned his hand to writing the great Southern novel, not easy since he was born and raised as a Yankee. But his beloved adopted homeland has provided many interesting stories, characters and locations which he skillfully molded into the exciting crime thriller, Beneath Juliette. Quirky, funny and at times heartbreaking, from page one to the very end, this novel will pull you through more excitement, drama and plot twists than you thought you could stand.

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesRConway1 James R Conway

Latest book: Terror Illusion

Follow me on Twitter at  betsystreeter Betsy Streeter
YA sci fi novel titled "Silverwood" coming out March 11 (ebook) and April 1 (paperback)!! Welcome, this is the place of the binge-reading of Neptune Road. Go forth and enjoy, with great enjoyment.
Latest book: Neptune Road Volume IV

Follow me on Twitter at  rickyseros Enrique Tapia
Enrique is a 31 year old writer who grew up in the desert town of Phoenix, Arizona. A former geographer, he realized he was not doing what he was meant to. Using Kickstarter he decided to pursue his writing career and gathered support to publish a book. Being a published author has been a dream since he began writing in high school. He currently lives in Maryland with his wife and 3 dogs.
Latest book: On Teenage Angst

Follow me on Twitter at  Sinful_Alexis Alexis Alexandra
Make sure to check out my website for monthly coupon codes for up to 50% off select titles! "I'm not a doctor, I just play one in real life." If you saw me walking my dogs down the street you would never see the wild side lurking dangerously close to the surface. But get me into my secluded shack in the woods, and all bets are off. My mind becomes as free as the birds soaring above. I write erotica and I LOVE it! I don't stop at the mushy stuff either. Depending on what sounds fun at the time, I sometimes even surprise myself with what comes out of my twisted grey matter.

Follow me on Twitter at  marvink Marvin Perkins
I am retired from the U.S. Navy since 2003, currently work as a merchant seaman. I write in all types of media,from songs, to poetry, novels as well as short stories.
Latest book: My Kinda Poetry 2

Follow me on Twitter at  jkaccinni JK Accinni
J. K. Accinni was born and raised in Sussex County before moving to Randolph, New Jersey, where she lives with her five dogs and eight rabbits, all rescued.Ms. Accinni’s passion for wildlife conservation has led her all over the world, including three trips to Africa, where ten years ago she and her husband fell in love with a baby elephant named Wendi that had been rescued by the incomparable David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Wendi is the inspiration for the character Tobi, the elephant featured in her fourth book titled Hive. The character of Caesar is inspired by a real life iconic tiger from Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota. Mrs. Accinni also invites you to visit her webpage at ww ... read more
Latest book: The One, Species Intervention #6609, Book 6

Follow me on Twitter at  KristinDamon Kristin Damon
~ Loves soda and reality television. Hates clowns and pessimism. Can’t eat anything blue. Would live at Disneyland if she could. Loves short road trips, the smell of fabric softener and to laugh uncontrollably. Can’t wear dark nail polish. Loves to hear her daughter sing. Thinks her son is the most talented illustrator/animator on the planet. Thinks her husband of nearly two decades is cute. Says she has “Sith” eyes. Self-diagnosed dentalphobic. Normal in a weird way. Sports fanatic. Obsessed with her keyboard. ~
Latest book: The Evolution

Follow me on Twitter at  preacherswifebk Ayana Elon
Ayana Elon has shared her testimonies for several years. Taking another bold step to be transparent, she opens up about her connections with different men and the lessons she has learned in her nonfiction work, Almost The Preacher’s Wife. Always remaining open to discuss her life, she has also began sharing her past struggles with sexual sins as the founder of Love With Clothes On, a ministry promoting celibacy and abstinence.
Latest book: Almost The Preacher's Wife

Follow me on Twitter at  spinetinglers Spinetinglers
Spinetinglers is a Northern Ireland based publisher, set up by writers for writers. We specialize in dark fiction but have recently expanded into other genres.
Latest book: Spinetinglers Anthology 2011

Follow me on Twitter at  lizardsc Liz Carey
Liz Carey lives and works in Anderson, SC. As a 20-year veteran of the newspaper industry, she has received numerous awards for her work including awards from the South Carolina Press Association, the Queen City Society of Professional Journalists, the Kentucky Press Association and the Suburban Newspapers of America. A graduate of Miami University, she started her career writing for EveryBody's News, sometimes under the pseudonym of Ivana B. Rude. In 2006, she was named Woman of the Year in Media in Cincinnati. After moving to Anderson in 2007, she worked for the Anderson Independent Mail and garnered awards for her work in county reporting and education coverage, winning the Judah P. Benjamin award for publi ... read more
Latest book: My Little Zombie

Follow me on Twitter at  richardkinsella Richard Kinsella
Richard Kinsella was born in Scotland. He served as a deck officer in the Merchant Navy and qualified as a Master Mariner. Commissioned in the Royal Naval Reserve in 1974, he was later recalled to the regular navy as a Lieutenant-Commander. Having served as a navigating officer on passenger ships, he is amply qualified to write competently on maritime affairs.

Follow me on Twitter at  KrystalShannan Krystal Shannan
Krystal Shannan is a born, raised, and current TEXAN. She is married to a wonderful man who supports her dream of writing and allows her to spend many evening and weekend hours glued to her laptop. During the day she moonlights as an elementary music teacher. In addition to a doting husband, a young daughter is also part of the picture and keeps her hopping! An ornery little Welsh Corgi completes the household. Krystal has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil. She has always dreamed of writing romance and sharing the "movies in her head" with the world. If she's not writing, she's reading -historical, paranormal, action, adventure -anything she can get her hands on that ends with a Happily Ever ... read more
Latest book: Lizzy

Follow me on Twitter at  GrantBoyden Grant Boyden
Grant Boyden has worked in the broadcasting industry for over 25 years and lives in Sydney Australia. For most of that time, he has worked as a Motorsport Commentator and a Television and Radio host for a variety of Networks including shows produced for Channel 7, 9, 10, SBS and Foxtel. Grant has won multiple awards in radio for “Special Broadcasts” in the sporting field including the VRC Derby Award. He also hosted and published the web site, Inside The Author, where he interviewed top selling authors from around the world about their motivation and reasoning behind their work. Grant is studying his Diploma in Earth Science and is a qualified Freelance Journalist. Grant is a full time host at Sky Rac ... read more
Latest book: Book Of Shadows - Book Of Myths

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Classe 1981, cresciuto a Nicotera (VV). Libero pensatore e costante sostenitore dell’bello e dell’armonioso. Si accorge, adolescente, che la vera forma di libertà sta nell’evasione dell’essere, in quanto questo è spesso schiavo di schemi mentali e regole cicliche di apparenza e appartenenza. Trova la sua evasione attraverso l’arte , in diverse forme, tra tutte il disegno: forma primordiale, che coltiva con pazienza e con continua ricerca e che lo porta negli anni a vivere diverse esperienze personali e professionali. Osservatore analitico dell’interazione del genere umano con la quotidianità con la quale questo si confronta, si ritrova ad ironizzare su di esso. Da qui il progetto di mettere su ca ... read more
Latest book: Tutti tranne me

Follow me on Twitter at  RyanCaseyBooks Ryan Casey
Ryan Casey is the author of over a dozen novels and an Amazon bestselling serial. He writes in various genres, such as thrillers, mysteries, horror and science-fiction. Across all genres, Casey is renowned for his dark, page-turning suspense, his unforgettably complex characters, and his knockout twists. His ongoing series are the bestselling Dead Days post-apocalyptic serial, the Brian McDone mysteries and the Blake Dent thrillers. Casey lives in the United Kingdom. He has a BA degree in English with Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham, and has been writing stories for as long as he can remember. In his spare time, he enjoys American serial television, is a slave to Pitchfork's Best New Music s ... read more
Latest book: Dead Days: The Complete Season Four Collection (Books 19-24)

Follow me on Twitter at  shirleywine1 Shirley Wine
I have lived in New Zealand’s beautiful farming country all my life. After growing up in rural South Auckland I married Martin, and together we’ve farmed sheep, cattle, dairy cows and run a kiwifruit orchard. This rural lifestyle provides a rich source of settings and inspiration for my stories. For many years we’ve been based in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region – an area famed for productive land, generous rainfall, beautiful beaches, abundant seafood and lush verdant growth. The Bay, stretching from East Cape to the tip of the Coromandel Peninsular, was named by Captain James Cook in the 1700′s when local Maori tribes provided his crew with food and hospitality, a trait that persists among its i ... read more
Latest book: Return to Totara Park

Follow me on Twitter at  Artysoul1966 Vanessa Wright
I am a 47 year old visual artist, author, mom and pug breeder. Two of my Afrikaans short stories have recently been published in My kort vir jou sop available on as an e-book and soon to be released in soft cover. I have taken part in Nanowromo 2012 and reached the target on day 26. I have my own blog at, appropriately named Humouring the dark, where I have a few followers. I am also active on Facebook and Twitter and am a member of a writing group. I lead my own book club as well- I am a true bookaholic. Writing has always been my passion, however the timing always seemed incorrect as daily life interrupted more frequently than not. Now, I have decided to go big or ... read more
Latest book: The Knowledge of Existence

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Latest book: How I made $90 in 3 days from Torrents

Follow me on Twitter at  StaceyMosteller Stacey Mosteller
Stacey is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author of Second Chances (co-authored with H.M. Ward) and the Nashville Nights series. She is also a wife, mother, writer and self-professed bookwhore - not necessarily in that order! As the mother of three growing boys, her Kindle has become her temporary escape from the insanity of boys, dogs and her husband. Stacey can usually be found curled up with her iPad when she's supposed to be writing or creating endless playlists on Spotify!
Latest book: Everything I Need

Follow me on Twitter at  G0udvis Tinus Erasmus
Born in kempton park the year was 1992. My very first poem namely "soos 'n kers" was written at age 17, for the simple reason every other guy wants to be able to write poems, to impress a girl. She really stole my heart. That actually didn't work out to good. But the work and tears was not all for nothing, as I discovered that I might actually be a good poet, so I started chasing after a dream Which is to try touching as many people as possible with the words in my poetry.
Latest book: The Pain and Cries for Love

Follow me on Twitter at Ian Brunner
My name is Ian Brunner, I like to write weird fiction, and dark fantasy; Let me know what you think please I always love to hear your opinions.
Latest book: The Curse of the Antiquus

Follow me on Twitter at  ItalyCookSchool Margaret Cowan
Margaret Cowan first traveled to Italy in 1972, lived there for three years and continues her love affair with Italy in her twice yearly trips. She was born inVancouver, BC, Canada where she lives. Over the years in Italy, “Mama” Margaret has been eating and exploring her way through small towns and making friends along the way. In many regions, she developed a network of local, family style tour operators and their food and wine experts. They’ve created unique Italy cooking and wine tours where local cooks, chefs and other experts open the doors of their kitchens, cellars, farms and homes and welcome you like friends. For Margaret that’s what travel in Italy is all about…experiencing every day It ... read more
Latest book: Favorite Experiences in Florence, Italy

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James Hardesty holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a master's degree in Public Administration. He has worked 14 years in government administration. As a life-long student of history, politics, society and religion, and as a government administrator, James has particular insight into the purposes, workings and effects of public policy. He is active in Republican Party politics and holds several party offices where he lives.
Latest book: Stanglehold: Breaking the Death-Grip of Liberalism

Follow me on Twitter at  marianlthomas01 Marian L Thomas
Ms. Thomas is a dynamic story-teller with three romantic and dramatic novels to her credit. She distinguishes herself from the genre popular among women by refusing to lace her work with profanity and sexually-explicit themes for the sake of notoriety and book sales. ​Nevertheless, her first two novels "Color Me Jazzmyne" (2010) and "My Father's Colors" (2011), both reached the Top 100 on's Rhythm and Blues and Soul best-sellers list. "My Father's Colors" was a finalist pick during the 2011 USA Best Book Awards. Ms. Thomas's books probe the ever-intriguing themes of race, family strife, love, teen pregnancy, friendship and abuse. And yet, her tales which seem to pre-stage current tabloid headli ... read more
Latest book: Blue Butterfly

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Latest book: The Glowing Key

Follow me on Twitter at  PiersTBenjamin Piers T. Benjamin
Piers T. Benjamin is just another corporate drone trying to get by, but he knows better than to believe the hype his employer spits out every weekday. He wears a suit and tie, has an MBA from a top business school, and works in a major American city. He is married to a beautiful blond trophy wife, has 2.5 kids, lives in the suburbs, drives a luxury SUV, and plays golf at the country club. If you look around, you may even find that he is sitting in the cubicle right next to you.
Latest book: The Corporate America Survival Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  Sarah_Jacinda Sarah Gray
Born and raised in New Zealand, Sarah Gray spent her teenage years in Australia, where she raced go-karts, studied graphic design and then sports management, before deciding that all along she’d just wanted to be a novelist. After studying professional writing and editing in Melbourne, Sarah ended up in England where she now resides in the ever rainy Lake District working as an outdoor activity instructor and writing in her spare moments.
Latest book: Skylight (Arcadium, #2)

Follow me on Twitter at  KarenLofgren Karen Lofgren
Karen Lofgren has been writing since she was in third grade. She attended Knox College where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. She is the author of several science fiction and fantasy works, including the urban fantasy Imagine Someday and the epic space opera saga The Souls of the Stars. She lives in Missouri with her pet rats.
Latest book: December

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Hello, I'm Jeff Wright
Latest book: Billy Blue

Follow me on Twitter at  SenseiOrlando Orlando Sanchez
About the Author Author Orlando Sanchez has been writing ever since his teens when he was immersed in playing Dungeon and Dragons with his friends every weekend. An avid reader, his influences are too numerous to list here. Some of the most prominent are: J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher, Kat Richardson, Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony, Lee Child, George Lucas and Robert Silverberg to name a few in no particular order. Aside from writing, his passion is the martial arts; he currently holds a 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan in two distinct styles of Karate. If not training, he is studying some aspect of the martial arts or martial arts philosophy, or writing in his blog. For more information on the dojo he trains ... read more