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Follow me on Twitter at  MaryFGualandri Mary Frances Gualandri
Mary Frances Gualandri fell in love with the romance genre after reading The Flame and the Flower. After trying to write several other genres, she realized that her first love in reading was also her first love as a writer. Mary Frances is the author of the Love, Windy City Style series and two standalone novels. When she is not writing, she spends most of her time reading, listening to music, and watching Once Upon a Time.
Latest book: Private Dancer

Follow me on Twitter at  duaneyoungblood Duane Youngblood
Duane E. Youngblood was born and raised in Homestead, Pa. He is the second son and the third of four children born to Bishop Moses and Sis. Sarah Youngblood. In 1983, at the age of 17, he was called into Gospel Ministry by the Lord and preached for the first time at my home church. He has earned his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees, while serving full time in ministry. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1985 and was ordained an Elder in 1987 by the Greater Emmanuel International Fellowship, under the direction of Bishop Quander L. Wilson, Th. D. He is married to LaShawn Youngblood and they have two children by birth, Christa and Jeanette; Ellise, Derek and Daniel were added by the Lord along wi ... read more
Latest book: Emotional Maturity the Key to successful living

Follow me on Twitter at  realtdbauer TD Bauer
I was born in South Dakota in 1973. I’ve lived in Alaska, Wisconsin, and Maryland. I’ve worked some interesting jobs over the years, some of which you may learn something about from my blog page. Fishing, hunting, reading, hiking, history, writing, travel…yeah, you get the idea. I've dabbled in writing various genres of fiction, mostly for my own amusement, for as long as I can remember. From the prompting of friends in 2012 to share some of my stories with a larger audience came my 2013 New Year's Resolution. Now here I am self publishing.
Latest book: A Whisper in the Dark

Follow me on Twitter at  AlbrisemQasim Qasim Albrisem

Latest book: Flight from Saddam

Follow me on Twitter at  stephmayer Stephanie Mayer
Author Stephanie Mayer is also a musician, songwriter, and music producer from Raeford, NC. She blogs regularly about life in the arts. In addition to her own recording ventures, Stephanie's songs have been recorded by many gospel artists, including Twinkie Clark, Dorinda Clark-Cole, The Anointed Pace Sisters, and Bridgette Campbell-Croft. Stephanie attended North Carolina A&T State University and Wayne State University and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. She received additional training at Livonia Conservatory of Music in Livonia, Michigan. Ms. Mayer's passion is to inspire, motivate, and encourage writers, musicians, and, really, anyone who seeks to fulfill their dreams.
Latest book: Beauty From the Inside Out

Follow me on Twitter at  vwcbooks Brandon Jacobson
Brandon Jacobson (1981 - present) has been in the United States Air Force for 13 years. He did 10 years as an enlisted, electronics-maintenance technician and in 2009 he graduated Officer Training School. Since then, he's been a commissioned Finance officer. He's been stationed in Montana, Germany, Northern and Southern California. Brandon graduated with his Master's in Business Administration (MBA), and an undergraduate in the same, in 2012 from the University of Maryland University College. The first book, Blood Flows Like Wine, in the Vampire Wealth Chronicles series, was published on November 28th, 2012. He enjoys reading books on economics, politics and finance. He is married to Grace (Johnson) and has tw ... read more
Latest book: Blood Flows Like Wine

Follow me on Twitter at  JulieARichman Julie Richman
Julie A. Richman - Bio Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.
Latest book: Slave to Love

Follow me on Twitter at  KevinPopovic Kevin Popovic
Kevin Popović is the Founder & CEO of Ideahaus, a boutique creative communications agency with studios in Pittsburgh and San Diego. Since 1990, he's been helping clients figure out what to say and how to say it to their target markets. Popović works directly with CEOs, C-Level Sales & Marketing Directors and Entrepreneurs to help build their brands and increase sales. After more than 30 years of professional experience, he helps business leaders make smart decisions about their business communications, and how to best utilize their resources to generate a return on their communications investment. In 2010, "KP" was ranked #43 in Fast Company's The Influence Project measuring the "most influential people on ... read more
Latest book: 20YEARS Communications: 20 Leaders, 20 Questions, 100's of Lessons

Follow me on Twitter at  Chefrobertlia Robert Lia
Robert Lia is an Executive Chef with 14 years experience in highly acclaimed fine dining restaurants. Below are some my achievements: Certified Sommelier d’Italia—November, 2004 Court of Master Sommeliers-- Level One Co-author "72 Market Street: Dishes It Out" Specializes in chef tasting menus, wine and spirit pairings, menu creation and cost control, modern and classical cuisines, restaurant design and development Specialties:Menu & Wine List Development • Recipe Creation • Purchasing & Inventory Management • Sanitation Control Food & Labor Cost Control • Staff Training & Development • Customer Service • Kitchen Design • Multi Course Tasting Menus • Wine Pairings Vendor Relations & Neg ... read more
Latest book: The Tasting Chef - A Collection of Some Artistic Creations

Follow me on Twitter at  HEROSakheros Andrew Akhator
Andrew E. Akhator is a living testimony of God’s great grace. Motivational speaker, a proficient scriptwriter, and a teaching minister whose teaching ministry has endeared him to a lot of audience globally. He is blessed with administrative and proven coordinating abilities. A degree holder of two professions, a teacher and an ordained minister with Church of God Mission international in Europe. Also holding a growing business empire. He is happily married with Children

Follow me on Twitter at  drpinkus Dr. Michael Pinkus
Dr. Michael Pinkus is an American chiropractic physician, nutritional expert and author. He is the developer of the Pressure Point Therapy technique and has written several books under this title. Dr. Pinkus' radio show has been airing weekly throughout the US and Canada for almost 20 years. Dr. Pinkus has worked with members of the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. He was a doctor for the US Olympic Team and attended the Olympic Games in Atlanta. He has a long list of top Hollywood celebrity clients and musicians he has consulted. Dr. Pinkus' Public Television show "Feel Better With Pressure Point Therapy" is airing nationwide to rave reviews. "We have what we call a Health Care System, but it is really a ... read more
Latest book: Pressure Point Therapy

Follow me on Twitter at  tonyinosaka Tony Silva
Chicago native, University educator in Japan for over twenty years, Mac nerd, audiophile, karate ni-dan, pretty good driver, husband, and all-around troublemaker.
Latest book: A Quick and Dirty Guide to the Japanese Business Meeting

Follow me on Twitter at  AFanBee Bee Hylinski
Bee Hylinski wrote Contract Year: a baseball novel as a labor of love for the game of baseball. Before becoming an author and professional editor, she was a tax and estate planning attorney, Mayor of Moraga, CA, and an artist. She enjoys cheering on her Oakland Athletics and lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband.
Latest book: Contract Year: a baseball novel

Follow me on Twitter at  latriceSimpkins Latrice Simpkins
Latrice Simpkins has been passionately writing for over sixteen years. She holds a Bachelor’s in Business from California State University, San Marcos, and a Master’s degree in Management from Florida Institute of Technology. After severing in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years she began a career in civil service for the Department of the Navy as a Contracts and Grants Officer. Latrice is most notably known for providing grant assistance throughout Africa supporting the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program. She received a Letter of Commendation from the Commanding officer of Naval Health Research Center in 2012 for her outstanding work.+ Latrice Simpkins currently lives in San Dieg ... read more
Latest book: Hidden Flowers

Follow me on Twitter at  meligranalibri Emilio De Filippo
Emilio De Filippo nasce nel 1974 a Salerno, dove vive e lavora come tecnico informatico. Un gioco da ragazzi, pubblicato da Meligrana Editore, è il suo primo romanzo.
Latest book: Un gioco da ragazzi

Follow me on Twitter at  emmbeliever Emma Right
Emma is a happy wife and homeschool mother of five living in the Pacific West Coast of the USA. Besides running a busy home, and looking after their five pets, which includes two cats, two bunnies and a Long-haired dachshund, she also writes stories for her children. She loves the Lord and His Word deeply, and when she doesn't have her nose in a book, she is telling her kids to get theirs in one.
Latest book: No Accident: A Teen Novel: A young adult paranormal mystery

Follow me on Twitter at  JAlexBlane J. Alex Blane
J. Alex Blane is an author, novelist, and self-publisher. His debut Novel "Where We Left Off" was his first break in the literary world of fiction romance, but definitely not his last as he is currently working on his second. A Multi-Media developer by trade, his creativity is fascinating. And from a number of his reviews, so is his ability to draw you into his writing, his suspense ...his story. A native of a small city in Pennsylvania, Alex is a graduate of Wilmington University where he received both his graduate and undergraduate degree. Before becoming a full-time writer, he worked as a Career Counselor within the University and a media developer for design firm he and a friend founded in 2004. He's alway ... read more
Latest book: Where We Left Off

Follow me on Twitter at  znode Alonzo Foreman
Znode provides an advanced ecommerce software platform for creating relevant online shopping experiences which drive significantly higher results. Companies can quickly create compelling and engaging personalized experiences that result in higher conversions, speed to revenue and met customer expectations.
Latest book: EXTENDING THE AISLE: Six Secrets of Ecommerce Success for Manufacturers

Follow me on Twitter at  gretkus Christopher Gretkus
Christopher Gretkus (1970) — publisher of portals Novelmasters and Eprawda, columnist, photojournalist. From 2008 to 2012, the contributor of LNP press photo agency and The Polish Times weekly magazine in London. Born in Poland, moved to the UK in 2005. In the late 90's, he was publishing short stories and poems in the renowned polish literature magazine bruLion in Warsaw. He wrote a book of poems called "Scream and whisper" published in 1996 by MOK. His prose poem "Puff of black" was originally finished in 1999. The author writes in english and polish since then.
Latest book: Puff of Black

Follow me on Twitter at  DeeLioPunk D.e.e.L
Author of - Blissfire Take a look at my wordpress, tumblr, wattpad....yea pretty much everywhere for new stories all the time! Charles "The Solver" Splints sits at his desk waiting for the clock to run dry as he sips from a glass. Before he heads home somebody always walks in with their troubles. He's taken on gang leaders, criminal masterminds, stalkers, and even the cops. This gumshoe doesn't mess around. See his stories here as well as on my site for poems and shorts that feature even more of the hard-boiled detective known as "The Solver" : Each story will take you on trips to different worlds, other realities. Charles Spli ... read more
Latest book: Park Ave (Part 4) - A Charles Splints Case

Follow me on Twitter at  SteamFaery Ziazan
Ziazan can boast training and awards from JGSMD, RWCMD, LAMDA, RADA and TCL, but doesn’t want to bore you with that. All you should know is that she is a storyteller. She tells traditional tales at festivals and events across the UK, she also reads her own works. She has published two books of short stories, one of which has been made into an audiobook, and is working on her second novel. This is all in her spare time, as her main occupation is music. She writes, acts, dances, plays trumpet, piano, harp and lute and has raised Bel Canto from the dead to single handedly stir up a musical revolution by singing at people in a way that no one else alive today can. But it's all the same thing, really. She just lo ... read more
Latest book: Cupcake Zombies

Follow me on Twitter at  authorgilbert Julie C. Gilbert
Writer, chemistry teacher, Christian
Latest book: The Collins Case

Follow me on Twitter at  bkfictionbunny Authoress Shameeka Williams
New York Native Shameeka L Williams was raised in the East New York section Brooklyn by her grandmother,She began writing short stories at the age of thirteen; Which evolved into poetry and rhymes at the age of fifteen. Shameeka decided in 2005 to utilize her talent and share her stories with the world. Shameeka is no stranger to the street life, she has lived it and suffered from it. She gives thanks to God daily for allowing her to share her stories through fiction. She recently released her second book a compilation of poetry and spoken word and is currently working on her third book.
Latest book: The Sister's Lounge

Follow me on Twitter at  JMRossAuthor JM Ross
I love it when my protagonist finds her body contending with an intimate partner or a force that will change her forever. What is she thinking as she looses control of her sexual desires or her body or both? Did she want this to happen? Has it gone too far? Does she like it? How will it end? Will it end? The line between fantasy and reality is sometimes so very, very thin and I adore stepping into fantasy and staying there as long as I can. Love JM PS... If you'd like to see what's coming, click on favorites and Smashwords will keep you updated.
Latest book: The Baby Machine 8

Follow me on Twitter at  morgenrich Morgen Rich
Morgen Rich grew up in the southwestern U.S., where the sky reminds humans just how small they really are. Staring up at a sky stretching into forever prompted her to wonder what was there, and thus, her writing career in speculative fiction began. She's taught English, American Literature, Women's Studies, and Communications and still dips her toes into teaching a course now and again because she loves to see the excitement of students exploring imaginary worlds. She lives mostly in Pennsylvania with her husband and two Great Pyrenees, Bianca and Tahoe. On occasion, she lives in Lincoln, England. Her current project is a speculative fiction series that begins with Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present. Incorri ... read more
Latest book: Incorrigible: Secrets Past & Present - Part Four / Becoming (Staves of Warrant)

Follow me on Twitter at  joepegasus Joe Pegasus
Born in 1949, once a pen found its way into hand, Joe began to write prose and music and draw. Joe is the founder, web developer, head designer and curator for from 1981 until 2016. He first published in 1972 - Poems by Sea and Moonlight. Since that first book there have been numerous books, essays, articles and songs. Now a landlord in S.C. he and his wife Cathy live a retiring lifestyle. They sing and write about country life ... all the live-long day.
Latest book: Songs from A Forest Garden

Follow me on Twitter at  theatregeekxo Amelia Faith
just a girl who loves God, family, friends and life. 2 Cor 12:10, Phil 4:13 :) Amelia Faith is a 16 year old teenage author who has been writing since she was seven. Her first novel, "When Everyone Thinks You're Gone", was published when she was just 15 years old. Amelia is a strong Christian and also loves everything to do with Broadway and musicals, photography and filmmaking. Her writing inspirations include Karen Kingsbury, Ally Carter, and best-selling indie author, Shelly Crane. The sequel to "When Everyone Thinks You're Gone" is anticipated to come out in the summer of 2013.
Latest book: When Everyone Thinks You're Gone

Follow me on Twitter at  vicbernadine Victoria Bernadine
Victoria Bernadine (a pseudonym) is, as the saying goes, a "woman of a certain age". After twenty-something years of writer's block, she began writing again in 2008. Victoria enjoys reading all genres and particularly loves writing romantic comedy and post-apocalyptic science fiction. What those two have in common is anybody's guess. She lives in Edmonton with her two cats (The Grunt and The Runt). A Life Less Ordinary is the first novel she felt was good enough to be released into the wild.
Latest book: A Life Less Ordinary

Follow me on Twitter at  tasawyer81 Timothy Sawyer
Tim has authored five books to include three self help books: A Patzer's Story, My Email to God Bounced, A Patzer's Journey and two novels, the latest being "Respot the Pin". He is an IT security professional who specializes in data security. When not working or writing, he is an avid bowler and a member of the Professional Bowlers Association, an avid chess player and dog lover. He lives in Erlanger, Kentucky with his wife, stepdaughter and four dogs.
Latest book: Respot the Pin

Follow me on Twitter at  saifulism Saiful Islam
Saiful Islam was born on Malang, Indonesia on May 20th 1982. He has been graduated from Brawijaya University Malang-Indonesia as Electrical Engineer. He has been working on technical field as Core Network Engineer on PT. Telekomunikasi Seluler since 2008. He made his own research about several marketing issue such as Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and developing new concept which combine those two previous techniques named Anchor Branding. Since 2006 He hwon several marketing idea competition in national level about branding and marketing in strategic level. In 2012 He also recognized as one of Telkomsel Intellectual Knowledge Assets by his writing about marketing and branding issue with title “Shi ... read more
Latest book: Brand Generosity

Follow me on Twitter at  SteJHoward Stephen Howard
Mid-twenties and from Manchester, Beyond Misty Mountain is my first novel, a comic farce which was immensely fun to write. I am currently working on a follow-up, however its progress has been stunted as I am into the second year of an English Literature and Creative Writing degree with the Open University. Alongside this I also work full time in content marketing. I have always been an avid reader and am a proud part of the Harry Potter generation, I also enjoy a variety of sports and am a keen quizzer too. I sincerely hope you enjoy my work, please leave a review if you make it to the end.
Latest book: Beyond Misty Mountain

Follow me on Twitter at  frenchkilt Lisa Forest
Lisa was born on November 19, in Canada. She has two children, Samantha (24) and Jacob (17) with 1 grandchild and another on the way. She currently, lives in South Carolina. Lisa speaks French, English, and a little Spanish. She graduated from Seneca College in 1987 and worked as a flight attendant for a Montreal based airline, Nationair. Lisa is a world traveler, having been to British Guyana, Columbia, Venezuela, Jamaica, Belgium, England, France, Portugal and Greece. Lisa completed her RN degree and has been employed as a nurse for the last 18 years. Lisa has moonlighted as a successful real estate agent and interior designer. Interior design is one of Lisa's passions and her home design was featured on Rat ... read more
Latest book: Country Club Secrets II Desperately His

Follow me on Twitter at  srbluemountain Susan Rodgers
Susan Rodgers’ first novel A Certain Kind of Freedom was a Finalist in the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia Atlantic Writing Awards for unpublished manuscripts. She is currently writing the last few books in the Drifters series, which will number eight in total. By the end of 2015 she plans to also publish novels Atlantic Blue (based on her screenplay of the same name), Seasmoke, and A Certain Kind of Freedom. Owner / Operator of Bluemountain Entertainment, she is a graduate of Vancouver Film School. Susan won four awards for her period short film Bobby's Peace, has produced another period short, Dreamers, and recently shot her first comedy short, The New Neighbours. Formerly a museum curator, Susan live ... read more
Latest book: Watch Over Me

Follow me on Twitter at  joecaulfield Joseph A Caulfield
College, the Marine Corps, and the ethical medical industry (Howmedica, ACS) helped me perfect learning how to learn processes that are foundational for stable results in achieving revenue. Particularly in sales and corporate training. I transferred those skills learned to a new model in the form of business services when I worked for Administaff (Insperity), Gevity (TriNet), and The People Advisor. These venues allowed me to not only do the actions myself, but as management, implement them into various sales teams. C-Level sales has major components of psychology and education embedded within it in any successful format. I have written books that illustrate this.
Latest book: Radical PEO Sales Success

Follow me on Twitter at  vampmanifesto_r R. Smith
I live in Washington, and enjoy reading, writing, hiking, cooking, and good scotch. My full length novel, "Pop Culture Sucks, Manifesto of a Vampire" is currently available on amazon and createspace. I also recently released "The Everything Sucks Anthology. A series of short stories all loosely connected to the "Pop Culture Sucks" universe. Lastly, another novel, "The Knights of Albion," is currently in the development. I hope to have it released before the end of the year. Thus far I have truly enjoyed my adventures in indie publishing and I hope to be doing it for a long, long time.
Latest book: Everything Sucks Anthology

Follow me on Twitter at  ZuanneMarie Zuanne-Marie Joubert
A challenging part of my job as a wellness consultant was to provide supportive services to HIV infected and affected people to manage this dreaded disease. HIV, currently can not be cured, but can be treated, and once again, adjustments in thinking patterns and a healthy lifestyle will assist to manage the illness like any other chronic life-threatening disease. I do understand the doubts and fears that overwhelms when faced with the reality of being HIV-infected. I was accidentally exposed to HIV-infected blood during a week of voluntary testing and counseling (VCT), while working at a corporate headoffice in Pretoria. This being a workplace injury I was provided with a 28-day course post-exposure prophylaxi ... read more
Latest book: Kinders van die Wind

Follow me on Twitter at  lefryerstokes L E Fryer-Stokes
L E Fryer-Stokes is a British author specialising in fantasy and adventure children's writing, and post-apocalyptic adult fiction.
Latest book: Mission 66

Follow me on Twitter at  RVmysteryauthor Karen Musser Nortman
Karen Musser Nortman, after previous incarnations as a secondary social studies teacher (22 years) and a test developer (18 years), returned to her childhood dream of writing a novel. Bats and Bones, a cozy mystery, came out of numerous 'round the campfire' discussions, making up answers to questions raised by the peephole glimpses one gets into the lives of fellow campers. Where did those people disappear to for the last two days? What kinds of bones are in this fire pit? Why is that woman wearing heels to the shower house? Karen and her husband Butch originally tent camped when their children were young and switched to a travel trailer when sleeping on the ground lost its romantic adventure. They take freque ... read more
Latest book: Camping Can Be Murder 2

Follow me on Twitter at  silenceoshea Silence O'Shea
Silence O’Shea lives in a tiny woodland town in the extreme Northern U.S., where the lusty locals generate enough heat to melt the polar ice caps. Some people love to share their exploits—and Silence is a superb and trusted listener. She’ll never spill secrets, but that doesn’t mean she can’t use the naughtiest bits and most colorful characters as inspiration for her work. A lifelong reader and newbie author, Silence is open to any and all input from fellow booklovers. Advice, suggestions, support, compliments, angry fists of rage raised to the sky…any feedback is appreciate, so please drop her a line. She’s a friendly sort who wants to hear from everyone. And again…a great listener. ;) Silen ... read more
Latest book: U.K. Belles

Follow me on Twitter at  iain_andrews Iain Andrews
Iain Andrews is a native of Scotland, albeit one of mixed race as his ancestry can also be traced back to Ireland and Devon. A graduate of Glasgow University, where he studied a mix of Physics, Maths, and Moral Philosophy, he has lived in Scotland, England, and Seattle. Iain's previous published works appeared mainly in technical and music magazines, often under assumed names, and his worldly wants have been satisfied so far by a career that never strayed too far from the world of computing. He would claim to have eclectic tastes but in truth would be content in a world containing nothing but real ale, malt whisky, and football.
Latest book: Excalibur

Follow me on Twitter at  lukeaviator Luke Kuhns
I am the author of The Untold Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes And The Case of the Crystal Blue Bottle, Fragile Words: A Collection of Verses and Short Stories, & Sherlock Holmes: Studies in Legacy. I am also a contributing author for two novels. Sherlock’s Home: The Empty House and The Art of Deduction. I was born in Indiana, USA, where I grew up in a standard All-American town. You know the type, two main roads, everyone knows each other. A flock of old people at the local donut shop who then jump over to the local dinner for lunch. The high school dream that everyone still tries to live, even way after they graduate! Actually, if you’ve seen the show Parks and Recreation mix that will Smal ... read more
Latest book: Luchrupán

Follow me on Twitter at  stefan_coupe Stefan Coupe
A divorced father of three who lives and works in Manchester, England. I have written a few short stories and published them on various sites where erotic stories are uploaded by amateurs. These stories will be updated and published here over time. I prefer to write erotica because it allows me to express things sexual, in a way that matches my attitudes towards sex and the excitements it brings. Stimulating the mind is one way of stimulating the whole body. If you are kind enough to download and read any of my published works, please leave a review. **Currently working on the sequel to 'Not My Husband's Wife' - did Angela accept Mike's proposition? Watch this space for further updates. **
Latest book: The Stewardess

Follow me on Twitter at  angelasmidnite Angela Dublin
Angela Dublin is the Author of several books, (Children's and Thriller's). Banjo Bongo Bug's Greatest Adventures and Bringing in the Clown are both available via Amazon. They Watch, (Thriller) as an e-book will be available Apr. 1, 2013. She is currently working on her newest Novel, Drogheda, A Viking Saga.based on Ivarr, the boneless. She loves Writing, Reading, Artwork, Painting, and Movies. She lives just outside Tonasket, WA., on the banks of the Okanogan. Angela has a beautiful German Shepherd, Kika, that is her constant Companion and friend, and who is the reason she is working on another Novel, Dogs of War. A moving story of our Canine Hero's. Angela has written short stories for several magazines, won ... read more
Latest book: They Watch

Follow me on Twitter at  goingfree Mohan Siroya
About the Author MOHAN SIROYA Academically a double Post Graduate ,worked as a Sr. Professional Manager in MNCs in Mumbai for 30 yrs. Thereafter ,he also dabbled in Advertising profession. Simultaneously, has also been freelancing as a Film Journalist/Critic for last 55 years as his passion . He has been a prolific writer , having written analytical and critical articles on Entertainment Industry and detailed reports of International Film Festivals of India , in numerous English periodicals. Named a few are - The Indian Express, FilmFare, Film World, Picturpost, Cine Advance, Screen , The Hitavada, Lokmat Times , Nav Hind Times,The Twin City Times , Film Indu ... read more
Latest book: Golden Sojourn in Bollywood Wonderland

Follow me on Twitter at  LainieYoung Elaine Young
Who am I? My name is Elaine Young. Born in 1945, I have always been ‘in books’ both reading them, and selling them. I worked in bookshops for 18 years; I have run a school library and am passionate about teaching children the joy of the written word. Over the years I have jotted down stories and ideas, and I once (unsuccessfully) submitted a short story to a magazine. I had small children at the time and it was very difficult to find the time to write. Now my children are adults and I have more time on my hands. I am now a home executive and an aspiring author.I also began blogging a couple of years ago and thoroughly enjoy it. My hobbies include sewing, photography, miniature doll's houses and cooking. B ... read more
Latest book: Every Hidden Thing

Follow me on Twitter at  mzjerkins77 india taylor
I was born and raised in New York, I currently reside in Dallas, Texas with my husband and kids. I love to write and most who know me know this is my passion.
Latest book: Looks to Kill

Follow me on Twitter at  dallasareaopin Charles Holmes

Latest book: The Red Chair

Follow me on Twitter at  DavidCCassidy David C. Cassidy
Award-winning author David C. Cassidy is the twisted mind behind several best-selling novels of horror and suspense, Velvet Rain, The Dark, and Fosgate’s Game. An author, photographer, and graphic designer—and a half-decent juggler—he spends his writing life creating dark and touching stories where Bad Things Happen To Good People. Raised by wolves, he grew up with a love of nature, music, science, and history, with thrillers and horror novels feeding the dark side of his seriously disturbed imagination. He talks to his characters, talks often, and most times they listen. But the real fun starts when they tell him to take a hike, and they Open That Door anyway. Idiots. David lives in Ontario, Canada. Fro ... read more
Latest book: Haughnt

Follow me on Twitter at  ShaynaYork Shayna York
Erotica writer: getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Author of the Her Hollywood Hero series from Jupiter Gardens Press: 12 Steps to Desire and Catch a Fallen Star available now. Also on
Latest book: Bound and Determined