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Latest book: The Deal
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I am a fun loving, risk taking, adventure loving person who loves my wife, our dogs, my family and life with passion, remembering always, we only have so many trips around the sun. I love old cars and bonfires with good friends and family. I have a passion for writing and hope to retire and write full-time later in life when I am ready to buy a house in New England, on a lake, when I won't care if I get snowed in.
Latest book: Premonitions
Follow me on Twitter at @wadegalt Wade Galt
Hi, there! I’m a dedicated student of life and business who shares what I learn. Personally – I help people be who they choose, do what they enjoy and have what they desire. Professionally – I coach people to Work Less, Make More & Create Their Most Desired Lifestyle. My goal is to offer simple SOLUTIONS that… (1) help you make transformations in your life and / or (2) give you a return on your investment of 100 to 1,000 times what you pay for the book. Even though I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology, a Life Coaching Certification and 2 Insurance Industry designations (CPCU & CLU), I try to keep things practical and easy to understand. When I’m not writing or working, I’m a happy husband, ... read more
Latest book: ¡Dios Te Ama Exactamente Como Eres!
Follow me on Twitter at @byjamieagee Jamie Agee
Just a nerdy girl with a dirty mind I began writing erotic fantasy and science fiction stories in high school just for fun. I never considered myself an author and had no intention of ever getting published. I only wrote for personal enjoyment. But here I am with my darkest fantasies published on my website, Amazon, and Smashwords. It's intimidating to say the least. I was born and raised near Roanoke, Virginia and graduated from VCU with a degree in Psychology. I've worked in a variety of fields including mental health, photography, and IT. You might call me a control freak because I prefer to do everything myself - from my writing, to cover design, to building my website and self-publishing. I do it ... read more
Latest book: The Angel Hunter
Follow me on Twitter at @HannahLWing Hannah L. Wing
Hannah L. Wing is an author of erotica and erotic romance.
Latest book: Defiling The Queen
Follow me on Twitter at @BoudicaM Victoria Snelling
I like cats, music and wine. I never know what to say in these things so feel free to ask questions.
Latest book: Fragments
Follow me on Twitter at @attemptedauthor Peter John
Peter John was born in Bromley Kent, England in 1973. He gained an interest in creative writing at the age of 14 and was published during the 1990's in several poetry anthologies. Happily Married to Jo since 1996 and currently living in Sidcup Kent, not so far from the tree. Peter John is also a founding member of The Indie Collaboration. An organisation dedicated to showcasing the best of indie authors in bite size pieces for free.
Latest book: Tall Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @1928novel C.S. Alexander
Tobacco baron Harry White is an amalgamation of real life tobacco baron Buck Duke and J.P. Morgan. At the height of his tobacco empire Duke had control of over 40% of the North American market and some control over the rest of the world’s tobacco as well. He is the reason Trinity college was renamed many decades ago as Duke University . Morgan, who was the richest man in the world in the early Twentieth Century, once saved the United States economy by lending the U.S. Treasury 65 million dollars in gold. I read about these men and thought it would be interesting to create a character that had all the wealth and power in the world, but was conflicted between his moral North Carolina upbringing and the life ... read more
Latest book: 1928
Follow me on Twitter at @DrewBrettauthor Drew Brett
I am an adult survivor of child abuse as a member of a family with pathologic multi-generational dysfunction. Much of it rooted in severe and persistent emotional, psychological abuse, mental cruelty and domestic violence. By sharing my personal story I hope to raise awareness of narcissistic abuse within a family unit. There are many people and families, especially children, that suffer in complete silence and that shouldn't be the case if people just pay attention to those close to them. By sharing my story of working to heal my inner child's spirit and soul through self discovery and empowerment I hope it serves to assist others along their own path. With help, it is possible to pick up the pieces of a ... read more
Latest book: The Narcissist As Parent
Follow me on Twitter at @susangrossey Susan Grossey
My name is Susan Grossey. I graduated from Cambridge University in 1987 with a degree in English, and then taught secondary English for two years before realising that the National Curriculum was designed primarily to extinguish every spark of creativity in its teachers. I then became a technical author, and reached the pinnacle of this profession when I was asked to document the workings of a choc-ice wrapping machine in Cardiff, while wearing a fetching blue hairnet (which I forgot to remove until it was pointed out by a cashier in a petrol station on the M4). From this unbeatable high point I moved into technical training, and one day was asked to help with a staff manual on fraud prevention. As I wrote ... read more
Latest book: Faith, Hope and Trickery
Follow me on Twitter at @rivernightingal River Nightingale
On any particular night you can find River Nightingale diligently writing at the desk in her room. The only light being emitted from her computer as she blankly stares into it; her fingers pressing down firmly onto the keys as she types out yet another steamy scene. "Perfect," She whispers to herself and takes as she takes a sip from her cup. River Nightingale has always wondered what it would be like to be one of the characters in her story. Part of her wants to fall deeply in love and another part of her wants to be abused and humiliated. Truthfully though she couldn't actually imagine living her life that way, so she continues to hide behind her dark desires, hoping that some day she too can become the ch ... read more
Latest book: Bump in the Woods(Threesome Erotica)
Follow me on Twitter at @manutdsc sam curran
I am a 20 year old maths teaching student with a penchant for poetry and literature. My interests include football, cycling and education in general. I want to become a teaching assistant on completion of my degree and my only goal in life is to be happy and fulfilled.
Latest book: My life: In 100 poems
Follow me on Twitter at @d_adams Diane Adams
Diane started writing a number of years ago but never published until Dreamspinner Press accepted Blue Skies in spring of 2010. She works a regular 9 to 5 job during the week and has the herculean task of raising three kids on her own so time to write her stories isn’t always so easy to find. She has successfully managed to squeeze a bit in here and there and loves to write, explore and develop her characters although she admits she has to be careful with characterisation (her favourite part) as she is prone to spending too much time on this and not enough on making sure things happen!
Latest book: Last First Kiss
Follow me on Twitter at @Lannafarrell67 Lanna Farrell
A little about me, I have two beautiful daughters and a son-in-law who I adore. A amazingly handsome grandson and the new addition to my family, a beautiful baby granddaughter. I enjoy spending time with my family, love curling up with a good book, riding on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle, saving every animal I can, and being with my German Shepard, Verdae, who is my constant companion and is unmercifully spoiled. Born and raised in Minnesota I will continue my life here but it does have its ups and downs. This great state is known for its ten thousand lakes, along with green grass and big trees. I find the constant changes in seasons a bit wearing on a person’s soul. A Minnesotan will tell you the ... read more
Latest book: Lift Me To The Sky
Follow me on Twitter at @ali_sungurbey Ali Acar Sungurbey
Ali Acar Sungurbey was born in Istanbul, Turkey. He worked in event management business and productions for 15 years. He loves and adores watching movies. His favorite music band is Depeche Mode. He loves animals. His ambition is to build shelters for people and animals in need. His favourite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”. His work Gravity Upstream is a scientific fiction story. The reason for writing Gravity Upstream is to create the most unique story ever! He believes that he has done it!
Latest book: Flora
Follow me on Twitter at @FaerieTears Caroline Andrus
Caroline Andrus was born and raised in the St. Paul suburbs where she lives with her husband, two daughters, and Henry McCoy—her cat, who is actually a wild cougar trapped in a housecat’s body. She divides her time between writing, Facebook, designing, and managing her household. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, rocking out to the radio, and gardening (but only in the hot summer months.) She is passionate about both reading and writing teen fiction, and is pretty sure she will forever be eighteen at heart.
Latest book: Propose To Me
Follow me on Twitter at @CarolMcKibben Carol McKibben
Carol McKibben was a magazine publisher for more than 20 years. She began a new career in freelance writing and editing in 2007. As well as editing other authors' works to realize their dreams, she has completed Luke's Tale and published a memoir, Riding Through It. Carol currently writes from the heart and through a dog's eyes. Often telling her stories to Laberdoodles, Basset Hounds and any stray that happens by, it wasn't long before people stopped to have a listen as well. Now Carol writes for people and speaks to large audiences, dogs included.
Latest book: Luke's Tale
Follow me on Twitter at @wattspd PD Watts
Back in the day I was a professional athlete who loved the sound and music of words but had no time to write. Now I enjoy expressing ideas as concisely and unselfconsciously as I can. I enjoyed reading Sidney Sheldon and Hemingway--both sadly missed--prefer Shakespeare's sonnets to his plays; apologies to the Earl of Oxford, and far and away my favourite poet is Dylan Thomas. At this stage in my life I want to enjoy everything I read and expect each book I write to be better than the last.
Latest book: Wilder's Women
Follow me on Twitter at @ReginaSanders17 Regina Sanders
For many years I worked with the public. Many times we have gotten on the subject of prayer. Far too often I have heard things like, “I don’t know how to pray.” “I hear members of my congregation pray, but I do not know how to pray like they do.” My advice, Talk to God just like you talk to me. It doesn’t have to be flowery or churchy prayer…God likes SIMPLE! I knew several years ago that my calling in life is intercession, standing in the gap for others. What I didn’t know was that this meant more than me taking things to God in prayer for them. As I sat at my mother in law’s home three states away, unplugged from my computer, little cell phone service, and just a quiet moment with God, ... read more
Latest book: Journey To Your Inheritance
Follow me on Twitter at @LollieGoggles Hollie DeFrancisco
Hollie DeFrancisco grew up in Somerville, MA where the decay of the city and the lack of nature left a stark coldness and desire in her soul. From a young age the desire to create was there just waiting to be properly honed. As she got older the terrors of age, daily living and teenage bureaucracy sent her scrambling for a space to call her own. Taking refuge in her day dreamer's mind she discovered what she subconsciously had always known: fantasy and nature were both things that always calmed and soothed her. With the support of her family's kind words and the desire to show the world a vision locked in her mind she set out to gain the skills necessary to make that possible. In 2010 Hollie graduated from Jack ... read more
Latest book: The Perfect Drug
Follow me on Twitter at @ginzburgpress Ariadne Oliver
The author works as a freelance graphic designer and front end web developer. She graduated from York University with a major in French literature and ventured into computers in the mid 1990s.
Latest book: How to Install WordPress on Your Windows Computer Using Wamp
Follow me on Twitter at @JulioMEspinosaJ Julio Mario Espinosa Jimenez
The best phrase to describe myself is; “I am an innate storyteller with a great ability to create literary universes that sustained by themselves”. As a professional at advertising my creativity moves quickly to adjust to new changes, because I easily recognize how a new environment works and how I can be useful for it. I also studied film and television direction and have written more than 20 screenplays for movies, short films and soap operas in Spanish and English.
Latest book: The Wine Goddess
Follow me on Twitter at @JamieBaywood Jamie Baywood
Jamie Baywood grew up in Petaluma, California. In 2010, she made the most impulsive decision of her life by moving to New Zealand. Getting Rooted in New Zealand is her first book about her experiences living there. Jamie is now married and living happily ever after in the United Kingdom. She is working on her second book.
Latest book: Getting Rooted in New Zealand
Follow me on Twitter at @NursesRN S.L. Page
S. L. Page graduated with her bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) in 2009 and went on to found the popular nursing website, She currently works as a registered nurse in non-invasive cardiology. She has helped mentor thousands of nursing students and nurse graduates with her website and job. The release of her new book "How to Pass Nursing School" is designed to help prepare students for the field of nursing.
Latest book: Nursing Resume: A Job Guide for Nurses
Follow me on Twitter at @ElisabethSobek Elisabeth Sobek
Elisabeth Sobek is an independent writer. Outside her full time job, she likes to spend every available moment avidly reading, writing, and spending quality time with family and friends. Tea, chocolate, movies, and romance novels are her favorite indulgences. You can find Elisabeth on Twitter as @ElisabethSobek where she hopes to connect with readers. Make sure to stop by and say hi!
Latest book: The Treasured Doll
Follow me on Twitter at @Deacon_Rick Rick Hoover
I'm a retired deacon in the Episcopal Church. I served at a parish in central Florida. I've worked in radio, television and several jobs that included public relation efforts. As a Christian, I have discovered one of the things I enjoy most is spending time in a prayer closet with Jesus, learning to be still so He has space to speak. I shared about my first month as a Smashword author at my blog:
Latest book: BCP Rite II Annotated Liturgy
Follow me on Twitter at @BHeatherMantler B. Heather Mantler
Heather Mantler is a lover of fairy tales and fables. Her home town is Prince George, British Columbia. Heather is always working on another story as she hopes to finish every story idea that she has ever written down. She was a nominee for the fiction category of the 2012 Prince George Regional Arts and Cultural Awards and short listed for the 2013 John Harris Fiction Awards. Heather encourages her readers to post reviews on Good Reads and Amazon.
Latest book: A Thief in Search of a Baby
Follow me on Twitter at @nuanc Nancy S.M. Waldman

Latest book: Futuristica: Volume 1
Follow me on Twitter at @danfrazerauthor Dan Frazer
Dan Frazer is a little bit schizophrenic. It's hard not to be when you are, in fact, two entirely separate people: Dan Smith and Frazer Fearnhead. They met over the garden fence when Dan moved next door to Frazer in 2007. Soon discovering a common love of cooking pretentious food (because of greed), watching pretentious French cinema (because of the naked girls) and listening to pretentious music (because it made them sound cultured), they also found they loved the same sort of books: unpretentious thrillers. One drunken night, they began a well-trodden rant, bemoaning the fact that all the wisecracking heroes in thrillers were American. Most British thrillers seemed to be gritty police procedurals or gruff S ... read more
Latest book: The Cheshire Sect
Follow me on Twitter at @Zoe_lalaa Zoe Harness
Zoe Rose Harness is one busy teen; she is Public Relations Vice President of her school’s Associated Student Body, she runs track, and has done hundreds of hours of community service through faith-based organizations and National Charity League. Oh, and she writes a bit. Teen Wisdom and Other Oxymorons is Zoe’s third book, but it is the first to be widely published. One, A History of Abigail Adams, she wrote as a 5th grade project, and a second, Santa Can’t Swim, was co-written with another student for an AP Environmental Science class just last year. Both of those were children’s books, but now Zoe is moving on to the Young Adult genre. Zoe lives with her mom, dad, 15-year-old brother Brody, and two ... read more
Latest book: Teen Wisdom and Other Oxymorons
Follow me on Twitter at @alikourstudios AgK
AGK III (Al Khouri III) was born and raised in South Florida. With a passion to entertain, he has written many novels and screenplays, which he will be distributing to the world through an empire he and a close friend have built from the ground up: ALIKOUR PRODUCTIONS. With a love for horror and comedy and an ambition to captivate audiances around the globe, Al simply declares, "Go big or get out. I want nothing but quality productions given to the people, led by independent, hard working artists, such as myself, delivering inspiring and worthy entertainment which will be remembered and cherished for years to come. It's time we have excellence, refocused." Currently being revised, "The Final Confrontation" wil ... read more
Latest book: The Final Confrontation
Follow me on Twitter at @lanaerotica Lana Portasi
I am Lana. I am 30, dirty and really fun. (I am actually 27, but 30/dirty sounds better and I often feel old) I am a writer for many publications, everything from travel to fashion, but what I enjoy writing the most is erotica. That’s because I have a lot of experience. Yes, I love sex, of course. I am not looking to meet you, simply entertain you (although, you never know.) I write about everything and anything, it’s a great way to get away from all the other writing about everyday things.
Latest book: Rekindling The Romance
Follow me on Twitter at @hart_lei Leilani Hart

Latest book: Steel, The Atmosphere
Follow me on Twitter at @pcapelle Philip Capelle
I’ve been continuously involved in pool in several capacities since I took up the game in early 1969. In 1995 I founded Billiards Press with the goal of providing students of the game with the finest instructional books on pool. Play Your Best Pool was published in late 1995. Since then I have written eight more books, and I have many more projects that are in various stages of development. My instructional column on pool has appeared in every issue of Pool & Billiard Magazine dating back to May 1996.
Latest book: Play Your Best Pool
Follow me on Twitter at @JoltYourCareer Sunny Lurie, PhD. / Sunny Klein Lurie, Ph.D., founder and CEO of FAST FOCUS CAREERS, has a rich background in organizational development and career management consulting. Working with Key Bank and private clients for two decades, Lurie's proven techniques help individuals make the right choice for the right career. She's served on several boards, including the American Society for Training and Development and National Association of Women Business Owners. A prominent speaker, Lurie publishes broadly in business journals. The drive to create Fast Focus Careers was sparked by pure panic from Lurie's early uncertainty about her own career direction. Lurie's career programs grew from vital l ... read more
Latest book: Jolt Your Career From Here to There: 8 Breakthrough Strategies for Career-Change Success
Follow me on Twitter at @KatherineCerule Katherine Cerulean
Katherine Cerulean grew up in the countryside near Athens, GA, homeschooled on a farm with plenty of animals and time for daydreaming. She has been writing seriously for fifteen years, starting with screenwriting and then moving into novels. Her completed novels are Other Gods (a fantasy) and A Caged Heart Still Beats (a love story). Katherine is the creator of People Who Have Come Alive, a Meetup group devoted to helping people achieve their wildest dreams, and the Athens Writers Association. Katherine still lives in the house she was literally born in, with her sister Sarah Cerulean, who is an amazing artistic genius, and their dog Biscuit. They also share the house with many lizards, an occasional snake ... read more
Latest book: Other Gods first chapter only
Follow me on Twitter at @januaryflowers January Flowers
Charlotte Flowers-Weston is a native of New Jersey. She studied Journalism at Rider College and Television Production and Radio Technology at Mercer County College. She began her writing career in television news, working for some of the major ABC, NBC, and CBS, Affiliates throughout the East and West Coast. She has worked in Film, Television, and Theater and has published multiple news articles and written several screenplays, poems, and short stories. She is a writer for the new Web TV Series Western Heights, scheduled to premier this February, directed and produced by Joey Lamar Ashley. She is a student at Full Sail University where she will receive her degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment this year ... read more
Latest book: A Leap of Faith
Follow me on Twitter at @PeteFordWriter Pete Ford
Pete Ford was born in England and lived in Wales and Switzerland before moving to Texas. He now lives in Colorado with his wife, Kate. They have two grown-up sons and two not-at-all grown-up granddaughters. He spends his days as a software developer; he once designed a system that accidentally dumped twenty thousand tons of water into the wrong part of the River Thames within minutes of going live. Today, he uses those same skills to develop web applications for the US government. Although he has been writing short stories as a hobby for many years, Pete decided it was finally time to fulfill a dream—to write a book and get it published. And, as he has been a fan of Steampunk stories since before the term S ... read more
Latest book: Mr. Gunn and Dr. Bohemia
Follow me on Twitter at @mike_mullin Mike Mullin
Mike Mullin’s first job was scraping the gum off the undersides of desks at his high school. From there, things went steadily downhill. He almost got fired by the owner of a bookstore due to his poor taste in earrings. He worked at a place that showed slides of poopy diapers during lunch (it did cut down on the cafeteria budget). The hazing process at the next company included eating live termites raised by the resident entomologist, so that didn’t last long either. For a while Mike juggled bottles at a wine shop, sometimes to disastrous effect. Oh, and then there was the job where swarms of wasps occasionally tried to chase him off ladders. So he’s really glad this writing thing seems to be working out. ... read more
Latest book: Darla's Story
Follow me on Twitter at @leone_annabella Leone Annabella Betts
I am a writer/illustrator specialising in botanical studies and children's fiction. I am probably best knows for helping Father Christmas create illustrated story-letters for children. I live and work in the north of England (UK), though I'm originally from Warwickshire.
Latest book: Three Father Christmas Letters for 2013
Follow me on Twitter at @jwoodsauthor J. Woods
J. Woods is a Toronto based writer, mother, and non-conformist. She lives between the space of her green tea and humming laptop when she isn’t chasing after her free spirited daughter. She has studied too many things to count including radio broadcasting and entrepreneurship. Grasping at sanity, she realized writing stories about her insane thoughts was easier than explaining them to a doctor. Not to mention cheaper.
Latest book: Infinitely Gilded (Gilded Feathers Series, book 4)
Follow me on Twitter at @aviebennett Avie Bennett
Avie started writing at the age of fourteen and never really stopped. She's had work published in magazines, journals and newspapers, has written short stories, children's stories, poems and songs but she says she 'never really thought' to write a novel, until recently when a burning desire bound her to do so. She says that now she's found the bug, she can't let it go – so you can expect a few more where this smashing debut came from. When she's not writing, she can be found enjoying other creative pursuits such as music, art and photography. Avie lives with her husband and children in Hampshire, England and writes a blog at
Latest book: The Couple on The Green
Follow me on Twitter at @Livingwell_Seed Dee Emeigh
With credits ranging from songwriting to freelance feature writing for local newspapers, Dee Marvin Emeigh is a truly a journalist, but also writes flash fiction and poetry. Her first book is an autobiographical comeback story that examines abuse of power in churches and delivers a revelation of the New Covenant intended to change the reader's view of God. A talented singer-songwriter, Emeigh has produced several solo albums. Two selections from her most recent CD project, Well SEASONED, have received radio play internationally. A former photojournalist, her images have been published around the globe as well. Yet, Emeigh is passionate about literacy, and has taught secondary English, reading intervention and ... read more
Latest book: Cafeteria Covenant: the Voice, the Choice, and the Challenge
Follow me on Twitter at @Chrystal_Anne_ Chrystal Anne
Hell’s Gate: Awakening, her first book and the first title in a trilogy, was published under Stygian Upheaval Press on July 6, 2013, with the paperback version being released on September 14th of the same year. The second book is currently being written and has a release window of Q4, 2014. Accompanying artbooks and audiobooks are currently in the works. Working through the summer, Chrystal Anne released a book trailer to the public in October of 2013, which garnered enough attention from a production company to sign on for a pilot episode of a potential series based around the book trilogy to be made. Production work is set to begin in late 2014. Chrystal Anne grew up in and around Dallas, TX, where she st ... read more
Latest book: Hell's Gate: Awakening
Follow me on Twitter at @jobelcpa24 Jobel De Rosas, CPA
Jobel F. De Rosas is an optimistic and enthusiastic young professional who has great passion for exploring the rudiments of Finance and Capital Markets. He strongly advocates Financial Literacy, fueled by the belief that this is one of the solutions to reduce poverty in our country.He believes that Financial Literacy is one of the major gaps that separate the Philippines from developed countries. He graduated college at Southern Luzon State University in Lucban, Quezon with the degree of BS Accountancy on April 2012 and passed the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam on October 2012.
Latest book: Journey to Prosperity and Abundance
Follow me on Twitter at @VelvetFletch Velvet Fletcher
Velvet Fletcher fell in love with writing as a child, when she discovered it could make her boring life incredibly exciting. Her first story book was about a puppy getting lost in the woods. Obviously she has matured a lot since then. Velvet writes from her home in Melbourne, Australia.
Latest book: Testing Limits
Follow me on Twitter at @IslaSinclair Isla Sinclair
Isla Sinclair writes femdom, m/m, bisexual, lesbian, and menage erotic romance. Gentle dominant lovers, cruel sci-fi queens, beautiful boys doing beautiful dirty sexy things, and plucky, kinky schoolgirls populate her stories. A bisexual redhead with a vivid imagination, Isla lives in western Canada with her dashing partner, a very silly kitten, and a stable of hot fictional men on their knees. To be emailed when Isla publishes a new book, subscribe to Author Alerts on her Smashwords profile, drop her a line at, or follow her on Twitter @IslaSinclair. Comments and reviews welcome, anywhere!
Latest book: Six Ways From Sunday (An MM BDSM Dubcon Priest Seduction Novella)