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Latest book: The Survivor

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Translated by: A. Elsayed, American Interpreters and Research Services Government Language Contractor / MI supreme court certified interpreter
Latest book: Most recent constitution in history, some reflections and constitutional comparisons in a nutshell (1)

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K. N. Parker is a simple man in his thirties, and was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is currently working on a full-length novel and two more short stories. He shares heritages with two countries: America and Japan, and he spends his time between the two whenever possible. When in his late teens he thought it proper to teach himself Japanese, and so he did, and now can communicate with you in two ways, if applicable. When not writing or creating trouble in various coffee shops throughout the world, he enjoys graphic design, television, and film.
Latest book: The Death Of Death

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A native Floridian, Jaeme published his first novella "Groundfog" in January 2013. It was followed by a collection of travel essays about his exploration of the southern Appalachian Mountains and the Carolina Piedmont in "Carolina Blue". A second collection of essays and stories were shared with readers in "From The First Coast", as Jaeme re-discovered his home state. He has also completed work on a new adventure novel, "Goldhead", which is now in pre-publication. Jaeme's latest work in progress is "The Haunting of George Hill".
Latest book: From The First Coast

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I started to write for my son, a reluctant reader. I set out to write a series of books that captivated from the first chapter and pushed the reader through with a solid plot, relentless action and adventure, and humour. Comments received from parents and teachers indicate I've accomplished my goal. I'm very proud of the Boulton Quest Series. It has captivated the hearts of reluctant readers around the world, boys and girls alike, and is entertaining their brothers, sisters, parents, and grandparents. Camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, and getting into trouble. What a great way to grow up. One of my favourite memories is sitting on the handlebars of my brother's bike, my dog on my lap, as he careened down the ... read more
Latest book: Fighters, Feared and Fallen

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Torn between the vices of cynicism and the virtues of philosophy, Ben Neynens has variously toyed with expression through writing for at least the past 15 years. In 2008, after travelling through the Middle East, Ben wrote a humourous recollection of his experiences there in his first book, Daunting Sands. Since then, Ben has mostly occupied his time with various entrepreneurial pursuits, but it currently toying with ideas for another book. Ben Neynens was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, but grew up primarily in Australia. He is currently back in New Zealand.
Latest book: Taken Hostage At a Convent: A Journey Through the Middle East

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When I was about six, I defaced my copy of Stuart Little. I didn't like the ending, so I rewrote it, right there in pen on the last page. I've been a writer ever since--and I still have that copy of Stuart Little. I've worked as a septic system tester, a lifeguard, a school uniform salesman, an editor, a freelance writer, and currently I'm a Professor of Creative Writing and English, and every one of those jobs taught me a lot about writing. I write young adult novels, a Southern Gothic paranormal series, short stories, and writing guides, and I've had stories published in literary journals like Copper Nickel, The Cream City Review, Eleven Eleven, and The Southeast Review. I've been fortunate to receive ... read more
Latest book: The Battle Hymn Blues

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America's Fabulous, Adorable, and Sexy Author Hunk! Hello my friend, please subscribe to my email list by sending an email to with the subject VeryUglyStories and I will notify you of future releases. Stop by and say Hi! on Twitter and/or Facebook I am looking forward to connecting with you so we can post silly stuff and giggle at each other. ;^{P> Contact Information: Email: Twitter: (Follow me and I will follow back) Facebook: (Feel free to add me as a friend)
Latest book: A Very Ugly Story

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Heidi Angell is a bibliophile, lexicomaniac and wordsmith! She is the author of The Hunters Series, The Clear Angel Chronicles, and The Hell School Series. She also created Royal Prince Vince, and Creative Exercises to Inspire, When she is not reading and writing, she can be found spending quality time with her lovely family camping, hiking, swimming, or watching movies.
Latest book: Hell School: Fresh Meat

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Having grown up in the ranch country of western Nebraska, it was a natural evolution for me to write about the Old West, and I published fourteen historical western romances before writing my first romantic suspense, HER MOTHER'S KILLER. I've just released a boxed set of four of my popular western romances, IN THE ARMS OF A COWBOY, four for the price of one! Now I’m excited to take a much different turn in my career with my new historical romantic suspense series, The Secret Six. Set in 1920s Chicago, it’s chock-full of that delicious grittiness of the time period—Mafia, Prohibition, and of course, romance! Now that you’ve read THE SPYGLASS PROJECT, I hope you’ll read IN THE ENEMY’S SHADOW, too ... read more
Latest book: The Spyglass Project

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S. Simone Chavous is paranormal and contemporary romance author. Her debut trilogy, The Fate Series, is a best seller in the paranormal romance category. When she isn't writing, she enjoys reading, sketching, cooking, and spending time with family. She lives in northern Indiana with her boyfriend, two beautiful daughters, their rambunctious vizsla, Lily, named after Harry Potter's mother, and their cat, Princess Leia.
Latest book: Homewrecker Incorporated

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Jack Sky was born in New York City. He currently resides in California.
Latest book: How To Survive When The Antichrist Is In The Vatican: Part 3 - How to Recognize the Antichrist in the End of the World

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I am an Urban Fantasy writer with a vivid imagination, I write young adult contemporary urban fantasy and paranormal romance. I am an avid believer in writing stories with kick butt heroines for teens and adults. My latest book is Vanessa Helsing - a vampire versus zombie urban fantasy set in the present day. It's gritty, and fast paced, with the action set in real time, there are some unexpected twists along the way, including a romantic one. Mostly though, the main character Vanessa (who at the start of the book is a normal girl,) kicks some zombie, and vamp butts. Right now, I am working on a few different YA series: "The Life of Fae" (currently in the editing process), and a sequel to Vanessa Helsing. I li ... read more
Latest book: The Life of Fae

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Kymberly Dixon is a loving mother, inspired by writing because it provided her and outlet away from the craziness in her world. She began writing back in 1997 while watching a popular film and reading a simple letter from a friend. Fastforward to 2011 where through a contest she was entered in to write a 50,000 word novel, launched her skills where she found her passion to become a writer.
Latest book: His Lies & Her Deceit

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Computer Programmer, Writer, Business Consultant. I started to write books as a hobby. I am into science fiction, comic books, computer science, business management, technology trends, and video games.
Latest book: The Lobotomy Chip

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Deborah Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and nutritionist who now divides her time between writing children's books and adult novels. She has been a regular contributor to The New York Times (including four years as the Sunday New York Times Magazine beauty columnist), and a home design columnist for Long Island Newsday. Her health, fitness, beauty, travel, and feature stories have appeared widely in many other newspapers and national magazines including New York's Daily News, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Self, and Vogue. Blumenthal is the author of four young adult books: FAT CAMP, THE LIFEGUARD, MAFIA GIRL, and her latest YA novel, A D ... read more
Latest book: Cosmopolitan Life

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After the success of the international selling Urban Legends Uncovered, Mark decided to cross the murky and forbidden waters from non-fiction to fiction and so Bad at Being Bad was born. The book has taken four years to complete and was born out of frustration of how modern businesses operate with their ridiculous and suffocating management procedures. Mark's first hand business experience coupled with his life-long (and to be honest, quite disturbing) fascination with organised crime, gave him an idea; A surreal world where the world of organised crime tries to unite using the lunacy of modern day business management practices. Urban Legends Uncovered also took 4 years to complete and started life as a self ... read more
Latest book: Bad At Being Bad

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Life is an adventure for Eric Douglas, above and below the water and wherever in the world he ends up. Eric received a degree in Journalism from Marshall University. After working in local newspapers, honing his skills as a story teller, and following a stint as a freelance journalist in the former Soviet Union, he became a dive instructor. The ocean and diving have factored into all of his fiction works since then. As a documentarian, Eric has worked in Russia, Honduras and most recently in his home state of West Virginia, featuring the oral histories of West Virginia war veterans in the documentary West Virginia Voices of War and the companion book Common Valor. Visit his website at: Eri ... read more
Latest book: Lyin' Fish

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D.S. Foliche is an enthusiastic Photographer/Writer living in Botswana who loves to write about characters with complicated psyches, aliens and the supernatural.
Latest book: Sebolai Sebolai

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Het Smashwords ebook-platform van auteur, regisseur, performer en docent literaire creatie Patrick Bernauw. Writer of historical faction, horror and fantasy. Playwright, performer and producer of "alternate reality games", murder & mystery games, city games and teambuilding events. *** Patrick Bernauw werd geboren op 15 april 1962, en woont sindsdien in Erembodegem. Hij was radio-, tv- en stripscenarist, hoorspelregisseur, hoofdredacteur van de Historische Verhalen, en leidt nu een eigen productiehuis voor interactief theater, dat zich de jongste tijd vooral concentreert op moordspelen en stadsspelen voor teambuilding, bedrijfsevents, feesten enz... Sinds 1981 schrijft hij romans, verhalen, essays, toneels ... read more
Latest book: Dolende Ridders

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Born and raised in United Kingdom and living in the historic English market town of Newbury in Berkshire, England and author of 'BELL, BOOK & HANDBAG' and a collection of 30 short stories 'TOURIST TROUBLE'. Both soon to be available on SMASHWORDS. ( ) Ian is also the creator of the 'BIDDERMOUTH GAZETTE' a highly readable weekly blog about the life of the inhabitants of a small English seaside town.
Latest book: A Festive Falling Out and other Christmas short stories

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Adona M. Pierre born in San Francisco, CA has two degrees one in Pharmacy and the other in Business Management. She enjoys reading, writing poetry, short stories and essay's. She has written a non-fiction short story titled: When a Woman Had To Remember Her Hope and Faith, this is especially for women who are dealing with an illness, she wrote this based upon she's a survior of cervical cancer and endometriosis. She's also written two other eBooks titled: Example of Essay's, Interviews and Research Papers for the Growing Student, and Change of Heart. Her writing goals are to provide readers with hope, faith and an all around enjoyment.
Latest book: Change of Heart

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Jane Valland is a one of 'Thatcher's' children.. Part of a generation that was born in the seventies but grew up in the eighties. She was fortunate to experience free further education and obtained both an undergraduate and a post graduate degree. Not satisfied with two degrees, she then decided to continue her education, obtaining a first class honours degree in her favourite subject, history. This woman likes to read and write!! She has tried every job available and in fact is thinking about writing her next book based on her experiences in her varied career! Due to the naughty content of her first book, she is very private about her personal life, suffice to say, she has a husband, two children and a dog. Sh ... read more
Latest book: Sex, Love and Chocolate

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Once a software engineer in Silicon Valley, Curtis C. Chen now writes fiction and runs puzzle games near Portland, Oregon. His debut novel WAYPOINT KANGAROO, a science fiction spy thriller, will be published by Thomas Dunne Books in 2016. Curtis' short stories have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, and the Baen anthology MISSION: TOMORROW. He is a graduate of the Clarion West and Viable Paradise writers' workshops. From 2008 to 2013, Curtis posted a new flash fiction piece every Friday on his "512 Words or Fewer" blog. 117 of those very short stories are collected in the book THURSDAY'S CHILDREN. Curtis is not an aardvark.
Latest book: 2016 Young Explorer's Adventure Guide

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Taylor Evan Fulks is a native Texan transplanted years ago to southern Ohio, on the banks of the Ohio River. She is a wife, a mother of two "almost grown" daughters, and does open heart surgery to help pay the bills. Always an avid story-teller, Taylor decided to put her pad and pen where her mouth is. "My Prison Without Bars" is her debut novel. Her writing genre of choice is mystery/romance. Even though her debut novel doesn't fall into that category, she felt compelled to start with this one, find peace, and put it on the shelf.
Latest book: My Prison Without Bars:The Journey of a Damaged Woman to Someplace Normal

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I am a mother, author, and dreamer. My mind is forever creating new worlds and characters and some day I wish to write full time so that I can share them all with you. I live in beautiful Washington State with my crazy sons and wonderful future husband in the home I grew up in. I am a native Washingtonian and love the fact that I will always be near my family and friends living in a beautiful place. I have traveled all over the country, even to Hawaii, and still feel more awed and inspired by Washington than anywhere else. ​ The inspiration I feel in my home state is translated into the stories I put out for you all to read. This inspiration can come from anything, be it the solitude of the forest or just wat ... read more
Latest book: Taken

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Derek The Weathersheep lives on a Rex Honey's Farm high in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales. From his high vantage point, Derek can cast his sheep's eye across the whole of South Wales, and forecast the South Walian population about forth-coming weather events. He first caught the meteorological bug when he was just a lamb. He was the first sheep to correctly forecast the great snows of 2006, when he ran to Farmer Honey's house, woke him from his slumber, bleated for a bit, and then led Farmer Honey to the rest of the sheep who were about to be cut off from the farm by the drifts. 48 sheep were rescued that night. Farmer Honey rewarded him by presenting him with the Freedom of Honey Farm. Derek's girlfriend, ... read more
Latest book: Fifteen Grades of Hay: The Complete Trilogy

Follow me on Twitter at  schimonie Simone Snaith
Simone Snaith is a writer and musician living in a tiny apartment in Los Angeles with her hilarious, elderly cat. She is a fan of urban fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. “From The Ashes” is her first novel, followed by the upcoming sequel “Through The Eyes”. She is represented by Michael Bourret at Dystel & Goderich. More at
Latest book: Through The Eyes

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I am a writer, poet, martial artist, amateur philosopher, explorer of the world, student of the human condition, sometimes an actor and most important a father.
Latest book: The Man of Nightstone

Follow me on Twitter at  bloshb Bonnie Loshbaugh
Bonnie Loshbaugh practices kung fu, writes speculative fiction, and can fillet a salmon in 60 seconds flat. Her first novel, SOBEL'S SKIN is a fantasy tale of a female shaman who can turn into bear, set in an alternate history Siberia. Novels in progress include I WENT DOWN (first draft available on Wattpad!), an urban fantasy noir set in a nightclub and inspired by the jazz standard Saint James Infirmary, and THE SAPIENCE CONVENTION, a scifi tale of corruption, drug smuggling, and fuzzy alien critters. She currently lives in Seattle, where she misses snow in winter, but appreciates the proximity of coffee shops and a large university library.
Latest book: Sobel's Skin

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In his 25+ year career, Art has been on the factory floor of nearly every type of industry in America. His expertise is helping executives achieve their corporate initiatives through growth consulting services and development of their sales teams. His career has included 14 years in the chemical industry of which 8 years was spent in the oil fields of California, and 6 additional years in the remaining industrial sectors from food processing plants, to automotive manufacturers, to semiconductors. He spent 4 years as a commodities broker in the 80’s and survived the stock market crash on October 19, 1987, “Black Monday.” In 1999 Art joined Frost & Sullivan as Director of Sales and was promoted to Vice ... read more
Latest book: Characteristics Of The Top 5%

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Former military jet pilot and entrepreneur. Degree in math/physics and current self employed as a programmer and marketer.
Latest book: Internet Marketing for Newbies: The definitive guide to promoting your product or service online. What you must know and do to sell and make money online.

Follow me on Twitter at  aprilamaranth April Amaranth
My name is April and I am so glad you stopped by. Let's get to know each other. Please don't be shy. I was always a shy girl, but I do enjoy getting to know new people. Now that I have discovered my love of writing erotica, I want to get to know all my readers who enjoy a good, sexy story like I do. There's no need to be ashamed of reading erotica. Everyone, and I mean everyone (and their mother!) reads erotic stories. They just don't want to admit it. Well here with me, you are free to express yourself, talk about erotica, and read lots of it! So, are you ready to see what I have to offer? Good! Then let's get started, my fellow erotica fan!
Latest book: Sex at 70 MPH

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Dan’s first book Desperata, features a selection of stories including, “The Art of the Snip,” “Termite Flatulence,” and the “Abominable Answering Machine.” The stories were collected over the years and saved by Dan’s sister Maxine Koppe, who worked with Dan to turn the collection of humour into the book called “Desperata.” By popular demand this book is out of print. Since then Dan has written three business planning books, countless bad taste emails, and a succession of rants and self-effacing missives on topics ranging from Bugs in the Bano to marriage, to waffles and his newest release “The Journey of Love and Healing.” He makes it a practice to incorporate writing into each day. Wh ... read more
Latest book: The Journey of Love and Healing

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Sylvia C. Hall is a wife, mom of two young kids, and a creative life stylist. She loves to inspire and empower women to live life as their most confident selves.
Latest book: Do I Love It ...And Other Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Anything New for Your Wardrobe

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I have been in the background of writing for many years. I have recently taken the next step of my career and started writing my own material. I have been writing for many years, but have not had the chance to put anything under my own name. I was always in the background of another story for another writer, but not my own work. The times have now changed for me and I can take some time to write my own stories and build my own fan base.
Latest book: Love's Exposure

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H. R. Holt has been in love with the written word ever since she started learning her ABC's. She is the self-published author of "Darkness Rising." When she isn't writing, she helps others achieve their dreams of higher education, reads voraciously, edits ruthlessly, exchanges reviews, and still manages time for friends and family.
Latest book: Darkness Rising

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Nostraamandamus Facebook: Nostraamandamus Youtube channel: Nostraamandamus
Latest book: Pure Proverbs L.I.P

Follow me on Twitter at  deirdregage Deirdre Gage
Deirdre H. Gage is a Texas writer who has claimed half a dozen other places as home, including Kentucky and Chicago - but her heart belongs to the Big Easy. She has been published in Cosmopolitan Magazine and Appalachian Heritage literary journal. The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem and Moms is her first novel, and book one in The Getaway Girls series.
Latest book: The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem and Moms

Follow me on Twitter at  MargaretMulvih1 Margaret Mulvihill
Margaret Mulvihill is the author of three highly praised novels, including St Patrick's Daughter, which was serialized on BBC's Radio 4. She has also written a biography of Anglo-Irish suffragette leader Charlotte Despard and many history books and articles. Born and educated in Ireland, she currently lives in London. In 1997 she received a Writer's Award from the Arts Council of England, which is when she started thinking about the themes of her new novel, The Leaving Coat.
Latest book: The Leaving Coat

Follow me on Twitter at  authormelaragon Melissa Aragon
I live with my wonderful, sometimes drives-me-crazy husband, my slightly overweight cat named Chloe and my rambunctious maltipoo named Lulu. I'm addicted to the written word. I literally get told to put down the book at least five times a week ;) I started writing in 2011 and I'm finally ready to publish, here on Smashwords! I've got many other stories forcing their way out of my imagination and onto electronic paper. My wild imagination refuses to stick to one genre so you can expect all types of books from me in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my stories I hope they bring you great entertainment!
Latest book: Unexpected Comfort and Joy

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AUDIOBOOKS (read by me ,99$ LIMITED TIME ONLY) @ Audiobook Samples @ PAPERBACKS & KINDLE EBOOK @ EBOOKS (iBooks, B&N etc) @ Jonathan has written five novels: Balloon Animals 2012, Living Dead Lovers 2013, The Nobody Show 2014, Hide the Elephant 2015, Hearts Anonymous, 2016. LIGHTHOUSE JIVE COMING LATE 2016/EARLY 2017. Admittedly, Jonathan has done things arse-ways most of his life, from completing a BA in Literature in his thirties to fitting teeth brackets (30's, porcelain). During this general confusion, Jonathan has had various sh ... read more
Latest book: Hearts Anonymous

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Hi, I'm Charmain Marie Mitchell, I'm 40 years old, and live on the south coast of England. I have very many years of experience in writing articles, personal projects, and ghostwriting projects. Creative writing is my passion, I feel that nothing in the world can compare to a well written creative extract of writing. Words can inspire people, make them laugh, make them cry, make them feel wonder and excitement. How wonderful is it to know that you have caused such emotions and that you will live forever in your own words! I really hope you enjoy my stories, and I hope that you will offer some feeback and reviews (good or bad). Bye for now, Charmain.
Latest book: The Kiss

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Amanda grew up in Yate, South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Moving to Devon in the South West of the country in her early twenties she settled with her family. She started writing her first novel ten years later but never managed to complete it. In 2010 having made a New Year`s resolution to finish that novel the Heavenly Host saga was born.
Latest book: Heavenly Host The Chains That Bind

Follow me on Twitter at  FionaDruce Fiona Druce
Fiona Druce resides in the Pacific Northwest with two daughters and a large neurotic dog. Her interests are singing, triathlons, molecular biology, qualitative chemistry, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and writing fiction. She’s positive there is somehow a connection in all that but she hasn’t found it, yet. Suggestions welcome.
Latest book: His Story

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Latest book: Happy Ending

Follow me on Twitter at  SueSMorris Sue S Morris
I have always been interested in writing, for pleasure and for theraupatic value. I started at an early age, and I have always written to commit my thoughts and dreams to paper. I have written several novels, and my specialty is mainstream fiction.
Latest book: The Story of Jane

Follow me on Twitter at  ReginaMorris Regina Morris
I am the author of the sensual and suspenseful paranormal romances that make up The COLONY series. I love paranormal romances featuring vampires, but my personal taste is light-hearted and humorous – not horrific and gory. I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and two children. I enjoy meeting with my monthly critique writing groups and meeting other writers in the Austin area through the Writers' League of Texas events. I graduated high school in Germany and I attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received a degree in Computer Science with a minor in math. Besides writing, I am an amateur portrait and sports photographer. After enjoying a career in the software engineering business, I disco ... read more
Latest book: Time Historian

Follow me on Twitter at  EGrayson_Author Emma Grayson
Emma Grayson is a Canadian author who resides outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her family and seven year old son. She is Amazon’s Bestselling author of Unbeautifully Loved, the first book of the Breathe Again series, as well as it’s follow up, Unbearable Guilt. She is also the author of Take it All and Promise it All, a series inspired by real events of her life. Emma is currently working on a new novel, Erase my Scars, the first of a new trilogy. When Emma’s not writing she enjoys time with her son, coming up with new book plots, going to the movies, reading, enjoying time with family and friends, and watching rerun episodes of Criminal Minds and Sons of Anarchy. She loves to watch the food ne ... read more
Latest book: Promise it All

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Vaughn Smith is a PMP certified project manager with extensive experience in technology roles. He has worked for various government and business agencies in North America.
Latest book: How to Boost Traffic to Your Website Using Keywords