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Follow me on Twitter at  tessavanwade Tessa Van Wade
Tessa Van Wade currently resides in Ventura, CA with her husband and two little girls. She writes primarily fiction romance, fantasy, historical, and action/adventure. She is also a certified personal trainer and devotes much of her time to her health and fitness blog and helping people pursue healthy lifestyles.
Latest book: Timberlin

Follow me on Twitter at  Jenn_L_Oliver Jennifer L. Oliver
Jennifer L. Oliver was first bitten by the story bug when she saw Star War IV at the tender age of 5. Once she realized that her mind held the key to doorways of dimensions far beyond our own, she found sanity in escaping from the doldrums of the physical world to the magical places she created in her stories. After many years of working at a daily newspaper, she honed her writing skills in secret. Now Jennifer brings that same opportunity of escape and entertainment to readers of her dark urban fantasy and paranormal thrillers. She lives on Florida's Gulf Coast with her husband, two cats, and a Royal Bahamian Potcake dog that is half her size and thinks the world revolves around food and treats. When she's n ... read more
Latest book: Lenore's Secret (A Short Story Addition to the Haedyn Chronicles)

Follow me on Twitter at  bryon1963 Bryon Decker
I was born and raised in the small community Addison in Western New York, I now live in Bath, NY.I came from a large family, five sisters and two brothers. I am on my second marriage and have seven children of my own, with eight grandchildren. I'm not the author with several PHD's or Masters, I only have a high school with some college education. I enjoy writing and felt the need to entertain.
Latest book: The Strans Curse

Follow me on Twitter at  RichardHillDNA Richard Hill
At 18 years old, Richard Hill accidentally discovered a deeply hidden family secret: he was adopted. Many years later, he was startled to learn that he had a brother out there somewhere. What then began as a search for his mother and brother evolved into a decades-long search for his biological father. Blocked by sealed records, lies, and cover-ups, Richard eventually turned to a series of new DNA tests designed for genealogists. His groundbreaking use of this new science revealed his birth father’s last name and—more recently—helped him prove which of five deceased brothers had been his biological father. Richard has made it his personal mission to share what he learned with other adoptees and genealog ... read more
Latest book: Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA

Follow me on Twitter at  lordkellett John Kellett
John Kellett was born in 1972 in Wiltshire, England where he has lived ever since. His debut novel Amaranth is a tale of Magical Lands, Witches and Wizards and written on request from his daughter, Shannon. A Project Manager by day, John wrote the book over several years as well as working full time and drinking heavily in the pubs of Melksham. He describes the writing of his debut novel as a labour of love.
Latest book: Amaranth - A Tale of Magical Lands, Wizards and Adventure

Follow me on Twitter at  marjoriemliu Marjorie Liu
Marjorie Liu is an attorney and a New York Times bestselling author of urban fantasy and paranormal romance—as well as comic books for Marvel. A nomad at heart, she divides her time between Beijing, the American Midwest, New York City, and Boston. Please visit her website at
Latest book: Where The Heart Lives

Follow me on Twitter at  gizmosrd Dahiri Espinosa
Dahiri Espinosa, es ingeniero en informática, fundador de varias empresas y cofundador de la empresa GRUPO LDE, empresa propietaria de Cigarros HE. Posee una maestría en administración de empresas, y varios diplomados en redes informáticas, seguridad informática, auditoría de software, programación web y otros. Actualmente se desempeña como Encargado de Tecnología de una importante institución gubernamental, gerente administrativo de Grupo LDE y Gerente General de Ahiely Computer & Office Solutions.
Latest book: Exercises for Those Who Suffer a Disk Hernia

Follow me on Twitter at  CKeditorial Creating Keepsakes
Creating Keepsakes magazine is the leading magazine for inspiration and techniques for scrapbookers. Founded in 1996, this magazine presents expert advice and hundreds of ideas for photography, journaling, organization, and more to help readers create scrapbooks to share their stories with their friends, family, and generations to come.
Latest book: 9 Guides to Scrapbooking Success

Follow me on Twitter at  DougStrider Doug Strider
I’m currently working on a pulp-ish sci-fi book to be released in four novella sized parts. I call it 'Space Danger!' and it’s going well so far I reckon. I hope you will eventually enjoy it. About me? I’m human, with a nose, arms, legs and all the other regular bits and I’m male (so include those bits in the previous list if you would). I’m a fan of ale, wine, sci-fi & fantasy type stuff, food, writing in pubs, laughing and loads of other things. I live in London with a more prolific writer, the bane of feet (cat), some of the more interesting sentient teddy bears around, door-slamming thunderous neighbours who I believe to be anger demons and, because it’s a poor old building, a bit of mould.
Latest book: Space Danger! Nemesis Mine

Follow me on Twitter at Walter Frederick
Roger Boaden (aka Walter Frederick) was born in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. He spent thirty years working for the Conservative Party, and during that time managed three election campaign tours for Sir Edward Heath, followed by three for Baroness Thatcher (Margaret Thatcher). He also held a number of key posts in the party's organisation. In 1988 he left to lead the successful campaign, widely supported by the general public, to modernise England's outdated and restrictive Sunday trading laws. He has two daughters from his first marriage, Vicki and Fiona, and five grandchildren. In 2002 after serious ill-health he moved with his second wife to France to live in rural Haute Vienne, to the south of Limoges. ... read more
Latest book: A Mole in the Hand

Follow me on Twitter at  painmike1 Mika Paananen
Mika Paananen lives in Finland Proper with wife, son and a young furry ball loaded with razor blades called 'Ace'. Born 1965 and having been engineering in computer and telecommunications industry as well as in mediawork, author has an extremely dim view of current world, which makes the research and authoring of the past much easier and, what's best, funnier. Besides, nothing beats reading of Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, M.R.James, Roald Dahl and others, in convenient weather and chair in sunny backyard. And why not inside during the thunderstorms. This author has declared that he refuses to grow up.
Latest book: The Contemporary Rotten Soul Anthology Vol.2

Follow me on Twitter at Chris Sands
Author Chris Sands earned his B.A. in English and Creative Writing and M.A. in Humanities from San Francisco University. He is a freelance writer living in Cabo San Lucas, where he regularly contributes to the periodicals Cabo Social and Los Cabos Magazine, and the online travel guides 10Best, NileGuide, and Bohemia by the Bay is his first novel.
Latest book: Bohemia by the Bay

Follow me on Twitter at  rachel_e_cole Rachel Elizabeth Cole
Rachel Elizabeth Cole writes a mix of genres--from heartfelt literary and women's fiction, to laugh-out-loud chick-lit, to quirky contemporary middle grade fiction. Her short stories have appeared in literary magazines both online and in print, including Cahoots, Literary Mama, and Flashquake. When she's not writing, Rachel works as a graphic designer specializing in book covers. Her favourite season is autumn, she prefers tea to coffee, and she wishes every morning began at ten a.m. Even though she hates the rain, Rachel lives just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband, their two sons, and two very spoiled house rabbits. Sign up for her mailing list to receive news about upcoming releases, s ... read more
Latest book: Fallen Leaves: A Short Story

Follow me on Twitter at  ftoothfairy Jeannette Melton
Jeannette Melton is a single mother. She resides in South Florida. As a young girl, she wanted to write children's books. After raising her children, she now has time to write books.
Latest book: The Forgetful Tooth Fairy

Follow me on Twitter at  maiasepp Maia Sepp
Maia Sepp is an author of humorous contemporary and dystopian fiction. She left the tech sector to write about sock thievery, migraines, the future, and...the tech sector. The Sock Wars is her debut novel. The first chapter of The Sock Wars was published as a short story/novel excerpt titled Irish Drinking Socks, and became a Kobo bestselling short story. The Sock Wars has been a top-100 digital bestseller on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore, as well as a genre and Writing Life bestseller on Kobo. It is available in print and ebook formats. Maia's second novel is The Migraine Mafia, a story about a nerdy thirtysomething's quest to come to terms with a chronic illness. It is available online everyw ... read more
Latest book: An Etiquette Guide to the End Times

Follow me on Twitter at  Neschume Emma Austen
I think I came into writing because there was nothing better to do. Raised in a small town in the middle of nowhere, where two inches of rainfall is hailed as a miracle, I spent most of my life writing stories. In elementary school, I was writing books on lined paper and binding them with scotch tape — terrible books, mind you, but books none the less. I can’t justify what I write or why I write it. I don’t have some deep story about how it began. However, what I do have is a passion for the stories I tell, and a need to share them with the world. That’s what it takes to be a writer, no? While you’re here, check out my story The Xavier Mosaic. It’s a lot more interesting than I am.
Latest book: The Xavier Mosaic: Prince Asyrias

Follow me on Twitter at  db_swift D.B. Swift
D.B. Swift was born in New York. She studied literature in college. Although always drawn to fantasy and fairy tales, science fiction intimidated her until her future husband encouraged her to read Ender's Game. She embraced science fiction with open arms. Her life hasn't been the same since. Currently she lives in a Seattle suburb. In between chasing the toddlers and picking their lunch off the carpet, she writes.
Latest book: Affinity

Follow me on Twitter at  DonnaBlaber Donna Blaber
Hi from the sunny Northland region of New Zealand! I'm a full-time writer/author with a huge passion for the written word. My first book was published in 2004 and since then I've authored more than 30 books for publishers in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom; a couple have been translated and distributed globally. I currently write both fiction and non-fiction. As a former journalist and magazine editor I enjoy the factual, while my (over active!) imagination is at its happiest when I'm writing works of fiction. Come and join me on Goodreads at or on Facebook at - see you there! Smiles, Donna
Latest book: Sausage Sizzle

Follow me on Twitter at  NZEroticAuthor Catherine Taylor
Catherine Taylor is an erotic romance author living in the South Island of New Zealand. The Finest Line is her debut self published novel and her first venture into erotica, but writing has been a passion for over forty years. In that time she has written plays for the theater and screenplays for short films, which she has gone on to produce and direct. Her education has come from years of theater, film and acting and she holds a Diploma in Acting and a Bachelor of Applied Media Arts. When she is not writing, she is a wife of 28 years, a mother of four and a grandmother. Her other passions include genealogy and acting, and she has appeared in two feature films and worked on film sets alongside such greats as An ... read more
Latest book: Master

Follow me on Twitter at  liviaellis Livia Ellis
Livia Ellis is blond with blue eyes and comments that she only runs if a gun-wielding maniac is chasing her. She is a lover of yoga and a bit of a shoe hound and says she may have had issues passing up handbags. Currently, she is trying to learn to play the Irish harp. She enjoys both theater and concerts, as well as reading fantasy and science fiction. She admits she adores Star Trek and has a picture of herself (dressed as a nun) and the late Patrick Swayze (dressed as a medieval warrior) in a frame (yes – she did cry when he died). Ellis describes herself as a perpetual student with a vivid imagination although she admits that she is only sexually adventurous on paper. She says she never knows what to sa ... read more
Latest book: Memoirs of a Gigolo Volume Seven

Follow me on Twitter at  joannasantanen1 JoAnna Santanen
JoAnna's interest in the creative arts started early in life. She spent much of her childhood reading novels that would whisk her away on magical adventures. By high school, her love of reading had sparked an interest in writing. Her projects evolved from poetry collections to fiction short stories and eventually, to novels. While earning her Bachelor's degree in Business Management, JoAnna wrote her first full-length novel, Restless Mind. The project became a passion that found her bonding with her laptop for days on end. She enjoyed the process so much that she wrote another novel, titled The View From the Fishbowl, not long after. JoAnna is now writing her third book, Under the Maple Tree, which she ... read more
Latest book: The View From The Fishbowl

Follow me on Twitter at  PeterJames_Lamb Peter James Lamb
I'm English, but I live in the United States. My dog was born under my bed when I lived on the Greek island of Corfu, and my glasses were made for me in the small French village of Couhe. My wife is American. Perhaps those things are in the wrong order. I have three talented grown up kids in England, whom I love far more than they will ever know, and I am the proud grandfather of Rufus. I have a teenage step-daughter who thinks I'm from a Dickens novel. I write because I enjoy it. One day I hope to write because I enjoy it and because it pays the bills.
Latest book: The Midlife of Dudley Chalk

Follow me on Twitter at  inthenowbook Melissa St. Hilaire
Melissa St. Hilaire was born and raised in rural Massachusetts. She studied film at Boston College, fell in love in New York City, and moved to Los Angeles to chase her dreams. She wrote film and music reviews for The Heights Inc. Her poetry has appeared in the periodicals Shards, The Outer Fringe, and The Laughing Medusa. She co-authored several scripts for Tone-East Productions. Her debut book, a memoir titled In The Now, was released in 2012. In 2013 she released Saurimonde, a horror/paranormal romance fiction novel, with co-author Scarlett Amaris. Her current projects include a sequel to Saurimonde, as well as a follow-up to In the Now called, Medicated, a fantasy series called, Kaleidoscope Moon, and a sci ... read more
Latest book: In The Now

Follow me on Twitter at  M.E. Tudor M. E. Tudor
I'm a native of central Indiana but now reside in south central Kentucky with my partner. We are raising three of our nine grandchildren and four cats. We love to travel, camp and hike. Many of my stories reflect places that I've lived before and areas close to where I love now. I love writing lesbian romance and erotica and I love hearing from my fans.
Latest book: Judge Not

Follow me on Twitter at  shanorawilliams S. Q. Williams
Shanora Williams was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina. She's the author of the New Adult FireNine series and the New York Times Bestselling New Adult novel, Hard to Resist. When she's not writing, she's happily reading or watching cartoons like the big kid she is. She has a wonderful family that you will hear her brag and talk about all of the time. Whenever she just wants to get away from the words for a while, she'll spend some time with her loved ones, eat gummy bears, or drown in Coca-Cola and anything else caffeinated.
Latest book: Hard to Hold On (Hard to Resist Sequel)

Follow me on Twitter at  JamesVenn1 James E Venn
James is a teacher working in Ontario. He writes science fiction, fantasy horror and non fiction educational material.
Latest book: Johnny and the Seven Teddy Bears of Sin

Follow me on Twitter at Ola Mapaderun
I am male and based in Nigeria. I love writing, composing songs and singing. My birthday is 24 September. I'm a natural soprano who loves connecting with people.
Latest book: Jamaica

Follow me on Twitter at  catdean1 Cat Dean
Cat Dean is a writer and blogger who specialises in writing about parenting, infertility and postnatal depression (PND). She is also a trained life coach and has helped women struggling with balancing the commitments of work and motherhood. A PND survivor herself, Cat lives with her partner and two young sons in West Sussex, England. Her other books include Fertile Thinking, a self-coaching book for women having difficulties conceiving, co-authored with infertility expert Anya Sizer.
Latest book: The Postnatal Survival Guide

Follow me on Twitter at  aguiltymind Kellie Larsen Murphy
Kellie Larsen Murphy is the author of A GUILTY MIND and STAY OF EXECUTION, the first two books in the Detective Cancini Mystery series. She has written for several mid-Atlantic magazines and resides in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, four children, and two very large, very hairy dogs.
Latest book: Stay of Execution

Follow me on Twitter at  om_consulting Avijit Majumder
Education - M.B.A, Master of Business Administration with focus in Marketing and Systems, from Sikkim Manipal University. - Graduation from Calcutta university, 2003 - 10+2 from West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, West Bengal, 2000. - 10th from West Bengal Board of secondary Education, 1998. Experience Currently Worked as Freelancer In Various Job Boards. Area Of Interest - 1) Operating Systems 2) Programming Languages 3) Databases 4) Web Development 5) Other Open Source Technologies
Latest book: SELinux For Beginners

Follow me on Twitter at  writebyme Chuck Waldron
U.S. born, Canadian novelist Chuck Waldron has finished his fourth novel, a dystopian story about an investigative blogger who uncovers more than he ever imagines...and has no idea what to do with his discovery. He is now hard at work on a sequel to his novel Served Cold. His first novel, Tears in the Dust, is a mystery set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War in 1937. When Alec Ferguson volunteers to fight as a loyalist in the International Brigade he doesn't realize the true price he will have to pay. Chuck’s second novel, Remington and the Mysterious Fedora, is a quirky fantasy, a story about what happens when a young man sits at the keyboard of a manual typewriter and puts on an old fedora. Wh ... read more
Latest book: Lion's Head Deception

Follow me on Twitter at  DanielJSmedley Daniel Smedley
Originally from North Yorkshire, I studied Physics at Durham before moving down to London to work as a software engineer. I like to write in my free time.
Latest book: Colossus

Follow me on Twitter at  @Charles_Maiden Sorcha Duggan
Sorcha Duggan lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. She has been writing for a number of years. This is her first published book. The story of Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre originally appeared as a short story entry for a competition organised by Company Magazine. The book was chosen as one of two runners-up and was highly commended by the judges.
Latest book: Charles, the Maiden and the Ogre

Follow me on Twitter at  Catrionaking1 Catriona King
Biography Biography Catriona King was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She trained as a Doctor, moving to London to live and work. She obtained her M.B.A. from Henley Management College in Oxfordshire, trained as a police Forensic Medical examiner and worked in central London in General Practice, Community Paediatrics and Health Management and strategy. She worked closely with the Metropolitan Police on many occasions. In recent years, she has returned to live in Belfast. She has written since childhood, fiction, fact and reporting. ‘A Limited Justice’ is the first novel in the modern D.C.I. Craig Modern Thriller series. It follows Detective Chief Inspector Marc Craig and his team, through ... read more
Latest book: The History Suite

Follow me on Twitter at  @RachaelRivers50 Rachael Rivers

Latest book: 50 Dares

Follow me on Twitter at  keithjcronin Keith Cronin
Keith Cronin is an in-demand business consultant, speaker and founder of The Solar Business Blueprint, a life changing training program that assists business owners with the tools, resources and metrics needed to grow and manage their solar businesses. He has helped solar companies achieve their goals through his training, speeches, coaching sessions and products. Keith’s life changing message reaches people all over the US, Canada, Central and South America. After his company was acquired by SunEdison, he decided to help people and serve others in Hawaii and across the globe. Keith lives in Kailua, Hawaii. Keith also offers services to off island firms looking to develop projects in Hawaii. His background i ... read more
Latest book: Solar Success Principles

Follow me on Twitter at  steelalyssa Alyssa Steel
Erotica Writer / Author I write smut for a living. I write the stuff that, if done properly, will make the reader need some alone time to take care of urges. But it's not entirely who I am. I am a wife, a mother, a homeschooling parent, and a leader in my community. I am a blogger, and a from-scratch cook. I am a friend, I am someone that people call when they are confused or have problems. I am someone that is always available to watch a friend's kids at the last minute. But that's not it, either. I'm a liberal. I'm staunchly pro gay-rights, I'm an atheist, and I'm feminist. I'm strong, I'm a survivor, and I'm intelligent. But that's not all there is to me. I was an English major with a focus on creative w ... read more
Latest book: Forget Romance: Five Tales of Erotica

Follow me on Twitter at  siivetonenkeli RM Brandon
Born the third of five children in an artistically inclined family, writing came naturally to R. M. Brandon from an early age. Previously hidden from the world, her talent for dark fantasy is showcased with her debut novel, Witan Vid. She graduated from Kaskaskia College with a degree in the medical field and currently resides in Illinois with her family. An avid nature lover, self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, and a dedicated human rights advocate, she spends her free time exploring every aspect of life aspiring to experience everything the world has to offer.
Latest book: The Green Man's Curse

Follow me on Twitter at  pt_macias P.T. Macias
I'm inviting you to check out my work. Enjoy 2 FREE Intro ebooks! Come on, check them out! AMAZING REVIEW FROM FAN READER - Cahm Merritt I admire author Patricia Macias; her De La Cruz and Razer 8 series seamlessly meld into the new paranormal series Tequila 10. These can be read as stand alone works, but are so much better when read together... Her style is consistent and her characters epitomize "insta-love" when the heroes and heroines find their soul mate. Ms. Macias can write seduction hotter than 100 proof tequila laid out on a six pack in a packed bar on spring break. Wild Rebel is the story of the Vhampier Emperor Vlastimir's youngest son, Prince Gregory who is an operative on the Tequila 10 team. T ... read more
Latest book: Santa’s Naughty List, 25 Tales Of Paranormal Bad Boys Christmas

Follow me on Twitter at  xplorer1959 Blaine Coleman
A lifelong resident of Virginia, I grew up in the rural southeastern part of the state with a large extended family. I majored in Religious Studies and minored in Creative Writing-fiction at Virginia Commonwealth University. I now live in a rural area near Richmond where five year old beagle, Leah, and her new companion beagle, Sage, have room to run. I spend my free time with my favorite activity, gardening, participate in Midlothian Wordsmith's Workshop, and read and write as often as possible. At university, I was fortunate to have many incredible writing teachers, the most recent being authors Clint McGown, and Sheri Reynolds, bestselling author of “Rapture of Canaan”, among others. I learned from Clin ... read more
Latest book: Butterflies- The Adventures of Roland Mccray

Follow me on Twitter at  wrytre William McGowan
William R McGowan has a Masters of Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and has been a writer, author, filmmaker an communications consultant to major corporations for over 30 years. He splits his time between between Northern and Southern California.
Latest book: All I Need to Know About Life I Learned in the Garden of Eden

Follow me on Twitter at  sagepoetry POETRY WRITER Victoria L. McColley
we are the mystery…the magic of the world…the art of words…we are POETS ❣LOVE JOY & POETRY❣ a Poet my muses are continually spilling as sacred perfumes, or vintage wines into the Gracil Expressions of many Genres of Poetic Literature: Poetry Devotionals, Metaphorical Visions, Philosophical Nuances, Romantic Romance, Inspirational Verses, Spiritual Revolutions & Inspirational Poetry & so much more: POETRY R❤CKS MY WORLD
Latest book: Passions Of Love

Follow me on Twitter at Leslie King
Dr. Leslie J. King is a university professor and administrator. Dr. King earned his undergraduate degree in Clinical Laboratory Science at the University of Texas and subsequently a Master's and Ph.D. in Human Services at Capella University. Leslie has been a Christ follower since the mid-1990's when he had a radical conversion and baptism by the Holy Spirit. Being led by the Holy Spirit to leave the healthcare profession he entered the field of teaching. His first teaching assignment was in a small Christian High School in Houston, TX., where he was mentored by spirit filled and passionate Christian educators. After a season in Christian education Dr. King was led by the spirit to teach and be an administrato ... read more
Latest book: 1st Century Believers in The 21st Century

Follow me on Twitter at  wendycockcroft Wendy Cockcroft
Wendy Cockcroft likes to write fantasy, psychological dramas, and horror when she's not blogging about the state of the internet and advocating for social and digital rights.
Latest book: The Marconi Men

Follow me on Twitter at  calissaleigh Calissa Hatton

Latest book: Organic Body Wraps

Follow me on Twitter at  KelleyGrealis Kelley Grealis
Kelley Grealis has loved all things vampire since she was a kid. It was that fascination, combined with the need to know how the first vampire was created, that compelled her to write the type of vampire novel she had always wanted to read. Kelley was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and continues to live in the area with her husband and their two fur babies. She likes her cars fast and motorcycles loud and is a craft beer snob. When she’s not writing, she’s working at her day job, cruising in her convertible or enjoying a beer at her favorite local brewery. Connect with Kelley on her website
Latest book: Indulgence: A Million Words of Romance

Follow me on Twitter at  uvrays1997 Jessica Ingro
Jessica Ingro grew up in Central/Upstate New York. She is married and spends her days as an IT Security Consultant.
Latest book: Take Me There: A Compilation of Short Erotic Reads

Follow me on Twitter at  juzzadunn Justine M Dunn
I spend much of my time writing and generally avoiding the real world.
Latest book: The Curious Anthology Volume 3

Follow me on Twitter at  Morris Clarkfirewalktoo Morris Clark
Third generation 'Cracker' (Floridian). Roamed the state when it was still a little wild (60-70's). If it involves camping, hunting, boating or diving, probably 'been there'. My brother and I were acting like Steve Irwin before he was born. He was a hero in later years and we still miss him. Old school hot-rodder. Drove a lot of race cars in the day. Spent some years making a living building hi-performance engines. Like everyone else, I always sought 'the meaning of life'. In 1973, I found it. Some experiences and lessons since then are reflected in the story Arak...with a few twists. Readers tell me that, whether you are 'religious' or not, this one will take you for a ride.
Latest book: Arak

Follow me on Twitter at  linda_maxwell Linda Maxwell
After training and working as an Engineer for 12 years I came to a turning point in my life when I was made redundant due to a change in the business. With my oldest son about to start School after the summer I wanted to change my working life to suit my family commitments. So after some soul searching I decided to turn my enjoyment of baking and cooking into a career and start self-publishing cookery ebooks. From my Engineering background I wanted these ebooks to be simple and easy to follow so that people with any level of experience could follow them and get the same enjoyment from cooking as I do. I am keen to hear any feedback from my readers to please get in touch with me if you have any comments. I am a ... read more
Latest book: Baking for Kids