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Using a mix of innovation, drive and passion, Legend Press has set the bar for small independent publishers. Our team run a number of successful projects, a new business imprint and fellow publisher Paperbooks. We also have an active daily blog!
Latest book: The Summer We All Ran Away
Follow me on Twitter at @AmandaAuthor Amanda McKeon
Amanda McKeon was born and educated in Dublin, Ireland, but left in her early twenties to travel the world. She lived and worked in Mexico, Australia and the UK, before settling in the south of France with her husband, daughter, and feisty Jack Russell terrier (Sammy). When not working on her novels she writes regular articles and blogs on her other great passions: parenting and yoga.
Latest book: Morrigan: Blue Moon Rising
Follow me on Twitter at @brianholt24 Brian Holt
I have a Masters degree in Chemistry, and a Post Graduate qualification in Management. I held a couple of technical management posts at Unilever plc before being appointed Development Manager at a subsidiary of Norcros plc. My first MD position was at Data-Label Ltd where I achieved 20% per annum compound sales growth whilst increasing net profit from 10% to 12%; doubling the net profit per employee Over a 9 year period I managed that company through two changes of ownership, and along the way learned a lot about the do’s and don’ts of post acquisition strategy. I then spent 4 years as MD of Anglia Labels Sales Ltd before starting my own consultancy business in 2001, providing clients across a number of ... read more
Latest book: You Want How Much
Follow me on Twitter at @brianligo Brian Ligomeka
Multi-award winning journalist, Brian Ligomeka, is currently working as the managing editor of Times Group in Malawi. He has published dozens and dozens of articles in Africa and outside Africa. Prior to his joining The Times Group of Malawi, Ligomeka who is a former stringer for Africa Information Afrique, Inter Press Service, African Eye News Services and several international magazines, worked for the defunct Mirror Newspaper and The Malawi Standard. A holder of a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication, Ligomeka at the time of compiling these articles was studying for his Masters Degree in Business Administration with Edinburgh Business School, a graduate wing of Scottish institution, Heriot Watt Univers ... read more
Latest book: Leaders and Idiots
Follow me on Twitter at @SixelaZed Michael Valdez
Just a normal person in Indianapolis who happens to enjoy writing and hopes he is getting better at it. I want to tell stories that are each more interesting and complete than the last, and challenge myself to things differently as I improve.
Latest book: Northwater (Saints of the Void, Book 1.5)
Follow me on Twitter at @edeeparks E. Dee Parks
E. Dee Parks presently resides near Savannah, Georgia where she lives close her children. When she’s not writing she’s usually reading and supporting other author’s work. She a dog lover at heart, Max, her Yorkie, and Mini, her Minpin, are her constant companions that she enjoys even when Max tries to type his own novel while E. Dee’s writing. Writing for many years, she blends Eroticism, suspense, intrigue and vast emotion in to the lives of her characters. Although her books have tragic moments that bring revolutions of tears to her readers as real life does, the meanings behind the stories show that every cloud has a silver lining.
Latest book: Marine (The Soldier Series)
Follow me on Twitter at @LeaBarrymire Lea Barrymire
Lea lives in Western New York with her hubby, three children, and miscellaneous critters. Before the rug rats, she lived a life of adventure, following her husband all over Europe with the US military. She's slept in a car outside Paris, drove six hours just to see tulips in the Netherlands, and knocked ash from her shoes at Pompeii. Now she spends her time in life's adventures at soccer games, PTA meetings and school plays. Lea has loved reading from a very young age, spending many sleepless nights devouring books. Science fiction and paranormal were her favorite genres to read as a teenager, and that love bled into her adult life. She started writing during a bout of insomnia, to fill time, and found it fill ... read more
Latest book: Sin's Calling
Follow me on Twitter at @_AllieLittle Allie Little
Allie is a Sydney-based writer who believes in the boundless possibilities of imagination and in telling stories that resonate with the heart. Allie writes about love, relationships, and the obstacles that life seems to throw in our way. Allie is the author of FALLING AWAY, a young adult coastal romance published in 2014, and CLOUD QUEST, a fantasy quest adventure story for middle-grade readers. Born and raised in Sydney, Allie graduated from the University of Sydney in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts. After working in publishing for a few years, Allie returned to university and in 1998 graduated with a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons). Juggling motherhood, part-time work, and mostly nocturnal writing habits, Alli ... read more
Latest book: Falling Away
Follow me on Twitter at @Stephanie_xox_ Stephanie Haggarty
In 2012 I completed a Bachelor's of Arts (Creative Writing and History) from the University of Sunshine Coast. I then moved to Melbourne and completed a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Editing and Communication) from The University of Melbourne in 2013. The genres I am currently writing in are Science fiction, young adult, and speculative fiction.
Latest book: The Backup Girl
Follow me on Twitter at @NoxVictor Victor Nox
Victor Nox lives in Vermont where he enjoys writing, reading, and saving baby bunny rabbits from the local predators.
Latest book: Sacrifices (Book Three of The Pawn's Game)
Follow me on Twitter at @thegingerscott Ginger Scott
Ginger Scott is an Amazon-bestselling and Goodreads Choice Awards-nominated author of several young and new adult romances, including Waiting on the Sidelines, Wild Reckless, The Falling Series and The Hard Count. A sucker for a good romance, Ginger’s other passion is sports, and she often blends the two in her stories. She has been writing and editing for newspapers, magazines and blogs for several years. She has told the stories of Olympians, politicians, actors, scientists, cowboys, criminals and towns. For more on her and her work, visit her website at When she's not writing, the odds are high that she's somewhere near a baseball diamond, either watching her son field pop ... read more
Latest book: Memphis
Follow me on Twitter at @EyeofDisparager Brett Stuart Smith
Brett Stuart Smith was born in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and lived through an ever-changing landscape. He attended various schools but spent his high school years at Glenwood Boys High in Durban where he majored in English, biology, geography and art and won the art and art history prize. He matriculated with academic honors and went on to study English, speech and drama at university. After his military service he traveled Europe for two years and dabbled in theatre, landing a role in two indie plays in South Africa. He worked in sales and hospitality in South Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain and Greece through the early '90s. He co-owned a popular restaurant and night club in Durban during the late '9 ... read more
Latest book: The Eye of Disparager
Follow me on Twitter at @dickyadams Richard F Adams
Are you lonely yet you have hundreds of social media friends? Is technology being used to spy on you? When exactly will your daily journey across town become traceable in real time? What are companies and governments doing with the ever increasing data they have one us? My fiction is concerned with and explores that coming moment in history when collective machine intelligence overtakes humanity and our entire lives become transparent and our personalities defined by data.I am fascinated by the singularity, philosophy, culture and technology. My stories are "post-singularity" fiction if you like. Another Day, Ascendance and Virtualis form Volume 1 of Entanglement in three parts. Fall of India is a coda to thos ... read more
Latest book: Social Psycho
Follow me on Twitter at @Dr_pulver Chad Pulver
Working psychologist testing the waters as a novelist.
Latest book: The Brothers Stone and the Red Buffalo Relic
Follow me on Twitter at @rythmofapoet Kathryn-Wesly Melaw
I am a young starving poet.... A pacifist, Tree hugging, Nature loving, Law abiding citizen of the United States. I Live well, Laugh much, and Love often. With a love of words and the joy they can bring, here is the hope of many more words....
Latest book: Words To Remember Me By
Follow me on Twitter at @AxelMatfin Axel Matfin
In the fall of 2012 Axel Matfin created Adventure Factory Publishing, and released his first novel. The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town. Adventure Factory Publishing is intended to be a publishing house that specializes in Action and Adventure stories of the Pulp, Comic Book, Tough Guy, Cowboy, Super Spy, Sci-Fi, and Samurai traditions. The Bartender is the flagpole series that Axel hopes will establish Adventure Factory as a publisher providing intelligent entertainment. With his first book: The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town, receiving modest sales at The People’s Co-Op Bookstore and Pulp Fiction Books in Vancouver, as well as, Axel now plans to move forward as an author ... read more
Latest book: The Bartender: Darkness on the Edge of Town.
Follow me on Twitter at @caycepollard1 Douglas Shoback
I scribble down words that for some odd reason are published and read. I do like Speculative and Science Fiction, so I write in these genres, along with the occasional cultural analyses. I am a proud Whovian, recognizing the utter "coolness" of the bow-tie. We need more bow-ties in fashion today. And Vimto. I love Vimto.
Latest book: The Art of Self-Destruction
Follow me on Twitter at @MarkFarronWood Mark Wood
Mark Farron Wood grew up on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, where he spent many hours reading, roaming through the woods, and accidentally finding ways to get into trouble. He joined the Navy at eighteen, sailing across the world on the U.S.S. McClusky. After completing his military service, he earned a PhD in American literature at the University of Kentucky, where he currently teaches writing. He enjoys doing just about anything outdoors—including hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, and gardening—but reading and writing remain his favorite pursuits.
Latest book: The House on Luna Way
Follow me on Twitter at @jesswaid1 Jess Waid
In his novels, Jess Waid draws upon his twenty-two years of experience as an LAPD cop. He worked the streets of Hollywood in the early 'sixties and retired as a Lieutenant II, in Robbery-Homicide Division. While his works are fiction, many of his characters are based on composites of officers he worked with. His stories, in many instances, are based on actual cases. Jess and his wife Barbara live in the Guadalajara area of Mexico.
Latest book: Kona Gold - Book #6 in the Mike Montego Series
Follow me on Twitter at @JMullerbooks Justin Muller
I am a fifteen year old novelist living in South Africa. Writing is very important to me, as it gives more power than I can ever imagine - and at fifteen, this is a very potent cure to most problems (it also gives off a whiff of alchemy, but the spice of life can be synthesized!). Why would I want to write? The answer is very clear, and embedded into human nature. We want to observe, carefully control and subtly twist to appease our own interests. That's what I enjoy. Growing up, the house was full of ideas, and I could never just be content with one. My grandmother was Miss South Africa 1963, but in a very stark contradiction to the general stereotype she was the most intelligent person I have ever known. She ... read more
Latest book: The Oleander Effect: Throne of Bayonets
Follow me on Twitter at @UrbanTigersBook Kathy Chisholm
I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (I decline to mention the decade other than the fact that I am a boomer.) The youngest of three siblings, my best friend growing up was a grey and white tabby cat named Bootsie. From a very early age, I've always had a great respect and love for animals and nature. I earned a B.Sc. in biology and a B.Ed. at Dalhousie University in Halifax. I then furthered my education degree at the University of British Columbia, specializing in outdoor education. My husband Hugh and I taught in Prince Rupert on the northwest coast of BC for three years; by summer, we roamed the Rockies. In 1982, Hugh was accepted to veterinary school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I was lucky enough t ... read more
Latest book: Urban Tigers - Tales of a Cat Vet
Follow me on Twitter at @Isabeladeoro Isabela de Oro
Hi there! Just a little info about me: I grew up in the Philippines and eventually moved to the United States. I currently live in Florida. I have been writing for as long as I remember and many of the stories I write are set in the Philippines or other hot and steamy settings.
Latest book: The Pineapple King's Daughter
Follow me on Twitter at @AuthorLorelei R. Lorelei
R. Lorelei is proudly a Canadian Author. Trilogy: Kiss and Cry Forgive and Forget Jealousy and Rage What Happened in Vegas, Didn't Stay in Vegas! Text Him! ...He Needs To Know She was educated in Toronto and earning a bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology. Later, R. Lorelei went into Nursing. When she’s not writing or working as a nurse, R. Lorelei shares her life with her husband, two children, and two dogs.
Latest book: Flaccid Phallus
Follow me on Twitter at @mamapoekie Laura Schuerwegen
Belgian born author, Laura Schuerwegen, decided to divert from the career path she studied for and stay at home with her growing family. The past seven years, she has lived in several Sub Saharan African countries. She is currently studying naturopathy and passionately writes about parenting.
Latest book: A Curiously Creepy Alphabet Book
Follow me on Twitter at @a_shippe Alex Shippe
I enjoy traveling. Seeing new sights and sites. Eating new foods. Sometimes torturing myself with something that's so heinous that I might regret it later, especially if there's a record of it on someone's cell phone. I enjoy reading a wide variety of books, from Kahlil Gibran to Hemingway to Tolkien to Gibson. I can handle just about any song. And on the not so rare occasion I'll add it to my constantly growing music library.
Latest book: Beautiful Imposter
Follow me on Twitter at @KurrieHoyt Kurrie Hoyt
Writer, Voice Actor, GamerGirl, Whovian, SPN'er, book-worm, chocoholic, Oblivion Modder, coffee addict, SciFi junkie and above all, I am a giant Nerd. Born in Hawaii as a Navy brat, I grew up in New York, spent a decade in Ohio and now live in Virginia where I work on my novels and write Supernatural Fan Fiction when I need a break. Never underestimate a Busman's holiday. Author of: Sereine: Book One of the Hunter Trilogy Caelestis: Book Two of the Hunter Trilogy Shifting Sands - An Alex and Jamie Novel (Adult modern fantasy/Gay Erotica) From Bad to Verse: A poetry Anthology Winding Deep: Book One of the Red Chronicles Works in Progress: Casus Belli: Book Three of the Hunter Trilogy Catalyst - An Alex and Jam ... read more
Latest book: Winding Deep: Book One of the Red Chronicles
Follow me on Twitter at @AJAwriterostuff Alex Ankrom
Alex J Ankrom was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He earned two degrees from Boston University: a BA in Political Science & Philosophy and an MFA in Creative Writing. He also has an MFA in Screenwriting from The American Film Institute. He has been a semifinalist in the Final Draft Big Break Contest and the Nicholl Fellowship. He currently lives in Los Angeles.
Latest book: Falling On The Sword: A Gabriel Carter Story
Follow me on Twitter at @pennconsulting Althea Penn
Althea Penn has a passion for children and those who serve them. She has over twenty years of experience in education serving as a teacher, Children’s Ministry Director, and principal. Althea has two Masters degrees in Education Administration, certification as an Early Childhood Educator and the National Administrator Credential. She is also a Child Development Associate Professional Development Specialist for the national CDA teacher's credential. This well-rounded background equips her to share with fellow educators as she regularly conducts high quality early childhood professional development seminars and leadership workshops throughout the Southeast. Althea is an inspirational communicator and serv ... read more
Latest book: Disorder Fact Sheet Resource Booklet: For parents and teachers of exceptional learners
Follow me on Twitter at @MirandaJoyce305 Miranda Joyce
Miranda Joyce is a 27 year old writer living in Miami, FL. In an attempt to escape from the drudgery of writing press releases and technical manuals she started writing erotica in her free time. Now she has made her debauched little stories available to readers. You contact her at with questions, complaints, fan mail or offers for a glass of pinot grigio.
Latest book: My Day (Biker, Billionaire, Lesbian, Vampire, Tentacle Erotic Comedy Short Story)
Follow me on Twitter at @NHalloway Nancy Halloway
I am a 22 year old college student at UCLA. All of the stories I write are fictional but completely based off my life. When I am not writing or at school I like be at the beach, hanging with friends, or laying on my couch with my cat.
Latest book: Apartment 206: An Erotic Romance Novel
Follow me on Twitter at @harperpeace Harper Peace
Imagine a civilization that had no use for papyrus or paper. Everything thought important was inscribed on clay tablets: accounts, taxes, the movements of the planets, and jewel-like accounts of moments in people's lives, written down – so they said – by magical means. Time passes. Many of these records crumble to dust, others are lost forever, and still more are dissolved away by the waters that lie beneath the sands. Incredibly, some survive the centuries: a few by sheer luck, some by being the victim of fire, which bakes their clay into a hardness that survives the millennia. When we look back at that incredible civilization, we see mostly blackness, but it's a dark illuminated by the occasional shootin ... read more
Latest book: Squire Chloe's Demon (An Epic Fantasy Tale)
Follow me on Twitter at @TerriVenters Terri Talley Venters
Terri Talley Venters Author of Carbon Copy, Tin Roof, Silver Lining, Luke’s Lithium, Body Of Gold, Copper Cauldron, Cobalt Cauldron, Calcium Cauldron, Sulfur Springs, Europium Gem Mine, Iron Curtains & Elements Of Mystery Terri received her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Master’s degree in Taxation from the University of Florida. She is a licensed CPA and a Second Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. She lives on the water in Florida, with her husband, Garrison, and their two sons. Terri is the daughter of Leslie S. Talley, author of Make Old Bones, Bred In The Bone, The Closer The Bone, and The Bonnie, Bonnie Bone.
Latest book: Noah's Nickel
Follow me on Twitter at @loveylina09 Lina Crowe
I am 26 and a native of Panama City, Florida, where I draw a lot of inspiration for my stories. I am extremely Siderodromophobic and have a slight addiction to nail polish, Tic Tacs, and Pinterest.
Latest book: Hold On
Follow me on Twitter at @MartiJohnson Marti Johnson
Marti Johnson is a well known reporter and journalist, formerly with ABC News, Hearst Television and Tribune. Ms. Johnson grew up in a small town outside of Salt Lake City, Utah; graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University and makes her home currently in Washington, DC. A life-long insomniac, her parents often woke hearing noises in the kitchen and found their sleepless daughter having a glass of milk and an oatmeal cookie at 1 o'clock in the morning. As an adult, her career has added to the problem. Long hours reporting in various locations around the country and the need to work the graveyard shift led to many sleepless nights and red-eyed days. To alleviate this situation, she ... read more
Latest book: The Great Weight Loss Checklist: 100 Obstacles To and Strategies for Keeping Weight in Check
Follow me on Twitter at @Thomas_the_tame Tom Tame
I'm a nice guy who lives in Austin, TX and loves women. I'm straight (not that you asked), but I've always found great interest in genders and how we use them to identify ourselves and relate to one another. I write as a hobby, because I love it. I'm always interested in good stories and great authors. I'm always interested in being a better story teller and being a better author. I'm pretty friendly and can be reached at
Latest book: Backspace
Follow me on Twitter at @karlwoll Karl Woll
Karl Woll, born and raised in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland, has been passionately exploring the area’s local mountains over the last decade. Beyond hiking, Karl fulfills his desire to be in the outdoors by kayaking, cycling, scuba diving, snowboarding, and most frequently, trail running in the same mountains highlighted in his eBooks. An avid runner, Karl spends most weekends exploring endless North Vancouver trails with his running shoes and a bottle full of coconut water. Karl also runs many of the local races, ranging from 10km to 50mile ultra running events.
Latest book: The Great Hikes of Vancouver, B.C.
Follow me on Twitter at @sholalawrence Shola Lawrence
Shola Lawrence began her career as a successful Online Entrepreneur. She has worked with high profile international clientele such as Vanity Fair, London; several African companies; international businesses in Sweden, Portugal, Germany, Belfast, Dubai, Australia,and New York City. Her vast experience in marketing and branding strategies coupled with extensive business development and project management leadership has driven visibility, profitability, and performance of many projects. Her new endeavor, Coolours is a business service boutique, combining creative ideas, graphic design, and branding, while offering clientele innovative development of new businesses through “fiery and passionate creative design o ... read more
Latest book: Waking Up Eighty
Follow me on Twitter at @SarahEGlenn Sarah E. Glenn
Sarah E. Glenn, a product of the suburbs, has a B.S. in Journalism, which is redundant if you think about it. She loves writing mystery and horror stories, often with a sidecar of humor. Several have appeared in mystery and paranormal anthologies, including G.W. Thomas’ Ghostbreakers series, Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, and Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology. She belongs to Sisters in Crime, SinC Guppies, the Short Mystery Fiction Society, and the Historical Novel Society. Sarah developed strong ideals from her parents, a salesman turned missionary (redundancy runs in the family) and a social worker. Due to their tutelage and a short stint as a classical languages grad student, she's better read than ... read more
Latest book: Mardi Gras Murder
Follow me on Twitter at @LesLynamSFAuth Les Lynam
Les Lynam (1954- ) was born in Creston, Iowa, into a farming family which also included an older brother and two older sisters. The family farm was near the tiny community of Corning, Iowa, (birthplace of Johnny Carson). After graduating from Corning High School, he attended Central Missouri State University (renamed University of Central Missouri in 2006), graduating in 1976 with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. After a short, mostly unsuccessful, attempt at running a print shop, he refocused and returned to a life of studies at the University of Missouri. He received an M.A./M.L.S in 1986 and began a new career as a librarian at Ward Edwards / James C. Kirkpatrick libraries at UCM. He took an early ... read more
Latest book: ...Before You Leap
Follow me on Twitter at @sandhillkar Kathy Suchy Richards
Kathy Suchy Richards was born in Mississippi in 1953. She moved to South Carolina in 1974 where she continues to make her home. Kathy's interests cover cooking, baking, decorating cakes, blogging,traveling, creating websites, creating wedding cake toppers and other creative crafts. Amazon Kindle has opened a new world for Kathy's writing of recipes, poems, and children's books.
Latest book: The Creature
Follow me on Twitter at @lisajshultz Lisa J. Shultz
Lisa Shultz's most recent book is entitled, A Chance to Say Goodbye: Reflections on Losing a Parent. A moving tribute to a remarkable man and a daughter’s experience of losing her dad, A Chance to Say Goodbye gives rise to reflections about what is important in living and dying. Lisa also wrote a book for graduates entitled Ready or Not, Tips for The New Grad. It is a winner in the category of "Gift Books" for the 2014 National Indie Excellence Book Awards and a finalist in the category of "Career" for the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Lisa is the co-creator of the anthology series, Speaking Your Truth. Three volumes of Speaking Your Truth were published, each with over forty women courageously sh ... read more
Latest book: A Chance to Say Goodbye: Reflections on Losing a Parent
Follow me on Twitter at @KadeeNichols Kadee Nichols

Latest book: Angel's Apprentice
Follow me on Twitter at @meligranalibri Mario Prosperi
Mario Prosperi è autore di sceneggiature televisive (L’Odissea e L’Eneide), di traduzioni e adattamenti di classici (I discorsi di Lisia ed Il Governo di Verre per l’inter-pretazione di Renzo Giovampietro, I Persiani per la regia di Vittorio Cottafavi e i due capolavori di Menandro: La donna di Samo e L’arbitrato curati anche come regista). Come autore ha esordito alla Biennale di Venezia nel 1969 con La persecuzione e la morte di Girolamo Savonarola. Nel 1973 è tra i fondatori dell’associazione del “Politecnico” della quale ha gestito (fino all’ot-tobre 2008) l’omomino Teatro. Nel 1978 vince il Premio IDI con il testo Felicitas. Nello stesso anno inizia un’attività di autore-attore con u ... read more
Latest book: Alle sorgenti
Follow me on Twitter at @non_verbal_info Eric Goulard
Eric Goulard is a consultant and trainer in communication, customer relations, and management. An expert in behavioral communication, he is specialized in the detection of lies and in techniques of persuasion. He is a consultant for projects which require behavioral observation, analysis, and management of emotions (Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication). He also offers personalized coaching in France and Belgium for professionals (businesses and freelancers) and individuals. Eric Goulard is the first in France to become a certified Master in the recognition of facial expressions and subtle micro-expressions (MiX Elite and SubX Elite). He offers online education and resources in th ... read more
Latest book: Mémo: identifier les émotions et les micro-expressions
Follow me on Twitter at @DavidTangredi David P. Tangredi
David P. Tangredi is an intuitive guide. He employs archetypal tools such as Tarot, Astrology, and Numerology to bolster, assist, and inspire. Foundationally, he utilizes healing energies and the Akashic Records within all of his work. David first achieved success as a Software Engineer and Architect. In 2005, he began the transition from technology to philosophy, from physics to metaphysics. Instead of writing code and technical specs, he now writes a blog and books. His core goals remain the same. He continues to combine logical, problem solving skills with creativity, intuition, and intention to help individuals accomplish their ambitions. In recent years, David founded A Fool’s Inclination. We are all ... read more
Latest book: Journey to the Temple of Ra
Follow me on Twitter at @acousticfieldst Dennis Foley
I am an acoustic engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the business. My technology has been used in Electric Lady Land Studios, Sony Music of New York, Cello Music and Films founded by Mark Levinson, and Saltmines Studios in Mesa, Arizona, along with hundreds of others.
Latest book: Sound Waves Vs Sound Rays And How They Apply To Room Acoustics
Follow me on Twitter at @Marshawright Marsha Wright
Marsha Wright is a London-born, internationally recognized expert who appears regularly in the media on the topic of wealth through Strategic Alliances, Endorsement Deals, M&A and Global Partnerships. She is a mastermind with exceptional and intriguing insights on income generation, asset attraction, building net-worth, sales & marketing strategy and brand-positioning; which are sought out by multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, CEO's, leaders, executives and affluent clients all over the world. Her media appearances reach exceeds over 7 million people in 40+ countries.
Latest book: The Secret Collaborative Economy: More Clients, More Exposure, More Profit, Faster! (2013)
Follow me on Twitter at @Ma_d_hu Madhu Kalyan
Madhu Kalyan is an IT professional from Hyderabad, India, born on 16th January 1989. He is a philanthropist, traveler and pursues writing as a hobby. Sensitive and observant, everything that happens around him is an inspiration to do something new. His knowledge in the world of technology has earned him appreciation and success and he now considers writing his new passion. He is owner of a start-up company, Green Turtle Software Solutions. Gunjan Vyas is a college student born on 20th August 1994, residing in New Delhi, India. She has interest in music, technology and works of fiction. She likes to write poems and short stories as a hobby. She also co owns a start-up company, Green Turtle Software Solutions whi ... read more
Latest book: Different Strokes