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I write. A lot.
Latest book: Fish

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I am a contributing author at and at I'm also in the process of finishing up my first novella and pursuing a career in self-publishing. When I am not writing, working on art, or Beta Reading I can usually be found chasing after my two kids. But when all the kids have been put to bed and the night is quiet I'm usually hiding somewhere playing video games or watching Anime or Doctor Who with my husband.
Latest book: Waking Up in Bedlam

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Paul D. Nordini is a divorce and custody lawyer in Naperville Illinois (a Chicago suburb). He has represented thousands of spouses in complex divorce and custody cases. Mr. Nordini has drafted numerous articles on topics related to family law and has drafted materials for review at the United States Supreme Court. Prior to attending law school at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago, Mr. Nordini proudly served the United States Marine Corps in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He later worked at Ford Motor Company for nearly 11 years while pursuing his undergraduate degree (English) at Wayne State University in Detroit. Mr. Nordini is committed to providing spouses within the divorce process informa ... read more
Latest book: Gorilla Divorce - How to file your Appearance

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Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros are the co-founders of Courageous Living and Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy (PNRT). A radical breakthrough in success psychology that helps people resolve negative subconscious programming to create a life they love. They are passionate experts, speakers, educators and popular guests on radio and television. Joanna is an emotional healing therapist, life coach and founder of PNRT, a proven therapy protocol and certification program for psychotherapists and psychologists to help people uncover and eliminate negative subconscious beliefs. Clients experience immediate results within the first session. Tanya is a sought after speaker and business evolution strategist who has ... read more
Latest book: UnderMind: Discover the 7 Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage Your Life and How to Overcome Them

Follow me on Twitter at  Tim_McWhorter Tim McWhorter
Tim McWhorter was born under a waning crescent moon, and while he has no idea what the significance is, he thinks it sounds really cool to say. A graduate of Otterbein College with a BA in Creative Writing, he is the author of the novella Shadows Remain, the suspense-thrillers, Bone White, and its sequel, Blackened, and a collection of short stories titled Swallowing The Worm and Other Stories. He lives the suburban life just outside of Columbus, OH, with his wife, a handful of children and a few obligatory 'family' pets that have somehow become solely his responsibility. He is currently hard at work on another thriller with just enough horror to keep you up at night. He is available for conversation through Tw ... read more
Latest book: Rope Burns: A Short Story

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When Juli Page Morgan found out she could play rock records and get paid for it she got her first job at a radio station when she was a teenager. To her everlasting delight, that job came with All Access backstage passes where Juli got to know those beautiful men who made the music. She stood side-stage as they played, has been on their tour buses, in their hotel rooms, and backstage in their dressing rooms and at the aftershow parties. She takes you there with her in her books—stories that aren’t some far-fetched fantasies, but the real deal. Though the Mississippi Gulf Coast will always be “home,” Juli and her husband currently live in Arkansas. When she isn’t writing, Juli records voiceovers for t ... read more
Latest book: Crimson and Clover

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Carlos Filippa nació en Santiago del Estero en 1972, y desde 1990 vive en Córdoba. Egresado como Licenciado en Cine y TV en la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, fue premiado nacionalmente como realizador de cortometrajes. Actualmente se dedica a la docencia. Su novela inédita Aves de Carroña recibió la Mención Especial en el Premio Estímulo a la Creación Literaria y Teatral del año 2000 (Premio Nacional de las Artes). Desde mediados del 2003 hasta principios del 2005, escribió para su weblog Los Dedos del Manco sobre literatura, cine, actualidad y afectos personales, recibiendo en ese período más de 40.000 visitas desde todas partes del mundo hispano. Feedback o contacto:
Latest book: Los dedos del manco

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I'm a new-to-erotica independent author who lives in the Southern US. I am very open to criticism and suggestions as those are the only things that make me any better as a writer! I hope you will find my erotica engaging, entertaining, and tantalizing. If not, tell me why, and I'll try to improve!
Latest book: Scraya in the Cage (The Mistress of Tilya Part 4)

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M.C. O’Neill was born in Chicago, Illinois on a cold November morning and graduated from Indiana University with a B.A. in graphic design, later to be awarded an MFA in painting from the University of Cincinnati. Currently, O’Neill resides in Des Plaines, Illinois.
Latest book: Fireside Popsicles

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Steven is a widely published writer and editor in the world of investing and financial planning. He is also a Certified Financial Planner and has been involved in the financial services industry for more than 20 years. The married father of three is also a skilled musician. Despite futile attempts to mainstream himself he could not suppress his limitless creativity nor could he quell his desire to write and publish what he likes to call "speculative fiction".
Latest book: Alcohol is Good for Me

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Romance writer, blogger, craft addict, tea drinker, and I'll admit it, geek.
Latest book: A Crazy Reunion

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Ian Cooper has written fiction, non-fiction and worked for newspapers and magazines. He likes to make people laugh as well as think. His writing has a strong sense of the dramatic. Out of work and recovering from a life-threatening illness, someone suggested writing his sexual memoirs, which he initially rejected for the amount of research involved. He didn’t want to have to make it all up from scratch. A single dad and semi-retired from his most recent experience in the construction industry, Ian squeezes a little writing time in between raising a daughter and building a home-based business.
Latest book: The Cougar

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Noé Facq est webmaster du blog sur lequel il partage ses articles et vidéos sur comment économiser et gagner plus. Il est aussi actuellement l'éditeur de Jean-Philippe Corbel, et Luc Terreneuve.
Latest book: Un blog pour un revenu

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About the Author Jessica grew up in a small town in Southern Iowa. She went to nursing school and became a nurse only to realize her passion was in writing and reading. She loves to spend her time with friends and is very close with her family. It took her a long time to realize she even had a joy of reading. Once having declared there was no point when the books always became movies. At twenty four she discovered how wrong she was and became obsessed with reading and made up for lost time by doing it nonstop. She began writing when dozens of ideas kept flowing through her mind that she knew she had to get out.
Latest book: Ascending Darkness

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Molina Speaks As a professional artist, Molina Speaks has released several poetry collections and nearly a dozen music projects, spanning the genres of Hip-Hop, Latino, Jazz and Spoken Word, Experimental, Soul, and Protest Music. Molina has shared the stage with artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Saul Williams, Abiodun Oyewole of the Last Poets, Les Nubians, the Flobots and Dead Prez. His subject matter explores identity transformation and cultural transmission; time and space; history and futurism; race, class and gender justice; youth advocacy and immigrants’ rights; cyborg technology and food justice. Molina has enjoyed artist residencies with the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the Mizel Museum, Colora ... read more
Latest book: THE AGE OF REVISION - A Book of Poetry by Molina Speaks

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I was born in London England in 1952, and become an immigré to Canada when I was 8 years old. I grew up in Montreal during the tumultuous events of the 60s and 70s, studying anthropology, linguistics and art at McGill University, and imagining a life where I could pursue my creative interests full time. During this time I travelled extensively in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, revelling in the vast and varied history and art of such diverse cultures. On graduating I went teaching native students in northern Quebec, where I met my lovely wife Roma. We moved to Toronto, where we had our two great kids, Sarah and Matthew, and I went to work designing websites for various media and financial organisations. Alt ... read more
Latest book: The Acts of Simon Magus - Book I: A Search in Secret Egypt

Follow me on Twitter at  WithoutTim Lisa Schenke
Lisa Schenke was a longtime systems analyst turned personal fitness trainer, but with her son Tim’s suicide in 2008, she took on another line of work. She became passionate about getting out the message to celebrate and embrace life to struggling teens and young adults, and assisting others through the grieving process after a loss of a child or a significant loved one. Lisa began by reaching out to her own community, and then realized she had a larger voice. Lisa is an entrepreneur at heart who works for herself and loves to organize and promote uplifting activities. In the summer of 2012 she implemented You’re Designed to Shine, a program to inspire young women to identify their dreams, have faith, and d ... read more
Latest book: Without Tim: A Son's Fall to Suicide, A Mother's Rise from Grief

Follow me on Twitter at  FoW_Iraq Michael Foster
Michael Foster was born on June 3, 1982, on Williams Air Force Base in Chandler, Arizona. Michael comes from a family with a long history of active military service. He was raised in Arizona and New Mexico, and as a teenager was a third-degree black belt karate tournament fighter and kata sportsman. He went on to college in Orlando, Florida, and he graduated with a degree in X-Ray Technology. He returned to New Mexico to pursue a higher degree, but he felt the calling to serve his country and enlisted in the United States Army, specifically the Mortuary Affairs service, in January of 2006. Michael received his training in Mortuary Affairs at Fort Lee, Virginia, and was deployed to Iraq in May 2008. He finishe ... read more
Latest book: Faces of War: Iraq, the Road to Heaven or Hell

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Ever wonder what's hiding in the woods? Ashlen Brown has. She is the author of the exciting Blackjack Woods series. Her childhood was spent in the deep woods of Southeast Texas, where she was able to let her imagination run as wild as the woods surrounding her. After a strange and exciting encounter her mom and sister had with a hairy being, she developed the idea for The Secret of Blackjack Woods, her debut novel. Its popularity among people of all ages inspired her to continue the story with The Secret of Hoke Farm and Beyond Blackjack Woods.
Latest book: Beyond Blackjack Woods

Follow me on Twitter at  saurimonde Amaris St. Hilaire
Scarlett Amaris likes playing devil's advocate on the dark side of the moon. She spends a large amount of time tracking through ancient ruins and decoding old texts in the Pyrenees. Her more esoteric work can be found at and She's also co-written scripts for the anthology film The Theatre Bizarre, the documentary The Otherworld and the upcoming feature films, H.P. Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space, Replace, and Black Gate. Saurimonde is her first novel and she's currently finishing up Hidden Montsegur before getting started on Demon Priest, her next erotic endeavor along with the next Saurimonde story. To read more, visit her blog: scarlett-amaris.blogspo ... read more
Latest book: Saurimonde III

Follow me on Twitter at  ddennisbooks Daniel Dennis
Daniel was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he lived the majority of my life. He recently graduated from Oklahoma State University and works as an IT security professional. In his spare time, he enjoys spending as much time with my wife and kids as possible.
Latest book: Tales From the Abyss: Paradox

Follow me on Twitter at  btdormire Byron Dormire
As an adventurer and consummate romantic, Byron Dormire has lived in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He says, “To travel and explore new lands, to seek adventure and grow from its rewards, or to make passionate, heartfelt romance with the love of our life helps to diversify and expand us as decent human beings.” Byron holds a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, has authored 4 books to date, and he's written hundreds of interesting, fulfilling pieces on love, adventure, and travel. He has created to help couples understand the need to fulfill and renew intimacy, passion, and togetherness in their romantic lives again. Mr. Dormire is based out of Northern Colorado. He has taught f ... read more
Latest book: Dallying In Nepal

Follow me on Twitter at  DrErica Dr. Erica Goodstone
Dr. Erica Goodstone, is a Spiritual Relationship Healing Expert Helping Men and Women Heal Their Bodies and Their Relationships through Love. She believes “Where There Is Love There IS A Way” and “If We Feel Loved and Loving We Cannot Choose To Hurt or Harm Anyone Else.” Dr. Erica’s life work is about creating love, healing through love, and sharing her insights, research and wisdom about what it takes to love and be loved in return. As an Author, Seminar Leader, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage Therapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Somatic/Body Oriented Psychotherapist, and Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach, Dr. Erica has helped thousands of men and women to get back ... read more
Latest book: Love In The Blizzard Of Life

Follow me on Twitter at  teencops D Rossmaur
Not being someone who likes writing about himself, anyway here goes. I live in England and spend most of my days working as a marketing consultant for theme parks. In my spare time I write and have three book series 'Teen Cops', 'The Queen's Cat,' & 'Bubbles the Tractor.' My publisher Barny Books are relatively small in the grand scheme of things, but are good at nurturing new writing talent. I hope that includes me? I started writing stories for younger children about 10 years ago and have progressed into teen fiction, where I think my talent is probably better suited. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to write the next ’50 Shades of Grey’ and there’s plenty of time for that. I enjoy working for a livi ... read more
Latest book: Bubbles The Tractor and Chums 'Bubbles' Best Performance'

Follow me on Twitter at  DeepConfession1 Chris Strickland
Chris Strickland was born in 1971 in the Columbus Ohio. His Family includes four brothers and two sisters. He received his high school diploma from Northland High School. Chris majored and graduated Cum Laude in Computer Engineering at Wilberforce University, the oldest historically black university in the USA. He is married with two beautiful daughters, 20 and 11. Upon graduation, Chris began his career as a System Administrator in the automotive industry at EDS, a subsidiary of General Motors, in Pontiac Michigan. After several successful years at EDS, Chris decided to return home to Columbus and began his career as a Network Technician with the State of Ohio.
Latest book: The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men

Follow me on Twitter at  ellykamari254 Elly Kamari
Elly Kamari lives in Nairobi, writing fiction and gardening.
Latest book: Koya's Choice

Follow me on Twitter at  EdenDevoe Eden Devoe
I've always known I wanted to become a writer. Even before I could hold a pencil, I was making up wild, elaborate tales for anyone who would listen. And as soon as I could write down more than my ABC's, I was entertaining my friends and family. The passion for the written word has not dimmed as I have gotten older, but life doesn't always turn out the way you expect. Finally able to have platform for my writing, I'm happy to share my passion with the world. I write a mix of everything, but currently, I'm very passionate about writing erotica and romance stories. Some of the stories are set in real life, and some are set in the world of supernatural beings and fantasy worlds, but all are filled with lots of ste ... read more
Latest book: My Sister's Boyfriend

Follow me on Twitter at  mistory9 Donald Panther-Yates
Donald N. Yates (also published as Donald Panther-Yates) is an American genealogist, historian and DNA investigator born in Georgia. He is chairman emeritus of Panther's Lodge Publishers and lives in Phoenix. He was educated at Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Stetson University, University of Vienna and University of Freiburg. His latest traditionally published book (with Elizabeth C. Hirschman) is The Early Jews and Muslims of England and Wales: A Genetic and Genealogical History (McFarland, summer 2013).
Latest book: El Origen del Hombre Rojo

Follow me on Twitter at  paulinecharris Pauline C. Harris
Pauline C. Harris is a seventeen-year old author living in Northern Idaho. She started writing short stories when she was eight, and after she self-published her first book when she was fourteen, moved on to write the Mechanical Trilogy. She loves anything that has to do with science fiction, including Star Trek, and her main hobbies are writing and playing the violin in various orchestras and quartets. ​ Mechanical is her first professionally published novel. ​ She is currently studying in both high school and college and hopes to achieve her AA degree alongside her high school diploma. ​ She is also working on another series of YA science fiction novels.
Latest book: Hourglass

Follow me on Twitter at  MichaelWLayne Michael W. Layne
Mike has been writing short story fiction since his college days, and recently has turned to the novel format with his science fiction/fantasy adventure novel, "The Conservation of Magic." He is currently working on a sequel to his supernatural thriller, "Whittier," and a novel entitled, "Runner-X." Mike lives in Northern Virginia with his dog, Rocky, and lots of computers. He does not get nearly enough sleep...
Latest book: The Applicant

Follow me on Twitter at  JohnKolditz John Kolditz
I am a husband, father, life-long learner and teacher. I enjoy the light bulb moments in life when I get them, or when people around me get their own. I also love sailing, sports, reading and showing people around my new stomping grounds in New York City.
Latest book: Vending on a Shoestring

Follow me on Twitter at  RLVogeler22 R. L. Vogeler
R. L. Vogeler is the author of "Reminiscence of an American Dream". He lives in his home town of Rockford, IL with his wife and three children.
Latest book: Reminiscence of an American Dream

Follow me on Twitter at  GillisMountain Alex Cameron
Alex is a follower of Jesus Christ. He is passionate about the word of God and loves to share the good news of the mercy of God with others. He lives with his wife in Calgary, AB, Canada.
Latest book: Bible Verses for Prayer, Meditation and Memory

Follow me on Twitter at  authorjaysonl Jayson Locke
Jayson Locke is the pen name of a writer living in Southern California. The Perfect Sub is Jayson’s first published work in this genre. Obsessed with gay porn and kinky novellas, Jayson can be found on Twitter following gay porn stars and on Facebook with no friends yet.
Latest book: The Perfect Sub

Follow me on Twitter at  rociday Rocio Hernando Orihuela
Rocio Hernando Orihuela en nació en la ciudad de Lima,Perú. A sus cortos seis años de edad escribiò su primeros inclinación temprana por literatura delataba un "don" al esbozar con cada palabra un talento que al paso de los años fue desarrollando a base de entrega y el profundo amor que solamente los escritores pueden ostentar. Las vìas que condujo su voz fueron atravès del cuento,el relato y la poesìa Haber nacido en un hogar con unos padres que se desempeñaron durante muchos años en la docencia,contribuyó a su apetencia por la literatura y la filosofía. Estudió Diseño Gráfico en el "Instituto Superior Diseño"y Ciencias de la comunicación,Escuela de Publicidad en "la Universidad In ... read more
Latest book: Juan Pablo II...¡Nunca te abandonarè! (Novela basada en las enseñanzas del papa Juan Pablo II)

Follow me on Twitter at  msannaguirre Ann Aguirre
Ann Aguirre is a USA Today bestselling author with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets. She likes books, video games, emo music, and action movies. She writes all kinds of genre fiction for adults and teens.
Latest book: Forbidden Fruit

Follow me on Twitter at  karenvancehammo Karen Vance Hammond
Author of the bestselling novel, Shoe Marks, Karen Vance Hammond is proud to present her second novel, Secrets in the Shallows, from The Monastery Murders Series. Karen graduated from the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas with a double major in psychology and sociology. She has lived in various states throughout the south; as well as in the northeast in the New Jersey, New York City metropolitan area and Maine. Not only does Karen enjoy writing, but she was a soprano for the Shreveport Opera; and even had the pleasure of performing for President Bill Clinton and Sam Walton. Currently, she lives in Houston, Texas. Karen enjoys spending time with her family and her dogs, Freckles and Patsy.
Latest book: Shoe Marks

Follow me on Twitter at  jamesmurphyint James A. Murphy
LIKE SO MANY of us, at one time James wasn't really living the life he so longed for. He was just going through the motions, day-in and day-out. However, James was fortunate enough to have been introduced into the field of personal development in his 20's. It was here that he began his journey of self-discovery, a journey overgrown with the difficulties of the lessons of his past. The path that James has chose, has constantly challenged him, forced him to make sacrifice's, and caused him to grow. A path which has taken him to new heights. He has been a student and a teacher in the field of human behavior for over two-decades. His studies have led him to read over 400 books in the area of psychology, sociology ... read more
Latest book: The Waves of Life Quotes Companion Journal

Follow me on Twitter at  BergerBooksNet Kevin Berger
I was born and raised in Montreal. I was educated in Systems Analysis and Software Engineering, but have worked in more domains than I would like to admit. Throughout it all, after my wife and kids, my one true love has been writing. There is nothing that can quite compare to the creative process. Book 3 in the Tyler Jonz Series is now available.
Latest book: Limitless

Follow me on Twitter at  laremy Laremy Legel
When not at the movies, Laremy can be found walking his dog, writing angry letters to the management of the Miami Dolphins, and attempting to find a recipe for the perfect lasagna. Having seen the inner-workings of Hollywood, the studio system, film festivals, and celebrity interviews, Laremy was compelled to share his anecdotes with the world. Enjoy them, world!
Latest book: 60 Hours Among the Juggalos

Follow me on Twitter at  gmiller526 Greg Miller
Greg Miller is a freelance writer specializing in nonfiction: sports, space, and music. He also has several fiction projects, one getting full-manuscript reads by agents and another novel in progress. Currently, The Fastnacht League, a story combining professional baseball and the Amish is currently gaining interest with agents; Carrying Pictures [of Chairman Mao], a rock ’n roll thriller set in China, is currently in edit. Several of his short stories of historical and contemporary fiction appeared in magazines. He lives in the mountains in Northern New Jersey on a lake and enjoys sailing, x-country skiing and ice skating.
Latest book: Springsteen: A Notion Deep Inside

Follow me on Twitter at  tihimiran Tihomir Dunđerović
Rođen 7. rujna 1971. u Osijeku. Profesor hrvatskog jezika i književnosti i diplomirani knjižničar. Radi u Osnovnoj školi Bilje u Bilju kao stručni suradnik knjižničar. Živi u Osijeku. Piše pjesme i književne kritike. Objavljivao u časopisima: Začinjavci, Aleph, Književna revija, Poezija, Quorum, Riječi, Zarez i Hombre. Za rukopis zbirke pjesama Psiho, ptice (Božji prst) dobio nagradu na 15. pjesničkim susretima u Drenovcima. Objavio knjigu: Psiho, ptice, Općinska narodna knjižnica Drenovci, Drenovci, 2005. te maja&vuneni, Trag crveno, Zagreb, 2013. Izlagao skulpture, objekte i instalacije te izvodio performanse u Đakovu, Osijeku, Zagrebu i Novom Vinodolskom. Svirao bubnjeve i udaraljke u g ... read more
Latest book: maja & vuneni

Follow me on Twitter at  Hpowis Holly Powis
H. Powis worked in an office; a place in which the soul is slowly destroyed, piece by putrid piece, as it is stripped away and left to fester in a simmering pit of despair. It is in this dark place of shame and revulsion that the rage and venom built into a frenzied wrathful pustule of oozing irksomeness, expanding remorselessly until finally bursting forth its viscous seepage (which had a slightly off green tint) and splattering it all over the interwebspace. This humble genius intends to take over the world though the power of fiction, mind-control and a chaos army of winged badgers. However, only one badger has so far survived the wing grafting process. His name is Nigel and he has a bit of a squint.
Latest book: Naked Face Eating Zombies From Romford - A Novella

Follow me on Twitter at  Savannah_Page Savannah Page
Savannah Page is the author of the seven-novel When Girlfriends collection, heartfelt women's fiction that celebrates friendship, love, and life sprinkled with drama and humor. When she isn't writing, Savannah enjoys a good book with a latte and jazz tunes, Pilates, and exploring her home of Berlin as an American expat.
Latest book: When Girlfriends Chase Dreams

Follow me on Twitter at  MarkGallard Mark Gallard
Carpenter morphing into a writer
Latest book: Time To Repair

Follow me on Twitter at  daveking71 David King
David King lives near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire with his family. He writes short stories and poems and has an interest in art and photography.
Latest book: Down The Line

Follow me on Twitter at  karli_uk Karli Perrin
Karli Perrin is a 25 year old English Language & Linguistics graduate from Manchester. She has always been a big lover of books and is currently writing her first NA novel - April Showers. She is a big believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. She honestly believes that there is a reason why you are reading this right now (apart from the fact that you are awesome!) Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her best friend, who also happens to be her fiancé. ...Hogwarts is plan B.
Latest book: April Fools

Follow me on Twitter at  Lalien_Cilliers Lalien Cilliers
Lalien Cilliers loves to inspire, inform and amuse others with content she shares across various platforms. She is eternally curious and is always working on a number of projects ... have a look ... maybe some of those align with your interests! Coming from a family of writers, she is always fascinated by all things to do with writing. Helping young writers, and sharing tips and tricks from published authors is clearly reflected in her blog and upcoming ebooks. However, she has also been involved in helping young entrerpreneurs and upcoming managers, and will soon publish a series of guides in the area of management. Social media and all kinds of tech are part of being in business these days, so that migh ... read more
Latest book: The Planet of the Snake People

Follow me on Twitter at  meligranalibri Emanuele Pettener
Emanuele Pettener insegna lingua e letteratura italiana alla Florida Atlantic University di Boca Raton. Ha pubblicato un romanzo (È sabato mi hai lasciato e sono bellissimo, Corbo, 2009), un saggio (Nel nome del padre del figlio e dell’umorismo. I romanzi di John Fante, Cesati, 2010) e ha curato il cinquantesimo numero della rivista “Nuova Prosa” (Essere o non essere Italoamericani, Greco&Greco, 2009). Nel 2013 per Bordighera Press (New York) è prevista l’uscita del suo primo volume in inglese, la raccolta di racconti A Season in Florida.
Latest book: Arancio