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Follow me on Twitter at  LLLandRead N.A. Alcorn
N.A. Alcorn is a Registered Nurse, book blogger,and aspiring writer. She was born and raised in Cincinnati,Ohio. She has a passion for reading novels that are romantic, funny, and full of angst. She also enjoys blogging about books and crazy, funny things going on in her life. Her website is
Latest book: Covertly Strong

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Kyle Shoop is the author of the Acea Bishop trilogy. After spending several years volunteering in his wife's elementary classrooms, he was inspired to write the series. The first book is Acea and the Animal Kingdom. The second book is Acea and the Seven Ancient Wonders. Kyle is currently working on the last book in the trilogy. Kyle currently lives in Utah with his wife and children. In addition to writing novels, Kyle is also a practicing attorney.
Latest book: Acea and the Seven Ancient Wonders

Follow me on Twitter at  brianwestland Brian Westland
I am an avid record collector/music fanatic who has acquired thousands of recordings of popular music encompassing the genres of rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, etc.I have been collecting recordings of popular music for more than 40 years, and I am especially fond of classic (old) jazz, blues and country music recordings. I am also an avid and experienced birder/nature photographer who currently resides in one of the world's best birding locations, China.
Latest book: Words on Music

Follow me on Twitter at  brotherjamest Brother James
Brother James was born and raised in Alabama where he lives with his wife and 3 kids. He is on staff at NEXT Ministries in Lanett, AL. A writer for years, he is now publishing his first book "The Kingdom Suffers Violence".
Latest book: The Kingdom Suffers Violence: Poems and Reflections on God, Life,and Love

Follow me on Twitter at  theGirlatWar K. L. Richardson
For K. L. Richardson, writing has always been an easy, natural way to communicate with others. From essays and blogging to poetry and, more recently, children's books, writing is her life. Richardson is a student at Drexel University and works for the U.S. Army's Family and Morale Welfare Recreation program. She loves world travel and experimenting with photography or, as she jokingly calls it, faux-tography". She's a gamer and World of Warcraft addict. In addition to finding inspiration from her wolfpack (her three pups), Richardson she's influenced by Quentin Tarantino, George R. R. Martin, Jane Austen and her mother. Richardson is from Philadelphia, PA but has lived in Germany, Kuwait and Iraq.
Latest book: Blood of Zee: Unfinished Business

Follow me on Twitter at  billyemccoy Billy McCoy
Billy McCoy was born in Livingston, Ala. and lives in Minneapolis,MN. He attended the University of Minnesota and enjoys reading,writing and biking. I especially likes reading biographies, history books, and classical literature!
Latest book: All People's Lives Matter

Follow me on Twitter at  cricketstarr Cricket Starr
Cricket Starr is the erotic romance name of Janet Miller
Latest book: Nemesis Of The Garden

Follow me on Twitter at  BoarerPitchford Lawrence BoarerPitchford
Within the fiery crucible of the abyss of time I was conceived. From that sticky, and unwashed oblivion emerged the man that clawed his way to the bottom rung of the ladder of life. From there, only up was the clear choice, and it is to that second rung that I pulled myself up to. Through heroic trials and burnt offerings, a muse came, and with it the passion to put ink to paper. Unfortunately, skill did not follow, and again I scampered from inspiration to jarring reality, barely clinging to the rung. That's when hard work, divine intervention, and blind luck came together to shape I the lump of clay into what I think to be an author. But, it is not up to me to determine the outcome of all my hard work. It ... read more
Latest book: Sawbones

Follow me on Twitter at  klbirks Kenneth L. Birks
Ken Birks is an ordained Pastor/Teacher in the Body of Christ and is a pastor and elder at The Rock of Roseville in Roseville, California where he also functions as a Bible teacher. Ken has been a part of The Rock since its inception in 1997. Prior to coming to The Rock, Ken was the Senior Pastor of Golden Valley Christian Center, a non-denominational, Spirit-filled church, for twelve years. Ken’s primary gift is in the area of teaching. He teaches the word of God with passion and balance with a prophetic slant. He has an intense desire to impart a genuine love and appreciation for God’s Word.  Ken is now semi-retired and does wedding officiating on the side; and has recently begun writing. The "Ad ... read more
Latest book: The Journey: Discovering the Invisible Path

Follow me on Twitter at  Dedicaces Pascal Renaudineau
Pascal Renaudineau est né en 1966 à Paris sur les hauteurs de la butte Montmartre qui ont bercé son enfance. Après des études de sociologie et de droit, il obtient, en 1990, son diplôme du Centre de formation des journalistes (CFJ). Son parcours professionnel le conduit d'abord en Afrique, au Togo, puis en France, à La Rochelle, Paris et… Marseille où il vit depuis 2008. Après plus de 20 années d'expérience dans le journalisme et la communication, "Paris, Marseille, mes amours" est son premier roman publié.
Latest book: 7 jours pour Anna

Follow me on Twitter at  monsterseries Jennifer Hazen Buss
J Hazen Buss lives in central Florida with her husband and four children. Her first children's book, The Knot Monster, was written in 2007 with the help of her oldest daughter. Since then, she has written more stories to create The Monster Series. "Our family loves to laugh. My stories are created by everyday events in our lives, and my children's sense of humor. My goal is to create classic children's stories that will make other children laugh too."
Latest book: The Knot Monster

Follow me on Twitter at  britneyking_ Britney King
Britney King writes modern love stories for mature audiences. She also enjoys suspense and often finds her sweet spot penning a good mixture of the two. She is the author of six novels and is currently at work on number seven. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, children, two dogs, one ridiculous cat, and a partridge in a pear tree. She enjoys hearing from readers and would love it if you would connect with her via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter or at
Latest book: Beyond Bedrock: A Novel

Follow me on Twitter at  sashapetrovich Sasha Petrovich

Latest book: Liberation of a Dragonfly

Follow me on Twitter at  ZachNealBooks Zach Neal
Zach Neal has been writing ever since he can remember. A forestry management professional, he prefers the outdoors to the office. He lives in the Halton Hills overlooking the Greater Toronto Area. He studied at the University of Toronto. Zach’s a single father of two healthy and energetic children. Zach’s boys, Aaron and Jason, mean everything to him.
Latest book: Temple of the Jaguar God

Follow me on Twitter at  CR_Richards C R Richards
C. R. Richards is the award winning author of The Mutant Casebook Series. Her literary career began as a part-time columnist for a small entertainment newspaper. She wore several hats: food critic, entertainment reviewer and cranky editor. A co-author of horror and dark fantasy novels, her first book was published under the pen name Thia Myles Vincent. Her most recent literary project is the horror short story, Lost Man's Parish. Cynthia is the Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and head bottle washer for the Books and Banter Newsletter. She is an active member of EPIC and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. Works Available on Smashwords: Phantom Harvest, Lost Man's Parish
Latest book: The Lords of Valdeon - Heart Of The Warrior Book One

Follow me on Twitter at  jreilly31 Jim Reilly
Jim is a writer, musician and teacher living in Calagry, Alberta, Canada. His work has appeared in magazines, online and on CBC Radio One. The Bass Player is his first published fiction. Watch for a biography of musician and inventor Emmett Chapman coming soon.
Latest book: The Bass Player

Follow me on Twitter at  TrashedAtNoon SuNn
SuNn is a writer, hip hop soul artist and painter from Baltimore, MD currently working out of York, PA. She uses bold juxtapositions of shape and color to illustrate releasing the negative energy of inner struggles and to show the search for balance through spirituality, light coming through darkness and purpose in movement. SuNn cherishes individuality and has a powerful, raw style that shows her love and passion for life without shying away from the darker sides of depression, anxiety and a search for self. In art as in life, to is all.
Latest book: heA.R.T.

Follow me on Twitter at  anthonyjrehor Tony Rehor
I was born and raised in the Midwest of the United States. I married my high school sweetheart and have had a blast the last 25 years with her. We have 5 children 2 girls and 3 boys.
Latest book: Killer Scent

Follow me on Twitter at  christinemalec Christine Malec
I’ve loved writing ever since I was a kid. Both as a writer and a reader, I’m drawn by the lure of escape, either into the past or the future. I like to speculate about humanity at a distance: what things about us are consistent across time and culture? I've amused myself for years writing: short stories, rhyming verse, and the occasional article. I have been a practising Massage Therapist since 1995,and I do occasional editing and transcribing work, which satisfies my love of bringing order to chaos. I play guitar, and can occasionally be spotted busking here and there around Toronto, mostly singing other people’s songs. I love to cook, do yoga regularly, and enjoy long walks in all weather. I love the v ... read more
Latest book: A Wider Stream - A Prequel to Beltane

Follow me on Twitter at  houtinee Ivan Benito Garcia
Ivan Benito Garcia (Febrero 1976 - Actualmente presente...). Residente en Madrid, España. Desde el año 2005 he dedicado parte de mi tiempo a la escritura y al desarrollo de blogs de todo tipo: Música (U2), economía informática, viajes, juegos etc..., siendo muchos de mis artículos objeto de referencia en distintas publicaciones Españolas y Extranjeras. Fan de la banda de música rock U2, soy el autor del portal U2fanlife y fruto de todo ello, he escrito el libro 'One Love... U2 - Análisis de la banda de música rock U2'. Espero que nos veamos en el próximo concierto de U2... En cualquier parte del mundo...
Latest book: Viaje a Japón - Turismo fácil y por tu cuenta

Follow me on Twitter at  sezonguitar Matt Sayer
By day, he is a voracious code-monkey, building websites, writing programs, diving into databases, and bending the oft-times mischievous world of computers to his will. By night, he embarks for worlds uncharted, discovering magic and mayhem in fiction and fantasy, and recording his wonderful journeys in heart-spoken prose. Matt resides in Melbourne, Australia, and is striving to one day soon entertain his passion for writing full-time, bringing to life the myriad unique universes swirling inside his head.
Latest book: Isis

Follow me on Twitter at  reputology reputology
Reputology is an online review monitoring and management service. Our current tool sends email alerts so that business owners can respond promptly to new reviews. And it aggregates all of the reviews into a single place so that they can identify recurring issues more easily. Because we have gathered "a lot" of data about online reviews, we're able to find some unusual insights about reviewer behavior and trends that we'll be sharing on our blog and via publishing platforms such as Smashwords.
Latest book: State of the Review

Follow me on Twitter at  JessLondon1 Jess London
I was overweight, I hated my job and pretty much my whole life. My dreams had come to nothing and I felt I was drifting along doing nothing with my life. So, I made a change. A very big, drastic crazy change that completely transformed my life. My books are about becoming a courtesan and going from zero to hero. Also ebooks on sex tips and tricks and erotic short stories from a sex professional.
Latest book: Me Love You Short Time

Follow me on Twitter at  robblightfoot Robb Lightfoot
Robb has enjoyed writing and performing since he was a child, and many of his earliest performances earned him a special recognition-reserved seating in the principal's office at Highland Elementary. His weekly humor column "Or So it Seems™" has been featured in A News Cafe, and his news stories and feature pieces have appeared in The Bakersfield Californian. He's been on stage as an opening stand-up act in Reno, and his writing has been published in the Funny Times. His short stories have won honorable mention in national competitions and his screenplay, "One Little Indian," was a top-ten finalist in a national contest conducted by The Writer's Digest magazine. Robb is a tenured, full-time communications in ... read more
Latest book: Problem Child: The View From The Principal's Office

Follow me on Twitter at  kdrausin K.D. Rausin
Author K. D. Rausin is a former teacher living in Cape Coral, Florida. She is a wife and mother of two. After her daughter was paralyzed in a car accident at the age of ten, K. D. Rausin’s focus shifted to teaching her daughter to chase her dreams, wheelchair or no wheelchair, and that her strength comes from within.
Latest book: Mystic

Follow me on Twitter at  MarcyRockwell Marsheila Rockwell
Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell was born [redacted] years ago in America's Last, Best Place. A descendant of kings, pilgrims, Ojibwe hunters and possibly a witch or two, she spent the first few years of her life frolicking gleefully in a large backyard that is now part of one of the nation's largest Superfund sites. Perhaps that explains her early penchant for fantasy and horror - the first book she ever read (at the tender age of three) was Frank L. Baum's "Ozma of Oz." Marcy sold her first short story to Marion Zimmer Bradley while in college and her first novel to Wizards of the Coast in 2005. She now lives in the desert in the shadow of an improbably green mountain with her Naval officer husband, their three so ... read more
Latest book: Bridges of Longing and Other Strange Passageways

Follow me on Twitter at  ALepire912 Angel Lepire
My goodreads page: The book on my publisher's website: It's a FriesenPress bestseller!
Latest book: Trading Poisons

Follow me on Twitter at  brandy_cusack Brandy de Cusack
Brandy de Cusack was born and brought up in Birmingham, UK (although she likes to keep it a secret). She works for a charity fiddling statistics and criticising her colleagues' performance. A proud geek and Trekkie, Brandy spent her childhood reading comic books and watching scifi. Her main influences are Philip K Dick, J G Ballard and Hunter S Thompson. Incurable, her first published work, has been described as "redefining what we know of the zombie genre". She has also written light-hearted zombie articles for Z Magazine and Incurable is also available at Smashwords.
Latest book: Diabolical Love Triangle

Follow me on Twitter at  ginamarielong Gina Marie Long
Gina Marie Long is an author of paranormal thrillers, urban fantasy, and young adult novels. She has written the Unknown Touch-Werewolf Series, Rocked: A Chelsie Valdar Saga, and The Reaper's Cat. Gina's fiction stories are inspired from her interest in the supernatural, science fiction and fantasy world. She enjoys reading, watching evening TV shows, movies and listening to music. Writing indulges her passion for the entertainment arts, giving her active mind a playground of possibilities to explore. She stays active on social media sites and blogging, making connections with others who share the same interests. She writes about werewolves, vampires, witches, werecats, Bigfoot, an occasional demon, psych ... read more
Latest book: The Reaper's Cat

Follow me on Twitter at  paulspeaker Paul Kaufman
Paul Kaufman is a successful entrepreneur, published author and industry leader in Internet marketing. He has helped countless companies and organizations reach a wider audience and succeed online. Paul is a dynamic public speaker and trainer who brings an accessible and powerful message to his audiences around the globe.
Latest book: Home Run Internet Marketing: A Nuts and Bolts Playbook to Higher Profits Through Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Follow me on Twitter at  bethanychester3 Bethany Chester
I am a writer from South Wales. My life isn’t very interesting, so my imagination has to compensate – hence my stories. I don't include a lot of description in my writing, because I think it's important that the reader imagines the characters and scenarios for themselves. I wrote my first novella at the age of fourteen, and I haven't really stopped since then! I don't really write certain genres, so I end up trying to fit my books in somewhere after I finish them. This probably isn't the best way to go about it, but hey. Rules are made to be broken.
Latest book: 12:08

Follow me on Twitter at  @RoyDMercer Roy D. Mercer
It’s long been legend that Roy D. Mercer was conceived under a shower of welding sparks and now, it seems that legend may actually be fact. Here’s the story as told in Roy’s own words. “Mama and Daddy was working on the Hoover Dam back in the late ‘20s or early ‘30s. Daddy was a welder and Mama hauled them weldin’ rods. You know there’s just something about two folks up on a scaffolding by theyselves. It’s hot and they got them big weldin’ goggles on and such, and nature just took its course. “They was a team, welder and weld-rod holder. Course she held more than just his weld-rod from what I understand. I come out nine months later with a full-growed set a teeth and doubled up fists.”
Latest book: State Fair Follies

Follow me on Twitter at  j_hay_24 Joshua Hay

Latest book: An Unspoken Struggle

Follow me on Twitter at Caitriona Leslie
I grew up in County Westmeath, Ireland. I have a Master's Degree in Biomedical Sciences and I work part-time in the field of solid organ transplantation. I now live on a farm in County Longford with my husband and our three children. I started writing about five years ago with little success, I found the demands of three young children incompatible with the task...I could never get a good run at it! When our youngest child started school in September 2010, I was then able to apply myself. I discovered that the more I wrote, the more I enjoyed it - escapism is a wonderful practise! The story of 'Alice-Rose' evolved naturally over time and changed its course quite dramatically from the one I had in mind initially ... read more
Latest book: Alice-Rose

Follow me on Twitter at  iniriba Iniriba Greymyst
Living in Northern Minnesota with her family.
Latest book: Lost Hope

Follow me on Twitter at  plaquepixiebook Plaque Pixie Books
RICHARD SCHMIDT, a practicing dental hygienist for over 15 years, currently in New York. Author of "Harry's Big Day at the dentist (ages 4-8)," and " Harry and the Plaque pixie (ages 6-11) intended to provide children with light hearted lessons on oral heath care and what to expect when the visit the dentist. for more information, please go to
Latest book: Harry's Big Day At The Dentist

Follow me on Twitter at  evansdp Dean Evans
Dean Evans is a writer, web copywriter, editor, frustrated novelist and regular blogger who lives and works mid-way between the cities of Bristol and Bath in the UK. He got his first writing job in 1993, penning video game reviews for a little-known (and now barely remembered) magazine called PC Review. Between then and now, he's been a computer journalist, film journalist (who liked Starship Troopers), travel writer and technology journalist. More recently, he launched and edited the technology websites and Slipping the shackles of pro-publishing, he now runs a copywriting and consultancy business at Which is ticking along very nicely, thanks.
Latest book: Write Great Headlines Every Time

Follow me on Twitter at  scholar_preneur Scott Rank
Scott Rank is a Ph.D. in History. He graduated magna cum laude from Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. He has studied Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Armenian, and French but can still pull out a backwater Midwestern accent if need be. He also worked as a journalist in Istanbul for nearly a decade and reported on religion and human rights. He is a publisher, podcaster, adjunct, online instructor, and founder of Scholarpreneur, a website that helps academics take their knowledge to the open market. He is the author of the #1 best-seller “From Muhammed to Burj Khalifa: A Crash Course in 2,000 Years of Middle East History,” and “Off the Edge of the Map: Marco Polo, Captain Cook, and 9 Other Trav ... read more
Latest book: How to Finish Your Dissertation in Six Months, Even if You Don't Know What to Write

Follow me on Twitter at  holmesesq Anthony Holmes
Anthony (Tony) Holmes took up writing in 2000 when he retired after 40 years as a professional engineer. In his 'first career' after gaining a university degree he progressed to become the CEO of international engineering companies. He has been involved in the production of equipment for power generators, oil refineries, mining operations and marine installations. He has travelled extensively in America, Europe and the Far East, developing an appreciation of the history of various cultures. Tony's first written work was a historical novel based on fact, entitled 'Tutankhamun-Speak my Name.' The second edition of this epic story was divided into three volumes under the same title. Tony directed his attention aw ... read more
Latest book: Suitable Vengeance

Follow me on Twitter at  infodanca Carol Amendola D'anca
Carol D’Anca is a board certified nutritionist combining scientific and fact based research with practical application for improving clients’ nutritional status. Her broadly based approach to helping others includes monthly meetings with a large urban group dedicated to preventing and reversing heart disease, educational webinars, cooking demos and private consultations. For those wanting to immerse themselves in the lifestyle, cooking and community of an ancient culture promoting longevity, Carol regularly hosts culinary trips to Italy. These tours allow individuals the unparalleled experience of briefly living the healthy “Mediterranean Way of Life.” After graduating with honors from the University o ... read more
Latest book: Food not Meds

Follow me on Twitter at  GardenStone Garden Stone
GardenStone is a Dutch who lives in the Taunus Hills in Germany. He wrote several books, all originally in German, meanwhile some are translated in English. Not all, but most of his books are based on extensive scientific-based research. Although his target audience is the pagan community, his books are proven to be of interest and often read by others too. He is a member of Germany's biggest Asatru organization "Eldaring", which was many years related with the Troth in the USA and there exist still a friendly contact. He is frequently asked for giving lectures and workshops on topics related to his books, varying from rune workshops, lectures about non-Scandinavian Germanic gods and goddesses to topics concern ... read more
Latest book: A Court called Thing

Follow me on Twitter at  ShaynaCorinne Shayna Corinne
Shayna Corinne is a nineteen year old writer from the Pacific Northwest with an undying love for stories and a great cup of coffee. She began writing at the mere age of seven, spending most nights pecking away on her typewriter. At that time in her life she wrote about everyday things like the family dog and the weather, but now her specialties are young adult romance, paranormal, and fantasy.
Latest book: Dream Haunter

Follow me on Twitter at  bcjohnny Johnny Fox
Johnny Fox – AKA BC Johnny – is a Brit living in Canada who’s happiest when all he has to do is read, write and run. Honing a career as a UK sports hack in his 20’s, Johnny headed back to school at 29 to earn a sports science degree. Which seemed like a good idea at the time. And now, majestically adorns his mum’s dining room wall. Since emigrating to Canada in 2006 he’s scratched a living as a freelance journalist. Now, recently turned 40, he’s decided dancing on destitution's lap ain’t what it’s cracked up to be. So he’s embarked on a comedy writing career, which he's sure will earn him millions. First in Italian lira, then dollars and pounds. He's now based in Canada's eastern quarter – ... read more
Latest book: Two Degrees of Separation

Follow me on Twitter at  taryntaylor69 Taryn Taylor
Taryn Taylor is a woman who writes erotic romance by day, hot erotica by night. She writes the former under another name, but holds Taryn responsible for the short and kinky. A long time lesbian, Taryn believes in presenting sex positive women who only have eyes for each other. When not writing the latest raunchy episode, Taryn immerses herself in thorough research: she is not shy about visual mediums, and even spent a brief part of her history partaking in their production. Taryn loves talking to her readers and other people who love women loving women. You can find her on tumblr, twitter, and, of course, her website. (All very NSFW!)
Latest book: Zoe & Polly, Part 2

Follow me on Twitter at  twistofkeylime Melissa Banczak
I'm currently freezing my ass off in Wisconsin. (Even if you read this come summer, know that I'm still cold) I've written and/or produced: docs, shorts, one feature and a critically acclaimed webseries that led to a couple of pilot assignments that led to a few dozen rum punches that led to a realization that I get the hell away from filmmaking and turn to prose. My first novel is getting whipped into shape by an editor who puts up with my inability to use correct punctuation. When I'm not at my keyboard, I'm trying to figure out how to relocate back to Key West without going broke. My film work is at My Key West travel blog is here:
Latest book: Finley Wade - the Screenplay

Follow me on Twitter at  pawf1067 Patricia W. Fischer
Setting a series in the Texas Hill Country, seemed to be an obvious place for me. I've lived all over Texas and despite its short-comings (politicians--cough, cough) and some horribly hot summers, I love it here. The people are one of a kind. Mix in the food, festivals, and of course the fishing, and you've got it all. During my journey to be a full-time storyteller, I made several stops along the way to be a waitress, bartender, bill-collector, bank teller, clerk at Blockbuster Video, dishwasher, prep-cook, a wanna be crypto-zoologist, and finally settling in as a pediatric and adult trauma/critical care nurse for 10 years before starting my career as a writer. Now, I spend my time in front of a keyboard, com ... read more
Latest book: To Heal a Wounded Heart

Follow me on Twitter at  heidibullennove heidi bullen
Heidi was born in 1979 in England U.K. She grew up in Gosport and Portsmouth and has recently moved to Canada to be with her Mother and younger brother and sister. She enjoyed time serving in the Army Reserves and learnt a trade as a welder and hopes to keep this up. Writing became a hobby in her spare time in Canada, which she will pursue when there is free time. She has a passion for reading anything and everything about Anne Boleyn and being with her Favorite animal and pet cat Luna.
Latest book: First aid for the home and workplace

Follow me on Twitter at  wckedwords Ash Robbins

Latest book: Fifty Shades of Puddin'

Follow me on Twitter at  EbozonVerlag Philip Weihs
Philip Weihs ist Unternehmer und gelernter Bankkaufmann. Als Consultant war er viele Jahre in der Entwicklung und Markteinführung zahlreicher Firmen und Konzerne tätig. Philip Weihs wurde 1955 geboren, ist Vater von 2 Kindern und lebt in Zürich, in der Schweiz. »Selfmade MILLIONÄR« eBook Veröffentlichung 2013 in 2. Auflage »Die Geschäfte des Michael S.« eBook Veröffentlichung 2014 in 2. Auflage
Latest book: Die Geschäfte des Michael S.