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Follow me on Twitter at  cocosmith26 Coco Smith
Coco Smith is 26 year old female from Houston, Texas. She has always had writing run through her like the blood in her veins. She enjoys watching the natural order of things around her as an observer of the world and a student of life. She believes in the balancing of the universe through such things as scientific integrity, connecting with your ancestry, poetic expression, creative and assertive communication, music and art.
Latest book: Journey of the Human Psyche

Follow me on Twitter at  yasminselena Yasmin Selena Butt
I'm a writer and artist from north London, my parents came to the UK in the '60s from Pakistan. My dad has twelve siblings, my mother five; when I was growing up I wanted my mum to adopt children as I have a love of variety. She said four children were more then enough thank you. I still think it's a shame she stopped there! I am a total variety freak, I don't understand women who have a 'signature' perfume. I have about seventy bottles in my boudoir alone, as my mood and vibe changes so much, and I need scent to evolve with that. Same goes for bubblebath ... and breakfast cereal. In 2011 I was featured talking about Dior's Fahrenheit on BBC4′s documentary 'Perfume', later in 2012 I will be featuring on a ne ... read more
Latest book: Gunshot Glitter

Follow me on Twitter at  EvaThomas69 Eva J Thomas
I like French fries, vanilla ice cream, mind blowing sex, lying on the beach reading a good book, and plotting my next scorching hot paranormal erotic story.
Latest book: Virgin Moon (A Vampire/Werewolf Serial Romance, Episode #1)

Follow me on Twitter at  bookcasetv Frederic Colier
Frederic Colier is the authors of several novels, plays, and screenplays. He is currently the executive producer and host of the weekly Tv program Book Case TV.
Latest book: Nick Klaus and the Incurable Jumblelium

Follow me on Twitter at  violetabalian Violeta Balián
Violeta Balián nació en Buenos Aires. Cursó historia, arqueología y humanidades en los EE.UU. y residió en San Francisco, Washington D.C. y Miami. Colaboró con el periódico Washington Woman y como redactora en jefe estuvo a cargo de la publicación trimestral The Violet Gazette (1994-2004). Publicó El expediente Glasser en Buenos Aires (Dunken-2012) y la presente edición en abril de 2013 con Eriginal Books (Miami). Se anticipa que Alma, su próxima novela, próxima a publicarse con Eriginal Books participará en la Feria Internacional del Libro de Miami (noviembre de 2013). En la actualidad, Violeta Balián reside en las sierras de Córdoba, Argentina.
Latest book: El expediente Glasser

Follow me on Twitter at  LorenaWood15 Lorena Wood
I grew up in upstate New York and received a degree in Psychology at SUNY. My family and I lived in Arizona for 7 years but moved back to NY to be by family. I love writing Paranormal Romance and though my first book was written years ago, I just discovered the ebook publishing community. My books are always filled with danger, romance, and humor! Stop by and say hello sometime on Twitter or FB.
Latest book: Vibrations

Follow me on Twitter at  gamboozini Mark von Sponeck
Mark von Sponeck has lived all over the world, mainly in Africa and Asia but also in the US and Europe. He is currently based part of the year in Denmark and part of the year in Mozambique. Mark is the co-founder of a non-profit organization called Global Nomads Group that connects hundreds of thousands of youth around the world to get them to learn about each others’ cultures and lives and to discuss important world issues. Mark would like to inspire younger children to become excited about their fascinating world. The result is this picture book, a first in the Prince Cy Explores series.
Latest book: Prince Cy Explores Planet Earth

Follow me on Twitter at  antony1202 A.G Douglas
I am married with two children aged 14 and 19 years old and I live in Lichfield, England.
Latest book: The Parable of the One Winged Butterfly

Follow me on Twitter at  bihar Shalu Sharma
Shalu Sharma is a travel blogger from India.
Latest book: Gratitude Journal: Keep a Gratitude Journal and Turn Pain to Joy

Follow me on Twitter at  ABerrell Ashleigh Berrell
A fun wife, a crazy animal lady, and soon to be mother of a gorgeous girl. A green-tea addict and cheese-aholic, Ashleigh writes to amuse herself as much as to entertain others.
Latest book: Emily and the Mystery of the Shiny Pebble- An Emily Adventure

Follow me on Twitter at  authorkimjones Kim Jones

Latest book: Saving Dallas Forever

Follow me on Twitter at  klaus0811 Klaus M Schwarzenholz
Klaus M. Schwarzenholz born in Germany, migrated 1972 to Australia, holds a degree in psychology from the University of Tasmania What happened in 1945 to Silesian refugees and the city of Dresden lead to the attempt to write the book as a biography but the information from the few survivors of his family was too fragmented and finally he wrote the story as a novel based on the historical events but with fictional characters.
Latest book: And Silently Falls The Snow

Follow me on Twitter at  hebature Henry Ayuba B.
I am simple, calm and a travelbook. I love motivating and inspiring people to their best. I have my first degree in Mathematics. I am also the founder and President of Supreme Way Institute aka Prestige Foundation, a school for self-recovery and empowerment for positive living.

Follow me on Twitter at  kita_bell Kita Bell
Kita Bell lives in the midwestern United States. She spends her spare moments reading paranormal romance and dreaming about vampires, were-tigers and all-you-can-eat chocolate fountains. Check out her website for free stories and extra scenes at
Latest book: To Heal an Immortal Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  nhi_news Third Reality Publications
Ernesto Nieto is the President and Founder of the National Hispanic Institute. Established in 1979, NHI's mission is to engage Latino youth with learning experiences that further their intellectual development, prepared them for college, and guided them to value and appreciate the importance of becoming engaged citizens in community life. He grew up in Houston's Magnolia and Northside communities. Ernesto grew up in a civic-minded family where parents were recreation directors at DeZavala Park, Hennessy Park and Selena Park in Denver Harbor. He graduated from Jeff Davis High School and was recruited to play basketball at the University of Houston. He transferred and graduated from Southwestern University in ... read more
Latest book: Third Reality: Crafting a 21st Century Latino Agenda

Follow me on Twitter at  StryderSweetman Stryder Sweetman
An Australian writer, a complete Whovian.
Latest book: White Tiger

Follow me on Twitter at  Reaper87105 Ernesto Garcia
Hello! I am Ernesto Garcia, 18 years old and I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I started writing when I was about the age of ten, I considered myself to be a poet. I mostly wrote children's poems,a lot of which are about dinosaurs. None of my poetic works have been published but I hope to have them published soon! My first published story is WIND HOWL and I hope many more to come!You can message me on Facebook if you have any questions or ideas or follow me on Twitter! Thanks.
Latest book: Wind Howl

Follow me on Twitter at  cvmark Shridhar Lolla
Shridhar is a practitioner of Operational Excellence and holds a PhD degree in engineering from IIT Delhi, India. Early in his career, he worked with ABB, Kirloskar Electric, SIFY and Tecumseh. His longest stint was with ABB, the Swiss power and automation technology leader, where in his last assignment, he was Head of Applications and Solutions Group at its Corporate Research Center. Since then, he has gained extensive experience in achieving breakthrough performance in Engineering, Product Development, R&D, IT Services, Software Development and Manufacturing. Shridhar is an application expert of Theory of Constraints (TOC) and shares his time with Goldratt Consulting. His first book, 'Building Manufacturing ... read more
Latest book: The Path - Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World

Follow me on Twitter at  MaryLuTyndall MaryLu Tyndall
Christy Award nominee and best-selling author MaryLu Tyndall describes herself as an introvert, mother of six, neighborhood cat-lady, tall ship enthusiast, friend of pirates and mermaids, obsessive compulsive control freak, history lover, hopeless romantic, and a sword wielding princess-warrior of the King of Kings. Her books are filled with adventure and romance guaranteed to touch your heart! Her hope is that readers will not only be entertained but will be brought closer to the Creator who loves them beyond measure. In a culture that accepts the occult, wizards, zombies, and vampires without batting an eye, MaryLu hopes to show the awesome present and powerful acts of God in a dying world. She has published ... read more
Latest book: The Reckoning

Follow me on Twitter at  MollyPrude Molly Prude
Molly Prude is the star of her own erotic fantasies, she wants you to star in them, too. A native of Philadelphia, a mom and an avid writer, Molly's adventures have recently taken her to the erotic, supernatural community of Serenade Springs. She's always looking for company, so why not tag along and see how kinky a Kinky Mom can really be...
Latest book: Hatchette

Follow me on Twitter at  renegadeviper Tom Ward
Tom Ward is a 23 year-old British writer and winner of the GQ Norman Mailer Award. He is represented by the Johnson & Alcock Literary Agency, and also writes for Huffington Post and Sabotage Times. Tom has been described as 'Quite possibly the best young writer in the country' by Bestselling Author Tony Parsons Tom can be found on Twitter at @RenegadeViper.
Latest book: Dead Dogs & Splintered Hearts

Follow me on Twitter at  picart C Pic Michel

Latest book: Gold Lamé (That's Le-Mayy)

Follow me on Twitter at  eleesha Eleesha
Eleesha, Spiritual Author of The Soul Whisperer +10 Books sharing her automatic writing gift of Original Quotes, Affirmations, Sayings & Inspiration. ✿ܓ
Latest book: The Soulful Pathway To Christmas: Soulfully Inspiring You in the Days Leading Up to Christmas and Beyond!

Follow me on Twitter at  bainekelly Baine Kelly
Baine Kelly was born and raised in the Chicagoland area but currently resides on the east coast with her husband, teenage son and assorted four legged babies. Her greatest enjoyments in life are family, reading, writing, training her dogs and camping in the mountains. Baine has always been drawn to the myths of the supernatural, vampires, werewolves and all creatures of the night. She is working on a series called "The Sable World" that brings fantasy to life. Baine hopes you will follow her through the daring journey of her "Sable World" and enjoy the ride. Baine would like to encourage each of you to reach for your dreams because you only live once and can accomplish anything you set your mind to. So Baine ... read more
Latest book: Splash: A Sable World Novella

Follow me on Twitter at  felicitygrope Felicity Grope
Seductress, author, blogger, semi-professional gymnast.
Latest book: The Book That’s Actually Much Filthier Than That Other One You Were Looking For

Follow me on Twitter at  ChogukJae Jae Choguk
Jae Choguk is a young author who just wrote her first book, and to be honest is still embarrassed about, but hopes you will support her in her future work, as well as her new (first) book!
Latest book: Anima

Follow me on Twitter at  ZacharyTOwen Zachary Owen
Zachary T. Owen is an arsonist. You can find him on twitter and other internet vacuums.
Latest book: The October King

Follow me on Twitter at  MauroLovecchio Piero Lovecchio

Latest book: Una Storia Anzi Due

Follow me on Twitter at  Artistsherm Mark Shearman
Artist, writer, Book Cover Designer. Voracious reader, Blogger. Tea drinker, dog owner. Chief-cook and dish washer loader. Jocose, English Ex-pat in Spain. Beach freak. Science fiction fan. Habitual doubler of entendres. Novelist. Caricature and Cartoonist junkie. Part-time philanthropist. Music nut. Movie addict. Occasional faux finisher. Renaissance man. Opinionated. Wordy. Modest.
Latest book: Wet Pet

Follow me on Twitter at  e_m_katherine E. M. Katherine
E.M.Katherine is a 21 years-old stubborn Taurus which loves to write. She begun writing on her Romanian blog in September 2010 but she always felt that she needs to do more. She tried writing on Wattpad few stories, but always stopped due of lack of inspiration. She lives with her parents and her little sister in a little city next to Bucharest, Romania called Popeşti-Leordeni. She is a student in Bucharest at Christian University “Dimitrie Cantemir”, at the Tourism and Commerce Faculty. She is a blogger since 2010, reader since she was 5 and now a writer. "Through my writing I want to prove to my parents and to everyone who thought that I won’t do it that I can do what I love. I write for pleasure, not ... read more
Latest book: DemonINK Lover

Follow me on Twitter at  askingungor Aşkın Güngör

Latest book: Sevgili Salak

Follow me on Twitter at  annettedrake13 Annette Drake
Annette Drake is a multi-genre author whose work is character-driven and celebrates the law of unintended consequences. She makes her home in Washington state. A member of the Romance Writers of America, Annette loves ferry rides, basset hounds and bakeries. She does not camp.
Latest book: Return to Celebration House

Follow me on Twitter at  JCMells J. C. Mells
I have had every job from an ice cream truck driver to chocolate factory worker to waiting tables in a Las Vegas casino. I grew up in the Middle East (Abadan, Iran) and Spain (Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol) and finally ended up finishing High School in England (Weymouth, Dorset). I emigrated to the United States in 1990, and returned to school at the ripe old age of 28, where I obtained a BA and then two MA degrees – all in New York, NY. (Hunter College, NYU and Columbia, respectively) I have traveled extensively, including a 3 month stay in India, but have settled in Las Vegas, NV of all places where I have been living for the last 7 years with my two “babies” Alabama Worley Mells and Persephone Jayne Mel ... read more
Latest book: Cat & Moused: A Pierced Series Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  Fitzscribbler Angela Fitz-William
Angela has been writing stories since she learned to read and became passionate about the written word. Her mother refused to buy her children’s books when she was 10 because it became uneconomical to keep supplying the voracious reader. Life has briefly distracted Angela from her passion for writing but after travelling and working in the film industry for the last 10 years she has decided to put her focus back to novel writing. Until this year Angela’s writing has been distributed only to a limited circle of people but now she has recruited an editor and has decided to release her first book. Hopefully the first of many.
Latest book: The Prophecy Writer

Follow me on Twitter at  treesong Treesong
Treesong is an author, community organizer, talk radio host, and Real Life Superhero living in Southern Illinois. He grew up in the Chicago area and moved to Carbondale, Illinois to study philosophy at Southern Illinois University. Through his academic studies and activism, he became involved in the environmental movement, eventually changing his name to Treesong to reflect his newfound Earth-centered spirituality.
Latest book: Strange Beginnings

Follow me on Twitter at  lcsain Lela Sain
I am a 49 year old mother who has lately found what it means to be a artist/writer. Its great to hunger for books! God has given me a gift to see beyond my scope of experience. I've come along way from a report taker and information provider in the law-enforcement field.. Dont ask, "see how stuffy that sounds." I hope you get as much enjoyment from the ecard. You can find my ebook: When TO Get Off The Bus on Kobo and Barnes and Nobel. I am also trying to promote and introduce e cards. You can find them on Amazon. "The girl has been putting newness to old things"!
Latest book: As Quiet As Its Kept

Follow me on Twitter at  milonga07 Ramon Veloz
Ramon Veloz nacio en republica dominicana el 7 de noviembre del 1982,vie actuamente en santo domingo, Distrito Nacional a la edad de 15 entrega su vida la crsitianismo, estando fuera por un poco de tiempo se dio cuenta la nesecidad espiritual que le afrontaba. Haciendo que vuelva al camino del padre. Escribio su primer libro a los 29 y desde entonces tiene la musa para componer texto cristianos inspirado por DIOS.
Latest book: Mi Faiht Under Attack

Follow me on Twitter at  laurenhkelley Lauren H. Kelley
Lauren H. Kelley is the bestselling author of sizzling hot contemporary romance across the color lines. She aspires to bridge the racial divide with provocative storylines that arouse the senses and transcend race, focusing on issues that unite us all through our shared experiences in love.
Latest book: Take Me Down

Follow me on Twitter at  clynnpatterson C.L. Patterson
My inspiration comes from being in nature. Whether it is hiking in the cascades, fishing in the muddy rivers of Minnesota, or standing atop a sand dune in St. Anthony, Idaho, stories come most often when I am in the great out doors. I am often asked "Where do you find the time to write?" or told, "How do you do it? I could never write a book!" The answer comes with any craft or skill any of us want to develop. To them I give a piece of advice I once read from Terry Brooks in "Sometimes the Magic Works": Read! Read! Read! Write! Write! Write! Read! Read! Read! Repeat! There is no better time than now to get started in your own dream career. After all, dreams never came to those who dreamt about them! I am m ... read more
Latest book: Sunless Days

Follow me on Twitter at  laviudamarik Landa Lisset Cross
Landa Cross started travelling in 1972 in the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico and in 1986, she copyright the Tourism Promotional Campaign: LA RUTA MAYA Series. When she was developing this project, she met Presidents, important Businessmen in the Central American Region. Also, accredited diplomats in Belize from Panama, Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Austria. She dealt tender military business from 1990. During 1996 she was a Representative for USA Energy Companies. She specialized in Intellectual property rights, Geneva WIPO online in 2009 and is the owner of 9 copyrights, 7 trademarks with registrations in Canada and USA. Her major is research, also bilingual English-Spanish tra ... read more
Latest book: Pyramidal architecture and engineering

Follow me on Twitter at  PlayWithNeedles Kelly J. Erickson
Kelly has been reading since she was three years old and writing nearly that long. She lives in a little cottage in a big city with a cat, two big dogs, a turtle, and more books than her local library.
Latest book: GASP! An Anthology Of Surprises

Follow me on Twitter at  author_bethanyd Bethany Daniel
My name is Bethany Daniel. I am 24 and live in TX with my husband and 2 sons. I write young adult/new adult fiction and paranormal fiction.
Latest book: Disconnected

Follow me on Twitter at  pupcycled Chrissie Klinger
An educator and freelance writer that enjoys living a happy and joyful life with her husband, two children and two dogs. Chrissie enjoys writing articles and books that help people enjoy life to the fullest.
Latest book: Cleaning for a Cause

Follow me on Twitter at  babewatch Sexycatzeyez
I love hearing from my readers. I write a little of everything...., close encounters, a dose of lesbian, dash of BDSM, a pinch of taboo. When I release a new ebook, it will be free for a brief period so check in often and grab them while they're free! I encourage reviews both good and bad so I may better myself as a writer. Thanks!
Latest book: Bedtime Stories 3

Follow me on Twitter at  BedwyrWIlliams Bedwyr Williams
Williams work includes performance, sculpture and painting, posters and photography. He draws on his own experiences, utilising humour to reveal both his and our own complex neurosis and idiosyncrasies. His installation, text based works and live performances explore subject matter ranging from growing up in Colwyn Bay with size 13 feet, to a mini bus crash with four other artists in residence (in which he is the only survivor). His latest body of work furthers his investigation into individual and cultural mythology and identity. Drawing on his own personal narratives and family histories, his new prints, sculpture and performance works reflect on hope, desire, memory, loss, transformation and mortality. I ... read more
Latest book: “Bedwyr, I Think I Missed Your Performance”

Follow me on Twitter at  BPooleAuthor Brian Poole
Brian C. Poole is an attorney and author from the Boston area. His previous novel was "Echoes of a Distant Thunder."
Latest book: Grievous Angels

Follow me on Twitter at  docladyhawke Isabeau Vollhardt
Isabeau Vollhardt received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and English Composition from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, in 1980, where she studied Novel Writing with Charles Johnson, and the Philosophy of Science Fiction with Michelle Beer. A longtime reader of Victorian era authors such as Arthur Conan Doyle, she was writing The Casebook of Elisha Grey in part as an homage to Doyle and in part as a result of her readings of esoteric works on Atlantis, when she began studies at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in 1991. Graduating with a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and receiving licensure to practice acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, she then went on to receive training in ... read more
Latest book: The Casebook of Elisha Grey VI

Follow me on Twitter at  jess_hawk Jessica Hawkins
Stay updated on new releases, sales and monthly newsletters--join the mailing list: "Jessica Hawkins has proven herself to be a contender in the race for the most captivating and sexy contemporary romance series..." -- Autumn After Dark Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. To her, the most intriguing fiction is forbidden, and that's what you'll find in her stories. Currently, she resides wherever her head lands, which is often the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook. Visit ... read more
Latest book: Obsession

Follow me on Twitter at  powerpt Garnet Star Publishing
Garnet Star Publishing is a new micro-publisher in Boston, personalizing the publishing process for selected authors.
Latest book: The HLRCC Handbook