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Latest book: A Ordinary Day

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Author’s Bio: Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Amanda Jayashree is a blog writer, and mostly, an author with heart. Her mission is to bring positivity to those who need it and she is proof that living your dreams is attainable. She holds accreditation in Toastmasters International completing her Advanced Leadership and Communicator certificate substantiating remarkable public speaking skills. Her personal successes are interconnected with her passion in the health and beauty industry as a certified makeup artist and health enthusiast. With a diverse skill-set her knowledge is reserved in many assorted arenas that she governs in her day to day life. Her future aspiration is to become a Certified Life Co ... read more
Latest book: Path to Progression: A Blogger's Journey

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J.T. Marsh was born and raised (mostly) in the metro Vancouver area. He drives a Ford truck and drinks his coffee by the pot, blacker than oil. He usually remembers to take his medications. J.T.'s writings deal with working-class themes, such as familial dysfunction, mental health, addiction, poverty, and deviancy.
Latest book: Not All For Love: A Book of Poetry

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LeadSquared is a marketing automation and sales execution platform that helps businesses increase their closures, manage their pipelines, and attribute their ROI accurately and completely - to people, marketing activities, lead sources, products, and locations. Built to handle thousands of users, millions of leads and thousands of activities, LeadSquared is being used by enterprises and small & medium business, across a diverse set of industries. Businesses that have found fitment with LeadSquared include education institutes (EdTech businesses, colleges, universities, offline and online training institutes), financial services (Insurance providers, loan providers, Fintech businesses), hospitals and wellness ... read more
Latest book: Design Hack for Marketers

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You can visit Ferris' LinkedIn page ( for the most up-to-date summary, but in brief: Ferris has over 20 years of experience in technical, financial, media, and government intelligence environments. He is a Senior Partner at Vision Bankcard and the CEO and co-founder of The AngelPay Foundation, the first and only nonprofit financial services company dedicated to returning wealth and power to the creators of value. Ferris' professional background includes payment and credit card processing, asset management, commodities trading, software engineering, book publishing, military and government affairs. He is a U.S. Air Force veteran and he worked in the U.S. Intelligence Communit ... read more
Latest book: Broken Capitalism: This Is How We Fix It

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Born and raised in the Midwest, I grew up in Chicago IL. Through my adult life I have tried hopelessly to find my passion, only doing everything in my power to ignore it. I finally realized there is no way around it, I have a passion for writing! I have been writing fiction short stories for over 5 years. I feel in love with Erotic literature when I took an erotic literature class in college 10 years ago. I enjoy what I write, and I always try to write with passion and meaning. When I am not writing I am enjoying my beautiful city, spending most of my days exploring museums, sitting through plays, or taking hiking trips.
Latest book: Sisters A Taboo Short Story Part 1

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Hanibal est un rappeur et auteur parisien du 19ème arrondissement qui fait du rap à l’ancienne. En 2007, il forme le groupe Logik avec trois copains du lycée et enregistre son premier maxi album avec six titres, dont un solo et un featuring. En été 2012, il enregistre un single intitulé « Dur de percer » avec Dany Dan des Sages Poètes de la Rue. Puis il prépare sa première mixtape, 19 OZ, en collaboration avec plusieurs rappeurs du 19ème arrondissement, S.Prix, SLK ou Seres. Le 14 juillet 2016, il se produit sur scène à la Place de la République, à Paris, à l’occasion de la journée d’action contre les violences policières, aux côtés du collectif des familles de victimes "Urge ... read more
Latest book: Ghetto chroniqueur

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Latest book: A Gather Of Friends

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J.P. Jackson works as an IT analyst in health care during the day, where if cornered he’d confess to casting spells to ensure clinicians actually use the electronic medical charting system he configures and implements. At night however, the writing happens, where demons, witches and shape shifters congregate around the kitchen table and general chaos ensues. The insurance company refuses to accept any more claims of ‘acts of the un-god’, and his husband of almost 20 years has very firmly put his foot down on any further wraith summoning’s in the basement. And apparently imps aren’t house-trainable. Occasionally the odd ghost or member of the Fae community stops in for a glass of wine and stories are ... read more
Latest book: Into the Mystic, Volume One

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Tay grew up reading too many fairy tales and watching too many movies, which is probably why she writes fantasy now. When she’s not at her day job or writing, she can be found taking spontaneous drives to new places, and drinking way too much coffee. Her first book, “Portraits of a Faerie Queen,” is set to be released in 2017.
Latest book: Into the Mystic, Volume One

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Mary Rodwell is no stranger to life transformation and writing as a business owner and mother of two. She believes every day is a new chapter worth writing and sharing to help others move past their pain and find purpose in their lives. Mary admits she struggled in high school with reading and writing because she was shy and had a tough English teacher that would call on her daily to read out loud. Mary did not know that her teacher seen something greater in her, and this came to past years later as she became a best-selling author. She later came to realize that her childhood dislike for reading and writing was actually part of her growth process and purpose in life. In 2014, she released “Motivation Sereni ... read more
Latest book: Love Is Not Black or White

Follow me on Twitter at  @corrinaaustin Corrina Austin
Corrina Austin is a retired elementary school teacher, living in beautiful South-Western Ontario, Canada. She has Bachelor’s degrees in both English and Education. Corrina has published several short stories and essays and was twice the recipient of grants for a novel in progress from the Ontario Arts Council. “Corners” was inspired by her experiences as a child growing up in the 1960’s and contains many artifacts from her memories of those times. To get to know her better, check out her blog at You can also visit her on Twitter (@corrinaaustin), Instagram (readingcorners) and via her author page on Facebook.
Latest book: Corners

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R.T. Donlon spends his mornings with coffee in hand and computer open to his next novel in progress. He is a high school teacher by day, a basketball coach by night, and an author everywhere in between. He is the author of a zombie-tale thriller called Walls, a supernatural fantasy novel called The Reaper Trials, and now, a 12-part fantasy epic called The Edge of a New Beginning: Book 1 of the City of Shadow & Dust Series. R.T. Donlon is fascinated by the idea of humanity transcending the impossible. Corrupt kings, angry gods, zombie-killing gunmen, mysterious monsters, and vengeful demons are just some of the characters that fill the pages of his work, but the focal ones are human—real, unmitigated humans. ... read more
Latest book: Out of the Darkness

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My name is Arthur David. I originally grew up in Southern California, before moving to the Bay Area, where I still live, at the ripe old age of 18. I moved up here to go to school for computer science to become a video game programmer. Yeah, that didn't happen. It's alright though. Late one night, when I should have been doing homework but wasn't a friend was writing a short story. She encouraged me to do the same and The Third Party was born. It took a long time for it to get here though. During that time I wrote a second book, which is really the first book, because if George Lucas could create prequels, then so could I. That was the logic at least. That second book wasn't very good. But that was ok too ... read more
Latest book: Agents of the Third Party: The Beginning

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Dean Brendt is an American writer of sexy silliness. He is the author of the erotic satire series President Chump and is also working on more 'serious' erotica works to be released soon.
Latest book: President Chump: The Analguration

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Latest book: The Struggle For Survival

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JM Greene grew up in a temperate rain forest, leaving her with a love of frogs and the rain. She lives in Alabama with her family, and loves the summer storms. When she's not writing while a cup of coffee gets cold beside her, she can be found petting cats, gaming, making crafty things, or tripping through Tumblr.
Latest book: A Touch of Magic

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Veronica Franco's "short, sophisticated, smut" releases are geared towards the adult-oriented mindset. Often times, we're too caught up in what we're doing to be spontaneous. Each release in this series is specifically tailored to to the convenience of being able to be read in one sitting. Many of the releases in the "short, sophisticated, smut" series are between 4 and 24 pages of descriptive pleasure beyond the realm of reality. It's not a question of what we do, but what we can do. These individual fantasies are meant to bring you to the point of no return, thus developing the details on your own to make this fantasy unique and highly vivid. Nearly all of these releases are based on actual circumstances.
Latest book: While The Wife's Away

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Public Health Expert and Lecturer
Latest book: Meine Schwangerschaft - einfach, kompakt und seriös

Follow me on Twitter at  EllieStephens5 Elizabeth Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens is a self-acknowledged weirdo who has been writing since the age of 11. While she has a particular affinity for romance, she has also dabbled in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. She is a big fan of inclusion and her books always include kick ass ladies of color. Her 'day job' is in communications for public and private sector clients across Africa. She currently works for CIVICUS Alliance in Johannesburg. When she isn't writing or day-jobbing she can most often be found reading, drawing, throwing pottery, watching horror movies, and protesting for causes that she hopes will make the world a better place for all.
Latest book: The Hunting Town (Brothers, vol I)

Follow me on Twitter at  rocky_bottoms Rocky Bottoms
My story is simple. Born and raised in the Big Apple, I started drinking at 10, drugging at 13 and gambling at 15. Partially trained by the mob and partially educated by Woodstock leftovers, I embraced the dichotomy. I also found myself bouncing up and down like a yo-yo as a late teen in what would years later be diagnosed as bi-polar disorder. My addictions and mental illness were allowed to run rampant and left untreated until the desperate stages. My career chase for the almighty dollar was always successful as well as provided the required juice to support the covert lifestyle of chasing bets and booze. I had a subtle yet persistent case of suicidal ideation running in the background of my recurring manic d ... read more
Latest book: Vegas Nerves (Double Double Trouble)

Follow me on Twitter at  MimiMatthewsEsq Mimi Matthews
Mimi Matthews writes both non-fiction history and traditional historical romances set in Victorian England. Her articles on nineteenth century history have been published on various academic and history sites, including the Victorian Web and the Journal of Victorian Culture, and are also syndicated weekly at Bust Magazine, New York. In her other life, Mimi is an attorney with both a Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. She resides in California with her family, which includes an Andalusian dressage horse, a Sheltie, and two Siamese cats.
Latest book: The Lost Letter

Follow me on Twitter at  smallhearyou Scott Su
Scott Su, an independent music composer, producer and guitarist. He is also a richly-experienced studio musician, skillful in music arrangements and releases mainly guitar performance albums. His self-composed albums include "Are You Still There ?", a guitar performance single and "No Flowers On Island". Scott also writes useful guitar method books which include "Fretboard Secret Handbook", "Playing Guitar So Easy", "Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar", "Your Training Notebook on Pop Special Chord Progressions" and etc. ※ Download every demo songs mp3 of books & free cover song tabs :
Latest book: Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 2 : Advanced & Improvisation

Follow me on Twitter at  TerriTodosey Terri Todosey
Mother of Gemini award winning actress Jordan Todosey, Terri Todosey has taken inspiration from both her children as well as her love for sci-fi, fantasy and imaginative love stories to create 'Myth', her debut novel that is sure to bring you on a journey of mythical proportions.
Latest book: Myth

Follow me on Twitter at  phyliciagoings Phylicia C. Goings
Writer, Visionary, and Entrepreneur. You’ve either heard about How to Look Real Naked from someone you know, on social media, or you encountered it else where. “No matter how you got tuned in to it, I don’t believe it was by coincidence and if you stay tuned in to it, I do believe it will change your life.” Says author of How to Look Real Naked, Phylicia C. Goings. “The book is a comprehensive guide to a deeply personal relationship with God, that works! I created so people could access helpful and practical insight about God and their relationship, without all of the religious sauce He’s sometimes served with.” Phylicia is a young, Mississippi native that grew up in a small ... read more
Latest book: How To Look Real Naked

Follow me on Twitter at  jordivillalobo Jordi Villalobos
Jordi Villalobos nació en Barcelona en 1966. Se licenció como ingeniero técnico en informática de sistemas y ha trabajado durante más de dos décadas en varias empresas del sector de las tecnologías de la información. La invasión de los sombríos es su primera novela y actualmente está trabajando en la segunda entrega de esta saga: Linderiun Tesarien Racem. Jordi Villalobos was born in Barcelona in 1966. He graduated as a technical engineer in computer systems and has worked for more than two decades in several companies in the information technology sector. The invasion of the dark is his first novel and is currently working on the second installment of this saga: Linderiun Tesarien Racem.
Latest book: La invasión de los sombríos

Follow me on Twitter at  alanjfisher0 Alan J Fisher
Alan J Fisher was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland 41 years ago. Since he could talk he has had a love, a passion for words. he would argue with his mother over semantics from the age of 4; he would compose his first poems at around 8 years of age and have songs he wrote performed at school. A life long passion of writing for the sake of writing; "setting the words free" as he likes to call it! Alan has travelled the world, living in England, Spain and both New Mexico and Georgia in the USA. "Travel broadens and improves the mind and makes it harder for bigotry to take root there". He has always been open minded and accepting of other cultures and believes this shows in his writing. He has lifelong friends ac ... read more
Latest book: Whispers from Behind the Eyes

Follow me on Twitter at  cassandraNZ Cassandra Gaisford
Cassandra Gaisford is a holistic psychologist, best-selling author and manifestation coach with a passion for helping people live their best life - full of joy, well-being and success. She is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of the Mid-LIfe Career Rescue trilogy of books, The Art of Success series, and How to Find Your Passion and Purpose. Book One in her new series Prosperity for Authors - Developing A Millionaire Mindset will be released in 2017. For many years she was the resident life coach on Television New Zealand’s Good Morning Show and a columnist with two of New Zealand’s largest national newspapers. She lives in New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Islands with her partner and hundreds of nativ ... read more
Latest book: The Prosperous Author-How to Make a Living With Your Writing: Developing A Millionaire Mindset (Prosperity for Authors Series Book 1)

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Member of The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors Member of the Association of Ghostwriters I began my career as an educator before pursuing my passion of writing. I have a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and K-12 Education. I received my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences in 2013. I am well versed in many styles of writing and my master’s degree has given me a solid foundation in research. I am an acknowledge ghostwriter with published works in fiction and non-fiction genres including romance, literary fiction, science-fiction, memoirs, self-help, business, and medicine. My Published non-fiction works have required in-depth content research on diverse subje ... read more
Latest book: All The Way

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Citizens Revealing Ethicless & Apathetic Media (PAC) is a political organization formed for the purpose of addressing the social, civic, legal, political and constitutional consequences of the media that provides for the citizens of the United States. Our focus is to evaluate reporting that we feel is ethicless and apathetic. Five general initiatives are utilized to accomplish this goal: 1) Identification, 2) Reporting, 3) Education, 4) Issue Advocacy and 5) Representation. The organization educates citizens by informing them of media outlets and reporters whom we believe are unethical and apathetic, inform them of current events that may affect their lives and advises them on what they can do to influence the ... read more
Latest book: Profiles in Intelligence: Rachel Maddow

Follow me on Twitter at  d_missylee Sara Winters
Sara Winters has been a writer and a reader all her life. She has other books on Wattpad under the pen name abimbolsy . She studies accounting in Caleb University. She used to write for dsmblog. She also own a blog on Wordpress where she writes on life matters. She is an avid reader who wants to show the word how she views every sentences she has ever read.
Latest book: The Tombstone Of Monsters

Follow me on Twitter at  reneeamberson Renee Amberson
Renee Amberson writes metaphysical books and visionary novels on reincarnation, meditation, and positive mind power.
Latest book: Past Lives, Future Lives: Mirrors of Time

Follow me on Twitter at  spiritualroot1 Metaphysical Minister Penelope Stewart B.Msc.
Penelope Stewart, spiritual activist has a bachelors in metaphysics, an active practitioner of intuitive readings, energy therapy, and spiritual mind treatment. She writes inspirational, spiritual, and empowerment articles on WordPress. She is an entrepreneur owner of an online metaphysical store Kemancestry. She is also the author of one the most controversial books in history ;Matriarch to Patriarch. Penelope records documentation of the first women that develop civilizations.
Latest book: Matriarch to Patriach

Follow me on Twitter at  kimberlyrosejoh Kimberly Rose Johnson
Kimberly Rose Johnson is thrilled to be a 2017 Faith Hope and Love Readers Choice Award Finalist in the short novel category. From a young child Kimberly has been an avid reader. That love of reading fostered a creative mind and led to her passion for writing. She especially loves romance and writes contemporary romance that warms the heart and feeds the soul. Kimberly holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. You can sign up for Kimberly's newsletter via her website at:
Latest book: Brewed with Love

Follow me on Twitter at  adgorwell Olalekan Adigun
Olalekan Waheed ADIGUN is an award-winning writer and researcher. He is a campaign consultant cum political analyst. His acclaimed (intriguing, incisive and highly analytical) articles have appeared on reputable media like Premium Times, SaharaReporters, The Guardian, The Punch and others of suck ilk. In December, 2015 he won the Ships and Ports National Essay Competition “Outstanding Essay Award” category. Olalekan obtained his BSc (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He recently submitted his MSc (Political Science) thesis titled "Social Protests and Political Outcomes: Analysing the Political Outcomes of the Protests Against Neo-Liberal Policies in Nigeria (2012- ... read more
Latest book: Witnessing the Change

Follow me on Twitter at  TalesofGolmeira Marianne Ratcliffe
I am a PhD-qualified biomedical scientist living and working in Cheshire and have authored several peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. In my spare time, I enjoy creative writing. I have had short stories published in Debut and Scribble magazines and was a runner up in the 2010 Guildford Literary Festival Short Story competition. In 2014, I published my first novel, Realm of Mindweavers, a fantasy/adventure story suitable for young adults and grown ups. The next book in the series, Murthen Island is now available. My inspiration for these books was my desire to write a different kind of fantasy series. I wanted to crated a world where women were seen as equals to men and where same sex couples were as ... read more
Latest book: Murthen Island

Follow me on Twitter at  gouravrajbansal Gourav Raj Bansal
Gourav Raj was born in Southampton Hampshire and currently resides with his wife in Hounslow Middlesex. Gourav is an IT consultant by profession but writing is his passion. Thank you for reading his book. If you enjoyed it, then please take a moment to leave a review at your favourite retailer.
Latest book: The Epic Chronicles of Landsfor Book 1 Discoveries and Revelations

Follow me on Twitter at  jdclandice JDCLANDICE
Hi! I'm J D Clandice and I'd like to share just a bit of... Never mind. Let me just tell you that I love watching anime, I dabble in computer programming when I am not reading I try to learn cool stuff like why greens are good for the body and the latest exercise to burn more calories. My writing life is not really a separate venture. It is my way of sharing my world with you. I am definitely on Twitter, so don't be shy say hi!
Latest book: Kiss of Stone

Follow me on Twitter at  hashtag_me_bihh Nikkia Arrington
Nikkia A. Arrington is from New Orleans La, born and raised. she's currently residing in Katy, Texas. She's a mother of one, and is studying journalism and Literary Arts. She loves to read during her down time and is a music lover, of all kinds. Broken is her first self published novel, of many more to come.
Latest book: Broken

Follow me on Twitter at  goodnessmegfree Vanessa Hudson
Vanessa Hudson is the Gourmand Award winning author of two "Goodness Me it's Gluten Free" cookbooks. A self-confessed foodie, she has travelled extensively exploring the culinary delights of six continents including many years spent in Europe where she fell in love with the Mediterranean way of eating. She has not let the need to eat gluten free compromise her ability to enjoy cuisine from around the world but instead has used that as inspiration for her latest cookbook Goodness Me it's Gluten Free PASTA. Vanessa began cooking at an early age, just as soon as she was able to stir a bowl and she has enjoyed putting her own spin on recipes, creating fantastic and imaginative food combinations for family and frie ... read more
Latest book: Goodness Me it's Gluten Free PASTA: 24 Shapes - 18 Flavours - 100 Recipes - Pasta Making Basics and Beyond.

Follow me on Twitter at  AlyssaJEmery Alyssa Emery
Hello! My name is Alyssa and I am a Sophomore in high school. I've self published one book and am currently writing my second. I have two dogs, am a total book lover, obsessed with Netflix, and I've been writing since the third grade
Latest book: Overcomer

Follow me on Twitter at  MariaBardyukova Maria Bardyukova
Maria Bardyukova is an illustrator and school teacher from Vitebsk, Belarus, where she studied drawing and painting for ten years. Many of her artworks have been exhibited in various galleries throughout eastern Europe such as X-COM, Time-Out and Nikolay Dundin's Stena. Quiet Riley Jr is a fictional author and illustrator from Hollywood, Florida. A fervent believer that the light of imagination shines within us all, Quiet strives to cast his upon his works, creating vivid characters and narratives that promise to leave a lasting impression upon his readers. Look out for their titles, The Galactivity Book and Snobbity Snowman, and find out more about them at their blogs: & Qui ... read more
Latest book: Snobbity Snowman

Follow me on Twitter at  divamom024 Kyle Roach
Originally from East Liverpool, Ohio, now a “native” Californian. A single parent who has raised 2 pretty cool, now adult children. Long time corporate America “inmate”. Learned to get out of my own way & started to create the life I wanted to have. I want people to learn how to ask themselves the basic questions and stay motivated when faced with a transition or critical time. I will make you understand what pieces are missing and how to fill in the blanks to a more productive, happy & clear life.
Latest book: Decode Your Destiny: Live Your Purpose and Accept Nothing Less!

Follow me on Twitter at  elleswandesign Dani Swanson
I was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With a love of stories, I majored in English Lit for my undergrad and Human Services for my Masters. I started the writing process after suffering a major concussion. The Hunt of the Grimalkin has a lot of weird things that I had dreamt about when suffering from my head injury. Currently residing in Minneapolis, where I enjoy painting, writing and making other pretty things; all while trying to leave the world a little better than I found it.
Latest book: The Hunt of the Grimalkin

Follow me on Twitter at  heliodolores Helio Oliveira
Sou Fotografo/Cineasta Português. Eu amo Viajar e capturar momentos. Meu sonho é viajar o mundo, aprender novas culturas e ouvir novas histórias.
Latest book: Onde Termina A Dor

Follow me on Twitter at  charlottelrkane Charlotte L R Kane
I have a degree in Business Management and started writing in 2006 when I was first introduced to fanfiction. From there my passion from writing has been discovered. However, it was only in 2012 that I decided to start writing stories that were not fanfiction and came across the option to have my work published. I started by adapting some of my fanfictions into ‘proper’ pieces of works and published them. From there I have continued my writing journey and expanded my style and genres. Although I prefer to write about the darker sides of life, I love the challenge of exploring situations and genres that I have not done before. For me, writing is about escaping reality. It is freedom. You can create the world ... read more
Latest book: Nightmares

Follow me on Twitter at  mcmickleonmedia Brian McMickle
BRIAN MCMICKLE, is the author of Nothing Left along with his latest novel, The Expansion Project, a sci-fi thriller that straps the reader’s own imaginarium to a rocket ship and hurls it through the quantum tunnels of space while exploring the adverse effects of mankind no longer being confined to a single corner of the universe. Growing up in Locust Grove, Georgia, Brian acquired a knack for the art of storytelling at a very young age. As a musician, he continued honing his craft through his teens and twenties by writing songs, before finally trying his hand at his first fictional novel in 2009. Brian has an ability to create engaging characters that are crisp and complex, yet familiar. Whether on a cruise ... read more
Latest book: Nothing Left