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Trinka Polite is a poet and author from the beautiful state of Georgia. She also enjoys a career as a licensed counselor with a M.A. in Humanistic Psychology. When Trinka is not working on her writing projects, she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family. Trinka enjoys hearing from her readers! Feel free to leave reviews or contact her via her website:
Latest book: After the Sixth Day: Notes from a Spiritual Journey

Follow me on Twitter at  alleycat34 Allison Cosgrove
Allison Cosgrove was born and raised in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. A married mother of three daughters, she works in accounting by day and creates her own worlds by night. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters hiking in the woods or sitting by the fire reading a good book. She has had the love of reading and writing detective mysteries from the age of twelve but it has only been since the birth of her youngest that she has gotten serious about crafting some of her own works for others to enjoy. She credits her family and friends with being the driving force that has given her the strength to breathe life into her books.
Latest book: An Insomniacs Dream

Follow me on Twitter at  RulingBody Michael Stark
I've always been a rather private person, still am in fact. Publishing a book wasn't easy for me, as it meant showcasing myself to anyone who picked up my work. It took me a long time to muster the courage to finally do it. I've always believed that an author's work is a window into their mind, knowing this and being rather self-conscience, I've always been a tad afraid to let anyone have a peek into mine. Ruling Body has been something I've been working on for a number of years, trying to perfect it and of course, enjoy it. These characters are dear to me, and at the end of it all, seven books in total, I hope others will enjoy the stories, the characters, and their situations. Once these stories are finishe ... read more
Latest book: The Seas of Her Memory

Follow me on Twitter at  TijansBooks Tijan
Hello~ (waves) I didn't begin writing until after undergraduate college. There'd been storylines and characters in my head all my life, but it came to a boiling point one day and I HAD to get them out of me. So the computer was booted up and I FINALLY felt it click. Writing is what I needed to do. After that, I had to teach myself how to write. I can't blame my teachers for not teaching me all those years in school. It was my fault. I was one of the students that was wishing I was anywhere but at school! So after that day, it took me lots of work until I was able to put together something that resembled a novel. I'm hoping I got it right since someone must be reading this profile! And I hope you keep enjoying ... read more
Latest book: Davy Harwood

Follow me on Twitter at  ADivasArt Amanda Hunter
Amanda is a versatile writer. She has written RomCom Mystery, Paranormal/Romance Mystery, Poetry and cookbooks, and that isn't even the end. She will be working on a Psychological thriller soon. Amanda lives in Central Ohio. While she is not writing, she loves to paint, and design jewelry. It also, would not be a surprise to catch her at the shooting range or local gym, she loves to keep active. Look for more genre switches from her. We have a feeling she is just trying to taste test all of them. You can find Amanda on Facebook, twitter and Linkedin.
Latest book: Midlife Adventure - This isn't your typical Midlife Crisis

Follow me on Twitter at  robertwfuller Robert W. Fuller
Robert W. Fuller earned his Ph.D. in physics at Princeton University and taught at Columbia, where he co-authored Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics. After serving as president of Oberlin College, he became a “citizen diplomat,” working toward improving international relations during the Cold War. During the 1990s, he served as board chair of the non-profit global corporation Internews and promoted democracy via free and independent media. When the Cold War ended with the collapse of the USSR, Fuller reflected on his career and realized that he had been, at different times in his life, a somebody and a nobody. His periodic sojourns into “Nobodyland” led him to identify rankism—abuse of the ... read more
Latest book: The Wisdom of Science

Follow me on Twitter at  bretonauthor Laurie Breton
Once upon a time, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I used to lie in bed at night and make up stories in my head. At the age of eight, seduced by the feel and smell of a fresh sheet of lined writing paper, I began writing them down. Those first stories, heavily influenced by the "Lad" books of Albert Payson Terhune, were usually about the grand and glorious relationship between a dog and its human. But by the time I reached the age of twelve, a curious thing happened to those man/dog relationship stories: I started writing about human relationships instead. Love stories. And although there have been many variations on that theme in the years since, I'm still writing love stories. I can't imagine writing anything ... read more
Latest book: Coming Home: Jackson Falls Book 1

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Latest book: Shattered Destiny

Follow me on Twitter at  mrdaviddick David Dick

Latest book: Lessons From Hal

Follow me on Twitter at  Mariel_Grey Mariel Grey
I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres. When it comes to writing, however, romance is something I understand. It's about feelings. We all have them. Loving and being loved is a universal desire. I may eventually branch out into other areas of writing, but for now,I'll stick with what I know. I live in Florida with my husband of nearly thirty years. The kids have left home and, fortunately for me, I still enjoy my own romance with my husband. I love being near the water where I can snorkel, shell, fish, and walk the beach with my husband. For more about me, new releases, and some fun things, visit my website at
Latest book: Surrender of Trust (First Volume of the Surrender Series)

Follow me on Twitter at  bradygilchrist Brady Gilchrist
Brady's biggest passion is helping others discover their own passions. Brady is a sailor, pilot, photographer, writer, entrepreneur and executive. He has been involved in a number of interesting projects including "A Digital Life" when in 1999 he wired up a 27 foot sailboat to the Internet and accidentally became one of the very early bloggers. He traveled up the coast of Africa on the Microsoft, Sony and Stern sponsored MV Starship Millennium as a member of her crew during its global circumnavigation as one of the world's first ships outfitted with technologies enabling it share the voyage with the world via the internet. In the early 1990s Brady created Intermagic one of the first online advertising agencie ... read more
Latest book: Kill Procrastination

Follow me on Twitter at  ShareImpress Mae Endy
I consider my best challenges in life to be those that will eventually benefit others. My writing includes fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. I am a mom, teacher, registered nurse, licensed massage therapist and author. My primary goal as a writer is to promote literacy by engaging a child's imagination through reading. I believe that a strong literacy foundation will promote long-term academic success in children as well as enrich their lives socially. My fiction books are inspirational, warm hearted in nature and hold the interest of any reader by making them feel part of each story. The goal of my non-fiction books is for you to gain something positive from them. Thank you for visiting my profi ... read more
Latest book: Band-Aids and Kindness Kids

Follow me on Twitter at  basil papademos Basil Papademos
Born in Toronto, Papademos currently lives in northern Thailand's high country. His most recent novel, MOUNT ROYAL: THERE'S NOTHING HARDER THAN LOVE, was published in 2012 by Tightrope Books. It is the winner of the 2013 BiLines Book Award, along with being short-listed for the 2013 ReLit Award. His earlier novel is THE HOOK, published by Emergency Press. To buy the 6x9 inch trade paperback edition of MOUNT ROYAL: THERE'S NOTHING HARDER THAN LOVE, and to view author performance, go to pages listed. AMAZON REVIEW By Margaret Wagner Mount Royal shakes you up like a freight train, hitting you with the brash sounds and hell-bent forward motion of an underground culture fueled by high octane drugs, sex, disobedien ... read more
Latest book: Mount Royal: There's Nothing Harder Than Love

Follow me on Twitter at  FrancesClark50 Frances Clark
Though the author was born in the UK she now lives in Queensland Australia with her pets. Her favourite genre is science fiction and all of her books thus far have a time travel theme. You may contact her through her website.
Latest book: Uraami

Follow me on Twitter at  suz_anne_cox Suzanne Cox
I remember writing my first stories when I was about nine or ten years old. I've been writing ever since. In 2002 I decided to seriously try and get some of my work published. On February 14th of 2005 I sold my first book, A Different Kind of Man, to Harlequin Superromance. While trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, besides a writer, I went to college (alot) and worked a variety of jobs. I have a bachelor of arts in English with a minor in secondary education, a bachelor of science in nursing, a master of science in career and technical education with an emphasis in adult education and most recently, a master of science in nursing as a family nurse practitioner. Presently, I'm working full time ... read more
Latest book: Relentless

Follow me on Twitter at Fernando Leombruni
Fernando Leombruni ha frequentato l'Istituto Tecnico Industriale di Pescara, dove ha conseguito il diploma di Perito Chimico. Dopo il diploma ha iniziato a lavorare insieme al padre nel campo della vendita e assistenza di macchine e mobili per ufficio; alla morte del padre ha trasformato l'attività in progettazione per interni, realizzando diversi negozi, boutique, ville, ecc. Nel 2005, insieme a sua moglie, ha avviato un'agenzia immobiliare, occupandosi quindi della compravendita di appartamenti, ville, terreni e attività commerciali. Appassionato di legge, medicina, psicologia ed esoterismo, ama molto scrivere. Ha ideato alcuni romanzi, storie vere di vita e alcuni racconti autobiografici, ancora inediti. E ... read more
Latest book: E se domani...?

Follow me on Twitter at  DCOdom Derek Odom
Derek Odom is an author living in Southern California. He enjoys reading, writing, playing chess, making music, and road trips. He is passionate about old cars and odd stories. Stop by his blog. Say hi.
Latest book: Weird, Weird Jeffrey Mason

Follow me on Twitter at  ronkule Ronald Joseph Kule
Internationally published author/biographer and poet Ronald Joseph Kule, was born in Bogota, Colombia. He started to write creatively at age seven. In early grade school days, he performed lead parts in musicals. In high school, he played baseball and football well but sustained a greater interest in the performance arts, adding jazz music and reading classic books to his repertoire. At Oakland University in Michigan, he studied international cultures, ethnology and applied philosophy. In New York City, he did professional modeling and, later in Los Angeles, added training in acting and fine-arts painting - his works are held in private collections. His 39-year international sales/sales management/sales t ... read more
Latest book: Sell Better, Sell Easier, Sell Everything Artfully

Follow me on Twitter at  tombradleybooks Tom Bradley Author's Foreword to the Electronic Edition of My Hands Were Clean (Unlikely Stories Press) The end of everything is going to be like a jumbo jet crash: what kills you is the sheer bouncing avoirdupois of all the other assholes jam-packed around you. The unprecedented apocalyptic monstrosity of the internet makes it obvious that our universe, and everybody in it, is hurtling into the final few screams of the Great Dissolution, as promised in the Vishnu Purana. The Night of Brahma will follow, when we all have to shut the fuck up, and even stop publishing e-books. Our barely-average star, just another nondescript zhlub in the crowd, stumbles ever closer to the eliptical band-saw of the ... read more
Latest book: Felicia's Nose

Follow me on Twitter at  MelindaKillen1 Melinda Killen

Latest book: Tangled in Blood

Follow me on Twitter at  santaflash Elizabeth Los
"I began writing fan fiction short stories in 2011, as means of escape. The response to the stories provided the necessary encouragement to continue on. A wife and mother, working full time plus another job on the side, and helping others in need, I made writing my therapy, my release for stress. I hope to continue on with this love, providing the same enjoyment she receives while writing." Elizabeth uses writing as therapy, her release from everyday stress. At night, after work and once the children are finally tucked in bed, for the fifth time, she sits at her laptop and lets her imagination flow. Elizabeth has produced short stories, one of which will be published in an anthology. She had a blast writing S ... read more
Latest book: Of Words and Water - 2014

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Latest book: Oasis of Success: 20 Keys to Success

Follow me on Twitter at  benuspokutwitter benus adu poku
Benus Adu Poku is also known as Nana Darkwahene Benjamin Adu-Poku. This prolific novelist, playwright, poet and literary critic was educated at the University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana; Rand Afrikaans University now University of Johannesburg (winner of the Award for Best Student) and Leadership Centre, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa. He is also the author of soul-inspiring and thought-provoking works including: Araba Ungrateful Husband Berta’s Big Secret Sweet Freedom Mariza Naked Chameleon Shrine of Jubilee Gold King Crab and Slave Maidens Ghostheart Den of Injustice (Book One) Den of Injustice (Book Two) Sacrifice in the Sahara (Book Two) Sacrifice in the Sahara (Book Three) Light for Malira Justic ... read more

Follow me on Twitter at  lindsaycollier LindsayCollier
Lindsay Collier had a storied career with Kodak beginning as an engineer and becoming their expert in creativity and innovation. He also did some pioneer work focusing on humor in the workplace. He took an early retirement to write, consult, and speak about these topics and his books and presentations are characterized as being original, fun, and packed-full of good, usable stuff. After the loss of his 1st wife of 40 years to ovarian cancer he also wrote what might be one of the most creative books on surviving loss. Lindsay is an author and speaker well known for his humorous and information packed presentations. His latest books include Organizational Mental Floss; How to Squeeze Your Organization's Thinkin ... read more
Latest book: Quotations to Tickle Your Brain

Follow me on Twitter at  perfumealibi Jeffrey Cruden
Born in California, raised in Scottsdale Arizona and a twenty year resident of Las Vegas where he currently resides, Jeffrey Cruden is married with three school-aged children. The Perfume Alibi is his first novel, with at least two more novels in the series already close to completion. Look for the second book titled The Ice Cream Shoppe sometime in October.
Latest book: The Perfume Alibi

Follow me on Twitter at  mooderino V Moody
Writing is my hobby and my passion.
Latest book: Magician Number One (Grin the Cheat #3)

Follow me on Twitter at  susanelle_1 Susan Elle
Susan Elle is a British author with strong family ties to Cornwall. The Celtic Cornish have many traditions and superstitions, all of which Susan embraces as part of her proud heritage. Thanks to her wonderful readers, Susan Elle is now enjoying being a full time author. Family is the main focus for Susan - between work, a growing family and hobbies she is never bored.
Latest book: Broken

Follow me on Twitter at  hafeiloda Danie De Villiers
I matriculated in 1972 at the Ermelo High School. In 1975 I obtained a BA Degree from the University of Potchefstroom with Communication Science as one of my subjects. I joined the South African Prison Service in 1976 and I started my career in the Communication Directorate at their Head Office in Pretoria. I was responsible for compiling the annual report, press releases, and information brochures as well media liaison. In 1981 I was tasked to research the history of the South African Prison Service and in 1982 it was published as an in-house publication. In 1985 I was appointed as the editor of the Prison Service’s personnel magazine, Nexus; a post which I occupied until 1993. However, in 1989 I was also ... read more
Latest book: Alone Under The Stars

Follow me on Twitter at  authorkalinde K.A. Linde
K.A. Linde is an independent author and publisher enjoys writing novels that keep you guessing to the very end. She wrote Avoiding Commitment in 2009. She studied political science and philosophy at the University of Georgia and received her Masters in 2012. She currently resides in Georgia. She enjoys dancing in her spare time. She has written a sequel to this novel and plans to have it released in the near future along with her future endeavors.
Latest book: Take Me with You

Follow me on Twitter at  jmremmer JM Remmer
JM Remmer is a London based novelist - Bang Bang is her first naughty novel about shooting (hunting for my American readers)
Latest book: Bang Bang

Follow me on Twitter at  EReltso E. Reltso
E. Reltso has a PhD and performs boring research for a living. He has five children, three of whom are teenagers.
Latest book: Stupidity from A to Z

Follow me on Twitter at  HanifSomani Hanif Somani
Forex and Internet Marketing. Ph.D from University of London.
Latest book: Forex Tamed

Follow me on Twitter at  ZoltanG ZJ Galos
Z.J. Galos was born in eastern Austria. Educated in Vienna in art and architecture, he sailed for the Cape of Africa, experiencing the vastness and variety of the Southern African continent. He has visited most sites of cultural antiquity in Greece that had a profound impression on his perspective for the arts. His novels are also in print at;
Latest book: London Days&Nights - Ten poems and three prose-poems

Follow me on Twitter at  Dark_Corners Monica Mannix

Latest book: Time for Bed

Follow me on Twitter at  leannek99 Leanne Krieger

Latest book: Madison

Follow me on Twitter at  EfrainMallery Efrain Mallery
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Keisha’s Crush 5: Lovers

Follow me on Twitter at  NicholeRogue Nichole Rogue
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Unveiling The Lover

Follow me on Twitter at  GarrettZeiger Garrett Zeiger
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Dirty Drawings

Follow me on Twitter at  ArielleFossett Arielle Fossett
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Never Tease Your Neighbors

Follow me on Twitter at  JullesMunsen Julles Munsen
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: That Girl On The Stairs

Follow me on Twitter at  StefanMcKinnis Stefan McKinnis
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: The Spice Of Marriage

Follow me on Twitter at  ChaneyKees Chaney Kees
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Forbidden Friends

Follow me on Twitter at  DakotaDeece Dakota Deece
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Three, Two, One

Follow me on Twitter at  TrinityStyller Trinity Styller
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Animalistic Desires 10: Gypsy’s Gift

Follow me on Twitter at  MackenzieHarnden Mackenzie Harnden
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: The Prince V: The Pole

Follow me on Twitter at  EmilieHamdan Emilie Hamdan
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Fashion Tois

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Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: Battle Of The Heart And Mind 3: Lovers

Follow me on Twitter at  TristaJaco Trista Jaco
Erotica Short Fiction writer on who loves to read, write and blog Erotic Fiction.
Latest book: To My Rescue