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Follow me on Twitter at @JulieKChandler Julie Kirtón Chandler
Julie Kirtón Chandler, author of The Children of Gavrilek series, is a registered nurse, specializing in emergency and critical care. She was formally trained in the military, first as an active duty combat medic and later as an Army Nurse Corps Officer. Today, Julie and her domestic partner of 12 years, Charity, live in the San Francisco Bay area where Julie works as a civilian nurse.
Latest book: Chasing the Mirror
Follow me on Twitter at @RuthjHartman Ruth J. Hartman
Ruth J. Hartman spends her days herding cats, and her nights spinning sweet romantic tales that make you smile, giggle or laugh out loud. She, her husband, and their three cats, love to spend time curled up in their recliners watching old Cary Grant movies. Well, the cats, Maxwell, Roxy and Remmie, sit in the people's recliners. Not that the cats couldn't get their own furniture. They just choose to shed on someone else's. You know how selfish those little furry creatures can be. Ruth, a left-handed, cat-herding, Jeep driving, farmhouse-dwelling romance writer uses her goofy sense of humor as she writes tales of lovable, klutzy women and the men who adore them. Ruth's husband and best friend, Garry, reads her ... read more
Latest book: Reluctant Reunion
Follow me on Twitter at @jamesatjblinks James Buckner
Mr. Buckner, a Tennessee native, has a BSE in Electrical Engineering and a MBA from the University of Tennessee. He is the CEO of a small business focused on global programs tied to water and energy and he is an active, commercially rated helicopter pilot who flies often. He has transitioned his love for aviation into directing aviation programs at one of the largest logistics and contingency planning companies in the world. On regular basis, his work moves him through the Middle East and Central Africa. Years of travel have exposed him to many cultures and religious beliefs. These experiences motivated him to more deeply consider the ties we have to our individual beliefs and the struggles that all peo ... read more
Latest book: MEMOIRS of a god {In the Beginnings}
Follow me on Twitter at @FrancesBelper Frances Munro
A skilled public speaker, trainer, author and healer, Frances works in the UK, Sweden, Norway and California. Frances' @life Without Boundaries' approach has her communicating with God, taking her work forward on many fronts. Simple development courses Creating a Better Life for yourself using all resources available 12 week email course available free on her website Anger and Stress release Frances is a lively, informative, and sometimes controversial speaker and will keep the attention of her audience throughout.
Latest book: It's...Simply About God
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorMelindaC Melinda Clayton
Clayton has published numerous articles and short stories in various print and online magazines. In addition to writing, Dr. Clayton has an Ed.D. in Special Education Administration and is a licensed psychotherapist in the states of Florida and Colorado.
Latest book: A Woman Misunderstood
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorDanteLong Dante D. Long
Dante D. Long is a native of Georgia and currently residing in Virginia. Always a thorough and vivid storyteller, he strives to leave readers with lasting impressions of his characters and rousing thoughts with the themes addressed in the pages of every novel. When Good Men Go Bad is his debut novel and the first of the Men of 1302 series. He is also a contributing author to the erotica anthology, Seductive Pleasures. He is currently working on the second in the Men of 1302 series and other projects.
Latest book: When Good Men Go Bad
Follow me on Twitter at @ErobinsonBooks E. Robinson
Disfruto de la lectura, el buen café y la música. Escribir historias que podrían ser ciertas, o tal vez no, es una necesidad que siempre estuvo ahí pero que he descubierto recientemente tras años de haberlas pensado, soñado y casi nunca haberlas contado. A la fecha tengo tres novelas publicadas: "En el cuarto frío" , "El manzano torcido" y "Un pez demasiado gordo", todas partes de la serie "¿Justicia, venganza o redención?". Vivo con mi familia, algunas perritas, un par de gatos y unos coloridos peces tropicales que me recuerdan que el mundo es muy variado pero tan conectado a la vez...
Latest book: Un pez demasiado gordo
Follow me on Twitter at @nicolefroio Nicole Froio
Freelance journalist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Self-publishing reports and magazine features.
Latest book: The Real Police Brutality in Brazil
Follow me on Twitter at @LisaConsiglioR Lisa Consiglio Ryan
Lisa Consiglio Ryan is the founder of Whole Health Designs, juicy clean living advocate and mama of two. She loves her Bikram yoga practice, running, and is a mission to spread the word, "Food is love." She provides detox programs and private coaching for women who desire to embrace clean living. As a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Lisa has worked with thousands in her Renewal 10 Day Detox programs. Her work has been featured in Fitness Magazine, TinyBuddha, Elephant Journal, Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Life , The Daily Meal, and Mind Body Green. You can also check out Lisa's Kickin’ It Clean gluten-free meal plans for plant lovers and Juice Shop. Connect with Lisa on Facebook and Twitter. Visit her at ... read more
Latest book: Renewal "Anytime" 10 Day Detox
Follow me on Twitter at @howardjones0 HL Jones
HL Jones is an IT professional and author from Bristol in the UK. His primary interests include retro gaming, Magic: The Gathering, football, sci-fi, and, or course, writing.
Latest book: Grand Theft Planetary & other stories
Follow me on Twitter at @LeoTheLoveCoach Leonardo Bustos
Leonardo “The Companionator” Bustos is one of the world's foremost experts on Baby Boomer Relationships. This author of 4 books and dozens of videos has helped thousands of grateful clients rediscover their “love mojo” in order to find and connect with their ideal love match. As a speaker and consultant, he's fascinated countless audiences with his ready to use practical advice and sage wisdom. Leonardo has just finished creating the Mate Acquisition Program, an online dating course that uses software, data and coaching to help singles find their best love match available in the shortest time possible. Leonardo first became well known as a relationship and dating expert in 1981, when he wrote and ... read more
Latest book: The Ultimate Dating System
Follow me on Twitter at @HMMontesAuthor H.M. Montes
Latest book: Accidentally Falling
Follow me on Twitter at @phil_writer Phil Sanderson
Phil D. Sanderson always wanted to be a writer from the very time he read his first novel, Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming. In a drive to pursue this worthy goal he read a grammar book and other books from cover to cover to help him hone this craft, during his sophomore year of high school. His peers thought he was crazy for reading up on such tedious books, but he simply wanted to learn everything about the English language and the craft of writing so as to write the English language properly and eloquently. After graduating high school, Phil joined the United States Marine Corps to become a Landing Support Specialist. He attended boot camp at the legendary Parris Island, S.C., in September 1986. Upon graduatin ... read more
Latest book: 2018: An Uncivil War
Follow me on Twitter at @AlexiaISaak Alexia Isaak
I'm a romance author working on my new book, Tango on the Heart. I'm belong to the Romance Writers of America. I'm also a singer, an Ashtanga yogi, and a Greek. I've been writing a life coaching blog since 2010, and I'm moving into the world of fiction with great pleasure
Latest book: Views from the 13th Floor: Conversations with My Mentor
Follow me on Twitter at @sssstpd N Kasturi
Every person in Sai's Divine mission is an instrument chosen by Swami Himself. Mother Easwaramma was the 'Chosen' mother of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. It can also be said that Prof. N. Kasturi was His chosen biographer. V. K. Narasimhan, who then took-over the reins as the editor of 'Sanathana Sarathi', described him as Swami's Vyasa. In the initial phase of the Avatar, Sri Kasturi was solely responsible for translating Swami's Discourses, noting down, and then publishing Sai literature, thereby propagating Swami's Life and Teachings to the entire humanity. Swami chose him as His instrument to gift mankind these Divine pearls of Sai's teachings and the Life story of Bhagawan. Apart from Swami's Discourses, ... read more
Latest book: Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Volume 4
Follow me on Twitter at @RuralLiving2day Marie James
Marie James and her husband Jim live on a Pacific Northwest farm they share with their extended family. Grown kids, grandkids, livestock, and lots of projects keep their homestead lively. Marie works as a freelance editor, enjoys preserving the family’s garden bounty, and dabbles in various arts and crafts.
Latest book: Getting Started on a Food Supply Plan: Sourcing, Preserving, and Storing Food for Tomorrow's Uncertain Times
Follow me on Twitter at @alanwynzel Alan Wynzel
I was born and raised in Morristown, NJ. The years I spent there in a home on Lake Valley Road shaped my life and my writing, which began there, when I was 11. My childhood memoir, When I Was German, tells that story. Now, at 49, I'm still writing. I'm divorced, have two teenaged kids, and was out of work for almost 2 years in the Great Recession. I've been writing about that, too. A novel, The Seventh Round, that I will publish soon, tells that story. And another is in the works. I'm most prolific, and adept, at telling my own life story, whether in memoir, or fiction. Like Hemingway said, write what you know. As for the writers I most admire, well, Hemingway, of course. And Bukowski...I can't read ... read more
Latest book: When I Was German
Follow me on Twitter at @liesmithUSA John Paul Roggenkamp
writer; bicyclist; yogi; surfer; barber; handyman; backpacker; traveler; linguist; fiend; lover
Latest book: Americanifesto - Tales of a New Modern Scoundrel
Follow me on Twitter at @KindleKatyScott Katy Scott
Katy Scott (1977) was born in Liverpool, UK. She invented space travel, spoons and the wheel. For thirty years she has done nothing of significance. Her first book, "Ten Thousand Quiz Questions" won the Badly formatted Prize, the Well it's only 99p Circle Award and the Dreadful Book Award. In 2013, she won the prestigious Self-Publishing Heritage Award for Exemplary Service in the Field of Self-Publishing. She was the only entrant and she was also the only judge. She hopes to make £30 per month from Kindle sales and dislikes Kindle books that suggest that you can make $47000 per month. "As if!" She likes positive reviews and people who buy her book. She cries if she receives a bad review. Don't make her cr ... read more
Latest book: Ten Thousand Pub Quiz Questions and Answers
Follow me on Twitter at @RachelDAuthor Rachel Dunning
Rachel Dunning has published over a million words of romantic fiction. A prolific writer, she sticks to stories where women have guts and where Alpha Males aren't pricks. Find her online at the following locations: ---------------------------------------------- Facebook: Twitter: Blog: Goodreads: Smashwords: Amazon: B&N (Nook): iTunes: Scribd:
Latest book: Debt
Follow me on Twitter at @Renee_Paule Renée Paule
Many years ago I wrote my autobiography - probably more as therapy than anything else; but life continued happening to me and I got to thinking: what good will this story do, isn’t there enough misery in the world without me adding to it by writing more? I subsequently burnt it. It was around this time when I began searching for meaning in my life that I had a profound experience - a realisation that we’re all connected, we’re One. I began to question everything I knew, accepting nothing at face value, writing down these questions and the thoughts surrounding them. From this, my first book On The Other Hand - The Little Anthology of Big Questions was born. In my books I take an honest look at our quirky a ... read more
Latest book: The Frightened Little Flower Bud
Follow me on Twitter at @iwrite4oru_lrw Liltera Williams
Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Liltera R. Williams fell in love with writing at age 12 and married it at 18. From the moment she began penciling down thoughts and ideas in her first diary, and then formally learning how to compose essays and pieces of fiction during her high school and college years, she knew that she would someday have an opportunity to share her gift with the world. After graduating from Florida State University in December of 2008, Liltera began building her professional writing portfolio by pitching stories and accepting assignments for various local publications. She successfully completed an Editorial and PR internship with White Publishing Company and The Artist Series, respec ... read more
Latest book: Dearly Beloved S.I.S.T.A.S
Follow me on Twitter at @reviewerseye Barrett T. Vaughan
Barrett T. Vaughan, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor at Tuskegee University in Alabama. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he is a graduate of Michigan State University and The Pennsylvania State University. At Tuskegee, he serves as the Resident Engineer for the George Washington Carver Agricultural Experiment Station in the College of Agriculture, Environment, and Nutritional Sciences. There, he engages in various activities involving research, teaching, and extension. His position at Tuskegee has afforded him the opportunity to serve on several dozen review panels between 2007 and 2013. He has served as a panelist and panel manager for two agencies in the United States Department of Agriculture. He has also serv ... read more
Latest book: Reviewer-Focused Grant Writing: Making the Vision Plain So the Reader Can Run!
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorAjewell Allison J. Jewell
Allison Jewell lives in Southern Kentucky with her husband, two sons, and dog. When she isn't hard at work on her next novel, she can be found doing one of her favorite things: watching her older son chase the puck at the local hockey rink, hanging out at home listening to records with her husband, or making up silly songs with her younger son. Allison was an elementary school teacher and education consultant before becoming a writer. Allison is author of the Shine On series. The reading order of the Shine On Series is listed below. Shine On Rise & Shine Come Rain or Shine Let It Shine You can sign up for release notifications at Website: Faceb ... read more
Latest book: Let It Shine (Shine On Series, Book Four)
Follow me on Twitter at @thetrekbook David Schachne
David Schachne fell in love with the great outdoors at an early age, while growing up in Brooklyn. An avid hiker and fitness enthusiast, he began writing in his mid-twenties, while earning his Masters degree at Harvard Business School. He always had a strong desire to write - about anything - but instead focused on his business career for over twenty years, spending most of his time writing business proposals instead of manuscripts. After 9/11, he decided to pursue his passion and started writing more extensively, combining it with his passion for hiking. He has hiked in many places around the world and has reached the summits of some of the tallest mountains in the U.S. and elsewhere. He has served on the ... read more
Latest book: The Trek
Follow me on Twitter at @morristreet Tim Morrison
Have been writing since 1993, when the ideas first came into play. Polishing the work as I traveled all over the world, finally settled back in Canada, and have begun getting my words ready to read on the Internet. My focus is split between erotica and the Center Worlds. My erotica is used as a test bed so that I can fine tune my writing to ensure there is an emotional connection to the larger work that I do within The Center Worlds. I tend to write Romantic Erotica, it can be very hot, but also has a plot that works for the characters within the covers. The Center Worlds is a Science Fiction series set in a galactic cluster much closer to the Core from Earth. Where the Confederacy and the United Suns are at ... read more
Latest book: Paradise: The Life And Times of JT Dalton
Follow me on Twitter at @HolosRN Cathleen M. Kelly, RN, BSN, HN-BC
Cathleen Kelly is a Goddess of Light and Protector of the Woodlands to the North. Her love of nature and healing began at the age of four when she vowed to devote her life to helping people find ways of feeling “high” without the use of chemicals or drugs. In 1982, Cathleen received her Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing from Keuka College and in 1998 realized her vision of healing by founding Holistic Horizons, a private nurse-healer practice devoted to healing on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. Nationally certified in Holistic Nursing since 1999, she now has over thirty years of experience in general medicine, intensive care, pediatrics, homecare, and Integrative Health. Based in the Adirondack ... read more
Latest book: Stardust: a collection of poetry and prose
Follow me on Twitter at @ezzebarbazette Mandana Towhidy
Mandana Towhidy is a writer, editor, and art director whose work has been featured in pop culture magazines Dazed&Confused, Tokion, Oyster, and numerous other print and online publications. Mandana was mystified as a kid and teen by the fashion and music scenes in the Los Angeles. She writes daily with her little Chihuahua, Lotte, sleeping by her side.
Latest book: Arcadia
Follow me on Twitter at @stopdebting Aline Strong
Aline Strong, B.Ed, M.A., has been a newspaper columnist for the Edmonton Sun, business writing professor at the University of Southern California as well as Ontario colleges, a volunteer financial support for people confused by their finances, and a fiction writer in between times. Her first book, Live Well Within Your Means, tackled the money stresses faced by women, using a practical and inspirational approach to recovering their financial peace and prosperity. Her latest book, The Point, tackles a different subject: the stresses which cause women to overeat. It is also a crackling, cozy murder mystery/thriller.
Latest book: The Point
Follow me on Twitter at @jasminefletch19 Jasmine Fletcher
Jasmine Fletcher, sex addict, female escort what more can I say?
Latest book: The Games Women Play Vol 1
Follow me on Twitter at @hallingip DK Halling
DK Halling is the husband and wife team of Kaila and Dale Halling, who raised their kids in Colorado where they enjoy camping, hiking and skiing. Both of them grew up in Midwestern small towns where they could bike wherever they needed to go, Kaila in Iowa and Dale in Kansas. They are entrepreneurs at heart; Dale started a water sprinkling business right out of high school. They both share a love of books and you’ll often find them, when not in Colorado, writing on the wild beaches of Baja, Mexico. They are passionate about everyday heroes of advancing technology, which lifts the standard of living and quality of life for all. When they are not writing books, Dale is a patent attorney, engineer, inventor ... read more
Latest book: Pendulum of Justice
Follow me on Twitter at @YuriMedevAuthor Pete Buckley
I'm Pete Buckley the UK based indie author of "The Colonel of Krasnoyarsk" a high speed adventure thriller in which the reader is introduced to Russian Agent Colonel Yuri Medev and Jim Bergman of the FBI who must overcome political differences and work together to defeat a dangerous enemy - perhaps some of our politicians should read it to find out how. I have just finished the next Yuri Medev adventure entitled "The Kirov Conspiracy" due for release soon, while previously I wrote a couple of travel stories about various wonderful places such as New Zealand and the Swiss Alps. Aside from writing, travel has always been a big inspiration with hiking, biking and the outdoors taking up much of my time when I'm not ... read more
Latest book: Seven Short Adventures
Follow me on Twitter at @dannyhjorgensen Danny H Jorgensen
Danny H Jorgensen is a ghost. He exists only to read and write science fiction, consuming it by the gallon and occasionally writing about it.
Latest book: Still Light: the First Ten Stories
Follow me on Twitter at @makavaleehendog Henry Lee

Latest book: secret sins
Follow me on Twitter at @bwilliamsbooks Belinda Williams
Belinda is a marketing communications specialist and copywriter who allowed an addiction to romance to get the better of her. She is the author of the CITY LOVE contemporary romance series: THE BOYFRIEND SESSIONS | THE PITCH | MODERN HEART | WISH LIST | Her other addictions include music and fast cars. Her writing hasn’t paid for a Lamborghini just yet, so she’ll have to settle for her son’s Hot Wheels collection and writing hot male leads with sports cars.
Latest book: Spring Fling: Six Mini Chick Lit Tales
Follow me on Twitter at @lynsiebuchanan Lynsie Buchanan
Wine drinker…vodka lover… feisty red-headed girl that currently lives in Texas but is not opposed to relocating to a place on a remote beach somewhere in the Caribbean. When she is not daydreaming or drinking with friends she is usually teaching small children or checking out good looking guys for her next novel.
Latest book: Pictures of You
Follow me on Twitter at @PatrickHarding9 Patrick Harding
Born in Bournemouth, England, Patrick grew up on the wrong side of, the tracks. On those mean streets he joined a vicious street gang that harassed passers-by. Consequently he was deported to Canada at the tender age of seven years. He spent his teen years in a Witness Protection Program where he eventually entered Waterloo Lutheran University, a party school so notorious that it had to change it's name to Laurier not long after Patrick's graduation. Whereupon Patrick talked his way into a staff position at Dorchester High School, a party school so notorious that it had to change its name to Lord Dorchester Secondary School in the hope that by honouring a nineteenth century mouth-breathing aristocrat, it ... read more
Latest book: Self Help (For Other People)
Follow me on Twitter at @literarygibbon Craig Melville
I'm a writer and journalist in Manchester, England. I blog on things that interest me (mostly books, films, music, culture and politics) at:
Latest book: The Blizzard
Follow me on Twitter at @TaraEamesWriter Tara Eames
Tara Eames is a freelance writer with a passion for the dark and erotic. Holding a BA Honours in English with Professional and Creative Writing from the University of Surrey, and a specialist in Proof reading, Tara has worked as Communications Officer and has for many years quested for erotic short stories that satisfy and stimulate her. Since being enthused by the current flood of erotic short stories and novella, Tara has put pen to paper to bring to the world her own dark passions. Writing the sort of literature Tara wants to read, she has focused heavily on the erotic whilst still maintaining strong characters and a believable story line.
Latest book: A Cruel Lesson
Follow me on Twitter at @tqstrange T. Strange
T. Strange didn't want to learn how to read, but literacy prevailed and she hasn't stopped reading—or writing—since. She was first published in 2013. She writes M/M romance in multiple genres, including paranormal and BDSM. T.'s other interests include cross stitching, gardening, watching terrible horror movies, playing video games, and finding injured pigeons to rescue. Originally from White Rock, BC, she lives on the Canadian prairies, where she shares her home with her wife, cats, guinea pigs and other creatures of all shapes and sizes. She's very easy to bribe with free food and drinks—especially wine.
Latest book: Rook
Follow me on Twitter at @dochappycamper Tammy Dennings Maggy
After a nearly 20 year career as a veterinarian, I decided it was time to pursue another dream of mine. With the publication of the first novel in my Now and Forever series in the fall of 2011, I was well on my way. Now my time is divided between my day job, writing two erotic romance series, and my poetry. Update: Now I'm looking at full time writing/publishing. Soon I'll hang up my stethoscope and retire from veterinary medicine. I'm excited about the new journey and the new projects I have lined up for publication.
Latest book: For the Love of Quinn (Now and Forever Part 2)
Follow me on Twitter at @HouseofTaboo Lia Michaels
Lia Michaels is the alter ego of author Tammy Dennings Maggy. With so many characters clamoring for their stories to be told, the job became a bit overwhelming for one sassy vixen to handle. Lia "volunteered" to explore the world of M/M erotic romance as well as menage. Tammy will still tell the M/F and F/F stories but don't be surprised if the two of them collaborate from time to time! With Lia, very few topics will be taboo so look for more fantasy and paranormal tales from her. She'll leave the more contemporary stuff to Tammy but still encourage her to push the limits!
Latest book: Have A Naughty, Naughty Christmas
Follow me on Twitter at @Cocomonetxos Valencia Walker
Hello, My name is Valencia Walker , I have written my own books on and off over the years in my spare time . I have never had them published until now . I enjoy reading . I am a full-time college student at The University of Michigan-Flint , Im Finishing up my Bachelors in Health Administration .
Latest book: Lady Honoria Book Two of Chivalry
Follow me on Twitter at @RashaSelimS Rasha Selim
A mom of three active boys. Aspiring author and all the things in between. I write urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
Latest book: Stolen Gifts (Book 1 Gift Series)
Follow me on Twitter at @turboverse Wulf Francu Godgluck
They come to me in the night, creeping into my head. Their voices are all different, their stories all dissimilar, but they keep saying the same thing… “Show us, tell us, bring us into your world, and make us known.” Then I sit and they take over. They tell their tales of love, loss and sinister misfortune. Not all of them get a happy ending, but they are pleased when their part is written. I sometimes find myself lost in my own mind; a world very similar to our own yet so different. Things don’t go bump in the night— they squeal and crawl under your skin, making you grind your teeth, and making your stomach turn over and putting your nerves on edge. Then there’s the drama. Oh, the drama! I wri ... read more
Latest book: Acid #1
Follow me on Twitter at @deestreiner Dee Streiner
Dee Streiner is a US Army veteran originally from Boston and mother of two. She currently lives in Michigan where she hibernates all winter and oscillates between whatever genre creation is loudest in her head at the time. You can find her other published works at or look her up on facebook.
Latest book: The Guardianship
Follow me on Twitter at @wheeleran Andrew Wheeler
Andrew Wheeler lives in Amsterdam. He is writing.
Latest book: Sorrow
Follow me on Twitter at @ShokoKudzai Kudzai Shoko
Kudzai was born in 1967, Zimbabwe. He is a certified and ordained Pastor. He is also a counselor. He is an avid sports follower having pursued a professional sports career, retiring early to pursue God’s purpose for his life. He is privileged with engaging both the ecclesia and the corporate and community environment. He has managed and consulted various businesses within the sport, automotive, insurance, executive search and non-government sectors. Kudzai is a multi-faceted manager who has acquired valuable management experience in sports administration, church administration, executive search, coaching, sales and marketing within the automotive industry, as well as short-term insurance broking over the la ... read more
Latest book: Faith
Follow me on Twitter at @JaeNiessen J Niessen
I give credit to the leadership of two great gentlemen. It’s through the teachings and inspiration of Billy D. Edson, that this vast project involving these short stories came forth. In addition I wish to thank Pastor Matt Sparks for his generous encouragement and support. The stories offered here at no cost were written while I attended a small-group creative writing class, as a student and instructor, held at Highpoint Church, of Tierrasanta, CA from winter 2009-present. After spending countless hours working on the rough drafts, storyline, the design of these episodes, and their cover art, I can take in a relaxing deep breath of refreshing air, slowly exhale, and confidently state that these stories a ... read more
Latest book: Electric Chair